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Rhett Asher was named Vice President, Asset Protection, Data Security & Crisis Management for Food Marketing Institute. Rhett was previously the Vice President of Industry Relations for Food Marketing Institute for three years, and also held the Vice President of Loss Prevention position for the National Retail Federation for over a year. He has held other leadership positions for the National Food Service Safety Council as their Executive Director, Vice President of the Loss Prevention Foundation and Vide President of Loss Prevention and Operations for Retail Industry Leaders Association. Rhett has received numerous honors and awards as he continues to be a leader in the Loss Prevention community. Congratulations Rhett!


7-Eleven post 15 new Asset Protection positions
For the last two years they've been re-engineering the AP approach in the convenience store industry and have had some incredible success. Adding 55 new Asset Protection positions with these being a part of that roll-out. Supported by in-depth analytics each position has the opportunity to truly add value and improve the financial performance of the organization. With 35 Asset Protection Specialist in North America supporting all 8,600 locations, both corporate owned and franchise locations, this gives each executive approx. 245 locations; certainly more locations than the average specialty store Regional Loss Prevention executive and very comparative to the food service group. After proving the model senior management has shown their support by continuing this growth process, which happens to be the largest in the Loss Prevention industry in the last few years. This is an incredible opportunity for AP executives to help evolve this model, learn a new retail sector, and take part in the continued analytic evolution of our industry. (Source

7-Eleven's franchise group weighs in with overall support for 7-Eleven on recent legal dramas  Over the past several weeks, the franchisee community of 7-Eleven Inc. has been shaken by two unfolding legal dramas -- the seizing of nine 7-Eleven stores by federal authorities in an illegal immigration investigation, and 7-Eleven’s decision to sue a franchisee for $1 million after he allegedly siphoned hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company. Franchisees contacted by CSNews Online expressed a range of emotions, from shock to shame about the revelations, but overall they supported 7-Eleven Inc.’s reaction to the incidents and defended the reputation and honor of the mass majority of the 7-Eleven franchisee community. Editors note: Gaining the support of the franchise group in this industry is critical when you're pioneering new ground and holding people accountable. And this is evidence that what AP is doing is not only improving performance and doing the right thing but it's also supported by their business partners. A key ingredient of all successful programs and efforts. (Source

"Operation Open Market" the Secret Service operation that sold fake IDs around the world and led to the largest identity theft prosecution in U.S. history  It’s the story of how the Secret Service, in an operation as ironic as it was bold, stole the identity of a low-ranking member of the underground in May 2007, and, with top-level Justice Department approval, used it for years afterward to produce and sell some of the best fake IDs available anywhere. In the process, the agency built dossiers on identity thieves around the world and discovered the underground’s extensive use of the online payment service Liberty Reserve, which spawned a parallel Secret Service and Treasury Department investigation with its own round of arrests in May. “By selling the counterfeit identifications, it allowed the UCA [undercover agent] potential to identify individuals operating on the carding portals and develop an understanding of the internal workings of the organization.” (Source

Will CSOs become CROs in the future? Interesting parallel to retail LP executives
Is the chief security officer title destined to evolve into one that is about more than just security? Many CSOs have seen their responsibilities morph from defending an organization, to calculating an organization's risk profile as well. Few would deny the chief security officer role has evolved quite a bit in recent years. At many large companies, the heads of both physical and information security now report in to the same person, an enterprise CSO. The pace of change for the function is accelerating along with the ever-changing nature of threats. Today, many believe CSOs will morph, sooner rather than later, into chief risk officers (CROs), monitoring and mitigating enterprise risks, including those relating to information security and facilities (but excluding financial risks, which are covered by the more traditional CRO function in large companies). (Source

