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Kevin Plante
Dir. LP Reporting & Analytics, CVS Health

and Tony Sheppard
 Nat'l. Mgr, ORC Unit, CVS

Jeffrey Fulmer has been named Senior Director of Asset Protection for Rite Aid.
Jeffrey previously served as Vice President of Loss Prevention for Barnes & Noble from 2003 to 2016. Prior to that, he was Director of Loss Prevention for Lowe's for ten years and Regional Loss Prevention Manager for General Nutrition Centers for nearly five years. He earned his B.A. in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Congratulations Jeffrey! 



Indictment Links Chipotle Executive to New York Drug Ring
Chipotle Mexican Grill was dealt another blow on Thursday after the executive leading many of its efforts to recover from a food safety scandal was charged with drug possession and accused him of having a connection to a cocaine delivery service in New York. The company said it had placed Mark Crumpacker, its chief marketing and development officer, on administrative leave.

The company's same-store sales, or sales in stores open at least a year, have fallen dramatically after food safety crises involving contamination by E. coli and norovirus. More than 500 people became sick after eating at a Chipotle in the second half of last year. The company has adopted a number of more stringent food safety protocols and spent millions of dollars on marketing to win back customers, efforts led by Mr. Crumpacker.

On Thursday, Mr. Crumpacker was named in an indictment from Manhattan prosecutors as one of 18 repeat buyers of cocaine from a business that delivered drugs to customers. The district attorney said the drug ring delivered more than $75,000 worth of cocaine over a year. cnbc.com dailymail.co.uk

Red, white and extra blue as tight security marks U.S. July 4th celebrations
With the holiday taking place days after attacks in Baghdad, Dhaka and Istanbul, the New York Police Department deployed eight new "vapor wake" dogs, trained to sniff out explosives on a moving target in a crowd. The department's presence this holiday was boosted by nearly 2,000 new officers just days after they graduated on Friday from the New York City Police Academy.

Police in Chicago, which has seen a spike in gun murders this year, announced a stepped-up presence with more than 5,000 officers on patrol over the long weekend, traditionally one of the year's most violent, said Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. The Chicago Tribune said at least three people had been killed and 34 wounded over the holiday weekend by Monday evening. reuters.com

Deadly Restaurant Attack in Dhaka Shakes Up the Bangladesh Garment Center, Causes Security Concerns
Nine of the 20 hostages who lost their lives in a Dhaka restaurant Friday were Italians, most of whom worked in the garment business. The attack, which took place at the Holey Artisan Bakery around 9:20 p.m. in the Gulshan area, an upscale neighborhood frequented by foreigners that had been considered safe even during the previous years of election-ridden violence, has caused shock and trepidation among retailers and executives with global brands.

The international scope of the deceased included seven Japanese citizens, one U.S. citizen, one from India and two who were believed to have been from Bangladesh. The 12-hour siege ended when commandos broke into the restaurant early Saturday morning, killing five gunmen and arresting one more. Two policemen were killed in the exchange as well.

Foreign companies with nationals working in Bangladesh's garment and building industries suspended travel to the country and told workers there to stay at home after the deadly attack by Islamist militants.

Bangladesh's $26-billion (U.S.) garment industry has been bracing for the fallout of Friday's killings, fearing major retailers from Uniqlo to Marks & Spencer and Gap could rethink their sourcing plans after the latest attack targeting foreigners. One of the world's poorest countries, Bangladesh relies on garments for around 80 per cent of its exports and for about 4 million jobs, and ranks behind only China as a supplier of clothes to developed markets like Europe and the United States. wwd.com theglobeandmail.com

Trader Joe's fined $500K for refrigerant leaks,
agrees to spend $2M on cutting down greenhouse gases

In a proposed settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and the EPA, the chain agreed to spend $2 million over the next three years to reduce coolant leaks from refrigerator equipment at its 460 stores nationwide, and also to pay a $500,000 related civil penalty. The federal agencies allege that Trader Joe's violated the Clean Air Act by failing to promptly repair leaks of R-22, an ozone-depleting hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) substance and powerful greenhouse gas that is used as a coolant in refrigerators.

