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Emerging LP Issues: Training is Key
Carol Leaman and Lisa LaBruno

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Anne Sullivan adds new additional responsibilities to her role as Vice President of Asset Protection & Risk Management for CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc.
CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. announced July 15, 2016 Anne Sullivan, Vice President of Asset Protection & Safety would be adding Risk Management under her supervision. Anne's title has changed to Vice President, Asset Protection & Risk Management with the following divisions reporting to her: Loss Prevention, Risk Management, Safety, Security Support Communication Center, operational Standards Support and Smartsafe/Cash Conveyance. Congratulations Anne!
Steve Sell was named Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for CONTROLTEK USA
Prior to joining CONTROLTEK, Steve served as chief marketing officer at USS; director of North America Marketing for Tyco Integrated Security; vice president of Global Marketing for Checkpoint Systems; and also held global leadership roles with Accenture and Deloitte Consulting. Read more in today's Press Release column below.
  Jamie Bailey, CFI was named Director of Loss Prevention for Scrubs & Beyond, LLC.
Jamie was previously the Regional Loss Prevention Manager for The Children's Place since last April and has held a variety of loss prevention and invesetigations positions for such retailers as Claire's Inc. (Manager of Investigations - North America), Gordmans (District Manager/Manager of Investigations), Home Depot (Loss Prevention District Manager), and Kmart (Loss Prevention District Manager). Congratulations Jamie!


All Remains Peaceful in Cleveland and Around the U.S.
Retail's First Responders Have a Role to Play

With everyone scared and fearful of what could have happened here this week in Cleveland it seems as though the entire country is responding to the tragic events that have been happening worldwide over the last few months. Certainly the most recent killings of eight police officers brings the horrific consequences to everyone's front of mind.

With Black Lives Matter even canceling this past Sunday's protest in Minnesota, which had been rumored would spread around the country, it shows how deep this has affected everyone. Even those who have legitimate reasons to peacefully protest are showing their respect to the lives lost and the officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending what they believe in.

We still have tonight's acceptance speech, which in one way represents the buildup of months of frustrations on the part of so many. But the nation's mood has changed, and while the conversations are still about the inequalities many face they now appear to be tampered and somewhat reserved. From the coffee shops to gas stations to even the media, we all are starting to sound more mature about what we have to do as opposed to what we haven't done.

Yesterday's article about the "Parents on Premises" in Madison, Wisconsin's Meadowood Shopping Center shows how some are taking responsibility for their neighborhoods and making a difference. Let's hope that message and action spreads and that every group, including law enforcement, takes action and finds ways to bring us all together. And let's hope that over the next few months the message of unity prevails over the words of separateness and that our leaders on both sides can truly lead the right way. For there has never been a greater time of need than there is today, as our enemies are just waiting to help fuel the fires that disrupt us all.

As the first responders for the nation's retailers, the loss prevention industry has a role to play as well, and the messages and actions we deliver can play a vital role in every store in America. From store detective to vice president of loss prevention, how we manage the theft and violent actions of others can have a ripple effect throughout an entire city, and there has never been a greater time for all of us to act as professionals and treat everyone with respect regardless of ethnicity or the crime committed. Just a thought, Gus Downing

In Open Letter To Law Enforcement, Obama Says, 'We Have Your Backs'
"Every day, you accept this responsibility and you see your colleagues do their difficult, dangerous jobs with equal valor," Mr. Obama wrote in his letter, posted to the White House website Tuesday. "I want you to know that the American people see it, too. We recognize it, we respect it, we appreciate it, and we depend on you. And just as your tight-knit law enforcement family feels the recent losses to your core, our Nation grieves alongside you. Any attack on police is an unjustified attack on all of us."

"Some are trying to use this moment to divide police and the communities you serve," he wrote. "I reject those efforts, for they do not reflect the reality of our Nation." cbsnews.com whitehouse.gov

C-Store Group Sends Fruit Baskets to Police Departments in 25 Towns
in appreciation of the work performed by local law enforcement, VERC Enterprises recently sent fruit baskets to police departments in the 25 towns where it maintains stores. The idea came about when VERC President Leo Vercollone attended a recent industry study group. He and seven other convenience store owners from across the country meet regularly to share best practices. theshelbyreport.com

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Send us their info and story and we'll reach out on your company's behalf and publish and write their story about how they're impacting retail.

Pet Supermarkets eliminates Loss Prevention Program
Today Pet Supermarket, based in Sunrise, Fla., who was recently purchased by Roark Capital Group, the owners of Canadian retailer Pet Value, eliminated the loss prevention program. It included a Director of Loss Prevention and four Regional LP positions. Pet Supermarket has 155 stores in 11 states and had been building the program for the last five or six years.

