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Active Shooter Response: Are You Ready?

Debbie Maples, VP Global LP & Corp. Security, Gap Inc.

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Senior LP/AP Market Soft if Not Downright Dead
While we're holding off publishing our Q2 and first half reports due to being in the heart of vacation season, we can say that the senior LP/AP market is probably softer now then we've ever seen it. With the mad dash to fill senior jobs that we typically see in March happened in February this year and while we continued to see the normal attrition, promotions and smaller senior jobs get filled there hasn't been any mad dash's of senior jobs. Possibly reflecting the unstable environment and a quicker trigger finger earlier in the year. But most of this is a result of the overall shrinking of the retail market plain and simple.

Update: Pilot Flying J Rebate Scheme "Architect" VP Sales Takes Plea Deal
"Architect" of scam to testify against former Pilot Flying J President
Pilot has Paid $92M in Penalty's & Over $100M Back to Trucking Companies

Reported yesterday in the Daily, four more former Pilot Flying J employees on Monday agreed to take plea deals, including one ex-employee the FBI calls "the architect" of the fuel rebate scam-Pilot Flying J's former vice president of sales, John "Stick" Freeman.

The four latest plea deals brings the number of Pilot Flying J sales staff and executives who have agreed to confess and share information to 14.

Three others who reported directly to the VP of Sales John Freeman also pled out.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Lewen and Hamilton are reportedly looking to show that former Pilot Flying J President Mark Hazelwood not only knew about the rebate scheme, but was looking to expand it.

Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam, and owner of the Cleveland Browns, has not been charged, however, the FBI indicated in testimony and court records he was a suspect. Haslam denies any knowledge of the scheme.

Editor's Note: We've been following this since the FBI raided their corporate offices in 2013 and this is probably the biggest orchestrated loyalty rewards fraud scheme in U.S. history pulled off by a retailer. As virtually the entire sales team was involved in cheating the underdeveloped and smaller trucking firms knowing they probably weren't keeping track of their rebates.

At the time Haslam, the owner of Pilot Flying J, had just hired this new President from Coca Cola, I believe, not that long before the raid, so that Haslam could get more involved in running the Cleveland Browns football team he had just purchased.

Everyone in Cleveland, while not publicizing it, believed he had to have knowledge of it given his reputation for knowing everything around him and being a micro manager. Which we all saw here with his managing the Browns. But nothing ever surfaced and to this day Cleveland doesn't say a word about it. Nor does Roger Goodell at the NFL.

A few of these defendants will see jail time as it was all about ripping off small truckers to increase their bonuses and profits. And the press told stories about how they'd all go out partying laughing and bragging about how easy it was to do.

The real interesting part is that Haslam's brother is the Governor of Tenn. cstoredecisions.com

Chipotle's Pres. Tells Investors Yesterday
Employee Allowed to Work While Sick Caused 130 Customers to Get Sick
Store Failed to Comply With Safety Regulations

We have isolated the failure that occurred," Ells said in a call with investors on Tuesday.

According to Ells, the Sterling, Virginia restaurant had failed to comply with Chipotle's safety regulations, specifically allowing an employee to work while sick. 

"We made it clear to the entire company that we have a zero-tolerance policy" for not following food-safety measures, Ells said. "When followed, they work perfectly."

The lack of compliance at the Sterling restaurant doesn't seem to be an isolated incident. According to some Chipotle employees at other locations, store managers have encouraged workers to not to follow certain regulations, forcing them to work while sick and lie when filling out food safety sheets.

To prevent another food poisoning outbreak, Ells said that the chain needs to create a "culture of compliance." In light of the Sterling outbreak, Chipotle has made it clear that there will be "severe" consequences when in-store employees do not follow safety procedures. The company is launching additional training and communications efforts to ensure that each location follows national policies, such as sending sick workers home.

Editor's Note: They even rolled out a reward program and hotline number for reporting a sick employee after hiring the senior safety executive. businessinsider.com

Chipotle workers say they've been forced to work while 'dripping snot'
And it could be linked to the latest food poisoning outbreak

some employees are saying that a lax sick-leave policy that forces workers to prepare food while "dripping snot" or feeling ready to vomit is to blame.

Two Chipotle employees told CNBC that they had been forced by managers to work while ill. "Two weeks ago [I] came to work, felt like I was going to puke, just felt awful," one worker told CNBC via email. "One of my managers told me if I don't find someone to cover my shift, I'm going to have to stay. Mind you, my position was on line working with food."

Another self-identified Chipotle employee wrote on Reddit that they were told their job was in jeopardy if they did not come to work, despite their illness.