Times are a changing in the grocery world in North America - faster than any other in history - is it the Wal-Mart effect?  Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo, Kroger and Harris Teeter, Spartan Stores and Nash Finch, Bi-Lo and Delhaize Group's Sweetbay- Harveys and Reid's, other Delhaize Group re-org's, LobLaw and Shoppers Drug in Canada, Raley's issues in Northern California, Safeway selling Canadian stores to Sobey's, Supervalu sold 5 grocery chains 877 supermarkets, A&P's bankruptcy and financial challenges. And all within the last two years with most of the above transactions happening within the last 10 months. Also, who said Wal-Mart isn't picking up the grocery consumer. Although some reports show they're actually losing some customer base, but you wouldn't know it to look at the above change in the grocery landscape. We've all seen the retail landscape change over the last 10+ years but the grocery industry may now be leading that change process for better or worse, it does mean initially at least a loss of jobs, especially at the senior level. Where's it going and how does it end up looking- who knows? But one thing is sure, everyone envies Publix and HEB as they continue to own their markets with best in class operations. The funny thing, according to sources, is that Wal-Mart studied HEB extensively while they were getting into the grocery industry. Interesting how everyone studies the best models and only a few can actually pull it off.

Radio Shack transforming 220 of their 4,400 stores into brighter, airier concept stores - is it to little too late?  Magnacca, their new CEO, who stepped in in February, has been working to revamp stores and refresh RadioShack's image as the chain struggles to fend off competition from the likes of and, reverse slumping sales and strengthen its balance sheet. Editors note: They've been struggling for a few years now and the Target kiosks certainly didn't work and according to our sources they're having a difficult time finding the talent to help run it. And today they announced they just lost their CFO of two years to another company. (Source (Source

$100B annual U.S. cybercrime cost 508,000 jobs in the U.S.
After years of guesswork and innumerable attempts to quantify the costly effects of cybercrime on the U.S. and world economies, McAfee engaged the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to build an economic model and methodology to accurately estimate these losses, which can be extended worldwide. "Estimating the Cost of Cybercrime and Cyber Espionage" posits a $100 billion annual loss to the U.S. economy and as many as 508,000 U.S. jobs lost as a result of malicious cyber activity. (Source

U.S. Retailers suffer twice as many SQL injection attacks on their web sites as other industries  Additionally, these attacks were more intense, both in terms of number of attacks per incident and duration of each incident. In fact, retail applications received an average of 749 individual attack requests per attack campaigns. Most web apps monitored receive four or more attacks per month. The US is the number one source of web attacks. (Source

A tougher economy has led criminals to become more sophisticated - driving one UK retailer to combine offline and online Loss Prevention strategies  E-commerce is increasingly proving a route in for criminals to commit fraud in-store, which is being made possible by most retailers' lack of integration of fraud solutions across their multiple channels. Steve Frame, head of safety and loss at River Island, recently told The Retail Bulletin: “It’s easy to commit fraud online and it’s now coming offline as e-commerce is the way in, through click & collect. It’s now very muddy.” At River Island Frame has sought to mitigate the problem through the creation of a single team that encompasses both payments and fraud, which then handles the integration of solutions across the company’s different channels. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Radio Shack Q2 up 1.3% with a loss of $53M






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Man involved in $15 million heist at Jupiter jewelry store pleads guilty, sentenced to 15 years.  The only man arrested for one of the biggest jewelry heists in South Florida history is now headed to prison. Pedro Luis “El Loco” Enriquez, 41, was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday after he pleaded guilty to first-degree grand theft charges for the 2011 theft of $15 million in jewels from Provident Jewelers in Jupiter. According to prosecutors and police, Enriquez snapped through a chain-link fence at a nearby private school, blasted through a suite adjacent to the jewelry store showroom, and disabled the alarm system, telephone and cable lines before he broke through a ceiling to get into the showroom. Once inside, they say, he torched open two vaults and made off with the bounty — including 100 loose diamonds, other high-end pieces, and an array of Rolex, Cartier, Raymond Weil, Tag Heuer and other watches. (Source

