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 July 21, 2014


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Retailers Allowed to Pursue Swipe-Fee Suits, judge rules - Visa, MasterCard Must Face Target, Macy's Swipe-Fee Case - $ Billions at Stake  Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. lost their bid to dismiss more than 30 lawsuits by retailers seeking potentially billions of dollars in damages over fees for processing transactions. Merchants including Target Corp. and Macy’s Inc. pursued their cases after dropping out of an earlier $5.7 billion settlement over the charges known as swipe fees. Today, a federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, refused to throw out those lawsuits. He also rejected Visa’s request to dismiss a similar lawsuit filed by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. seeking at least $5 billion in damages. U.S. District Judge John Gleeson in December approved the card companies’ settlement with merchants nationwide following years of antitrust litigation over the fees. Dozens of large retailers appealed the approval of the accord. Many also dropped out of the deal and filed their own lawsuits, contending it wasn’t enough compensation for the hundreds of billions of dollars in fees paid. (Source bloomberg.com)

Target Canada's failed launch offers lessons for other retailers  The impending Canadian launch of fabled American retailers Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue is eagerly anticipated by consumers, but the disastrous rollout of Target stores might make executives pause. It’s no secret that Target stores in Canada have struggled out of the gate. The Minnesota-based retailer posted a $1-billion loss in Canada last year. Customer satisfaction is abysmal, despite efforts to improve product availability and pricing. Just this week, a retail analyst at Credit Suisse recommended executives shutter the Canadian operations entirely only 18 months after the stores opened. The company has balked at such a move and is reaffirming its commitment to the Canadian market, at least for now. (Source cbc.ca)

Why Apple-IBM deal is huge for retail - It will revolutionize how mobile impacts retail  The revelation that IBM and Apple would be working together on a new range of mobile solutions is a huge development in its own right, but the landmark deal also promises to have a wide-ranging impact on the retail industry. The reason why IBM and Apple joining forces to, as they put it, “transform enterprise mobility through a new class of business app,” is such a big deal relates to the companies’ respective strengths that will be brought to bear against the retail industry’s biggest operational challenges. In a nutshell, IBM is combining its big data and analytics capabilities with Apple’s iPhone and iPad to serve corporate customers in industry verticals, one of which is retail. (Source retailingtoday.com)

Amazon Has the Best Consumer Perception of Any Brand - Target drops in rankings after data breach  Target’s much-publicized data breach cost the company more than the $400-$450 million that’s been estimated—it also levied heavy damage on the retailer's perception among consumers, according to new rankings from research firm YouGov BrandIndex released today. The retailer last year was the No. 7 best-perceived brand among consumers, but not only did it fall off the top 10 list, it plummeted all the way down to No. 21. While negative news reports usually have some effect on consumer perception of brands, the impact varies. For example, in spite of its ongoing dispute with book publisher Hachette, Amazon.com is still the No. 1 best-perceived brand. (Source adweek.com)

Interesting Fact - 72 percent of Chicago fraud victims also data breach victims
At least 72 percent of Chicago-based fraud victims were also victims of a data breach, according to a study from the National Consumers League (NCL) based on research from Javelin Strategy & Research. The latest data breaches have served as a wake-up call signaling that government and the private sector need to take serious, meaningful action to curb this growing threat to our financial security,” she said. The study surveyed victims of security breaches in Miami, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, as well as Chicago. (Source scmagazine.com)

Chinese Hackers Target Logistics & Shipping Firms With Poisoned Inventory Scanners  Malware-poisoned handheld inventory scanners from China are stealing information from logistics and shipping firms as well as manufacturing companies around the globe in an attack campaign dubbed "ZombieZero" by the researchers who discovered it. A Chinese manufacturer that sells the popular devices for scanning items shipped or transported apparently has been implanting the malware in its products, as well as via the Windows XP embedded version of the software on the scanner maker's support website. Researchers from TrapX Security, which has provided details of the attacks, say scanners with another variant of the same malware were also sold to a large robotics firm and seven other companies, which they did not name. (Source darkreading.com)

Romanian gang used malware to defraud international money transfer firms
Romanian and French authorities have dismantled a cybercriminal network that infected computers at money transfer outlets across Europe and used them to perform illegal transactions. The gang was also involved in the theft of credit card details through skimming, credit card cloning, money laundering and drug trafficking, Europol announced Thursday. The gang, which was composed mostly of Romanian citizens, infected computers at copy shops that also operated as money transfer franchises in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway, the U.K. and other European countries. (Source csoonline.com)