Currently the loss prevention issues are handled by the district managers at Pet Value.

The combined company's will have 930 stores and generate approx. $1B in annual revenue. Pet Valu was taken private by an affiliate of Roark Capital in August 2009. Pet Supermarket was acquired by an affiliate of Roark Capital in April of 2015. Pet Retail Brands will remain headquartered in Markham, Ontario and Pet Supermarket operations will continue to be based in Sunrise, Florida.

65 Million users in U.S. in seven days and counting
Electronics retailers, seeing sales bump, tap into Pokemon Go frenzy

Electronics and smart-phone retailers are seeing a jump in sales of mobile charging equipment since Pokemon GO was released in the United States two weeks ago and are now looking for more ways to drive potential customers into stores through the wildly popular game.

AT&T Inc, GameStop Corp and RadioShack are all seeing a bump in sales of mobile chargers and in some cases charging cases since the game went live on July 6, with GameStop reporting a 45 percent jump in sales and Radio Shack seeing a 50 percent increase, executives told Reuters.

Sprint, which is also discounting chargers, has sent out training literature to its associates so that each of its 2,000 stores in the U.S. has a "Pokemon Go Expert" who can help beginner players understand the game.

Retailers are using social media, free charging stations, and even old-fashioned lemonade stands to draw nearby gamers into their stores. cnbc.com

Delaware County, Ohio Goes Live with Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP)
Delaware County, Ohio is the latest municipality to go live with Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP), a technology that automates communication between alarm monitoring central stations and 911 centers, resulting in improved accuracy and speed of emergency response. Transmitting data electronically speeds up alarm notification delivery and reduces the number of phone calls and processing time. It also eliminates human error or miscommunication between operators; all pertinent data goes directly to first responders within seconds.

ASAP was created in partnership with the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO), with Vector Security President and CEO Pam Petrow co-chairing the steering committee. vectorsecurity.com

Milwaukee Pharmacies see huge reduction in robberies with GPS trackers in pill bottles
Last year, Wisconsin had 45 pharmacy heists. According to the DEA, that was the third-worst rate in the country. But the coordinated crackdowns appear to be working. This year, Wisconsin has seen just three pharmacy heists. One law enforcement source told WISN 12 News it doesn't discuss law enforcement methods but said crooks can expect to see GPS trackers in a lot more than pill bottles.

A Walgreens spokesman told WISN 12 News it's committed to protecting those it serves. "We regularly invest in cutting-edge technology and advanced security capabilities to prevent criminal activity and to support law enforcement," he said. wisn.com

New York to crack down on dry cleaners & other businesses suspected of exploiting workers
Governor expands his task force beyond nail salons to protect employees from wage theft and safety hazards. The dry cleaning industry will get the Cuomo administration's nail-salon treatment. Touting $4 million in back wages that his Task Force to Combat Worker Exploitation has secured for workers over the past year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced increased scrutiny for 15 industries, including retail, car washes, cleaning, farming, trucking, airports, landscaping, construction and home health care.

Using an executive order, Cuomo established a permanent task force to look at wage theft, health and safety hazards and other workplace issues that he said disproportionately affect immigrants. Editor's Note: This will include the convenience store industry, the fast food industry, and others as well.  crainsnewyork.com

Toys R Us Is Accused of Selling Knockoff Crocs
Crocs Inc. on Tuesday slapped Toys R Us Inc. with a lawsuit in Colorado federal court accusing the retailer of infringing on patents related to the company's popular Crocband shoes by marketing and selling a similar product.

Crocs has previously sued companies over alleged infringement of the same patents. In November 2011 Crocs accused Walgreen Co. and TouchSport Footwear Inc. of infringing on the Crocband patents in a lawsuit filed in Colorado federal court. The suit ended in September 2012 when U.S. District Judge Marcia S. Krieger approved a permanent injunction prohibiting Walgreen and TouchSport from selling the knockoff footwear. law360.com

3D printed counterfeit security devices - cargo seals found in harbors around the world
It's an international criminal epidemic

According to British multinational security services company G4S, 3D printed counterfeit security devices such as cargo seals are increasingly found in harbors, where they are used to disguise cargo theft by replacing a broken seal with a 3D printed replica. This problem has now gotten so out of hand, that the G4S has shared several tips with shipping companies on how to prepare against this criminal epidemic.

As G4S revealed a few months ago, criminal gangs are becoming a bigger and bigger threat to international shipping by using 3D printed security devices. Specifically, they are creating perfect replicas of seals and padlocks to obscure the signs of theft. By creating perfect replicas of certain well-known cable seals such as the ISO 17712, these thieves are giving security personnel no reason to identify break-ins. Once the theft is eventually discovered upon arrival, there is little evidence to suggest when and where it took place, while the cargo has long been sold. 3ders.org
EEOC Says Transgender Rent-A-Center Worker Unfairly Fired
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has hit Rent-A-Center East Inc. with a lawsuit in Illinois federal court alleging the company fired a transgender employee after she informed her supervisors that she intended to transition from male to female.

