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 July 18, 2014


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LP Job Market Tightens - Internet Postings Down 7.24% - Senior Level LP Jobs Down 25%  While our numbers certainly aren't a precise reflection of the industry given they represent only internet postings, they do reflect a trend. With a 7.24% decrease over last year in our daily internet postings it is a concern and probably is a pretty good indication of a tightening market. Especially given the large number of store closings in the apparel industry, as we reported earlier this week. Also given the fact that fewer senior level positions have become available this year is another concern as well. Having followed the senior level LP positions over the last 30 years we can attest to the fact that we've seen at least a 25% reduction in the number of openings that have been brought to the market. Our prediction is we won't see the late 3rd Quarter push to fill jobs for the upcoming holiday season, as more retailers keep the budgets tight in anticipation of a soft 4th Quarter. Not a promising outlook if you're on the job market. Just a thought - Gus Downing

2,137 Retail Robbery's in first six months of 2014
Once again this isn't a precise number and only represents the number of robberies that are reported to the various news agencies around North America. Given the financial issues the newspaper industry has been facing and the job losses in that industry, that's virtually eliminated the reporters covering the police beat, we're hard pressed to be able to truly provide a hard factual number. However with a few dedicated LP executives helping us we've been able to make some inroads on providing you with better information. Something we at the Daily are planning on working on over the next year.

HBO actor settles with Macy's, NYC in "shop-and-frisk" racial profiling law suit
Actor Rob Brown of HBO's "Treme" has settled a federal discrimination lawsuit against Macy's Inc and the city of New York, the retailer said on Thursday, resolving part of a "shop-and-frisk" controversy over racial profiling in the city. Brown sued the department store and the city in November, saying that after purchasing a $1,300 gold Movado watch for his mother as a graduation present last June, he was detained and handcuffed by three men he believed to be police officers. The controversy surrounding his arrest and those of other black shoppers with similar complaints last year sparked debate about racial stereotyping and prejudice.  Macy's said it would also be settling other lawsuits alleging racial profiling. At a hearing on Monday in Brown’s case, a lawyer for the company said there were two cases pending in state court and a third in federal court. Brown sued for false imprisonment, assault and battery, negligent hiring and civil rights violations and was seeking unspecified money damages. The state attorney general launched an investigation into security practices at Macy's and Barneys, another retailer where black shoppers lodged similar complaints. Neither Macy's nor the city would provide further information on Thursday as details had not been finalized. (Source reuters.com)

Greater L.A. Franchise Association Suing 7-Eleven Alleging Racial Discrimination, Invasion of Privacy and Illegal Surveillance retaliation against franchisees  Several 7-Eleven retailers are joining with an area franchise association to fight 7-Eleven Inc. over claims of racial discrimination. However, 7-Eleven denies the claims, standing by its record of diversity. According to Courthouse News Service, last week FOAGLA Inc., a franchise owners association, and five 7-Eleven operators filed a federal lawsuit against 7-Eleven Inc., alleging racial discrimination, invasion of privacy and illegal surveillance retaliation against franchisees, and misclassification of employment relationship with franchisees. "The allegations made in this complaint are false. 7-Eleven is proud of its very diverse, independent franchisee population," the company wrote in an email to CSNews Online. "In fact, USA Today named 7-Eleven one of the Top 50 Franchises for Minorities in 2013, and has received recognition as one of the top franchisee opportunities by Professional Woman's Magazine, Hispanic Network Magazine and BLACK EOE Journal." 7-Eleven is determined to protect our guests, employees and other franchisees by ending the relationship with franchisees that violate the law or the franchise agreement, where appropriate. "The company is confident in the thorough and lawful system that it has in place to accomplish this," the retailer stated. The franchisees also allege the company employs illegal surveillance to spy on franchisees and has hired unlicensed private investigators to follow franchisee activities outside of the store, according to Courthouse News Service. Making sure that stores are safe for guests and employees is a top priority for 7-Eleven. From store-personnel training programs to responsible cash control and the legal installation of surveillance cameras, crime deterrence is foremost in our minds," the company said. "7-Eleven has invested over $40 million to upgrade the security of every 7-Eleven store in the United States so we can improve the safety of our guests, store employees, franchisees and aid law enforcement officials in their pursuit of wrongdoers. 7-Eleven has a policy of sharing security surveillance camera footage with law enforcement. That cooperation has led to the capture and successful prosecution of criminals." -However, 7-Eleven told CSNews Online this claim is false and that safety is top of mind. (Source csnews.com)

