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The NRF's Loss Prevention Ring of Excellence Award recipient George Luciano

The Ring of Excellence Award, was created as a recognition program for loss prevention professionals whose achievements and outstanding leadership have shaped the industry. The award will recognize pioneers in the loss prevention community whose honor, integrity and character serve as an example for the LP industry.

Past inductees include vice presidents and chief security officers of major retail companies. These inductees impacted the industry by creating new LP standard practices and building strong LP teams. Other inductees impacted the industry by creating benchmarking tools such as industry-wide surveys and textbooks that standardize and formalize loss prevention, asset protection and security as a profession.

This year's 2013 recipient George Luciano is a Loss Prevention pioneer that not only paved the way and helped so many but he's also a man, a human being, that exemplifies virtually every aspect of what a good leader should be. Always grounded by helping others and taking the time with each person that was on his team, this leader put his colleagues, his team members, and his business partners first. He always took the time and sincerely showed his genuine caring for everyone he worked with, including the solution providers. And that trait separates him and allowed him to make a difference with so many over the years.

From an industry perspective he was one of the first to introduce and help evolve the current civil demand model we see in the industry today. George was one of the pioneers of an industry that has become a significant contributor to the retail industry's ability to legitimately recoup their cost, generate revenue and reduce shrink all in one process.

In the 80's George helped develop Civil Demand Associates and in 1990 became part owner and hired his son Frank. Now with well over 20 years experience its hard to separate the two as this father and son team continues to make a difference in the industry and while there aren't many, we at the Daily could not separate them even for this individual honor, which is exactly why we included the picture of both. As our heritage is what gives us all definition and meaning. And this father and son team deserves to be recognized when the senior is singled out for such a great honor.

Congratulations George and we all know Frank is very proud of you

Gus Downing




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Front Page Yahoo News - It's hit the Big Time News - "Tide becomes crack cocaine currency as organized crime hits retail"  While there's not a lot new in the article itself it's one of the first times Yahoo has placed it on its front page news column, which means the increased activity has not gone by unnoticed or under reported. As not only does yahoo look for interesting news but it also looks for topics that are hot and well reported on nation wide and worldwide news outlets. So with the increased activity, all the new state laws, and the LP industry efforts, it is getting worldwide attention on the big stage. (Source

"The enormous opportunities inherent with cloud, mobility, social networking and big data also create significant security risks, and most organizations are ill-prepared to respond effectively"  If we want to defend ourselves from sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks, it’s time to shift the industry’s thinking from a focus on compliance and perimeter security to a more proactive posture that is all about protecting the crown jewels. In just the past three years, the number of threats and vulnerabilities has grown almost exponentially. By using COBIT 5, security professionals have a systematic approach for overcoming some of their biggest internal barriers — especially inadequate budget and lack of senior management support. Top risks were seen as loss of enterprise intellectual property (26 percent), loss of customer or employee personally identifiable information (24 percent), and damage to corporate reputation (21 percent). (Source

After 9 yrs on the lam cyber thief who ran underground stolen credit card site makes 1st U.S. court appearance  After nearly nine years on the lam, a Bulgarian man made his first appearance in a U.S. courtroom on Monday to face charges that he took part in one of the largest hacking and identity theft marketplaces in cyberspace. Aleksi Kolarov, 30, was among 19 people indicted in Newark in October 2004 and charged as members of a subscription-only website that trafficked in more than 1.5 million stolen credit and bank card numbers, authorities said. At its peak, about 4,000 members worldwide traded in stolen credit cards, debit cards and bank account numbers through the website, which was run from servers based in Secaucus and Jersey City. (Source

Near-Term Store Opening Plans Keep Increasing
U.S. retailers continue to up the number of stores they plan to open over the upcoming two-year period, to 83,749, according to National Retailer Demand Monthly Report from RBC Capital Markets. The number represents a year-to-date increase in store opening plans of 2.1 percent. Among individual retailers whose store opening plans are making a significant impact on retail REIT’s property portfolios are fast fashion apparel seller Zara, beauty supplies chain Ulta and women’s clothing store Charming Charlie, along with Bed Bath & Beyond, Trader Joe’s, Nordstrom Rack, Joe’s Jeans, Shopko, Buy Buy Baby and The Container Store. (Source

