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 June 23, 2014


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Ernst & Young names Pam Petrow
Entrepreneur Of The Year

PITTSBURGH, PA – June 23, 2014 –
Security industry leader Pam Petrow was named Entrepreneur of the Year at this year’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia Program gala. Ms. Petrow is currently President and CEO of Vector Security.

Recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious business awards, the Ernst and Young award honors distinguished entrepreneurs who demonstrate widespread success, a commitment to innovation and forward thinking and unwavering passion for business.

“Being recognized for this prestigious award is not only a testament to the dedication of our employees, many of whom have made serving our customers their careers,” said Pam Petrow, President and CEO of Vector Security, “but also to the stability and pioneering spirit of the people and businesses in our communities.”

Ms. Petrow leads a top 10 security company serving nearly 300,000 residential and business customers. Her management style challenges managers to learn what their direct reports do on a day-to-day basis and to adapt their management style to extract the best performance from their employees. This passion for customers and employees extends well beyond Vector Security’s walls. Pam has held leadership positions in a number of security industry associations and received a number of awards including the Public-Safety Communications Officials International President’s Award and Central Station Alarm Association recognition for her outstanding contributions to the electronic transmission of signals between central stations and 911 dispatch centers. In 2012, Ms. Petrow was inducted into the Security Sales & Integration Hall of Fame.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year award winners are selected by an independent panel of judges who are former recipients of the award, including CEOs, private capital investors and regional business leaders. As a Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia award winner, Ms. Petrow will be automatically eligible for consideration for the Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 national program. National award winners in several categories, and the overall Entrepreneur of the Year National Award winner, will be announced at the annual awards gala in Palm Springs, California, on November 15, 2014





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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products
Total Wine & More Mention in Security Director News Article
Total Wine & More, the nation’s largest independent retailer of fine wine, was mentioned in a recent Security Director News article that was also included in a June 17 D&D Daily. Later in the article, a March Networks spokesperson was quoted as part of a discussion on general retail trends. March Networks wishes to note that that discussion, which made reference to loss prevention groups that may be understaffed or underappreciated, was not in any way related to, or reflective of, Total Wine & More or its loss prevention department. In fact, in all business dealings with Total Wine & More, it is clear that the loss prevention department is a valued and well appreciated part of the organization, as are many LP teams nationwide.

American Apparel CEO Signals a Fight to Retain Control - After being fired last week "With Cause"  Mr. Charney said he disagreed with the company's decision to fire him from his roles as president and chief executive after the expiration of a 30-day period for resolving conflicts that is stipulated in his contract. "Mr. Charney believes that such termination is without merit and intends to contest it vigorously," he said in the filing. Mr. Charney had weathered years of lawsuits that alleged sexual harassment and abusive behavior in painfully explicit terms. But recently, a group of directors troubled by his responses to some of the suits began to doubt his trustworthiness. His overt sexuality—he frankly discussed his own sex life, sometimes wandered around his factory in his underpants and staged provocative photo shoots in the basement of his mansion—precipitated lawsuits by former employees. American Apparel had warned in a news release that firing Mr. Charney could have financial consequences. (Source wsj.com)

Insurers petition, retail group complaint, raise specter of who pays for breach
With data breaches on the rise and seemingly no end to the damage that a breach can have on an organization, the issue of who pays has heated up as an insurer petitions a court to find it's not required to defend Michaels against a bevy of class action lawsuits resulting from a breach and a retail group challenges a credit union's call to shift greater liability for breaches to retailers. Safety National, which issued a commercial general liability insurance policy to Michaels, told a U.S. District Court in Texas Wednesday that it shouldn't be required to defend Michaels in the breach cases because those lawsuits don't seek payout for bodily injury or property damages that the policy covers. In turn, Michaels petitioned “Safety National provide [it] with a defense” against those claims, according to court documents. (Source scmagazine.com)

