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  George Burns was promoted to National Director of Loss Prevention for Pep Boys.
In this role, George will directly manage and develop 11 Regional LP Managers supporting 1100 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. George has been with Pep Boys since 2005, when he started as an Area LP Manager for the Baltimore/Washington area. He quickly worked his way up the ladder to hold such positions as Senior LP Manager, and Director of Asset Protection for the Mid-Atlantic Division in 2009 and for the Director of Asset Protection Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions in 2014. George has also worked at Gap Inc as an Area LP Manager, Factory Card & Party Outlet as a Regional AP Manager - East and at Montgomery Ward as an LP Manager. Congratulations George!

Paul Chrisman, CFI was named Senior Manager I, Environmental Health and Safety Compliance for Walmart.
Paul was previously a Regional Loss Prevention and Safety Manager for PetSmart for over eight years before he took this new role at Walmart. He has held other loss prevention positions for retailers such as Office Depot as District Loss Prevention & Safety Manager, Factory 2-U Stores as Regional LP Manager, Target as AP Team Leader and Kmart as LP Manager. Congratulations Paul!


France Reels From Attack in Nice
Galeries Lafayette was open and none of its employees harmed, said a spokeswoman for the department store, whose branch in the city is located not far from the Promenade des Anglais. In nearby Cagnes-sur-Mer, the Printemps department store in the Polygone Riviera shopping center was trading as usual.

Meanwhile, the Louis Vuitton boutique in Nice remained shuttered on Friday and was scheduled to reopen on Monday. Chanel exceptionally closed its fashion store and stand in Galeries Lafayette for fragrance and beauty. The brand's local team was safe, a company spokeswoman said.

"Regarding security measures, we are extremely vigilant and strictly follow the authorities' recommendations and guidelines," she added.

The Nicetoile shopping center was doing business, although 80 percent of the stores it contains, including Pandora, Adidas and Sephora, were closed.

The three Hennes and Mauritz doors were shuttered.

The Vigipirate anti-terror alert was raised to the highest level "alerte attentat" (or "alert attack") for the department of Nice. For its part France has been under a state of emergency ever since the November attacks, and that was extended again right after the Nice incident.

The fallout from those events, plus more recent transport strikes and demonstrations against France's socialist government's proposed labor law, have contributed to severely denting the country's visitor levels thereby negatively impacted restaurant frequentation, hotel occupancy and retail spend.

In the first quarter of this year in the Paris region, the number of Japanese tourists dropped by 56 percent; Italians, 24 percent, and Russians, 35 percent. In the period, the number of Chinese visitors decreased 13.9 percent, versus their 49 percent increase in full-year 2015.

Consumer luxury-goods spending continues to take a hit worldwide. Global Blue data for June showed overall it was down 13 percent globally and 16.8 percent in Europe. wwd.com

Toys "R" Us Director of Transportation pleads guilty in $2 million debit card theft
A Toys "R" Us employee pleaded guilty in a Brooklyn, New York federal court on Thursday to a criminal fraud charge, after being accused of stealing nearly $2 million meant to help truck drivers cover their costs and putting it on a debit card.

Daniel Chon, a former Toys "R" Us director of inbound and outbound transportation, admitted to one count of access device fraud at a hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Levy. Chon, 28, is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 27, and could receive 37 to 46 months in prison under recommended federal guidelines.

Lichtman also said his client is being treated for alcoholism, which "certainly contributed to his conduct and the lack of judgment that occurred here."

Prosecutors accused Chon of repeatedly exploiting a Toys "R" Us program, known as Fleet Card, that the privately-held company set up to defray lodging, food and repair costs for drivers who ship merchandise.
According to court papers, Chon loaded $1.92 million of "eCash" onto a debit card by logging into the system without permission 117 times between May 2013 and March 2016, and later withdrew most of it from automated teller machines.

Video surveillance showed Chon using a Fleet Card at ATMs in New Jersey, and a Fleet Card was used in 2015 in London, Madrid and Berlin on dates corresponding to Chon's travel there, prosecutors have said.  wsau.com

St Paul, MN: Rosedale Center Mall braces for Sunday Black Lives Matter protest Black Lives Matter St. Paul plans a demonstration at Rosedale Center on Sunday, calling on supporters to "shut it down" as it protests the shooting of Philando Castile by police. Protest plans which are an effort by the civil-rights group to pressure nearby Falcon Heights (where Castile was killed) into dropping its contract with the St. Anthony Police Department, whose officers were involved in the shooting. Rosedale is based in Roseville, which isn't involved in the shooting and has its own police department, but it's the biggest nearby mall for residents of both Falcon Heights and St. Anthony. Black Lives Matter said it wasn't planning a specific location inside the mall and told protesters not to bring signs so they wouldn't be spotted before the demonstration. bizjournals.com

The Morning Risk Report: Companies Need to Ponder 'Pokémon Go' Risks
As the "Pokémon Go" craze rages across the world, with millions of people playing the popular game on mobile devices, companies need to start worrying about the potential problems that can arise when the devices being used for the game also contain sensitive company data, say some data security executives.

