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Tyco Experience Center Helps Walmart Visualize Anti-Theft Solutions
Last summer, Walmart asset protection executives were in the midst of numerous conversations with Tyco. With an eye toward making changes prior to the holiday selling season, Walmart was looking for an in-aisle system that would help deter losses of high-theft items at the point of sale. Walmart challenged the retail performance and security systems provider to come up with a few different options, but it wasn't until they met at Tyco Retail Solutions' Retail Experience Center on Walmart's Bentonville, Ark., campus that the vision crystalized.

"When the center opened in late August 2015, it gave us the ability to see the solution in action and get a better sense of what they had available," says Paul Jaeckle, senior director of asset protection strategy and solution design for Walmart Stores.

The team ultimately decided to roll out the solution to approximately one-third of Walmart stores last year; Jaeckle says it "exceeded our expectations right out of the gate. I really don't think we would have been able to move this quickly if we were only able to sit around a board room table, having a conversation and trying to visualize the solution based on metrics provided on a sheet of paper."

Today, the Experience Center is a 5,000-square-foot space that replicates a cross-section of areas within a Walmart store, such as side counters, checkout -- including a self-checkout set-up -- exit doors and even a small back room. The Experience Center on Walmart's campus is the first of its kind with a retailer, but Tyco operates several similar tech labs at its offices in Boca Raton, Fla., and Irvine, Calif. It also has technology showcased at academic centers at the University of Florida's Loss Prevention Research Council and Auburn University. nrf.com

EMV Impact: Counterfeit Credit Card Fraud Reaches Lowest Level Since 2013
The US credit card market's move to EMV chip technology has helped reverse a years-long trend of increasing counterfeit fraud, new data from Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) shows. The share of financial losses stemming from counterfeit activity -- which increased dramatically following a wave of high-profile data compromises in recent years -- fell 18% in the first quarter of this year, reaching its lowest level since early 2013. Counterfeit fraud losses have declined steadily relative to other categories since the industry's EMV liability shift took effect late last year, and have decreased by nearly one-fourth since their peak in late 2014.

The counterfeit fraud reductions are correlated with EMV adoption, as card issuers make significant headway converting to the new standard: the embedded technology -- which protects against counterfeit card use at store point-of- sale systems -- now covers 66% of credit cards in circulation and more than 80% of cardholder spending, according to ACG data. yahoo.com

House Considers Workplace Safety Agency Spending Cuts
OSHA spending would be cut by about 3 percent in fiscal year 2017, according to a draft bill released July 6 by the House Appropriations Committee. Cuts are also proposed for the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Heath (NIOSH). The decreases are part of $569 million in cuts, compared to fiscal year 2016 spending levels, proposed for a wide range of agencies from the Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services departments. The bill - which will be considered July 7 by the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Services Subcommittee - proposes a $534.4 million budget for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. bna.com

CPSC Recalls More Than 500,000 Hoverboards Because of Fire Hazards
More than 500,000 hoverboards are being recalled because of fire hazards that pose the risk of injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recall involves hoverboards from eight manufacturers/importers that are made with lithium-ion battery packs as well as 4,300 from Overstock.com and 1,300 from a store in Pennsylvania. Amazon.com is not listed in the recall, but in February, the online giant worked with the CPSC to offer refunds to any customer who wanted to return hoverboards purchased on the site. Hoverboards by Swagway make up more than half of those recalled -- 267,000.

There is the risk that the battery packs in the self-balancing scooters, known as hoverboards, might overheat, start to smoke or catch fire, officials said. There is also a possibility of explosions that cause burns and property damage, according to the CPSC. The recalled hoverboards were manufactured in China and mostly sold by online retailers from June 2015 through May 2016 for about $350 to $900. yahoo.com

Race to the Bottom
When retailers compete on price, they really pay for it

Faced with expanding omnichannel opportunities, new bargain hunting tools and an ongoing wage gap leaving many middle- and lower-income consumers with little financial flexibility, retailers continue to compete on price to drive traffic into stores. But according to a recent RSR Research pricing report, they're not fulfilling other critical business objectives - like customer satisfaction and loyalty - that the intense price competition is meant to foster.

Just 40% of retailers believe their pricing strategies build customer loyalty, down from 45% in 2015, RSR found. A mere 23% believe pricing is driving bottom line results, down from 32% last year, and only 35% percent of retailers believe they have a strategy in place to manage prices and promotions effectively across all channels.

