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 June 25, 2014


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Michael Currier was promoted to Associate Director, Corporate Security for Verizon Wireless.  Michael has been a part of the Verizon Wireless loss prevention and security team since 2009 where he started as the National Manager, Loss Prevention Analytics. He then moved up to become the National Manager Analytics - Corporate Security, until he got this recent promotion. Michael also worked at Circuit City as part of their loss prevention team and was their Director, Asset Protection Operations prior to starting at Verizon. Michael earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Asset Protection from Eastern Kentucky University. Congratulations Michael!

CORRECTION: Yesterday in the Daily, we announced William Nichols' new position as Vice President, Loss Prevention, but there was a typo with the retailer. It came to our attention that it should have been spelled "Bowlmor AMF". Sorry William and we wish you best of luck and many congratulations!

Consumer Confidence Index Hits Its Highest Point Since January 2008
Americans are much more upbeat about the economy and job prospects this month as a gauge of consumers' confidence reached its highest level since January 2008, according to a report released Tuesday. The Conference Board, a private research group, said its index of consumer confidence increased to 85.2 in June from a revised 82.2 in May, which was first reported as 83.0. The June reading was the highest since January 2008, just as the last recession was starting. The latest result also was above the 83.5 expected by economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal. (Source wsj.com)

Despite data breaches, data security remains a low priority for many companies
Although 72% of information technology executives say their companies suffered a data breach in the past 12 months, only 51% say securing confidential data is a high priority. While high-profile thefts of customer data from large retailers like Target Corp. and The Neiman Marcus Group Inc. have garnered headlines, they largely have failed to lead e-retailers and other companies to bolster their security procedures, according to a new report by Ponemon Institute LLC. The report was commissioned by Informatica, which sells software and services aimed at helping companies organize their data. The problem with many retailers’ processes is that too many employees can access sensitive data, which they may then be able to export out of the company’s network to software hosted by outside companies, such as cloud-based customer relationship management programs, says Julie Lockner, Informatica’s vice president of marketing and business development. (Source internetretailer.com)

Walmart shakes up merchandising organization
Walmart has named 13 executives to bring new energy to its merchandising organization. Scott Huff will become executive vice president responsible for the chain's merchandising operations in the U.S. As part of the changes, Scott Huff will be promoted to executive vice president overseeing merchandising operations for the U.S., according to a company memo sent by U.S. Chief Merchandising Officer Duncan Mac Naughton. Huff has been at Wal-Mart since 1994, when he started as an intern. Seven of the 13 executives named are women. (Source bloomberg.com)

Brookstone gets new life
A consortium of Chinese investors plans to continue operating Brookstone's 240 stores after the retailer exits bankruptcy. Sailing Innovation Inc will acquire Brookstone for $135.7 million, net of cash and assumed liabilities, as the New Hampshire company expects to emerge from bankruptcy by early July, according to a Brookstone announcement. (Source reuters.com)

Conn's continues Tennessee expansion
The Texas-based chain, which sells appliances, consumer electronics and home furnishings, is opening its first store in the Nashville market and its third in Tennessee. Conn's plans to open up to 20 new units during its fiscal 2015. (Source tennessean.com)

Gap Sees Job Applications Jump After Wage-Raise Pledge
After announcing plans in February to increase hourly wages to $10 by 2015, employment applications at the Gap and Old Navy chains have surged by at least 10 percent from a year earlier, the San Francisco-based company said yesterday. The move will benefit about 65,000 store employees by 2015, the company said. While Gap already typically pays more than the minimum wage in most markets, the move was called a strategic investment to “do more than sell clothes.” (Source bloomberg.com)

