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 July 24, 2014


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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

John Lubin, CFI was named Asset Protection Director Europe for Ralph Lauren.   John was previously the Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager Europe for Abercrombie & Fitch for over six years, before taking this new role. He has also been the Branch Manager for Securitas and the Retail Operations Manager/Training Manager for Temple Security Ltd.

Toys R Us RLPM sentenced to 25 years in prison - "I lost my husband, my best friend, the man I love so much," says widow of slain store manager  A former regional loss prevention manager for Toys R Us was sentenced today to 25 years in prison to be followed by five years of post-release supervision in the fatal stabbing of an assistant manager last summer in the victim’s office during a robbery attempt. State Supreme Court Justice Penny M. Wolfgang imposed the maximum sentence on Bernard T. Grucza, 39. Grucza had pleaded guilty in April to a reduced charge of first-degree manslaughter in the stabbing death of Laurence C. “Larry” Wells II on June 29, 2013. Wells' widow, Jill, said she couldn’t understand how Grucza could kill a fellow employee and friend. (Source buffalonews.com)

LP Industry First - WG Security Products Offers 3-Year Warranty on New EAS Systems  In a game-changing move for the retail security industry - and the LP vendor community - WG Security Products has announced a 3-year warranty will be included on all its new Wi-Fi enabled EAS Security Systems. Whereas other EAS suppliers offer only a 1-year warranty, and possibly extended warranty at a price, WG does not. With WG’s new EASNet Cloud application, Wi-Fi enabled EAS systems can be wirelessly accessed to monitor their operational status and adjusted accordingly without a technician being present. WG is so confident in the increased performance and reliability of the new Wi-Fi enabled systems, coupled with remote wireless access, that they are gladly providing the extended 3-year warranty to their customers - an unheard of move in the EAS industry. Read more about this groundbreaking move in WG's Vendor Spotlight below. (Source wgspi.com)

7 Arrests made of international cyber-ring that hit Stubhub and sold $1.6M in NYC's biggest concerts & sporting events tickets - with mules in the U.S. selling the tickets  Police arrested seven people tied to a $1.6 million international fraud that used stolen credit cards to buy tickets through the StubHub online market to thousands of events, including Yankees baseball games, Broadway shows and Jay-Z concerts. The suspects include a Russian national who was detained while vacationing in Spain, three others arrested in London, two in the United States and one in Canada, according to a press release issued by Vance. Vadim Polyakov, 30, the Russian who was arrested in Spain and is accused of being the ringleader, and Nikolay Matveychuk, 21, also of Russia, are charged with using stolen credit card numbers to buy more than 3,500 tickets. Within hours of those purchases, the tickets were distributed to a group of people in New York state and New Jersey and resold. In all, roughly 1,600 accounts were illegally accessed and more than 3,500 tickets were purchased to events. Editors Note; Remember the new DOJ Crime Chief just said "You're not safe on vacation" if you leave Russia. We're going to kidnap them! Way to go DOJ!  (Source csoonline.com) (Source reuters.com)

Wal-Mart loses bid to keep documents on bribery probe from shareholder
The Delaware Supreme Court affirmed on Wednesday a lower court ruling that ordered Wal-Mart Stores Inc to provide a shareholder with documents related to the company's internal probe of allegations the retailer had paid bribes in Mexico. Wal-Mart spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan said the ruling was procedural and did not address the merits of the allegations. "The allegations against the company have been the subject of an ongoing, thorough internal investigation that has not yet reached final conclusion," she said. (Source reuters.com)