Justice Department Indicts FedEx in a Drug-Shipping Inquiry - Faces Potential $1.6 Billion Fine if Found Guilty  The case focuses on whether FedEx had appropriate safeguards to prevent online pharmacies from shipping drugs without prescriptions. The No. 1 shipper, UPS, paid $40 million last year as part of a settlement to avoid charges in the same investigation. The FedEx indictment was announced in California by the Justice Department. In a 15-count indictment filed in San Francisco, federal prosecutors say that beginning in 2004 the company repeatedly ignored warnings from the government it was breaking the law by shipping drugs ordered from online pharmacies that dispensed them to anyone who filled out an online questionnaire. Among the charges included in the indictment are conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, conspiracy to distribute misbranded drugs, distribution of controlled substances and misbranding drugs. Prosecutors say FedEx made at least $820 million shipping the drugs. If found guilty, the company faces a potential maximum fine of twice that. FedEx has been summoned to appear in court July 29 in San Francisco. The indictment says FedEx went out of its way to keep doing business with online pharmacies and collect payments from them, despite efforts by the DEA and the Food and Drug Administration to shut them down. (Source nytimes.com) (Source wsj.com)

NYC Jury Awards Pathmark Shoplifter $500K for Broken Ankle - Excessive Force
A Brooklyn jury awarded more than $500,000 to a man who sued the city for a broken ankle he suffered during an arrest for shoplifting at a Queens Pathmark store in 2011. He filed suit after pleading guilty to the shoplifting. In 2005 he sued the NYPD for false arrest after a drug sales charge was dropped and received a $15,000 settlement. Last month the city settled with him for $20,000 after another false arrest. In the shoplift case, Jarman claimed that 5-foot-5 Sgt. Samuel Morales approached him inside Pathmark after a store clerk reported a theft. The suit said the cop was intimidated by the 6'2" shoplifter. The police officer “appeared to be afraid of Plaintiff because of his size” before slapping on handcuffs but quickly turned nasty once he was safely shackled, said the suit. Jarman told Morales to loosen the cuffs, but the cop yanked on them instead and caused the towering unemployed chef to tumble over, papers state. The suit claimed that Jarman couldn’t steady himself because Morales had his boot purposefully holding his foot in place and tripped him. The shoplifter spent 9 days in the hospital. It took jurors just a few hours to deliver Wednesday’s shocking windfall verdict. (Source abcnews.com)

Foot Locker sued by customer in Louisiana allegedly injured after stepping on security tag  

American Apparel update: The drama continues - Firing the CEO caused company to near-imminent default on $10M loan  Shareholders Bigger Capital Fund, Bachelier LLC and the Bigger Family, sent a letter to the company's board seeking the resignation of co-chairmen David Danziger and Allan Mayer as board members. The letter criticized the board’s "stealthily and abruptly ousting American Apparel's long-standing CEO and largest shareholder knowing that their actions will cause a near-imminent default under important contractual obligations of the company and cause it to default on nearly $10 million in loans. Now Charney will remain as a strategic consultant with the company until an investigation into his alleged misconduct is concluded. (Source chainstoreage.com)

NRF: Back-to-school/college spending to rise 5% this year

Carphone Warehouse deploys 4,500 Android tablets for mobile BI initiative - Microstrategy dashboards free sales staff from till terminals  Deployed in September last year, the Android devices are used by staff at its 800 store across the UK and Northern Ireland, with the 6,500 employees sharing devices to access applications such as Microstrategy's mobile business intelligence tools. Mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has rolled out 4,500 Sony Experia tablets to sales staff, providing access to performance data and freeing them from desktop terminals to engage with customers on the shop floor. (Source computerworlduk.com)

