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Internal Growth - Positioning Yourself for Promotion
NuTech National
ORC in the Retail Industry

  Chris Strongman has been named Director of Loss Prevention at Aritzia.
Chris previously served as Senior Regional Manager at Kit and Ace for one year and an Asset Protection Business Partner at Target for two years. Prior to that, he spent nearly three years as Senior Manager, Loss Prevention at Best Buy and four years as a Regional Manager at CAMACC Systems. Congratulations Chris!  


Q2 & First Half 2016 Senior Loss Prevention Position Report

31 Retailers Select New LP Leaders in Q2
49 Senior Loss Prevention Positions Filled in Q2 in Total

Over the course of the second quarter 49 retailers made decisions regarding senior LP roles and who would fill them. That's 49 executives who were either hired or promoted into senior level roles.

With two new senior vice presidents, five vice presidents, and 9 director of loss prevention positions filled externally. While two vice presidents and 13 director's were filled internally.

The remaining 18 positions were senior level support roles within the Loss Prevention pyramid and under the senior LP leader.

In essence 31 new senior leaders were appointed to run the Loss Prevention programs at 31 separate retailers.

First Half 2016 - 47 New LP Leaders YTD
Q1 - 16 New Senior Leaders - Q2 - 31 New Senior LP Leaders

Obviously the second quarter sees a huge uptick in job placements and the third quarter may show the same level of activity if not just a little shy of the 31 number. With 17 retailers now listed looking for senior LP leaders. There's certainly those that are not listed or are not public searches and a number that will inevitably be listed over the next three months leading up to the fourth quarter. The question is who and where are they? But at the end of the day 47 retailers have new senior LP leaders running the LP programs in the first six months of 2016. What we would call a strong LP job market.

The Biggest Jobs Filled to Date - Home Depot, J C Penney, Family Dollar, New York & Company, Finish Line, Dollar Express, Stage Stores where they made it a senior vice president's job, Chico's, and Brookstone
Of interesting note is that the Claire's senior LP executive went over to Family Dollar and the Family Dollar senior went over to Claire's over the last year. It's a small world out there.

Is it a healthy LP job market or are current events driving it?

Given the number of job eliminations we've seen in retail, the growth of online shopping, and the shrinking store base we certainly wouldn't claim that this is a healthy job market. Even with Walmart's adding 9,000 new AP jobs we can not say this is a healthy job market obviously. And we certainly think most of the academics and journalist would agree.

Therefore, we'd be more inclined to say that current events, the political climate, protests, active shooters, coupled with increased robberies and dollar amounts, increased ORC., increased credit card fraud, and cyber crime are driving this rather strong LP job market. Plain and simple. Just a thought Gus Downing

Police Ramp Up Scrutiny of Online Threats
Could this be a game changer

A number of people have been arrested in recent weeks for online threats against police, in what appears to be a crackdown by officials after the killings of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, La. But whether the charges will turn into criminal cases, let alone convictions, is murky, as they raise thorny free-speech issues in a largely unsettled area of the law.

In the past two weeks, at least eight people have been arrested by state and federal authorities for threats against police posted on social media, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis and news reports.

While nationwide data on such arrests doesn't exist, experts say the efforts show stepped-up attention to such threats after the murders of officers in recent weeks.

Last week, police in Buffalo, N.Y., arrested Arthur Jordan, who was accused of sharing a Facebook FB 0.86 % post that included emojis of a police officer with a revolver pointed at the officer's head, which investigators believed to be directed at a specific officer.

In Racine, Wis., police were monitoring social media when they found a July 7 Facebook post that said: "I encourage every white Officer to kiss their love ones good-bye...It's time to start going into their homes and killing their families," according to the criminal complaint.

In Detroit, four men were arrested July 8 for social media posts that threatened police officers.

When a posting is found to be a "true threat"-which often means one directed at a specific person or group with the intent of injuring or killing, experts say they may not be protected by the First Amendment.

Many jurisdictions lack laws that address these types of threats. Prosecutors instead are turning to other statutes, including laws related to cyber harassment and "terroristic" threats.

Editor's Note: If this trend continues and proves to be a punishable offense then online threats to senior management, store management and companies may also fall into this same category. Just a thought. wsj.com

Lenox, NY: White's Farm Supply Comptroller stole $740,000 since 2009
Kevin L. Howe stole the money from White's Farm Supply in Lenox where he worked as the company's comptroller, police said. He had been an employee of the company since 1986. State police said Howe had been writing checks to himself and then depositing them into his personal account since 2009. syracuse.com

Parents police Wisconsin shopping center
A shopping center in a tough neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin, pays a troop of three parents to keep kids away from stores and cops away from kids.