Whole Foods Must Pay $800,000 for Overcharging Customers
The grocery chain was finagling prices across its California locations, according to the Los Angeles Attorney's office. A year-long investigation into Whole Foods Markets for overcharging customers in California has uncovered widespread pricing violations, officials said Tuesday, and will result in an $800,000 settlement for the grocery chain. Inspectors found that Whole Foods was charging more than the advertised price for a variety of food items. The chain’s $800,000 penalty will be divided out into $630,000 in civil penalties, $100,000 to a statewide consumer protection trust fund, and $68,394 in investigative costs. Leaving the actual customers with $0.00. (Source time.com)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Crisis Response
Halsey Knapp, a partner at law firm Krevolin Horst, talks to Risk & Compliance Journal about crisis management and response, and the legal risks that come with that dreaded phone call when a “situation” arises. Discerning the truth is a key element in constructing a response and finding a resolution to the crisis. Check your insurance to see if you’ve got coverage. You want to identify within your digital domain what information is likely to be of interest and preserve it, because you don’t want to be involved in a cover-up, you don’t want allegations of a cover-up at all. After you’ve locked down your shop, got your people in place, got a freeze so digital information is not overwritten, then it’s time to decide if you need to get an independent investigation done by an outside firm, or is this something current counsel is equipped for and has the manpower and competencies to handle. You hope everything you learn can be disclosed and privilege in the long run becomes irrelevant. When a senior officer is potentially implicated then you have to go to the board. A certain amount of the board will know anyway so the lines of communication may already be open, but in some circumstances the board may not be online yet and then it becomes pretty politically sensitive for attorney and management team to determine how and when to bring the board in. You’ll find the first time you talk to people they don’t necessarily conceal information but they don’t always disclose all relevant information, either. It’s not too uncommon to go down the road a bit and find new information which causes you to re-examine the culpability of the key players. What is the worst thing a company can do when responding to a crisis? Lie and destroy documents. You need to establish credibility for whoever is rendering the ultimate judgment for how you will be treated. You’re going to be dealing with most likely a breach of trust and rebuilding trust is extraordinarily difficult. Once trust is broken or someone’s credibility is cast in doubt, rebuilding it is a very difficult thing to do. subscription required for full article (Source wsj.com)

PCI's Russo on State of Retail Security - Why POS Security Must Go Beyond PCI Compliance  P.F. Chang's confirmed card breach has renewed debate about the state of security at U.S. merchants. The PCI Council's Bob Russo says that while there has been progress in recent months, the retail industry still has a long way to go. "Compliance does not equal security," says Russo, general manager of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, during an Interview with Information Security Media Group. "Even with the best standards in place, these criminals are persistent in their attacks ... and businesses basically have to be defensive in their protections." Russo says security has to be part of everyday business. "We have to change the conversation in the board room," he says. "Businesses basically have to be defensive in their protections. This has to be a daily priority." (Source bankinfosecurity.com)

How to ward off POS cyber security attacks
It’s an unfortunate truth that the retail industry is a top target for cyber criminals, with POS (point-of-sale) malware, targeting credit and debit card readers or cash registers, on the rise. Earlier this year, the cyber attacks on US retail giants Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels Stores - which involved malware on POS systems - had a profound impact on sales and consumer confidence in the safety of credit-card information at POS terminals. Despite this worrying trend, by translating the same principles of security from the real world to the POS network, a security defence strategy can be put in place to prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to your sensitive, valuable data. (Source retailgazette.co.uk)

FAA Memo: Drones cannot be used for commercial deliveries

Washington prepares for marijuana retail sales

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New microchip credit cards will keep banks safe but will they do the same for you?  How is the chip actually different? Right now when you swipe your card your information is sent from the credit card machine to a computer in the store you are buying from and then to the card company. Should a hacker or fraudster get that information anywhere throughout that system it is enough for them to create a fake card or use online over and over again until you shut down the card. A chip card on the other hand generates new information for each transaction so that a fraudster who gained your card info when you bought a sweater at Old Navy could not use that information for any other transactions there or in any other store. However, chip cards offer you no more security online than a magnetic strip card does. Even the cards themselves aren't completely fraud proof. After the Target breach last year security journalist Brian Krebs told NPR the chip cards "simply raises the costs for the bad guys...It's not that they can't break the system — but it makes it more expensive for them to fabricate these cards." Regardless, you'll soon be seeing a lot more chip cards across the U.S. (Source yahoo.com)

Credit and debit card fraud eating away at consumer confidence in providers
Credit and debit card fraud is starting to erode confidence in providers, with many consumers using cards less often or abandoning them altogether after fraud incidents, a global survey of 6,100 consumers by ACI Worldwide has reported. Curiously, the firm’s latest annual survey confirms that total card fraud rates (credit, debit and pre-paid) are now stable or falling in many countries, with 41 percent of US holders reporting that they had experienced it in the previous five years, a slight drop. In the UK, the fall has been even more marked, dropping from 34 percent in 2012 to 28 percent in 2014. In the US, cards replaced because of fraud – or worse still because of a data breach – are likely to be used less often than they were before an incident. Around in one in four say they used fraud-hit cards less often than before, presumably because of the fear of a repeat incident. (Source techworld.com)