Man shot by police in Columbia BJ's charged, Remains hospitalized; upgraded to fair condition.  The man shot by Howard County Police inside of BJ's Wholesale Club in Columbia earlier this month has been charged with assault, theft and reckless endangerment as he recovers at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. Howard Carvel Smith, 33, of Columbia, was shot once by a police officer in the store's Tire Center after he refused to drop a knife he pulled on a store loss prevention officer, according to the charging documents. On July 20, Smith was upgraded from critical to fair condition. Smith entered the BJ's, located in the 9100 block of Snowden River Parkway, at 11:05 a.m. and was observed stealing a pair of shorts by loss prevention officers. When Smith was approached by the officers he attempted to flee, but tripped and was apprehended. While being processed in the loss prevention office, Smith pulled a folding knife on one of the officers and threatened his life. (Source

Two arrests made in Kohl's robbery in Riverside, CA.  Police have arrested two people in connection with an armed robbery at a Kohl’s department store in Riverside Monday at 6 a.m. "A male suspect armed with a handgun confronted store employees entering the business. The suspect forced the employees into the office at gunpoint and demanded cash,” Sgt. David Amador said. The suspect, who was later identified as Eugene Davis Washington, fled the scene in a white Dodge Avenger with an undisclosed amount of money, according to police and was later arrested after police stopped the vehicle. The driver was also arrested. (Source

Three armed men rob a CVS store in Orlando. Detectives released surveillance video Monday hoping to generate leads from an early morning robbery at a CVS on Orange Blossom Trail. The male suspects can be seen frantically moving around in the video. One dark-skinned black male suspect was wearing black shorts, a black hooded jacket, black shoes with white stripes, a pale mask and had a gun in his right hand. The second suspect was a dark skinned black male wearing a black T-shirt, a red hat with lettering on the front and black pants with a white bandanna towel that reached the man's stomach. A victim said the lettering may have read 'FSU.' The robbers also stole cellphones and money from the customer and manager, and even pistol-whipped and knocked out the manager. (Source

Suspect in Family Dollar killing arrested in Orlando.  After a manhunt lasting almost one week, Tampa police and the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force arrested the man suspected of killing a Tampa Family Dollar store manager on July 14. Demetrius Parks, 23, was arrested in Orlando at about 10 a.m. Saturday on a Greyhound bus headed to Lakeland from Atlanta. When police surrounded the bus at a terminal off the John Young Parkway, Parks tried to escape out an emergency exit, but officers quickly caught him. Parks went into the dollar store early Sunday and demanded money from a clerk behind the counter. Horsley Shorter, Jr., who was in a back office, saw what was happening and came out to help his co-worker. Parks shot Shorter, 49, and forced the clerk out into the parking lot. He ordered the clerk to get into the trunk of the victim's car, but the clerk pleaded with him and Parks drove away. (Source

Three Bend residents were arrested Friday and Saturday as part of a shoplifting investigation that began with a report of items stolen at Costco.  The store contacted Bend Police on Friday afternoon, and the police investigation lead to the arrest of Ronald E. Lowery, 31, on a charge of first-degree theft later in the day. Police then obtained a warrant to search Lowery’s home where they located two people wanted on outstanding warrants shortly after midnight. Police seized a shotgun from Briese, a second firearm, methamphetamine, marijuana, and electronic items and GPS units stolen from Costco. (Source

Auto parts store worker in Louisiana arrested in theft of $42K.
Police say the manager of a Kenner auto parts has been arrested in the theft of almost $42,000 from the business. Sgt. Brian McGregor said 43-year-old Gladys Fascitelli was booked with theft of more than $1,500. Investigators said Fascitelli allegedly took advantage of a flaw in the store's computer system that allowed her to make undocumented, virtually invisible transactions. The flaw allowed her to lift money from the store's registers without throwing off the store's balance sheet. (Source

Erie man attempted to steal 71 DVD’s from a Dollar General.
Too many to carry, was the problem for Aaron Patterson; he had 71 DVD’s concealed in his clothes, but began dropping them as he was walking out of the store. Confronted by the Store Manager Patterson made a very brief attempt to run. Patterson had been stopped in the same store for shoplifting several times in the past. (Source

Police deploy ‘stop sticks’ to stop an Illinois shoplifter. A male shoplifter had fled from Walmart Loss Prevention, but didn’t get very far. After a brief pursuit, Police deployed ‘stop sticks’ on I-255 which disabled the suspect’s get a way car. The unidentified suspect was taken into custody, no word on what merchandise was stolen from the store. (Source



RILA Webinar

Organized Retail Crime: Investigating
and Prosecuting a Criminal Enterprise

Thursday, August 1
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EDT

We are excited to announce the first webinar in the Asset Protection Webinar Series. Organized Retail Crime: Investigating and Prosecuting a Criminal Enterprise was a highly rated session at the 2013 RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference.