Wearing yellow T-shirts imprinted with "P.O.P," for Parents on Premises, the local adults interact with teens hanging out at the Meadowood Shopping Center, intervening with those fighting or caught shoplifting on behalf of the center's owners.

One P.O.P. member told WISC TV news that kids were stealing up to $300 a week in merchandise before the initiative began.

The parents build relationships with the kids and give them positive examples instead of turning them over to police. 

"They are just minds without having avenues to go down and what we do is give them avenues to let them know there are other ways to go to become successful," P.O.P. unit member James Edison said.

Lashon Tucker, a manager at Anchor Bank in the center, said the 15 to 20 kids usually loitering there are dispersed and customers feel more comfortable coming in. 

I don't have customers saying, 'How could you work over there? It's so bad there.
I'm scared to come over there.' I don't get that anymore," Tucker said. chainstoreage.com

People in China are rioting at KFC restaurants and shattering iPhones
in a dozen cities

People are protesting and boycotting KFC locations across China. Following last week's ruling that Beijing had no legal claim in the South China Sea, many Chinese citizens are blaming the US. And, blaming the US means targeting American institutions, which, in China, means KFC.

On Monday, protests broke out at KFC locations in about a dozen cities across China, with calls for boycott, reports the New York Times.

"Boycott the US, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. Love the Chinese people," a banner outside a KFC in Hebei read. "What you eat is KFC. What is lost is the face of our ancestors."

While the state-run newspaper, Chinese Daily, supported the protests it also said that if the patriotic feeling "leads to illegal behavior that destroys social order, then it's mistaken to label it patriotic," and warned that such protests would also harm Chinese citizens because "foreign-funded enterprises in China, such as KFC, have been localized and mostly employ local people and purchase raw materials from China." nytimes.com businessinsider.com

Parents Won't Sue Disney Over Toddler's Death by Alligator
The parents of a toddler killed by an alligator at Walt Disney Co. Walt Disney World in Florida say they don't plan to sue the theme park resort over the death. A family spokeswoman, Sara Brady, says she couldn't say whether a financial settlement had been reached with Disney World. Disney World President George Kalogridis said in a statement the company continues to provide support for the family. He didn't elaborate. wsj.com

Macy's and the Finish Line Fined $103,220 by OSHA 
Whistleblower at Macy's

OSHA has fined retailers Macy's and the Finish Line for repeated and serious violations related to blocked exits and electric shock hazards. OSHA issued Macy's Inc. and The Finish Line $103,220 in penalties after the retailers failed to clear clutter resulting in blocked exit routes and no access to electrical disconnect switches.

A federal workplace safety inspection of the Macy's department store in Aventura, Florida found employees at risk due to repeated and serious violations related to blocked exits, improper housekeeping and electric shock hazards.

OSHA initiated an inspection on Jan. 15, 2016, after receiving a complaint concerning several workplace injuries and hazards. The agency's inspectors then cited Macy's and The Finish Line of Indiana, doing business as The Finish Line Inc., for 14 safety and health violations. An athletic footwear, apparel and accessories retailer, The Finish Line rents space in Macy's stores.

Since 2007, OSHA has inspected Macy's Inc. locations 42 times and issued citations for blocked exits, obstructed access to electrical disconnect panels and using flexible cords instead of permanent wiring.

The citations for the two companies can be viewed at:
http://www.osha.gov/ooc/citations/MacysandTheFinishLine111811_1134919.pdf ehstoday.com
Macy's Urges 5th Circ. To Rethink 41-Member Union Ruling
"Rendering Macy's business model impractical"

Macy's Inc. is pushing the Fifth Circuit to reconsider its approval of the National Labor Relations Board certifying a collective bargaining unit for 41 cosmetics and fragrance counter workers at a Massachusetts department store, saying on Friday the decision circumvents circuit precedent.

The Fifth Circuit in June upheld the NLRB's certification of the small unit, but Macy's said in its petition for rehearing en banc that this decision could lead to a proliferation of unions that involve employees at a specific sales department at a single store. If that happened, Macy's argued, it could be compelled to bargain with as many as 8,000 units across the country. 

Macy's and other employers could face countless obligations within a single store, as different unions lobby for different hours, wages, or benefits," Macy's argued. "These competing demands, as well as the potential for successive strikes by different unions in the same store, could render Macy's business model impractical."  law360.com

Director of Loss Prevention for Magic Memories in Orlando, FL
The fastest growing souvenir imaging company in America

Magic Memories is a global tourism photography operator that captures smiles and shares memories. We take and sell millions of photographs at tourism attractions all around the world - yep, that's more than 8 countries and over 100 aquariums, giant wheels, zoos, theme parks and more; if it's a fantastic attraction with a story to tell we're there - and you can be too!