The EEOC said in its lawsuit filed Monday that supervisors at the Rent-A-Center store in Rantoul, Illinois, fired Megan Kerr in 2014, after seeking to discharge her or force her to quit for more than a year after she informed them she was transgender. law360.com

Trump Campaign Using American Apparel to Manufacture Merchandise
It's a strange combination, considering the company is pro-immigration and even sells clothing that parodies Trump. But it jibes with the Trump platform of bringing manufacturing back to America.

But with the fact that the vast majority of their workers in Southern California are Mexicans it does make for strange bed fellows. They also make a clothing line bearing the slogan "Make America Gay Again." fortune.com

The Key To Educating Employees On The Effects Of Fraud
Companies continue to lose a painful amount of money each year as a result of fraud in their own workplace. And, sadly, the evidence shows leaders do not take sufficient steps to protect their organizations from these often preventable losses.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' 2016 report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse (ACFE report), the typical organization loses an amount equal to 5 percent of its annual revenues to fraud every year. Yet only 51.6 percent of companies included in the ACFE survey conducted fraud training for employees and even fewer had an anti-fraud policy.

Victim organizations that lacked such anti-fraud controls suffered median losses twice as large as those which had implemented such controls. The time to act is now.

As with any new initiative in the workplace, however, a company's dilemma is how best to persuade employees to take seriously the implementation of anti-fraud controls. The key is to help employees understand fraud's impact on their employer and, by extension, on them. Employees are much more likely to comply with an anti-fraud control plan if they realize its necessity.  law360.com

Walmart Stores Hiring 9000 Customer Hosts Nationwide
Recommend a friend, relative, or someone you didn't have a job for

Mention it to your local college criminal justice departments and lets get some college students recruited into retail AP. It's the same path the vast majority of us found ourselves on when we entered the industry. And here's the world's largest retailer staffing a great entry level AP job that could help ignite a career for a young college student.

This position offers a great start for asset protection/loss prevention professionals, veterans, and those looking for a change of career. Interested people can get more information from their local Walmart store or at LPjobs.com.

Target opening 14 more 21,000-sq.-ft. smaller stores - their urban answer

Alex and Ani to open 27 stores - they were looking for an LP Dir. earlier this year

Detroit, MI: Rite Aid Foundation Joins Rachael Ray Show in Supporting Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program with $25,000 KidCents Donation

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Domino's Q2 domestic comp's up 9.7%, international comp's up 7.1%, sales 12%
Sherwin Williams Q2 comp's 5.2%, net sales up 2.8%
Dunkin Brands Q2 Dunkin Donuts U.S. comp's up 0.5%, Baskin-Robbins U.S. comp's up 0.6%, revenues up 2.3%

RLPSA 2016 Conference is just days away! You don't want to miss out!

July 24 - 27
San Antonio, TX - La Cantera Hill Resort

With an action packed line up full of exciting topics including Cybersecurity, Leadership, Worker's Compensation Fraud, Employee Lawsuits, and Restaurant Security Risks, this year's RLPSA conference is a must-attend event! Attend the 2016 Annual Conference and transform the way you think about your role as a food and restaurant loss prevention, safety, or security professional.

Registration is available onsite starting at Noon on Sunday, July 24 at the RLPSA Registration desk.


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SEC Prepares for More Cybersecurity Oversight
One of the CEO's Biggest Concerns is Coming - More Regulations & Oversight

The SEC is staking claim on its right to review the consumer privacy and data protection practices at all publicly traded companies. 

The themes discussed at this week's committee meeting repeat what I've been hearing at Information Security Media Group's recent fraud and breach prevention summits: More regulatory oversight is on the way; so brace for it.

Because federal regulators are paying more attention to how businesses are protecting consumer information, having detailed incident response plans in place before a breach occurs is more important than ever.

"It's really an extension of what the FTC [Federal Trade Commission] started several years ago," Sabett says. "Now we're seeing, because these various other agencies, in some way shape or form, touch or have jurisdiction over some aspect of personal information, they're now all getting involved. ... They're looking at the breach side of it and going after companies in very much the same way the FTC has done over the years."

We can expect in coming weeks to see more from the SEC and the CFTC about their plans to be more proactive about cybersecurity oversight, risk assessment and cyber examination. govinfosecurity.com

Robots - Robots - Robots - Retail's New Age Answer
Fully Automated Stores - 50% of Retail Jobs Gone

Robotics may be the new business "disrupter," a herald of a new machine age that could significantly change the retail business.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that 65 percent of Americans expect robots and computers will do much of the work now done by humans over the next 50 years.