Secondhand POS terminals sold on eBay yield leftover database of names, addresses, Social Security numbers and passwords  Matt Oh, a senior malware researcher with HP, recently bought a single Aloha point-of-sale terminal on eBay for US$200. Oh found an eye-opening mix of default passwords, at least one security flaw and a leftover database containing the names, addresses, Social Security numbers and phone numbers of employees who had access to the system. He wrote companies don't appear to be paying enough attention to security issues with their POS terminals, and older systems are often still in use, which may not be as secure, he wrote. Unknown software vulnerabilities also pose a risk. The Aloha POS system is sold by NCR, which came under its wing with its acquisition of Radiant Systems in July 2011 for $1.2 billion. (Source csoonline.com)

Juan Valdez Goes After Starbucks With Franchise Cafes in Florida
The first store is slated to open today in downtown Miami and four more will be added in the area by year-end, according to Hernan Mendez, chief executive officer of Procafecol SA, the company that oversees the Juan Valdez brand. Within five years, Procafecol is planning 60 of the new stores in Florida. As Juan Valdez cafes take on Starbucks in the U.S., the Seattle-based coffee giant is making its own inroads into Colombia. Starbucks opened a three-story outpost in Bogota last week that could serve as a model for a new line of flagship stores. (Source bloomberg.com)

Help wanted: These 9 retailers need a CEO
Some major retailers are looking to fill vacancies at the top of their C-suites, after unplanned departures and other shake-ups left them without a permanent successor. Click ahead to see a list of nine retailers who are searching for a new CEO. (Source cnbc.com)

5 Reasons Why Retailers Have Consistently High Employee Turnover
With the recent economic improvements in the job market and the entrance of a new generation into the workforce, retail turnover rates have seen a steady rise over the last few years. Of course employee turnover directly affects your workforce staffing needs and employee morale, but are truly aware of the huge financial costs impacting your organization? Here are the top 5 reasons why retailers see employee turnover occurring in their organizations: inadequate training, lack of advancement opportunities, employees felt they were not integrated into the team, problems with work hours, and poor treatment by managers. (Source retail-insider.com)

Report: 31% of IT security teams don't speak to company execs

N. American Video Surveillance Market to Reach $15.81 billion by 2020

Former CVS, Macys & Sears exec. to lead Office Depot North America

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Foot Locker sued by customer in Louisiana allegedly injured after stepping on security tag  

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Should You Make Payments Through Social Media?
Want to pay for that latte using your social media account? That's increasingly possible as new payment venues quickly pop up. Little by little, retailers are opening up their doors to new online payments via Facebook and Twitter. So, you can buy a friend a cup of coffee at Starbucks or even scoop up plane tickets at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines through social media networks. Given the growing use of social media, these payments will explode in the next few years, experts say. Still, these are early days for social media payments, says Nick Holland, senior payments analyst at Javelin Strategy and Research. So consumers should have some skepticism, since none of the social networks is designed specifically for payments, and security glitches are still being worked out. There are downsides to making Facebook payments -- security and privacy concerns, Holland says. "Facebook hasn't been the best at dealing with consumer information," he says. The reason: Social network users can reveal lots of personal information, such as their families and even employers, which can make them vulnerable to fraud and identity theft, says a Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City report on payment systems released in December 2012. These sites can be "breeding grounds for cyber-criminals," the report continues, and so "network users' data can be inadvertently exposed." (Source foxbusiness.com)

Dell.com announces support for bitcoin payments - largest e-commerce adopter so far  Dell's online marketplace now accepts bitcoin as payment, the computer hardware company said in a release on Friday morning. Coinbase will process bitcoin payments, and customers using a non-Coinbase wallet must pay a small transaction fee, Dell said in the release.The firm's founder and CEO, Michael Dell, tweeted on Friday morning that the deal made Dell the "world's largest ecommerce business to accept bitcoin." (Source cnbc.com)

Survey: iOS dominates mobile commerce with 11.6M iPhone users making at least one purchase a month

