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7-Eleven fills 46 new Asset Protection positions - with 9 new jobs still remaining
Filling that many jobs in such a short span of time is just an incredible feat that speaks volumes about the effort and direction of the AP program. As we all look for examples of "reinventing" a program certainly this model can be used for such a purpose.

Impersonation of an innocent victim (Identity Fraud) now accounts for over a half (52%) of all fraud in the UK  CIFAS has today revealed that data driven identity crime accounts for 2 in 3 of all frauds. Account – or facility – takeover frauds constitute 14% of all frauds, meaning that two thirds of all frauds (66%) related directly to the abuse of identity details. The number of frauds against plastic card accounts (e.g. credit or store cards) rose by 19% in first half of 2013 compared with the last six months of 2012. Frauds targeting loan products (personal unsecured loans and payday loans) also increased markedly over the same period. (Source

J.C. Penney Says CIT Still Funding, Has ‘Ample’ Liquidity
The department-store chain seeking to rebound from its worst sales year in more than two decades, said today a report that CIT Group Inc. (CIT) has stopped funding some of its suppliers is false. CIT factored merchandise currently represents less than 4 percent of its overall inventory for the year. (Source

Fast-food workers one-day strike yesterday in St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, and Flint Mich. for better pay  From New York to several Midwestern cities, thousands of fast-food workers have been holding one-day strikes during peak mealtimes, quickly drawing national attention to their demands for much higher wages. What began in Manhattan eight months ago, first spread to Chicago and Washington, and this week has hit St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit and Flint, Mich. On Wednesday alone, workers picketed McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Popeye’s and Long John Silver’s restaurants in those cities with an ambitious agenda: pay of $15 an hour, twice what many now earn. These strikes are planned for Milwaukee on Thursday. (Source

Retailers Prioritize Convenience, Not Security
Many retailers are opting to keep their websites and credit-card processing systems easy to use, and this makes them more vulnerable to cyberattacks than they would be if they chose to beef up security. (Source

The Jones Group is up for sale - bidding starts today for this retailer-wholesaler
Their store brands are Nine West, Anne Klein, Easy Spirit, Jones New York, Bandolino and a number of others. Over the last few years they've closed over 150 stores, eliminated the Director of LP position and have only two field LP executives now covering over 500 stores. (Source

Staples goes all out with new NY state government contract by pricing 220 items at one cent  Talk about trying to get the business. This one takes the cake. Staples Inc. was selected from among 10 bidders for the contract to be New York's primary supplier of office products, allowing state and local governments and school districts to save money by harnessing their huge buying power. Of nearly 300 items on the contract's core products list, Staples has priced 220 of them at one cent. From surge protectors to a $1,122.12 paper shredder. Penny pricing may seem crazy, but Staples actually may have much more to gain than it could lose on the nearly-free items, said Arun Jain, a marketing professor at the University at Buffalo School of Management. Not only would Staples' bid have virtually eliminated any competition for the contract, he said, it also let the company gain a foothold with the state of New York, which has been overhauling its procurement procedures to increase savings and efficiency. (Source

Black Hat hackers-security conference shows- how to bypass office security systems  Many door and window sensors, motion detectors and keypads that are part of security systems used in millions of homes and businesses can be bypassed by using relatively simple techniques, according to researchers from security consultancy firm Bishop Fox. Many door sensors rely on magnetic fields to work and if you hit them with a high enough magnetic field, they trip, Porter said. Window sensors are vulnerable to the same issue. Most motion detectors, even newer ones, use infrared to detect significant changes in the surrounding room's temperature, Porter said. Normally, walking around in a room would set off these sensors, but using something as simple as a piece of styrofoam to shield your body can trick them. Motion detectors that can be reset by pointing a source of light of a certain wavelength -- infrared or near infrared -- at them. This blinds the sensors for as long as the light source is pointed at them plus an additional three seconds. Many keypads are using old cellular technology and can be easily fooled by setting up a rogue base station -- a small cell tower. The keypads will then connect to the attacker-controlled base station instead of the real cellular network, meaning that even if they send out an alert, it wouldn't reach its intended destination, he said. (Source