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




Teen's imprisonment closes out Canton, MI violent Verizon Armed Robbery case Closing out one of most brazen robberies in recent memory in Canton, an Inkster teen has become the third and last felon sentenced to 15-27 years in prison after they shot their way into a Verizon store using a semiautomatic assault rifle. Eric James-Lee Wilkins, 19, was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to charges that arose after he and two other teens blasted their way through a sliding glass door an employee had managed to lock in February 2013 at the Verizon store. Wilkins received the same sentence already imposed on two other 19-year-old defendants, Antonio Jerome Porter of Inkster and Dantez Lamar Boykin-Johnson of Westland. (Source hometownlife.com)

Appeal rejected for man in Muskogee, OK mall shooting
The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has rejected the appeal of a man convicted of first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a shooting at a mall in Muskogee. The ruling released Tuesday upholds the convictions of 23-year-old Dondray Fowler. Fowler was convicted of the 2010 shooting that killed 17-year-old Jarrod Reed at Arrowhead Mall. He was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole for murder and to 30 years for each of the four assault convictions. Fowler raised several points on appeal — including insufficient evidence, improper jury instructions, prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective counsel and that his sentence is excessive. The appeals court rejected each claim. (Source sfgate.com)

Man charged in shooting at Conway Wal-Mart mentally unfit for trial
A report from an Arkansas State Hospital psychologist has found that a man accused of shooting a woman in a Conway Wal-Mart is mentally unfit to stand trial. A judge had ordered the mental evaluation for 30-year-old Myron Terrell, who is charged with attempted capital murder in the shooting that wounded a customer at the store. Authorities say Terrell was a maintenance worker at the store and he opened fire on the woman as she stood in the checkout line. (Source therepublic.com)

Operation Lightfingers: shoplifters targeted in five-day police blitz as 110 arrested in Sydney, Australia - It's the same over there as it is here!  The five-day operation resulted in the arrest of 110 people, who were charged with 128 offences, including larceny, assault, resist police, malicious damage and escape police custody and police recovered $9300 in stolen goods. “Operation Lightfingers is run regularly throughout the year and allows police and retailers to actively target these opportunistic thieves and hopefully deter anyone who thinks they might get away with it. Improved surveillance technology and expert skills of store security and loss prevention officers have made a significant impact on retail theft; however, it is still costing the industry billions of dollars every year." (Source dailytelegraph.com)

Chandler, AZ Police believe 15 recent Pharmacy Robberies could be linked  Chandler police are investigating a string of 15 pharmacy robberies in Chandler, Tempe, Mesa and Scottsdale dating back to March. Detective Seth Tyler, a Chandler police spokesman, said that in every incident, a robber either displaying or simulating a handgun is seeking Oxycontin, a powerful pain reliever that drug addicts can abuse. At least eight of the robberies have taken place in Chandler. (Source azcentral.com)

Police find rental car used in Flagstaff, AZ
Jewelry store armed robbery Police have located the rental car used by a pair of armed robbery suspects to make their getaway. According to information from Flagstaff Police Department, two males entered Jim Anderson Jewelers, around 11:15 a.m. Tuesday. Both men brandished handguns and attempted to rob the store. The clerk responded by shooting at the suspects. Neither man was hit, but they did manage to escape. An extensive ground and air search is being conducted in the trail system at the base of Mount Elden. (Source azdailysun.com)

Parents turn in Saks, Troy MI Smash and Grab suspects
The parents of two of the suspects involved in the smash and grab at Saks Fifth Avenue turned them in to Troy Police. On June 17, Troy Police say four people entered the store, and two of them smashed a display case with a sledgehammer and stole Cartier watches. All four suspects then fled in a gray Ford Taurus driven by an unidentified woman. (Source wxyz.com)

Serial Shoplifter sought in Des Moines, IA
Police are searching for a woman suspected in several thefts around the metro area, officials said. Scalicity A. Boyd, 21, has arrest warrants from West Des Moines police, Urbandale police, Des Moines police, Ames police, and the Department of Probation and Parole. Boyd has also used the alias of Scalicity Perez. (Source desmoinesregister.com)

Omaha Police release Ace Rent to Own store Robbery Surveillance Video
Omaha Police have released surveillance video of three men who robbed an Ace Rent to Own store on Friday June 13. The robbery happened at 6:50 p.m. at 2044 North 72nd Street. The victims told officers that they were approached by the robbers who demanded their money and money from the store register. (Source wowt.com)