Street gang The 'Bloods' new national scheme - hacking over 40 car washes for credit card #'s across the U.S. - linked together by POS system & the remote access software  An investigation into a string of credit card breaches at dozens of car wash locations across the United States illustrates the challenges facing local law enforcement as they seek to connect the dots between cybercrime and local gang activity that increasingly cross multiple domestic and international borders. Earlier this month, police in Everett, Massachusetts arrested a local man named Jean Pierre for possessing nine stolen credit cards. The cards themselves weren’t stolen: They were gift cards that had been re-encoded with data from cards that were stolen from a variety of data breaches at merchants, including a Splash Car Wash in Connecticut. How authorities in Massachusetts connected Pierre to a cybercrime at a Connecticut car wash is a mix of odd luck and old-fashioned police work. In May, the Everett police department received a complaint from a sheriff’s department in South Carolina about a resident who’d had his credit card account used repeatedly for fraudulent transactions at a Dollar Store in Everett. Everett PD Detective Michael Lavey obtained security camera footage from the local Dollar Store in question. When Lavey asked the store clerk if he knew the individuals pictured at the date and time of the fraudulent transactions, the clerk said the suspects had been coming in for months — several times each week — always purchasing gift cards. "The clerk told me they would come into the store in pairs, using multiple credit cards until one of them was finally approved, at which point they’d buy $500 each in prepaid gift cards,” Lavey said. “We have two Family Dollar stores in Everett and a bunch in the surrounding area, and these guys would come in three to four times a week at each location, laundering money from stolen cards.” Not long after Lavey posted photos from the video footage on a state-wide police network, he heard from an officer in Boston who said a suspect resembling one of the men in the photos was recently questioned at a city hospital after being stabbed in the legs and buttocks in an unrelated robbery. Soon enough, Lavey had linked up with Michael Chaves, a detective with the police department in Monroe, Conn. who’d been investigating card breaches at 14 separate car washes in his state. Working with the Connecticut Financial Crimes Task Force, a broad law enforcement group that includes the U.S. Secret Service and state police, they determined that the local company was but one of at least 40 car washes in across the country that had been hacked and relieved of countless customer credit and debit cards since at least February 2014. Det. Chaves said he interviewed several of the car wash owners, and discovered that they were all using the same point-of-sale systems developed by Randolph, N.J.-based Micrologic Associates. Chaves said the store owners told him the devices had remote access via Symantec’s pcAnywhere enabled, access that was granted to anyone who knew the same set of default credentials. according to Detective Lavey, the buyers of these stolen goods increasingly are street gang members. Lavey said Jean Pierre — the stabbing victim who was found in possession of nine stolen credit cards — is a member of the Bloods an African American street gang. All these kids are Blood gang members, tattooed up or self-admitted,” Lavey said. “And they’re starting to work smarter, not harder. Individually, this card fraud doesn’t meet the threshold where the federal government is going to say ‘Hey, let’s grab these guys.’ Locally, they’re doing it across broad jurisdictions and jumping from state to state and coming away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.” (Source krebsonsecurity.com)

Oracle to Buy Micros Systems, owner of XBR, for $5.3 Billion

As RadioShack stock closes below $1, analysts worry over cash levels, question chain's future

The UK moves forward with new consumer laws for digital transactions & content - protecting both the consumer and retailer - doesn't touch privacy

Accomplish more on the floor with mobile POS solutions

Massachusetts approves $11 hourly minimum wage

Meet Bob, Britain's first ROBOTIC security guard: Droid roams offices looking for suspicious behaviour - and calls for backup  • Bob rolls from room to room at G4S offices in Gloucestershire • If something looks suspicious, Bob analyses it and informs human security • Bob is on a three-week trial with scientists assessing his performance • The machine is part of a 7.2 million pound ($12.2 million) project by the University of Birmingham to get droids into offices worldwide. It may look more like the robot from 'Lost in Space' than the terrifying droids in 'Terminator', but this machine could be the future of fighting crime. The autonomous android can even speak to his colleagues, ask for help when he gets stuck, and plug himself in to charge when his battery runs low. (Source dailymail.co.uk)