Depending how a player of the game logs in to it, they could expose personal and company data on their device to the game's developer, Niantic Inc.-which since has put out a newer version that only gives it access to basic user information, not everything on the device. Still, Tyler Cohen Wood, cybersecurity advisor at e-learning provider Inspired eLearning, said any information Niantic has collected could be taken by a hacker that infiltrates its network. Companies that own the devices their employees use can tell workers they can't use that device to play the game, or can mandate they download one of the many tools available to separate personal information from work information, she said. wsj.com

10 Senior LP Jobs in One Week
The Fourth Quarter Push

Traditionally July is the month most retailers start their fourth quarter push to fill jobs and this week is certainly a reflection of just that. Regardless if they're reposting a couple or posting new ones. Retail America is starting that annual push to the Christmas season with absolutely needing to have that top Loss Prevention or Asset Protection position filled.

Not that they're going to be able to accomplish much from a program development standpoint as much as just having a leader to make decisions and offer guidance during the holiday rush. And obviously it gives the executive the opportunity to experience a specific retailers Christmas push, company culture, and organizational performance.

That being said, to have ten in one week is rare and speaks to current events and the climate, in not just retail but possibly society as a whole. Just a thought Gus Downing

U.S. Ranks No. 2 Globally in Credit Card Fraud - Mexico #1
New survey of more than 6,000 consumers across 20 countries finds that 46% of American credit cardholders have experienced fraud at least once during the last 5 years. Only Mexico has a higher incidence of fraud: 51% of its cardholders say they've experienced unauthorized activity on their cards, according to the survey from electronic payments firm ACI Worldwide and Aite Group, a financial industry research and consulting firm.  bankrate.com

UK: Colchester forming a crime fighting coalition to stop ORC
Shop security wearing body worn cameras

Shop security being fitted with body worn cameras with pictures of potential shoplifting gangs digitally circulated in real time. Door staff at licensed venues being fitted with body worn cameras to help with intelligence, information and evidence.

Parts of Essex are suffering from organised drug and shoplifting gangs who have taken root in districts including Tendring, Southend and Basildon. gazette-news.co.uk

Local business owners express their hopes, concerns as the Democratic National Convention comes to town
With just days to go until the Democratic National Convention, we may not know if we're hosting the future president of the United States. But we do know tens of thousands of people will flood the streets of Center City for most of next week - all of them potential customers for local businesses.

"CBC was here in May and that was a tremendous amount of people, and we had one of our best weeks ever so we are really kind of keenly anticipating the DNC," said Alex Bokulich, Bru Craft & Wurst Director of Operations.

The city is also expecting another less celebratory crowd - about 35-50,000 protesters. The mayor's office says 10 protest permits have already been approved, two have been denied and 17 are pending. Those numbers are growing by the day.

"We hope that everything is going to be peaceful and safe, you know, we don't want violence or anything that jeopardizes other businesses or the safety of citizens, but the more people the merrier," said Bokulich. But other businesses are cautiously optimistic about what thousands of protesters might do to their bottom line. 6abc.com

How to Prevent Violence in Cleveland
Groups opposed to the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, have vowed to fill the streets outside the convention site, the Quicken Loans Arena. Mr. Trump has himself predicted rioting if he is somehow denied his party's nomination, encouraged his supporters to get into fistfights with his detractors and hinted that he'd punch a protester if given the opportunity. Some of his supporters are also vowing to carry weapons to demonstrations and other events outside the convention hall. (Ohio is an open-carry state, but guns will not be allowed inside the arena.)

It's encouraging that the police chief, Calvin Williams, has rejected, at least in theory, a militarylike appearance for his officers. Police officers in a free and democratic society don't look, or act, like soldiers. As the department's deputy chief, Ed Tomba, told reporters, "We are not buying any equipment that will make our city or our officers look like they are going to war with anyone."

First, it should invite protest organizers to planning sessions to share perspectives, tactics and concerns about how demonstrations will be conducted and policed. One strategy: Team demonstration leaders with police officers, to jointly calm emotions and identify, and help to eject, people bent on violence.

The Cleveland police should show up in "soft" or everyday uniforms, with "riot equipped" officers out of sight and called upon only if necessary to prevent violence or widespread property damage.

Finally, the department needs to communicate clearly with the public by holding frequent news conferences and issuing regular updates, in conjunction with protest leaders if possible. nytimes.com

Office Depot Restating Old Arguments In FCA Row, AIG Says
AIG Specialty Insurance Co. asked a California federal judge on Wednesday to strike a reply brief by Office Depot in the retailer's lawsuit seeking coverage for a whistleblower suit, saying Office Depot literally copied and pasted portions of the brief from its original motion.

Office Depot asked Judge Wilson on June 21 to reconsider dismissing a duty to defend claim in its lawsuit against AIG seeking coverage for a suit accusing the retailer of overbilling governments for office and school supplies. The underlying lawsuit resulted in a $77.5 million deal in 2014, filings said.

