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July Moving Ups

21 Moving Ups - 16 Appointments - 4 Promotions

99 Cents Only Stores named Nathan Anderson Director of Field Asset Protection.
Amazon promoted Shaun Belk to Senior Manager of Global Security Operations & Support.
Aritzia named Chris Strongman Director of Loss Prevention.
BCBGMAXAZRIA named Ian Dill Vice President of Loss Prevention.
BLD Brands, LLC named Michael Loox, CFI Director of Loss Prevention.
Charming Charlie named Rick Mitchell Director of Loss Prevention.
CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc added new additional responsibilities to Anne Sullivan's role as Vice President of Asset Protection & Risk Management.
CKE Restaurants promoted Edwin Saul to Director, Asset Protection & Risk Management.
CONTROLTEK USA named Bané Obrenovich Director of Marketing.
CONTROLTEK USA named Steve Sell Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.
D & L Protective Services promoted Rod Fulenwider to Executive Director
Goodwill Industries of San Antonio named Bruce Grundy Director of Risk Management and Loss Prevention.
Helzberg Diamonds named Jeff Hunter Director of Loss Prevention.
L'Oreal named Jean-Louis Kibort Group Head of Security.
Mattress Firm named John Schroeder Director of Loss Prevention.
Pep Boys promoted George Burns to National Director of Loss Prevention.
Rite Aid named Jeffrey Fulmer Senior Director of Asset Protection.
Scrubs & Beyond, LLC named Jamie Bailey Director of Loss Prevention.
Spencer Gifts named Tony Raab Senior Asset Protection Manager.
ULTA Beauty named Brian Flannery Director of Loss Prevention.
Walmart named Paul Chrisman, CFI Senior Manager I, Environmental Health and Safety Compliance.



Lakeland, FL: Three Walmart employees arrested for manslaughter after shoplifting suspect dies
Three Walmart employees who restrained a man accused of stealing DVDs in a store have been charged in his death. A Walmart Support Manager, Customer Service Manager, and a Loss Prevention Associate, have all been charged on Thursday with manslaughter in the death of suspected shoplifter Kenneth E. Wisham, 64.

Wisham tried to steal almost $400 worth of DVDs from the Lakeland, Florida super Walmart on February 7. When the three employees tried to prevent him from getting away with the merchandise, things took a turn for the tragic and the man stopped breathing. Once an autopsy concluded that Wisham had died due to mechanical asphyxiation while being restrained and not from a pre-existing medical condition, and also had 15 broken ribs, the trio were charged in his death. Walmart released a statement saying that the three had been suspended from their jobs and the company is cooperating with police.

Lakeland, FL Police Department: "Based on the investigation conducted by the Lakeland Police Department, State Attorney's Office and Medical Examiner's Office, the listed below individuals have been charged with Manslaughter (F2). Warrants for their arrest were signed on July 27th and they were all taken into custody on July 28th. Nathan Allen Higgins, 35 years old - Support Manager - Walmart; Crucelis Nunez, 23 years old, Customer Service Manager -  Walmart; Randall Eugene Toko, 58 years old - Loss Prevention - Walmart." dailymail.co.uk al.com baynews9.com lakelandgov.net

New Initiative -'Racial Justice Matters"
Boston, MA:  Lawmakers & Activists Urge Massachusetts House
Approve Senate-passed bills raising the monetary threshold for felony theft

Describing the initiatives as racial justice matters, lawmakers and activists called on the Massachusetts House this weekend to approve Senate-passed bills raising the monetary threshold for felony theft. People accused of stealing items worth between $250 to $1,500 would no longer be charged with felonies in Massachusetts. At a press conference outside the House chamber, Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins said most of the 1,000 inmates he oversees are black or Latino, more than 40 percent suffer from a mental illness, and 70 percent have experience with using drugs. wwlp.com

NYPD Preparing for an Active Shooter Scenario
How an Elite New York Police Unit Rehearses for a Terrorist Attack

The New York Police Department's counterterrorism team, known as Critical Response Command, demonstrated how officers train to respond to an armed attack.  

Last year, the police announced the creation of a heavily armed and armored regiment called the Critical Response Command. Teams of officers work all over the city and are trained to respond to many locations in three to five minutes.