But despite recent moves by Amazon to scale back list-price comparisons and price-match refunds, as well as another by Wal-Mart to end advertised-price matching in 500 stores nationwide, retail stalwarts continue to depend on low prices to attract customers. retaildive.com

Mall vacancies rise as traditional locations falter
U.S. retail mall vacancies increased 7.9% from 7.8%, the first quarterly increase since Q4 2014, according to real estate research firm Reis Inc., Reuters reports. While rent continues to stay very high and vancanies very low at high-end malls, traditional malls are seeing low rent and high vacancies. According to the report, there aren't many new centers being built: just 1,403,000 square feet of new shopping center space was completed during the second quarter, the lowest level of quarterly completions in three years. retaildive.com

Walgreens Expects to Shutter Only 500 Stores After Rite-Aid Deal Closes
- Down from original 1,000 store estimate

Despite a regulatory environment in which the U.S. government has scuttled quite a few megamergers this year, Walgreens Boots Alliance is confident its planned purchase of Rite Aid will go through by the end of 2016. What's more, WBA CEO Stefano Pessina said on Wednesday the combined company would only have to shed about 500 stores to address regulators' antitrust concerns. When WBA said last year it would buy its smaller rival for $9.4 billion, the company said it could have to close as many as 1,000 stores across both chains to placate the Federal Trade Commission. One analyst even floated the far-fetched figure of 3,000 drugstores. fortune.com

CVS Pharmacy opens mobile pharmacy unit to serve W.V. flood victims

Apparel Retailers Mostly Report Lower Sales In June

Chipotle's stock drops following two tweets alleging food poisoning in Manhattan

McDonald's expands all-day breakfast menu

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Another 3rd Party Vendor at Fault in Data Breach
- Wendy's reveals source behind February cyberattack

The Wendy's Co. is offering an update on a cyberattack it first reported in February 2016, and it contains some decidedly unsurprising details. Wendy's believes the breach resulted from third-party service providers' remote access credentials being compromised. This allowed access, and the ability to deploy malware, to some franchisees' point-of-sale systems. To date, Wendy's said there has been no indication that any Company-operated restaurants were impacted.

Compromised third-party service provider credentials have been the root of a number of high-profile retailer security breaches in the past few years, including Target and Home Depot. This latest attack is another reminder that retailer security efforts have to cover the extended enterprise, including franchisees and any third-party partners. All it takes is one obscure vulnerability for a skilled hacker to gain network access and cause damage that can take millions of dollars and many years to fully remediate. chainstoreage.com

Home Depot To Appeal Banks' Claims In Data Breach MDL
Fifty banks say the breach affecting 56 million customers was "the inevitable result" of Home Depot data-security practices "characterized by neglect, incompetence and an overarching desire to minimize costs." They claim the retailer had ignored red flags, expert opinions, employee warnings and industry standards in its repeated refusal to upgrade security, and that their losses from the resulting fraud are in the billions.

In May, U.S. District Judge Thomas Thrash Jr. allowed the overwhelming majority of claims to remain, saying the suing financial institutions had pled actual injuries that gave them standing. It's that decision that's flawed and deserves an interlocutory appeal, Home Depot now says. law360.com

Advance Auto Data Breach Suit Slides Back To State Court
A former Advance Auto Parts employee accusing the retailer of negligence after his personal information was compromised in a phishing scheme saw a Louisiana federal judge throw his proposed class action back to state court Wednesday for failing to show any injuries. The Virginia-based auto parts store had asked the court to nix the suit entirely, saying plaintiff Walter Bradix IV and other workers whose Social Security and tax information was lost in a March phishing attack could not sue, because Bradix never alleged any personal harm from the incident. law360.com

Report: 40% of top retailers still not EMV certified
- Online fraud could still jump 80-90%

According an April report by The Strawhecker Group, small and midsized merchants saw a 31 percent increase in the number of chargebacks right after the fraud liability shift took effect last October. The shift was first announced in 2011, so merchants had plenty of time to upgrade, but few did. In fact, today, eight months after the deadline, only 1.4 million retail locations accept chip cards, Mastercard reported. That's out of a total of about 14 million, or just 10 percent.

Some large retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, Target, Best Buy and CVS have completed the switch, according to a report released last week by CreditCardForum, but 40 percent of the top retailers are not -- including Costco, McDonald's and Safeway.

As a result, some merchants have seen chargebacks increase dramatically. Some banks have even been charging merchants for types of fraud that merchants are not supposed to be liable for, according to a report by IHL Group analyst Greg Buzek.