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for providing LP leadership and strategy for the USA Region. Our business is currently in significant growth so the appointment of this role comes at an excellent time for Magic. The role is part of the USA Senior Executive team.

This role will develop and implement loss prevention solutions designed to reduce retail shrinkage through a combination of initiatives which include audits, training programs, video surveillance, investigations and data analysis.

This role is accountable for the development and implementation of loss prevention, effective security, risk management strategies, analytics, measurement and compliance programs in order to reduce shrink through our retail operations and maintain our "Magic" experience for the guest and employees. Editor's Note: This has got to be a new position and a quite interesting one at that. Integrated with attractions and growing quite rapidly at the sound of it. It will certainly require a special individual to make this successful and to truly deliver the LP services in their environment. magicmemories.com

Walmart Stores Hiring 9000 Customer Hosts Nationwide
Recommend a friend, relative, or someone you didn't have a job for

Mention it to your local college criminal justice departments and lets get some college students recruited into retail AP. It's the same path the vast majority of us found ourselves on when we entered the industry. And here's the world's largest retailer staffing a great entry level AP job that could help ignite a career for a young college student.

This position offers a great start for asset protection/loss prevention professionals, veterans, and those looking for a change of career. Interested people can get more information from their local Walmart store or at LPjobs.com.

Barnes & Noble named most powerful retail brand in 2016

Dunkin Brands plans to open 1,400 stores in China over next 20 yrs.
Dick's Sporting Goods plans regional DC facility in Conklin, New York

LPRC Hosting Violent Crime Summit in Houston on July 27th
Multiple retail organizations are reporting violent robbery and parking lot crime is increasing against them. The Loss Prevention Research Council has been asked to facilitate a series of localized summits to organized counter-violence R&D and action. Jacksonville, Houston and Baltimore are the first planned summits.

The LPRC Violent Crime Working Group (VCWG) is bringing together leading retailer LP/AP executives with executive and tactical Law Enforcement professionals to:

1. Use mapping, intelligence and crime event data to visualize and identify Houston-area violent retail crime prevention opportunities (High-impact/risk people, places, methods and times)
2. Establish timely intelligence and crime event notification connections and protocol between LE and LP/AP
3. Determine possible Houston-area crime control R&D initiatives

Due to limited space and several retailers already involved, if any other retailers are interested in possibly participating, they should contact operations@lpresearch.org.

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& doesn't filter retail's reality


Cici's Pizza: POS Card Breach at 130+ Locations that started in 2015
Cici's Pizza, a Coppell, Texas-based fast-casual restaurant chain, today acknowledged a credit card breach at more than 135 locations. The disclosure comes more than a month after KrebsOnSecurity first broke the news of the intrusion, offering readers a sneak peak inside the sprawling cybercrime machine that thieves used siphon card data from Cici's customers in real-time.

In a statement released Tuesday evening, Cici's said that in early March 2016, the company received reports from several of its restaurant locations that point-of-sale systems were not working properly.

"The point-of-sale vendor immediately began an investigation to assess the problem and initiated heightened security measures," the company said in a press release. "After malware was found on some point-of-sale systems, the company began a restaurant-by-restaurant review and remediation, and retained a third-party cybersecurity firm, 403 Labs, to perform a forensic analysis."

Cici's said it was confident the malware has been removed from all stores. A list of affected locations is here (PDF). krebsonsecurity.com

Sam's Club deploys a self-checkout app
Sam's Club shoppers can use the retailer's Scan and Go app to scan products, pay and bypass a checkout lane.

With the app, shoppers scan the products with their smartphone, pay in the app and then leave the store

It is now in 60 stores and the retailer plans to roll it out to 100 more warehouse clubs in August. The retailer plans to have Scan and Go at all 653 clubs by this holiday season, says a Sam's Club spokeswoman.

When she is done shopping she pays in app for the items. She receives a digital receipt in the app that she shows to the store associate at the warehouse door, just like traditional shoppers show a physical receipt at the door. The store associate scans her digital receipt and cross references her cart with the items on her receipt, just like traditional shoppers. Because shoppers are still checked before leaving, Sam's Club is not worried about heightened theft with the feature, the spokeswoman says.  internetretailer.com

New HIPAA guidance addresses ransomware
The U.S. Department of Human Services has released new guidance for health care organizations that focuses on the growing threat of ransomware, stresses the need for better education and regular backups, and confirms that a ransomware attack against plain-text health information is, in fact, a breach that must be disclosed.