On Thursday, Chief Waters allowed journalists from The New York Times to watch the Critical Response Command train. "This is seven months of work," The journalists were allowed to observe the exercises under restrictions. A photographer and videographer were forbidden to document the command as it moved in drills, and a reporter was asked to describe the tactics only in broad strokes. Department leaders believe terrorists study descriptions of police training in preparation for attack. nytimes.com

Making CNN Headlines Today
Nuts, by the truckload, make appetizing targets for thieves
Making Headlines Across the Country This Week

While over 600,000 loads or 310.847 tons of tree nuts were stolen last year, the majority of robberies involve no breaking in. Rather, criminal organizations are exploiting the industry's weaknesses and scamming their way through the system via strategic cargo theft, said CargoNet, a cargo theft prevention and recovery network.

An increase in cargo theft began around 2012 and surged in 2015, with total losses of $4.6 million last year, according to the U.S. Department of Justice in Sacramento. While general cargo theft is nothing new, nut processors specifically have seen thefts rise from just one in 2009, according to the Justice to Department, to 32 in 2015, according to Cornell.

"They basically trick [the distributors] into giving [the criminals] the cargo," said Scott Cornell, transportation lead and cargo & theft specialist at Travelers Insurance. To do this, all one needs is a laptop and a cell phone, Cornell said. The "bad guys" use the identity of a legitimate trucking company but change the contact information.

California produces the most tree nuts in the United States, growing almost all the nation's almonds, walnuts and pistachios. It is second to China in world production of tree nuts and is hit the hardest by theft, according to the USDA. But nut thefts also have been spotted in Georgia and Arizona, Cornell said.
Not only does the high profit attract thieves, but also the low risk involved in stealing nuts; they're untraceable, can quickly disappear and are easy to move, said Cornell. Criminals picked up on this when the 2008 recession hit, raising demand in the food and beverage industry as demand for expendable items such as electronics fell.  cnn.com

Macy's Wins Arbitration Over Unpaid Time For Security Bag Checks
Enforceable Arbitration Agreement Nullifies Class Action Lawsuit

A California federal judge on Thursday tossed a proposed class's claims and pushed individual claims against Macy's into arbitration on Thursday, saying the former employee can't bring wage-and-hour suit over mandatory security checks of their bags, per an existing agreement.

Former Macy's employee Yulie Narez sued Macy's West Stores Inc. accusing the retailer of failing to pay for security bag checks in violation of California state law. But U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh said Narez and Macy's entered a "valid, enforceable arbitration agreement" that covers six of the seven claims Narez brought. law360.com

CargoNet's Q2 2016 Cargo Theft Trend Analysis
192 Cargo Theft Incidents, $39M Total, Average Value $330,339, 8 over $1M, 1 $8M Case, $14,6M in Electronics

In Q2 2016, CargoNet's Command Center logged 297 reports of cargo theft, identity theft, vehicle theft, and other criminal intelligence matters relating to the United States and Canadian supply chain. Of those incidents, 192 involved theft of cargo, down 15 percent compared with second-quarter 2015. However, CargoNet recorded a $1.3 million increase in the total value of reported cargo thefts. An estimated $39 million in cargo was stolen in Q2 2016. Sixty-one percent of incidents had a loss value recorded. The average incident was valued at $330,339, up $63,243 from cargo theft incidents reported in second-quarter 2015. In second-quarter 2016, CargoNet recorded eight cargo theft incidents worth $1 million or more; in particular, one cargo theft incident was valued at an estimated $8 million. In second-quarter 2016, $14.6 million in electronics items were stolen in cargo thefts. Electronics was the most costly category, but not the most frequently stolen commodity. Food and beverage items were stolen most often, though losses in the category decreased 17 percent year over year. Also in second-quarter 2016, $3.81 million in food and beverage items were stolen.

Warehouse or distribution center locations were the most common location for cargo theft, with 53 thefts. Unsecured yards were the next most common location, with 29 cargo thefts. Thefts in this category grew 45 percent year over year. Fifty-nine percent of unsecured yard thefts occurred in Texas (35 percent) and California (24 percent). In contrast, cargo thefts were down 26 percent at truck stops and down 36 percent at parking lots. ajot.com

Director Asset Protection - Forensics, Home Depot in Atlanta - Reposted
Design and develop programs and processes to reduce shrink exposure and improve operational efficiencies. •Provides direction and supervision for the Corporate staff. •Designs and develops programs and processes to reduce shrink exposure and improve operational efficiencies. •Forecasts future business needs. •Analyzes and develops new technologies to improve performance. •Selects, develops, and motivates assigned staff. •Typically reports to Corporate VP of Loss Prevention.  peopleclick.com