How employers can fight back against fake job references
Here's what's on the homepage of "The Reference Store," which bills itself as the world's leading virtual reference service: "Unemployed? Fired? Forced Out? Bad Reference? Create an entirely new work history using our fake reference service. Don't let these issues keep you from finding meaningful work. Explain away these periods using one of our Virtual Companies. Our fake companies are so real, our Virtual Companies actually get sales calls from the public." 30 percent of employers surveyed reported that they have caught a fake reference on a candidate's application. One obvious thing companies can do to avoid the problem of fake references is to not place so much importance in the references candidates provide when they apply for a job. Most people don't like to give critical feedback on a reference check, and large companies, for legal reasons, provide only basic data. (Source

U.S., China team up to seize counterfeit goods in joint operation
The United States and China have joined forces in a combined operation to crack down on counterfeit goods, seizing more than 243,000 fake electronics products, including popular consumer items made by Apple, Samsung, Dr Dre and Blackberry. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the month-long operation was the biggest bilateral customs enforcement effort ever conducted by the United States. (Source

7 arrested at Va. flea market on 52 felony charges
Police said the suspects are accused of selling counterfeit and pirated goods. While police would not say what exact items the suspects are accused of selling, the charges indicated the items were “recorded devices” like discs, video or film. The charges also indicated the suspects: • Failed to display the “true name” of the company that produced the items • Obtained money by false pretense • Deceived customers about the source or origin of the items. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Whole Foods Q2 up 7.5% with revenue up 12%
Steve Madden Q2 up 2.5% with net sales up 3.1%
hhgregg Q1 up 0.8% with net sales up 7.2%
Sally Beauty Q3 up 0.7% with net sales up 2.8%
Canada's Second Cup Q2 down 2.2% with sales up 0.6%
Spartan Stores Q1 retail stores down 2.9% excluding gas, with net retail sales up 2.4%

July Same Store Sales Results

Rite Aid up 1.3% with total sales up 0.9%







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More Details on Yesterday's Cargo theft task force multi-million dollar bust in Florida  The group took stolen trucks to stash houses in Highlands County and Hillsborough County before offloading the stolen goods and taking the cargo to Miami, according to a news release from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Law enforcement officers recovered six stolen trucks and nine trailers, including some with the loads still intact. Those arrested include: Iandy Jimenez, 34, of Lakeland, Fla.; Alexis Palau, 48, of Miami Lakes, Fla.; Enrique Bernardez, 46, of Mulberry, Fla.; and two other suspects who have been charged but not yet arrested. All five have been charged with racketeering, conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO Act, grant theft over $100,000, cargo theft, and burglary. The investigation is ongoing and the FDLE anticipates additional arrests,” the release said. The investigation was conducted jointly by multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Florida Department of Law Enforcement;, the Florida Commercial Vehicle and Cargo Theft Task Force; the Florida Highway Patrol; CSX Railroad Police; Haines City Police Department; and sheriff’s offices from Polk County, Lake County, Lee County, Highlands County, Hernando County, Hillsborough County, Osceola County, Pasco County, Marion County and Jacksonville. (Source

ORC threesome hits CVS for 34 ink cartridges in Saddle Brook, N.J. with one busted and three still loose - ORC gang operating in area  Saddle Brook Police arrested a woman for allegedly shoplifting 34 ink cartridges from CVS on July 19, and police are still looking for two additional suspects. The female suspect according to police, she was not cooperative or forthright regarding the identity of her accomplice, who is described as a black woman, 20 to 25 years old, of average height with medium length straight black hair. "We believe this was an organized group involved, that target CVS and other pharmacies for shoplifting because of the wide variety of merchandise and over-the-counter medications they sell," said Saddle Brook Deputy Police Chief Robert White. (Source

ORC group of four busted in Orange County, N.Y. hitting Galleria Mall
Four men that are believed to be connected to a dozen thefts around Wallkill are behind bars. Town of Wallkill police say Monday around 7 p.m., police responded to a call for suspicious persons at the Galleria Mall. Galleria Mall security reported the suspects, who had previously stolen property from J.C. Penney's. Police arrested Gerard Klug, 28, and charged him with petty larceny, criminal possession of burglar's tools, and possession of a hypodermic instrument. Police say they found a third suspect, Michael Kyles, 21, inside the mall at Hollister's. Kyles has been charged with criminal possession of stolen property and falsifying business records after he was found attempting to return stolen items to Hollister. A fourth suspect was identified and arrested early Tuesday. Sean Smith, 27, has been charged with petty larceny and conspiracy. (Source