Wall Street continues to lavish love on Best Buy stock
Best Buy Co. is one of the hottest stocks on Wall Street. Instead of closing stores as it did last summer, Best Buy has expanded its partnerships with Samsung and Microsoft to create special “store-within-a-store” concepts inside the big box. Best Buy is also using its stores to shop merchandise to online customers and offer returned clearance items to all shoppers. “If there is one line to describe the change, it is that Best Buy is turning its store base from a cost liability to an offensive weapon,” Balter wrote. "It begins with management and culture...a management team with vision, one willing to break down the silos, to question what would seem like basic ways of bringing product to market and interacting with consumers and to look at the costs with a sunset provision,” Balter wrote. “We see all of these elements in Best Buy.” (Source

With more and more retailers embracing mobile technology, North America is set to have highest percentages of tablet sales in the world   With North America spending nearly half of the $72B tablet spend in 2013. 39M tablets shipped worldwide in first half of 2013. Tablets have become an important component in many retailers' business, including pharmacy retailers. Rite Aid has fielded about 1,500 Wellness Ambassadors at its Wellness stores, who wield iPads to assist customers with questions about health-and-wellness products and services and direct them to the pharmacy; in some markets, particularly Buffalo, N.Y., the chain has integrated the NowClinic virtual clinic service with the iPads, allowing Skype-like communication between customers and clinical pharmacists. Meanwhile, CVS has launched a tablet app that includes a 3D simulation of a drug store. (Source

In the UK alone if you're not engaging consumers through digital channels you're losing out on $18.7B in sales channel potential  The research from O2, conducted by retail analysts Conlumino, found that retailers are struggling to harness the technology despite the fact that digital technologies offer new opportunities for them to engage customers within and beyond the store. And if research shows that in the UK we can just imagine what they'll find in North America. Which also means if you're not there yet you soon will be and with great speed. So get prepared for the great push because it's coming. With all the loss prevention issues connected to it. (Source

TN's guns-in-trunks law started yesterday - employers can't fire employees for storing their guns in their car in the employee parking lot  “Any employer explicitly terminating a permit holder for keeping a gun locked in his car would violate the state’s clear public policy, opening himself or herself up to legal action,” the Blountville Republican said. Big debate took place on this issue. A must listen to video. (Source

$110 billion in damages makes 2012 second only to 2005 in terms of weather-related disasters - What will this hurricane season bring?  The U.S. National Climatic Data Center’s (NCDC) says that 2012 saw eleven weather and climate disaster events each with losses exceeding $1 billion in damages. This makes 2012 the second costliest year since 1980, with a total of more than $110 billion in damages throughout the year. The 2012 total damages rank only behind 2005, which incurred $160 billion in damages due in part to four devastating land-falling hurricanes. What will this hurricane season bring? (Source

Having a bigger desk can make you more dishonest - OMG
People with larger desks and bigger cars are also likely to have more power, and the question of whether power corrupts comes with its own slew of research and debate. But for the purposes of this study, the authors argue, having a larger space leads to expansive posture, which has a subtle but powerful effect on our psychology. “Environments that expand the body can inadvertently lead us to feel more powerful, and these feelings of power can cause dishonest behavior,” the paper, “The Ergonomics of Dishonesty” (pdf) by a team of academics from US universities, concludes. (Source



OKC Police Talk Details Of Toddler Walmart Hostage Situation  Police in Oklahoma are speaking out about last week’s hostage standoff at a Walmart. A man held a two-year-old girl hostage, until police shot and killed the suspect. The whole thing was caught on the store’s surveillance video. (Source

Mom of 2 year-old held hostage at Wal-Mart and suspect being shot dead by police captain speaks to the news  It's been two weeks since a typical trip to the grocery store turned into a moment of terror for one Oklahoma mom.  A stranger took her 2-year-old daughter hostage, holding her at knifepoint. The situation ended safely for the toddler when a police captain shot and killed the suspect. Now we know what the mom, Alicia Keating, was going through. She sat down to talk with News 9's Amanda Taylor about the incident, and even what she told the suspect that brought him to tears. (Source