Online fraud will only continue to grow as more merchants upgrade their payment terminals, said Mike Lynch, chief strategy officer at security vendor InAuth. In other countries that moved to EMV the shift took about three years, he said. "Fraudsters are still going to have success at the point of sale for a while," he said. But online fraud will probably increase by another 80 to 90 percent, he said. "So we haven't seen the worst of it." csoonline.com

Report: 162 security breaches (39 retail related) impacted 7.6M consumers in SC

Landmark Cybersecurity Law Passed By European Union

Robots deliver groceries in London



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We will be covering various sections of the 2016 National Retail Security Survey, developed by Dr. Richard Hollinger of the Univ. of Florida, in partnership with the National Retail Federation.

The D&D Daily's 2016 NRSS Review
Part 4: Loss Prevention Methods

•  Burglar alarms and digital video recorders top the list of LP systems, but more sophisticated technologies like POS data mining and CCTV are growing in popularity, the study showed. Visible deterrent methods are also on the rise.
Other loss prevention systems increasing in popularity are IP analytics, uniformed guards and silent alarms. Armored car deposit pickups, plain clothes store detectives and merchandise alarms are among the LP systems that decreased in 2015.
For the complete survey, click here. nrf.com  



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Neil Watanabe
CFO, U.S. Auto Parts

The Journey from LP to CFO

This three-part interview follows Neil Watanabe's career from an entry-level management position through the control and loss prevention field all the way up to CFO. It explores exactly how he progressed and what elements played the biggest part in his climb up the ladder. Defining the path and understanding the steps allows the viewer to learn how one executive was able to navigate his way all the way up to the top.

Filmed in February 2012.


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ePayments Fall Short In B2B Payments Protection
Besides the efficiency and cash savings associated with automated processes, businesses that choose to stay connected to paper are missing out on another major benefit of going digital, argues AvidXchange.

The accounts payable automation solution firm published a whitepaper detailing what it considers to be a frightening reality about B2B payments: Fraud is prominent, and without automation, businesses put themselves at greater risk of this type of crime. In its whitepaper, AvidXchange cited recent statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which revealed a 270 percent increase in B2B payments fraud since Jan. 2015. Clearly, not all fraudulent payments in the enterprise stem from paper checks. The firm suggests vendor verification, as well as vendor payment location checks, and other detection measures that could flag suspicious emails. pymnts.com

Worldpay partially admits to Etsy outage
Payment processing platform Worldpay isn't naming names, but appears to be owning up to playing a major role in the Etsy transactional outage. Since July 1, what Etsy has described as a third-party payments processing issue has stalled thousands or even millions of online transactions. In a running thread on the online marketplace's "Bugs" community forum, some users have been posting that their delayed orders have gone through, but others still complain of inability to process payments. chainstoreage.com

Payment Companies Need a 'Security Time Machine'
The approach of many payment and financial services companies to security is still stuck in the 20th century. But luckily, firms of all sizes can choose to travel in time to 2016. Today, modern technology is in the hands of nearly every consumer, making biometric authentication immediately applicable on a large scale.

Seven in 10 (68%) U.S. adults now own a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center. These high-tech handheld devices have high-quality touchscreens, microphones and cameras that make biometric authentication easy. From fingerprint scanning to voice and face recognition, the process can be completed quickly - anytime, anywhere. And right up in the ranks with security, convenience is a top concern for consumers today; biometric authentication technology delivers on both fronts. paymentssource.com

AI and eCommerce - the best interface will be no interface

Grocer Publix puts e-commerce back in play with Instacart deliveries

Walmart rolls out Walmart Pay across all US stores


Greenwood, IN: Man sentenced in $350K theft of Harley-Davidson goods
A Winchester man who stole $353,000 worth of Harley-Davidson merchandise was sentenced Wednesday to a year and a day in federal prison. Douglas E. Castle, 37, had pleaded guilty to theft of interstate shipments in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis. According to the U.S. Attorney's office, Castle was employed at a logistics and warehousing company in Greenwood when he began stealing the property of one of its clients, Harvey-Davidson. Over 18 months, authorities said, Castle had shipments intended for Harley-Davidson retail stores instead sent to his home, while stealing other items from the warehouse where he worked. thestarpress.com

Beaumont, TX: Six women stealing over $25,000 of high-end cosmetics
Beaumont police are looking for six women accused of stealing men's and women's perfume. "They walked in together in a group...selected several pieces of merchandise and walked out of the store," said Detective John Courts with the Beaumont Police Department. He says the theft happened June 27th at about 8:50 in the evening. He says the six women were caught on camera stealing more than 25,000 dollars' worth of the perfume. kfdm.com

Bridgeport, CT: Three Women arrested in $3,000 larceny
at Westfield Trumbull Target