Demand Growing for E-Commerce Warehouses

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




Kohl’s knife wielding shoplifter in Menifee, CA arrested
Police just released information that on Thursday July 17, a man was arrested along with his accomplices for robbery and pulling a knife out on a security guard at Kohl’s in Menifee. The armed suspect had three children in tow at the time of the robbery. Richard Nartates, 26, of Hemet, was nabbed following his alleged robbery of the Kohl's department store in Menifee and a grocery store in Hemet. Two women, Yevette Nieves, 25, of San Jacinto, and Jennifer Garcia, 24, of Santa Fe Springs, were also arrested in connection with the thefts, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department reported. Nartates was confrontational Thursday with security guards who suspected he stole merchandise from the Kohl's store. Nartates and his alleged accomplices fled in a car along with the children and headed to a Winco grocery store in Hemet, sheriff's authorities said. (Source myvalleynews.com)

Weis Market employee charged with gift card theft in Hillsborough, NJ
Hillsborough police said a Weis Supermarket employee Richard Mackenzie, 23, of North Plainfield was charged July 2 with theft by deception by allegedly stealing $680.75 worth of gift cards from the store. He was released and given a date to come to court. (Source centraljersey.com)

Burglary at Mustang, OK Walgreens leads to high speed pursuit  A reported burglary at a Mustang drug store turned into a high speed pursuit early on Saturday. Four suspects from Texas were taken into custody. Mustang Police say at 4:35 a.m., a citizen alerted them of a burglary in progress at Walgreens. Officers located the suspect vehicle in the 900 block of East State Highway 152 and attempted to make an investigative stop. Police say the driver failed to yield to the officers and a pursuit was initiated. The suspect vehicle crashed into a concrete barricade while attempting to go south on I-35. "Speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour were reached," Craig said. "During the pursuit, occupants were throwing items from the suspect vehicle. Officers recovered items, clothing and prescription medications stolen from Walgreens." One suspect was arrested at the scene of the crash and three others were located and arrested with the assistance of the Oklahoma City Police Department, Air 1 and K-9 officers. Police arrested Kenneth Wayne Tolbert, 23, Hylon Alford-Solomon, 23, James Richard Wooden, 24 and Christopher Allen Williams Jr., 23. All four suspects are from Fort Worth, Texas. (Source mustangpaper.com)

Robbers use sledgehammers to break into Park Meadows Mall jewelry store in Lone Tree CO  Three robbers used sledgehammers to break into a jewelry store at the Park Meadows Mall, police said. The burglary happened at the Ben Bridge Jewelers store Friday night. According to police, several display boxes were smashed and multiple Rolex watches were taken. (Source kdvr.com)

Three people charged with robbing Verizon store in Greece, NY; maybe tied to other Verizon robberies Greece Police say they are investigating if three suspects in a Verizon store robbery may be responsible for similar crimes. Jainiece Love, Timiesha Joseph and Jedadahia Duval, of Rochester, face robbery and grand larceny charges. Police say they robbed the Verizon store on Dewey Avenue on July 2. Police say they are investigating if the three suspects are connected to similar Verizon store robberies in Gates, Irondequoit and the West Ridge Road location in Greece. (Source whec.com)

Gang charges dropped against alleged PetSmart burglar in San Carlos, CA
A woman accused of using her job at a San Carlos PetSmart store to help commit multiple residential burglaries in San Mateo County will stand trial in August on more than a dozen felonies but not the gang counts with which she was originally charged. Judge Jonathan Karesh dismissed the gang affiliation allegations after a Friday hearing but upheld the remaining burglary and car theft charges against Ashley Lynn Kirk. Kirk and her alleged accomplice Juan Ortega-Ramos, both 24-year-old San Jose residents, are scheduled for jury trial Aug. 18. According to prosecutors, Kirk used her knowledge of customers who were out of town through her job boarding dogs at PetSmart to ransack the empty homes and take items including electronics, jewelry and, in one instance, a silver Porsche 991S from a Portola Valley home, according to prosecutors. In January, authorities capped a five-month investigation into burglaries at vacant homes by arresting the couple in Discovery Bay. Ortega-Ramos, alleged to be a Norteño, still faces gang charges. (Source smdailyjournal.com)

Two of four Ace Hardware store robbers arrested Pacifica, CA
Two suspects involved in a strong-arm robbery in Pacifica on Wednesday have been arrested, police said. Gustavo Paludeti, 19, of Belmont, and Nolan Lydon, 19, of Redwood City, were both booked into the San Mateo County Main Jail on felony charges of robbery, conspiracy and burglary. The two are suspected to be a part of a group of four men who entered an Ace Hardware store at 560 San Pedro Ave. around 5:30 p.m. and stole an undisclosed amount of merchandise, police said. One suspect pushed an employee to the ground before the group fled in a vehicle, which was later found unoccupied nearby the scene. (Source mercurynews.com)

