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 July 15, 2014


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7-Eleven Kicks Off Annual "Operation Chill"

Local Police "Ticket" Good Kids with Free Slurpee Coupons

Crime doesn’t pay, but good behavior does, and for some kids this summer, the payoff might include a free Slurpee drink at their neighborhood 7-Eleven store. For the 19th year, 7-Eleven, Inc. is partnering with local police departments to distribute up to 1 million free Slurpee coupons through Operation Chill, its popular community-service program.

Through Operation Chill, law enforcement officers from participating local police and sheriff departments “ticket” youngsters who are caught in random acts of kindness, good deeds or positive community activities with free Slurpee coupons. Appropriate “offenses” might include helping another person, wearing a bicycle helmet while riding or skateboarding, deterring crime or participating in a police athletic league. During the summer months and back-to-school season, good kids in many neighborhoods, cities, towns and counties where 7-Eleven stores operate will receive free Slurpee coupons.

Operation Chill coupons are being distributed to participating law enforcement agencies including ones in the greater Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Diego, Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, Denver and Las Vegas areas.

“Uniformed police officers sometimes can be intimidating to kids,” said Mark Stinde, 7-Eleven vice president of asset protection, “and Operation Chill provides a positive reason to interact with children and youth. Giving a child a free Slurpee coupon for doing good can help build relationships and reinforce doing the right thing, which might have a long-lasting impact.”

Operation Chill was developed by 7-Eleven to encourage kids’ good behavior during the hot summer months when communities may experience increases in loitering, shoplifting and graffiti. Law enforcement agencies’ also use the coupons to support other community projects and organizations. 7-Eleven introduced the award-winning community service program in Philadelphia in 1995 before launching nationally the following the year. Since then, police officers have given away millions of Slurpee drinks to reward children and youth for “good behavior.”







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RILA'S 2014 Summer AP Webinar Series

Returns & Return Fraud Investigations

July 17
1pm - 2pm EDT

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Vicki Cantrell and Robert Moraca from the NRF

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First Annual LPRC Summer Webinar Series

All members and friends of the LPRC are welcome!

In case you missed the first webinar, visit the location here.

July 24, 2pm EDT:
Interactive Offender Panel Location: Register Here


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Mar 76 $24.7M
Apr 87 $25.1M
May 95 $205.6M
June 91 $505.8M
Total 522 $852.9M


CCROC Task Force Training and Conference
September 4 and September 5, 2014

Oak Brook, Illinois  Hamburger University 

Admission is $80

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New England ORC Symposium & Trade Show

Sept. 18, 2014
DCU Center
Worcester, MA

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Pilot Flying J fined $92M for rebate fraud - Browns Owner & Pilot CEO could still be indicted  The agreement, titled a "Criminal Enforcement Agreement," is neither an indictment nor a finding of guilt. It clearly states that the company will not be prosecuted under any current circumstances so long as the company complies with the terms of the agreement. However, individuals may still be prosecuted, according to Pilot Flying J's release. The company also commits to keep the government advised of the status of its internal compliance program, which it voluntarily initiated immediately following the execution of the warrant last year. Under a class-action settlement agreement with several trucking companies, Pilot Flying J agreed to pay $85 million to resolve several of the subsequent lawsuits brought against the company. 10 former Pilot Flying J officials have pleaded guilty to charges that they deliberately reduced promised rebates to many trucking firms throughout the country. (Source csnews.com)

Watch Out Cyber Criminals - New DOJ Crime Chief says Kidnappings Will Continue - "Your not safe if you travel"  Leslie Caldwell, who took over the position in June, said she plans to make combating online crime a priority, but acknowledged that the growing threats could be difficult to fight. With many alleged hackers working from countries such as Russia that don't have extradition treaties with the U.S., prosecutors have been resorting to creative tactics to apprehend them when they travel. That approach has drawn fierce criticism from Russia, which calls such arrests kidnappings. Ms. Caldwell, however, said those tactics must continue. "It's a very high priority to send a message," she said. "Even if you can be anonymous in one country, you're not safe if you travel if you've engaged in some kind of cyber crime in the United States." (Source wsj.com)