Male - female duo busted hitting Wal-Mart for electronics and believed to be involved in other burglaries in Washington State  Post Falls Police tell us that the team went to the Wal-Mart with the sole purpose to steal. The female waited with the males Infant daughter while the he went in to steal what ended up being thousands of dollars in electronics. This was not the first time this couple had targeted this Wal-Mart which is located off of Mullan Ave in Post Falls. All of these instances were this month and totaled 22-hundred dollars in electronic merchandise. The two subjects apprehended were 22-year old Orlando Jaramillo and 20-year old Tetayana Landrus. After police took them into custody. The two are believed to be involved in other burglaries in Washington State and are facing burglary charges. (Source

Nationwide ID thief who hit Wal-Mart stores for over $370,000 and busted at Tanger Outlet Mall gets two years in prison  An Ohio man who admitted to being involved in a nationwide identity theft and counterfeit check ring has been sentenced in New Hampshire to three years in prison. Sentenced Monday, nearly two years after he and two other men were arrested in August 2011 at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Tilton. Investigators found in their car stolen identities of hundreds of people and equipment used to make false ID cards and checks. They cashed more than $370,000 in bogus payroll checks at Wal-Mart stores nationwide between 2009 and 2011. (Source

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FBI: Man at Michigan Movie Theater Had Armor, Gun, CIA ID
The FBI says a man has been arrested at a Michigan movie theater wearing body armor and carrying a gun. Cassidy Delavergne wasn't charged with crimes related to the gun or 34 rounds of ammunition. But he was charged Wednesday with possessing a phony Central Intelligence Agency identification card. FBI spokesman Simon Shaykhet says police were called to the Trillium Theater in Grand Blanc Township near Flint on Tuesday night after someone noticed the vest and gun. Delavergne was watching a movie when police arrived. (Source

Off-duty Conroe officer shoots, kills teenage shoplifting suspect in TX.  Employees at a Conroe Walmart store say they caught a shoplifter last night, but he managed to escape, and that led to a deadly confrontation with police an off-duty officer. Police say the suspect was initially chased by loss prevention officers after they say he shoplifted from the store. An off-duty officer saw the foot chase and asked if he could assist. Investigators say the officer followed the suspect into a nearby wooded area, where they got into a scuffle. At one point, the officer was being choked by the suspect to the extent that he felt like he was going to lose consciousness," said Sgt. Dorcy Riddle with the Conroe Police Department. "At that point, he discharged a weapon, striking the suspect." The suspect, identified by police as 19-year-old Russell Rios, was pronounced dead at the scene. (Source

Men Plead Guilty to $1M in Jewelry Store Robberies  Phillip A. Prokop, 38, of North Wales and Ryan Wiley, 23, of Doylestown pleaded guilty in Bucks County Court Tuesday to stealing approximately $1 million in jewelry. Two men, one from Doylestown, have pleaded guilty to a string of jewelry store thefts in four counties. (Source

Lansing Township, MI., jewelry store robbed in broad daylight
Two men are behind bars after they allegedly robbed a jeweler at gunpoint Tuesday afternoon. The pair entered Azzi Jewelers, 3007 E. Saginaw St., about 2 p.m., brandished a gun and demanded money. The two made off with an undisclosed amount of cash and were later captured by police. (Source

Two women hide in Macy's Square One Mall in Saugus, Mass., until after closing stealing merchandise escape through exit  Police are searching for two women accused of hiding in a Macy’s department store at the Square One Mall in Saugus until closing time and then leaving with several articles of stolen merchandise Saturday at 3:45 a.m. (Source

JC Penney Loss Prevention agent in Evansville assaulted, shoplifter escapes. Evansville Police are trying to identify a man who stole merchandise from the JC Penny's and then assaulted a loss prevention officer. The incident happened at 1:30 p.m. on July 23. Video from the store shows us a picture of the suspect. (Source

Marietta beauty supply store hit by smash and grab thieves.  The LA Beauty Supply store was the latest smash and grab in Cobb County, police say they have had a series of this type burglary in the area. The store front of the building was destroyed, a complete inventory is being conducted, no estimates of loss have been released. (Source

Police Still Searching for Suspects in Shooting at Arden Fair Parking Lot. Shortly after gunshots rang out at Arden Fair Mall, police were led to a home on German Drive in Sacramento where the suspect’s vehicle was found parked in the driveway. One man and one woman were detained for questioning. Police say it all started when two guys began arguing with two other men inside the mall. The four men made their way to the Macy’s parking lot when one of the suspects opened fire. No one was injured. Police say the shooting was likely gang related. (Source