Man accused of robbing three Akron area businesses in four days; CVS, Hallmark and Marc’s  An Akron man is accused of robbing three area stores in a four-day span. Anthony M. Stearn, 26, faces three robbery charges in Akron Municipal Court, including one charge filed on Friday. Stearn is accused of robbing or attempting to rob Karan's Hallmark on Westwood Drive in Akron, the CVS pharmacy on Brittain Road in Akron and the pharmacy at Marc's grocery store in Springfield Township. All reported robberies happened between July 1 and July 4. (Source cleveland.com)

Thief posts selfies on Facebook wearing stolen clothing, arrested  Police investigating the theft of clothing and jewelry from a southern Illinois boutique say they arrested a woman after she posted Facebook photos of herself wearing one of the stolen items. Police arrested 27-year-old Danielle Saxton, of West Frankfort, earlier this month on misdemeanor retail theft charges. She’s free on her own recognizance. Authorities say a distinctive leopard-print dress was among the items stolen July 11 from Mortie’s Boutique in West Frankfort. The store’s co-owner, Kert Williams, says he posted about the stolen items on Facebook and that people who saw Williams’ posting and those of Saxton made the connection and helped police. (Source wsiltv.com)

Texas A&M football player arrested for shoplifting
Another Texas A&M football player is in trouble with the law. Rosenberg Police arrested Aggie defensive back Victor Davis for shoplifting at a Kohl's Department Store. The incident came to light after police posted his photo on Twitter on their "most wanted shoplifters" list. ESPN named Davis a four-star recruit. Seven other Aggie players have been arrested since December on a variety of charges ranging from drug possession and assault to failure to show a driver's license. (Source wfaa.com)

Armed Robbery at Verizon Wireless in Luzerne County, PA

3 indicted in death of Richmond jewelry store worker during robbery

Suspects sought in AT&T armed robbery in Salisbury, MD

Robbery closes Whole Foods store in Harbor East, MD

Kay Jewelers in the West Oaks Mall, Ocoee, Florida the victim of a Grab and Run, items valued at over $1200

Bangor General Store – Bangor, PA – Armed Robbery
Boost Mobile – Des Moines, IA – Burglary
Cash Store – Moline, IL - Armed Robbery – suspect arrested
Circle K - Kennewick, WA - Armed Robbery
CVS – Tulsa, OK – Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Simmesport, LA - Armed Robbery - suspect arrested
Family Dollar - Tyler, TX - Armed Robbery

Food Mart – Dayton, OH – Armed Robbery
Hess – Harrisburg, PA – Armed Robbery – suspect arrested, tied to Rite Aid/Family Dollar robberies
Marathon – South Point, OH – Armed Robbery
Marathon – Cape Coral, FL – Armed Robbery
Red D - Elkhart, IN – Armed Robbery
Silver & Gold Expressions – Binghamton, NY – Armed Robbery
Speedway - Lansing, MI - Armed Robbery - suspect arrested
7-Eleven – San Bernardino, CA – Shooting – one in critical condition




Warrant issued for man suspected in Best Buy thefts in Kentucky
A warrant has been issued for a man police believe has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise from Best Buy stores in Louisville. According to St. Matthews Police Department Detective Dennis McDonald, a warrant was issued for Wallace Sanders, 50, after surveillance footage captured him coming into the St. Matthews Best Buy and leaving with computers on July 9 and on July 12. A woman is also shown in the surveillance video with him, but officers have not identified her. Sanders is wanted by several other police agencies for drug charges in addition to charges of theft, escape and fleeing and evading, said Det. McDonald. Best Buy representatives said they think Sanders is responsible for more than 30 different thefts over three years at the stores St. Matthews, Outer Loop and Clarksville locations. (Source wave3.com)

Price Chopper shoplifter sentenced to 1-3 years in Baby Formula theft in Saratoga Springs, NY  An Argyle man who stole more than $1,000 worth of baby formula and other items from a Saratoga Springs supermarket has been sentenced to 1 to 3 years in state prison. Brett J. Disanto, 23, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree grand larceny, a felony, in connection with numerous thefts from Price Chopper. He and two others had been charged with stealing from a store in Clifton Park as well. (Source poststar.com)