Other Reddit users have noted other instances of managers encouraging workers to forego the chain's food safety regulations, which were updated after Chipotle's 2015 E. coli outbreak.

"On nights where we were super busy my GM has had me just fill in correct temps," or lie about food temperatures on food safety sheets to save time, one Reddit user wrote two months ago. "I feel uncomfortable doing this but don't know what to do."

"We have policies that preclude people from coming to work sick, and are one of few restaurant companies that provides paid sick days for our employees (including hourly employees)," Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold told CNBC in an email. businessinsider.com

Chipotle has been subpoenaed as part of a federal criminal investigation
Maybe More to the Conspiracy Theories
Chipotle's 'Brand Voice Lead' - Keynote Speaker Next Week RLPSA Conference
RLPSA Confirms Keynote Speaker - Mr. Espey "will face the issues with candor and transparency"

Chipotle has been served with a federal grand jury subpoena requesting information related to a norovirus outbreak at its restaurant in Sterling, Virginia.

The subpoena is part of a larger federal criminal investigation into food-related illnesses at Chipotle restaurants dating back to 2015.

Chipotle said in a filing Wednesday that it intends to fully cooperate with the investigation.

The investigation is being conducted by the US attorney's office for the Central District of California and the US Food and Drug Administration's Office of Criminal Investigations.

The subpoena means that prosecutors are gathering evidence to present to a grand jury, which will decide whether to make an indictment. The charges have not been specified.

Criminal investigations into outbreaks of foodborne illness are uncommon.
Editor's Note: Maybe there's more to the conspiracy theories.

One thing for sure, next week's keynote speaker, William Espey, Brand Voice Lead, at RLPSA will be one interesting keynote.

The Daily has been told that Mr. Espey is confirmed to speak and "will face the issues with candor and transparency."

The other thing is that they staffed an entire safety department and spent millions on programs, processes, and completely reviewed and developed a suppliers program after the 2015 outbreak. businessinsider.com

Consumers hungry for contactless checkout at Whole Foods & hope Amazon delivers
Facial Recognition Continuing to Make the Rounds in the News - Even Indirectly

Consumers are hoping that once Amazon acquires Whole Foods, the online mega retailer will provide cashier-free checkout and a much improved grocery store experience.

That's the feedback from a ChargeItSpot poll regarding the deal, according to a CNBC report.

"Our survey found that shoppers want the Amazon-Whole Foods merger to upgrade the grocery store experience with additions of useful technology," ChargeItSpot's CEO Doug Baldasare told CNBC. The ChargeItSpot poll asked 900 shoppers.

As Retail Customer Experience has reported, Amazon is already piloting a cashier-less checkout via Amazon Go at a Seattle store. retailcustomerexperience.com

UK: TK Maxx to be hit with bench warrant after writing to a fraud suspect 'demanding money'
The Irish Judge apparently isn't Aware of Civil Demand

A JUDGE will issue a warrant for the arrest of the "most senior person" in TK Maxx after its agents wrote to a fraud suspect "demanding money" while her criminal case is still before the courts.

Judge Anthony Halpin slammed the chain store's actions as "disgraceful" after a civil recovery firm wrote a letter demanding cash from a defendant who has not yet entered a plea.

The letter was sent by a solicitor for private UK loss prevention firm RPL, acting on behalf of TK Maxx, Dublin District Court heard.

Judge Halpin said he would issue the warrant to arrest the clothing giant's most senior representative before proceeding.

When the case was called, defence barrister Donal Pattison handed up a solicitor's letter which had been sent on behalf of an agency acting for TK Maxx.

"A firm that comes from Nottingham are demanding people to pay money to them," the judge said. independent.ie

The Beat Goes On & On & On
Q2 & First Half Sales Numbers Coming & It Doesn't Look Good
Other than Amazon's & Select Retailers

According to all we're reading apparel and department stores may come in 5% to 7% down with a few being worst than that. With most of you reading this saying it doesn't take much to predict that one. Which is what the real problem is. We all know it and are helpless to improve it.

Off-price obviously (excluding Off Fifth & Backstage still trying to find their way) , home goods, home improvement, possibly auto parts stores will have good numbers.

With Costco, Ulta Beauty, the dollar stores, maybe Sephora and a couple of others leading the pack.
The luxury market is the hardest to predict but it is safe to say it wasn't be a booming quarter.
Drug stores will come in soft and weak actually.

Everyone else will be lucky to crack positive comp's much beyond 1% to 1.5%.

Back to school - minus e-commerce, which no one will do, other than a very few analyst and publications, will be back to the blues. As parents stay away from Malls, many of which will be because of security concerns - which absolutely no one is willing to admit nor try to counter by super upgrading security to the point that they make it a selling point in their media some how without increasing their liability.