ORC is a serious issue for retailers of all sizes. Hear from two retailers about the programs they have developed and the resources allocated to handle ORC.

● Learn tips for investigating and prosecuting ORC cases,
● See their methods for success, and
● Learn the secrets of some of the best in the business.


Ben Dugan, Investigator, Regional Organized Retail Crime, Walgreens Co.

Ben is a regional organized retail crime investigator for Walgreens covering the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. Prior to joining Walgreens, Ben was the national investigator for Sears Holdings Corporation. Ben possesses more than 25 years retail loss prevention experience ranging from big box, catalog, drug store and specialty retailers.

Bruce Nelson, Specialist, Loss Prevention, Publix Supermarkets

Bruce is a loss prevention specialist with Publix Super Markets charged with investigating organized retail crime activity in five southeastern states.

Prior to coming to Publix in 2008, Bruce spent 11 years fighting crime in the Atlanta area as a gang and narcotics investigator. He culminated his career as a sergeant over one of the FBI’s original violent street gang task forces. His team of 15 investigators successfully disrupted numerous local and international gangs utilizing federal racketeering statutes and averaged more than two million dollars a year in asset seizures.

To date with Publix, he has successfully investigated and assisted prosecution on more than 25 fence level cases.

Bruce holds a degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern.

The webinar will take place August 1 at 2pm EST. Register today to stay one step ahead of organized retail crime.




Second employee at Wireless Solutions arrested for $14,000 of merchandise theft.  The owner of the Wireless Solution in East Naples may not be WZ trained, but he did get a $10,000 recovery and 2 employees arrested, all with a simple email. The owner emailed a pair of employees believed to be responsible for $14,000 of theft and said if they bring back the merchandise, no questions would be asked. The pair returned $10,000 worth of product and both have been arrested. (Source

Law Enforcement from Los Angeles to San Francisco focus on Eyeglass Store burglaries.  Over $50,000 worth of high end frames were stolen from two store/office locations, additional investigations are being reviewed by law enforcement. The series of burglaries across the state of California have Eye Doctors concerned for the safety of their employees walking into a burglary in progress. Police believe the thieves are selling the frames at flee markets and on the internet. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Contact: Ray Esposito
Senior VP, Strategic Initiatives

The Seven Laws of Employee Theft Investigations

Employee theft accounts for nearly fifty percent of all losses. Resolution of internal issues is a cornerstone to loss reduction. Although in “general” it’s as simple as removing the problem – in practice the 7 Laws ensure that:

● Quality investigations are executed
● Potential liabilities are minimized
● Defendable argument for our actions and decisions are created

Each company's individual culture, practices, and operating policies will have an impact on the investigation process. The specific dictates of the investigation process are unique but the broad practices should be ensured. Investigations are one of the most critical elements to loss control, but they are also one of the high liability actions we will take. A thorough, thoughtful, and agreed upon practice increases our efficiency and limits are exposure...

Read More




PayPal Unveils Modern Spice Routes: Cross-Border Shopping Creates Economic Opportunity Worldwide

 We commissioned Nielsen to conduct a research study on the cross-border shopper in six key markets around the world – the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, main land China and Brazil – to better understand their behavior and concerns. Just as the traditional spice routes created economic opportunity by connecting consumers and merchants across Europe, Africa and Asia, so too do we think these modern spice routes. It’s fascinating to see these new corridors of online trade with consumers shopping directly on overseas websites – which can be a new source of growth for today’s merchants and bring items from far-flung shores to the homes of people wherever they are. PayPal and eBay bring the opportunity to shop around the world to millions of people every day.