Director of Loss Prevention, Sun Com Mobile, in Sugar Land, TX
The Director of Loss Prevention (DLP) will help SunCom build a world class Loss Prevention and Operational Team for a 100+ store multi-state electronics chain. The DLP will be a hands-on individual and very active manager that thrives in a dynamic and high energy environment. •Build a Loss Prevention team based on retail industry best practices, for the prevention and early detection of internal and external theft, and regular control of inventory and assets. Sounds like a new start-up position.  indeed.com

AlliedBarton and Universal Services of America Finalize Merger

Supplier takes heat for Price Chopper's illegally sold Small Lobsters; facing $80,000 fine

Associated Wholesale Grocers And Affiliated Foods Midwest Consolidate - Now 3,800 stores

TRA's Inaugural Texas Retailers Forum Recognizes Kroger as Grocer of the Year

Valdosta, GA: Home Depot Rapid Deployment Center delivering the goods

Lowe's to open Nashville distribution hub
Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Publix Q2 comp's up 1.1%, sales up 2.1%

Last week's #1 article --

Munich, Germany: Shooter was bullied loner, planned attack for a year
The teenager behind the deadly shooting rampage in Munich was a withdrawn loner obsessed with playing "killer" video games in his bedroom, a victim of bullying who suffered from panic attacks set off by contacts with other people, investigators said Sunday, adding that he had planned the attack for a year.

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Transaction Security and Retail Strategy Essential for Mobile Payments
As negative perceptions may remain for the near future, retailers will have to make transaction security a centerpiece of their retail strategy to change the view that mobile payments are risky.
"The payment industry needs to engage in awareness and education ... security issues are by far the primary impediment to adoption," said Daughney.

Merchants need a sound payments retail strategy to ensure they're able to capitalize on growing mobile trends. Forbes reports that a survey of nearly 100 retailers by PCM Research and ACI Worldwide found that while half of retailers said they were interested in mobile POS and mobile wallets, only a fifth of them had implemented an omnichannel payments program. Retailers reported challenges such as incompatible systems, data integration and the inability to track customers.

A mobile payments retail strategy should factor in how the retailer's market may use such payments, how the retailer can entice customers to use them with rewards and what type of mobile wallets will be accepted.

A survey by ACI Worldwide of global retail and technology professionals found that 72 percent said payment security was the most important factor in an app. Retailers will need to follow market trends in mobile payments to ensure they're offering the payment options consumers desire.  samsung.com

Will Mounting Lawsuits Compel Credit Card Companies to Change Their Ways?
Legal Battles Mount Over Liability Shift

In just the past two months, three of the nation's largest retailers have filed lawsuits against the two biggest credit card companies over how consumers pay at the register. Walmart, Home Depot and Kroger have all filed suits alleging Visa and MasterCard chose to leave consumers unnecessarily vulnerable to fraud in favor of padding their own bottom-lines.

The "liability shift" was riddled with problems but served the credit card companies' and banks' interests by allowing them to offload millions in fraudulent charges onto retailers.

As Walmart stated in its lawsuit: "Signatures can be forged or copied, and cashiers may forget to check the signature on a receipt or (point-of-sale) terminal to make sure it matches the signature on the back of the card." Furthermore, Home Depot argued, "Visa and MasterCard do not require that signatures are verified and even discourage merchants from verifying signatures, for fear that consumers will be less likely to use their payment cards."

As those points illustrate, signatures have become a mere formality when making a purchase. And in a world where most transactions occur online, it should not even be considered a legitimate security measure.  morningconsult.com

EMV transition is slow going, but that was expected
Here's the Real Story of WHY the US is taking so long to adopt

Most countries have five or 10 banks that issue credit cards. In the U.S., however, there are hundreds of acquirers, he said, in addition to value added re-sellers and gateways. The U.S. is the most complex payment system in the world," he said.

Reading this article will give you the true picture of why we aren't up and running as a country yet. To a certain extent we've been railroaded. And if you've been following the news and lawsuits about certifications, fees, and liability this won't be cleared up any time soon.

For those managing the increased fraud liability you might as well plan on this lasting at least two more years.  csoonlone.com

'No More Ransom' Portal Offers Respite From Ransomware
Police, Security Firms Debut Decryptor for Shade Ransomware, Promise More. 
That's the goal of the new "No More Ransom" initiative announced July 25 that aims to help PC users avoid becoming ransomware victims as well as to help victims decrypt their files. 