But as usual Amazon is booming and will carry the day - and what a pitiful prediction that anyone could make.

Hey, just a thought. -Gus Downing

Now We're Seeing the Impact - Trump Administration
DOL Info Request Hints Broad Changes Possible For OT Rule

The questions posed by the U.S. Department of Labor in its Tuesday request for information on current rules governing exemption from overtime pay show it's considering several possibilities for rethinking which workers qualify for the extra pay, from setting different pay levels based on geographic area to nixing the salary test altogether.  

However it shakes out, there's a possibility that the Trump DOL's new take on the scope of the Fair Labor Standards Act's overtime protections will look very different from the controversial regulations finalized by the Obama administration in 2016.  law360.com

DOL Issues Info Request On White-Collar Overtime Exemption
The U.S. Department of Labor released its hotly anticipated request for information on how to revise the white-collar overtime exemption on Tuesday, opening up for public comment a controversial Obama administration rule that would more than double the salary level under which workers must be paid overtime.  law360.com

EEOC, Bass Pro Reach $10.5M Deal To End Race Bias Suit
Bass Pro Outdoor World LLC has agreed, without admitting wrongdoing, to pay $10.5 million to a class of black and Hispanic workers the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged it discriminated against by failing to hire, according to the consent decree filed on Monday in Texas federal court.  law360.com

Kroger's First Legal Shot at Lidl Denied By Judge
Federal judge on Tuesday denied Kroger's request to force Lidl to stop selling items under its "Preferred Selection" brand. Kroger said Lidl's brand too closely resembled its own "Private Selection" label.

Editor's Note: They'll be fighting each other for years.  businessinsider.com

Industrial Security Solutions Now Offering RFID Solutions
The ISS Team is excited to announce that we are now offering our clients a complete RFID product line. We currently offer two types of discreet, high-performance RFID systems that would be a perfect addition to your Loss Prevention Program!

The first is the RFID Overhead System, which combines an antenna with an embedded reader, controller, and an alarm into one, easily installed solution. The second system is the RFID Floor Mat system, which integrates four high-performance RFID antennas inside a floor mat.

Dollar Tree Stores has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging
That it purposefully "killed" 330 stores it sold to Sycamore Partners

McDonald's McDelivery Expands to 4,200 Restaurants in 13 Countries with UberEATS

Court OKs BCBG Chapter 11 Plan, Rejects founder Max Azria's wife's $7M Parachute

Armani reorganizes brands as revenue, profit margins slip

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Chipotle Q2 comp's up 8.1%, sales up 17.1%, 6 months comp's up 12.5%, sales up 22.1% - ending June 30th
Editor's Note: Above numbers up against severe sales decreases from 2015 E. coli outbreak & don't reflect recent norovirous outbreak

Supervalu Q1 retail comp's down 4.9%, retail net sales down 2.7%, wholesale net sales up 12.4%, consolidate net sales up 6.3%

Quarterly & Half Year D&D Daily Exclusive Reports
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NJ Bill To Protect Shoppers' Personal Data Signed Into Law
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed legislation that places restrictions on retailers' ability to collect and use personal information gleaned from driver's licenses and other identification cards in an effort to crack down on data breaches and the sale of this information to marketers.

Under S-1913, the Personal Information Privacy and Protection Act, retailers can only scan customers' identification cards for certain purposes, including to verify the authenticity of the card or a consumer's identity or age, and the information that they can collect from these scans is limited to the person's name, address, date of birth, the state the identification card was issued in, and the identification card number. Additionally, the law requires retailers to securely store this data and report any security breaches in accordance with the state's notification law, and prohibits them from sharing the information with marketers or other third parties that are unknown to consumers.  law360.com

Using Location Data to Protect Your Employees
Today, modern emergency notification systems have been paired with monitoring services and mobile applications that can change the way your team communicates. While location data can be used in many ways to improve how you communicate, here are four simple, achievable actions you can take to quickly protect your people based on their proximity to an emergency.

Use the Data You Have. Your company has loads of data about employees, including location data like primary office location, building floor, and often travel schedules. You need to use this data to improve your emergency notification process.

Deploy Mobile Applications. Where is your employee at this exact moment? An application on the employee's mobile phone, with location services enabled, will tell you exactly where the employee is at any given time.

Monitor Event Feeds by Location. Much of our news gets sent to us in snippets - headlines with simple abstracts and tags that help us organize the news into categories. One of those important tags is geo-location. This means you can monitor emergency threats based on location and type. By setting up triggers and communication templates, you can automatically send emergency notifications to recipients based not only on the recipient location, but also the location of the emergency.