Danbury Fair Mall shoplifter charged with robbery; threatened security guard with mace.  A Loss Prevention agent from Banana Republic approached a male and female shoplifter as the fled the store with concealed merchandise. The female suspect pulled out a can of mace and threatened the agent. The agent and employees followed the couple to the parking area where they took pictures of the suspects who immediately dropped the merchandise and ran in different directions. The male suspect was taken into custody, later identified as Ezzial Williams. Williams is now charged with second degree robbery. (Source

Winston-Salem Police seeking Family Dollar robbery suspect.  Winston Salem Police are still seeking the identity of an armed gunman who robbed a Family Dollar last week. Police say that the gunman approached a female employee, displayed his handgun and demanded money. The suspect fled with an undetermined amount of cash, no one was injured. (Source

Las Vegas Police searching for 2 suspects in Radio Shack robbery.  Las Vegas Metro Police are searching for two armed suspects who robbed a Radio Shack Wednesday evening. Police said the men entered the store after 9 p.m. and ordered two clerks to the back of the store. The suspects then filled a garbage can and box full of modems and cellphones, among other items. The victims told police the men said they were armed with guns, but no weapons were seen. (Source

CVS Employees held at gunpoint during robbery in Anderson, Indiana.
Two men entered the CVS at around 11:15 a.m. Wednesday. They had handguns and wore masks. One robber held the front register cashier at gunpoint while the other ran back to the pharmacy and demanded drugs from the pharmacist. The men then ran out the front door and fled on foot. No one was reported injured. (Source

Police Investigate Armed Robbery At Macon Family Dollar.  Macon police are looking for the man who robbed the Family Dollar on Emery Highway Wednesday, just before 2P.M. According to a news release, a male entered the store, picked up a candy bar, and slid a note to the cashier demanding money while pretending to purchase the candy. The suspect got away with the candy and an undisclosed amount of cash. (Source

Two men arrested after using a bowling ball to break into a store in Jamestown.  Two men were arrested after police say they broke into a Chautauqua County business. According to Jamestown Police, David Henn, 23, and Shane McDaniel, 20, threw a bowling ball through the window at Aaron's Rental on Washington Street around 5 a.m. Wednesday and went inside to do damage to the store. They were caught a short time later walking away from the building. Both men were charged with burglary and criminal mischief. (Source

Two Verizon Wireless stores hit in Bakersfield, same suspect may be wanted in both cases.  A suspect threatened a Verizon store employee with pepper spray then fled with stolen merchandise from the store. A second Verizon store was hit just 1 hour later, possibly the same suspect, stealing tablets and cell phones. (Source

Family Dollar and Belk robbery suspects arrested in Moultrie, Georgia.  Luis Gonzalez has been arrested by Moultrie Police in connection to the Family Dollar robbery on Monday where he threatened the cashier with a shovel. Gonzalez is also a suspect in a Belk smash and grab and several other small area retail robberies. Gonzalez is believed to have been working with at least two other accomplices who were also arrested. (Source

Feds, police seek man in armed robbery of Colerain Walmart, shot fired.
Colerain Police are looking for a man they believe shot a handgun during an aggravated robbery at a Walmart Monday afternoon. Police are searching for G Quan Palmer, a man they say shot his weapon when a Walmart loss prevention officer attempted to stop him and another suspect, Mohammad Stewart, during a suspected shoplifting incident. Through use of security footage, police said they were able to identify Palmer and Stewart. Stewart was apprehended Tuesday without incident by Colerain Police Department's Criminal Investigative Unit. Colerain police said Stewart confessed to aggravated robbery and a burglary that occurred earlier in the month. Both Colerain Police and the U.S. Marshal Service continue to search for Palmer. (Source

List of the 10 most easily stolen ATM card PINs.
PINs, passwords and even combinations can all be a hassle to remember, thieves count on this everyday. Here is a list of the 10 PIN codes you should avoid. And yes, 1234 is still very common. (Source



Edge Information Management, Inc. Announces New Electronic Fingerprint Partnership with Daon Trusted Identity Services

By partnering with Daon Trusted Identity Services, Edge has increased their electronic fingerprint network to over 200 locations in Florida.

MELBOURNE, FL --Edge Information Management, Inc. (Edge), a prominent provider of employment screening services, has announced today their partnership with Daon Trusted Identity Services (DTIS), a leader in electronic fingerprint captures.