As part of the settlement, Trader Joe's will implement a corporate refrigerant compliance management system to comply with federal regulations and to detect and repair leaks through a new quarterly leak monitoring program. retailingtoday.com

Wal-Mart Can Keep Union Protesters Out of Stores, Appeals Court Says
A California appeals court on Thursday upheld a trial court's ruling allowing Wal-Mart to bar two unions from protesting inside its stores, finding the retail giant's trespassing claim against the unions is not preempted by the National Labor Relations Act.

In a published opinion, a three-judge panel affirmed Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ernest Hiroshige's ruling granting Wal-Mart Stores Inc. an injunction barring the Food and Commercial Workers Union and Organization United for Respect at Walmart from demonstrating inside its stores in California. The panel said the NLRA does not preempt the trial court's ruling, because the protesters' conduct, which included marching silently through Walmart stores, singing and dispensing fliers, is not protected by the NLRA, and although the activity might in fact be prohibited by the act, which would preempt the state court, that's not enough to override the local interest in preventing trespassing. law360.com

California lawmaker withdraws bill to end 'pink tax' retail pricing disparity
The so-called "pink tax" remains legal in California for the time being after a bill outlawing differential pricing based on gender was withdrawn by its sponsor, state Sen. Ben Hueso, a Democrat from San Diego, the Los Angeles Times reports. California's Assembly Judiciary Committee was expected to vote on the legislation Tuesday after the state Senate granted its approval in May. Retailers and manufactures had opposed the measure, with critics arguing that it put undue pressure on retailers to ensure that prices were equal. retaildive.com

UPS Adds Locker Locations for Shipment Pickups
- Will be placed outside 7-Eleven and other retail locations

United Parcel Service Inc. is rolling out 300 new locker pickup locations nationwide after what it says was a successful test of nine locations in Chicago. The lockers are part of a broader effort by the delivery company to both lower the costs of delivering e-commerce packages, as well as to meet changing consumer demands as online shopping booms.

"What we've found is that consumers do like the 24/7 access," said Kalin Robinson, director of the locker program. The lockers also help prevent package theft.

Customers who use UPS's My Choice app can direct their packages to the lockers, which will be placed outside 7-Eleven Inc. stores as well as independently owned and operated retail locations. wsj.com

POS glitch results in Starbucks overcharging customers
A computer error caused Starbucks to overcharge some customers and forced the coffee giant to disclose a planned price increase. In a brief statement released on the retailer's corporate blog at about 8 p.m. ET Friday, July 1 and updated about 11 a.m. ET Saturday, July 2, Starbucks said a price adjustment was prematurely entered into the POS systems of U.S. company-owned stores. As a result, some customers were overcharged by as much as 30 cents for their beverages. chainstoreage.com

Huntsville, AL: FBI report shows $12 million in Alabama internet crimes in 2015, $1 billion nationally
The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center's (IC3) report on 2015 says over the course of the year, they had over $1 billion in reported losses. That's from a little over 127,000 complaints with a loss. It means by the national average, if you lost money to a cyber crime, it's close to $8,500. On a more local level, Alabama had 3,500 victims of its own. State losses came in just shy of $12 million. It's 50-59-year-olds that have the most reports in Alabama, 716, but no age group deviates too far. It is worth noting though, the older you get, the more money you lose in online crimes. 20-29-year-olds in Alabama who report an internet crime average a loss of $919. For 60 and over? That average is $7,722. All this puts Alabama right in the middle of the national pack in victims and in losses, exactly where you'd expect to see Alabama based on population. whnt.com

U.S. ammunition imports shoot up nearly 50%

PGA Tour Superstore opening new locations in TX, AZ, SC, and FL

Amazon planning to open bookstore and cafe in Manhattan  

Adidas to partner with Kanye West on new retail stores

Last week's #1 article --

Sears workers reveal mistakes that are killing the company

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Retailers in Legal Hot Water After EMV Shift
Merchants are facing consumer lawsuits stemming from the introduction of EMV-chip card security at the point of sale in the U.S., exposing the issues many stores must contend with now that they are held liable for fraud and chargebacks.

