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Twin Cities ORC Association Annual Conference & Training
Aug. 15-16

2017 Cargo Theft Summit Southern California
Aug. 22-23

2017 Safety Leadership Conference
Sept. 11-13

NE Loss Prevention Expo
Sept. 14

Retail Risk - New York
Sept. 14

Retail Council of Canada LP Conference
Sept. 19

The D&D Daily attending
Gus Downing & LPNN

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ASIS International
63rd Annual Seminar

Sept. 25-28

RFID in Retail and Apparel
Sept. 26

California ORC Association Annual Training Conference
Sept. 28-29

National Association of Bunco Investigators Annual Training Conference
Oct. 11-12

Colorado Organized Retail Crime Alliance Conference
Oct. 17

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2017 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Bealls Outlet Florida LP Team at the Florida Retail Federation LP Conference in Orlando, FL - July 21, 2017

"Teamwork, Integrity, Professionalism"

Pictured, left to right: Ken Switzer - LP Market Specialist; April Wallace - LP Market Specialist; Zak Brownlee, CFI, LPC - Regional LP Manager; Damien Needham - Market LP Manager; Gabriel Garcia - LP Audit & Training Coordinator; Rich Gerasimchik - Regional LP Director; Dan Liggett - Regional LP Manager; John Jacobson, CFI - Market LP Manager; Greg Eubanks - Regional Investigator; Tim Osbourn, CFI - Divisional Vice President of LP; Tom Shelton - Market LP Manager

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Yves Bilodeau named Vice President of Information Systems for Genetec
Genetec Inc. ("Genetec"), a leading provider of open architecture security and public safety solutions today announced two new senior executive appointments. With a mandate to ensure secure internal and external IT operations, Mr. Yves Bilodeau joins Genetec as Vice-President of Information Systems. He will manage cybersecurity, information technologies and systems.

Mr. Yves Bilodeau is a seasoned industry veteran with over fifteen years of experience in the technology and information systems industries. He most recently served as a General Manager at Metalogique, an information technology and service enterprise. His key competencies include leading large and diverse IT groups in Canada, Europe and the US, and developing technological processes to drive business growth. Read more here. prweb.com

Nadia Boujenoui named Vice President of Customer Experience for Genetec
Ms. Nadia Boujenoui joins as Vice-President of Customer Experience, where she will be responsible for implementing operations, services and support strategies, along with policies and programs focused on customer success throughout the client lifecycle.

Ms. Nadia Boujenoui brings close to fifteen years of experience in customer service and support in the aviation industry, including over 10 years of management experience from Pratt & Whitney Canada where she most recently served as Senior Manager in their Customer Programs organization. Her core competencies include leading global and multi-disciplinary teams, driving large-scale business transformations, and implementing Voice of Customer programs to increase customer satisfaction and foster greater loyalty. Read more here. prweb.com

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RLPSA Day 1 Wrap Up

Check out what happened in RLPSA's Day 1 wrap up at the 38th Annual Conference in Las Vegas! Stay tuned for more video coverage coming tomorrow.


LP Benevolent Fund Selected as Host Charity for 2017 ISCPO Conference
The Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund was recently chosen as the main charity for this year's ISCPO Conference. This will be the organization's first time hosting the LP Benevolent Fund. The conference, which will be held September 12-13 in Dallas, Texas, focuses on supply chain security, industry theft, global trends, and investigation.

"The ISCPO is very honored to be able to support the LP Benevolent Fund. While we are a young organization focused on promoting, educating and advocating supply chain security and protection, our roots are with the Loss Prevention community. Helping those in our community is important to the ISCPO and supporting the LPBF is the right thing to do," stated Byron Smith, CFI, LPC, and Corporate Asset Protection Manager at 7-Eleven and Vice Chairman of ISCPO.

The LP Benevolent Fund was established to provide financial assistance to surviving families who have lost a loved one while preforming the duties of the loss prevention/asset protection profession. LPBF was also established to provide financial grants to eligible participants who experience a verifiable economic hardship as a result of qualifying circumstances.

LPF President Terry Sullivan, LPC said, "We are very thankful and humbled to be the selected charity by the ISCPO and we appreciate the partnership. The Loss Prevention Benevolent fund is a great way to give back to those LP Professionals and their families experiencing hardship in their time of need."

S-Tron Verified as a Veteran Owned Small Business
We are thrilled to announce that S-TRON has been verified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB). We have always been proud of our connection to the US Military. We hire Veterans whenever possible and over 25% of our staff is former US Military including Owner, Steven P. Dunn and President, Peter Mattschull.