Office Depot sued AIG - then known as American International Specialty Lines Insurance Co. - in April 2015, saying the company is entitled to $30 million in coverage under its insurance policy for "wrongful acts," a term the retailer says is defined broadly.

On June 7, Judge Wilson found that Section 533 of the California Insurance Code specifically bars recovery stemming from acts of fraud and reckless misrepresentation, thus precluding coverage for California False Claims Act violations. As such, Judge Wilson dismissed a duty-to-defend and a duty-to-indemnify claim by Office Depot.

He did, however, keep intact Office Depot's bad faith claim against AIG. law360.com

Apparel Disrupter - Primark to open first New Jersey store Saturday in Freehold
They are to the apparel industry what Aldi and Lidi is to the grocery industry. Disruption is on it's way. Just another nail in the traditional mall apparel industry. Just a thought. Gus Downing

Starbucks going upscale with new concept store - Starbucks-Reserve

CVS may be blocked from stores divested by Walgreens/Rite Aid

Wawa plans 120 stores in South Florida by 2022

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Chipotle Q1 comp's down nearly 30%, revenue down 23.4%

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'Pokemon Go' has the power to transform retail
The rapid takeoff of "Pokemon Go," a mobile gaming app that fuses the digital and physical worlds, "has the power to transform retail," Cowen & Co. analyst Oliver Chen told investors Thursday. "In our view, the new free-to-play gaming app has broad implications for retail as it addresses declining mall traffic, plus emerging trends toward social experience and health and wellness," Chen said in a research note. But beyond simply bringing shoppers into malls and other physical stores, where players can collect rewards at so-called Pokestops, the app's popularity is the first time augmented reality has taken off en masse. That could have broader implications for retailers, who are trying to find new ways to engage with shoppers and build brand loyalty. cnbc.com

Pokemon Go Is Driving Insane Amounts of Sales at Small Local Businesses. Here's How It Works
Any of your stores a Gym or PokeStop - You need to know

Smart businesses have caught on too. As Pokemon Go users traverse their towns in search of Pokemon, local stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses are capitalizing on this massive opportunity, driving huge amounts of foot traffic and conversions both with simple in-app purchases and creative marketing campaigns. 

1. Find Out if Your Business Is a Gym or PokeStop: PokeStops and Gyms attract foot traffic without any effort-players flock to them for rewards and to battle other players-and they can be leveraged for massive sales if you know how. There is no official Niantic map that lists all the PokeStop and Gym locations yet. One workaround is to use the online map of portals created over the last three years for the game "Ingress," also developed by Niantic, which maps virtually 1:1 with Pokemon Go's PokeStops and Gyms. inc.com

Retailers Are Licking Their Chops at Wandering Pokémon Hunters
The augmented reality game has more than 65 million users in the US. That is more users than Twitter, and the game is already helping local restaurants, coffee shops, and small retailers to attract new customers. L'inizio Pizza Bar in Long Island City in New York claims its sales jumped 75% over the weekend by activating a "lure module" feature that attracts virtual Pokemon characters to the store, thereby tempting in nearby players. The store's manager spent $10 to have a dozen Pokemon characters placed in the location, according to a report in the New York Post. fortune.com

Pokemon Go Has Invaded Forever 21, Sephora, and Every Mall in America

Pokemon Go Getting Sponsored PokeStops, One of Which Is Possibly McDonald's

Pokemon Go Launch Adds $9 Billion to Nintendo's Market Cap, International Release Coming Soon..Europe, Japan, and other Asian regions getting the game "within a few days"

Pokemon Go: Blamed for crimes, praised for aiding US Police
Less than a week after launching in the United States, where it has drawn more than 7 million gamers to hunt virtual Pokemon, the game is also facing a backlash. Hallowed places including Arlington National Cemetery outside Washington DC have urged players to stay away, and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum has asked to be removed from the game. Across the United States, players have been drawn down dark alleys and into dangerous neighborhoods in search of the imaginary creatures, only to be targeted by criminals. The game was also to blame for a rash of car accidents in the United States.

Two gamers playing in a Fullerton, California park on Tuesday wound up catching a man sought by police for crimes including attempted murder, authorities said. They were alerted by other players to a man following women and improperly touching children, and so the pair notified police and detained him until officers arrived. He was later found to have an outstanding warrant for multiple offenses. indianexpress.com

"Don't Pokemon and Drive" Sign

San Diego, CA: Pokémon Go players discover body at Marian Bear Memorial Park



Published on CSO
Pokemon Go: What security awareness programs should be doing now

Pokemon Go represents a tremendous security threat. As with all tremendous threats, it can also be your greatest opportunity.

People of all ages, including your coworkers, are playing at record rates. Most important, they are bringing the app into the workplace, and using it on cellphones that also access work related information. It is a significant security vulnerability.