Three Bridgeport women were arrested for larceny at the Target inside the Westfield Trumbull Mall around 4 p.m. Wednesday, June 29. Police said Alessia McKnight, 23, was charged with larceny in the fourth degree for stealing $1,023 worth of beauty care products and children's clothing from the department store. Police also charged Brionna Foster, 24, and Carlaesha Robinson, 22, for stealing $1,022 and $734 worth of items, respectively. According to a report, the three suspects were observed by the store's loss prevention department pushing carts that contained large tupperware bins inside of them. trumbulltimes.com

Peru, NY: NY State Police bust ORC gang focused on meat theft at Tops
NY State Police report they have broken up a months-long shoplifting scheme in Peru, NY. Three men allegedly stole raw meat from the Tops supermarket there, and the idea was to resell the meat at a lower price. Police say a trio of men in their thirties shoplifted raw meat from the same store six times since May. The last alleged attempt was this past Sunday, when lots of people were buying meat for Fourth of July barbecues. State Troopers said they caught Joseph Burnell from Keeseville in the act and he resisted arrest. The other two men, Nathaniel Barber and Michael Finsterer from Plattsburgh, were allegedly waiting outside in a getaway car. northcountrypublicradio.org

Gloucester Township, NJ: Suspect in Several Camden County
Retail Thefts Captured

Willie D. Darren, 45, has been charged with possession of CDS, robbery and two counts of shoplifting.
Police allege he has been stealing televisions, DVDs, women's clothing, luggage, batteries, detergent, jewelry, gasoline, and hoagies/sandwiches. "Known stores that have been victim to these crimes have been K-Mart,Walmart, Wawa, Family Dollar, and the Rainbow clothing store," police said. "These stores are in various jurisdictions." patch.com

St Louis: Man stole $1,000 in cologne, perfume to sell for drugs
Court documents state that Angelo R. Marconi, 26, confessed to filling a shopping basket with 14 bottles of cologne and perfume, then distracting a store employee before running away with the basket. The total value of the items was $1,046, according to court records Marconi took the items from the the Ladue Pharmacy on May 31. Marconi was arrested several days later. He confessed to the theft, saying he wanted to sell or trade the items for drugs, according to charges. stltoday.com

UK: Distraction Thief got away with $15,000 in Cartier Watches,
asked for a drink of water

A thief distracted staff at a high-end jewelry store by asking for a glass of water - then snatched watches worth £10,000 when he was left alone. St Clair Mansbridge, 38, took the two £5,000 Cartier timepieces from Parkhouse Jeweller's in Cardiff city centre on April 20. His lawyer claimed Mansbridge was a dedicated parent who resorted to stealing when he needed money for family events. dailymail.co.uk

Paducah, KY: Women accused of stealing $600 of merchandise inside a Yeti coolers

Illinois woman arrested for stealing more than $340 worth of fabric softener

Lancaster, PA: Giant store shoplifter busted with $300 in razor blades 


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Atlanta, GA: Suspect dead after attempted robbery at Buckhead jewelry store
A suspect was killed during an attempted robbery at a Buckhead jewelry store Wednesday afternoon. Police were called to the Cachet Jewelry Store around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. The owner said the suspect visited the store last week and said he was looking to spend about $70,000. When the suspect came back on Wednesday, the owner was allegedly suspicious of his intentions. According to a witness, the suspect allegedly pulled out a gun and told the owner to put all the jewels in a bag. "When he had said, 'Put everything in the bag,' and then pulled the gun on him. He had his two sons with him. When the guy pointed the gun at his father, that's when he took action, and the person was shot three times," witness Mike Kashani said. Police said the owner's son shot the suspect in the neck. A man who owns a store next door said the suspect ran outside and then collapsed in front of his shop. wsbtv.com

Chicago, IL: Police release photos of 2 men in slaying of Family Dollar manager
Chicago police have released photos of two men wanted in the killing of a Family Dollar store manager and said they are also suspects in an armed robbery of another Family Dollar store about six blocks away last month. JQuinn McCune, 30, was shot to death after he confronted one of the men inside his store in the 7900 block of South Ashland Avenue around 5 p.m. Tuesday, police said. McCune apparently thought the man was acting suspicious and may have asked him to empty his pockets when the man shot him, a law enforcement source said. chicagotribune.com

Flash Mob

'Total chaos': 30-person brawl in N.Y. Walmart includes metal bats, thrown canned goods
While in the checkout line at a Walmart in Gates, N.Y., two teenage girls hurled insults at a 24-year-old woman nearby. Something about her dress. Their families got involved, authorities told TV station WHEC, and the spat swelled to an angry mob of 30. Then, mayhem.