May Bookstore Sales Fell 7.5%
According to data released Tuesday morning by the U.S. Census Bureau, bookstore sales fell to $794 million in May 2014 from $859 million in the previous year. Bookstore sales have fallen every month so far in 2014 and for the first five months of the year were down 8.0%, declining to $4.39 billion. (Source publishersweekly.com)

Dollar General request - "Please make note we do not currently have a public search for a VP of Loss Prevention position" - as stated by Dollar General Corporate Communications

The 35th Annual Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association - RLPSA Conference in Orlando August 3-6 - The D&D Daily will be there & reporting the events - the executives and the recaps in the Daily  The RLPSA Annual Conference is a can’t miss opportunity to access best-practices and benchmarking data, network with your peers, and learn how they are facing the industry’s toughest challenges. Check back for continuous updates and information and don’t forget to view the info below for discounts to Disney Theme Parks and other Orlando area attractions.2014 Program Agenda  2014 Conference Brochure For more information on this rlpsa.com

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# of reports

Jan 401
Feb 332
March 329
April 365
May 345
June 365
Total 2,137


MO. # Cases $ Amount
Jan 91 $28.7M
Feb 78 $62.9M
Mar 76 $24.7M
Apr 87 $25.1M
May 95 $205.6M
June 91 $505.8M
Total 522 $852.9M


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MO. 2013 2014 %ñò
Jan 385 374 2.8%ò
Feb 310 313 .95%ñ
Mar 294 301 2.3%ñ
Apr 377 330 12.5 ò
May 385 303 21% ò
June 320 300 6.2% ò
Total 2,071 1,921 7.24% ò




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Consumer confidence is shifting from bricks-and-mortar to online retailers - What a role reversal  New research shows three-quarters of consumers are less likely to shop with a company that allowed their personal data to be stolen. Consumers now view online transaction as having less risk than in-person transactions at bricks-and-mortar retailers. “All through the 1990s and most of the 2000s online shopping was seen as comparatively risky, from a data security perspective,” he says. “But that's no longer the case. Online security measures have improved tremendously, and consumers are much more savvy when shopping online than they used to be. They know what to look for to shop safely online. Add to that the fact that the hackers have come up with increasingly clever ways to steal data from brick-and-mortar shops and all the high-profile success they've had doing so, and the tables are now turned.” “All through the 1990s and most of the 2000s online shopping was seen as comparatively risky, from a data security perspective,” says Craig Borowski of Software Advice. “But that's no longer the case." (Source internetretailer.com)

New York proposes regulations for virtual currency

Retail apps with store mode drive up to 5x more interactions

eBay's U.S. sales grow 12% in Q2

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet



Target Corp. should cut its losses and exit Canada — soon, says Credit Suisse
Target Corp. needs to make a decision about whether it wants to continue operating in Canada soon. Once a permanent CEO takes the helm, they will need to rapidly decide whether an attempt to turn around Canada is worth diverting time and capital away from the U.S. business,” analyst Michael Exstein told clients. We think it may be more prudent for Target to cut its losses and devote 100% of its resources on the U.S. — which comprises over 97% of the company’s current sales.” By the end of fiscal 2014, Mr. Exstein noted Target will likely have spent about US$6-billion in capex and after-tax losses in Canada. But more spending may be coming if the company wants to turn things around, as the analyst thinks it will be a major effort that takes at least several years to accomplish. (Source financialpost.com)

Canadian Women's clothing retailers face tough year, more bankruptcies: analysts  Canadian women's clothing retailers are bracing for a difficult year as the entry of more international brands into the marketplace raises the possibility that once steadfast domestic fashion companies could be headed for financial trouble. A weak spring has forced retailers to scramble in a losing effort to salvage the year by selling off inventory at deep discounts. "They're basically panicking because they're coming into the summer season with excess inventory...so what they've engaged in is cut-throat price competition in hopes of trying to clear the merchandise out of their stores." Even some foreign retailers were hurt, though men's fashion retailers fared better. Harris predicted that at least three or four retailers up to the size of Jacob will close after the Christmas rush. (Source huffingtonpost.ca)

