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More on the biggest data breach in U.S. history that hit 7-Eleven and J.C. Penney and connected to the TJX, Office Max, and BJ's hacking three years ago  The five Russians hacked data, known as "dumps", by penetrating secure computer networks of several of the largest payment-processing companies, retailers and financial institutions in the world. They then sold the data to "dump resellers" who then sold it through online forums or to individuals and organizations. The men encoded the data into the magnetic strips of blank plastic cards and withdrew money from automated teller machines and made credit-card purchases, the U.S. said. “This type of crime is the cutting edge,” Fishman said. “Those who have the expertise and the inclination to break into our computer networks threaten our economic well-being, our privacy and our national security.” The men conspired with Albert Gonzalez, a Miami hacker serving 20 years in prison, according to the indictment, who was also involved in the TJX Cos., Office Max, and BJ's Wholesale hacking of 40 million records. (Source

Bidding war for Saks to bring positive changes for retailer
The current bidding war for Saks Inc. may soon leave the retailer in the hands of a new owner and is likely to result in positive changes for the brand and its customers, experts say. Both Hudson’s Bay Company, owner of a number of retailers including Lord & Taylor, and private investment firm Starwood Capital, the current owner of crystal maker Baccarat and former owner of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, are eyeing Saks. In addition, rumors have been circulating that a third bidder may be in the mix. (Source second quarter sales up 22% - hits $15.7B in sales but books loss of $7M - they just keep growing  Increased fulfillment costs and other expense pressures caused to report a second quarter loss of $7 million. "This past quarter, our top 10 selling items worldwide were all digital products — Kindles, Kindle Fire HDs, accessories and digital content,” Bezos said. (Source

Alco Stores acquired by private equity group - Argonne Capital Group - moving to Dallas - look for a new senior LP position here in the future maybe  They had eliminated the senior LP position a while back and operates 213 stores that offer both name brand and private label products. ALCO has its distribution center in Abilene, Kan., and is in the process of moving its headquarters from Abilene to suburban Dallas, Texas. Editors note: This might be an opportunity for a new senior LP position in the near future. One of the reasons they're moving to Dallas is to be able to attract and recruit top talent according to a source. (Source

A&P looks to sell stores and tells store managers we are up for sale
Grocery chain Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. is seeking to sell itself after emerging from bankruptcy last year, according to an internal memo to employees. "This is about options to grow the business, not about being in distress," a spokesman said. (Source

Tyco International Q3 North American systems installation and service business revenue fell 4% to $966M  In June, Tyco announced that it reached a deal to buy Exacq Technologies, which develops video management systems for security and surveillance uses, for $150 million in cash. In the rest of the world, that business unit's revenue rose 2 percent to $1.11 billion from $1.08 billion. Revenue at its global products business rose 7 percent to $600 million from $563 million. (Source Associated Press)

Women executives need to work more effectively to make sure their employees as well as corporate executives know what they’ve accomplished  Lori Raya, president of the Vons division of Safeway, said here Thursday at the 2013 Executive Leaders Forum sponsored by the Network of Executive Women. "Years ago I spoke with the [former] chief executive officer of Safeway [Steve Burd], who told me I wasn’t delivering the kind of results my [male] predecessor had delivered. That’s when I realized he thought that because I was telling him what our team had done, rather than making clear what my leadership had done. “I learned I should have taken more credit — that I needed to be more bold and to speak up more while always being respectful." (Source

'Pay With Your Face' is coming soon
"A Uniqul tablet at check-out stations would take the customer's photo as they approach. Within seconds the tablet processes biometrical data to locate the individual's account within the database, which can be registered with any major credit card," Uniqul says. All the customer needs to do is confirm the payment by pressing the 'OK' button. The Helsinki company is expected to launch the system in Helsinki checkout aisles and payment terminals with the whole process taking less than 5 seconds. Customers can use all major credit cards or a PayPal or Square account when registering for a Uniqul account. For about $9 a month, users can access the system "anywhere in the world," and for just under $4, users can choose what city and surrounding suburbs they'd like to access Uniqul. Stores have to be equipped with the payment software and system, and adoption is still an open question, so we put the "anywhere in the world" part in quotes. (Source

Research and Markets releases the North American Retail Fraud Survey 2013 - available for purchase for $7,700  'The North American Retail Fraud Survey 2013' is a comprehensive and detailed guide, taking you inside 100 companies.  The retail fraud survey will allow purchasers to have a detailed understanding of key industry trends, allowing vendors to better tailor their systems and services to be completely in tune with the needs and requirements of the retail industry. This report is a key retail fraud and loss prevention resource. (Source