People hear about malicious apps spoofing the actual Pokemon Go app. They hear about the app tracking them and having access to all of their data. They hear about people being mugged and finding dead bodies. People are excited, but they are concerned. This is your time to shine.

Awareness programs are at the front and center to protect corporate assets. At the same time, you can also appear to be the champion for the workers. Security awareness might never be more welcome.

All security programs, led by the security awareness team, should immediately create information about the security concerns, and what to do about them.

Clearly, there is a focus on mobile device security, but there are also issues concerning privacy, password security, and safety. For this reason, I recommend that you create tip sheets for distribution to all employees. Possible content to include would be:

• Ensure that you only download the official Pokemon Go app
• Ensure that your cellphone operating system is up to date
• As the app preferably uses Google accounts for authentication and tracking, consider creating a Google account just for that purpose
• Ensure that your password is strongReview app permissions, and remove as many permissions as possible
• Consider installing anti-malware software on your cellphone
• Be aware of the potential for crime
• Remain alert. Carelessness will cause more injuries than crimeNever drive while playing the game
• Most important, if your organization uses Google apps, clearly state that employees should never use their corporate account for Pokemon Go or any other games.

You may want to provide references to additional resources for mobile device management, creating a strong password, and other relevant issues. Providing contact information for the security team would be welcome. In defining the additional resources, consider that many people may want to share the information with their friends and family, so avoid using links and resources that are only available on your intranets.

It is a unfortunately extremely likely that some of your employees will eventually compromise information due to downloading malware on their mobile devices. It is guaranteed that the productivity of many employees will be impacted by the game. You can warn people about these issues, but you do not have ultimate control of them. You can however take advantage of the situation, and seem like their protector, and more than their overseer.

Pokemon Go would be a considered a huge gamification success for corporate wellness programs given how it encourages people to exercise. A companion article will be published shortly that highlights the true gamification principles used in Pokemon Go, and how it differs than most self-proclaimed gamification programs.

From a security perspective, Pokemon Go, itself, is as security nightmare. It is a productivity nightmare. However, you can take advantage of the situation and use it to highlight the importance of practicing good security behaviors. Don't let a great opportunity go to waste.
Ira Winkler, CISSP is president of Secure Mentem csoonline.com
Hacking EMV Cards - Eight out of Ten Busted
Mark Lanterman of forensic analysis firm Computer Forensic Services recently tested 10 EMV cards and was able to bust into eight. He says the problem with those eight is likely that they weren't properly configured by the card-issuing banks, which clear all transactions on their cards. Improper configuration; not any fault of users, the eight cards had not been encrypted properly at the chip.

Armed with Lanterman's skill, a crook could get a customer's name and account number through a hole in the encryption. Properly configured EMV cards are encrypted from the chip all the way through the processing bank. But eight of those cards had a fissure somewhere in the encryption.

"The two that I could not get were from large, national banks," he said. "I could not steal those numbers. I think the banks outsmarted me and were implementing end-to-end encryption correctly."

Properly configured chip-and-pin card are as secure as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, Lanterman says. He calls the mobile wallet "brilliant." Despite popular belief, mobile payment applications don't store a user's actual account number. Like EMV, that account number is tokenized, and a token is worthless to hackers.
The best anyone can do is get a fake number they can't use, because the approval code is a one-off," he said. "It's worthless."

So, fairly solid security in card-present payments is close, though it will be years before EMV tech reaches all of America's mom-and-pop shops. "Small credit unions don't have the resources to configure the technology correctly," Lanterman said. investors.com


Shift to More Online Payments Drives Need for Better Understanding of User Authentication, Defend Against Fraud
The Electronic Funds Transfer Association (EFTA), which works to advance electronic payments and commerce through responsible federal government relations, today released, "User Authentication for Payments," a white paper and free resource for the payments industry. The full report is available at no charge at http://efta.org/2016/07/understanding-payments-authentication/. It is the first of a three-part series.

The paper describes the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines on how a multi-layered, dynamic and out-of-band authentication provides the best level of protection against a compromise in the payment transaction while also protecting consumers' personal data.

"There has been significant activity in the payment industry to support EMV chip cards and tokenization as measures to combat consumer card fraud," said Kurt Helwig, president and CEO of the EFTA. "However, for consumers who shop online or use online banking services, the bigger concern is identity theft and account takeover. Given the ever advancing tactics by increasingly emboldened fraudsters, it's imperative for the payments industry to work as a whole utilizing innovative solutions to keep up with the war against fraud." businesswire.com

Report: Social Media Provides Valuable, But Time-Consuming,
Fraud-Fighting Tool

Appreciation of the value of social media data as part of an e-commerce retailer's fraud prevention efforts is on the rise, but many lack understanding about how to use it, according to a new report from Worldpay. In Fraud Trends 2016, Worldpay found 60 percent of merchants use social media data in some way during their fraud review process. More than half, however, lack the knowledge of how to properly leverage the information and lack the time to do so, because it currently is a very manual process.