Atlantic City, N.J., Borgata Hotel jewelry store gets hit for $500,000 smash and grab theft   Police say approximately $500,000 worth of jewelry has been stolen in a smash-and-grab at a store in the Borgata Hotel amid the Atlantic City casino's 10th anniversary celebration. Three men fled the store on foot before taking off in a dark colored vehicle last night at about 8:45 p.m. (Source

2 employees shot dead in Wingstop restaurant armed robbery last night in Oakland, Calif.  The shooting happened about 11:43 p.m. at the Wingstop restaurant, 20 minutes before closing. One employee was able to activate a silent alarm, but before police responded, the two employees, who may have been cooks, were shot and killed. The robbers fled without taking anything and no one else was injured. The killings bring Oakland's homicide count for the year to 49 deaths. Police were reviewing video from the restaurant as well as other businesses in the area and interviewing witnesses. (Source

Honey Baked Ham employee knifed during robbery in Michigan.
A man armed with a knife entered the Honey Baked Ham store in Taylor, Michigan demanding cash from the employee. The employee was cut during the robbery but the injury was reported as non-life threatening. Two suspects were later taken into custody. (Source

Towamencin Walgreen’s burglar cuts alarm wires, but fails to reach the drugs. A man in a hooded sweatshirt broke into the Walgreen's Pharmacy in Towamencin Township on Saturday night and removed the alarm keypad, but was unable to reach the store's drugs. The burglar went straight to the store's rear electrical room, where he removed the alarm keypad and cut wires. He tried to get into the prescription drug area but failed and ran out. As he left, the burglar yanked out the phone and power cables of the cash machine near the entrance. (Source

Family Dollar Burglarized in San Antonio; surveillance equipment destroyed.
Police may have to rely on other evidence after they say burglars break into a local Family Dollar and destroy the surveillance equipment. It happened just before three this morning at the Family Dollar. Authorities say the thieves broke pried opened the front door and went inside. Authorities aren't sure what they took. Witnesses did see the suspects running off in a getaway vehicle. No arrests have been made. (Source

Family Dollar Manager also loses her car to armed robbers in Charlotte, North Carolina. Two armed suspects enter the Family Dollar Store Monday morning demanding money from the register. Once they got the cash they asked for the Manager’s car keys to use her car in the get-a-way. The car was recovered by Police several blocks away, no one was injured during the event. (Source

Harris County Sheriff’s Surveillance video released of cell phone store robbers. The Harris County Sheriff's Office and Crime Stoppers are asking for your help to find two suspects behind an aggravated robbery at cell phone store in April. It happened April 20 at around 10am at a store in north Harris County. Witnesses say two armed men came in wearing masks. One suspect ordered the victims to the floor and led an employee to the back room. The suspect ordered that employee to open the safe. (Source

Sarasota Deputies investigate overnight burglary of Venice jewelry store.
The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an overnight burglary at a jewelry store in the Venice Village Shoppes. The owner of Sugar’s Karats in Diamonds and Gold, 4113 Tamiami Trail South, called deputies at around 10:30 a.m., to report a burglary. Apparently the suspect or suspects came in through the roof and stole an undetermined amount of cash and jewelry. (Source



Gift cards for store merchandise: Stafford pair organized shoplifting scheme hitting TJ Maxx, Kmart and Target in Ocean County, Calif.  Police began the investigation May 18 when officers responded to a call at the TJ Maxx store on Washington Avenue. A store customer reported she was dragged across the parking lot when her purse was stolen, Fritz said. Fritz said police arrested Latronico and Quinones — then discovered the two may have been operating a shoplifting ring. "After selecting what they considered items of easy opportunity that were displayed in the store, they would conceal the items and bring them to the return counter for full retail credit on a store credit card,” Fritz said. They would then exchange the store credit cards at pawn shops the make the exchange. "They would pick random stores based on where high dollar items were located in easy places to select and conceal,” he said. (Source