C- level executives lack confidence in their cyber security - according to June study of 200 C-level executives  More than two-thirds of executives are concerned their companies will not be able to stop such threats, and one in five say their biggest concern is not knowing whether an attack is underway, according to ThreatTrack Security. Of those surveyed, 42% report not having an Incident Response Team in place, and nearly half (47%) report that they are not making use of advanced malware analysis tools. Is your Loss Prevention team represented on your Incident Response Team? (Source

Sharing data is sensible way for retailers to reduce loss prevention - says Maxine Fraser, national operations director for Retailers Against Crime (RAC) in Europe - their ORC effort  The sharing of data relating to loss prevention, and other in-store crimes, between the retail community and the Police can have a major impact on reducing the levels of losses suffered by the industry. Founded in 1997 in Scotland the information sharing scheme now has 2,000 retailers on board not only within Scotland but also Northern Ireland and the North West of England. It is one of a number of such schemes around the UK that share their sensitive information with the objective of reducing theft. (Source

Security guard firm to pay $65k over Muslim head scarf termination
ABM Security Services Inc., which employs security officers for the Pennsylvania Convention Center, will pay $65,000 to resolve a lawsuit over the firing of a Muslim security officer who refused to remove her head scarf, or khimar, a day after she was hired in February 2011. New York-based ABM will revise its dress code to add a religious exception for sincerely held religious beliefs, unless providing the accommodation would impose an undue hardship. The EEOC had filed the religious discrimination suit on behalf of Tahira B. El, of Philadelphia. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Starbucks Americas Q3 up 9% with revenue up 13%
Tractor Supply Q2 up 7.2% with sales up 12.7%
GNC Q2 up 6.8% with revenue up 9.2%
O'Reilly's Automotive Q2 up 6.5% with sales up 10%







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Member of the Pink Panther jewel thief gang escapes Swiss jail in movie like fashion - Their documentary airs July 31st.  Milan Poparic, serving time for his role in a 2009 robbery, broke out of a prison in Orbe in western Switzerland on Thursday with a fellow inmate. Two accomplices used a van and two ladders to enable the prisoners to get out of the prison enclosure. They fired multiple rounds from automatic weapons to prevent prison guards approaching. No-one was injured. The international gang of jewel thieves, many of whom come from the former Yugoslavia, became known for the creative way in which they went about their crimes. On July 31st there's a documentary about them being aired on TV. With over 500 smash and grab robberies worth over $300M. This is the only one to have been caught to date as mentioned this week in the Daily. (Source

"Flash Mob" ring leader arrested in Bay area for leading groups of 3 to 10 on store raids and stealing over $100,000  A teenager faces felony charges of commercial burglary and robbery for spearheading a series of retail store burglaries throughout the Bay Area over a two-month period. R'Mani Minard, a 19-year-old San Francisco resident, was identified by detectives from the Pleasanton, Livermore and Newark police departments as the ring leader of a group of three to 10 people who boldly entered stores including Victoria's Secret at Stoneridge Mall with empty bags, filled the bags with merchandise, and then fled. Minard and his group have been responsible for over $100,000 in retail thefts. According to police, the group committed the same type of burglaries between March and May at unidentified stores at the Paragon Outlets in Livermore, NewPark Mall in Newark and the Great Mall in Milpitas, among other Bay Area retailers. The investigation into the identities of other suspects involved in the thefts is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to call the Pleasanton Police Department at 925-931-5100. (Source

Toys R Us employee steals more then $20,000 in merchandise to supplement income over 4-5 years  A Simpsonville, Ky. man has been arrested after St. Matthews Police say he stole $20,000 worth of merchandise from Toys "R" Us. When officers arrived, store security explained that 25-year-old Philip Michael Glassner -- an employee who had worked for the store for several years -- had been under investigation for stealing merchandise. Police say Glassner admitted to taking store merchandise for the past 4-5 years. Glassner gave officers a written confession, according to the arrest report, and said he stole the merchandise to supplement his income due to "family issues. (Source

Women who twice stabbed Maryland shoppers in random knife attacks sent to mental health facility  A woman who has twice stabbed Maryland shoppers in random knife attacks, most recently slashing a woman outside a Target store in Lanham, will again be sent to a mental health facility for treatment. Antoinette C. Starks entered a plea Wednesday of guilty but not criminally responsible, Maryland’s version of an insanity defense, to an attempted murder charge. Starks has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. (Source