In February, a Wendy's customer filed a class action against the fast food chain, alleging that it failed to protect customers' credit and debit card information, as well as other personally identifiable information. The suit claims all of that information was exposed when Wendy's experienced a data breach in January, and that Wendy's failed to take "adequate and reasonable measures" to make sure that its data systems were protected beforehand. Although the lawsuit does not specifically reference EMV, it does allege that Wendy's was not using the most up-to-date processing equipment. The suit suggests that hackers employed the same malware that enabled recent cyber attacks such as the breaches at Home Depot and Target.

Lawsuits are not the only consequence merchants face. Typically if a merchant suffers a data breach, it can expect fines for violating the Payment Card Industry data security standard, which describes how organizations must protect cardholder data.

There may also be a reputational hit and a loss of business. eBay faced this issue after a 2014 cyberattack led it to ask users to reset their passwords; many consumers did not, and even those that chose a new password did not resume their previous level of activity. The breach became a major factor in eBay's decision to lower its full-year revenue guidance by $200 million. paymentssource.com

In Sports Authority bankruptcy, customer e-mail data commands hefty sum
When Sports Authority Inc. said "everything must go," it meant everything - including its customers' personal information. The Colorado sporting goods retailer, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March, auctioned this week its intellectual property, including the Sports Authority name, its e-commerce site and about 114 million customers' files and 25 million email addresses. Dick's Sporting Goods won with a $15-million bid. The trove of customer data, experts say, could help Dick's capitalize on Sports Authority customers looking for a new place to shop.

As more companies come to understand the value of data, customer information has gone to the auction block during bankruptcy proceedings. Yet as consumers work to safeguard their data in the aftermath of high-profile breaches at companies such as Target and health insurer Anthem Inc., such sales mark another way customers can lose control of their personal information.

Businesses have the legal right to sell consumer information as long as their privacy policies make it clear that data can be transferred or sold if the company is acquired or goes under. Sports Authority stated its policy on its website: "We may transfer your personal information in the event of a corporate sale, merger, acquisition, dissolution or similar event." latimes.com

MySpace, LinkedIn Data Just a Click Away
- Researcher Posts Links to Hundreds of Millions of Credentials

It doesn't take long for compromised data to be shared across the cybercriminal underground. And when the leaking starts, it spreads like wildfire. So it was only a matter of time before data from two of the largest data breaches of all time, the attacks on MySpace and LinkedIn, became easily accessible. Thomas White, an independent security researcher in the U.K., has now made the 360 million credentials from the MySpace breach available on his personal website. He also posted download links for the 165 million LinkedIn accounts recently released. databreachtoday.com

J.C. Penney opening new tech center in India
J.C. Penney is building a tech center in Bengaluru, India, that will employ roughly 1,000 workers. According to the Times of India, the Plano-based retailer expects to hire 450 people for the center by the end of the year. Staff will include engineers to manage internal information technology systems and develop digital, e-commerce and analytics solutions. bizjournals.com

Tesla charging stations coming to Ruby Tuesday restaurant chain

10 million Android devices reportedly infected with Chinese malware



The Art of Listening

By Frank Luciano, President, Civil Demand Associates

There are a plethora of books, publications and commentary about what skills and attributes are necessary to be an impactful leader in business, as well as in life. However, where those may focus on what to say, how to act, or ways to create change, a primary feature of a great leader is the willingness and ability to listen. Not just biding time during a conversation, thinking about what you want to say and pretending to listen until you get a chance to speak, but focusing on what is actually being said and what it might mean to that person.

When I first started out at Civil Demand Associates I brought with me this unique skill set which I continue to use today. Knowing one's product/ service is only a portion of this art. Knowing the needs of your client is probably more important and in order to determine needs one needs to ask pertinent questions and listen attentively. Once the answer is heard a solution can be either developed or provided.