Maybe it really does matter who the CISO reports to
Target’s recent appointment of Brad Maiorino was received with great fanfare this past week, an indication that Target was willing to bring in the “big guns” to address security in the wake of last Fall’s massive data breach at the big box retailer. But the disclosure that the position will report to Target’s CIO has rekindled the debate about what the most effective reporting structure should be for the CISO to deliver better overall security. There actually is empirical data supporting the argument that having the CISO reporting outside of the CIO’s office does improve the organization’s security when measured against downtime and financial losses. When the CISO reported to the CIO, financial losses were 46% higher than when the CISO reported to the CEO. (Source csoonline.com)

Last week's most popular news article --

American Apparel CEO & Founder fired "For Cause" - Investigation Ongoing  American Apparel, Inc.'s Board of Directors voted to replace its founder and CEO and terminate his employment "for cause," the company said in a statement Wednesday evening. The statement said the decision stemmed from an ongoing investigation into allegations of misconduct. “He was totally taken by surprise, which is part of the problem,” a source familiar with the matter told the Chicago Tribune. “He’s going to fight like hell to get this company back, but he won’t succeed." Although the company did not expand upon the alleged misconduct, the Tribune detailed some of the accusations Charney had faced in the past: In 2011, American Apparel lashed out when four female former employees filed a sexual harassment suit. At the time, the company told The Times that the four women were friends who were colluding to "shake down" Charney and the company for money and that it had "voluminous evidence" to prove that the allegations were false. In 2012, Charney was accused in a wrongful termination suit of choking and rubbing dirt in the face of a former store manager in Malibu. Charney also allegedly called the employee "a wannabe Jew," a "fag" and asked if he was sleeping with a certain girl. The company denied the allegations. There have been a series of lawsuits and other allegations over the years about Charney’s sexual behavior toward female employees. American Apparel’s ad campaigns also often used female employees in sexually provocative poses — ads that were conceived by Charney. The Board is working with a search firm to identify candidates for the job of permanent CEO and, based on our initial discussions with the search firm, we expect the list of possible successors will be impressive.  (Source businessinsider.com) (Source wwd.com)

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Gus Downing, Publisher and Editor of the D&D Daily, leads off the “Live in Ft. Lauderdale at the NRF LP Conference” broadcast with an introduction of all 18 episodes filmed live at this year’s NRF Show. An NRF & LP industry first, the full slate of interviews takes you in-depth with the leaders of the LP industry. Gus explains why we’re here, why we did it and how the proceeding episodes can help add value to you and your career.

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The History – The Impact – The Meaning & the New VP of LP

Vicki Cantrell and Robert Moraca

In this episode, Vicki Cantrell, SVP Communities and Executive Director Shop.org at NRF, and Robert Moraca, the new Vice President of Loss Prevention for the NRF, take us behind the curtains of the biggest LP conference in North America. Vicki discusses the expansion of LP’s role and the renaming of the conference to “NRF Protect.” While Robert shares with us plans for his new leadership position at the NRF, highlighting the importance of IT and law enforcement partnerships with retail Loss Prevention going forward.

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Digital Currency Deep Dive: Is Bitcoin Cheaper and More Efficient than Traditional Payments?  Bitcoin is going to clean the clocks of the traditional payment providers because it eliminates the middleman and it’s really cheap. That’s a frequent claim among advocates for bitcoin and the other public ledger digital currencies. As Bitcoin Daily, echoing many others, put it: “Bitcoin’s efficiency and low cost compared to the traditional payment methods that we are using today will ultimately prove too tempting to merchants, businessmen, and individuals. Bitcoin processors only charge 1 percent for bitcoin transactions, compared to the 2-3percent ‘standard’ fees paid by merchants for credit card processing. Bitcoin allows for the simple and secure transfer of value online, without the need for intermediaries. These include credit card network, card-processing companies, or money transfer agencies that rely on skimming transaction fees for their revenue.” (Source pymnts.com)