"For most respondents, the principal reason for using social media in a KYC or fraud-prevention context is to check that an account, and therefore an individual's identity, is real," the authors wrote in the report. "To do this, manual reviewers make an assessment based on factors such as quantity of photos, conversations and posts. However, the majority of respondents felt that, while valuable, these reviews are highly time-consuming and that they would welcome an automated way to derive the same insight." cardnotpresent.com

Amazon.com registered 81.6M visits from U.S. on July 12 - Down 6% from LY
Amazon devices and products claimed 60% of the top 20 items sold on Prime Day this year. Amazon gift cards were among the top five items sold, while the new 8GB Amazon Fire Tablet was the top-selling item. chainstoreage.com

Is eBay Losing Its U.S. E-Commerce Footing To Walmart?



Cummiskey Brings 30 Years of Sales and Sales Management Experience to his New Role

Chicago, IL - July 11, 2016 - Protection 1, the premier full-service business and home security company in the U.S., today announced that Tom Cummiskey has joined the organization as its new Area Vice President of Sales for the Western Region responsible for overseeing the sales and support of the company's National Account and Enterprise customers. Cummiskey will be based in Denver, Co. and report to Senior Vice President, National Account Sales Bob Dale.

"Tom grew up in the security industry and knows first-hand what it takes to build a successful business - a laser focus on customer service," said Dale. "I have had the pleasure of working with Tom in the past and can attest to his integrity, depth of knowledge and commitment to his team and to his customers. He embodies the Protection 1 values of customer service in everything he does."

Cummiskey began his career in the security industry in 1985 as a Commercial Sales Representative for ADT Security Services. For the next 28 years, he would hold roles of ever increasing responsibility to include National Account Manager, Regional Director, Director and Vice President of National Accounts Sales. Before leaving ADT in 2013, he also served as Vice President of Business Development for what is now Tyco Integrated Security. While with ADT/Tyco, Cummiskey was the recipient of numerous company awards including Tyco Management of Excellence award and multi-year winner of both ADT Director of the Year and ADT Club Excellence awards. Prior to taking on his new role as Area Vice President, Cummiskey was Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Nortek Security & Control, LLC.

As area vice president of National Account Sales, Cummiskey will be responsible for leading a team of national account managers in securing profitable sales of security systems and services by developing long-term relationships with large, multi-site commercial accounts.

Read more here.



Ontario woman wants to know fate of LCBO employee who took her image off security footage to post online
An Ontario woman says the LCBO won't tell her the fate of an employee who violated her privacy by sharing online an image of her taken from the store's security footage.

Chanty Binx - a pseudonym used for her feminist activism - popped into a Mississauga LCBO in late April. A clerk at the government-run store offered his help, but she later learned that he was only speaking with her because he recognized her from the Internet, and wanted to document that he'd seen the woman anti-feminist forums have for three years threatened with violence.

Her image - taken from a screen grab of LCBO security footage - appeared on Facebook on April 30 and identified her as the "feminist sensation" from years ago. That renewed the online hate that had prompted Binx to give up her public activism three years ago.

In 2013 a video of Binx arguing - she admits rudely and coarsely - with so-called men's rights activists was shared widely in anti-feminist circles; in turn, she was subjected to violent threats and harassment that persist to this day on some forums. The image shared recently to Facebook and a subsequent media report has renewed the vitriol and led some to suggest they should search for her in the suburb West of Toronto in order to sexually assault her.

The image has been pulled off Facebook, but Binx still wants to know what LCBO has done and why Peel Regional Police never followed through on her complaint.

Ontario's Information and Privacy Commission Brian Beamish said, if her version of the story is accurate, it "would seem to be a pretty clear breach of the law" since security footage must only be used for an express purpose, such as a police investigation. nationalpost.com

City of Vancouver to file injunctions against 10 more pot shops
Last year, the City of Vancouver became the first municipality in Canada to adopt regulations governing medical marijuana dispensaries, but in the 13 months since the city council adopted the bylaws, it has found that making rules for where the drug can be sold is the easy part. Actually enforcing them is another matter entirely.

On Monday, the city will file injunctions against 10 pot shops that are in violation of its regulations. It's the second wave of court-ordered closures the city has sought. It filed 17 injunctions in May.

The city's bylaw requires medical marijuana dispensaries to obtain a business license in order to operate, but it prohibits them from obtaining such a license if they are located within 300 metres of schools, community centres, neighbourhood houses, or other dispensaries. When it opened the licensing process, the city received 176 applications - nearly all of which failed to meet one of the 300-metre requirements. Of the 176 applications, 162 were rejected. ctvnews.ca

Police forces across Canada warn of Pokemon Go risks
Police forces across Canada are warning of the risks involved in playing augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go as reports mount of people getting injured or landing in trouble as they play the wildly popular game.

In Quebec City, police said two officers suffered minor injuries when a car they observed driving strangely reversed into their cruiser in a parking lot. In Ontario, provincial police have put out a short video on Twitter in response to the "potential risk and harm" they are seeing related to the game.