Trio accused of Lexington County, S.C., ORC ring and they're looking for more suspects  Three people from Columbia have been arrested in connection with a shoplifting ring at the Sportsman’s Warehouse near Irmo, according to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. Thomas Ryan Melton, 28, Edwina Marie Evans, 54, and Kim Ineze Evans, 51, were all arrested on shoplifting and criminal conspiracy charges. Police started investigating the ring Saturday when an employee at the sporting goods store told officers he suspected Edwina Evans stole fly fishing line and hooks that day. The suspect’s sister, Kim Evans was accused of later returning the items for a store gift card and also of stealing turkey calls from the store. Melton was thought to have been the getaway driver in Saturday’s shoplifting. Deputies are investigating whether anyone else might have been involved in the ring and are asking anyone who knows about shoplifting at the store to contact Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC (Source

4 member check fraud gang busted in Putnam County, Fla., hitting Publix and Hitchock's supermarkets  Four people have been arrested and charges are pending against a fifth in connection with a check fraud case, according to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.  Deputies said they've been investigating this case for the last two weeks, according to reports, Lindsay Smith, 28, Robert Ostrender, 24, Edward Zaccheo, 23, and Bobbie Martin, 44, have cashed fraudulent checks at Publix and Hitchock's supermarkets. Investigators said Smith obtained several checks from a friend's home without that person's knowledge, then shared the checks with Ostrender. Deputies said the two visited several unsuspecting merchants until they were able to cash the checks. (Source

Warren County indicts four Stealing Flat Screen TVs from Target store in Detroit  All four were each indicted on charges of fifth-degree felony theft. The two males entered the store and each grabbed two 42-inch LED TVs valued at $1,800 and ran out a fire exit door, where the two females waited in a truck. (Source

Four females steal $1500 worth of hair weaves from North Charleston, SC Beauty store.  Tuesday afternoon four women entered the Star Beauty Plus, two women kept the owner’s husband busy; one served as a look-out, while the fourth suspect went behind the register and grabbed 12 to 14 packages of hair extensions from a display. The store is equipped with 16 cameras. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

New digital solution to fight organized retail crime

MetalPoint HyperGuard, a new digital, software-driven solution detects the most common tools such as foil bag or magnets used by organised retail crime groups to shoplift in store.

With the latest Global Retail Theft Barometer showing an increase in losses associated with ORC, affecting some 47.5 percent of retailers globally, the MetalPoint HyperGuard was developed based on specific retailer feedback and to gives loss prevention managers an additional tool to help identify potential shoplifters as soon as they enter the store.

The MetalPoint HyperGuard has three detection capabilities: foil bag detection, magnet detection*, and metal cart/trolley detection, all of which run concurrently to improve alarm reliability and deter organised criminals from using tactics to avoid detection.

A number of features help enhance the capabilities of the MetalPoint HyperGuard software solution. For example, the advanced digital 3D sensing technology will detect the metal in either foil lined bags or magnets and determine if a potential shoplifter has entered the store and by which entrance/exit. Metal shopping carts are also identified as such and no longer detected as a threat, thereby reducing the number of false alarms. Now store associates will receive a signal that an individual carrying a common shoplifting device has entered their store, allowing them to take the necessary precautions to avoid a potential theft.

MetalPoint HyperGuard can be installed as a sleek, stand-alone pedestal alongside existing radio frequency electronic article surveillance EAS antennas, acting as a visual deterrent against ORC gangs or seamlessly integrated into Checkpoint’s EVOLVE family of antennas.


GCC, Inc. (for Checkpoint)
George Cohen, 617-325-0011



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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Newington, CT Lowe's
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The Surprising Benefits of Working Backwards  Looking at things in reverse, could lead to the breakthrough you need. In fact, reversing the order of your approach forces the brain to think in an entirely different way, and will cause it to be more active. (Stuck? Put your brain in reverse)

10 Ways to be Productive this Summer
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Happiness does not revolve around money, or luxury items, it is about what you have accomplished and where you have gone in your life. The key to living a joyful life lies in these beliefs. ("A body is a terrible thing to waste")

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Being in a slump is an absolutely scary place where your brain does more damage than your actions or lack thereof. More mental than anything else a slump happens to all of us and getting out of it can look like the longest darkest tunnel you've ever experienced. But remember there's always light at the end of every tunnel and getting focused on that light is the key. And turning it always begins with getting back to basics. Forcing yourself to find that focus and using the basics to get out of the slump is the only way out. Lean on your basics and trust you know them well enough that the old performance will start showing itself because once they do, you'll find yourself having fun and out of that slump.

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