One of the biggest opportunities may be on the road. Driverless cars are thought to have the potential to be the fastest-growing segment of robotics. Intensive research and development is being done by automotive and Silicon Valley companies including General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Honda, Tesla and Uber. Editor's Note: Can't wait to see the Teamsters reactions to this.

In the stores
Much of the retail action in robotics will take place behind the scenes. In May, Saks and Lord & Taylor parent Hudson's Bay Company said it plans to open a 450,000-square-foot all-channel robotic fulfillment center in Pottsville, Pa., this month.

Amazon has already used robots extensively in its distribution centers to package and ship orders in an effort to speed up customer delivery times and cut operating costs as much as 20 percent. In the run-up to the 2014 holiday season, the company installed more than 15,000 robots in 10 warehouses. The 320-pound robots from Kiva Systems, acquired by Amazon in 2012, move around the floor on wheels.

Simbe Robotics' Tally is programmed to walk a store's aisles and take stock levels at any time, then return to the charging station.

Tally can inventory an entire small store in about an hour with an accuracy rate in tracking shelf inventory in the mid- to high-90 percent range.

With the customer
RF Spot has developed an in-store sensing robot that has been used to track and maintain apparel inventory at Tesco stores in the United Kingdom. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on a system called AndyVision that scans store aisles and shelves to tell staffers when an item is running low or merchandise is out of place.

Budgee is a rolling basket from Five Elements Robotics that can hold up to 50 pounds and is controlled via a smartphone or tablet or a transmitter worn by consumers.

An increasing number of experiments are taking place with the assumption that a fully automated store may become a reality in the next several years.

Lowe's has OSHbot which communicates with customers via touchscreen menu. Customers use it to find the item they want and then follow the robot to the shelf where the item is located. Built by Fellow Robots, it also has LCDs on its back for advertising and can understand and speak both English and Spanish.

In the job market
The McKinsey Global Institute has estimated that two-fifths of U.S. employees are in occupations where half their time is spent doing tasks that could be automated. This includes retail sales, cashiers and food preparation and serving.

This was underscored by a research report from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which found that up to half of retail jobs could be replaced in 20 years by robots or computerization. Many would be some of the lowest-paying jobs in the industry, including salespersons and cashiers. nrf.com

Spokeo Saves SuperValu Data Breach MDL, 8th Circ. Told
The Electronic Privacy Information Center on Tuesday urged the Eighth Circuit to revive multidistrict litigation alleging grocery chain SuperValu Inc. failed to shield shoppers' personal information from data breaches, arguing in an amicus brief that shoppers do have standing under the U.S. Supreme Court's recent Spokeo ruling.  law360.com

Feds shut down tech support scammers, freeze assets
The action was one of the largest in the U.S. against scammers, who bilk consumers out of an estimated $1.5 billion annually. The six accused companies relied on pop-ups that appeared in users' browsers. The pop-ups were generated by websites that consumers had been lured to, often with ads displayed in search results.  csoonline.com



WG Security
Box Security
With Ninja Plus

Our wireless, cable-less Ninja Plus provides multi-alarm security for any sized boxed merchandise.

See how WG Security can help reduce theft of your small or large boxed goods.





Steve Sell Joins CONTROLTEK as Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (July 21, 2016) - CONTROLTEK has announced today that it has appointed Steve Sell its new vice president of global sales and marketing.

"Throughout our 40 years in business, CONTROLTEK has always placed the biggest emphasis on hiring the right people to do the right thing for the customer," said Rod Diplock, the company's CEO. "That's why I am especially excited about Steve joining our team. Throughout his career he has been a strong advocate for the retail industry, and has been recognized for his thought leadership. He is known as someone who puts relationships first, and is widely viewed as a forward-thinking problem solver."

"When one thinks of CONTROLTEK, three words come to mind: integrity, stability and innovation," said Sell. "These three values are the reason why the company has been so successful over the past four decades, and they form a perfect foundation for continuing to deliver value to retailers as our industry continues to change rapidly. I couldn't be happier to be a part of the CONTOLTEK team."

Sell has over 20 years of retail experience. He has been an active influencer, contributor, and advisor to the Retail Industry Leaders Association, National Retail Federation, Loss Prevention Research Council and LP Magazine.

Prior to joining CONTROLTEK, Sell served as chief marketing officer at USS; director of North America Marketing for Tyco Integrated Security; vice president of Global Marketing for Checkpoint Systems; and also held global leadership roles with Accenture and Deloitte Consulting.