Two arrested for armed robbery of Dollar General, Cash Advance, CVS, Boost Mobile, and another Dollar General store in Wyoming, MI.  Two suspects police believe were involved in a string of recent armed robberies were identified and arrested Thursday. Both suspects are accused of committing several armed robberies in the Wyoming community throughout the month of July. (Source

Patient armed robber waits in line to hold-up the Walmart MoneyCenter in Arlington.  The robbery is caught on video as the patient robber waits while other customers finish their transaction before pulling his gun on the Walmart cashier. Once the cashier complied, the suspect quickly fled the store. (Source

Robber threatens to shoot a Walgreen cashier in the face in Salem, Massachusetts.  A suspect entered the Walgreen store and approached the clerk and demanded money from the register, claiming he had a gun. No weapon was actually shown. The cashier handed over a small amount of cash and the robber fled. No injuries were reported. (Source

Baseball bat used to rob a Gun Store in Portland; Bad Idea, ends with arrest.  A man who tried to rob a gun store with a baseball bat was arrested Thursday after the store manager came out armed and ordered him on the ground. It all started at around 4 p.m. at the Discount Guns when 22-year-old Derrick Mosley came into the store with a baseball bat and smashed a display case. Mosley then took a gun out of the smashed case, but the store manager came out from the back of the store with a gun and ordered him on the ground. Police and deputies arrived shortly after and arrested Mosley who was also armed with a knife. (Source

GameStop Robbery suspect due in court; robbery, kidnapping and attempted murder charges.  Micah Tuck, 21, is accused of attempting to rob a video game store, then abducting two employees before he encountered police and the shootout ensued. Tuck, who police said is from the Sugarcreek Township, walked into the GameStop in Xenia and took a game console and four games, and demanded cash. He then forced two employees to leave with him, but let them go shortly later. Tuck is believed to have started a gun battle with police, firing 5 rounds. The police responded with 15 rounds striking the suspect several times. (Source

Three charged with armed robbery at a Sears store in Indiana.
Three people were being stopped for shoplifting outside the Westfield Southlake Mall Sears store, when one of the suspects pulled a knife on the approaching store detective. The three fled without injuring the detective. The detective was able to get the license plate number. The three suspects have now all been arrested and each faces charges of armed robbery. (Source

Armored car drops a bag of money; two people grab the bag and head to Target.  Two people were arrested outside a Target store in Des Moines after they stopped to pick up a bag of cash that fell out of the back door of an armored car. Police were given the license plate number of the couple’s vehicle by witnesses; they tracked the car to the Target parking lot where they waited for the couple to return to their car. The torn open bank bag with thousands of dollars was recovered at a different address. Samantha Jackman, 20, of Des Moines, and Tyler Critchlow, 20, of Dallas Center, were both charged with first-degree theft. (Source

Crime Stoppers flooded with calls on ‘Bad Mom’ !
Yesterday we reported a Mother who used her children to distract a customer in a Gymboree store, then stole her wallet and charged up her credit cards. Crime Stoppers tips came streaming in following the story being covered by several news channels in South Florida, the suspect, Shanice Stewart has now been arrested. Stewart is a registered convicted felon with an extensive rap sheet, dating back to her first felony for grand theft auto at age 14. Since then she's been jailed in Lee County for a long list of charges including: burglary, aggravated assault, robbery, dealing in stolen property, multiple counts of theft, among other charges. She now faces charges of felony grand theft and possible other charges. (Source



Canada May retail sales leap by 1.9 pct, biggest jump in 3 years
The advance - far greater than the 0.4 percent growth predicted by market operators - is the largest since the 2.8 percent increase recorded in March 2010. Retail sales hit a record C$40.42 billion ($39.24 billion) in May, up from the previous high of C$39.77 billion set in November 2012. Higher sales were reported in nine of the 11 subsectors, representing 94 percent of total retail trade. In volume terms, sales were also up 1.9 percent. (Source

Canadian e-retail sales are set to grow 10% annually through 2018
E-commerce sales will grow at least 10% annually over next five years and hit $33.8B in 2018. This part of Canada's retail has been sluggish compared to the U.S. and the U.S. retail push is helping spur the growth. U.S.-based retailers are also making it easier for Canadians to shop their sites. Some operate .ca sites just for Canadian shoppers and some offer fulfillment and delivery options that make online shopping more attractive for Canadian shoppers. Editor's note: This also means online fraud will escalate as well. (Source