But despite the warnings, some people playing the game have wandered into private yards, driveways, cemeteries and, in one U.S. case, even an off-limits police parking lot in search of the app's cartoon monsters. Some police forces have also been employing the hashtag #DontCatchAndDrive" as players roam community streets. theglobeandmail.com

Alberta RCMP commend Stettler Walmart AP Efforts
for "excellent video surveillance"

Stettler RCMP commended the retailer Monday, saying in a release that the store's "excellent video surveillance" contributed to police's ability to identify and prosecute suspects in the alleged thefts. Over the past few months, the Stettler store used video surveillance to capture a number of alleged thefts, which have involved suspects stuffing their pants with electronic devices, flip flops and even a fishing rod.  edmontonjournal.com

Ikea Canada Engages Customers With RFID at Pop-up Store
Ikea Canada has completed a two-week trial of a solution that enabled shoppers to purchase merchandise with the tap of a spoon, thanks to radio frequency identification technology. The system, deployed in a pop-up store in late May 2016, freed shoppers from having to push carts or carry baskets around the store. Instead, they simply carried a wooden spoon with a built-in RFID tag, and made their purchases by tapping the spoon against shelf readers. rfidjournal.com

Rona Inc sees sales double after experimenting with 15-page digital-only flyer

Giant Tiger Continues With Gigantic Expansion Plans

Let the doughnut wars begin: Krispy Kreme cooks up Canadian comeback

Canadian Tire Ousts CEO Medline, Brings Back Wetmore

Peel, ON: 2 suspects caught, 1 still outstanding in home invasions targeting GTA jewelry store owners
One suspect, Rashid Ahmad, is still outstanding after a string of violence GTA home invasions. As Angie Seth reports, police say the attacks were so brutal they even harmed children and the elderly. Peel Regional Police announced Wednesday that two people have been arrested in connection to a series of violent home invasions targeting jewelry store owners in the Greater Toronto Area. The investigation nicknamed Project Blue Rock began following a series of robberies between October and December 2015. Police say two of the incidents occurred at residences in Brampton and the third in Toronto. A fourth robbery took place at an AR International currency exchange location in Mississauga. In some of the cases, police say the accused used hand guns, duct tape, zip ties and a taser to assault the victims which included the elderly and children.

Fort Saskatchewan, AB: RCMP are reaching out to the public to identify three men accused of stealing equipment from the local Walmart and assaulting an employee
Police say the three suspects entered Walmart at approximately 1 p.m. on June 17. One male allegedly removed a blue and black camping style backpack from the shelves and began filling it with merchandise. The male then proceeded to exist the store, but was apprehended by a loss prevention officer. Police say the two other men, who were following the officer, sprayed him with something similar to bear spray. All three then exited the store. fortsaskatchewanrecord.com

Barrie, BC: Police seek suspects in Zehrs theft
Barrie Police have received video surveillance on two suspects wanted in connection to a shoplifting occurrence that occurred in June. On Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 9:20 p.m. a male and female entered the Zehrs located at 620 Yonge Street, in the City of Barrie. The couple filled re-useable bags with merchandise, groceries and children's coloring books. They proceeded into the parking lot where they were confronted by Loss Prevention but they fled on foot. barrietoday.com

High River, AB: RCMP seeking Sobey's meat shoplifter
On Saturday, July 9 at approximately 3:45 p.m., a male entered Sobeys and attempted to leave the store with a substantial amount of meat in a cart. The man was confronted by an employee and left the store, abandoned the products outside and left in a red sedan. highrivertimes.com

Lac La Biche, AB: Armed Robbery suspects escape after shooting at police vehicle
Two armed robbery suspects remain at large after shooting at a police vehicle on a highway, says Lac La Biche RCMP. They are believed to be involved in "several" armed robberies, police say. During Police pursuit of the vehicle, the suspect vehicle became "inoperable," police say, but two suspects fled on foot. Two other passengers in the truck were arrested. 'Two individuals are out and ... we can't find the gun anywhere near that area, so they could very well still have it with them.'- Sgt. Jack Poitras. cbc.ca

Staffers bear-sprayed as 3 Cold Lake liquor stores robbed in 20 minutes

Windsor, ON: Real Canadian Superstore shoplifter sought; fled empty handed

Ajax, ON: Male arrested after distraction theft; woman's purse stolen after her car tires were slashed

Barrie, BC: Police seeking assistance in catching a Jug City C-store thief

Stettler, AB: RCMP report increase in Shoplifting cases

Port Alberni, BC: 7-Eleven robbed for a second time in 2 weeks

Whitby, ON, - Parkwood Pharmacy - Armed Robbery

Morinville, AB - Champlain Pharmacy IDA -Armed Robbery

7- Eleven - Maple Ridge, BC - Armed Robbery


"Live in Philadelphia" at NRF Protect 2016 Episodes Coming Soon! 

Leadership & Development Series

The Unwritten Rules of Corporate America

Keith White, SVP of LP, Gap Inc.