Thief Steals 200 Pairs Of Panties From Victoria’s Secret in Augusta, GA Mall
A panty thief stole at least 200 pairs from Victoria’s Secret inside Augusta Mall on Saturday, a Richmond County sheriff’s report says. Security video shows the male entering the store about 11:45 a.m. and stuffing the underwear into a large shopping bag. He left without paying for the merchandise, valued at $1,900. (Source opposingviews.com)

McComb and Brookhaven, MS Police bust Credit Card Theft Ring
McComb and Brookhaven police need your help tracking down suspects in a credit card theft ring The McComb Police Department has been able to identify the two women as Vifran Carter and Karen Calvin in regards to multiple credit card fraud from Hazlehurst to some parts of Louisiana. They each face charges of credit card fraud and identity theft. Authorities say they distract employees while others search for wallets and purses that belong to customers or employees. (Source wjtv.com)

Brookfield, WI and Gurnee, IL Kohl’s store hit by Jewelry Department Distraction Team  On 7/14/14 at 2103 hours, our department responded to the above location for a report of retail theft involving two suspects taking $25,350.00 worth of assorted women's jewelry. One suspect distracted the sales associate with wanting to look at rings for his girlfriend, while the other suspect pried the metallic frame around a glass display case, removed the top piece of glass, pocketed 26 pieces of jewelry and replaced the top glass. He then nudged the suspect speaking to the sales associates stating, "Let's go, Joe." They both then exited the store.

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Director, LP Walmart Canada Mississauga, ON, Canada Workopolis
Dir of LP & Risk Mgmt Gordmans Omaha, NE Gordmans
Director Digital LP Nike Portland, OR Nike
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Regional LP Manager SpartanNash Omaha, NE SpartanNash
Reg LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance Mgr Dunham's Sports United States Dunham's Sports
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Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Murfreesboro, TN Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Las Vegas, NV Walmart
LP Manager, Hrly Sears Provo, UT Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Arlington, TX Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Atlanta, GA Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Monaca, PA Lowe's
Area LP Manager Lowe's Gainesville, FL Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Columbus, IN Lowe's
ETL Assets Protection Target Yuma, AZ Target
ETL Assets Protection Target Charlottesville, VA Target
AP Manager Home Depot Myrtle Beach, Sc Home Depot
AP Manager Home Depot Miami, FL Home Depot
LP Supervisor Burlington Coat Factory Leominster, MA Burlington Coat Factory
LP Supervisor Burlington Coat Factory Sterling, VA Burlington Coat Factory
LP Supervisor Burlington Coat Factory Hillcrest Heights, MD Burlington Coat Factory



Kim Schmidt, CFI was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Gordman's.
Jamal Juma was named District Loss Prevention Manager for National Stores, Inc.

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The Incredibly Simple Secret to Employee Happiness  Employee surveys are useless, especially if your employees don't think you're listening and reacting to what they have to say. Here's how to send the message to your team that you are listening and taking notes. (Human touch)

10 Tips for Leading Through Changes
Change is a hard process, one that takes flexibility, patience and a dose of authority. In order to make the transition you will need some good advice. Here's 10 pieces of advice for bosses when leading your team through change. (No quick results)


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Three Situations Where You Should Never Offer Feedback  There is no dispute that constructive criticism has high value, but sometimes there are other things you should do, like keep your mouth shut! Here are three of those instances when it's better to keep quiet rather than offer feedback. (You're too late)

Your Boss's Work-Life Balance Matters As Much As Your Own  What leaders say is far less important than what they do, at least in a recent study. When leaders model in their own behavior sustainable ways of working, it has a tremendous effect on those they lead. (When you take care of your people, they take care of you)

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How you leave an employer and how you start with a new employer are very critical segments of time because they can tend to label executives and those labels can last a very long time. Interesting how short the time periods are relative to an executive's actual career. But the exiting process and the on-boarding periods leave long-term impressions that follow executives. Regardless of why an executive leaves, the important thing is to leave professionally, quietly and making sure the employer has a detailed report on all of your projects and work. And most certainly respect their intellectual property which, in today's world, virtually every company has been a victim of intellectual property theft. According to most recent surveys, 33% of employees have stolen intellectual property and this is a major concern for every company and is the primary reason some employers require the departing executive to leave the day of their resignation.

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