Cargo Theft News: Schneider sees 91% reduction in truckload thefts  Schneider, one of the country’s largest logistics providers, however, is proud to talk about its cargo theft rates because for each of the past seven years, it has consistently lowered them - Since 2006, the 75-year-old Green Bay, Wisconsin.-based truckload, intermodal and logistics services firm has lowered its truckload thefts by 91% – a 37% decrease in total value per load. It’s also employed a host of innovative solutions like sophisticated on-board “geofencing” systems that divert drivers from known high-risk areas, and moving high-value loads using driver teams, which creates velocity in the supply chain and ensures freight is continually moving and far less susceptible to theft. “We’re guided by the rule, ‘freight at rest is freight at risk’,” Walt Fountain, CPP, CCSP, Director of Safety and Enterprise Security, tells My Purchasing Center. Fountain came to the trucking concern in 2006 after serving in the U.S. Army intelligence service for more than two decades. Schneider’s success in reducing cargo theft over the past seven years is based on a holistic approach that harnesses technological solutions while imbuing a “culture of security“ in every employee from front office staff to drivers, according to Fountain. Satellite tracking devices on tractors and trailers and electronic seal that transmit instant alerts if a trailer or container seal is breached, are two applications. Another is geofencing, a sophisticated GPS system that applies an electronic “umbrella” along each vehicle’s route, providing real-time information to drivers about high-risk theft areas (based on CargoNet data). (Source mypurchasingcenter.com)

Pretty Girl Store Chain in NYC Files for Bankruptcy After Retail employee named Osama - awarded $4.7M for Security Guards Taunting & Assault  A federal jury awarded $4.7 million to a Yemeni-born man punched out and bullied by a co-worker who had repeatedly called him “Bin Laden” and “terrorist. Saleh’s tormentor was James Robinson, a black security guard at the store who also ranted that he hated Arabs because they were “dirty” and that Saleh should go back to Yemen. The abuse climaxed on Sept. 5, 2007, with Robinson punching out Saleh in the basement of the Knickerbocker Ave. store. Robinson pleaded guilty to assault for the attack in the store basement that left Saleh with a fractured cheekbone, and never responded to the lawsuit. The store’s managers dismissed Saleh’s complaints, saying the banter at the Bushwick store was nothing more than kidding around among the employees. The Pretty Girl clothing store chain, where Osama Saleh toiled as a stock clerk, has filed for bankruptcy protection with Saleh atop its list of creditors. In the bankruptcy filing, Nigri claimed the chain of 27 stores posted a loss of $4.3 million on net sales of $17 million. It attributed the loss not to the verdict, but rather the economy's effect on the buying habits of the stores' customers. Saleh's lawyer Fred Brewington. “I believe this filing for bankruptcy is an attempt to avoid responsibility in this case." (Source nydailynews.com)

Monitoring the Digital Watercooler - Retailers monitoring employees' social media activities?  Should retailer become digital overseers by monitoring employees’ social media activities. Do you even have the right to do it? And, if you do, how deeply can you go? It’s a slippery legal and ethical slope involving worker rights, privacy and discriminatory practices. Is a negative Facebook posting or Tweet really a First Amendment issue, a civil right or just an outburst by an Angry Bird who probably should have thought twice before pecking the keyboard at midnight? It’s become a significant issue. A survey by the global law firm of Proskauer Rose—Social Media in the Workplace Around the World—found that about 80% of companies now have formal social media policies, up from just 35% several years ago. Meanwhile, social media abuses have increased. This includes:

• Misuse of confidential information, 80%
• Misrepresenting the views of the business, 71%
• Inappropriate non-business use, 67%
• Making disparaging remarks about the business or other employees, 64% (Source therobinreport.com)

Bi-Lo Holdings Undertakes Employee Review - workers have to reapply for their jobs at all stores  Bi-Lo Holdings LLC, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based parent company of the Bi-Lo and Winn-Dixie banners, has begun a review of full- and part-time employees at all of its stores, according to a published report. According to the Charleston, S.C., Post and Courier, workers have been told that they have to reapply for their jobs, with no assurances that they'll be rehired. "Great customer service means having the right number of associates in our stores, and while many of our stores across the system are staffed at appropriate levels and can meet those customer demands, some are not," Wright was quoted in the Post and Courier. "To be clear, we've added some positions, and we're eliminating some positions based on customer needs." (Source progressivegrocer.com)

American Postal Workers Union wins Staples Boycott Support from American Federation of Teachers - Staples Ends Mini-Post office Pilot  The news comes days after the American Postal Workers Union won the support of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) after it approved a resolution to boycott Staples. Postal workers have protested the program for months, objecting to expanding post office services to Staples stores, staffed with non-union workers. The AFT represents 1.6 million members in education and other fields, according to its website. The yearlong pilot program was launched in 82 Staples stores in California, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. USPS spokeswoman Darleen Reid said, "The 82 store locations will be transitioned into the U.S. Postal Service's long-established Approved Shipper Program by Aug. 29." (Source reuters.com)