Arrests following T-Mobile Armed Robbery, chase in Cumberland County, PA  Police in Cumberland have two suspects in custody following an armed robbery and high speed chase. The incident began at about 7:47 pm Tuesday evening when Hampden Township responded to an armed robbery at the T-Mobile store. The suspects fled the store with some items and headed north to Interstate 81. The pursuit ended near the Enola exit of I-81 near Route 11/15. Police from surrounding departments converged on the scene. The two suspects were apparently taken into custody after a brief search. (Source fox43.com)

No Cinderella Story: Man leaves shoe behind after theft at Home Depot in Palm Beach, FL  Tyrell Copper, 29, faces charges of retail theft of more than $300 and other related charges. He remains in the Palm Beach County Jail, according to the booking blotter. Police say Copper and another unnamed man went into the Home Depot on the 3800 block of Northlake Boulevard and attempted to steal two bags of weed killer. Another man saw Copper trying to leave without paying for the items and attempted to stop him. Copper pulled away from the man and ran to a getaway car, leaving behind his hat and shoe. (Source palmbeachpost.com)

Toledo, OH man sentenced to 15 years for Armed Robbery; hit 2 Dollar Generals, Family Dollar, Wireless Brothers and many others

Tulsa, OK Police search for suspect in Walmart pharmacy robbery

Walmart clerk charged with stealing $1,000 in Hopkinsville, KY

Zales in North Dartmouth, MA. The victim of a $7300 Grab and Run; 4Ct Diamond ring stolen

Grab and Run at a Zales in Las Vegas, NV of a $7200 diamond wedding set

Cabot Street Market – Portsmouth, NH – Armed Robbery
Circle K – Catalina, AZ – Robbery/ Assault
Dollar General – Craven Co, NC- Armed Robbery – suspect pleads guilty
East Tremont Avenue – Bronx, NY – Armed Robbery
El Milagro Market – Santa Maria, CA – Armed Robbery
Farrow Road – Columbia, SC – Burglary – suspect arrested, broke through ceiling
Grab n Stuff – Goddard, KY - Armed Robbery
Hayden’s Pharmacy – S. Greenburg, PA – Armed Robbery – suspect sentenced to 5 years
Kwik Stop – Florence, CO – Burglary – prelim. hearing; suspect involved in 7 hr stand-off w/ police
Overhead Door – Sharon Springs, NY – Burglary – suspect arrested
QuickTrip – Woodstock, GA – Armed Robbery – suspect arrested
Schnitz Bakery – Grand Rapids, MI – Armed Robbery – employee tied up and assaulted
Subway – Albany, NY – Burglary
Walgreens – Lansdale, PA – Armed Robbery




10 years in prison for key player in a $300 Million International Counterfeit-goods ring  A Staten Island man who helped spearhead a $300-million international counterfeit-goods ring has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, said New Jersey federal prosecutors. Hai Dong Jiang, 37, arranged for shipments of top-name knock-offs from China to the United States, which entered the country through the busy Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal. The merchandise consisted of phony Nike sneakers, UGG boots, Louis Vuitton, Coach and Gucci handbags and other name-brand goods, said Paul J. Fishman, U.S. Attorney for New Jersey. (Source silive.com)

Sam's Club employee in Gulfport, MS accused of stealing over $14,000 of cell phones  Gulfport police have arrested in 29-year-old man in the theft of cellphones from Sam's Club. Alfred Lee Lewis Jr., was arrested Friday on a charge of embezzlement. Sgt. Damon McDaniel said Lewis is accused of embezzling more than $14,000 by stealing cellphones between May 5 and June 10. McDaniel said Lewis was assigned to the wireless section of the store when the thefts occurred. Lewis was held at the Harrison County jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond. (Source knoe.com)

Hardee's worker busted for stealing credit card numbers at Greenville, AL drive-thru Greenville woman is accused of stealing credit card numbers from customers at a Hardee's fast food restaurant. Investigators say she then used the information to buy $3000 worth of clothes, shoes and jewelry online. Tanya Powell, 41, of Greenville, was arrested Monday and charged with fraudulent use of a credit card and unlawful possession of credit cards. Her son, Ladairus Powell, 20, was also arrested for fraudulent use of a credit card. Greenville investigators say Tanya Powell has been working at the Hardee's for the past two months. (Source wsfa.com)