The guidance recommends that organizations identify the risks facing their patient information, create a plan to address those links, set up procedures to protect systems from malware, train users to spot malware, limit access to sensitive information to just the people who need it most, and have a disaster recovery plan that includes frequent data backups. csoonline.com

Home Depot Wants $8.5M Fee Bid Halved In Data Breach Deal
Home Depot moved Tuesday to block an $8.5 million fee award requested by attorneys who guided consumers to a $13 million class action settlement after a massive data breach, saying the fee bid amounts to an excessive share of the deal and outstrips all standards.

The attorneys have asked for $8.475 million, $3 million more than their lodestar rate, Home Depot says - arguing that even the lodestar rate is undeservedly high and exaggerates the volume of work done. The hardware chain wants the attorneys to receive no more than $4 million. law360.com
DDoS Attacks Increase In Size And Frequency
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks increased in size and frequency during the first half of this year, according to figures released by Arbor Networks.

Over the last 18 months, Arbor Networks monitored an average of 124,000 DDoS attacks every week. That's primarily because tools that can help launch a DDoS attack are readily available online for little money, or even no money at all. That means anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a grievance can launch an attack if they so wish.

The UK, France and the United States are the top targets for DDoS attacks, Arbor said.

This week, the hugely popular mobile game Pokémon Go was taken offline by a DDoS attack. infosecurity-magazine.com



Whitepaper: LP Meets IT for Complete Managed Business Infrastructure, Security and Intelligence

The advent of sophisticated, integrated technologies and smarter analytics has shifted the role of the loss prevention professional beyond "catching the bad guys."

Top LP professionals today take a strategic look at the systems and data in their stores to identify how they can support cross-organizational business goals. They think beyond loss prevention and theft, and work collaboratively with the IT department to guarantee infrastructure, store operations and merchandising needs are also fulfilled.

This whitepaper is designed to help LP professionals better navigate the evolving retail landscape, and uncover the customer experience and business intelligence opportunities afforded by IT collaboration.

Download your free copy of the whitepaper here.




Same-Day Courier, USPack Logistics,
Earns Coveted Security Certification From
International Supply Chain
Protection Organization (ISCPO)

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 12, 2016) - USPack Logistics (www.gouspack.com), a leading same-day transportation company, today announced that the International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) has granted it Security Certification. The ISCPO Carrier Security Audit is a framework for collaboration between customer and service provider, to mitigate risk and provide universal controls when using regional third-party logistics carriers.

USPack provides transportation services to ecommerce companies and healthcare organizations whose success depends on special handling and high levels of security. Following a thorough examination of operating procedures, systems and access control, security of deliverables and returns, loss and theft prevention, hiring, workforce training and facility management, USPack has earned the distinction of being the first transportation company to achieve full compliance with the ISCPO standards.

"USPack has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to loss prevention, and we are pleased to bestow this well-deserved honor," said ISCPO Chairman, Glenn Master.

Organizations that depend on last-mile carriers and delivery services demand assurances that each hub of the supply chain is thoroughly and routinely assessed. By embracing these standards, carriers acknowledge the need to comply with collection of best loss prevention and theft detection practices within the Security/Loss Prevention industry.

"Earning ISCPO certification is a tremendous achievement," said Mark Glazman, EVP of USPack Logistics. "We take great pride in maintaining an impeccable record of near zero loss, which reflects our strict adherence to security protocols and efficient practices, and continuous investment in loss prevention staff and technology."

ISCPO Transportation Carrier Certification - Overview
Regional Carriers a.k.a. Final-mile Carriers are an instrumental component our own supply chain and should be embraced as valuable business partners.

The ISCPO has developed a set of Carrier Security Requirements, which is fundamental for all transportation providers to adhere to in order to safe guard their customer's freight.

It is our hope and desire that these ISCPO Carrier Security Requirements will be adopted by a majority of Final-mile or Regional Carriers as well as the organizations that contract with them. By embracing these standards, the benefits to both parties are numerous but most importantly the Carriers can stand behind one set of requirements without having to manage various customer programs differently within the same space. It sets the Carrier up for success by reducing wasteful time and expense from the operation.

Transportation providers will have the ability to obtain a Carrier Certification through the ISCPO. This Certification will be representative of the Security Requirements that have been adopted by the carrier.

For more information on this program please contact Glenn Master, gmaster@newgistics.com

Carrier Certification & Self-Assessment Worksheet



Growth of online sales & turnover forcing retailers to review employee commissions & bonuses
Rising online sales are prompting some Canadian retailers to consider overhauling the commission structures that motivate their store employees to deliver strong customer service.