Be Considerate of Schedules. Sending out an emergency notification to every employee associated with a location can lead to unnecessary communication and potential confusion. By using schedule data, you can ensure that your security team is only communicating with people on-duty and in danger. You may also avoid some potential cost and administrative pain per the Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires payment for non-exempt employees who are deemed to have worked overtime. securitymagazine.com

Retail Executives Deploy AI Despite Perceived Team Shortcomings
A Forrester study, "Building Trust and Confidence: AI Marketing Readiness in Retail and E-Commerce" commissioned by Emarsys reviewed the readiness of business executives to roll out AI-informed initiatives.

The research found that generally the adoption phase is well underway - the majority of retail executives see the value in AI marketing strategies. Marketers understand the purpose and potential of unleashing omnichannel strategies to reach existing and prospective end-consumers. "This is paving the way for retailers to leverage AI marketing to personalize the customer journey (54 percent) and better understand customer behaviors (54 percent)," said the report. wwd.com


E-Commerce Was Lagging For Yr's - Until Amazon
Amazon is Killing its Competition in Canada as well!
Amazon's Brampton facility putting robotics to the ultimate test

Canadians spent $26.6 billion online shopping in 2016. Paul Briggs, eMarketer's Canadian analyst tweeted in late May Amazon sites were killing its competition with 11.27 million unique visitors in February, beating out eBay at 9.84 million and Walmart at 3.57 million.

Amazon has opened a fulfillment center every year in Canada since 2011, starting with Mississauga, then growing into a second Brampton location and Milton, plus two warehouses in British Columbia.
Amazon doesn't see automation as taking away jobs, either. On the contrary.

"I don't have a crystal ball in 20 years from now, but what I can say is this building has been able to grow its own workforce because of the use of robotics," said Robinson. "We've certainly seen that in the States," citing Amazon's New Jersey automated centre has the largest workforce with more than 3,500 full-time employees.

The automated Brampton centre has 700 full-time employees, with an additional 200 hired last month, working in this 855,000 square feet, four-storey building. Under the same roof, there are a couple hundred of the robots. In the GTA, Amazon has over two-million square feet of operations footprint and worldwide, 25 robotic buildings.

Right now, Amazon is testing out drone delivery in B.C., akin to a pilot test project the company launched in the U.K. last year.

eMarketer predicts e-commerce spending per capital will grow 64% by 2020.

E-Commerce "has lagged for years, not because shoppers don't want to shop online, the retailers in Canada weren't offering the services, it was the retailers that was lagging, not the shoppers."

Hudson's Bay Company opened its own robotic facility in Scarborough in November to expedite their online orders. Canadian Tire is expanding their 'Click and Collect.'

Amazon is "shaking up" the entire retail sector in America and is starting to do so in Canada as well.
Editor's Note: You can thank the Canadian Push of American stores for that, quite frankly. torontosun.com

#BoycottSearsCanada: Retailer faces 'PR nightmare' over treatment of laid-off workers
Chain tries to attract customers during restructuring, but encounters online criticism. Sears Canada is striving to reinvent itself and entice customers. But every time it posts an ad promoting products on its Facebook site, the retailer is bombarded with angry comments.

"No one cares!" wrote one person, commenting on a dishware ad. "As far as I'm concerned the whole company should go belly-up." "Empty plates are what Sears ex-employees will be staring at after they have been rooked out of their severance and retirement payments," posted another person. "I will not spend one red cent in your store ... no severance, no sale," posted one person.

The spiteful comments follow Sears' announcement last month that as part of a court-supervised restructuring process, it's closing 59 of its 255 stores and laying off 2,900 workers - none of whom is getting severance.

Commenters have also griped about the news Sears will pay up to $7.6 million in court-approved retention bonuses to 43 executives and senior managers during the restructuring process.

"It's just a PR nightmare," says retail analyst, Bruce Winder. cbc.ca

Food Fraud - Some are fighting it with a different kind of science
A court has recently fined Creation Food, a Woodbridge-based company, $25,000 for forging a kosher certificate for food that wasn't kosher. In spite of hundreds of investigations, this is only the second time this year that a company has been fined in a food fraud case. Last year, Mucci Farms, another Ontario-based company, was fined a record $1.5 million for selling Mexican tomatoes as Canadian over a three-year period.

In a recent survey, fish samples from more than 150 food service outlets revealed that in over 30 per cent of cases, the product served was not the one indicated on the menu.

Food fraud has now become mainstream for a reason. Two things have changed in recent years that are making a significant impact: supply chain transparency, from fork to farm, and consumer expectations empowered by social media.