With this new partnership, Edge has increased their network of LiveScan fingerprint locations to over 200 in the state of Florida, allowing their health care clients, within the state, easy and convenient access to multiple sites. Since 2010, when the new electronic fingerprint law was passed in Florida for the health care industry, Edge has been diligently working to ensure the initial scheduling process for applicants is quick and easy, and that their electronic fingerprint sites are conveniently located. DTIS is an FBI and FDLE approved LiveScan vendor, and brings 80 Florida locations (and counting) into the Edge Preferred Network of collection sites.

Joe Langford, President of Edge, commented, "We are very pleased to add Daon Trusted Identity Services (DTIS) as a partner in our preferred network of LiveSan providers. This partnership comes at a time when many of our clients were asking for locations that allow for same-day collections. DTIS has been very responsive and intentional in providing the types of services needed for Edge clients to register, collect and finalize the fingerprinting process. We believe that listening and responding to our client's needs is a great business rule, which ultimately helps everyone in the process: the applicant, the health care facility, the collection site, the Agency for Health Care Administration, and most importantly, the residents for whom this protective process is intended."

The Florida law pertaining to electronic fingerprints went into effect on August 1st, 2010. It notably modified the background screening and hiring process for the health care companies in Florida. The law outlines that these companies will use electronic fingerprint scans prior to hiring a new employee, under chapter 408, Part II, Florida Statues (F.S.).

About Edge Information Management, Inc.
Edge Information Management, Inc., incorporated in 1991, is a national provider of numerous employment screening solutions including; criminal background checks, drug screening services utilizing urine, hair, saliva or sweat, electronic I-9 management, employment, education and other credential verifications. Edge is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and Accredited through the organization. Edge is also a member of the National Retail Federation (NRF), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPPA) and the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA). The preferred provider for the Employer's Association of Florida (EAF), a Service Corp member for the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) and a sponsor for the 2013 HR Florida State Council Conference and Exposition. Visit for more information.

About Daon Trusted Identity Services
DTIS operates the nation's largest civilian clearinghouse for fingerprint, photo, biometric and biographic processing. As a FBI approved channeler, DTIS services are based on security, stability, reliability, performance, best value and extensive experience of more than nine years of collecting and processing biometric and biographic data. Visit for more information.


Vendor Spotlight

 Scaling up RFID deployment and C&A clothing
"never out-of-stock"

Leading apparel retailers and department stores have declared that this is the time for RFID. Understand the best practices for a deployment and practical issues such as rollout planning, tagging strategy, integrating inventory management and loss prevention and integrating RFID data with existing back-end systems. Learn from Joachim Wilkens, Director of Supply Chain Development, C&A Group how their RFID system ensures that "never out of stock" items such as women underwear are always on the shelf.

If you’ve missed the recent RFID Journal ``RFID in retail´´
Virtual Event, you can still find out about how C&A Expands RFID Usage to Track Inventory.

Dutch clothing company C&A is indeed expanding its RFID system from what was initially a trial involving five of its stores in Germany. After a successful trial deployment of an ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) EPC RFID solution in 2012, the firm plans to employ EPC tags and readers to manage shipments of high-demand items to a total of 25 stores, and to use the technology to monitor inventory at each location. The system provides advance shipping notices as goods leave the factory bound for a specific store, as well as inventory data that tracks which goods are in each store's back room and on the sales floor, which have been sold and, in some cases, what has passed through the doors of a particular location. Learn how the system ensures that "never out of stock" (NOS) items (including women and children's underwear, men's and women's jeans, and men's suits, trousers and blazers) are always on the shelf.

Listen to the recording of Joachim Wilkens, Director of Supply Chain Development, C&A Group, talking at the Virtual Event here:  (You need to be a Registered of RFID Journal to access the recordings (Registration is free.)

For more details on C&A's RFID implementation with Checkpoint:

Want to know about Scaling Up RFID and Best Practices for Chain-Wide Retail Deployments?

Leading apparel retailers and department stores are increasingly building on successful RFID pilots and expanding their deployments to reap chain-wide benefits. How do retailers scale from a single handheld RFID reader to chain-wide inventory management and loss prevention? How do vertically integrated retailers incorporate RFID from source manufacturing and the supply chain through to the store? What do successful enterprise RFID deployments have in common? This session will walk attendees through best practices from real-world retail deployments in North America and Europe, and will address such practical issues as rollout planning, tagging strategy, making the business case for integrating inventory management and loss prevention, and integrating RFID data with existing back-end systems.