Back-to-school shoppers prefer going online
It looks like more consumers prefer to do their back-to-school and back-to-college shopping online. According to a study from e-commerce marketing technology provider HookLogic and polling company Qriously, 35% of consumers shop for back-to-school suppliers online, while 34% shop in-store and 33% shop both channels (some totals equal more than 100% due to rounding). Figures for back-to-college shopping tilt more strongly in the favor of online, with 38% of consumers using the online channel to purchase back-to-college items, compared to 30% who shop in-store and 32% who shop both channels. (Source retailingtoday.com)

Pier 1 blows away its e-commerce targets for Q1

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




A response to the LPNN episode featuring Bill Titus, former VPLP for Sears Holdings and now Managing Director for Price Waterhouse Coopers

By a Director of Loss Prevention:

"Gus, I just finished watching the Bill Titus interview. You did a great job on this and brought out some huge nuggets of value. One of the things that Bill spoke about is the importance of developing the ability to influence others, of whom a person does not have direct supervisory responsibility over. A little later in the interview, Bill briefly eluded that there was a difference between what a DLPM might think is important to be working on with a store manager, as opposed to giving that manager the service that they actually need.

There are some very successful and, one could argue, influential leaders out there who plow through resistance at the cost of partnerships. They take people head on and assert their will, getting what they want. They are most often right, and they are successful as long as they have no missteps. When something goes wrong, though, their lack of support is evident. You know these people because they call you every 3 to 5 years when they get their package. So, being influential is one thing, but there is a distinction in how a person influences. You mentioned "partnerships" and that's the best way to put it.

This idea of being influential but not at the cost of sacrificing the mission is a hugely important one. To Bill's point, an operator would love an LP person that did everything they asked. They would easily direct the LP associate toward a shoplifting opportunity which feels good, but fail to see the need for procedural accountability in their own operation. And while the relationship would be copacetic, the LP executive would not be earning the credibility and respect necessary to do things that really move the needle. These folks are "nice but ineffective."

So, for my topic suggestion, it would be great to see an interview with someone who can share specifics on how they've learned to influence operators and others in leadership roles without becoming subservient and side-tracked. This would have to be a person who is not only successful, but humble. The type of person I'm thinking about would probably not line up to do an interview unless they truly understood how much it would mean to others to gain this kind of knowledge.

My two cents. Keep up the great work. I'm seeing how meaningful these contributions are to the industry, and I thank you for it."




Shooting at Brentwood Mall in Vancouver, Canada  As police search for two suspects who fled the scene after a Burnaby shooting Saturday evening, Vancouver's mayor is calling for action. Kylie Marshall, who lives just across the street, went into the mall around 7:45pm and she says there was nothing going on then. However, by the time she was coming out around 9pm, she noticed the heavy police presence. Police confirmed a 51-year-old man was shot outside of a fast food restaurant in Brentwood Town Centre at about 8:30 p.m. Police said the man was in a Dodge Durango when he was shot. Cpl. Lea-Anne Dunlop of Burnaby RCMP said police spoke with people who saw the shooting take place outside the mall. When we arrived on scene we were able to talk to witnesses and canvas the area for video,” she said. The man is recovering in hospital from non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. Burnaby RCMP is now reviewing security footage from a nearby camera to apprehend the two male suspects. Police said the motive for this brash daylight shooting is unclear at this point.   (Source cknw.com) (Source ctvnews.ca)

Jewelry store heist ends with robber dead in Woodbury, MN  A Saturday morning robbery along a busy route in Woodbury ended with one gunman fatally shooting himself in the store and another robber fleeing, police said. The robbery was reported about 9:30 a.m. at Johnson Jewelers. The owner of the family-owned store was uninjured. Karen Johnson was just opening up for the day when the robbers allegedly grabbed jewelry and forced her to the floor at gunpoint. A police officer interrupted the robbery before anyone even called 911. Officers found a dead man in his mid-50s in the store. Police said the suspect was the only person who fired a shot and that his wound was self-inflicted. (Source startribune.com)