"It was an honor to have served our nation in the US Navy and now it is a privilege to serve some of the top businesses in America. We look forward to growing our client base to include government entities."  - Steve P. Dunn, Owner & CEO, US Navy Veteran

Employee fingerprint scans may cost Kroger affiliate $10M in damages
Mariano's accused of violating stringent privacy law

Mariano's, a grocer with more than 40 locations throughout the Chicagoland area, is currently facing multiple lawsuits that accuse the company of violating the stringent Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). Damages from one of the cases alone could reach $10 million, according to case records.

Mariano's required employees to scan their fingerprints with a biometric timekeeping device when they clocked in and out of a shift.

The suits also allege that a written explanation to employees that outlined the specific purpose for the collection, a transparent retention schedule, a policy for destroying the data or a timetable for how long providing prints would be necessary was never provided.

Because the case is a class action, the more than 10,000 employees who have used the Kronos time clock system in question within Illinois state lines may be eligible for restitution.

Though Kroger declined to comment, court records show that the co-defendants-Roundy's and Kronos-deny that they violated the BIPA.

Editor's Note: Illinois is consider by many to have the most stringiest privacy laws in the U.S. supermarketnews.com

If you're one of those people who likes to give things a try first, you've been warned
Best Buy to customer: 'Future Returns May Be Declined'

Those were the words at the top of a customers receipt who is a self admitted picky shopper. The receipt continues to read, "our decision is based on information provided by The Retail Equation (TRE)."

"I never thought I would get something like this," said Spikes. "If I buy something, and I don't think it's worth my time or my money, I definitely don't have any qualms about returning it."

We reached out to TRE to find out how a person gets on this blacklist of sorts. A spokesperson for TRE says, "while rules vary from retailer to retailer, Verify is designed to identify fraudulent or abusive behavior. Those behaviors are not typical of 99 percent of consumers."

"The 1 percent of consumers who get denied exhibit return behaviors that mimic fraud or abuse or exhibit habits that are inconsistent with the retailer's return policy."

In Spikes' case, TRE was able to track his transactions because Best Buy requires ID to make a return. He also had a receipt and often uses a Best Buy rewards card. TRE, owned by Appriss Retail, is active in about 34,000 stores across the U.S. according to its website. The data that is captured when you make a return is not shared amongst retailers.

The return tracking by TRE helps curb the amount of fraud that occurs in the retail industry, a $9 to $17 billion problem according to TRE's estimates.

Best Buy released a statement about its use of TRE: "Best Buy captures valid ID information on returns in order to prevent fraudulent returns and deter criminals who attempt to turn stolen goods that can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars into cash. This is a standard industry practice and we use an outside party to capture the information. We do not have visibility into the data as our vendor flags only the returns that occur on a frequent basis."

Spikes understands why the system is in place. He also says he often buys things to try at home because the descriptions are sometimes incomplete, and the employees at the store don't know the answers to his questions.

Valid reasons, right? Not if you do it too much. Spikes was able to return his item this time, but this could be the last time that happens.

"I'll still go. I'll still spend money there," said Spikes. "I'll probably go back, but I will say that I'll be a lot more mindful of items I'll buy there."

If you're one of those people who likes to give things a try first, you've been warned. wkyc.com

Fraud is rampant in the seafood industry
43 percent of the salmon tested was actually mislabeled. Most of that salmon fraud ― we're talking 69 percent of it ― mislabeled farmed salmon as being wild-caught salmon. Then there's substituted cheaper salmon. Most of the fraud occurred at restaurants (67 percent vs. 20 percent at big chain retailers).

Two different types of fraud: One is species substitution, where the retailer or restaurant is the victim. The other side of it is menu mislabeling or just mislabeling in a retail establishment. huffingtonpost.com

More than 6,375 stores are shutting down - here's the full 2017 updated list

As department stores move out of malls, groceries are moving in
As department stores like Macy's and J.C. Penney close down their suburban mall locations, grocers like Kroger and Wegmans are claiming these vacant spaces, according to Business Insider.

For mall operators, the benefits of having a grocery store in their lineup is clear. Supermarkets bring in steady traffic and are seen as a safe bet at a time when so many other retailers are seeing their sales upended by e-commerce.

Not all malls are suffering. Those located near residential centers, tourist hotspots and other favorable economic centers have thrived. Among industry experts, the consensus seems to be not that malls are dying, but that there are too many of them. According to research firm Cowen and Company, malls grew at twice the rate of the country's population between 1970 and 2015. Nationwide, the U.S. has 1,200 malls, and by some estimates that number will reduce to around 900 in the coming years.

