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 July 30, 2014


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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Retail Sector Loses Two Senior LP Jobs - The Rental Business hit hard - Aarons closing stores & continuing cost-reductions & Two other rental retailers cut senior LP jobs & more  Aaron’s Inc. last week said it plans to close 44 underperforming stores in the third quarter of fiscal 2014 and continue other cost-reduction initiatives in response to disappointing core business performance. This week both Rent-A-Center and United Rentals in Stamford, CT. cut their top LP positions. Along with Rent-A-Center cutting 3 other Regional LPM's. That industry seems to be not doing well across the board. With Rent-A-Center's most recent Quarterly results showing a 4.7% decrease in U.S. Core segment same store sales and for the last six months a 5.5% decrease in same store sales for their U.S. Core segment.  (Source chainstoreage.com)

U.S. Retail industry leads world in data breaches & number of compromised records - 80,000 records an hour stolen - 85% of records compromised worldwide in U.S.  The retail industry had more data records compromised than any other industry during the second quarter, with more than 145 million records stolen or lost, or 83 percent of all data records breached. Less than one percent of all 237 breaches during the second quarter were secure breaches where strong encryption or authentication solutions protected the data from being used. The numbers are pretty staggering. 175 million-plus records stolen in the second quarter means that data theft is happening at a rate of 80,000 records per hour. •In each of the last four consecutive quarters, there has been one major data breach in which more than 100 million records were exposed. •175,655,228 records were stolen in the second quarter. This equates to 1,951,724 records stolen per day; 81,321 stolen per hour; and 1,355 records stolen every second. •The U.S. accounted for 85 percent of records compromised worldwide and 74 percent of all reported incidents, more than any other country. Germany followed with 10 percent of all records stolen. (Source net-security.org)

Thieves attempting last-minute scams before U.S. EMV adoption takes effect
This is particularly true for credit card thieves in Europe, who consider the unsecure American system an easy target, according to a recent article on the credit card information website, LowCards.com. The issue is so bad that some European credit card companies simply do not trust purchases made in the America and may even decline American credit cards at the point-of-sale, causing problems for retailers and card users. The United Kingdom in particular has already seen a big hit from the vulnerable U.S. credit card systems. According to the article, fraud went up significantly in U.K. because cards were being counterfeited and used in the U.S. (Source nacsonline.com)

Cargo Thieves using Jamming Devices - Counter-measure to covert GPS Tracking - Is it a beginning of a trend?  In the most recent pharmaceutical cargo heist thieves attempted to deploy two separate jamming devices to interrupt the communication of possible tracking devices on the shipment. The jamming was unsuccessful and law enforcement was able to track the shipment and recover the product intact. There were no arrests, though the investigation continues. This incident follows closely on the heels of another, in which suspected cargo thieves were apprehended in possession of jamming equipment in Brevard County, Florida on June 26. These two incidents may indicate the beginning of a trend in which cargo thieves are attempting to utilize jammer devices in the U.S. as a counter-measure to covert GPS tracking, FreightWatch International officials said. (Source thetrucker.com)

McDonalds can be held liable for franchise operators labor & wage violations ruling as "joint employer" - NLRB Ruling has Far-reaching implications and could open door for Unions  The general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board ruled on Tuesday that McDonald’s could be held jointly liable for labor and wage violations by its franchise operators — a decision that, if upheld, would disrupt longtime practices in the fast-food industry and ease the way for unionizing nationwide. The labor board’s general counsel, said he found merit in 43 of the 181 claims, accusing McDonald’s restaurants of illegally firing, threatening or otherwise penalizing workers for their pro-labor activities. Some legal experts described it as a far-reaching move that could signal the labor board’s willingness to hold many other companies to the same standard of “joint employer,” making businesses that use subcontractors or temp agencies at least partly liable in cases of overtime, wage or union-organizing violations. (Source nytimes.com)