Clothing retailer Le Chateau said it's reviewing its options due to the growth of showrooming - a practice where shoppers browse in-store but then order online - because it deprives employees of commissions. One option under consideration is allocating commissions from online sales to stores near the shopper's home.

The Retail Council of Canada said designing a good compensation strategy is challenging. It's especially difficult figuring out how to divide store rewards among individual sales associates.

Luxury menswear retailers such as Harry Rosen pay commissions to employees, even when the regular customers to whom they're assigned make online purchases, noted industry observers.

The trend in the U.S. is towards team rewards, with bonuses based on the store's performance, in order to avoid the high-pressure tactics that customers loathe, said Jim Okamura, a Canadian retail consultant.
Apportioning credit for a sale - especially in a world where customers are visiting stores, responding to promotions sent directly to their phones and ordering online - is at the centre of internal fights among retailers.

Retailers will also have to adapt commission structures to avoid costly turnover of millennial employees, a group she says are often as disloyal as the customers they serve.

E-commerce accounted for 5.7 per cent of total retail sales in Canada last year, compared to 7.1 per cent in the U.S., according to a Trendex NAFTA apparel report.  cbc.ca

Target Lawsuits continue over failed Canadian Expansion
A pension fund wants to represent investors accusing Target Corp. of concealing problems with its expansion into Canada and has tapped Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP and Labaton Sucharow LLP as its lead counsel choice, according to a motion in Minnesota federal court.

The Carpenters Pension Fund of Illinois on Monday said it deserves the top spot in the proposed class action alleging that Target defrauded investors with a series of false and misleading statements leading up to its decision to fire its top Canadian executive and send the Canadian unit into bankruptcy in early 2015. With losses of more than $282,000, the pension fund said it is the most appropriate choice to lead the suit.

The suit, filed in May by the Police Retirement System of St. Louis, alleged that Target falsely reassured investors that things were running smoothly even as its Canadian unit struggled to get off the ground, causing its shares to trade at artificially high prices.  law360.com

LCBO worker who posted security image of feminist online 'no longer an employee'
An LCBO employee who posted security footage on Facebook is no longer employed by the Crown corporation, CityNews has learned. The employee posted a screengrab of a woman shopping, outing her as the same woman who confronted men's rights activists in a 2013 YouTube video that went viral.

"We conducted an investigation and as a result of the investigation we took action with respect to the employee in a matter that reflects the seriousness of the situation," Christine Bujold, an LCBO spokesperson said. "That person is no longer an LCBO employee."  citynews.ca

306 Quebec pharmacies/franchisees suing franchisor Jean Coutu to recover $252M in royalties
The suit claims franchise owners have been overpaying Jean Coutu in violation of Article 49 of the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists, which prohibits pharmacists from sharing fees and profits from drug sales with non-pharmacists, Sopropharm said. financialpost.com

Canadian retailers buying Pokemon Go 'lures' to draw virtual creatures, and trainers

Ontario-based bag & luggage retailer Taschen! Shutters its 4 Canadian stores

Wal-Mart Escalates Fight With Visa, Blocks Cards at Three Canadian Stores

Retail Council: No reason why Visa's fees should be so high

Ikea to accept PayPal in Canada for online purchases


How stolen freezies and strawberries are turning into a $5B black market
In a heat wave like this, it's not hard to imagine why someone might have stolen two tractor-trailers full of Kisko freezies two weeks ago. But the $60,000 heist is actually part of an increasingly sophisticated organized crime network that's infiltrating the shipping industry.

Cargo theft has created a black market worth between $5 to $6 billion a year countrywide, according to estimates from police and the Ontario Trucking Association.

In York region, alone about 50 cargo thefts are reported each year — with police recovering $4 to $5 million in goods, said Det.-Sgt. Paul LaSalle who is part of the force's cargo theft unit.

The majority of what's stolen is food, with LaSalle having seen everything from meat to strawberries go missing.

LaSalle said it's now evolved from petty theft into "a complicated shell game." Fraudsters pose as shipping operatives, creating a false company name to bid on the jobs offered online by food producers, Lasalle said. The false company will then pick up the goods, but never deliver them — and by the time the manufacturer realizes they've been robbed, it's often too late.

"They want to be able to unload it fairly quickly," Lasalle said of the goods. "They don't want the risk of it travelling on a highway for a long period of time."

Kisko Products has fallen victim to this kind of heist twice in two years, its president Mark Josephs said. While police were able to track down the missing freezies this time, they could only put one of the truckloads back into their inventory — losing about $30,000 in revenue, Josephs said.