North American-led alliance of big brands sourcing clothes from Bangladesh closes seven factories, compensates workers  The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety — which includes 26 big brands such as Walmart, Hudson’s Bay Company, The Gap, Canadian Tire and The Children’s Place — said it will extend compensation to workers for up to four months if they are unable to work due to the closures. In order to fix buildings with problems, the alliance has provided $100 million in low-cost loans to factory owners. If a company refuses to make safety improvements, the alliance will eventually cease production with them, said Spaulding. (Source thestar.com)

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This Thursday:

Returns & Return Fraud Investigations

Thursday, July 17, 2014
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT

The 2014 Summer Asset Protection Webinar Series continues with another top session from the 2014 Retail Asset Protection Conference.

Lowe's vice president of loss prevention and hazmat Claude Verville and director of investigations Dave Roberts will provide insight into return fraud investigations and key takeaways from RILA's recent Returns Survey. And, they'll share tips for mitigating the risk of refund fraud by internal and external sources, and recent successes in prosecuting refund offenders.

*LPC professionals who attend the webinar are eligible for CEU credits.


Claude Verville, LPC, Vice President of Loss Prevention & Hazmat, Lowe's Companies
Dave Roberts, LPC, Director of Investigations, Lowe's Companies

Registration is open for the third webinar in the Summer AP Webinar Series:

Utilizing Analytics in Audit Programs to Drive Results

Friday, August 15
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EDT

JCPenney executives share how they effectively utilize audit programs to identify shrink opportunities in stores. *This webinar also qualifies for CEUs for LPC professionals.


Jeff Bain, CIA, Manager of Shrinkage Control, JCPenney
Michael Sanders, LPC, Senior Corporate Manager of Loss Prevention, JCPenney



Protection 1 - Award Winning Security Solutions for Business

Bob Dale, SVP Sales for Protection 1, and Rex Gillette, VP National Accounts Retail, talk about Protection 1’s immense growth in the retail security market, since entering the segment four years ago. With a customer-focused culture, Protection 1 is redefining the installation world with its highly successful SEAL Team conversion process. Hear from Bob and Rex about the company’s unique eSuite platform and get an exclusive scoop on what Protection 1 will be bringing to the market next.

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LPNN Quick Take

In this LPNN Quick Take, Joe and Amber discuss what the Fusion Center is at the conference. They also continue discussing the day’s upcoming sessions and agenda along with Protection 1’s breaking news.

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Are 'tokens' the future of payment security?
As retailer data breaches dominate headlines, many consumers are. But high-tech help could be on the way in the form of a new payment system industry that insiders say will keep your credit and debit card numbers safer. It's called "tokenization," and experts predict it's the next big thing in payment security. Fraud frustrations could soon be minimized, experts say, by implementing tokenization. It's designed to work when you pay with plastic in person, online or through your phone. The credit or debit card processor substitutes your account number with a "token" and sends that token to the retailer instead. He explained that a token is a secret code, valid for a limited time. And when they're used, only banks and payment processors know your real account info. That means retailers will no longer have access to card account numbers. (Source news4jax.com)

Another Digital Currency Development Project Launches

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




Thieves steal 10 trucks of beer - $2.9M - in Germany - While Guards celebrate World Cup & Don't Notice a Thing!  The raiders prised open a small gate at the back of the building and stole 300,000 liters of beer. It is believed no one had checked on the warehouse's contents for almost four days. The theft was only noticed on Monday, as workers across Germany nursed hangovers from Sunday night's historic win. The tractors then came back to the warehouse at regular intervals to reload before vanishing, police said. A spokesman said: 'From there, the offender transported diverse beer pallets in an amount of about 10 trucks.' The trucks were returned and police are looking for more witnesses. (Source dailymail.co.uk)

Food Lion security guard shot in back of the head yesterday by two suspects in Henrico, Va. - suspects on the loose  A 45-year-old male, working as a security guard at the grocery store, was shot. Police said he suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his neck and was transported to VCU Medical Center. The victim was approached by two suspects who can be seen in the attached surveillance photos. At this time, it’s unknown whether robbery was the motive. “I’ve never heard of somebody walking up to somebody and shooting them in the back of the head in the grocery store. It’s terrible, people bring their kids here- you wouldn’t expect that in a store.” (Source wtvr.com)