There is an array of new technologies now available to companies to protect themselves and their brands from food fraud and counterfeiting. theguardian.pe.ca

Retail prices dip in Canada, online revenue grows 46 percent

Sears Canada launches liquidation sales at 54 locations

Two Canadian firms reportedly planning to bid for Sears Canada

Change Lingerie Unveils Plans for 25 More Canadian Stores

Retail Sales in Canada Up Beyond Expectations in May

Indigo Eyes U.S. Expansion


Air Ronge, SK: Shot fired during armed robbery
La Ronge RCMP are trying to find the person responsible for an armed robbery at a business in Air Ronge, Sask. The theft occurred at around 10:15 p.m. CT on Tuesday. A man entered the business with what was described as a long-barrelled firearm. His face was covered with a black and white bandana. Police said the firearm was shot inside the business on Highway 2. The man fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. No injuries were reported. globalnews.ca

Vancouver, BC: 'We were just blind': Café staff still stung after pepper spray attack
Staff at a popular Vancouver café are shaken up after a man entered the restaurant Wednesday morning and attacked them, along with several customers, with pepper spray, just before rushing out. The alleged attack happened at 10 a.m. at the Elbow café, affecting 15 customers and three staff members who were treated by B.C. ambulance at the scene.  cbc.ca

Toronto, ON: Huge fight breaks out at No Frills store
Things got heated at the No Frills parking lot at Cedarbrae Mall this weekend when an argument over a parking space escalated into an all out fist fight before bystanders and store employees were able to break it up. The whole incident recalls a similar altercation that was caught on tape at a Costco parking lot in Mississauga last year, though it's certainly a quicker affair than the notorious Pizza Pizza fight. The whole incident recalls a similar altercation that was caught on tape at a Costco parking lot in Mississauga last year, though it's certainly a quicker affair than the notorious Pizza Pizza fight. blogto.com

Vernon, BC: Store worker sentenced for making up robbery to cover stealing from employer

Hamilton, ON: Staff forced to the ground during Shoppers Drug Mart robbery

Langley City, BC: RCMP seek suspects in Langley thefts, including $12,000 Staples computer heist

Penticton, BC: Okanagan woman sentenced for involvement in crime spree spanning two provinces

St. John's, NL: Two women nabbed for shoplifting in separate incidents

Windsor, ON: Police arrest men spending counterfeit money in stores

Update: OPP issue arrest warrant for local woman accused of stealing from Walmart

Robberies and Burglaries

Mac's - Thunder Bay, ON - Armed Robbery
Mac's - Kitchener, ON - Armed Robbery
Shoppers Drug Mart - Hamilton, ON - Armed Robbery
Undisclosed convenience store - Winnipeg, MB - Armed Robbery





2016 'Top 5'


Organized Retail Crime
The Great Debate #1

John Matas, VP of AP/Investigations & ORC, Macy's; Millie Kresevich, Dir. of AP, Luxottica; and Scott Sanford, Dir. of Investigations & Training, Barnes & Noble

Originally Published 5-4-16

How big is the ORC problem and how should it be defined? How accurate is the $30 billion estimate? What are the implications of the NRSS' finding that external theft has surpassed internal theft for the first time ever? And how are the current decriminalization trends going to impact ORC long-term? Joining us to tackle these complicated questions are John Matas, VP Asset Protection/Investigations & ORC, Macy's; Millie Kresevich, Director, Asset Protection, Luxottica; and Scott Sanford, Director of Investigations & Training, Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Episode Sponsored By:

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us 


How Machine Learning Helps With Fraud Detection
Fraud detection with machine learning requires large datasets to train a model, weighted variables, and human review only as a last defense.

Machine learning works on the basis of large, historical datasets that have been created using a collection of data across many clients and industries. Even companies that only process a relatively small number of transactions are able to take full advantage of the data sets for their vertical, allowing them to get accurate decisions on each transaction. This aggregation of data provides a highly accurate set of training data, and the access to this information allows businesses to choose the right model to optimize the levels of recall and precision that they provide: out of all the transactions the model predicts to be fraudulent (recall), what proportion of these actually are (precision)?