"The thieves hacked into the computer system of the trucking company and stole all their information about all the loads," he said. "This organized crime is so sophisticated their supply chain would really be the envy of any of us in the industry." cbc.ca

Canada's crime index rises for 1st time in 12 years, lifted by spike in Alberta
A "notable" uptick in police-reported crime in Alberta contributed to the first increase in the national rate in 12 years, Statistics Canada says. The national Crime Severity Index (CSI), which measures the volume and severity of police-reported crime, jumped five per cent from 2014 to 2015, the federal agency said Wednesday. An 18 per cent increase in Alberta, combined with smaller increases in British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan, contributed to pushthe CSI up. In all, eight out of 13 provinces and territories reported an increase in the CSI by the end of last year. cbc.ca

Staff 'deserved what they got': Man told police after ramming truck through Petro Canada station
Steven Cloutier told police he was “past the breaking point” the day he drove his Ford F-150 through an Edmonton Petro Canada gas station, severely injuring two employees; a man and a woman. Two other female employees were also injured.

Cloutier, 39, was originally facing a long list of charges, including four counts of attempted murder. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault, dangerous driving causing bodily harm, mischief over $5,000 and assault.

Nov. 19, 2015, Cloutier didn’t run from police. In fact, he watched from across the street as emergency crews arrived at the Petro Canada at 96 Street and 118 Avenue. Once in police custody, he told the investigator he should be in a mental hospital.

After his credit card had been denied at multiple gas pumps he drove into the station.

Warning: Video contain disturbing images. globalnews.ca

Quebec Order of Pharmacists issues cautionary statement over theft
The Quebec Order of Pharmacists is asking its members to review their security measures following a robbery that led to a fatal standoff in Jonquière, Que. last week. Quebec provincial police believed a 27-year-old man held up a pharmacy with a knife last Saturday. He later died during a standoff between him and police because he appeared to be holding what looked like a homemade bomb. cbc.ca

Peel, ON (UPDATE): Third arrest made in connection to violent jewellery store robberies, home invasions
A week after Peel police announced the capture of two suspects allegedly involved in a series of violent home invasions targeting South Asian jewellery store owners, a third suspect turned himself in to investigators on Monday. Rashid Ahmad, 25, from Windsor, has been charged with robbery, disguise with intent, and holding an imitation firearm while committing an offence. The four attacks, two in Brampton and two in Toronto between October and December 2015 were “well-orchestrated” and “terrifying,” Chief Jennifer Evans told media last Wednesday. metronews.ca

Calgary sword store loses $20,000 in merchandise after weekend burglary
Dark Age Creations lost close to $20,000 in medieval swords, armour and other custom pieces in an overnight burglary. calgaryherald.com

Two Medicine Hat men charged with credit card fraud

Ottawa: Police respond to apparent Poké-crimes in the capital

Youth charged with robbing 3 Cold Lake liquor stores in 20 minutes

Armed Robberies

Champlain Pharmacy IDA - Morinville, AB, CN
Greco Pizza - New Brunswick, CN
Kwik-Way – Wilmot, NS
Petro-Canada - Kamloops, BC, CN
Tremont Pharmacy - St. Catharines, ON


History and Goals of the IOBSE

Developing Future Leaders for
Tomorrow's Challenges

Keith White, SVP Loss Prevention for Gap Inc., and Michael Nelson, Regional Dir. of LP for Kohl's, talk about the history and goals of the International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE). As the leading organization for minority security professionals, IOBSE is driven toward inspiring and encouraging young executives and college students to success in the security industry. Hear Keith talk about some of the IOBSE's success stories from over the years, while Michael tells us about the group's annual conference.

Episode Sponsored By:


Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish?  Contact us.

Illegal Drug Sellers Borrow A Page From ECommerce
According to a new report, while online markets account for only a small portion of illicit drug sales, it is growing at a very fast clip with sellers aiming to build a reputation on price and quality, similar to how their retail counterparts behave online.

The sales are occurring on dark websites that users can only gain access to through browsers including Tor. Buyers and sellers use secure, so-called dark, email to hook up and make their payments in bitcoins, a growing digital currency that is hard to trace.

Just like retailers moved to embrace eCommerce, these online sellers of illicit drugs are using feedback systems, enabling buyers to rate their purchases and leave comments similar to how Amazon.com or eBay does it.

While these sellers of illicit drugs are acting similar to retailers with their eCommerce websites, they are taking a lot of precautions to prevent law enforcement from shutting them down, which is having mixed results. pymnts.com

Connected Devices Need E-Commerce Standard Security
Say Cyber Security Experts

Billions of connected devices are potentially at risk unless security sensitive software can be managed to an e-commerce standard, according to a group of leading technology security experts.