Halifax Regional Police are asking for the public's help identifying a woman who's accused of stealing more than $7,500 worth of sunglasses from the Halifax Shopping Centre.  On June 11, a woman entered a store at the mall specializing in sunglasses, took several sunglasses and left the store without paying for them, said Halifax Regional Police. The next day, police allege the same woman returned to the store and stole several more sunglasses. Officers estimate the merchandise is worth more than $7,500. (Source



The 4th Loss Prevention Summit 2013

Cost-effective loss prevention strategies and solutions– striking a balance between revenue maximisation and fraud loss exposure

Tuesday 10th September 2013

Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1

Retail suffers at the hands of shoplifters, travelling gangs, internal thieves and online fraudsters up to 4 billion pounds every year. Crime and loss prevention forms a considerable proportion of the overall cost of retail crime in the UK, with an average expenditure of 750,000 pounds per retailer.*

As a consequence, retailers need to invest heavily in loss prevention technology and training to protect their businesses, but more importantly to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, customers and the communities which they serve. As a result retailers are looking for new proactive approaches to attacking this serious issue and managing losses.

Today’s fraudsters are increasingly using techniques that make online fraud harder to identify and more difficult to isolate. With e-crime costing the retail sector 205.4 million pounds in 2011-12**, e-crime now equates to the most costly type of crime affecting the sector. Many retailers now identify fraud arising from their growing online and multichannel operations as the biggest emerging issue of retail crime and needs to be a priority.

The need to engage with local PCCs to help set the agenda to beat retail crime, share data and collaborate on a wider range of loss prevention initiatives is essential. The conference enables retailers to hear how their peers are responding to emerging crime trends and to obtain the latest thinking from Government and law enforcement agencies on tackling retail crime.

Attend this one-day interactive, retailer-led conference to find out how to:

Learn effective strategies for preventing and tackling internal theft and refund fraud
Promote more effective engagement between the retail business community and Police
Understand the role of loss prevention and IT departments working together effectively
Explore the future of security logistics and the need for new technologies
Protect your staff though effective training and abuse reporting
Secure products and tools to protect against online fraud
Incorporate best practice techniques when dealing with online chargebacks
Achieve cost effective solution to reduce customer shrinkage
Mitigate card and internet fraud – the latest on Action Fraud and law enforcement

Attend The Retail Bulletin’s 4th Retail Loss Prevention Summit 2013 to share best practice on loss prevention strategies and network with peers and industry leaders.

This is the definitive event for all aspects of physical and technological fraud prevention within the retail and online environment - with leading innovators and experts from the industry sharing their experiences, the conference will provide a well balanced mix of the latest practical solutions and critical policy developments

* BRC Retail Crime Survey 2012
** BRC’s ‘Counting the cost of e-crime’ Report

Highlights from the Loss Prevention Summit 2012

Speakers already CONFIRMED include:

Professor Martin Gill, Director, PRCI; and Professor of Criminology, University of Leicester
Mark Stevenson, National Loss Prevention Manager, SPAR
Ray Palmer, Head of Asset Protection, B&Q plc
Steve Proffitt, Operational Head Action Fraud, National Fraud Authority
John Mearls, Director Investigations & Tools - Global Asset Protection, eBay Inc.
Anthony Navaie-Bryan, Head of Security & Investigations, Phones 4u
Lisa Cluett, Head of Fraud, BrightHouse
Gaby Devereux, Member Recruitment Manager, CIFAS
Martin Hewitt, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police
Maxine Fraser, National Operations Director, Retailers Against Crime
Jim McFedries, Head of Profit Protection, Scotmid Co-op
Jeff Kellogg, Vice President - Consumer Electronics & Security Packaging Systems, MeadWestVaco Corporation

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Two men charged in gas-pump 'skimming' hitting Wal-Mart stores from April 2012 through January  A federal grand jury alleged in the indictment that the two men traveled from their homes in Washington state to Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. The indictment alleges that they rented vehicles, checked into hotels and placed skimming devices on gas pumps at Walmart stores from April 2012 through January of this year. The skimmers would be left in place for one or two months and then transferring the "skimmed" information to counterfeit debit or credit cards and then using those cards to withdraw large amounts of cash from ATMs. (Source