Video footage posted to Facebook shows someone toss a large trash can through the air, garbage flying onto the floor. Brawlers shout and scream and swing baseball bats - taken from the shelves of the sporting goods aisle - while shoppers with grocery-filled carts gawk at the unrest. People lobbed canned goods at each other.

At one point, reported the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, a canned good launched into the air by a 17-year-old girl fell onto the head of a 52-year-old man, leaving a bleeding cut. The teen was charged with second-degree assault, a felony, and second-degree harassment and disorderly conduct, the newspaper reported. Three other people were arrested, authorities said. Police told local reporters they were not amused by the melee and promised to increase security at the store. washingtonpost.com

Robberies & Thefts

Knoxville, TN: Social media and Door Signs used to Stop Shoplifters
Some Knox County stores that have been victim to shoplifting have a message for thieves: don't think about stealing again. Staff is putting up pictures of shoplifters, even turning to social media to help solve the crimes. At Fizz, a boutique in Market Square, employees posted a picture of a shoplifter on the door with the caption "Thief. Be on the lookout." Law enforcement is also keen on the power of social media. Detective Sgt. Kris Sanders with the Alcoa Police Department said when they post surveillance pictures and video, within minutes hundreds of other people are on the lookout too. local8now.com

San Francisco, CA: More Criminals Profiting From Gift Card Fraud
Captain Joe Pierucci of the Daly City Police Department told CBS San Francisco that for years, criminals were copying the numbers off gift cards on public displays and then returning them to the rack to wait until they were activated. Thieves could then drain the balance, sometimes even before the recipient received their gift. One of the tricks of the trade? So-called "zebra" stickers that can be used to cover up scratched-off security panels so buyers don't realize their cards have been tampered with. cbslocal.com

Orlando, FL: Multiple suspects sought in Tommy Hilfiger burglary
Orlando police are seeking the public's help in identifying at least a half dozen young people who burglarized a Tommy Hilfiger store on International Drive. In a surveillance video from about 5:30 a.m. June 18, multiple people are seen climbing into the clothing store at 5269 International Drive through a front window that had been smashed open with a masonry block, police spokeswoman Michelle Guido said. The suspects then gathered "a significant amount" of clothing from the men's department and left the store. orlandosentinel.com

Cincinnati, OH: Smash and Grab thieves hit Saks Fifth Avenue
Cincinnati police say a group of people committed a smash-and-grab robbery at a downtown store on Thursday morning. Police said the group robbed the Saks Fifth Avenue at around 10 a.m. Capt. Mike Neville said up to a dozen people ran into the store, took several high-end purses and fled in three cars with Illinois plates, all in less than a couple of minutes. The store is the same one that thieves rammed a stolen van into two days before Christmas, using the damage to get in and steal items. wlwt.com

Police say Robbery of jewelry store at St Louis Outlet Mall well-planned
The Hazelwood Police Department said they believe a Monday night robbery of a jewelry store at the St. Louis Outlet Mall was well-planned. Surveillance video captured a trio of robbers running though the mall carrying backpacks and duffel bags. Two of the three men were wearing masks when they walked into Prime Jewelers around 8:30 p.m. and used crowbars to smash jewelry cases, police said. An employee tried to stop the robbery, but one of the robbers sprayed the employee with mace. Two others, including a security guard whose two-way radio was stolen so he could not call for help, were also maced by the suspect, according to police. According to investigators, one of the suspects broke the glass of the display cases while the other two followed behind grabbing the jewelry. Police say the whole incident lasted less than 90 seconds. kmov.com

Fort Lauderdale, FL: Mom recognizes son as drug store robber;
he turns himself in

A police report says Keith Fitzgerald Knowles Jr. told investigators his mother showed him the video footage of the robberies and he admitted that it was indeed him. Investigators had released the videos showing a series of robberies at Walgreens stores across Broward County in June in hopes of tracking down the suspect. foxnews.com

Sebring, FL: Home Depot Employee busted in $2,000 under-ringing and void case

Hilo, Hawaii: Police search for Woman for Theft and Assault on Store Employee

Follansbee, WV: Reoccurring Store Robberies has this store owner Offering a Cash Reward

Counterfeit Goods

ICE, partners seize $6.5 million in counterfeit goods in Puerto Rico
Special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) seized $6.5 million in counterfeit merchandise Wednesday in Old San Juan with assistance from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. During the operation, HSI special agents and partner law enforcement officers targeted 14 retailers of counterfeit goods infringing on the trademarks of Gucci, Michael Kors, Prada, Channel, Ray Ban, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Oakley, Nike, Ray Ban and the National Basketball Association. They also executed five search warrants. The total manufacturer's suggested retail value (MSRP) of the seized goods is approximately $6.5 million. ice.gov



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