Once the accuracy of the models is deemed acceptable it is time to start predicting, but where do such predictions come from? Read the full article: rtinsights.com

Amazon is making good on its promise to hire 130,000 workers by 2018
The online giant announced Wednesday that it plans to fill more than 50,000 roles across its fulfillment network in the United States. Amazon is hiring "tens of thousands" full-time associates who will pick, pack and ship customer orders from its fulfillment centers. It will also fill supporting and managerial roles within its facilities, including human resources managers, IT specialists, and operations leaders, among other positions, the retailer said. Amazon also plans on filling more than 10,000 part-time jobs at its sortation centers. chainstoreage.com

Birkenstock CEO accuses Amazon of 'modern day piracy' 

LPNN 'Special Series' Schedule
Monday Oct. 2nd - Oct. 6th    ORC Week - The Top ORC Episodes

Data Breach Crime Ends Up as ORC Two Separate Florida
Gangs Get Prison

Florida Ring Leader Gets 7yrs Prison For Stolen Credit Card Trafficking Ring
Involving More Than 114,000 Accounts And Losses Of $23 Million
Bought CC#'s Online - Made Fake Cards - Purchased Goods Worth $23M

A Florida man was sentenced today to 73 months in prison for his role in a conspiracy to possess and traffic stolen credit card data held by New Jersey residents.

Between January 2010 and July 2013, Gonzalez obtained and possessed stolen credit card data for more than 114,000 credit card accounts. Gonzalez purchased the stolen credit card information from various vendors. These vendors sold stolen credit card data obtained from network intrusions into various corporate victims, including major retailers in the state of New Jersey. The stolen credit card data was used by Gonzalez and others to create counterfeit credit cards, which were used to enter into unauthorized and fraudulent transactions. The credit card issuers associated with the more than 114,000 stolen credit card accounts suffered a combined loss of more than $23 million.

In addition to the prison term, Judge Salas sentenced Gonzalez to five years of supervised release, fined him $100,000 and ordered him to forfeit a number of items, including a house, boat, car and $30,000 in jewelry. justice.gov

Four Members Of "Manche Boy Mafia" Gang Sentenced In Credit Card Fraud Scheme
Bought CC #'s Online - Made Fake Cards - Bought Gift Cards & Electronics For Resale - $600,000

Tampa, FL - U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday has sentenced four Tampa men to federal prison for engaging in a conspiracy to commit credit card fraud, credit card fraud, and identity theft. Brandon Lewis (22) and Terrance Cobb (22) were each sentenced to 5 years and 1 month in federal prison; Dontae Williams (24, Tampa) was sentenced to a term of 5 years and 10 months; and Davon Smith (21, Tampa) was sentenced to 5 years and 5 months' imprisonment. The Court also ordered them to pay restitution of $113,490.54, which is traceable to proceeds of the offenses, and for Lewis and Williams to forfeit funds equal to the value of automobiles they purchased with the proceeds from the offenses.

According to court documents and statements made in court, from at least January 2015 through November 2016, Lewis, Cobb, Smith, and Williams, along with others affiliated with the "Manche Boy Mafia" or "MBM" organization, conspired to commit credit card fraud and identity theft in the Tampa Bay area. Investigators learned that these individuals had purchased stolen credit and debit card account numbers online from various websites, including some that used bitcoins as their currency. The conspirators then purchased or stole reloadable gift cards and scratched off or otherwise damaged the magnetic strips on the back of the cards so that they could not be read by merchants' point of sale (POS) terminals. The conspirators used an embosser to emboss the stolen account numbers and their own names onto the front of these altered gift cards. In some cases, the conspirators used a label maker to affix the Card Verification Value (CVV) security code associated with the stolen account to the back of the counterfeit cards. The conspirators then used these counterfeit credit cards at various retailers around the Tampa Bay area. When the retailers' POS terminals could not read the damaged magnetic strips, the conspirators advised the clerks to manually enter the stolen account information embossed on the front of the counterfeit cards to make the purchase. The conspirators typically purchased gift cards and electronics, which they kept or sold for cash.

Engaged in hundreds of successful transactions with counterfeit credit cards and had used and possessed thousands of stolen account numbers from individuals across the United States. In total, held responsible for more than $600,000 in intended or attempted purchases. justice.gov

Texas City, TX: Police bust retail theft ring at Tanger Outlet Mall
Texas City police have arrested four shoplifting suspects who are believed to be part of a much larger theft ring that spans the state of Texas. On Sunday, July 23, police responded to a shoplifting call at the Tanger Outlet Mall, 5885 Gulf Freeway. Police said that after detaining the four suspects, investigators recovered more than $1,700 in shoes and clothing, stolen from the Express store and the Nike store at the mall. All four suspects have been charged with organized retail theft, and the merchandise has been returned to the stores. The suspects are in the Galveston County Jail. chron.com

Newark, NJ: Man who led stolen credit card ring sent to prison
A federal judge in New Jersey has sent a Florida man who led a stolen credit card trafficking ring that cost vendors more than $23 million to prison for 73 months. The judge on Tuesday also fined 43-year-old Miguel Gonzalez of Miami fined $100,000 and told him to forfeit a house, boat, car and jewelry. Gonzalez had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Federal prosecutors say Gonzalez obtained stolen credit card data for more than 114,000 accounts and used it to create counterfeit credit cards. The data came from vendors who obtained it by network intrusions into various companies. washingtontimes.com