Rhode Island resident sentenced to 50 months in federal prison for trafficking counterfeit goods  Norman Cipriano, 41, of Warwick, was sentenced for trafficking more than 14,500 counterfeit sports jerseys, clothing accessories and health and beauty products valued at more than $1 million. (Source ice.gov)

Forsyth Police warns merchants about fake gift cards circulating in Middle Georgia  Three people are behind bars, after trying to use more than 100 fake gift cards to buy cartons of cigarettes. (Source 41nbc.com)

UK: Nearly 200 websites touting counterfeit goods seized by law enforcers
Nearly 200 websites selling counterfeit merchandise online have been seized in an international swoop by Europol, the City of London Police and US law enforcers. A total of 188 domain names were seized last week, as part of a collective clampdown dubbed “In Our Sites (IOS) – Transatlantic 4”. This brings the total number of domain names seized under the project to 1349 since it began in November 2012. (Source itpro.co)

UK: Expensive watches and designer clothes stolen in $340,000 burglary at Cheltenham's House of Fraser  Hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock has been stolen from a Cheltenham department store, it has been confirmed. It is understood that in the region of 200,000 pounds ($340,000) worth of items were stolen during a midnight raid at the House of Fraser store in The Promenade. The culprits are believed to have entered Cavendish House via the roof between midnight and 4am last Wednesday. (Source gloucestershireecho.co)

UK: Smash and grab thieves leave handbags scattered across central London street during a burglary of Moynat’s store  Smash and grab raiders left expensive handbags littered across a street in central London as they fled from a robbery on a designer shop. Luxury luggage brand Moynat's flagship store in London was the target of the break in, which occurred in the early hours of this morning. In their hurry to flee the store following the robbery, the thieves left a number of the expensive bags - which start from around $1000 - strewn across the road outside the shop in Mayfair. The three suspects are thought to have left the scene on two mopeds. The French chain, sported by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and model Natalia Vodianova, only opened its shop in prestigious Mount Street in March this year, its first outside France. (Source dailymail.co)

Melbourne, FL Home Depot theft suspects caught after police chase; fled after returning stolen goods  One suspect was taken into custody at the store. The other fled in a vehicle. Officers saw the suspect vehicle on U.S. 1.. An officer pursued the vehicle for about three blocks, but quickly ended the chase, as other officers deployed stop sticks to destroy the tires on the car. The vehicle swerved to avoid the stop sticks, and crashed in a vacant wooded lot. The driver, Kyeon Rashad Roberson, 17, was arrested for felony retail theft, aggravated fleeing and eluding and driving on a revoked license. (Source mynews13.com)

Twin Falls, OR Pharmacy robbers are also suspects in Walgreen robbery in Ontario  Three men arrested for robbing a pharmacy June 13 in Twin Falls are now suspects in a pharmacy robbery from Ontario’s Walgreens on March 28. Mitchel Christensen, 23; Dana Merrick, 38; and a 17-year-old minor are now part of the investigation into the Walgreens robbery. During the robbery in Ontario, officers received reports that two men entered Walgreens and took an undisclosed amount of pharmaceutical drugs and cash. One man said he was armed, but no weapon was shown and nobody was injured. (Source argusobserver.com)

Tulsa, OK Man charged with trying to rob Home Depot with an ax
We told you last weekend about a man walking into an 8th and Elgin Home Depot, asking for an ax, and then trying to rob the store with his new weapon. Tulsa court records show Trevan Brewer was charged on Friday with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. (Source krmg.com)

Store owner, Phase 2 Auto repair in Houston, runs up $350,000 in fake charges on stolen credit cards

Woman shot to death at Cumberland Mall - shooter commits suicide in Macy's parking lot