Never Eat Alone

An IOBSE Conference Session on the Importance of Networking

In this three part series filmed at the International Organization of Black Security Executives Spring Conference, Suni Shamapande, former Divisional Vice President of Loss Prevention for Sears Holdings Corp., and Keith White, Sr. Vice President of Loss Prevention for Gap Inc., address attendees on the importance of networking - featuring the book "Never Eat Alone" by Keith Ferrazzi.

Filmed in April 2012.

Episode Sponsored By:


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Fraud University: Class Is In Session
Wannabe cybercriminals looking to make a career in fraud can quickly and easily find the resources that may help them to progress from an amateur hacker to become an integral part of a cybercriminal organization.

In the latest installment of the Anatomy of a Fraud Attack series, Don Bush, VP of Marketing at Kount gave Karen Webster a look inside "Fraud University" and how fraudsters are making sure they have the right education to be the best cybercriminals they can be.

Let's go inside the mind of a fraudster to get a firsthand account of where many cybercriminals get their start ...

Getting a job in fraud is really just a matter of finding the right resume-building experience. I think of this just like an internship or any other entry-level position - you start at the bottom, learn the ropes and then try to work your way up to the top.

One of my personal favorite ways to stay abreast with what's happening in the cybercriminal world is with our industry news websites and newsletters. These user-generated publications open the door to being able to learn about the latest and hottest fraud topics, "how to" guides, seminars on fraud techniques and relevant industry updates. The best thing is that these sites probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Authorities and law enforcement agencies from around the globe just don't know where to start when it comes to shutting us down. So, we hardly ever get caught. pymnts.com

eBay Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results
A global commerce leader, delivered gross merchandise volume (GMV) for the quarter ended June 30, 2016 of $20.9 billion, increasing 6% on a foreign exchange (FX) neutral basis and 4% on an as-reported basis. Revenue for the quarter was $2.2 billion, up 7% on an FX-Neutral basis and 6% on an as-reported basis.

Marketplace platforms delivered $19.8 billion of GMV and $1.8 billion of revenue in the second quarter. StubHub growth accelerated in the quarter, with GMV of $1.1 billion, up 35%, and revenue of $225 million, up 40%. The Classifieds platforms delivered another quarter of strong performance with revenue of $207 million, up 15%. businesswire.com

Birkenstock pulls products from Amazon over counterfeiting concerns


Annual UTORCA Conference A Huge Success, Drew Larger
Crowds Than Previous Years

The much anticipated annual UTORCA ORC Conference held on July 13, 2016 was an astounding success with 185 in attendance. The Utah Organized Retail Crime Association gathered with industry experts, local Law Enforcement and Loss Prevention professionals across the Beehive State at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City for a free full day of instruction, training and networking, drawing larger crowds than previous years.

FBI Special Agent Eric K. Barnhart of the Salt Lake City Field Office started off the conference, followed by Kroger National ORC Investigator Denny Dansak, Property Crime Detective Parsons Metzkow, Defense Attorney Michelle Diamond, ORC Corporate Investigator David Picard, Salt Lake City ORC Detective Vicki Aubrey, Regional Target ORC Investigator and UTORCA Founder Ben Becker, with closing remarks given by UTORCA Interim Chair Adam Ainsworth. The Utah Organized Retail Crime Association is now seeking new members, volunteers, grants and donations as the organization is projected to grow and expand over the next few years. UTORCA would like to thank all the vendors and organizations that help support the conference through financial donations, raffle prizes or other promotional support, including Walmart, Target, Rockwell, IAFCI, Kroger, D&D Daily and West Valley City.

UTORCA was founded in 2012 as a platform to collaborate, educate, provide training and promote awareness to a $30 billion a year worldwide organized retail crime epidemic. Since established, the number of Organized Retail Crime Association members has grown steadily over the past few years, indicating the growing need to share information related to ORC, build partnerships between retail partners and Law Enforcement. UTORCA and its members contribute immensely in promoting ORC awareness in the state of Utah.

Pictured from left to right: CJ Lvie, Kevin Fuller, Ben Reschke, Adam Winsworth, Aubree Mori, Vicki Aubrey, Ben Becker, Wade Schillo, and Anthony Alba

For more information about UTORCA and how to get involved, click here. You can also stay up to date on the group's activities by following them on Twitter.

Many thanks to Aubree Mori for submitting this recap to the D&D Daily!


UPDATE: Bartow, FL: Racketeering trial begins for woman accused of leading baby-formula theft ring worth millions
The racketeering trial of a 51-year-old woman accused of leading a 2014 statewide theft of baby formula worth millions of dollars began Wednesday in Bartow. Alicia Ann Tondreau-Leve, of Melbourne, faces up to 60 years in prison for the first-degree felonies. She's charged with participating in pattern racketeering, conspiracy to engage in pattern racketeering and dealing in stolen property. Officials said the thefts occurred in Polk County and across Central Florida in Publix Super Markets, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie and Target stores over a two-year period. Each of the businesses lost $1 million to $2 million over a two-year period, investigators reported, according to The Orlando Sentinel. theledger.com

Manhattan Beach police crack counterfeit credit card-making operation in Corona
Two men were arrested when Manhattan Beach police uncovered an alleged counterfeit credit card making operation in Riverside County, police said Wednesday.