Update: Fairfax Co. Sheriff's employee to be charged in Target theft that led to store employee's firing  The Leesburg Police Department confirmed Monday that the suspect in a shoplifting incident at a local Target store is a Fairfax County Sheriff's Office employee, and that the store has decided to press charges. However, the long-time Target security employee who was terminated in connection with the reporting of the incident will remain terminated, police said. Employee Dallas Northington says he was fired after reporting shoplifting by a man believed to be a sheriff's deputy. Northington told the Washington Post he responded to the May shoplifting case the way he always did - by filing a report with Leesburg police and providing surveillance video. But days after this report, the suspect retired from the sheriff's office and Northington was fired. Northington says Target officials told him he violated procedure by not filling out paperwork before contacting police. (Source wjla.com)

Macy’s sales clerk at Boynton mall arrested on fraud charge - gift cards $3,500+

Man pulls gun on Target security staff in Salem, OR 

Three Arrests In Brighton, MI Jewelry Store Robbery

Lebanon Premium Outlet burglary suspect to appear in court; $7000 of Polo merchandise recovered

Police investigate death of man in Vienna Twp., MI. Walmart bathroom

Man busted using counterfeit money to buy gift cards Sunday in Framingham, Mass.

- Bob’s Army Navy - Clearfield, PA -Burglary - husband and wife charged
- Burlington Coat – Ventura, CA – Robbery
- Dollar General - Jonesboro, AR - Armed Robbery - suspected in 2 other robberies
- Dollar General – Bellmead, TX - Armed Robbery –suspect in custody
- East of Chicago – Vermilion, OH – Armed Robbery
- E&C Market - New Castle, DE - Armed Robbery - suspect arrested
- Quik Trip - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
- Walgreens - Austell, GA - Armed Robbery - 2nd in a month
- West Georgia Wireless - Carrollton, GA - Burglary
- Walmart Pharmacy - Oklahoma City, OK - Armed Robbery – 2 Assoc. make apprehension
- Zoom Zoom’s - Wichita Falls, TX - Armed Robbery - suspected in 2 robberies




Tennessee Multi-State Cargo Theft Ring Leader Pleads Guilty in Federal Court - Fencing Trailer Contents in Chicago & Detroit  Nunn, the owner of Nu World Trucking, LLC, was the leader of a cargo theft ring that used the resources of Nu World Trucking to steal cargo in various states. They did so by “bob-tailing” (meaning they traveled in a road tractor truck, without a semi-trailer attached) through truck stops and service stations located on or near interstate highways, looking for semi-trailers that had been left parked and unattended, and were not coupled to road tractors. When they located a semi-trailer that appeared to be unattended, they would steal the semi-trailer and the goods it contained by coupling their road tractor truck to it and driving off. After having stolen a semi-trailer and its contents, they usually transported the stolen goods to the Chicago, Ill., and Detroit, Mich., areas to be “fenced” or sold. Nunn’s co-conspirators included his nephew, Michael Lee Sherley, 49, of Memphis, Tenn. (who pleaded guilty on March 19, 2014), his son, Roderick Nunn (who pleaded guilty in a related case in the Western District of Michigan) and others. The government plans to establish that co-conspirators committed thefts in various states, including Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. (Source insidetheozarks.com)

Fraudulent Credit Card Group - Fencing Stolen Gas - Charged in Ontario, Canada A large group of people using stolen credit cards to buy and re-sell fuel have been arrested and charged. Peterborough County OPP began an investigation the group since late May after getting a call about some suspicious fuel transactions. Police discovered that a least nine different people were using stolen credit cards to buy fuel that was later re-sold at three other gas stations in Bewdley, Caledon and Vaughan. (Source moosefm.com)

Former T-Mobile employee in Deer Park, TX accused of stealing $80K worth of computers and cellphones  Sebastian Alberto Aguilar, 31, is charged with aggregate theft. He has posted a $61,000 bond. According to court documents, Aguilar stole more than $80,000 worth of cellphones and iPad tablets from a T-Mobile store in Deer Park from May through June. (Source click2houston.com)

Police say three charged in Cary, NC were wide-ranging ID thieves; possible Felony Lane Gang  Detectives cannot say if three men arrested with a bag of stolen driver's licenses and credit cards are part of a Florida crime organization known as the Felony Lane Gang or just copycats, but they were apparently involved in thefts across the state, Capt. Don Hamilton said Monday. When police arrested Jimmy L. Harold, 23, Gregory Greene, 21, and Nathaniel Ursery, 16, at a Motel 6 on Friday afternoon, they had what Hamilton described as “tons of stolen ID’s” with names and addresses from Greensboro, Winston-Salem and other communities, including Cary. All three men said they were from Fort Lauderdale. (Source newsobserver.com)

Credit card thieves hit Home Depot in Coral Springs 5 times for $6k - Do you recognize them?