Copper thieves strike at 10 ACE Hardware stores in Tucson, AZ  Copper thieves have been targeting the Ace Hardware stores in Tucson. Owners of several stores contacted Tucson News Now saying they had fallen victim to these copper crooks, and had surveillance video they wanted to share. David Rhude, the owner of the Ace Hardware store on Grant Road said at least ten stores had been hit up in the last 2-3 weeks, and he estimated a total of about $10,000 worth of copper was stolen from the stores. The business has state of the art surveillance and more than a dozen cameras all over the store. (Source tucsonnewsnow.com)

Trio of shoplifting suspects nabbed by Bossier, LA
Police after wild ride in Walmart parking lot wasn't the getaway some shoplifting suspects were hoping for Monday in Bossier City. Officers responded to Walmart in reference to three women who were seen shoplifting in the store. The suspects ran out of the store after they were confronted by store security. While one of the suspects was attempting to get away in a car, she backed over a woman's foot. The woman's adult daughter confronted the driver and as the suspect attempted to drive off, the daughter jumped on the hood of the car. The suspect then sped through the parking lot with the daughter on the hood. As police arrived on the scene the suspect slammed on the brakes and the daughter was thrown off the hood and landed on the pavement. (Source ktbs.com)

Jewelry Thieves Use Pepper Spray In Pricey Watch Theft at Bloomingdales in Sunrise, FL  Police are looking for a man and a woman accused of stealing several watches from a department store in Sawgrass Mills Mall. On Monday night, at the Bloomingdales in Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise Police Department said a man and a woman got away with six Michael Kors watches, totaling $1700. According to police, as the female suspect exited the store, two loss prevention specialists try to stop her but then she is seen on surveillance pulling out a canister of pepper spray to spray the guards. (Source cbslocal.com)

Detectives in Goodlettsville, TN dash across 5 lanes of traffic to capture shoplifter  A crazy few minutes ensued outside the Rivergate Mall Monday afternoon. Four Goodlettsville detectives sat down for lunch and suddenly found themselves in a foot pursuit across all five lanes of Gallatin Pike. The Detectives saw the alleged shoplifter Deashley Tabor dash across the parking lot of the restaurant where they were eating, running from the Buckle store manager at the Rivergate Mall. The other three women who allegedly aided Tabor in the thefts have not been identified. Officials in Shelby County were very interested in Tabor’s arrest. The $894 worth of merchandise she allegedly stole Monday was returned to the store immediately. (Source wkrn.com)

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Director Digital LP Nike Portland, OR Nike
VP of Loss Prevention Dunkin Donuts Canton, MA Dunkin Donuts
National Account Manager Vector Security, Inc TBD Vector Security, Inc
Regional LP Manager SpartanNash Omaha, NE SpartanNash
Reg LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance Mgr Dunham's Sports United States Dunham's Sports
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AP Manager in Training Walmart Forest Lake, MN Walmart
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Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Mechanicsville, VA Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Commerce Township, MI Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Phoenix, AZ Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Springfield, IL Lowe's
District Operations Mgr Home Depot South Plainfield, NJ Home Depot
District Operations Mgr Home Depot Joplin, MO Home Depot
Manager LP Office Depot Chicago, IL Office Depot



Michael Currier was promoted to Associate Director, Corporate Security for Verizon Wireless.
Zachary Smith was named Senior Manager, Loss Prevention for Lucky Brand.

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What 4 Little Letters Can Tell You About Your Team  Using the Myers-Briggs assessment can help you determine the best job preferences for an employee, if they are an introvert or extravert, and examine their preference for taking in information. Use these tips for using this test to determine your team's personality. (Have fun with it)

Why Your Employees Don't Trust You (and How to Change It)  Trust is an important cornerstone to a successful relationship, whether it's personal or work related. However, according to the APA's 2014 Work and Well-Being Survey almost a quarter of employees don't trust their employees. Here are some areas where that trust is lacking and how to build it back. (Communication)

The 6 Rules that Guide Elite Employees
If your employees have and know their purpose, that will be more driven to perform at higher levels. These top employees are hard to find but are great to have on your team. They know what they want, how they will get it and strive to accomplish their goals. Here are some rules that elite employees follow when going for the gold. (Be a leader)

How to Build the 3 Necessary Types of Trust For the Workplace  Trusting can be a hard thing to do, but without placing your trust in your employees or team members you will exhaust yourself and waste many of the benefits that come with teamwork. You build your team, your workplace, and your brand when you trust your colleagues, outsiders and the technology that drives your work. Use these tips to help you. (Let go)

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