With good retail locations at a premium nationwide, mall vacancies offer a real avenue for supermarket growth. retaildive.com

10 Predictions That Will Impact The Fate Of Retailers
Experts Agree Facial Recognition Will Be Everywhere

1. Retailers will move beyond omni-channel to seamless, frictionless engagement - Rosen observes that, "The best retailers, whether it's Amazon, Alibaba, or The North Face are saying, 'I don't care about channel. I care more about the customer experience.'

2. It's won't be martech reshaping retail, it will be AGAFA - "A lot of the disruption is coming from the Big Five - Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and Alibaba," proclaims Rosen.

3. Mobile will be the companion, not merely the channel - "{Smartphones] have become ideal companions, an adjunct to the way that we think and the way that we behave."

4. AI will be more than chatbots - Sure chatbots are an early implementation of AI, but Rosen see the real promise in combining facial recognition with the fast processing of other contextual data.

5. Contextual relevance will be the heart of personalization - With information such as location, past behavior, purchase occasions, current shopping basket, weather, time and traffic, retailers can create more personalized messages, imagery and value. Part two tomorrow. forbes.com

Activist Pushes for Hudson's Bay to Sell Saks, Go Private
Activist Land & Buildings Investment Management said it may call for new directors at Hudson's Bay Co. if the company ignores suggestions for unlocking value, including selling off Saks Fifth Avenue and potentially going private in a management-led buyout. bloomberg.com

OSHA Launches Electronic Injury and Illness Reporting System - Dec. 1st Use
On Aug. 1, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched its application to electronically submit injury and illness data-but covered employers won't be required to use the system until later this year.

It's important for employers to note that they don't have to submit anything through the electronic application on Aug. 1, said Ben Huggett, an attorney with Littler in Philadelphia. That's just the date it became publicly available.

The agency announced last month that it planned to postpone electronic reporting to Dec. 1.
For now, employers should just take a look at the electronic application and figure out how they will submit the information. shrm.org

Differentiation leads the pack for Hot 100 fastest-growing retailers

Under Armour to cut 2% of workforce & restructure - 280 job cuts

Sycamore's Belk department stores to open three new stores & remodel 12 - 292 total

Global Brands Group to Buy Remainder of BCBG Stores

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Lumber Liquidator Q2 net comp's up 8.8%, net sales up 10.7%
Publix Q2 comp's up 1.6%, sales up 3.6%

Axis Retail Leadership Forum
August 14-16

Bringing IT together!

Retail is a vast world of endless complexities including asset protection, the Internet of Things, software analytics, network security and other business functions. There exists a variety of intelligent solutions you can use to cover everything from loss prevention and asset protection to traffic counting and shelf space compliance. But to manage all of this - and more - it's critical you adopt a solution that works best for your entire team.

Join August 14-16, 2017 in the Big Apple

Retail security, loss prevention and IT professionals are coming together this summer for 2 days in NYC. Together, you will learn and discuss topics that matter to you, such as advances in IP technologies, trends in retail security and the future of retail surveillance technology.

Network with your peers, share your experiences and learn the ins-and-outs of finding the right solution!

For more information and registration click here

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McInnovation: McDonald's and CAP Index Create NEW Risk Assessment Management Program

Improved Risk Assessment & Security while Managing Costs & Liability

McDonald's and their long-time crime risk assessment partner CAP Index co-develop a new state-of-the art solution!

McDonald's is the world's largest hamburger fast food chain - feeding 68 million people per day (more than the entire population of the U.K.) and serving 75 burgers every second. With more than 420,000 employees at over 36,000 locations in over 119 countries and a new McDonald's location opening every 14.5 hours, you can imagine what a monumental challenge it is to effectively and efficiently measure, document, and respond to each individual location's crime challenges and security threats. That's why they partnered with CAP Index - the leader in crime risk assessment and reporting. "Building the new R2AMP restaurant risk assessment management program has been exciting. This is a tool we co-developed with CAP Index, and there's nothing like it in our industry." - Rob Holm, Senior Director of Safety and Security for US Operations, McDonald's, USA.

Working closely with McDonald's teams, we helped develop an innovative classification system and software solution called the Restaurant Risk Assessment Management Program or R2AMP. Built using our dynamic CAPWare™ security management tools, this comprehensive program was designed to identify and track security risks as well as provide corrective measures to be considered at specific McDonald's locations.