Keith White, Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention for Gap Inc., shares some of the unwritten rules of Corporate America and how you can apply them to help better navigate your career in this LPNN interview. From taking responsibility and accountability as a leader - to making yourself approachable by listening to others - to building a team that embodies your values and attributes - learn the simple yet powerful advice that has helped Keith and other C-Suite executives throughout their retail careers. And learn how emotional intelligence is the driving force behind it all.

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Westampton, NJ: Two Home Depot workers are accused of stealing more than $21,000 worth of items from their employer
Levon O. Walters, 33, of Mount Laurel, and Carl A. Jackman, 28, of Evesham, are each charged with theft of movable property in connection with the alleged thefts. Walters and Jackman had been stealing merchandise from the store after hours. Over a six-month period, police said, the pair stole more than $1,300 worth of items from the Westampton store and more than $20,000 in items from other Home Depot stores in the area. Charges are pending in several other towns in Burlington and Mercer counties. burlingtoncountytimes.com

Barnstable, MA: Couple charged with stealing TVs from multiple Kohl's stores
A couple is charged with a series of thefts from several department stores. Nicola T. Dixon, 41, pleaded not guilty in Court Wednesday to three counts of larceny and one count of conspiracy in connection with a series of thefts. Dixon was initially also charged with organizing a retail crime, but that count was dismissed before her arraignment. Investigators believe Dixon schemed with her boyfriend Trenard Jackson, to drive away with merchandise Jackson allegedly carried out of the rear fire exit of Kohl's. During one alleged theft, surveillance video shows a man picking up two 32-inch TVs valued at $330 each on June 6 and carrying them out the rear fire door of the store. On June 19 the man returned to the store with a woman and carried a 50-inch Samsung TV valued at $900 out the rear fire door. The two continued their spree at the Kohl's in Pembroke on July 1; a man went out the fire door with another $900 TV as well as two tablets and a camcorder stuffed in a backpack he had just ripped the tags off. Pembroke police stopped the vehicle and recovered the items allegedly stolen from the Pembroke Kohl's, as well as a 42-inch TV the couple admitted to taking a Target Department Store in Boston. capecodtimes.com

Cumming, GA: Belk Loss Prevention Officer dragged 150 feet
by theft suspect's vehicle

A woman is wanted in connection with a shoplifting incident in Cumming in which a store employee was dragged by her vehicle as he attempted to stop her escape. The suspect has a felony warrant for shoplifting from the Belk on July 11. The suspect was observed inside the store about 6:30 p.m. She went to the back of the store and placed items in previously used Belk shopping bags and began to leave. The LP Officer approached her when a car drove to the front of the store and opened the passenger door for her. The manager was reportedly attempting to block her from getting in the vehicle when the driver began to drive away. He was dragged about 150 feet, according to the report. Items stolen included totaled nearly $2000. forsythnews.com

College Station, TX: Man charged with theft of $740 of perfume from JC Penney in the Post Oak Mall

Riverdale Man steals 2 Chandeliers, ceiling fan and a blender from Home Depot: threatened Loss Prevention with a knife


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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Shoplifting suspect faces Felony Murder charge after Chase that killed Bellaire Police Officer
An accused shoplifter is facing a murder charge as an habitual offender in the death of a Bellaire motorcycle officer during a high-speed chase, prosecutors said Thursday. Dante Jerel Moore, 27, who turned himself in to authorities late Wednesday, admitted that he was driving the vehicle that led police through residential areas of Bellaire at speeds of up to 80 mph, prosecutors told a judge Thursday. Moore is accused of felony murder-causing the death of someone while committing another felony, such as evading a police officer. Moore has a long list of arrests in Harris County, including convictions for burglary in 2007, felony possession of cocaine in 2011 and evading arrest in 2013. If convicted, he faces a maximum of life in prison, with a minimum punishment of 25 years in prison if he is classified as an habitual offender. houstonchronicle.com

Marion, IN: Police K-9 shot after Armed Robbery at McDonald's
A police K-9 was shot and a Marion officer exchanged gunfire with an armed robbery suspect Thursday night. Officers were dispatched to the McDonald's at 9:56 p.m. Thursday. The suspect ran into a wooded area when officers arrived. Marion police dispatched a K-9 officer that made contact with the suspect and bit the person twice in the leg. The suspect turned and shot the K-9, striking his left leg. Officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect, but police were unable to apprehend the person. According to police the K-9, Geronimo, is expected to recover. wishtv.com

Robberies & Thefts

Sterling Height, MI: Police chase ends in crash after $100,000 Smash-and-Grab at Jewelry Store
A police chase that started in Sterling Heights ended in Warren after a smash-and-grab at a jewelry store on Thursday night. Police say three men entered Lucido Jewelry and started smashing display cases with sledgehammers. By the time they were done, they fled with six Rolex Watches, worth more than $100,000. In all, five suspects were arrested in connection to the case and robbery. wxyz.com