7- Eleven Robber buys lottery tickets with loot from hold up

Bailey's General – Cannon Twp. MI – Robbery
Bill’s Party Store – Saginaw, MI – Armed Robbery – clerk fights back, 2 suspects arrested
CVS –Bellevue, NE – Armed Robbery
CVS – Bakersfield, CA – Armed Robbery – suspect arrested
Dollar General – Hickory, NC – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Philadelphia, PA – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Pueblo, CO – Armed Robbery – suspect arrested, linked to several other crimes
Eddy’s Station – Council Bluffs, IA – Armed Robbery
Family Dollar – Glen Daniel, WV – Armed Robbery
Family Dollar – San Antonio, TX – Armed Robbery
Family Dollar – Vandalia, OH – Armed Robbery
Family Dollar – Topeka, KS – Shooting – Police Officer suffered minor injuries
Family Video – Columbus, OH – Armed Robbery
Gordon Road Pharmacy – Regina, SK, CN – Armed Robbery – suspect convicted to 6 yrs
Hiep Thai Plaza – Garland, TX – Police Shooting – attacked Police w/ knife, shot and killed
Kangaroo – Newton, NC - Armed Robbery – Suspect appears in court
L.B. Toney’s Alamo Gun Shop – Clearfield, MO – Burglary – suspect goes to court
Logan’s Liquors – Chicago, IL - Shooting/Armed Robbery – clerk shot in leg
Pride – Chicopee, MA – Armed Robbery
Race Trac – Orlando, FL – Shooting – suspect arrested in fatal shooting
Rite Aid – Old Orchard Beach, ME – Armed Robbery – suspect pleads guilty
Scott and White Pharmacy- College Station, TX – Burglary / Smash and Grab
Verizon – Rapid City, SD – Armed Robbery
7- Eleven – Phoenix, AZ – Armed Robbery
7-Eleven – Seattle, WA – Robbery – suspect arrested




Two men arrested for $4,000 gift card scam hitting Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and Victoria's Secret in Louisville, Ky.  Chaz Simon and his stepfather, Curtis Pinchbeck, were arrested Saturday after police say they were involved in an organized theft scam that involved merchandise being stolen from stores including Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and Victoria's Secret from January 2013 through June 2014. Simon's mother is also accused of being involved in the crimes. Simon and Pinchbeck reportedly returned the merchandise to the stores and received gift cards for the stolen merchandise. The gift cards were allegedly sold for a fraction of their face value at pawn shops and other secondhand dealers, police say. Police say Simon sold nine cards totaling more than $1,600. Pinchbeck allegedly sold 11 gift cards, totaling more than $2,400. The pair are charged with engaging in organized crime and receiving stolen property. (Source wdrb.com)

Two Charged with Theft Scheme at Walmart in Barboursville, W.Va.
According to the criminal complaints, Browning, who was an employee at Walmart, admitted that since February, she had been ringing up merchandise, voiding some items, and then not ringing some items through the system. Browning told troopers that she had gone through with the scheme on 23 transactions to Burd. The store lost $1,229.25 through the scheme. (Source wsaz.com)

Second suspect charged for theft of razors from Cub Foods in MN
The second suspect in a string of razor thefts from area Cub Foods stores has been charged with two counts of felony theft. The 47-year-old Minneapolis man was charged June 10 in Hennepin County District Court. If convicted he faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 on each count. He was charged three weeks after a 29-year-old Bloomington man was charged with one count of felony theft. The duo is accused of stealing razors and cartridges from stores in Bloomington and Edina on multiple occasions in April. They were arrested April 17 following an incident at the Cub Foods at 10520 France Ave., where they were accused of stealing $560 worth of razors and cartridges. (Source mnsun.com)

Serial Shopko shoplifter nabbed in Madison, WI
Madison police said a man suspected of shoplifting at Shopko on three separate occasions was caught using surveillance video. Police said Skyler T. Davis, 31, was responsible for thefts from the Shopko store at 2602 Shopko Dr. on May 17, June 14 and June 15. He was arrested Thursday. A store manager told police the total value of the stolen item is $980. Davis was arrested on suspicion of retail theft. (Source channel3000.com)