Read the full article here.

To arrange a personal demonstration of CAP Index's CAPWare technology, click here.


Cisco's Mid Year Cybersecurity Report
DeOS - IoT - Resource-Strapped Security Teams

Revenue generation is still the top objective of most threat actors. However, some adversaries now have the ability-and often now, it seems, the inclination-to lock systems and destroy data as part of their attack process. As explained in the "Introduction" to the Cisco 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report our researchers see this more sinister activity as a precursor to a new and devastating type of attack that is likely to emerge in the near future: Destruction of service (DeOS).

Within the past year, we have also observed adversaries employing Internet of Things (IoT) devices in DDoS attacks. Botnet activity in the IoT space suggests some operators may be focused on laying the foundation for a wide-reaching, high impact attack that could potentially disrupt the Internet itself.

Lack of visibility into dynamic IT environments, the risks presented by "shadow IT," the constant barrage of security alerts, and the complexity of the IT security environment are just some reasons resource-strapped security teams struggle to stay on top of today's evasive and increasingly potent cyber threats. cisco.com

U.S. Retailers See Decrease in Data Breaches
43% Global Retailers Breached in Past Year - Twice Global Average

On a positive note, U.S. retail data breaches in the past year dropped from 22% in the 2016 survey to 19% this year. This number is lower than any other U.S. vertical polled for the 2017 report, including healthcare (20%), financial services (24%) and the U.S. federal government (34%).

However, U.S. retailers may be failing to learn from past mistakes. More than half (11%) of the 19% that were breached this year had also experienced a breach previously.

These distressing breach rates serve as stark proof that data on any system can be attacked and compromised," said Garrett Bekker, principal analyst for information security at 451 Research. "Unfortunately, organizations keep spending on the same security solutions that worked for them in the past, but aren't necessarily the most effective at stopping modern breaches."

Seventy seven percent (77%) of U.S. retail organizations are increasing IT security spending, but are not concentrating spending where it will make the most difference. For example, 88% of respondents selected network security as "very" or "extremely" effective at protecting data from breaches - even as network security fails to keep out attackers and is unable to protect data that is increasingly stored in the cloud.
According to the report, 95% of U.S. retail organizations will use sensitive data in an advanced technology environment (such as cloud, big data, IoT and containers) this year. However, 53% of respondents believe that sensitive data use is happening in these environments without proper security in place.

"It's encouraging that yearly retail data breach rates have finally started to drop, but rates are still quite high." chainstoreage.com

Senators Introduce Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017
Under the terms of the bill, vendors who supply the U.S. government with IoT devices would have to ensure that their devices are patchable, do not include hard-coded passwords that can't be changed, and are free of known security vulnerabilities, among other basic requirements. securitymagazine.com

Congress Considering reorganize DHS's cybersecurity efforts
The National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD)
Creating New Cybersecurity Agency

Facebook Security Boss: Empathy, Inclusion Must Come to Security
Facebook's chief security officer delivered the keynote address Wednesday at Black Hat conference, opening the annual hacker conference with a stern message to colleagues and friends that the days of snarky insular criticisms of users, software, and awe of overly complex hacks and the next zero day must end.

Instead, he urged hackers to have empathy not only for victims of cybercrime but also for those such as law enforcement who may take unpopular stances encryption and information sharing. Stamos also reinforced the importance of reliance on a diversity of backgrounds and ideas to influence decisions. threatpost.com

Are your employees hiding their mistakes?
40% of Your Employees Are Hiding Cybersecurity Incidents
Included in Your Employee Training Programs?

Recent survey by market research firm B2B International finds - 46% of cybersecurity incidents in the last year stem from careless or uninformed employees. But what may be even more worrisome is that employees hide IT security incidents in 40% of businesses worldwide to avoid punishment.

"45% of enterprises (over 1,000 employees) experience employees hiding cybersecurity incidents, with 42% of small and medium-sized companies (50 to 999 employees), reporting the same."

Not only important to make sure all employees have training to prevent data breaches, but also be sure to encourage employees to come forward when they think there could be a problem. associationsnow.com

Majority of Global Orgs Lack Security Best Practices
The inaugural 2017 State of Cybersecurity Metrics Report from Thycotic analyzed the results of a Security Measurement Index (SMI) benchmark survey of more than 400 security executives around the world, based on internationally accepted standards for security embodied in ISO 27001. It found that 58% are falling down on the job.