The men were taken into custody Saturday during an investigation into counterfeit credit cards that were used to buy merchandise and gifts in stores in Manhattan Beach and other cities in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties, police said. They also found about 150 counterfeit credit cards, numerous counterfeit identification cards, and merchandise purchased with the cards, police said. Arrested were Christopher William Gude, a Corona man who turns 30 on Thursday; and Kareem Anthony Thompson, 24, of Brooklyn, New York. dailybreeze.com

Filipino man admits running $9M global credit card cybercrime ring in Newark, N.J. court
According to court documents, Virtucio purchased stolen debit and credit card numbers from computer hackers and encoded new cards with the stolen data. Then, he and his "global network of cashers" made a series of unauthorized purchases and ATM withdrawals.

Virtucio faces up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine, officials said. His sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 24. He was extradited to New Jersey early last year after his arrest in January of 2015 in south Florida.  nj.com

Menlo Park, CA: Thieves take $65,000 in wine from Beltramo's
Roughly $65,000 worth of wine was stolen from Beltramo's Wine & Spirits last week, according to police. At 9:46 p.m. July 13, Menlo Park police were alerted to a break-in at the liquor store and determined that roughly 48 bottles of wine had been stolen. Police were unable to identify any suspects in video footage from the store's surveillance cameras, as it was too dark inside and "the video is very poor quality," police spokeswoman Nicole Acker said. The store, which is set to close Saturday after 134 years of operation, had recently brought some high-end wines down from the attic and placed them on shelves, some selling for more than $1,000 a pop. mercurynews.com

Edmond, OK: AT&T reports a burglary; $65,000 of cell phones stolen
80 cell phones snatched from an Edmond store. Police are now looking for the burglar who stole $65,000 worth of phones from a secured vault. A call for an alarm going off, pretty typical for police on the Fourth of July but this call in Edmond had a very strange ending. The business was the AT&T store on West Danforth. Once police arrived they soon realized someone had actually broken into the Submarina restaurant next door and made their way to AT&T. "Went up into the ceiling tiles and crawled across and then down into the vault and took about 80 pieces of merchandise which is about $65,000 worth of phones," said Jenny Wagnon, spokesperson for Edmond Police. okcfox.com

Athens, AL: Walmart Associate and friend arrested in $10,000 theft
A cashier at an Athens Walmart and his friend have been arrested, accused of stealing $10,307 from the store during the past several months. Athens Police announced the arrests Wednesday afternoon. Michael Lee Leopard worked as a cashier at the store and, according to police, conspired with his friend - Heather Rice - to steal televisions, clothes, and other merchandise. Supposedly, Rice would come to the store, select merchandise, and then go to the cash register where Leopard was working. Leopard would then pretend to scan the items, even running a blank register tape so it appeared he was handing Rice a receipt after she would swipe a card. waaytv.com

Coldwater, MI: Vacuum Cleaner thieves busted at Meijers; Distraction idea was probably a bad plan
A southeast Michigan couple, Jason Long, 39, and Alexis Capnerhurst, 22, were arrested Sunday trying to steal thousands of dollars in vacuums from Meijer. According to Coldwater Police, Capnerhurst created a diversion in the store by yelling and screaming that Long had beaten her. While attention was focused on her, Long pushed a cart filled with the vacuum cleaners out the door and headed out the parking lot. Police responding to the call caught up to him as he fled. Among the cleaners in the cart were five high priced Dyson units. Total value of the items $3.497. thedailyreporter.com

Missoula, MT: Bond set for woman charged with stealing $1,800 worth of clothing from Walmart
A loss prevention officer at the Mullan Road Walmart told Missoula police he watched Jami Stephens, 30, for hours as she loaded two carts with clothes early Tuesday morning. The officer said he watched Stephens consolidate the clothes to a single cart before leaving the store without paying, according to the affidavit. When the officer stopped Stephens, she allegedly told him she was leaving to grab her mother, who would be paying. missoulian.com

Cadillac, MI: Man charged with Organized Retail Crime
A 39-year-old Cadillac man is facing prison time after he was charged in 84th District Court with organized retail crime. cadillacnews.com


Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, and
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Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!!!