The Number One Thing About RFID In Retail
Retailers know that item-level RFID is a great idea and that improving inventory accuracy helps reduce costs, increase sales (by reducing out of stocks) and even provides many opportunities for great omni-channel experiences. So, the number one thing retailers ask is show me the business case in hard dollars and cents. The need for in-store inventory accuracy is an absolute requirement in this new world of retail and item-level RFID is a proven method of achieving near 100% accuracy. The question is can you afford the investment without going out of business and where do I put it in line with all of the other projects? There is fortunately with RFID very specific and hard evidence to build a business case to take to your board. These are the four basic issues RFID has proven to tackle and the stated industry results to date: Store Inventory accuracy – 99% item-level accuracy compared to 65%-70%. Out of stock – Reduction 50% and Sales Lift 2%-7%. Loss Prevention – 70% Reduction of Internal shrink. Locating product – Sales Lift 2%-7%. These are proven results from mostly apparel retailers in the US and Europe over the past few years. (Source pointofsale.com)

Home Depot's Disaster Preparedness Initiatives Set to Boost Retail Sales
Home Depot hosted a slew of water conservation workshops at 1,977 of its U.S. stores in April of this year. In a disaster, consumers seek the necessary tools to re-establish their homes. A significant investment is spent on behalf of American consumers on products which in return drive Home Depot's post-disaster sales and growth. According to PWC, demand for such services and products has already emerged and is likely to significantly increase in the next five years. (Source thestreet.com)

Other bids for Family Dollar possible: Analysts
Daniel Binder, an analyst with Jefferies LLC, New York, said he believes there would have been more synergies if Family Dollar had merged with Dollar General and suggested the bidding might not be over. “There could be another act to follow [and] it's worth it for shareholders to hang around to see if another bid comes in," he said. (Source supermarketnews.com)

NRF slams NLRB decision on franchisees

Deloitte survey, parents to spend 13% less on back-to-school than 13'

Moody's says - Radio Shack likely to run out of cash Q3 2015 before completing turnaround - Needs Strong Q4

Jamba Juice plans 500 new U.S. stores

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Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Birks Q1 up 16% with net sales up 5.9%
True Value Q2 up 2.2% with revenue up 4.5%
Ruby Tuesday Q4 company owned stores up 0.4% with revenue down 2.5%
Big 5 Sporting Goods Q2 down 4.9 with net sales down 3.8%
Destination Maternity Q3 down 5.3% with net sales down 5.5%
Lumber Liquidators Q2 down 7.1% with net sales up 2.3%


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Bloomingdale's LP Executive Team

Central Team, Regionals and LP Managers gathered together for some team-building cooking exercises at the HCC Culinary Arts Institute in New Jersey

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NRF's Women in LP Caucus

Joan Manson,
VP of LP,
Benefits, Payroll & Legal for The Container Store and Chair of the NRF’s Women in LP Caucus

Joan Manson, VP of LP, Benefits, Payroll & Legal for The Container Store and Chair of the NRF’s Women in Loss Prevention Caucus Committee, sits down with Joe LaRocca to talk about the history of the Caucus and its mission to help grow and develop the presence of women in the LP field. With an annual meeting at the NRF Show, quarterly conference calls with industry leaders and a highly successful mentoring program, the Women in LP Caucus offers countless opportunities for networking and professional development to both men and women alike.

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LPNN Quick Take #10

In this LPNN Quick Take, Amber Virgillo meets up with Hedgie Bartol, Business Development Manager, Retail, for Axis Communications. Listen in on their lighthearted discussion as they discuss their backgrounds including Hedgie’s surprising degree. And on the more serious note what’s happening at Axis and how they are driving the shift to IP including their upcoming webinar.

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Uh Oh, U.S. Mobile Banking Apps Targeted By Hackers
Kaspersky Lab recently reported that it detected a significant malware threat “that could affect the 102 million Americans who use mobile banking,” according to BizTech. The malware, called Svpeng, is first appeared in Russia in September and has since made its way to the U.S. The malware specifically targets mobile banking apps on the phone, locks the phone, then demands money ($200) to unlock it, said the report. The apps targeted by the malware are from a specific set of FIs including USAA, Citigroup, American Express, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, TD Bank, JPMorgan Chase, BB&T and Regions Bank. According to Kaspersky Lab, the malware is expected to go beyond demanding a ransom to stealing information and directly accessing user funds. (Source pymnts.com)