With global companies and governments spending more than $100 billion a year on cybersecurity defenses, a substantial number, 32%, of companies are making business decisions and purchasing cybersecurity technology blindly, the report found - without any way to measure their value or effectiveness. Even more disturbing, more than 80% of respondents fail to communicate effectively with business stakeholders and include them in cybersecurity investment decisions, nor have they established a steering committee to evaluate the business impact and risks associated with cybersecurity investments. infosecurity-magazine.com

Robots to keep shelves stocked at Schnucks Markets
The 100-store supermarket chain based in St. Louis, announced it will run a six-week pilot program at three locations to test robots that will move up and down store aisles to make sure shelves remain properly stocked. The robots will also scan shelves to make sure that each item is in its proper place, aligned with the correct shelf tag. Deployed three times a day (morning, afternoon and night), will send real-time information to store associates.

Dave Steck, vice president of IT - infrastructure at Schnucks, said the data the robots collect will also be shared with vendors to help them improve their supply levels to stores. schnucks.com

Common Sense Guide to Mitigating Insider Threats from CERT

Five ways to detect a malicious 'phishing' email


'Live in NYC 2017' Top 5


Building Effective &
Inclusive LP Teams

Kevin Colman, Group VP of AP, Macy's

Originally Published 3-31-17

In today's challenging times, building and retaining teams is a critical component in running a successful LP program and driving results. Being able to identify, recruit, attract and successfully hire the right people is a challenge for everyone, especially given the labor shortage and the retail climate.

Kevin Colman, Group Vice President of Asset Protection for Macy's, shares how to attract and develop top talent, while building culturally diverse teams that reflect the communities they serve.

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Online Payment Fraud Detection Spend Set to Surge $9.3 billion by 2022
Spending on online fraud detection and prevention (FDP) solutions is set to rise to $9.3 billion by 2022, an increase of 22 per cent over this year's anticipated spend.

The finding is contained in a news study by Juniper Networks.

The research found that perceptions of high software costs alongside relatively low awareness of effective solutions in the ecommerce space were slowing service uptake. Nevertheless, it predicted that several factors would prove instrumental in driving the market forward.

Juniper's new research, Online Payment Fraud: Emerging Threats, Key Vertical Strategies & Market Forecasts 2017-2022, found that the growing threat of insecure IoT (Internet of Things) devices would be key in driving FDP spend. It cited the evolution of IoT botnets from DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) weapons aimed at fraud automation tools as influencing this trend, owing to a requirement for better customer verification tools.

Meanwhile, Juniper predicted the launch of 3DS 2.0 (3-D Secure 2.0) would have a similar impact. It claimed 3DS 2.0 would both reduce fraud and result in fewer basket abandonments, if merchants invested in authentication solutions as part of an FDP strategy. which-50.com

Fraud-free online advertising is nearly impossible
If P&G can't do it, nobody can

About a year ago, Procter & Gamble - the world's largest advertiser - announced that it was killing its "precision targeted" advertising on Facebook.

This came after it had moved a third of its ad dollars on line and lost 8 per cent of sales revenue in a 12-month period. This week P&G had even more dramatic news.

They announced that they had cut over $100 million in online ads from their third quarter spending. According to The Wall Street Journal this "had little impact on its business, proving that those digital ads were largely ineffective".

Referring to the problem of fraud in online advertising, P&G finance chief Jon Moeller said one of the reasons for the cut in online advertising was "we were serving (ads to) bots as opposed to human beings".

One of the lessons here is that no one knows how much bot fraud there is. Agencies keep giving their clients reports on how "fraud-free" their advertising is. It's all bullshit. If P&G can't get fraud-free advertising, do you really think you can?

Despite the fact that billions of dollars are being stolen annually from advertisers by fraudsters, in the United States no one has ever been prosecuted for click fraud. The first such trial begins this week in Brooklyn. Maybe we'll finally get an 'official' look at how some of these creeps operate. mumbrella.asia

Q2 online sales for GNC down 4.8% from last year

Small Businesses Sold More Than 2 Billion Items On Amazon In First Half Of 2017

ORC Week - ORC Leaders, Stories and Top LPNN Episodes
Oct. 2nd - Oct. 6th - Part of
LPNN's 'Special Series' Schedule