American Apparel's former CEO Dov Charney is a Joke: A Dirty Joke and a Business Joke  The media at large has publicly exposed enough of the “dirty” part of this “jokester. I’ll just sign off on his disgusting behavior during his tenure as CEO of American Apparel by saying it’s equally disgusting to me that the board didn’t kick his butt out of there a long time ago. Not only has he proven to be an inept CEO, given the continuing decline of the business (propped up by one loan after another), his maniacal micromanagement of every aspect of the operations has decimated whatever semblance of an organization there might once have been. Worse, his “everyone reports to Dov” insanity has driven off all of the skilled executives he briefly had. Here’s one observation: “There is no retail management for the 250 or so stores. Everyone reports to Dov, from the assistant store manager in Cincinnati, to the visual display assistant. Dov conducts a meeting generally from his bedroom every week. He has every store call in. Seoul Korea calls in. Santa Barbara calls in. Berlin calls in. Lots of time differences ... and languages ... but the one constant is that Dov does all the talking. If business is bad in a store, it becomes a weather report by Dov: ‘Toronto, your business was terrible! it rained (or snowed, or was hot).’ ...Any reason for slow business was due to the weather. And the solution was always the same: ‘Toronto, if your business doesn’t improve next week I’m coming up there and cutting off your (expletive).’ Another anonymous comment: “Dov’s favorite lines to his employees: ‘I’m gonna make you bleed. I’m gonna break you in half. You’re a fraud.’” It is all Dov, all the time. There is no one else running the store. The article went on to say: “That case could bring other complications. Heimanson asked a Los Angeles court to try the case rather than send it to confidential arbitration, as American Apparel requires in all such matters. The judge ruled that the documents all American Apparel employees have to sign are ‘unconscionable,’ according to legal filings. The agreements forbid workers from filing claims against the company, talking about the company, or sharing any information about the personal life of the CEO. If they do, they risk being sued for $1 million. The company is appealing the ruling. If it stands, ‘we’ll be able to shine sunlight on the backroom dealings of American Apparel and Dov Charney,’ says Heimanson.” (Source therobinreport.com)

Walmart Seeks Turnaround With New U.S. Leadership

EBay faces class action suit over data breach

U.K. quarterly retail sales highest in 10 years

Inside look at TargetExpress - It's not a c-store & has a pharmacy - Watch out drug stores here comes another big boy into the pharmacy business  Calling TargetExpress a direct competitor to convenience stores, however, may be a bit of a stretch. Unlike many c-stores, TargetExpress does not offer made-to-order foodservice items, nor does it have beverage fountains or freshly brewed coffee. Also of note, lottery services and tobacco products are not available, unlike at many c-stores. The new store –- employing 25 people -- offers a pharmacy, a large health and beauty aids section, office supplies, multiple aisles of household products, and a section called “Tech” where customers can sign up for cellular phone plans and purchase related phone accessories. Four coming in 2015. (Source csnews.com)

Data breaches can be executed by an attacker with a couple hundred dollars—sitting in his underwear in his living room and checking a few boxes in a malware kit  This is what businesses and consumers are up against. This is why it is more important than ever to have the right processes and tools in place to protect your network and devices. It is even more imperative to educate users and maintain awareness of security trends and emerging attacks. If an attacker can spend as little as $200 to execute an attack that could cost your organization $3.5 million, you’d better put some very serious consideration into how much you want to invest in defending against that attack. (Source csoonline.com)

Apple security contractors protest working conditions in San Francisco
Security officers for Apple are protesting outside the company's flagship store in San Francisco today as part of a long term dispute over labor conditions. The Service Employees International Union has been organizing to improve working conditions for employees of Security Industry Specialists, a security contractor that works with Apple, Google, eBay and other tech companies. SEIU alleges that security officers often experience harassment, intimidation, wage theft, and illegal surveillance by SIS. In a statement on its website, SIS says its employees are some of the highest-paid in the security industry. (NPR reports that SIS security officers earn $16 per hour.) (Source sfexaminer.com)

iBeacons to Receive Competition From CCTV
As Apple’s iBeacon becomes the new buzzword of choice for omnichannel marketers, so too does the clamour to install the technology - but it can be costly. Footfall Analytics, a company that optimises physical retail using digital insights, has created a similar offering where retailers can use their existing closed circuit television (CCTV) devices to track a consumer’s path through a store. Predominantly used by retailers for security and loss prevention, CCTV is coupled with visual maps, charts and graphs to aid with analysis of the consumer journey. Footfall’s insights can then be used to adjust signage, layout or staffing. (Source performancein.com)

Whistleblower lawyers see employment, severance & confidentiality agreements limiting executives from reporting wrongdoing - Outsmarting SEC's whistleblower program  Labaton and the Government Accountability Project in an accompanying petition asked the SEC to strengthen prohibitions on certain employment agreements and make a public statement specifying how protection from retaliation works for whistleblowers. (Source wsj.com)