As a solution provider it is our job to try and develop products and services based on the vision provided by our clients. Not by reaction but by a combination of experience, vision and an overall ability to see the need for an entire industry. From there development should be tested by early adaptors who have the same vision.

Delivery promises should not be over stated. Never say you can deliver when you can't. It would be better to build it first because you will usually only get one shot to come up with a game changer. It is also important not to oversell. Once a decision maker has been persuaded have the sense to stop selling at that point. This could be categorized as knowing when to be silent and move on. All of this is a part of the art of listening.

Civil Demand Associates was founded in 1987 on some of these very principles. Retailers were struggling to send demand letters and tracking payments manually. Fifteen states had civil recovery laws most of which were in the west. CDA was established as a way to outsource this valuable revenue stream as well as a way to help provide a financial deterrent. CDA was the first company to develop software and business logic designed to handle thousands of files, payments and reporting.

In the years to follow clients brought other types of theft cases for collection. Dishonest employee restitution collections, court ordered restitution and vendor fraud to mention a few. All these have added to CDA's offering so that a well-rounded service with no initial investment is now available on a contingency basis.

In 2010 CDA brought forth a new concept to combat major organized retail crime by using federal civil RICO statutes to seize assets of those at the top of these illegal enterprises.

As you can see it all comes down to listening to the needs of the industry and developing means to help loss prevention practitioners bring back lost profits to the bottom line.



We will be covering various sections of the 2016 National Retail Security Survey, developed by Dr. Richard Hollinger of the University of Florida, in partnership with the National Retail Federation.

The D&D Daily's 2016 NRSS Review
Part 3: Source of Inventory Shrinkage

Source of Inventory Shrinkage (Average) 
 In 2015, shoplifting surpassed employee theft as the leading cause of inventory shrink.
Grocery saw a drop in shoplifting - from 29.7% to 24.3% - and in administrative and paperwork - from 18.7% to 11.2%. Unknown reasons, however, accounted for 12.6% of losses. 
Specialty women's and men's apparel also saw a big drop in shoplifting when compared to 2014 - down 9 percentage points to 40.9%. But the number of losses attributed to employee and other internal thefts increased from 28.1% in 2014 to 35.8% in 2015.
Shoplifting/ORC is top source of inventory shrinkage, but employee theft a close second 

For the complete survey, click here.  nrf.com



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Leadership & Development Series

Keith White
SVP of LP, Gap Inc.

In a ground-breaking interview spanning a multitude of topics, Keith White, Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention for Gap Inc., sits down with LPNN for a one-on-one discussion about his philosophies on leadership, professional development and the state of retail Loss Prevention.

Keith recounts his managerial transition from single store - to regional - to corporate - to an eventual directorship. He talks about the critical first six months of a directorship - and his strategy involving team members, policies and procedural changes. As one of the first LP executives to set up an ORC program, Keith tells us what makes a successful one and how to react to the emerging technological trends.

This highly informative interview offers a wealth of knowledge for the LP professional at any stage of his or her career.

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Retailers Rethink Inventory Strategies As Online Shopping Continues To Expand
It is a shift happening across the retail sector as companies try to figure out ways to profitably serve the growing needs of online shoppers while making their network of stores less of a financial burden. Chains must predict whether demand will come from the internet or a store visit, and whether they'll ship online orders from a distribution center or a store. Every move of inventory is an added cost that eats away at already thin margins.

Online shopping "has forced the industry to rethink not only the math and science behind the inventory pool, but also the strategy," said Scott Fenwick, a senior director at Manhattan Associates Inc., which makes supply-chain software.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Target Corp. are cutting back on the number of packs of diapers, boxes of cereal, and bottles of laundry detergent in their backrooms, and moving the product to shelves faster. Wal-Mart has also widened aisles to further reduce the amount of goods on its shelves, while Target has moved bulky items such as patio furniture into centralized distribution locations instead of keeping them in stores. Kohl's Corp. is aiming to lower inventory by 10% by the end of next year. wsj.com

Walmart Pay undergoes big growth spurt
During the week of June 27, the discount giant rolled out Walmart Pay at close to 1,300 stores in 19 new states - Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Ohio, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont. With these additions, Walmart now offers Walmart Pay at about 3,700 stores in 37 states and Washington, D.C.