Fencing Operation: Detroit Pawn Shop found with $300,000 worth of stolen goods
Canton, Michigan Police served a search warrant at the iPawn, in Detroit, and the pawn shop owner's Commerce Township home on June 12. They found stolen, new, boxed merchandise, including high-end electronics, kitchen appliances, generators and power tools. The store owner, Gasswan Usama Gargis, 38, is charged with conducting a criminal enterprise, seven counts of committing an Organized Retail Crime and six counts of receiving or concealing stolen property in excess of $1,000. A clerk, Trisha-Lynette Viado Razon, 20, is also charged with five counts of committing an Organized Retail Crime and two counts of receiving or concealing stolen property in excess of $1,000. mlive.com

Grand Junction, CO: Woman suspected in Cellphone-Buying Scam; over $8,600 of merchandise in 2 days
A Denver woman is facing theft and forgery charges after allegedly trying to scam employees at two Grand Junction cellphone companies into giving her multiple iPhones without payment in a scheme she described as "a loophole," according to arrest affidavits. Maggie Ann Lyon, 22, was arrested Friday after an employee at the AT&T store, caught on and called the police. The employee said Lyon told her she worked at a company called NIMBL. Lyon was trying to buy six iPhone Pluses, for a total of $5,220. "Maggie admitted that she had heard that she could open these accounts with stores to receive iPhones," the report said. "Maggie would set up an account and place the phones on a payment schedule for 24 months. When the phone company attempted to bill the false company for the phones they would not receive a payment and she would get the phones free. ... (She) stated she had discovered a loophole in the way these businesses do business." Police contacted Verizon Wireless, the day after Lyon's arrest, and found that on Thursday, Lyon had purchased three iPhone 7 Pluses and other accessories for a total of $3,414.56. It's not clear whether more arrests will be made. Lyon told a police officer that after she took the phones, she would give them to "other members of her organization" in exchange for cash. gjsentinel.com

York, PA: Police investigating $8,000 theft of iPhone, iPods and GPS
stolen from Walmart

In the incident around 1:30 a.m. Friday, at the store on East Liberty Street in York, the three men unlocked a display case and took nine iPhones, a report from the incident shows. The men opened a second locked case and removed 13 iPods and two GPS units. heraldonline.com

Monroe Township, PA: Lowe's reports theft of $2,300 in tools
Police say three actors entered the store at 2 p.m. and stole six pieces of equipment: A 5-piece cordless Dewalt tool kit; two 4-piece Dewalt cordless drill kids; a 2-piece cordless Dewalt tool kit; a cordless impact wrench and a Dyson cordless vacuum. The total value of the stolen items is $2,334 police report. dailyitem.com

Gastonia, NC: Two charged in Victoria Secret $2,100 theft
Courtland Sonqwevious Sadler, 18, allegedly committed the larceny, while Jontiana Oshana Burris, 24, was charged with conspiring to commit the larceny with Sadler. The pair allegedly tried to outrun police when they were caught trying to steal the merchandise, which included three shirts, 11 pairs of leggings, 10 pairs of shorts, 25 long-sleeved shirts, five hats, three shirts and two jackets. Police estimate the total property value of the merchandise was $2,178. This is not the first time the pair has had a brush with the law. Sadler has faced larceny, drug and resisting a public officer charges in the past. Burris has also faced a larceny charge and did time in jail in 2013. gastongazette.com

Greenville, TN: Women with multiple priors busted again at Walmart;
over $600 of merchandise recovered

Elizabeth K. Waddell, 32, was arrested by Police on multiple charges Saturday. Walmart Loss Prevention contacted Police following the theft of a cart full of merchandise. Police pulled over vehicle and found to contain $628 worth of stolen merchandise. Waddell had been previously banned from Wal-Mart and also had an active warrant for violation of probation, second offense, and three prior convictions for driving on a revoked license. greenvillesun.com

Cherokee County, GA: Thousands worth of guns stolen from gun range
Surveillance video shows four guys using sledge hammers to smash their way through the front doors. Once inside The Big Woods Goods they jump over the counter and start grabbing guns. fox5atlanta.com

Millbrook, AL: Lawn & Garden Thieves hit Walmart on multiple occasions: Chainsaws and weed eaters
Millbrook Police is looking for suspects in connection to two retail thefts. Investigators believe the thefts are related. On June 13, police say two unknown male suspects entered a Millbrook retail store and stole chainsaws and weed eaters then left the scene in a silver truck. On June 24, police say one man entered the same store and stole five chainsaws, leaving in a silver sedan, driven by another man. The suspects are wanted for felony theft of property in both cases. wsfa.com