Canada's retailers warned by developer - Watch out for mystery shopper / secret shopper scams  First Capital Realty has become aware that fake consumer research programs are being used to defraud unsuspecting victims. Under these scams, numerous consumers across Canada are receiving forged cheques and documentation and are being asked to pose as mystery shoppers at select retail locations. The forged cheques and documentation may in some cases be received after the recipient has applied or been contacted for employment as a mystery shopper. Victims of the scam are typically defrauded when they send funds to their "employer" as part of a mystery shopping assignment and, subsequently, the payment issued to the victim is denied when the forged cheque bounces after being deposited. (Source wsj.com)

IBC's cargo theft reporting program pays dividends: Database helps identify owners of $1.4M in recovered cargo  After a recent police raid, Insurance Bureau of Canada's (IBC's) cargo theft reporting program helped police to identify the owners of approximately $1.4 million in stolen property – the result of 15 separate cargo load thefts over the past several months. The IBC cargo theft reporting database – the heart of the reporting program – facilitated communication between insurance companies and law enforcement regarding the return of the goods. IBC recently expanded its cargo theft reporting program nationwide. The program, administered in conjunction with the Canadian Trucking Alliance and supported by law enforcement, is aimed at fighting the rapidly escalating crime that is costing Canadians up to $5 billion a year and is a significant problem in transportation hubs in southern Ontario, Vancouver and Montreal. (Source yahoo.com)

Jacob - fashion chain seeks extension to avert closing down 92 stores
Marketing and communications director Cristelle Basmaji, daughter of founder Joey Basmaji, said the company is going to court Friday to seek an extension of creditor protection, which would give it more time to try to relaunch. Jacob announced on May 6 that it would close its 92 stores within several weeks, after liquidating inventory. Now, more than two months later, most stores remain open as Continental Capital Investments stepped in with a “debtor-in-possession” loan at the time of the initial filing. The deal gave the company an $8-million line of credit at an annual interest rate of 15 per cent. The chain, founded in 1977, previously sought creditor protection at the end of 2010, closing 50 stores, collapsing banners and restructuring. (Source montrealgazette.com)

Ontario Workers Win New Protections as Wage Theft and Minimum Wage Bills Re-introduced  The Ontario government has responded to the growing crisis of low-wage precarious work and demands of workers to step up protection by introducing new legislation today. The Liberals have re-tabled their bill to index the minimum wage to inflation and have re-introduced legislation that brings some protections against wage theft. Under the proposed wage theft legislation both temp agencies and client companies would be liable for unpaid wages and overtime and it would be harder for companies to contract out unsafe work to temp agencies. In addition, workers will have up to two years to file employment standards claims, with no monetary limit. (Source digitaljournal.com)

Police Recover $1.4M in Stolen Cargo; 15 separate thefts over last several months  Police officers raided multiple warehouses in Vaughan and Toronto and recovered $1.4 million in stolen goods – the result of 15 separate cargo load thefts over the past several months. "As a result of the warrants, 15 loads of cargo were recovered which contained merchandise including baby products, barbecues, household appliances, cleaning supplies, tools, musical instruments, forklifts, vehicle antifreeze and a baby grand piano,” York Regional Police said in a statement. Most of the stolen cargo was returned to its rightful owners with the help of Insurance Board of Canada’s cargo theft reporting database. (Source todaystrucking.com)

$40K of bikes stolen from Cadence Cycle in Whitehorse

RCMP investigating drug theft during break and enter at Brookfield Pharmasave

Lululemon ranked most profitable apparel company in North America



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6 Tips for Using Big Data to Hunt Cyberthreats
You need to be smart about harnessing big data to defend against today's security threats, data breaches, and attacks. While companies look to take advantage of all this data to improve operations, increase sales, and lower costs, many are discovering that it can also be used for security by offering a broader view of risk and vulnerabilities. Big data offers the ability to analyze massive numbers of potential security events and make connections between them to create a prioritized list of threats. With big data, disparate data can be connected, which allows cyber security professionals to take a proactive approach that prevents attacks. (Source darkreading.com)