The companies, including ARM, Intercede, Solacia and Symantec worked together to assess the security challenges of connecting billions of devices across multiple sectors; including industrial, home, health services and transportation. Their conclusion was that any system could be compromised unless a system-level root of trust was established.

To deal with the risk, the companies collaborated on the Open Trust Protocol (OTrP) to combine a secure architecture with trusted code management, using technologies proven in large scale banking and sensitive data applications on mass-market devices such as smartphones and tablets. businesswire.com

Wal-Mart's online marketplace picks up sellers and momentum


St Louis County, MO: Two men charged with $1,000 Baby Formula Theft from Walmart
According to charging documents, the men loaded 55 canisters of baby formula into a tote bag in a cart, then ran out of the store without paying. Store security officers tried to stop the men, but they made off in a orange SUV. An officer responding to the theft call saw the car and gave chase, but soon gave up when it became too dangerous. The two men were later arrested by another officer. They said they were going to sell the formula to what they called the "Arab stores". Editor's note: Missouri does not currently have an ORC law. ksdk.com

Homer Glen, IL: Meijer employee scammed on Gift Card transaction
over the phone

Police said an employee at Meijer was tricked by someone pretending to call from Meijer's corporate offices during a July 7 scam. The victim was instructed to put $499 on six store gift cards and $249 on the seventh one. The victim than provided the card's serial numbers per the caller's request before the scam was discovered later that day. chicagotribune.com

Centralia, WA: Thief Makes Off With $800 in Merchandise at Outlet
At 5:31 p.m. on Sunday, police received a report of a second-degree theft at a factory outlet store in the 1400 block of Lum Road. Three suspects reportedly entered the store and stole more than $800 in merchandise before fleeing in a silver car with Oregon license plates. chronline.com

Evergreen Park, IL: Menard's seeking a Career Criminal for Identity and Retail Theft
The Evergreen Park police detective told the judge that Walter Bacon visited Menard's on May 17, where he brought an outdoor grill and some food items to the cashier. When the cashier noticed that he put his own picture on another man's driver's license, she called her supervisor. Together they tried to stall for time until police could arrive. Bacon became wise to their ruse and walked out of the store with the unpaid merchandise. The cashier managed to get a photocopy of Bacon's alleged fake driver's license. The prosecutor said Bacon has a long rap sheet, including seven prior felony convictions and 14 misdemeanors ting back to the 1980s. Bacon is still on the loose. patch.com

Muskegon County, MI: Ricky Ricardo White, 43, of Muskegon, 20 months to 10 years MDOC for organized retail crime, third-time habitual offender

Buffalo, NY: Family Dollar shoplifter steals $225 in laundry pods, pulls knife on Associate after robbery

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Shootings, Death and Threats

Marietta, GA: Police Come Under Gunfire at Deercreek Gunshop
A gunman inside a gun shop near Atlanta began shooting at police officers, who returned fire after responding to reports of a break-in at the business shortly before dawn Tuesday, Marietta police said. No injuries were reported and four suspects have been apprehended at the Deercreek Gunshop in Marietta. Officers responding to a report of a burglary noticed movement on top of and inside the building, and soon apprehended two suspects, Wallace said. A third suspect inside the business fired on the officers, and one of the lawmen returned fire, but no one was hit, police said. A fourth suspect came out of the business with his hands up. abcnews.go.com

Myrtle Beach, SC: Mall Security Tried Saving Drowning Infant
Security officers rushed to a possible drowning at the Tanger Outlets on Highway 501 after witnesses reported a woman with an infant behind the mall who had thrown the bay into the water. According to warrants, security officers were called to the area by shoppers and when they arrived, they saw the child in the pond, but did not see his mother. Security officers attempted a rescue and emergency crews tried to revive the infant, but were unable to. Police began searching for the mother and found Jameisha Alexander about two hours later when she wrecked her vehicle, the warrants stated. Officials said she made no effort to contact authorities or anyone else for help. Horry County police arrested Alexander and have charged her with murder in connection with the incident. An autopsy ruled 6-week-old King Khalil Jair Alexander's cause of death as drowning. abc11.com wpde.com

Albany, AL: Man arrested for threatening to blow up Dollar General; demonstrating for BLM
An Albany man is charged with terroristic threats and acts for threatening to blow up a Dollar General store in South Albany. According to reports, Tyrone Taylor, Jr., 26, made statements Monday morning that he was demonstrating for Black Lives Matter, and threatened to blow up the Dollar General. Police said Taylor was enraged because he felt clerks were watching him in the store, targeting him. "Being vigilant against shoplifting. And from there it went to him expressing his feelings about being targeted as a shoplifter," said Lt. Keithen Hall from APD. In 2006, he was convicted on two counts of armed robbery and sentenced to 20 years in prison. wbrc.com