There's no law in the United States and Europe that prohibits paying ransoms. But law enforcement and security experts say that beyond the legal considerations, paying ransoms funds cybercriminals, enabling them to build stronger strains of ransomware, sell it to more affiliates - many developers take a cut of all proceeds - and continue their attacks.

The National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands' police, Europol's European Cybercrime Center, as well as two cybersecurity firms - Kaspersky Lab and Intel Security - have announced NoMoreRansom.org to offer a one-stop shop for battling ransomware infections.

The No More Ransom site offers four decryption tools that decrypt a range of ransomware variants, including CoinVault, Cryptokluchen, Rannoh and TeslaCrypt. It also includes ShadeDecryptor, a new decryptor for Shade malware, which sometimes appends ".breaking_bad" to the end of encrypted filenames.

The site also gives ransomware victims in Europe and the United States a way to report infections to authorities to help them to better trace and battle ransomware-using crooks. databreachtoday.com

Ransomware Dominates 18 Million New Q2 Malware Samples
Panda Security detected a staggering 18 million new malware samples in the second quarter, the majority of which were credential stealers and ransomware, it claimed in a new report. infosecurity-magazine.com




Mobility Solution Delivers Security and Response Management
to Campuses and Workplaces

Indianapolis, IN - STANLEY Security, a leading global manufacturer and integrator of comprehensive security solutions for a wide range of industries, announces STANLEY Guard, a smartphone and cloud-based personal safety and security response suite. The STANLEY Guard Personal Safety app allows users - whether they are students, employees, or executives - to send alerts, including video and their GPS location, directly to their security command center for immediate response. The STANLEY Guard Security Response app is designed to coordinate incident responses and provide a means of task management for facilities and institutions that manage their own security. Finally, the STANLEY Guard Command Center platform provides businesses, schools, and other facilities an effective means to verify and dispatch their security resources and manage mass notifications.

The STANLEY Guard campus security mobility solution provides personal safety beginning with a user triggering an alert from their Personal Safety app. Once the alert is triggered, the user's smartphone immediately notifies the STANLEY Guard Command Center portal and begins to transmit the user's identity and location, as well as live audio and video that may be used as evidence of the incident. If the user chooses, he or she may then shake their smartphone, turning the device into a high-volume, strobe-light alarm.

As the Command Center portal receives the alert triggered from the user's smartphone in real-time, the authenticity and severity of the threat may be verified. In addition to receiving the user's real-time video and audio evidence, location and identity, the Command Center also sees a record of previous alerts, including comments from dispatchers and first responders. Once the Command Center verifies a threat, a police or security officer may be dispatched through the STANLEY Guard Security Response app. Further, the Command Center can choose which security officer to dispatch based on either their proximity to the incident or their unique qualifications and skill set.  Read more here.


STANLEY Guard 101 Webinars For Retailers

The STANLEY Guard 101 webinar will discuss the elements of STANLEY Guard (Personal Safety, Security Response, and Command Center) and how they can be used to make your business safer. Plus, receive a live demo of the STANLEY Guard Suite of apps and cloud-based software in action!

Monday, Aug. 22 @ 1 pm CST and Thursday, Sept. 1 @ 10 am CST

Click here to learn more.




Roadmap for New LP Executives

Part 17: Knowing Your True Role

By Mike Nagyhazy
Senior Director of Loss Prevention,
24 Hour Fitness

Questions or comments can be emailed to mnagyhazy@24hourfit.com

I can't tell you the number of times that non-LP professionals have made comments to me about the "wanna-be cop" mentality. Luckily, the majority of the comments revolve around the LP department not conducting itself like a wanna-be police department within the company. There's a very fine line between respectfully and professionally detecting and resolving dishonesty that may occur in the workplace, and conducting yourself like a police officer looking for the next bust.

One of the challenges of being a LP Executive is finding that perfect middle ground - carrying yourself in a confident and professional manner, and not over-stepping into an arrogant, "I'm gonna catch the next perp" way-of-life. As I've said in previous articles, usually people know exactly what "LP" signifies within a business environment. At times, LP folks really fail because they constantly have to exude why they're in-place, and what they may have to do. The bottom line is that people know what you do, and the more you downplay the "sexiness" of the profession, the more you may find yourself to be highly respected and valued by other business partners. Sure, we all have stories, we've all investigated that employee who took the company for a ride for years, and most of us have struggled with a tough, career shoplifter "just before the sidewalk's property line". Part of being a great LP Executive is keeping a lid on most of the stories, not getting distracted by the continual drama, and using your intelligence and strategic edge to constantly keep the company out of trouble, and your team safe and valued.