Bellefontaine, MO: Girl, 13, caught shoplifting accused of shooting elderly couple in Missouri
A 13-year-old girl is accused of shooting and critically wounding an elderly couple who had caught her attempting to shoplift from their beauty supply store earlier in the day. Police said the girl surrendered at the precinct late Wednesday morning. The shooting occurred Tuesday. the two unidentified victims, both in their 70s, caught the 13-year-old girl and a friend attempting to steal some items from the store. The couple, who are Korean and don't speak much English, kicked the two juveniles out but did not report the incident to police. The girls returned later and the couple called police. Officers arrested one of the girls on an outstanding juvenile warrant, but the other girl was released with a formal warning. The couple and the store's owner, their daughter, again declined to press charges. "The shop stewards that were there were kind enough to not press charges saying the crime was in their eyes petty giving that person a second chance essentially," Police Chief Jeremy Ihler tells kmov.com. But police say the 13-year-old returned around 4 p.m. and shot both the man and woman. Both are in critical condition with wounds to the torso. A witness reportedly saw the teen run out of the store with a weapon in her hand. cleveland.com

1 injured in shooting in parking lot of Elysian Fields Lowe's
New Orleans Police were investigating a shooting Wednesday evening in the 2500 block of Elysian Fields Avenue. The shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Lowe's Home Improvement store. A man came up to another man near the Lowe's sign and shot him three times before driving away in a SUV, said Annie Williams, 85. The victim ran across the parking lot and collapsed, she said. He was taken to a hospital by ambulance, where his condition has not been reported. nola.com

Philadelphia, PA: Police have released surveillance footage of Dunkin Donut shooting
It happened about 7 a.m. Sunday at the entrance of the store on Lancaster Avenue. The suspect can be seen approaching the store and then firing several shots through the front door. He then fled in an unknown direction. A 20-year-old man was hit multiple times in the groin and was taken to the Hospital. iradiophilly.com

Robberies & Thefts

Phoenix, AZ: Walgreen's Robbery suspect with flare gun fights Officer before being arrested
Court records show that on July 8 a man robbed a Walgreens' store, concealing a flare gun in a sling, and later got into a struggle with an officer when he was shot while trying to grab the officer's gun. Police report that 31-year-old Alexis Roy Meyer entered the Walgreens' demanding cash and 'Percocet' or he would start shooting people. Meyer indicated that he had a gun hidden in his sling and an employee gave him the money and drugs while another hit the silent alarm.

As an officer approached the store, he looked through the drive-thru window and another employee motioned with his head the location of the suspect. The officer confronted Meyer with his gun drawn as Meyer came out of the store. He told Meyer to get on the ground, but Meyer instead approached the officer and tried to take his hand out of the sling. The officer pushed Meyer against a sign to prevent Meyer from doing so. As Meyer and the officer fought, they ended up on the ground with Meyer on top of the officer trying to pull the officers' gun away from him. The officer fired one shot, striking Meyer in the leg. abc15.com

Columbia, TN: Police seek two Armed men in Dollar General Robbery
Columbia police are asking for the public's help identifying two men who robbed a Dollar General store Tuesday. At about 8:50 p.m. Tuesday, the two suspects entered the store at 704 Bear Creek Pike and robbed the employees at gunpoint. There were no customers in the store at the time of the incident, Lt. Joey Gideon said. He also said only one of the suspects brandished a firearm, and as of Wednesday afternoon, he was unsure of any dialogue between the employees and the suspects. columbiadailyherald.com

Northampton County, PA: Wine and spirits store manager stole $4,200 to feed heroin habit
The case of an inside job to steal $4,200 in cash from the safe at a Pa. Wine and Spirits shop in Northampton County now has a motive. The Morning Call in Allentown, Pa., reports that the accused state-employed manager of the store, Leon W. Lafevre, 53, of Easton, allegedly admitted to police that he stole the cash to feed his heroin addiction. pennlive.com

Brookhaven, PA: Heroin user helped by officers later robs Walgreens
A Pennsylvania man police assisted for being in "distress" from heroin use was arrested hours later on charges he robbed a drug store of opioid painkillers. Twenty-five-year-old Joseph Wilbraham, of Brookhaven, remained jailed Wednesday on charges stemming from the Walgreens robbery about 8:30 p.m. Monday. Brookhaven police said that officers helped revive Wilbraham about seven hours earlier. At that time, police found an empty heroin bag in his pocket, along with an apparent holdup note reading, "All real money no fake bills I will shoot you have 10 seconds now." Police took Wilbraham to a hospital, where he was released about 90 minutes before the Walgreens robbery, where police say they found other demand notes in his pockets. yorkdispatch.com

UK: Melbourne: Kids recruited by crime syndicates for violent sprees
Outlaw bikies, Middle Eastern clans and other crime syndicates are recruiting cleanskin kids and skilling them for violent sprees. Senior police say the crime gangs are recruiting children as young as 12 to steal cars or perform other criminal acts. The number of vehicles stolen at the hands of children aged 10-17 since 2011 has surged more than 40 per cent. heraldsun.com