Listen to Alan Sherman, Sr. Director of Global Marketing, OATSystems, a division of Checkpoint Systems talking at the Virtual Event here: You need to be a Registered of RFID Journal to access the recordings (Registration is free.)



eBay Updates coupon policy

Beginning in September, eBay will be placing limits on the sale of coupons. The updated policy will allow users to sell up to $100 or 25 valid, unexpired original coupons per month and will prohibit the sale of coupons for free items.

What are the guidelines?


You may sell up to $100 or 25 valid, unexpired, original coupons per month. (See additional information below for more guidelines.)


● Multi-quantity listings: You can't sell more than 25 coupons in a single listing. The allowed 25 coupons per month include multi-quantity listings.
Make sure you clearly state in your description how many coupons you're selling. If we can't tell how many coupons are offered, the listing violates our policy.

Not allowed

● Coupons for "free" products: You can't sell coupons for "free" products. This restriction includes coupons for free items, or coupons where the coupon holder buys a quantity of items at one price, and receives additional items for free.
● Electronic "scanned" coupons: All coupons sold through eBay must be physical coupons printed on paper, not coupons that can be sent electronically to the buyer to be printed. Also, to reduce the potential for coupon fraud, don't include unaltered scans of coupons in their listings that could be copied, printed, and redeemed in stores.
● Coupons for recalled items: Coupons for items that have been recalled by the manufacturer can't be listed on eBay.
● Recalled coupons: Coupons that have been recalled by the manufacturer can't be listed on eBay.

This policy reflects our commitment to keeping eBay a safe and trusted marketplace and our support for manufacturers and retailers’ efforts to ensure consumer compliance with coupon redemption rules.

For further information on PROACT email inquiries to;

eBay Direct - Click Here  -  (notify - info - questions)

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Regional Security Mgr Fed Ex White Plains, NY Fed Ex
Global Investigations & Compliance Mgr Ace Hardware Corp. Oak Brook, IL Ace Hardware Corp.
Director of Asset Protection Walgreens Deerfield, IL Walgreens
Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
Asset Protection Manager The HoneyBaked Ham Co. Alpharetta, GA The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Director of LP Best Buy Canada Burnaby, British Columbia Best Buy Canada
Corporate LP Manager The Children's Place Secaucus, NJ The Children's Place
Corporate LP Manager Eddie Bauer Bellevue, MA Eddie Bauer
Regional Director AP and Ops Home Depot Houston, TX Home Depot
Market LP Director Duane Reade New York, NY Duane Reade
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

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Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Central Midwest

Downing & Downing

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Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing



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AP Manager Home Depot Houston, TX Home Depot
AP Manager in Training Walmart Indianapolis, IN Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Pampa, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Hermitage, TN Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Hood River, OR Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Boutte, LA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Wisconsin Dells, WI Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Teaticket, MA Walmart
LP Manager Sears Hayward, CA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager K-Mart Montgomery, IL Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager in Training K-Mart Manassas, VA Sears Holdings Corp
Regional LP Manager CVS Bronx, NY CVS
Regional LP Manager CVS Northern & Central NJ CVS
ETL AP in Training Target Northern VA Target

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5 Tips to Get a Productive Night's Sleep
The suggested eight hours of sleep is hard to attain in today's society.  We have too much to do and not enough time on our hands, so what is the first to go? Sleep. That lack of sleep can become more of a problem for your work, though, resulting in underperformance, and ultimately a less active brain. Fix your sleep problems with these steps and (turn your sleep into success)

3 Steps to Unplug Your Vacation and Increase Your Productivity  
Don't feel that your vacation has to still revolve around your work. Use your vacation time to focus on you, and have faith that your employees are keeping the business moving, so when you come back to work you return with an energy that can only come from having distance and rest. (Get away, physically and digitally)

Time Management Tips for People Who Do Too Much  How can you manage your time when it seems there is never enough of it? The key, with managers and those who lead businesses, is creating structure where there may be none, which may mean having to say no once in a while. Try using these time management tips to make more of the time you are given. (Manage your time, be more productive)

How to Stay Totally Focused on What Matters Most 
We all get distracted with the millions of emails flooding our inboxes every hour, our smartphones flashing notifications all the time, and social media signaling an update at every log in. Your calendar should reflect your priorities, and saying no, sometimes, may have to happen so you can (focus on what matters most)

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