Malware linked to Nigeria-based 419 scammers in corporate networks - Don't be tricked!  The criminals have graduated from the so-called "419 scams" to using the same tools criminal groups deploy to steal passwords and other sensitive data from businesses, researchers with security company Palo Alto Networks. Over the last few years, the Nigeria-based criminals have expanded their skillset to target businesses with remote administration tools (RATs) available on underground forums. RATs used by the Nigerian groups include NetWire, which provides attackers complete control over an infected system. Criminals in Eastern Europe often use such tools. The attackers have managed to configure the malware to evade standard security tools, such as anti-virus software. The malware does not exploit any software vulnerabilities, but rely instead on social engineering to trick recipients into installing the malicious applications. (Source csoonline.com)

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

SuperValu Q1 Save-A-Lot corporate up 7.2%, Retail Food up 0.6% with net sales down 0.1%
Carters Q2 OshKosh stores up 7.0%, Carter's stores up 2.9% with net sales up 11%
Tractor Supply Q1 up 1.9% with sales up 8.8%
Canada's Loblaw Companies Q1 up 1.8% with sales up 1.6%
Cabela's Q2 down 14.2% with revenue up 0.6%

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Vendor Spotlight

Ground breaking 3 Year Warranty included standard with new WG Wi-Fi Systems

Campbell, California: WG Security Products is pleased to announce an industry setting 3 Year Warranty, included on all new Wi-Fi enabled EAS Security Systems.

With WG’s new EASNet Cloud application, Wi-Fi enabled EAS systems can be wirelessly accessed to monitor their operational status and adjusted accordingly without a technician being present. The Wi-Fi enabled antennas will allow for constant, remote monitoring of the customer’s EAS system. WG is so confident in the increased performance and reliability of the new Wi-Fi enabled systems, coupled with remote wireless access, that we will gladly provide the extended the 3 Year Warranty to our customers.

There will no longer be the need for pricey, on-site technician visits for simple system adjustments. Phasing and tuning are two factors that largely contribute to service calls; the customer will be able to call into the WG Support Center and have their system diagnosed remotely, from anywhere in the world. System down time, in the event of a problem, is a large concern for the customer. With the installation of a new Wi-Fi enabled system, down time will be reduced to a fraction of the current time. The customer will not be rendered vulnerable to theft, while waiting for a service technician to arrive on site. In the event that a technician is required, this will also be covered by the 3 Year Warranty, unheard of in the EAS industry.

The new M24/7 product line of antennas provide improved system performance, reliability and support, which continue to be the focus of WG’s world leadership in technology advancements.

For more information, please visit: www.wgspi.com.

WG Security Products, Inc: Incorporated in California in 1998, WG has been turning heads in the EAS industry with its ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking since its inception. Our international staff of engineers works hard every day to provide tomorrow's answers to today's questions. Featuring outside-the-box thinking that our competitors cannot match, WG is bringing loss prevention solutions into the 21st century and beyond.

For more information contact:
Eleanor Grant
Phone: 408-241-8000 x102


"Together we are Ace"

Ace Hardware Corporation Retail LP Team


Graham Handyside, EVP of Worldwide Operations for WG, and Ed Wolfe, VP of Business Development, tell us about the Seal Tag, the Ninja Tag and other new, innovative solutions offered by WG Security Products. Controlling the entire process of their business - from design to manufacture to distribution to service - WG has the ability to create a unique solution for a retailer and bring it to market in a matter of weeks. Graham and Ed tell us what makes WG a technological leader in retail security.

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In this LPNN Quick Take, Joe and Amber introduce themselves and the NRF conference - making history - live from the NRF. They also discuss the rest of the day’s agenda.