U.K. shoppers think e-retailers should do more to fend off criminals

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet



Wilmington, NC Police arrest 4 people for stealing $4,500 in merchandise from local stores  Police in Wilmington have arrested four people who they say went on a shoplifting spree and took $4,500 in merchandise from a variety of stores. According to police, a cell phone retailer reported about $3,000 worth of display phones were taken from their store. The employee who reported the theft described the suspects' vehicle. Once police stopped the car, they found another $1,500 worth of merchandise from several retailers. (Source therepublic.com)

Two Walmart employees in Port St. Lucie arrested on theft charges: $3000  Two employees of a Walmart in Port St. Lucie were arrested Sunday for allegedly stealing a total of $3,000 in merchandise. Jean Symson Dorcena, of Port St. Lucie, and Kirby Lynn Chastine, of Pahokee, are facing charges of retail theft. According to a Port St. Lucie Police report, the two men were observed by store security concealing laptop computers and other items then leaving the store without paying for the merchandise. Walmart loss prevention officers recovered seven laptop computers from Dorcena. The value of the items allegedly taken by Dorcena amounted to $1,637.88. Chastine was seen by loss prevention officers allegedly concealing two tablets, ear phones and three laptops in a book bag and leaving the store without paying for them. The cost of this theft was $1,319.88. (Source palmbeachpost.com)

Montana Teen admits to stealing over $3000 in merchandise from Cabela’s
Nicole Holmes, 19, faces a felony charge for theft and a misdemeanor charge for driving without a valid driver's license. She appeared in Missoula County Justice Court Tuesday afternoon. Holmes was arrested Monday morning for stealing a laser range finder from Cabela's on Brooks Street. She allegedly admitted to stealing nearly $3,000 worth of electronics from Cabela's on several occasions. The items include GoPro cameras, Garmin GPS and camera accessories. She told detectives she was working with her former 17-year-old boyfriend to steal and then sell the electronics to fund their living expenses. (Source nbcmontana.com)

UK: 7 arrested in the $150,000 Smash and Grab of handbags from Larizia store in London

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Escondido, CA Police release Composite sketches of suspects in the Royal Maui Jewelry store robbery; 40 Rolex watches valued at over $480,000  Escondido police released composite sketches of two suspects wanted in connection with a jewelry store robbery at the Westfield North County Mall. The robbery occurred last Tuesday at the Royal Maui Jewelers. Police say the robbers, who were both armed with handguns, got away with about 40 Rolex watches worth a total of about $480,000. (Source 10news.com)

Turkish Man gets 9 years in U.S. Federal prison, $1.1 Million in restitution in computer hacking, stolen credit card case  An Orlando judge sentenced a Turkish man to federal prison for his role in a computer hacking and credit card scheme, which enabled a Central Florida crime ring to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal purchases. Alper Erdogan, 35, was sentenced Friday to nine years and four months in prison and ordered to pay roughly $1.1 million in restitution, court records said. The local charges against Erdogan stem from the investigation into Chad Warner, the convicted ringleader of a group that federal authorities said went on shopping sprees in the Orlando area using stolen credit card numbers purchased over the Internet. (Source orlandosentinel.com)

China’s Leading Online Cosmetics Retailer Shuts Third-Party Store Over Sale Of Fake Products On Its Website  Jumei.com, China’s leading online cosmetic retailer, has barred a third-party vendor from selling on its website after a media investigation revealed that it was selling fake products to many e-commerce platforms in the country. Belle Boutique reportedly sold China-made knock-offs of luxury goods such as watches, clothes and bags, under popular global brand names such as Armani, Hermes and Burberry. (Source ibtimes.com)

Tractor Supply worker in Tennessee accused of merchandise return scam
An employee of the Rogersville, TN Tractor Supply store has been charged with theft for allegedly cashing out non-existent merchandise returns to himself. Joshua Westley Clark, 28, is scheduled for arraignment today in Hawkins County Sessions Court on one count of theft over $1,000. (Source timesnews.net)