Robberies & Thefts

Albemarle County, VA: Two people abducted by Armed Gunman taken to a 7 Eleven for a robbery
Officers are on the hunt for three men behind a double abduction and armed robbery Monday, July 18. Detectives are looking for three masked men who abducted two people, stole an SUV and robbed a convenience store. Earlier Monday night, police say the suspects forced their way into a home at Shannon Glen Court and abducted one victim. Police said. "Abducted the victim at gunpoint, stealing the victim's car, and taking the victim from that location to a nearby ATM to withdraw money." At the ATM, the trio of robbers abducted a second person at gunpoint. "At that time the victims were taken from that location of the ATM and they were taken to the area of the 7-Eleven." After robbing the store, the three men took off with cash and dropped the victims off nearby. The suspects later ditched the SUV they stole. nbc29.com

Kingsport, VA: Zales employee arrested for the theft of over $20,000 of merchandise
Jamie Darlene Rich, 20, was arrested on Saturday. An incident report at the Kingsport Police Department says officers were called to Zales by an assistant manager. The complainant stated that Rich was an employee, with the company suspecting she had stolen 14 separate pieces of jewelry. The alleged thefts occurred on Tuesday with the total value of merchandise estimated at $20,228. johnsoncitypress.com

Elyria, OH: Police searching for this Armed Robbery suspect, shouldn't be that difficult to identify
Elyria police are asking for the public's help in finding two suspects involved in the July 7 armed robbery at the Corner Store, 616 Prospect St. Police identified Christopher Barnes, 23, of Lorain, as the suspect and is wanted on an aggravated robbery charge. No one was injured. morningjournal.com

Alcoa, TN: Shoplifter pulls a knife on Walmart Loss Prevention; suspect arrested, no injuries reported

New Hartford, CT: Man stealing plastic bottles from Walmart storage trailer now facing Robbery charges; fought with Loss Prevention

Westfield, MA: Walmart calls police once a day

Treiber and Straub Jewelers in Brookfield, WI reported a Burglary on July 12, no amount was disclosed

Piercing Pagoda in the Florida Mall, Orlando, FL reported a Grab & Run on 7/18, merchandise valued at $2,149

Kay Jewelers in the Westland Mall, Hialeah, FL reported a Grab & Run on 7/11, RECOVERED merchandise is valued at $12,211

Kay Jewelers in the Rolling Oaks Mall, San Antonio TX reported a Grab & Run on 7/19, merchandise valued at $16,699

Zales in the Dadeland Mall, Miami, FL reported a Distraction Team Theft on 7/19, merchandise valued at $11,339

Zales in the Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, NC, reported a Grab & Run on 7/19, merchandise valued at $10,699

Cargo Theft

Man arrested for $43,000 Frito-Lay snacks trailer theft in Miami-Dade area
South Florida Cargo Theft Task Force found the trailer, which was originally from Georgia and destined for Homestead, in Miami-Dade and charged the 26 yr-old with theft of tractor, trailer and product ($139,000).

The $43,000 Frito-Lay haul is peanuts compared to one South Florida man's alleged haul: $2 million of Mucinex. Officials say the stolen goods were resold at a Miami-Dade store. miamiherald.com

Counterfeit Goods

Richland County, SC: $200,000 in Fake Merchandise Seized in Richland County

Credit Card Fraud

Lowell, MA: Man arrested for attempted murder on a Police Officer following stolen car and Credit Card spree

Adrain, MI: Three accused of trying to use falsified gift cards at Wal-Mart

Skimming Report

Australia: Card skimming mastermind's penalty reduced

Ann Street C-Store - Montgomery, AL - Armed Robbery
Casey's General - Carterville, MO - Armed Robbery
Casey's General - Joplin, MO - Armed Robbery
Chevron - Killeen, TX - Armed Robbery/ 2x in 2 weeks
CoGo - Murrysville, PA - Armed Robbery
Corner Store - Elyria, OH - Armed Robbery
Deercreek Gunshot - Marietta, GA - Burglary/ Shots fired
Dillon's - Hutchinson, KS - Armed Robbery/ suspect arrested
Dollar General - Albany, AL - Bomb Threat
Don & Ben's - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
Eagle Store - Verona, MS - Shooting
Jeffro Furniture - Chicago, IL - Burglary
Jewelry Pawn Store - Port St Lucie, FL - Burglary
King's Beauty Shop - Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO - Shooting/ 2 critically wounded
Metro PCS - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Tallahassee, FL - Robbery
One World Restaurant - Port St Lucie, FL - Burglary
Walgreens - Aurora, IL - Robbery


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