Opening Comments:
Why We're Here

Vicki Cantrell and Robert Moraca

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Thieves use 'digital pickpocketing' to skim credit card data from Colorado Springs customers  Credit card thieves are using a type of "digital pickpocketing" technology to steal credit card information from unsuspecting victims. Technology has emerged in recent years that enables thieves to intercept credits card information with a simple swipe during a purchase. That information can be cloned to another card and used even as the original card remains securely inside its owner's purse or wallet. This practice made national news last year when Target stores around the country were breached. Other retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, also fell victim to the thefts. Those were large-scale heists that stole millions of dollars, but the problem has hit locally in a smaller way, too. Earlier this month, local authorities reported that more than 50 people, the majority from El Paso County, were victims of credit card skimming fraud. A multi-agency investigation was launched in April after members of ENT Federal Credit Union reported unauthorized purchases after visiting a 7-Eleven store in Monument. (Source gazette.com)

Lands' End Kids launches digital popup shop

Stride Rite: disappearing from a mall near you and investing in the web

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




Secret Service raids Abon coin shop - more details coming exclusively to Daily next week
The Secret Service conducted a search warrant at the Abon Cards & Coins store, 115 Park Avenue West, with the help of other agencies, including the FBI, IRS and Mansfield police. “The reason we conducted the search warrant is we have been engaged in a multi-jurisdictional wire fraud investigation involving the online Internet sale of a vast array of stolen merchandise,” said Smokey Everett, special agent in charge of the Cleveland field office for the Secret Service. Larry and Donna Bence own Abon Cards & Coins and do 80 percent of their business online, selling items to all 50 states and internationally. In 2011, and again in 2013, Bence wrote letters to area police agencies, including Ontario and Mansfield police departments seeking assistance. “I would request that you provide Abon with a list of any of the above items and related items that are reported to your office as stolen and any appropriate names to watch for,” Bence wrote. The News Journal received several Mansfield police reports and an Ontario police report regarding thefts reported to their departments and later recovered, including 34 costumes valued at $6,800 stolen during a break-in at a Shelby business and later found at Abon. In another example, according to Ontario police records, a vacuum valued at $1,600 which was stolen from Vacuum World, was subsequently purchased by Abon for $60. (Source mansfieldnewsjournal.com)

Suspect arrested in PA on Identity and Theft by Deception in Rolex scam; possible ties to multi-state ORC  On 07.20.2014 Patton Township Police took into custody Phil Nguyen from Garden Grove, CA, dob 07.11.1947, for charges of Identity Theft, Forgery, Theft by Deception and Access Device Fraud. Nguyen was in State College, PA at a local jewelry store and was attempting to open a line of credit in order to buy a $12,000 Rolex watch. He was using a fake CA driver’s license and a fraudulent Bank of America VISA card in the name of James Wan for identification. A subsequent search of his rental car produced a previously purchased $13,000 Rolex watch from the Orchard Park, NY area under the name of Keith Yun. A fake CA driver’s license and a fraudulent credit card in Keith Yun’s name were also located during the search. Nguyen declined to answer any questions, but evidence shows that he flew into the Buffalo, NY airport on 07.17.2014, then drove to State College, PA, then to Pittsburgh, PA, back to the Buffalo, NY area and then again to State College, PA on 07.20.2014. A Jewelers’ Security Alliance alert and information coming in from other departments indicates that Nguyen may be part of a larger Asian network using the same tactics to buy high-end watches over the course of the past several months and throughout several states. Anyone needing further information on Nguyen please contact Detective Erik Haas, Patton Township Police, 814/234-0273, ehaas@twp.patton.pa.us.

Walmart LP investigation leads to arrest of 4 Texas men on fraud, conspiracy charges  Rolando Torres-Quindelan 42, Alain Perez 22, David Ferrer-Aranda 30, and Nelson Carballosa-Bacallao 31, all from Texas, were arrested Tuesday by Washington City Police for using stolen credit card information obtained from New Jersey. Investigators in New Jersey contacted the Washington City Police Department after finding out that credit card information stolen from a fraud case they were working, had been used at the Washington City Wal-Mart. After working with the Wal-Mart Loss Prevention Office, police were able to identify the four men that were suspected in the incident. (Source stgeorgeutah.com)

Two CA women arrested after identity theft and forgery spree at several retail locations  Deborah Burrell Townsend, 50, and Kimberly Michelle Campbell, 56, are being held in Jackson County Jail on a more than $1 million bail. Each is charged with 33 counts of identity theft, 29 counts of forgery, four counts of first-degree theft, three counts of aggravated identity theft and a racketeering charge. In addition to mall stores such as Kohl's and Bed, Bath & Beyond, the women allegedly used fake checks and made fraudulent exchanges for cash at Target, Safeway and Albertsons. The spree has been ongoing for the past few days, investigators said. (Source mailtribune.com)