The retailer initially announced the digital wallet service, which works through the Walmart mobile shopping app, in December 2015. Formal rollout started in Texas and Arkansas in May 2015. The service works by customers selecting the Walmart Pay option on the retailer's mobile app at checkout and activating their smartphone camera. They then scan the code displayed at the register to connect Walmart Pay. When the transaction is complete, an e-receipt is sent to the app, which the customer can view at any time. chainstoreage.com

Alibaba launches new system to combat counterfeits
Alibaba Group on Friday held its first Rights Holders Collaboration Summit and announced the launch of its IP Joint-Force System, an online platform designed to streamline intellectual property-related communications between brands and Alibaba, according to a press release sent to Retail Dive.

Under the new IP Joint-Force System, participating brands will be assigned a dedicated online portal and Alibaba account manager to exchange information about suspected counterfeit product listings, allowing brands to identify the authenticity of a product and more easily notify Alibaba of the infringing listing, the company said. reretaildive.com

Gucci lets its ecommerce garden grow via online exclusives


Gift card theft bust earns Volusia sheriff's investigator state award
Volusia sheriff's investigator Jayson Paul got a gift card racketeering case in April 2015 and thought it would be another case file to add to the pile that greeted him at work every day.

He didn't immediately know that it would be the largest retail theft investigation, dubbed Operation Plastic Paradise, his agency has worked. Seven months later, the 39-year-old Paul led a team of 40 deputies on morning raids arresting 23 people, serving five search warrants and six bank seizure warrants. Paul and his team toppled a father and son gift card theft ring that made $2 million in nine months.

Paul's work caught the attention of the Florida Retail Federation. The organization chose Paul as its 2016 Florida Retail Federation Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and will present him with the award and a $3,000 cash prize later this month. This is Paul's second prize from Operation Plastic Paradise: It also earned him the Sheriff's Office 2015 Investigator of the Year Award. news-journalonline.com

Noblesville, IN: 3 arrested, 1 at large after Best Buy Burglary
Three Detroit men were taken into custody and a fourth person is on the loose after Noblesville police say they burglarized a Best Buy store. Police were called to Best Buy at 17200 Mercantile Boulevard around 3:15 a.m. in response to a security alarm. Upon arrival, officers reported hearing voices around the building. As they were investigating, a vehicle sped away with no lights on. After a five-minute police pursuit, the suspects' vehicle crashed near the intersection of Greenfield Avenue and Boden Road. Four men ran from the crashed vehicle. With the help of a K-9 unit, officers tracked down three of the men. As of Sunday evening, a fourth suspect remained at large. wishtv.com

Hopkins, MN: Police Investigating String Of Twin Cities Bike Shop Thefts

Police are on the lookout for thieves who have broken into at least four bike shops in the Twin Cities in the last couple of weeks. The most recent theft happened Saturday morning at Jonny Rock Bikes on Excelsior Boulevard in Hopkins. Minks says about $10,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from his bike shop after thieves disabled his security system. minnesota.cbslocal.com

Delaware Troopers seek alleged shoplifter from Justice store in Concord Mall
Wilmington woman who allegedly shoplifted clothes from a Concord Mall store is still at large. Someone saw Lisa Smith take 300 dollars' worth of clothing from the Justice Store Saturday night, Delaware State Police said. A trooper working in the mall arrived just in time to see Smith running out of the store--he gave chase, ordering her to stop, but Smith got into a black Infiniti FX3 and drove away, narrowly missing the trooper as he tried to open the vehicle's doors. Warrants are out charging Smith with shoplifting, resisting arrest and reckless endangering. wdel.com