Staten Island, NY man charged with stealing $3000 in electrical breakers from The Home Depot

Two charged in thefts from Kohl's, Academy Sports in Dothan, AL

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Job Opening




Director, LP Walmart Canada Mississauga, ON, Canada Workopolis
Dir of LP & Risk Mgmt Gordmans Omaha, NE Gordmans
Director Digital LP Nike Portland, OR Nike
National Account Manager Vector Security, Inc TBD Vector Security, Inc
Regional LP Manager SpartanNash Omaha, NE SpartanNash
Reg LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance Mgr Dunham's Sports United States Dunham's Sports
Central Investigator - ORC Home Depot Elmont, NY Home Depot
Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Canton, IL Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Scottsburg, IN Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Americus, GA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Yakima, WA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Camden, SC Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Lanoka Harbor, NJ Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Orlando, FL Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Mexico, ME Walmart
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Coeur D'Alene, ID Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Columbus, IN Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Metairie, LA Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Oakland Park, FL Lowe's
LP Manager Kmart Aurora, CO Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Kmart Metro, NJ Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Sears Los Angeles, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Kmart Chicago, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Regional Dir. of Operations Home Depot Baltimore, MD Home Depot
AP Team Leader Target New Bern, NC Target
AP Team Leader Target Mentor, OH Target
AP Team Leader Target Anderson, IN Target
LP Manager Macy's Massapequa, NY Macy's
LP Manager Macy's Lake Grove, NY Macy's
Field LP Manager Staple Killingly, CT Staples
DC LP Specialist TJ Maxx Worcester, MA TJX Companies



Christopher Cooper was named Loss prevention Manager for The Bon Ton Stores, Inc.

Walmart's AP Team acquires two new Regional AP Managers!


Joe Davis was named Regional Asset Protection Manager, serving Central California, Hawaii and Alaska for Walmart.  Joe has 20 years combined experience in Loss Prevention, Risk Management, Investigations and Security. Joe worked for Walmart from 1993 to 2002 and started his career as a Merchandise/Systems Coordinator, promoted to a Regional Loss Prevention Director role then accepted the Director of Specialty Groups Loss Prevention role based in the home office. Joe has spent the last twelve years in Asset Protection for Garden Ridge, Wren, and most recently T-Mobile. Joe is a charter member of the Loss Prevention Foundation, member of American Society Industrial Security (ASIS), and Retail LP Council.

Brian Sturch was named Regional Asset Protection Manager, serving Northern California for Walmart.  Brian comes to Wal-Mart with 6 years of retail Loss Prevention experience and approximately 20 years of district and store operations management. He has progressively grown his career from Store Manager, Store Director, District Manager Retail Transformation to Regional Loss Prevention Director with Safeway, OfficeMax, Circuit City, and most recently Sears Holdings. He brings with him a strong commitment to serving our customers and our associates and a passion for driving business success.

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Three Situations Where You Should Never Offer Feedback  There is no dispute that constructive criticism has high value, but sometimes there are other things you should do, like keep your mouth shut! Here are three of those instances when it's better to keep quiet rather than offer feedback. (You're too late)

Why You May Be Terrible at Giving Feedback  Feedback isn't an easy thing to give to employees, it involves a lot of thought and strategizing. No matter what level we are on, CEO or new hire, feedback is something we struggle with. Here are some reasons why feedback is so difficult to provide, and some tips to help you. (Hurt feelings)

Everything You Need to Know About Giving Negative Feedback  If you really need to criticize someone's work, what's the best way to do it? Do you take a direct approach or be as nice as possible? While there's no right answer, here is some great advice on what to do and what to avoid when giving negative feedback. (Stick to the facts)

How to Ask to Pick Someone's Brain -- Without Being Annoying  When you reach out to those you admire, maybe asking them about their careers or for some work advice, you may think they automatically want to help you. In reality, they may want to say no since so many others want their advice too! If you really want their guidance, use these tips to ask them. (Make them like you)

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How you leave an employer and how you start with a new employer are very critical segments of time because they can tend to label executives and those labels can last a very long time. Interesting how short the time periods are relative to an executive's actual career. But the exiting process and the on-boarding periods leave long-term impressions that follow executives. Regardless of why an executive leaves, the important thing is to leave professionally, quietly and making sure the employer has a detailed report on all of your projects and work. And most certainly respect their intellectual property which, in today's world, virtually every company has been a victim of intellectual property theft. According to most recent surveys, 33% of employees have stolen intellectual property and this is a major concern for every company and is the primary reason some employers require the departing executive to leave the day of their resignation.

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