So my two cents on the matter is as follows: If you're not in a role that actively apprehends shoplifters, leave the metal, clip-on badge in your desk drawer. If you started this wonderful LP journey in the private security sector (as I did!), you're no longer in a uniform - you're a business professional. If your claim to fame is the total amount of investigations that you've resolved, and your aspiration is to become a LP Executive, quickly shift your focus to the other aspects of LP. An extremely small percentage of being a true Executive is handling day-to-day investigations. It's obviously priceless to have all of this life experience - none of it is wasted. At some point, when one decides to make the leap from field management to a corporate-based role, there needs to be heavy reflection, often-times a change in mindset, and at the end of the day, playing things cool. Many eyes are immediately on you as the department's conductor - and the metal badge will only distract people.


Read more of Mike's "Roadmap for New LP Executives" series here, with topics including: 
Meet and Greet Your Team -- Assessment/Task Delegation -- Company Priorities -- Developing an Action Plan -- Visibility/Accountability/Recognition -- Effective Communication -- Evaluating Company Structure -- Physical Security Platform -- Budgeting -- Capital Expenditure -- Documenting Your Accomplishments -- and more!



Meeting LP Demand
Through Technology

Carlos Bacelis, Dir. of Analytics, Walmart

As the retail shopping experience becomes more fluid with an ever-increasing range of options and channels, LP professionals must grapple with new demands while balancing exposure to shrink. Although the mechanics of lost profit and theft may not have appreciably changed, the transactional technology options available to customers certainly have. In this session, Carlos Bacelis, Director of Analytics for Walmart, discusses how they're using new technologies designed to limit the retail giant's exposure while preserving the shopping experience.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #3

You may know Hedgie Bartol of Axis Communications, but have you met Flat Hedgie? Learn the story behind Hedgie's little cardboard friend, the reason why Axis listens to the market, and why you should attend their annual Retail Leadership Forum


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Friendly fraud: Online sellers are losing billions
Friendly fraud is an undeserved chargeback. It occurs when a customer fraudulently files a chargeback claiming the item ordered was never received or he never made the charge. Some people do this with fraudulent intent. Others just because they changed their mind (after receiving the goods or service). Either way, its unfair.

What makes friendly fraud even easier to perpetrate is the reluctance of our banking system to thoroughly investigate chargeback claims. When a claim is filed, banks commence investigations which are more often than not mere formality. Because of this, chargeback fraud has become a way for consumers to make easy money. Instead of approaching the seller and giving them an opportunity to resolve the conflict, the cardholder immediately goes to their bank to ask for a chargeback. Most customers claim to have filed a chargeback because they did not have time to contact the merchant; however, approximately 80% of all chargebacks filed are filed out of convenience.

To reduce risk, it is best to comply with general business practice; one should always use an address verification service (AVS). AVS is an automated fraud prevention program that helps reduce the risk of friendly fraud for merchants. Using AVS can help reduce the amount of cases of friendly fraud because in general, only the real cardholder will have access to all the necessary information.

Secondly, merchants should be required to enter their card security code during checkout. By necessitating the card's security code, it makes it more likely that a completed transaction will only be completed by the actual cardholder.

Lastly, by providing outstanding customer service, merchants will help ensure that they do not have unsatisfied customers. With great customer service, it becomes less likely that a disgruntled customer would contact the bank for a chargeback instead of contacting the business's customer service. itproportal.com

Jacksonville, Fla., new home for an Amazon Fulfillment center - LP Jobs!

Walgreens plans to shutter Drugstore.com and Beauty.com


Six member fraud gang busted for $9M scheme
Hit Home Depot & Target Stores

The owner of Smiles II go-go bar and five others charged after a 10-month investigation called "Operation Smiles" led by the Division of Criminal Justice Gangs & Organized Crime Bureau and the Roxbury Police Department.

According to an Attorney General release, the probe revealed that, over a period of four years, the defendants conspired to steal more than $9 million by defrauding retailers, banks, credit card processing companies and credit card holders. The scheme involved the use of stolen credit cards and fraudulently obtained credit cards. The credit cards were used to purchase pre-paid gift cards issued by credit companies such as Master Card and Visa at various retail stores, including Target and Home Depot.

The release said the gift cards were later "cashed in" through phony transactions at Smiles II, and the proceeds were allegedly divided between the individuals who supplied the cards, including Rodriguez and Turner, and Lipka and his partners at Smiles II.