Our report "The Modern Spice Routes" has revealed some amazing insights that should serve as a wake-up call for businesses Read the full article here.

For further information on PROACT email inquiries to;

eBay Direct - Click Here  -  (notify - info - questions)

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Global Investigations & Compliance Mgr Ace Hardware Corp. Oak Brook, IL Ace Hardware Corp.
Director of Asset Protection Walgreens Deerfield, IL Walgreens
Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
Asset Protection Manager The HoneyBaked Ham Co. Alpharetta, GA The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Director of LP Best Buy Canada Burnaby, British Columbia Best Buy Canada
Senior Director LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Corporate LP Manager The Children's Place Secaucus, NJ The Children's Place
Market LP Director Duane Reade New York, NY Duane Reade
Dir, Sec. Risk Info & Analysis Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Central Midwest

Downing & Downing

National Acct Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing



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AP Manager Home Depot Detroit, MI Home Depot
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Gaithersburg, MD Lowe's
AP Manager In Training Walmart Covington, GA Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Northampton, MA Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Harrisville, UT Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Hammonton, NJ Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart York, PA Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Fulton, MS Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Newton, MS Wal-Mart
LP Manager Kmart Reading, PA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Springfield, VA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Hayward, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Sears Lakewood, CO Sears Holdings Corp
Corp Operations Specialist AP 7-Eleven Dallas, TX 7-Eleven
Mgr, Corporate Operations AP 7-Eleven Dallas, TX 7-Eleven
AP Specialist 7-Eleven Los Angeles, CA 7-Eleven
AP Specialist 7-Eleven Miami, FL 7-Eleven
AP Specialist 7-Eleven Orlando, FL 7-Eleven
AP Specialist 7-Eleven Portland, OR 7-Eleven
AP Specialist 7-Eleven Sacramento, CA 7-Eleven
AP Specialist-Acquisition Support 7-Eleven Dallas, TX 7-Eleven

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Rhett Asher was named Vice President, Asset Protection, Data Security & Crisis Management for Food Marketing Institute.
Matt Speidel
was named Area LP Manager for A.C. Moore
Trent Telford, CFI was named District LP Manager for Dick's Sporting Goods.
Pamela Tapia, CFI was named Regional LP Manager for Cotton On Group.
Travis Bolin was promoted Regional Investigations Manager for TJX Companies.
Angie Best was named District Operations Manager for Home Depot.
Christopher Bertlin was named AP District Manager for Rite Aid.
Laura Morris was named Regional AP Manager for Limited Brands.
Anthony Aiello was named Area LP Manager for A.C. Moore.
Dave Huhner was promoted Manager, Shrink Operations for Sears Holdings Corporation.
Omar Angulo, CFI was named Regional LP Manager for CVS Caremark.
Jeremy Barlow was named Corporate Investigations Supervisor for 7-Eleven.
Kevin Bennett was named Regional LP Manager for Wolverine World Wide.

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How to Be Happy (or Miserable) at Work
Start retraining the way your perspective on life when stuff happens. It is a fact of life that not everything is going to go as planned, but once you start looking at it in a new perspective, you will find the happiness you desire. (Think happy, not miserable)

Balance Your Work and Personal Life Like a Pro  It can be hard to divide your valuable and small amount of time between your work, family, and social life. It doesn't have to feel like you're juggling all aspects of your life, if you try these simple tips. (Figure out how to have 'this' and 'that')

How Criticism Creates Innovative Teams  The next time you get critical feedback, don't let it get you down; use it to fuel your ideas instead. This study shows how using debate or criticism can stimulate more ideas and more ideas can lead to better quality decisions. (Keep it positive)

What Great Companies Do To Keep Workers Excited  It can be hard to keep your employees' morale up while they are at work, but use these free tips to keep them engaged! Keeping your team happy will lead to more than just an enjoyable work environment. (Offer flexibility)

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