ORC suspect made at least 7 TV-shoplifting trips to same Bridgewater, N.J., Target store  In some of those instances Paul Mason made more than one shoplifting trip to the department store on the same day. Mason even brazenly returned to the store after being caught red-handed by store security, police said. beginning on May 25th and ending on July 3rd when he came back twice to steal two TV's. (Source

Laughing ORC Duo busted at TJ Maxx after hitting Sally Beauty and Old Navy in Madison. WI. Two Madison women were arrested for shoplifting Wednesday, one of whom laughed at a store security guard while leaving the store with a bulging bag of goods, Madison police reported. Shatanae Mims, 28, and Ronda Alexander, 24, were tentatively charged with retail theft, police said in a news release. The two women allegedly took goods from two stores and were ready to hit another store when police arrived and made the arrests. (Source

Shoplifting ringleader arrested in California; believed to have stolen $100,000 in merchandise.  R’Mani Minard is believed to be the ringleader of a shoplifting network that focused on several malls and high end shops in the San Francisco Bay area. Minard and his crew are believed to have stolen over $100,000 of merchandise. Minard is being held on 13 felony burglary and one count of robbery, stemming from an incident where a Victoria’s Secret employee was injured when attempting to stop a shoplifting. (Source

Two women in Winter Haven roll merchandise out of a Walmart. Two female suspects are believed to have stolen baby and children’s clothing by placing the items into a rolling trash can and a large plastic tote. The two were caught on surveillance leaving the store. (Source

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Global Investigations & Compliance Mgr Ace Hardware Corp. Oak Brook, IL Ace Hardware Corp.
Director of Asset Protection Walgreens Deerfield, IL Walgreens
Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
Asset Protection Manager The HoneyBaked Ham Co. Alpharetta, GA The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Director of LP Best Buy Canada Burnaby, British Columbia Best Buy Canada
Senior Director LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Corporate LP Manager The Children's Place Secaucus, NJ The Children's Place
Market LP Director Duane Reade New York, NY Duane Reade
Dir, Sec. Risk Info & Analysis Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

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Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Central Midwest

Downing & Downing

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Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing



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Executive Team Leader AP Target Columbus, OH Target
Executive Team Leader AP Target Laplata, MD Target
LP Manager Sears Cary, NC Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Metairie, LA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Barboursville, WA Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Palmdale, CA Lowe's
Regional AP Manager Walmart Livonia, MI Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Richmond, CA Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Connersville, IN Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Greensburg, IN Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart East Peoria, IL Wal-Mart
LP Manager Macy's Dallas, TX Macy's
AP Manager Cabela's LaVista, NE Cabela's
LP Manager Bloomingdale's Atlanta, GA Bloomingdale's
LP Manager Bloomingdale's Skokie, IL Bloomingdale's
LP Manager Bloomingdale's Orlando, FL Bloomingdale's

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Surprising Leadership Lessons From the Pope  Pope Francis had no desire to be pope, but he made his mark as an intriguing example of leadership in his first four months.  Learn from the Pope's messages and behaviors of humility, openness, and developing your own style of leadership to best lead your people. (Simple gestures have drastic effects)

10 Things Leaders Must Learn to Do
Success is always relative to the competition you are up against; nothing is guaranteed or absolute. If you want to be a successful leader, it is simply known there are things you must learn to do. Number one, stay on top and ahead of the competition. Follow these other nine examples and be a successful leader. (Never give up)

How to Escape from Bad Decisions
The escalation of commitment happens when we invest our time, energy, and resources in a choice that ends up falling short of our desired outcome, and then we give in to investing more. To avoid this trap there are four guidelines that must be followed. (Be careful with praise: it can protect the ego, or inflate it)

The Requirement to Trust as a Function of Leadership 
According to the book, "The Natural Inborn Power of Trust" by BJ Armstrong, you don't need to take control of everything in your organization. Trust has an important role in knowing when and how to take risks, and taking risks means you trust in your team. (Trust yourself and your team)

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Being too close to the trees to see the forest is an expression that also fits not appreciating the role you play on your own team. With the needs of the day seemingly always taking priority, it's difficult for some to step back and truly see the value you can add to your own team. Realizing it and accepting the responsibility as a team member is half the battle. But doing something with it and truly adding value is what helps the team win the game. Every group, every department is in fact a team and every member plays a vital role towards the success and the survival of that team. That's why that old expression - One for all and all for one - took such a hold in literature. Because it is that simple. The hard part is taking responsibility for it.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

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