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight - Keep the cyber bandits at bay with Big Data
Cyber-crime today is big business. Companies now own massive amounts of data, from customer contact details, to financial transaction histories and classified product R&D blueprints. It's no surprise then that cyber espionage has now become a serious focus for financially motivated criminals. The tide of cybercrime is showing no signs of relenting, so maintaining a secure perimeter is more of a priority than ever. LP and IT teams need to invest in solutions that can keep up with what's out there, and better tackle the next wave of emergent threats. (Source scmagazineuk.com)

Data Breaches Cost N.Y. Businesses $1.37B Last Year 



Gang Seeks Recruits to Kill More Jersey City Police Officers After Cop Ambushed Responding to Walgreens Robbery Last Weekend  Police in Jersey City are being warned after an internal department memo obtained by NBC 4 New York says a gang there is recruiting gang members across New Jersey to kill cops after a rookie police officer was slain responding to a call of an armed robbery over the weekend. Melvin Santiago was killed early Sunday while responding to an armed robbery call at a 24-7 Walgreens. Police say Lawrence Campbell ambushed the 23-year-old outside of the store. Police returned fire, killing Campbell. According to the memo, "information from a reliable source" within the gang indicates the gang is asking for help from members in Camden and Newark in shooting another police officer. (Source nbcbayarea.com)

FBI joins investigation into 4 Pharmacy Robberies in Shorewood, WI; store hit 4 times since January  FBI agents are calling it a “prescription for a life behind bars.” A Shorewood drug store is robbed four times since January. Now, a reward is being offered for a crook with a penchant for pain killers. FBI agent Robert Botsch says it’s believed one man is responsible for a string of armed robberies at Hayek’s Pharmacy on Downer Ave. Since January, he’s apparently hit the store four times. Botsch says the frequency and violence of each robbery has prompted the feds to get involved. “In one of the robberies, a round was discharged towards an employee inside the store. In another, the employees were placed out on the ground and threatened to be shot,” said Botsch. The FBI is now offering a $5,000 reward in the case. Neighbors hope that will put an end to the suspect’s repetitive ways. He normally shows up with his face covered, flashing a black revolver. (Source fox6now.com)

Las Vegas Robbery suspects arrested; hit 16 stores in past month  Metro Police have arrested three suspects in connection with a series of robberies at 24-hour businesses around southern Nevada. Police say 26-year-old Justin Loper, 26-year-old Kevin R. Hall Jr. and 23-year-old Keith Williams were responsible for 16 robberies over the past month. The suspect would hit stores in the early morning hours between Fridays and Sundays, police said. They would commit two to four robberies within a two and a half time span. Police describe the suspects as being organized and methodical using a take-over style to rob the stores. Police nicknamed the series of robberies the “stack and sack” series. A task force was created, which included Metro, North Las Vegas Police, Nevada Highway Patrol and the FBI, to find the suspects. (Source 8newsnow.com)

Jewelry store Robbery suspects arrested following car chase in North Houston 
Shoplifters shoot Safeway security guard with stun gun at Hub

Trio charged in York County, PA with credit-card fraud now indicted federally

Louisville man indicted in '13 store robbery; arrested on DNA evidence from a Family Dollar incident

Smash-and-grab robbery of a Chico, CA Jewelry store caught on video 

Nacogdoches, TX Bealls employee stole more than $1,900 in clothing

Alabama man steals $1,800 worth of cell phones from Walmart

Man attempts suicide by consuming cough syrup inside a CVS in Wyandotte, MI

ABC - Jefferson Co, AL - Armed Robbery - police chase, 1 of 4 arrested
C-Store - Aransas Pass, TX - Armed Robbery - 2 suspects arrested
Holiday - Eau Claire, WI - Armed Robbery - 3 arrested, connected to bank robbery
Hy-Vee - Des Moines, IA - Armed Robbery - suspect turned himself in
Kum & Go - Omaha, NE - Robbery
Kwik Shop - Florence, CO - Burglary
Moss St Pharmacy - Lafayette, LA - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Armed Robbery - Millsboro, DE
Sheetz - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery - 2 arrested
Verizon Store - Waconia, MN - Burglary - thieves cut in through hole in wall
Wyandotte Computers - Wyandotte, MI - Burglary
7-Eleven - Van Nuys, CA – Shooting - 2 killed in parking lot