Thieves wanted in allergy-med heists at 3 Staten Island CVS stores
Police are searching Monday for two individuals linked to a shoplifting pattern in Staten Island. The pair stole a large amount of over-the-counter allergy and cold medications from three CVS locations on three separate occasions, police said. The first CVS the pair stole from on May 22 is located at 778A Manor Road near the Castleton Corners section of Staten Island. The second CVS is located at 1361 Hylan Blvd. in the Dongan Hills neighborhood. The pair stole from this location on June 7. The last CVS the pair hit on June 28 is located at 250 Page Ave. in the Tottenville section of Staten Island. pix11.com

Louisville, KY: Three busted for $1,100 Lawn Mower theft from Lowes

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Shootings, Deaths and Gangs

Killeen, TX: Murder-Suicide At Dollar General Store
Police responded to the store located on 4102 Watercrest Road at about 1:30 p.m. after getting a call about a woman who had been shot. Police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said a man walked into the Dollar General and shot and killed the woman in the store. It's unclear if the two knew each other or if the woman was a store employee or customer. Witnesses said about 10 people were in the store at the time of the shooting. They said they heard popping sounds, realized that they were gunshots and then ran out of the store. kwtx.com

15 year Old suspect at large after shooting at Olathe Walmart
Olathe, Kansas police are searching for a 15-year-old Monday morning after a man was shot in the chest overnight at an area Walmart store. The shooting happened early Monday morning in the parking lot of the Walmart at 136th Street and Blackbob Road in Olathe. Officers responded to that area around 4:30 a.m. Monday to investigate a shooting. When they arrived they found a 20-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. That man was rushed to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Witnesses told police that the suspect in this case, a 15-year-old boy, fled the scene. kmbc.com

Meridian, MS: Police investigating shooting at Bonita WalMart; 1 injured, 4 detained
Meridian police are currently investigating a shooting that happened at the Bonita Walmart in the night. Sergeant Dareall Thompson with the Meridian Police Department says one person was hit by gunfire near the store. Thompson says the victim transported to a local hospital with unknown injuries. Four possible suspects in the shooting have been detained. wtok.com

Houston, TX: Jimmy Johns Armed Robber shoots Witness outside store
Police are searching for a suspect who assaulted one man and shot another near a sandwich shop in Midtown early Monday. Investigators say a gunman pistol-whipped a worker at the Jimmy Johns on McGowen and Brazos. The attempted robbery happened around 7 a.m. as the eatery prepared to open for the day.

"He came up after I unlocked the door and tried to force me inside. I don't know, he hit me in the head with his gun then I ran off," said Cameron Breunig, the victim. The suspect then shot an apparent bystander across the street from the restaurant. Police say the bystander was a witness to the robbery and shouted "call the police" before the suspect opened fire on him, shooting him in the head. khou.com

Henrico County, VA: Walgreen's Shoplifter slams into fire hydrant, tree and iron fence
Authorities said a shoplifting suspect is hospitalized after flipping his car and talking out a fence after along Nine Mile Road in Henrico County Saturday night. Lt. Anthony Mehfoud with Henrico police said officers were called at 7:15 p.m. about a shoplifting incident at the Walgreen's at White Oak Mall. The suspect was transported to VCU Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. wwtvr.com

Midrand, South Africa: Two killed in Mall of Africa shooting
Two men were killed a shooting incident outside the Mall of Africa in Midrand on Sunday night. Police said the two men had been standing on the pavement waiting for a taxi when they were approached by gunmen in a white car. you.co.za

Miami: Bayside Marketplace evacuated after reports of shots fired
Police evacuated Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami shortly after the Fourth of July fireworks display at neighboring Bayfront Park, Monday night, causing pandemonium and sending panicked revelers running for their lives. wsvn.com

Fishers, IN: Police arrest 4 members of Florida's Felony Lane Gang

Edmondston, MD: Ice-Cream Truck Driver Shot, in Critical Condition

Kay Jewelers in the Pioneer Square Mall, Stillwater, OK reported a Vandalism/ Gunshot through window on 7/2