Man charged with shoplifting Red Bull and 5 Hour energy from ShopRite in Vineland, NJ

Suspects wanted after theft at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beachwood, OH

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Thieves steal truck filled with $2 million worth of pharmaceutical drugs- State Trooper's dash cam catches the chase - well planned - GPS gets truck back  Thieves stole a tractor-trailer rig loaded with $2 million in pharmaceutical drugs and narcotics as it was parked and running outside a Bartow County truck stop early Tuesday morning. Within a few minutes of the theft being reported, a tracking device on the trailer alerted the trucking company and police to its location. Investigators say the thieves tried to throw police off their trail by switching out the truck cab that was pulling the trailer. "Basically on this they had a truck on standby, to swap out that tractor and trailer with another one, so it would be concealed. And they used Velcro to over the license tag to conceal the plate and replace it with another one." said Investigator White. Georgia State Patrol and Bartow County sheriff's deputies tracked the stolen rig to an exit off Interstate 75. In a slow-speed chase, they followed the rig into an industrial park where the thieves stopped the truck, jumped out of the passenger door, and ran into nearby woods. Investigators recovered the drugs but said they are still looking those behind the heist, which they suspect was an inside job. (Source wsbtv.com)

2 men arrested in shooting outside Logan Valley Mall in Logan Township, PA  Following a nearly two-hour manhunt, police in Blair County arrested two men allegedly involved in a shooting outside of the Logan Valley Mall. Logan Township police said the two men were involved in an altercation with another person in the mall parking lot outside of the Applebee's entrance at about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. That altercation escalated to the point one of the men fired a shot toward the other person, police said. The men drove away from the mall parking lot, abandoning their silver Dodge Caravan in the parking lot of a nearby K-Mart plaza, police said. Officers and troopers from several Blair County departments searched the area for the two men near the mall and surrounding shopping plazas, including inside several stores. Just before 5:30 p.m., the men were arrested by police along Union Avenue in Altoona, just more than a mile from the K-mart. No one was injured in the shooting. (Source wjactv.com)

911 recording released in shooting of Officer Melvin Santiago outside Jersey City Walgreens  Authorities today released the 911 call made by a Walgreens employee moments before a young police officer was gunned done outside the store. The caller told the operator that a man had just attacked the store's security guard. "He took the officer's gun, she says. "The security officer... he knocked him... He's still in the store, and he took his gun." The audio from the July 12 recording does not include the ambush and murder of 23-year-old Officer Melvin Santiago by the man who had taken the security guard's gun. (Source news12.com)

Pregnant woman among 2 pistol-whipped during T-Mobile store robbery in Cypress, TX  Investigators say two employees, one of them pregnant, were pistol-whipped during a violent holdup at a T-Mobile store in Cypress. It happened at around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. Witnesses say three masked men armed with long guns stormed into the T-Mobile store on FM 1960 near Eldridge. No shots were fired, but we're told the men did get violent. The two women had to be taken to the hospital. Their condition is unknown. (Source click2houston.com)

Woman arrested after slapping, threatening to kill Kroger employee  A woman is in jail after assaulting an employee working the Western Union counter inside a south Nashville Kroger store. It all started with a verbal altercation between Amy Jaudon, 43, and the Kroger employee inside the store. When the employee brought out the manager, Jaudon started yelling and calling the employee vulgar names. Jaudon then slapped the employee across the face. The employee grabbed Jaudon and threw her to the ground. Once separated, Jaudon went outside, got a gun out of her vehicle and waved it around, threatening to kill the employee once again. (Source wkrn.com)

Austin police search for thieves after 8 armed robberies at restaurants, liquor store

Woman stole from Mechanicsburg Wal-Mart, nearly struck security officer with vehicle 

Firefighter attacked during Family Dollar robbery in Jackson, MS

Florida man caught with stolen meat in his pants

No leads in Chico, CA jewelry store smash and grab

Zales Outlet in Tulare, CA hit with a Grab and Run, merchandise valued at $3100

Zales Outlet in Nashville, TN hit by a Distraction Team for a diamond solitaire valued at $6669