Four Shoplifters arrested on ORC charges at Allen Premium Outlet Mall, Allen, TX On Tuesday, four alleged shoplifters were arrested at the Allen Premium Outlets. Each suspect was charged with two counts of organized retail theft, a Class A misdemeanor, and one count of Organized Retail Theft, a state jail felony. (Source starlocalmedia.com)

Mendota, CA Police arrest 4 in very strategic ID theft ring
Four suspects are in custody after authorities busted an identity theft ring here in the Valley, but they say the threat isn't over yet. Mendota police say the four arrests may lead to many more as they filter through newly obtained evidence. This is just some of the evidence Mendota police gathered from the homes of four suspects on Friday. Four suspects are accused of taking people's personal information and using their identities to turn a profit. (Source abc30.com)

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Dir of LP & Risk Mgmt Gordman's Omaha, NE Gordman's
Director Digital LP Nike Portland, OR Nike
VP of Loss Prevention Dunkin Donuts Canton, MA Dunkin Donuts
Regional LP Manager SpartanNash Omaha, NE SpartanNash
Reg LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance Mgr Dunham's Sports United States Dunham's Sports
Central Investigator - ORC Home Depot Elmont, NY Home Depot
Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings

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Downing & Downing

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Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Opelousas, LA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Canton, OH Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Raleigh, NC Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Waterville, ME Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Camby, IN Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Edinboro, PA Walmart
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Denver, NC Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Austin, TX Lowe's
District Operations Manager Home Depot Miami, FL Home Depot
ETL Assets Protection Target Yuma, AZ Target
DC LP Manager Kohl's Blue Springs, MO Kohl's
DC LP Manager Kohl's San Bernardino, CA Kohl's
LP Lead Banana Republic New York, NY Gap Inc



Thomas Allen was named Asset Protection Associate for Walmart.
Shannon Dodson was named Asset Protection Investigator for Saks Fifth Avenue.

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8 Things to Do on Tuesday After an Unproductive Monday Usually we have big plans for Monday, the fresh start to our work week. Whether it's finishing a project, making positive moves in our career, or accomplishing a goal, it can be devastating when we don't make the most of our Monday's. Don't fret, Tuesday is your second chance so use these tips to still maintain a productive week. (Rise and shine)

How to Spend the First 10 Minutes of Your Day  Great chefs spend the start of their day with a certain ritual: mise-en-place, which translates to "everything in its place." In practice, it involves studying the recipe, thinking through what tools you need and getting everything prepared before you begin. Take your own work and apply this same procedure and you will benefit. (Keep focused)


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The 10 Daily Habits of Horrible Bosses
By the laws of mathematics, most bosses are more or less average when it comes to management talent. However, bosses who are really awful tend to share these 10 easily-identifiable characteristics. Make sure you don't fall into this category, and use these tips to get out if you do! (Don't be indecisive)

5 Questions You Should Never Ask in a job Interview  When the hiring manager asks you if you have any questions, that doesn't mean they have stopped finding out more about you. There are just some things you should not ask when face to face with the hiring manager. Here are five that will make a bad impression. (Don't talk money)

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Providing a reference on an executive is a serious commitment and should never be taken or given lightly as references play a critical role in the decision process regarding major investments companies make when they hire a new executive. For example, when a company hires a $100,000 a year executive, they'll spend close to $200,000 on that executive in the first year alone merely to get the executive up and running. And if your recommendation isn't accurate, it could lead to problems not only for the company referencing the executive, but also for the executive themselves and that's the real concern. So when you're asked to give a reference, make sure you understand the position they're looking to fill and give an accurate assessment based on your experience and knowledge of that person and of the needs of that position. Because the last thing anyone wants is to have an executive fail in their new position if it could have been avoided.

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Gus Downing

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