The probe also showed that individuals, including Rodriguez and Turner, also allegedly used stolen credit cards to buy high-priced merchandise at retail stores, particularly Home Depot. The merchandise was later returned for in-store credit that could be used later, or for in-store gift cards that could be exchanged for cash on the Internet. In other cases.

The investigation further revealed that the defendants allegedly acquired gift cards through various other criminal schemes. In one scheme, vehicles were fraudulently offered for sale through eBay and Craigslist. Unsuspecting purchasers would be directed to pay for the vehicle with pre-paid gift cards from credit companies such as Master Card and Visa, and those gift cards also were allegedly processed through Smiles II. The vehicles were never shipped to the victims. dailyrecord.com

Iowa City, IA: Casey General employee, boyfriend and Mother attempt to cash in on a stolen $250,000 Lottery Ticket
A Casey's General employee is charged with stealing a winning $250,000 instant scratch ticket and working with her boyfriend and mother in an attempt to claim the prize. Prosecutors allege that Casey's General Store employee Ashley Bosler, 20, found the winning ticket by scratching off a corner and scanning the bar code that confirmed that it was a winner of the game's top prize. She allegedly hadn't paid for the ticket and was too young to play, so she asked a co-worker to sign it and eventually her boyfriend, who tried to claim it. Lottery officials refused to approve the payout after noticing scribbling on the back of the ticket. omaha.com

Covina, CA: Teens busted for stealing $3,000 in razors, baby formula, Rogaine; hitting Rite Aid and Vons
Police jailed three Anaheim teenagers Saturday amid an alleged massive theft spree in which they collected more than $3,000 worth of razors, baby formula and Rogaine from stores in Covina, Glendora and La Habra. Rite Aid first called police about 3 p.m. to report three young women had just tried to steal a large amount of razors from the store, but dropped the goods and fled empty-handed. Security watched as the trio went across the street into a Vons supermarket and pointed them out to arriving police officers. Police pulled over the suspects' car and detained them. A large amount of baby formula believed to have been stolen from the Vons was recovered from the car, police said. "A further search of the car located six 30-gallon trash bags filled with stolen property," police said. ocregister.com

Holmdel, NJ: Best Buy shoplifters get violent in Holmdel, same suspect hit Target in Middletown
Two men stole from the Holmdel Best Buy Friday night, and one of them elbowed and pushed two store employees to the ground as they ran out the door, police said. The same men are suspected of shoplifting from several local Targets as well, including the Target in Middletown. The two suspects were stopped by two loss-prevention officers as they were walking out of the Best Buy in Holmdel. The two men had shoplifted video games, computer parts and HDMI cables worth several hundred dollars. Both men were arrested in the parking lot of the Best Buy. They were charged with robbery; each man had an anti-shoplifting device on him, police said. app.com

Owasso, OK: One arrested, two loose after Old Navy theft and Police Chase Owasso police arrested one person after a chase that started in Owasso, went through Sperry and ended in Tulsa. One person, Jeakila Fowlkes, arrested, two jumped out of the car and ran. Police say the three are suspected of grabbing thousands in merchandise from an Owasso Old Navy before running from the store. Police say they threw clothes out of the car during the chase. One person is jail, two others on the loose after police say the group stole $2300 in a grab-and-go theft at an Owasso Old Navy. fox23.com

Two area people have pleaded guilty to federal charges; $40,000 Interstate Theft Ring hitting Lowes and Home Depot
Lamont William Hall, 25, pleaded to conspiracy to transport stolen property on July 11 in U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids. Jatoya West, 28, pleaded to the same charge on July 7. Sentencing will be at a later date. Cases remain pending against three others charged in the case Paris Lawrence, Megan Ware and Devin Dawson. Authorities allege the group stole more than $40,000 worth of items from numerous Lowe's stores and one Home Depot store in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin between February and May. Authorities said West was identified on video 31 times stealing from Lowe's stores in five states, and Hall was identified on video 22 times. wfccourier.com

Greenville, NC: 6 arrests made in connection to theft of 27 handguns
Five teens have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the burglary and theft of 27 handguns from a Greenville-area sporting goods store. The incident took place Friday, July 22 at about 1:40 a.m., after four unknown male suspects smashed through the front door glass of the Artemus Outfitters. wdel.com

Newark, CA: GameStop offers reward in East Bay armed robbery spree
GameStop is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a man suspected of multiple armed robberies, police said Friday. The most recent incident was reported July 19 at the GameStop located at Jarvis Avenue, according to Newark police. The unidentified suspect entered the store, brandished a handgun and fled with merchandise and cash. The same suspect committed a similar robbery at the same store in February 2015. eastbaytimes.com


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Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!!!