Yuma, AZ: Burglary suspect accepts plea deal in string of Christmas Day Burglaries

Zales in the Dadeland Mall, Miami, FL reported a Distraction Theft on 7/19, merchandise valued at $11,339


Baltimore, MD: Man pleads guilty to Arson amid rioting
A 23-year-old Baltimore man pled guilty Monday to arson of a food market during last April's riot, according to the office of Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. In addition to arson, Trevon Green admitted to looting a liquor store and assaulting the store's owner. Investigators received multiple tips from the public to help identify Green after they released a video of the assault in October. Video footage captured Green leaving the liquor store in the afternoon of April 27, 2015 with a box of merchandise, according to Rosenstein's office. After leaving, he talked with a woman before turning and kicking the store owner in the face "without provocation or a word spoken," according to the plea agreement. Under the plea agreement, Rosenstein's office recommended that Green serves more than five years - 70 months exactly - in prison, followed by three years of supervised release. baltimoresun.com

Credit Card Fraud

Manhattan Beach, CA: Police recover 150 Fake Credit Cards; cards used in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties
Authorities say two men have been arrested after police uncovered an alleged counterfeit credit card making operation in Southern California. The investigation began in Manhattan Beach after it was discovered that phony cards were used to buy merchandise in local stores. The probe led police to cities across Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties. A search warrant was served last weekend at an address in Corona, where the operation was uncovered. Police recovered 150 counterfeit credit cards, numerous fake ID cards, as well as equipment used to print names and raised numbers on cards. Merchandise purchased with the phony cards was also found. sfchronicle.com

Fairfield, CT: Police seek 3 suspects in Credit Card theft
According to police, the card was stolen July 1 when a gym bag containing the card was stolen from a car in the school's parking lot. The card was later used at the Target store in the Westfield Shopping Mall in Trumbull. The three suspects were captured on video surveillance using the card to pay for merchandise there. The credit card was also later used at the Stratfield Mobil in Fairfield. dailyvoice.com

Russian Citizen Arrested in Thailand at FBI Request
The FBI accuses Dmitry Ukraintsev, 44, of "involvement in the large-scale theft of money from US citizens' credit cards." The losses allegedly inflicted by Ukraintsev's criminal enterprise at $28.5 million. The Russian citizen denies his guilt as Russia awaits comprehensive documentation in the case from the Southeast Asian state, the Russian Embassy in Thailand said Thursday. "A Russian has been arrested in Pattaya, where he owned a company that rented out yachts," Major General Surachet Hakphan said in a televised address. sputniknews.com

Counterfeit Goods

San Juan, PR: US Customs sizes $2.4Million in Counterfeit Goods in a Single Week
US CBP San Juan Field Operations announced today that approximately 268 seizures where made of counterfeit products, valued at $2.4 million, which were illegally imported into Puerto Rico via international mail. This is a record number of counterfeits seized by CBP in Puerto Rico during a single week.

A wide range of counterfeited products were seized during the week long enforcement effort, called Operation Silver Snake, to include: consumer products, apparel, footwear, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and more. This is the second iteration of a week-long operation carried out in San Juan this year by the Mobile Intellectual Property Enforcement Team (MIPET), with the support of CBP's Centers of Excellence and Expertise (CEEs), IPR-National Targeting & Analysis Group (NTAG), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS). dailymail.co.uk


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The Sr. Director of Global Security will oversee the company's executive protection program, the security of the company's home office and international operations as well as certain investigations in the home and international offices. A minimum of 15 years experience in executive protection and/or corporate security with international security experience. Experience managing teams of people and administering a budget. Previous military or law enforcement experience is a plus. Proven ability to partner with local, state, federal, and international law enforcement. 

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Westerville, OH

Loss Prevention Specialist will protect company assets through the execution of safety, inventory recovery and internal and external theft reduction programs. Assist with reduction of loss inventory, time, and assets. Monitor surveillance equipment. Identify, observe and apprehend shoplifters and others (internal or external) involved in acts of dishonesty...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Riverside, CA

The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

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Janet Acosta was named Asset Protection Analyst for 7-Eleven, Inc.
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  Christopher Verdi was named Asset Protection Specialist - North Atlantic Zone for 7-Eleven, Inc.

Michael Mainville, CFI was named Asset Protection Specialist - North Atlantic Zone for 7-Eleven, Inc.

Scott Pickrel was named Loss Prevention & Safety Manager for Lowe's.

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The 1 Thing Every Manager Must Do to Help Team Members Succeed  One of your most important responsibilities is to help your team succeed. Since they receive so much information every day, the best thing you can do for them is to translate information to answer their questions. Help them focus on what's important

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