South Brunswick, NJ: Serial Shoplifter Runs From Officer With Pants Full of Vodka Bottles
A serial shoplifter wanted for stealing more than $1,000 worth of liquor had vodka bottles stuffed in his pants when he was arrested by an officer, police say. Dash-cam video from a police car shows 54-year-old Dennis Jackson running from officers with the bottles stuffed in his pants last Friday, according to South Brunswick police. Jackson was arrested and charged with stealing from Viking Liquors three times between July 14 and July 21. Police say Jackson has been linked to similar cases in East Windsor and Hamilton over the past month. nbcnewyork.com

Littleton, CO: 27 Rifles stolen from gun store in sophisticated theft
A sophisticated burglary in Littleton is the latest in a rash of gun store thefts in Colorado. Thieves made off with 27 rifles and long guns from Warhorse Firearms of the Rockies. Police say they're looking for four suspects who drove a stolen red truck our of Aurora. They say the suspects broke the showroom window of the first-floor motorsports store, then made their way upstairs to the gun shop. Three other calls for robberies rang out at the same time, and police are working to learn if the other calls were planned to distract from the gun store burglary. thedenverchannel.com

Orange Park, FL: Armed man steals 11 boxes of Nikes from Shoe Carnival
According to the Clay County Sheriff's Office, the man walked into a Shoe Carnival through the front door and walked directly to where the name brand shoes were located. He put the boxes in a trash bag and displayed a firearm when an employee approached him. news4jax.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Dallas, TX: Five People Suspected of Robbing and Killing North Texas Jewelry Salesman Arrested
Five people wanted by the FBI for targeting jewelry salesmen in North Texas have been arrested. US Attorney John Parker's office says the five are believed to be responsible for the death of a traveling jewelry salesman last year after they followed him from Richardson to Euless and eventually beat him. Police also believe they're connected to a couple of other North Texas robberies on traveling salesmen, both at gas stations against people who flew into DFW Airport. The five are all believed to be part of a South American theft ring. One was arrested in New York, and the other four were arrested in Colombia. They're facing up to 20 years for robbery and up to life in prison for the gun charges. star-telegram.com

South Sacramento, CA: Chevron Employee shot and killed in parking lot during an argument
A convenience store employee has died after a shooting a in South Sacramento. Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies responded to a Chevron Gas Station after hearing reports of a fight that lead to a shooting. One of the employees at the gas station had gone out to talk to two or three people who were drinking in the parking lot. Words were exchanged and one of the people struck the employee. That's when the second employee came out and saw one of the men pull a gun and shoot his co-worker. cbslocal.com

Houston, TX: Jewelry store owner fights back, kills robbery suspect
A jewelry store owner fights back after three men tried to rob his Texas shop. Two out of the three robbers were hit and one died from his injuries. mynbc5.com

Washington, DC: Man shot, arrested after firing at Shopping Center Security Guard

Robberies & Thefts

Miami Gardens, FL: Social Media Stuntman Arrested in Dunkin' Donuts Burglary
A South Florida man who's achieved viral fame for his stunts, including swiping food from local eateries, was jailed over his latest prank. John Robert Hill, known on social media as Boonk IG, was arrested after he reportedly stole a tray of doughnuts from a Dunkin' Donuts in Miami Gardens. Hill was charged with burglary and petit theft after the May 13 incident. The 20-year-old was filmed jumping over the counter into an employee-area and grabbing a tray of doughnuts worth $38 before walking out of the store; later returning the tray. "This is one of those like, 'do it for the Vine,' internet type of funny things. Not that funny or that smart, but ultimately he did give it back, judge," Kelsey Cruz, Hill's public defender, said during his court hearing. Hill, who sports a "misunderstood" tattoo on his face, among others, has a reputation for walking into restaurants and helping himself to food without paying for it. Videos posted to YouTube show Hill taking sodas from a gas station, pizza from a Little Caesar's, and an entire cookie box from Subway. The judge referred Hill to a court program with an alternate bond of $1,500 and warned him to stay away from the Dunkin Donuts at Miami Gardens. nbcmiami.com

Sham Alam, Malaysia: Six Armed men flee Hypermarket after botched Robbery Attempt; $18,000 in damages

New Orleans, LA: Three businesses hit with Armed Robberies in 24-hour stretch

Piercing Pagoda in the Ingram Park Mall, San Antonio, TX reported a Grab & Run on 7/25, items valued at $1,128.