Glastonbury, CT: Police said they arrested a man Wednesday after reports of a suspected credit card fraud incident at Whole Foods
Glastonbury Police said an investigation determined that Robert Bari, 38, was in possession of numerous fraudulent credit cards and gift cards. He is charged with forgery in the 1st degree, larceny, possession of controlled substance, 17 counts of ID theft, forgery, criminal impersonation, unlawful reproduction of a credit card, illegal use of a credit card and credit card theft. fox61.com

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Stabbing, Shootings & Death

Catonsville, MD: Off-duty Baltimore County Police Officer fatally shoots Giant Foods Shoplifter
A shoplifter attempting to steal laundry detergent was shot to death by an off-duty Baltimore County police officer outside Giant Foods Catonsville at about 4am Tuesday. The man got into the passenger seat of a car as the officer was accosting him and drove off, dragging the officer more than 100 feet before the officer shot him. Police said the officer "feared for his life." Police said the man died at the scene, and another person, who had been sitting in the passenger's seat of the vehicle, was hospitalized for stress-related pain. The off-duty officer was not injured. baltimoresun.com

Update: San Antonio, TX: Police arrest man accused of stabbing Walmart Loss Prevention Agent during theft
Police arrested a man accused of stealing from a Walmart store and stabbing a security guard while trying to get away. The incident happened on July 22 at the store on Bandera Road. Travis Cobb, 39, grabbed a backpack, filled it up with stolen goods, then tried to walk out the door. When a security guard tried to stop him, investigators said Cobb hit him several times with a blade he was holding, causing severe cuts to the guard's arms and torso. The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment. Cobb was identified by investigators after he ran from the scene. He is now charged with aggravated robbery. news4sanantonio.com

Anchorage, AK: Smoker's Choice clerk pleads Not Guilty to shooting at Robbery suspect for stealing a carton of cigarettes, suspect fled and has not been caught

Grand Forks, ND: Gunman opens fire on Customer inside C- Store; 1 victim wounded

Sentencings & Charges

Davenport, IA: Three charged in $66,000 U.S. Cellular store Burglary

Upper Marlboro, MD: Two males sentenced in T-Mobile store armed robbery

Allentown, PA: Two men charged in connection to CVS armed robbery

Robberies & Thefts

Brooklyn, NY: Trio Slams Electronic Store Display to Ground in Brazen Robbery
One of the suspects distracted one of the store employees while another suspect jumped over the counter and tried to take an item from inside one of the glass display shelves, police said. Two store workers were able to prevent him from taking anything before the suspects slammed the shelf to the ground and took 2 iPads and an Apple Watch. nbcnewyork.com

Bronx, NY: Man Steals Chicken And Biscuits From Texas Chicken & Burger
Police are searching for a man who they say stole chicken and biscuits from a restaurant in the Bronx. The poultry thief targeted a Texas Chicken and Burger on Brook Avenue just after 10 p.m. last Thursday. The suspect jumped over the counter and stuffed a bag with multiple pieces of chicken before grabbing a tray of biscuits, police said. He then shoved an employee trying to stop him as he fled the scene. cbslocal.com

Amazon Theft, Robbinsville, NJ: Damir Mumic, 35, arrested stealing $60k merchandise, Amazon warehouse where he used to be employed

Fresno County, CA: One suspect jailed, one still sought in Caruthers jewelry store robbery

Fraud & ID Theft

Cleveland, OH: Police searching for woman charged in National Facebook scam: stole over $186,000 from victims who ordered merchandise but was never delivered
Zienup Sbeih-Maddox, 23, is charged with felony theft and telecommunications fraud. Sbeih-Maddox ran a mom's group on Facebook called "Zee's Place," where she sold heavily discounted baby items, such as diapers and car seats. She later went on to sell big ticket items, like vehicles, electronics and trips around the world. In most cases, the goods were never delivered. cleveland19.com

Palm Beach, FL: Sheriff's Deputy to be sentenced in $250,000 Identity Theft scam
A decorated Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy faces a possible six-year prison term when he is sentenced on Tuesday for his role in an estimated $250,000 identity theft scheme. Frantz Felisma, who changed his mind several times about his involvement in the farflung scam, pleaded guilty in June to charges of credit card fraud and aggravated identity theft. Federal prosecutors say he used his access to law enforcement databases to get personal information about the owners of Jaguars, Mercedes, Bentleys and other expensive cars. Felisma gave the information to convicted swindler Kesner Joaseus. The Wellington man used it to get credit cards in the car owners' names. palmbeachpost.com

Arson & Fire

Bridgeport, CT: Subway Restaurant destroyed by fire; Officials believe it was Arson