Verizon employee reported fake robbery in Rapid City, SD, turns himself into Police  Police in Rapid City say the robbery at a cellphone store that was reported in June never happened. Tarah Heupel is the spokeswoman for the Rapid City Police Department. She says 40-year-old Jason Knox lied to police when he reported that he handed $600 to an armed man who entered through the store's front door and demanded money from the register. Knox reported the incident June 20. Heupel says detectives found that money was missing from the register, but surveillance video from neighboring Wal-Mart confirmed that the robbery didn't occur. Knox turned himself in last week after a warrant was issued for his arrest. (Source yankton.net)

Thieves Target Durham, North Carolina Apple Store in Smash-and-Grab Robbery  Thieves Monday night stole an unknown number of MacBooks in a smash-and-grab theft at the Apple Store located in the Southpoint Mall in Durham, North Carolina. The MacBook units reportedly were display models situated in the front section of the store. (Source macrumors.com)

Danville Police arrest 3 in Jewelry Store Smash and Grab robbery Danville, IL Police got a call about 10 a.m. Tuesday that Rothery Jewelers, 147 N. Vermilion St. in downtown Danville had been robbed. Officers arriving at the scene were told that as many as three people had entered the store, held several employees at gunpoint and smashed jewelry cases removing an unknown amount of jewelry. The robbers were last seen running from the business toward the northwest. Danville police and Vermilion County Sheriff's deputies immediately began combing the downtown area, utilizing the K-9 team, 3 suspects have been arrested. (Source newsgazette.com)

Canton, MI Police seek help to catch credit card fraud thief
Canton Police have released two surveillance photos showing a woman they believe was responsible for using a credit card that was lost or stolen earlier this month. The woman is blamed for making just under $1,000 worth of purchases at a supermarket and other locations in the Belleville area, according to Canton Police. (Source freep.com)

Customs agents seize more than $200K in counterfeit cash at JFK airport

Bergen County, N.J. being hit with over 15 smash-and-grab burglaries over the last three weeks

Nine men hit Beauty Sensation store for dozens of hair extensions early Wed. morning in smash and grab in Houston

Wal-Mart employee busted for 51 fraudulent cash refunds - $4k - in Lincolnton, N.C

Gang member pulls gun on Walmart security guard in South Jordan, UT

Credit card skimming devices found at three South Tampa Shell gas stations

Credit card skimming ring stretched from Sunset Valley to Round Rock, TX., from one restaurant employee

High speed chase ends with arrest of Sportsman Warehouse burglers - who may have been casing Cabela's in Reno

Three pallets of cell phone chargers stolen from UNU Electronics warehouse Monday night - $500k to $1M lost in Union City, CA

Shoplifting suspect shoots gun at Safeway employee in Colorado Springs

Surveillance video shows gun store burglary in Central Mississippi

2 sought after armed robbery at Sneaker Genius shoe store in Grand Rapids, MI

Suspect with knife starts fire at Food Co. grocery store in San Francisco

Arrest made in Ville Platte, Louisiana grocery store homicide

Casey’s - Salina, KS - Armed Robbery
Circle K - The Willows, CA - Robbery
Cruizer’s - Florence, SC - Armed Robbery - Officer shot and killed suspect
CVS - Scranton, PA - Armed Robbery - sentenced to 6 years
CVS - Gainesville, FL - Armed Robbery - suspect arrested
CVS - Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Armed Robbery - suspect arrested
CVS - Holyoke, MA - Armed Robbery

Dollar General - Columbia, MO - Robbery - suspect arrested w/ 2 small children
Dollar General - Killeen, TX - Armed Robbery - suspect charged
Dollar General - St. Martinville, LA - Armed Robbery - suspect charged
Family Dollar - Atlanta, GA - Shooting - 2 people shot
Family Dollar - Jackson, MI - Robbery
Hollygrove - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery
Moe’s - Tampa, FL - Armed Robbery - clerk shoots suspect
Quik Mart - Milford, CT - Armed Robbery - clerk shot
Rite Aid - Shippensburg, PA - Armed Robbery
Safeway - Erie, CO - Pharmacy Robbery
Sneakrjeanus - Grand Rapids, MI - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Orange County, FL - Armed Robbery - suspect tied to 3 area robberies

7-Eleven - Oklahoma City, OK - Armed Robbery - man and woman arrested



Vendor Spotlight

Axis Introduces Modular Mini Camera Series with 1080p Video and the Latest Wide Dynamic Range Technology for Superb Image Detail

AXIS F Series is a highly flexible, modular network camera series ideal for ATMs, banks, stores, hotels and mobile environments like ambulances and police cars

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – June 23, 2014 – Axis Communications, the global leader in network video surveillance, today introduces a modular camera series, the AXIS F Network Series, that not only gives customers discreet surveillance solutions with HDTV 1080p video and Axis’ latest Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) performance for high image detail, but also great flexibility in choosing the lens form factor and viewing angle that are ideal for the installation.