$852,900,000 in ORC Cases in the first six months of 2014
Once again not a precise number and reflects what is reported publically and with support of a number of dedicated LP executives we've also been able to share a number of cases much quicker than the normal news channels. We do plan on writing a more comprehensive report to be published in the Daily after our presentation at the Ohio ORC Retail Crime Symposium on September 19th. Stay tuned for more info on how you can get involved with that specific meeting in the days to come. In the meantime we do need some solution provider sponsors to help the retailers deliver this important symposium. If you need information on the event see their banner here on the Daily and if you'd like to help out and become a sponsor either send them an email at julie.hall@meijer.com or feel free to contact me at gusd@downing-downing.com directly. SPONSORS are needed! Jump in and help!

St. Matthews, KY Police seeking suspect in $250,000 Best Buy thefts  Police say he has walked out of local Best Buy stores with at least $250,000 in merchandise. The most recent theft happened at a Best Buy in St. Matthews. Police say surveillance video shows Wallace Sanders casually walking into the store and then running out with the merchandise in a bag. "He enters the store, knows exactly what it is that he's going after, in our cases, it was laptop computers," said Det. Dennis McDonald, with St. Matthews Police. Police say the surveillance video shows Sanders and a female walking into the Shelbyville Road location on July 12.. Det. McDonald says Sanders' crime spree is not just limited to the Shelbyville Road location. "Best Buy estimates that Wallace Sanders is responsible for at least 30 separate thefts from Best Buy stores in St. Matthews, Louisville and Clarksville, Indiana." (Source wdrb.com)

Millbrook, AL Police looking for individual in $2500 Wal-Mart theft
On June 8 an unknown male entered the Wal-Mart in Millbrook and stole several items. The man entered the store at approximately 4:00 a.m. and went straight to the electronics department. There he tampered with the glass display doors until he was able to break the locks. He began taking Samsung Galaxy Tablets, tablet cases, Beats by Dre Headphones, and Beats Pill Speakers. Investigators advised that he made at least two trips carrying the stolen goods and was able to avoid employees. (Source wsfa.com)

Police identify Lakeville, MA couple who stole thousands of dollars worth of items from area Home Depot stores


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“We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into process improvement since 2011 — we analyzed our pain points, and then focused on minimizing or eliminating those shortcomings,” says Chris Lesnewski, CEO of Cam Connections. “Some key improvements as a result are much better hiring practices, improved communication, highly specialized roles/training, and employee retention and satisfaction. Education and retail have been the growth markets for us. There is still much fear over random acts of violence and concern for public safety, and understandably so.”

With nearly 60 employees, Cam Connections provides custom-tailored security and loss prevention programs for hundreds of America's leading businesses and government agencies. Their experienced staff - comprised of some of the country's best trained security, loss prevention and technology specialists - forms the foundation of CCI's elite security team: professionals whose focus is on complete client satisfaction.

The top 10 Fast50 companies run the gamut from large to small businesses in terms of employees; however all of them balanced gross revenues and overall percentage growth over a three-year period to end up on top of the rankings. See the rest of the SD&I Fast50 list here.

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Mark Roosa was promoted to Area Loss Prevention Leader for JC Penney.

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Why Managers Should Spend Exactly 6 Hours a Week With Each Employee  Leaders understand that quality time makes people feel more engaged, inspired, and motivated. The question, however, is how much time is appropriate? Six hours per week is it, to help further develop your team! (No need to hover)

Proven Ways to Earn Your Employees' Trust  Your team members have to believe in each other as much as they need to believe in you. Without that trust, performance, communication and teamwork will suffer. In order to build a solid foundation of trust, follow these steps. (Give credit)

The Science Behind Why Small Teams Work More Effectively  Bigger doesn't always mean better. According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, an ideal team is a "two pizza team:" if they can't be fed with only two pizzas, the team's too big. You may find that with smaller teams, you face less issues and are more engaged. (Here's why)

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