St Louis, MO: Goodwill employee cut over price of shoes
Goodwill employee was cut with a box cutter, and another was punched after police say an argument broke out over the price of shoes. According to a police report, a man and a woman were checking out at Goodwill when the fight happened. The woman reached over the counter and cut a cashier's finger with a box cutter. The man punched another employee. The suspects then damaged merchandise before fleeing the business. ksdk.com

Denton, TX: Check Cashing store scammed out of $20,000 over the telephone According to Police, someone posing as a corporate office employee called the clerk at Cliff's Check Cashing Store and asked her to make online money transfers to several locations. The caller asked the clerk to make the transactions for "training" purposes because she was a new employee. The clerk didn't realize it was a scam until the end of her shift and notified her boss, the report said. About $20,000 had been transferred throughout the day and the business filed a theft report. No arrests had been made. dentonrc.com

Chicago Police seize over $1M in stolen construction equipment; man operated a large scale trafficking operation out of his house

Rocklin, CA: Gun Store Gets New Barriers After Recent Burglaries

Staunton, VA: Ex-Goodwill employee guilty of $1,700 theft

Rapides Parish, LA: Leebo's employee arrested for the theft of $300

Mineral Wells, TX: Man arrested at Walmart for theft of $460 in merchandise

Man with Criminal Records in 4 States charged with Mail Theft, Forgery and Washing Checks to support meth addiction

Guymon, OK; Two woman arrested on charges of Larceny; $544 worth of merchandise stolen from Walmart

Jared in the Parkway Square Shopping Center, Tukwila, WA reported a Grab & Run on 7/14, merchandise valued at $999

Kay Jewelers in the Market Square at Eldridge Parkway, Houston, TX reported a Grab & Run on 7/14, merchandise valued at $7,399

ZALES in the Arbor Place Mall, Douglasville, GA reported a Grab & Run on 7/13, merchandise valued at $4,669

UK: Huddersfield, England: Brazen Motorcycle Gang Smash and Grabs $30,000 in merchandise for Walker's Jewelers in Market West

UK: New South Wales: Twelve shoplifters caught during Undercover Police Operation at Warringah Mall and Warriewood Square

Credit Card Fraud

Murrieta, CA: Duo arrested in February and May arrested again for Mail Theft and Credit Card fraud
A man and woman who were arrested in Corona in February and Temecula in May with carloads full of stolen items were arrested again -- this time at a home in an unincorporated area near Murrieta. Jacob Michael Bertino and Ashley Rose Lawrence were among six people arrested July 13 at a home in the 31000 Block of Gabriel Metsu following an investigation into mail theft and fraud cases. The two were arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud, possession of fictitious checks, and possession of stolen property. pe.com

Advance America - Friendswood, TX - Armed Robbery
B&B Pawn - Abilene, TX - Robbery/ Guns
BP - Marietta, GA - Armed Robbery
Bowerston Antique - Bowerston, OH - Armed Robbery
Bulls Eye Grill - Yoder, KS - Burglary
Check N Go - Spring, TX - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Whitfield County, GA - Armed Robbery
CVS - Southington, CT - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Augusta, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Ellendale, DE - Armed Robbery
Home Depot - Riverdale, NJ - Armed Robbery
Lakeside General - Helena, MT - Robbery
Lucido Jewelry - Sterling Heights, MI - Robbery
One Stop Shop - Maryville, IL - Armed Robbery
Marathon - Carmel, IN - Armed Robbery
McDonalds - Marion, IN - Armed Robbery/ Police K9 shot
Royal Farms - Kent County, DE - Armed Robbery
Stripes - Corpus Christi, TX - Shooting/ 1 injured
7 Eleven - Frederick, MD - Armed Robbery
7 Eleven - Roanoke County, VA - Armed Robbery
7 Eleven - Daytona Beach, FL - Armed Robbery
7 Eleven - Killeen, TX - Armed Robbery


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Company Confidential Director of Global Security
The Sr. Director of Global Security will oversee the company's executive protection program, the security of the company's home office and international operations as well as certain investigations in the home and international offices. A minimum of 15 years experience in executive protection and/or corporate security with international security experience. Experience managing teams of people and administering a budget. Previous military or law enforcement experience is a plus. Proven ability to partner with local, state, federal, and international law enforcement. 

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Loss Prevention Specialist
Westerville, OH

Loss Prevention Specialist will protect company assets through the execution of safety, inventory recovery and internal and external theft reduction programs. Assist with reduction of loss inventory, time, and assets. Monitor surveillance equipment. Identify, observe and apprehend shoplifters and others (internal or external) involved in acts of dishonesty...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Riverside, CA

The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

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Janeen Collins was promoted to Region Loss Prevention Director for JC Penney.

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Every journey has bumps in the road and no one is immune for they all present themselves at different times, in different places, and from people you'd never expect. The real test is how you deal with them and how you don't let them define you. Because bumps are growth opportunities merely masked in conflict.

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