Zales in Edison, NJ hit by a Distraction Team for 7 pairs of diamond earrings valued at nearly $25,000

Cash Store - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery - 2 arrested
Circle K - Greenacres, FL - Armed Robbery - suspect arrested
Cricket Wireless - Kansas City, MO - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Columbia, MO - Armed Robbery - suspect sentenced to 20 yrs
Dollar General - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery
Fresh Start - Spearfish, SD - Armed Robbery - man sentenced to 20 years
GNC - Delran, NJ - Burglary
Kwik Shop - Omaha, NE - Armed Robbery - video released
Pawn America - Roseville, MN - Armed Robbery - video released
Radio Shack - Bolingbrook, IL - Armed Robbery
Smokers Outlet - Odessa, TX - Armed Robbery
Subway - Brookhaven, GA - Armed Robbery
24/7 On the Go - Clifton, NJ - Armed Robbery - suspect has hit 3 times



Job Opening




Director, LP Walmart Canada Mississauga, ON, Canada Workopolis
Dir of LP & Risk Mgmt Gordmans Omaha, NE Gordmans
Director Digital LP Nike Portland, OR Nike
National Account Manager Vector Security, Inc TBD Vector Security, Inc
Regional LP Manager SpartanNash Omaha, NE SpartanNash
Reg LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance Mgr Dunham's Sports United States Dunham's Sports
Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing

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eCommerce LP Manager TJX Companies Framingham, MA TJX Companies
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Bakersfield, CA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Supervisor JCPenney New Braunfels, TX JCPenney
Regional LP Manager RadioShack Atlanta, GA RadioShack
AP Manager BJ's Wholesale Club Auburn, NY BJ's Wholesale Club
AP Manager BJ's Wholesale Club North Bergen, NJ BJ's Wholesale Club
AP Manager BJ's Wholesale Club Medford, MA BJ's Wholesale Club
AP Manager BJ's Wholesale Club Miami, FL BJ's Wholesale Club
AP Manager BJ's Wholesale Club North Brunswick, NJ BJ's Wholesale Club
AP Specialist Cabela's Tulalip, WA Cabela's
LP Assistant Supervisor Kohl's Macon, GA Kohl's



John Lubin, CFI was named Asset Protection Director Europe for Ralph Lauren.
Douglas Newstrom, CFI
was named Regional Asset Protection Manager for Regis Corporation.
Walter Stampfl
was named Investigator for Universal Studios Florida.
Braden Diaz was promoted to Zone Asset Protection Manager for 7-Eleven.

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70% Of Your Time At Work Is Wasted—How To Change That  Looking at the schedule of a typical CEO, 70% of that time is sub-optimal with meetings, growing your team and getting all of the productivity out of yourself that is possible. How can you find the time to move your company and team forward if all that time is wasted? Use these eight tips to help you make the most of your time. (Say no)

9 Science-Backed Methods For More Productive Meetings  The next time you have to go into a meeting, don't try to sneak away just yet. With just a handful of hacks, meetings can be speedier, more productive and more enjoyable for everyone attending them. Here are some ideas to hold enjoyable meetings. (15 minutes)

Workplace Annoyances Vs. Deal Breakers -- When Enough Becomes Enough  For some, the biggest deal breakers are lack of opportunity to advance and poor work/life balance. Some workplace grievances may be more serious than others, and something such as someone's annoyance could be the last straw. Check out this infographic to see what statistics say. (Keep your team happy)

How To Re-Discover Your Motivation
Instead of spending a lot of money and time trying to figure out what the best way to get on track and focused, just use these pieces of advice. Changing the way you think and adding a few key habits can help you get back the motivation that you lost somewhere along the way. (What's your "why?")

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The difference between success and failure is in the planning and the execution. Taking something from a thought or idea to a reality can be a long and painful process lined with failures and detractors. But a great idea is only as good as the plan you have to bring it to life and the execution everyone delivers to give it a life. Because without the two the great idea never existed. As one "C" level executive once told me- He never saw a bad great idea as it was always the failed plan to roll it out and the poor execution that killed it.

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