“AXIS F Series enables great flexibility and discreetness with superb video performance, even in high-contrast lighting conditions,” said Erik Frännlid, Axis’ director of product management. “The series is based on a divided network camera concept, where the camera is split in two parts: a lens/image sensor unit, and a main unit. This concept was first introduced in the AXIS P12 Series. When we developed the AXIS F Series, we took into account AXIS P12 feedback to provide customers with even better solutions.”

See demo movie.

The “divided network camera” concept allows a small sensor unit to be installed discreetly in tight places and the bigger main unit to be placed elsewhere and away from public view. The series includes an AXIS F41 Main Unit and four compatible AXIS F sensor units that are sold separately with different form factors and lens types for different field of views. AXIS F41 Main Unit houses the processor, network, power, SD card slot and other connections, and can connect to one AXIS F sensor unit. Each sensor unit, which consists of a lens and image sensor, comes with the choice of a 10-ft. or 39-ft. pre-mounted cable for connecting to the main unit.

“The small sensor units give users the flexibility to easily and discreetly install [the cameras], even in very tight spaces,” said Frännlid. “They can be flush-mounted in walls, ceilings, doorways, elevators and behind sheet metal with only the small lens surface visible—in the case of the pinhole unit, just a tiny hole for the lens [can be seen]. Certain AXIS F sensor units can also withstand tough conditions such as vibrations, shocks and temperature fluctuations, which make them ideal for use inside and outside of emergency vehicles. The modular concept also gives customers the flexibility to purchase the sensor unit that is ideal for their application.”

Read more here.


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Group VP of LP Macy's New York, NY Macy's
Dir of LP & Risk Mgmt Gordmans Omaha, NE Gordmans
Director Digital LP Nike Portland, OR Nike
National Account Manager Vector Security, Inc TBD Vector Security, Inc
Regional LP Manager SpartanNash Omaha, NE SpartanNash
Reg LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance Mgr Dunham's Sports United States Dunham's Sports
Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
AP Supervisor Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
AP Associate Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing

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ETL Assets Protection Target Yuma, AZ Target
AP Manager in Training Walmart Okmulgee, OK Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Osceola, AR Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Corpus Christi, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Phoenix, AZ Walmart
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Boca Raton, FL Lowe's
LP & Safety Spec Lowe's Hudson, NY Lowe's
LP & Safety Spec Lowe's Deptford, NJ Lowe's
LP & Safety Spec Lowe's Glen Carbon, IL Lowe's
LP Specialist Kroger Dallas, TX Kroger
LP Manager Kmart Honolulu, HI Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Dickson, TN Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Lake Park, FL Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Sears St Peters, MO Sears Holdings Corp



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The Skills Leaders Need at Every Level
At different points in a leader's development, he or she may need to focus on excelling at different skills. But as athletes continue to develop the same skills throughout their careers, are there also some fundamental skills leaders continuously need? Here are some of those skills that you need the most. (Inspiration)

Leaders Need to Realize That There is More to Empathy Than Saying That You Care  Your employees want to be led by someone they think has an understanding of them and what is going on around them. The successful leader is more a reflection of the people he or she is leading. (Empathy takes effort)

5 Essentials for Leadership Excellence Gleaned from Champions  A common theme among those who are great, no matter whether they be leaders in business, politics or Olympic gold medalists, is 'a champion does it differently.' Here are some tips from those great people who have fulfilled and maximized their vision and ability. (Don't go through the motions)

Leadership is About Enabling the Full Potential in Others  Leaders must be able to do and know a lot of different things, but the best leaders know how to get the most out of every person as well. An employee's success is heavily influenced by the types of leaders they observe and learn from. (Success is a by-product)

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