Millville, NJ: Two alarm fire at strip mall causes 1 injury


Big Woods Goods Firearms - Holly Springs, GA - Burglary
Charm City Puppies - Baltimore, MD - Burglary
Circle K - Suffolk, VA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Laurel County, KY - Armed Robbery
Exxon - Houston, TX - Robbery
Food Mart - Chesterfield County, VA -Armed Robbery
Phillip 66 - Nashville, TN - Burglary
Shell - Kennewick, WA - Robbery
Shop & Go - Providence, RI - Armed Robbery
Southgate Plaza Mini Mart - Homewood, IL - Armed Robbery
Taqueria El Rincon - Oklahoma City, OK - Armed Robbery
US Cellular - Davenport, IA - Burglary
Winn Dixie - Orange County, FL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
9 robberies
4 burglaries
0 shooting
0 killed


Amany Shalabi promoted to Regional Director of Asset Protection for Walmart
Joseph Howe promoted to Executive Team Lead of Assets Protection for Target
Tim Patterson named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Dollar General
Mike Saphos, CFI named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for LCE Corp.
Cesar Barajas named District Loss Prevention Manager for Kohl's
Veronica Villareal named District Loss Prevention Manager for TJX Companies
Cody Johnson promoted to Market Investigator for JCPenney
Denci Thomas promoted to Market Investigator for JCPenney
  Zach Maxey, CFI named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Dollar General

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Featured Job Spotlights

Director, EHS & Loss Prevention
Irving, TX

• Strengthen and develop a strong safety culture in the company with the goal of all employees recognizing their role in "everyone going home safe."
• Directs LP Compliance activities to monitor and audit internal and external theft cases to ensure policy and procedure compliance and reporting accuracy...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Irvine, CA

• Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports.
• Formal interview training, i.e. Wicklander-Zulawski or Reid Techniques.
• Monitors compliance with loss prevention policies and programs including routine audits/checklists for internal/external controls...

District Asset Protection Manager
Baltimore, MD

The District Asset Protection Manager is responsible for driving Weis Markets' objectives in profit and loss controls, physical security, investigations, safety and shrink in an assigned market [Baltimore Metro / 11 stores]. Objectives must be accomplished through building effective partnerships and directing the organization with integrity and professionalism...

Safety and Loss Prevention Manager (Northeast)
New York, NY
The Safety and Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the design and development of Domino's store safety, security and loss prevention programs and policies for all corporate owned stores (over 400 stores). The Safety and Loss Prevention Manager will manage a team of 3 Regional Safety and Loss Prevention team members and oversee 8 regional markets...

Manager, Corporate Security
Jacksonville, FL
The Manager, Corporate Security will oversee all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...

Manager, BC Planning
Jacksonville, FL
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing the company's Business Continuity (BCP) and Life Safety Programs for the Store Support Center, I.T. Technology Center and Regional Offices. This includes, but is not limited to emergency response, disaster recovery and site preparedness plans for critical business functions across the organization...

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Making the Most of Mentorships

The Overlooked Key to Having a Great Mentor Relationship  Mentorship is a two way street. It can be useful for both the mentor and the mentee, as long as you keep these two things in mind. Here's what mentees can do that their advisors will appreciate. Give credit and thanks

How to Find and Foster Great Mentors
86% of executives said that having a mentor is important for career development, according to a report from Accountemps. However, a quarter of them aren't taking the time to ask for a mentorship. Here's what you should do to find and ask for a mentor. Ask the right questions

Come to the Table, Ready: How to Approach Your First Mentor Meeting  The time you spend with someone committed to investing in your growth and development should be valued. Before your first meeting, consider doing these things to prepare yourself. Self-reflection time

Why You Need a Mentor and How to Get One  The importance of having a mentor, and using their relationship to boost your career growth can't be emphasized enough. A good mentor stretches your brain, inspires you, opens your mind and doesn't judge. Here's some tips on how to approach and ask for a mentor. Don't force it

While most shy away from troubled companies and broken departments, some see it as an opportunity to excel and to truly build a new program. Such is the case with RSA's new Chief Security Officer, Eddie Schwartz, who took the job to be their first CSO after RSA had a major security breach earlier this year. RSA is the software security firm that many retailers use for secure online payment transactions.

In the face of adversity, some have the courage to take the challenge and rise above it while others view it as too risky. Fixing large scale problems and becoming known as a "turnaround executive" is daring and smart. Although at times in a turnaround, speed is of the essence and that factor can have a negative impact on the people side.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

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