Robberies & Thefts

Kansas City, MO: Shoplifters target Kansas City 7-Eleven in a flash mob
Police are looking for the shoplifters who stole several items in the midst of a flash mob. On July 16, just before 1:30 a.m. a stream of people flooded the 7-Eleven on Gillham and Linwood in Midtown. "That amount of people in the store at one time does definitely cause some concern," Sgt. Kari Thompson, a spokesperson with KCPD said. The clerk told officers the 50 men and women came into the store in two groups. A few of the individuals grabbed several items and ran out the front door without paying. KCPD detectives are focusing on three men captured on surveillance video. One of them even looks right at the security camera. kshb.com

South Carolina: Police officer's body camera captures shoplifter driving off as Officer tries to hold on
The officer was trying to speak to the woman as she matched the description of a suspect accused of stealing from a Dollar General. As the officer was speaking to the woman in the car, she suddenly reversed, hitting him with the door before pulling him forward. He tumbled to the ground. The car was spotted a short time later, and the woman was taken into custody after a minor crash. The officer suffered minor injures. tvnz.co.nz

Orange Park, FL: Robbery suspect charged with running over
Clay Sheriff's Deputy

A man faces Attempted Murder and related charges after a Clay County Sheriff's Deputy was run over by a pickup truck Saturday morning driven by suspect accused of stealing a pressure washer, computer monitor, a 24-case of Budweiser beer and other merchandise from the Walmart in Orange Park. Tomy Lee Byrd, 47, is accused of running down Deputy David Voller, whose leg got trapped under one of the pickup's rear tires. Voller suffered minor abrasions to his leg. Byrd threatened to hurt a store employee who tried to stop him from leaving the store with a shopping cart filled about $500 worth of merchandise including with a pressure washer, computer monitor, tool kit, and case of beer. jacksonville.com

Houston, TX: Expired tags on getaway vehicle lead to suspected AT&T robbers' arrests
Three men have been arrested in the robbery of an AT&T store in Richmond on Saturday. Police said the trio entered an AT&T after 8 p.m. and forced a customer and employee to the ground, while the men stole items from the back room. After allegedly robbing the phone store, the three men took off in a car on Highway 59. They were later stopped by police for the unrelated crime of having expired tags, according to officers. As the traffic stop was taking place, the officer was informed about the robbery that happened earlier, and all three men were taken into custody. click2houston.com

Erie, PA: Five suspects in custody in Dick's Sporting Goods Burglary

Santa Fe, NM: Federal Agents arrest female Walgreens Pharmacy Armed Robber/ Bank Robber

Mount Kisco, NY: Two Arrested in Wilson & Son Jewelry Store Heist Westchester

Scotts Valley, CA: Scotts Valley Jewelers reports a Burglary

Family of slain Tempe drugstore pharmacy robber want outside probe

UK: Charlestown, Australia: Police Retail Theft Operation results in 19 people charged

Macon, GA: Fireworks store employee charged with lying about Armed Robbery

Madison, WI: Two indicted on 19 counts in $100,000 Check fraud scheme

Mappins Jewellers in the Kingsway Mall, Edmonton, AB, CN reported a Grab & Run on 7/30, merchandise valued at nearly $25,000

Kay Jewelers in the Sumter Mall, Sumter, SC reported a Diamond Switch on 7/28, merchandise valued at $2,149

Kay Jewelers in the Boynton Beach Mall, Boynton Beach , FL reported a Grab & Run on 7/30, merchandise valued at $6,999

Newport News, VA: Man wanted for stealing Legos from Walmart, pulls knife on LP staff

Wayne, WV: Dog crashes car into Walmart

Credit Card Fraud

Florida again #1 in Credit Card Fraud
Florida has cemented its reputation as the credit card fraud capital of the country. For the second year in a row, Florida led the nation with the most credit card fraud complaints per capita, a new analysis by ValuePenguin shows. The Sunshine State has posted a whopping 130 percent increase in those complaints since 2011, according to data from the Federal Trade Commission. Nearly 8,000 Floridians filed complaints over credit card fraud last year, the most in almost a decade. Nationwide, those fraud filings jumped by 41 percent in 2015, the largest increase in 10 years said ValuePenguin, a financial information web site. Consumers filed 69,954 complaints to the FTC last year. heraldtribune.com