Robberies and Thefts

Sparks, NV: Shoplifter pushes cart full of merchandise out an Emergency Exit; pulls knife on LP Agent at Target
Sparks Police are looking for a man who they say attempted to rob two local stores. SPD tells us they responded to a report of an attempted robbery on Monday July 4th, with a knife at Target. When officers arrived on scene, they learned that Target loss prevention personnel attempted to stop a suspect who was pushing a cart full of merchandise out of an emergency exit. When loss prevention tried to stop the suspect, police say he pulled a knife on staff and left the store. The Target merchandise was retained. Police say approximately two hours later, they responded to the K-Mart store on a very similar call. kolotv.com

New Orleans, LA: Burglar bars are no match for skinny, determined thief at a City Gear store
New Orleans police are asking for the public's help in identifying a locating a man wanted for the burglary of a Central City clothing store. The robbery happened June 30 just before 5 a.m. in the 2800 block of S. Claiborne Avenue. Video surveillance shows a man breaking the store's front glass door with an object. He then is able to squeeze between the iron bars on the door and enter the store. fox8live.com

Nashville, TN: Police find theft suspect in bed with stolen lingerie store mannequin
Police say a man they arrested Monday was found in bed in an Old Hickory home with a stolen mannequin from a lingerie store. Officers were called to the Hustler Hollywood store on 14th Avenue North and Church early Monday morning. According to a police affidavit, the clerk told officers an intoxicated man walked into the store just after midnight Monday morning and took a mannequin into the parking lot, knocking the mannequin's left arm off in the process. wwate.com

Maryland man accused of netting $17K in 15 burglaries, robbery
A 27-year-old Maryland man is accused of making off with more than $17,000 worth of cash and items in 15 burglaries and thefts, along with a robbery, state police in Lancaster said. Lewis is accused of crimes in southern Lancaster County between February and May 20, police said. The incidents were in Little Britain and Fulton townships. pennlive.com

Portland, OR: Man accused of stealing gum, pulling fake gun at convenience store

MManning, SC: Man who used boat oar to rob store gets 10 years

St John's NF, CN: Suspect sought in attempted Armed Robberies at two Pharmacies

Kingston, ON: Good Samaritan helps catch shoplifter at Canadian Tire/strong>

Kay Outlet in the Camarillo Premium Outlets, Camarillo, CA reported a Grab & Run on 7/3, merchandise valued at $238

Zales Jewelers in the Hammond Square, Hammond, LA reported a Distraction Theft on 7/3, merchandise valued at $9000

Kay Jewelers in the Ward Parkway Center, Kansas City, MO reported a Grab & Run on 7/3, merchandise valued at $1599

Kay Jewelers in the Orchard Town Mall, Westminster, CO reported a Grab & Run on 7/3, merchandise valued at $1599

Kay Outlet in the Jersey Gardens Mall, Elizabeth, NJ reported a Grab & Run on 7/1, merchandise valued at $9,499

Credit Card Theft

Nassau County, NY: Woman apprehended at Bloomingdales at Roosevelt Fields attempting to used forged documents
A Queens woman was charged with possessing forged documents after she tried to pay for $1,125 in merchandise at a store in East Garden City. Police said they arrested the suspect, about 11 a.m. Monday after being alerted by store security at Bloomingdale's. Police said she produced a fraudulent New York driver's license while trying to buy the merchandise and was later found to possess an American Express cash card and a Flushing Bank debit card, both of which were fraudulent. newsday.com

Tolland, CT: Four arrested with a stack of fake Credit Cards, embossing equipment and weapon
Mobile Mart staffers said that three men had attempted to use credit cards at the story that appeared to be fake or stolen, they called police. State Police stopped the suspects and found a 9mm handgun, several counterfeit credit cards "in various stages of production," a credit card embossing machine, two electronic credit card writers, and two laptops. A large quantity of cigarettes were also found. patch.com


Georgetown, KY: Arsonist attempts to ignite Propane Tanks outside Walgreens
One man is in the Scott County Detention Center after admitting to setting propane tanks on fire at the South Broadway Walgreens location in Georgetown. Michael Adair has been charged with wanton endangerment, shoplifting, public intoxication and arson. Adair confessed to the crime and it was all caught on surveillance video. lex18.com