Zales in the Paradise Valley Mall, Phoenix, AZ reported a Grab & Run on7/24, items valued at $4,799


Webster, MA: $226K fraudulently withdrawn from ATMs in two-day skimming scheme
Two men were arrested Sunday in connection to a skimming scheme that led to more than $226,000 being fraudulently withdrawn from Webster Bank ATMs in one weekend. Bank officials told police that they were targeted between July 15 and 16 at about 30 ATMs, with most of the account holders being TD Bank or Citizen's Bank customers. A Webster Bank fraud prevent officer said the bank saw the same six people in surveillance video from the weekend of the fraudulent activity, and including the two men arrested on Sunday. The Romanian embassy was notified for both of the men's arrests. fox25boston.com

See more cases in tomorrow's Skimming Theft Update

Credit Card Fraud/Counterfeit

Kingsport, TN: Police seeking suspects in 4 area Financial Crimes
City police are asking for the public's help in locating four suspects who have allegedly committed financial crimes including using a stolen credit card and making a counterfeit check. All three cases have taken place since June. The Kingsport Police Department has identified two out of the three suspects but has been unable to locate them. timesnews.net



Always Money Store - Opelika, AL - Armed Robbery
Bargain Cigarettes - Turlock, CA - Armed Robbery
Boost Mobile - Danville, VA - Burglary
CVS - Wilson, PA - Robbery
Dunkin Donuts - Miami Gardens, FL - Burglary
Gelson's Market - Encino, CA - Burglary
LA Wireless Depot - Shreveport, LA - Robbery
Liquor Store - Meridian, MS - Armed Robbery
McDonald's - Costa Mesa, CA - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Lansing, MI - Armed Robbery
Nikki Food - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery
Pralines by Jeanne - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery
Petro Save - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery
Ralph's - Camarillo, CA - Robbery
Shoe Carnival - Orange Park, FL - Armed Robbery
Spanky's - Vancouver, WA - Robbery
Theisen's Farm / Home - Dubuque, IA - Burglary
The Station Bar - St Paul, MN - Burglary
Walgreens - Bradenton, FL - Armed Robbery
Walgreens- Encino, CA - Burglary
Warhorse Firearms of the Rockies - Littleton, CO - Burglary
7-Eleven - Reno, NV - Armed Robbery (Lemmon Dr)
7-Eleven - Reno, NV - Armed Robbery (N. Virginia St)


Daily Totals:
16 robberies
7 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed


Cheryl Demski, CFI
named Asset Protection Manager for Cabela's

Bryan Wiles
named District Manager of Investigations at Macy's 

Dennis Dixon named Loss Prevention Manager for Amazon

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Asset Protection Program Sr Manager
Goodlettsville, TN
Manages programs and initiatives as it relates to physical security and shrink improvement that advance company financials. Sources new technologies and vendors, implements effective tests, plans optimal company rollouts, and makes recommendations for future strategies...

Director, EHS & Loss Prevention
Irving, TX

• Strengthen and develop a strong safety culture in the company with the goal of all employees recognizing their role in "everyone going home safe."
• Directs LP Compliance activities to monitor and audit internal and external theft cases to ensure policy and procedure compliance and reporting accuracy...

Director, Fraud Analytics, Experience Protection - Sam's Club
Bentonville, AR
Creates efficiency in operations by participating in collaborative efforts with other investigative bodies (for example, Global Investigations); analyzing data efficiency reports and other information to establish trends; developing effective risk control solutions to minimize loss; developing strategies and applying resources for optimal return on investment...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Irvine, CA

• Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports.
• Formal interview training, i.e. Wicklander-Zulawski or Reid Techniques.
• Monitors compliance with loss prevention policies and programs including routine audits/checklists for internal/external controls...

District Asset Protection Manager
Baltimore, MD

The District Asset Protection Manager is responsible for driving Weis Markets' objectives in profit and loss controls, physical security, investigations, safety and shrink in an assigned market [Baltimore Metro / 11 stores]. Objectives must be accomplished through building effective partnerships and directing the organization with integrity and professionalism...

Safety and Loss Prevention Manager (Northeast)
New York, NY
The Safety and Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the design and development of Domino's store safety, security and loss prevention programs and policies for all corporate owned stores (over 400 stores). The Safety and Loss Prevention Manager will manage a team of 3 Regional Safety and Loss Prevention team members and oversee 8 regional markets...

Manager, Corporate Security
Jacksonville, FL
The Manager, Corporate Security will oversee all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...

Manager, BC Planning
Jacksonville, FL
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing the company's Business Continuity (BCP) and Life Safety Programs for the Store Support Center, I.T. Technology Center and Regional Offices. This includes, but is not limited to emergency response, disaster recovery and site preparedness plans for critical business functions across the organization...

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