Martin, TN: Arson suspected in Dollar General fire

Skimming Report

ATM skimmer found in Paducah, KY

Asian Café - Frederick, MD - Armed Robbery
AT&T - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Boost Mobile - Indianapolis, IN - Armed Robbery
CVS - Greenville, NC - Armed Robbery
CVS - Daly City, CA - Robbery
Dick's Sporting Goods - Erie, PA - Burglary
Dollar General - Anderson County, SC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Bloomington, IN - Armed Robbery
Dominguez Food - Allentown, PA - Burglary
Extra Stop - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
EZ Mart - Little Rock, AR - Shooting/ man shot and killed
Family Dollar - Portsmouth, VA - Robbery/ linked to 4 others
Food Plus - Lafayette, IN - Robbery
Harrison Food - Cheviot, OH - Armed Robbery / clerk shot robber
Harry's Food - Cleveland, TN - Armed Robbery
Hawkeye - Marion, IA - Armed Robbery
Jack in the Box - Tyler, TX - Armed Robbery
Jewel-Osco (Bank) - Glendale Heights, IL - Robbery
Kangaroo - Graham, KY - Armed Robbery
Karton King - Bloomington, IN - Armed Robbery
Liberty - Dothan, AL - Armed Robbery
Lucky Mart - Lubbock, TX - Armed Robbery
Marathon - Homewood, AL - Shooting/ woman killed after drawing on Police
Midway Food Mart - North Zurich, TX - Armed Robbery/ Shooting
Progress Supply - Columbus, OH - Burglary
Quick Chek - Beachwood, NJ - Armed Robbery
Ralph's Menswear - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Scotts Valley Jewelers - Scotts Valley, CA - Burglary
Shell - Rochester, DE - Armed Robbery
Shore Stop - Dover, DE - Armed Robbery
Sooper Stop - Aberdeen, SD - Robbery
Telkeaf Plaza - Phoenix, AZ - Shooting/ 1 man killed
Walgreens - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Patterson, CA - Shooting/ 1 injured
Wawa - Fort Myers, FL - Armed Robbery/ shot fired
Wheaton's Eatins - Harbor City, CA - Shooting/ 1 female killed
111 Gun Shop - Louisville, KY - Burglary
7- Eleven - Charlottesville, VA - Armed Robbery


Featured Job Alert Spotlight
Company Confidential Director of Global Security
The Sr. Director of Global Security will oversee the company's executive protection program, the security of the company's home office and international operations as well as certain investigations in the home and international offices. A minimum of 15 years experience in executive protection and/or corporate security with international security experience. Experience managing teams of people and administering a budget. Previous military or law enforcement experience is a plus. Proven ability to partner with local, state, federal, and international law enforcement. 

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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AP Safety Specialist
Miami, FL

The safety specialist, asset protection, will oversee safety practices within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the safety program designed to minimize associate and customer accidents...
Senior Manager Region Asset Protection
Columbia, SC

The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region. This leader will direct and supervise a team of asset protection professionals and will have complete responsibility for managing investigations and auditing programs to ensure effectiveness and departmental compliance...


Loss Prevention Specialist
Westerville, OH

Loss Prevention Specialist will protect company assets through the execution of safety, inventory recovery and internal and external theft reduction programs. Assist with reduction of loss inventory, time, and assets. Monitor surveillance equipment. Identify, observe and apprehend shoplifters and others (internal or external) involved in acts of dishonesty...

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5 Tips for Taking Feedback Like a Champ  Receiving feedback is something that a lot of us struggle with. It can cause us to feel anxious, or even go on the defense, but feedback can be the most powerful tool we have to grow and become successful. Here's how you can make yourself more open to feedback. That feeling? It's normal

Overcoming the Fear of Feedback
Why do most of us fear receiving feedback? The most common answer is that our body is naturally negative bias. Our brains are hardwired to receive negative stimuli faster, so we automatically remember negative situations more than positive ones. Feedback is a gift, not something that should be feared. Here's how you can get over it. Cue, Routine, Reward
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When you think you've got your job mastered, think again. That's usually when something bad happens in one's career or company. If you reach that point, and most everyone does, it's time to reevaluate everything you're doing. Go on the hunt for new technology, new ideas, rewrite your program, take a fresh look at every aspect of your department. Maybe even bring in a consultant you don't know or have ties to, someone who will challenge you and debate with you and won't be there to merely confirm what you're doing and agree with your approach. But someone who will test you and force you to grow, someone who you may even be uncomfortable with. Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun!

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