Wyoming, MI: Arson: Fireworks store destroyed by Fire


Marathon, FL: Credit card skimming duo arrested
Alberto Fombellida Manso and Pavel Morejon Martinez were arrested after, police said, they were caught putting a credit card skimming device on a pump at a Marathon gas station. Both men are charged with using a credit card skimmer to commit fraud and with loitering. wsvn.com


China: Alibaba Reveals New Program to Fight Fake Goods
Alibaba now has a "Good Faith Takedown" system, which has up to 700 participating brands. These brands are given priority access to the counterfeit goods reporting and removal tools of Alibaba based on the skill of the brand when it comes to successfully reporting knock-off items on the websites of the Chinese ecommerce giant. The priority access to these reporting and removal tools makes sure that the reports of the brands are reviewed and processed much faster if the brands are effective in terms of spotting counterfeit. themarketdigest.org

The Philippines: Police armored vehicle was used to destroy pirated DVDs and confiscated counterfeit goods
Counterfeit goods of an estimated US$59.7 million were seized from January to June 2016, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) claimed. The government office said it will continue its efforts to curb counterfeit products and piracy. dadailymail.co.uk

London: Trademark and Rights holders Against Piracy (TRAP) bust 4 stores for Bootleg music; 2 Truckloads of merchandise seized


Best Buy - Noblesville, IN - Burglary
Chevron - Dekalb County, GA - Customer shot and killed
Circle K - Raleigh, NC - Armed Robbery
CVS - Annapolis, MD - Armed Robbery
City Gear - New Orleans, LA - Burglary
C-Store- Baton Rouge, LA - Shooting/ Police suspect killed
Family Dollar - Dayton, OH - Robbery
Family Video - Grant County, IN - Armed Robbery
Jimmy Johns - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery/ Shooting
Kmart - Sparks, NV - Armed Robbery
Kum & Go - Springfield, MO - Armed Robbery
Little Britain Store - Quarryville, PA - Burglary
Little Caesars - Alton, IL - Robbery
Plaid Pantry - Portland, OR - Armed Robbery
Pioneer Wine - Watertown, CT - Armed Robbery
Target - Sparks, NV - Armed Robbery
United Dairy Farmer - Green Township, OH - Armed Robbery
US Cellular - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
Verizon Wireless - Jones County, GA - Armed Robbery
Zion Mini Mart - New Zion, SC - Armed Robbery
1 Stop Food Mart - Hendersonville, TN - Armed Robbery


Featured Job Alert Spotlight
Company Confidential Director of Global Security
The Sr. Director of Global Security will oversee the company's executive protection program, the security of the company's home office and international operations as well as certain investigations in the home and international offices. A minimum of 15 years experience in executive protection and/or corporate security with international security experience. Experience managing teams of people and administering a budget. Previous military or law enforcement experience is a plus. Proven ability to partner with local, state, federal, and international law enforcement. 

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

This is a retained search for the D&D Daily.

Loss Prevention Specialist
Riverside, CA

The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...
Sr. Mgr, Safety & Retail (Non-Industrial)
Jacksonville, FL
The Sr. Manager, Safety & Retail Environmental Health (Non-Industrial) is responsible for developing, implementing and managing comprehensive safety programs designed to minimize the frequency and severity of accidents, while complying with applicable regulatory requirements...
  Asset Protection Specialist
South Carolina
The specialist, asset protection, will oversee the protection of company assets within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the asset protection program designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, cash loss and bad checks...

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Daniel Justice has been named Loss Prevention Regional Supervisor for Goodwill Industries.

John Akopyan has been named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for New York & Company.


Lee Kaufmann has been named Regional Director for Dollar General. 


Corrie Tallman has been named Senior Strategy Manager, Ecommerce Store Operations for Walmart.


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Resumes should never go beyond two pages but they do not have to be one page either. Once you've got over 5 to 10 years experience it's short cutting yourself if you do try to fit your career on one page. Just remember you've only got 10 seconds for the first review and 30 seconds for the second review.

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