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Josh Meins, CFI, LPC promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for Dick's Sporting Goods

Josh has been with Dick's Sporting Goods for more than 13 years, starting with the company in 2007 as a General Manager. Before his promotion to Director of Loss Prevention, he spent nine years as District Loss Prevention Manager for the company. Earlier in his career, he spent over four years at The Home Depot and six years at Walmart. Congratulations, Josh!

Ken D. Gladney, CFI named Senior Manager, Loss Prevention for Maya Management Group, LLC/El Rio Grande Latin Markets

Ken is a 30-year veteran of the industry, last as the Senior Manager of Security for Topgolf, and Director of Loss Prevention and Security for Taco Bueno Restaurants. Ken has also held LP roles with United Supermarkets, RadioShack, Target, Bloomingdales, and Ralphs Grocery Co. Ken earned a BA Degree in Criminal Justice from American Military University and is also a U. S. Marine Corps. Combat Veteran. Congratulations Ken!

James P. Lapcevic, LPC promoted to Senior Manager Asset Protection - Supply Chain for Luxottica

James has been with Luxottica for five and a half years. Before his promotion to Senior Manager Asset Protection - Supply Chain, he served as Regional Asset Protection Manager for the company. Earlier in his career, he spent more than 11 years as Regional LP Director for Wet Seal and 12 years as Loss Prevention Manager for Nordstrom. He also served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 8 years. Congratulations, James!

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Google Invests $450 Million in ADT for Smart-Home Distribution
Google said on Monday it will invest $450 million in ADT and work with the Florida-headquartered firm's 20,000 technicians to sell and install the search giant's Nest family of smart home products.

As part of the long-term investment - which is granting Google a 6.6% stake in ADT - the two companies will first attempt to reach more individual consumers and small businesses, and then work on building and selling next-generation smart home security offerings, they said.

Both companies have also committed $150 million each - provided they reach certain milestones - for co-marketing, product development and investment in technology and employee training. globernewswire.com

Fast Company Names Zebra Technologies to Best Workplaces for Innovators
Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, today announced it has been selected as one of Fast Company's 2020 Best Workplaces for Innovators.

Innovation is one of Zebra's core values. Employees from all departments are continuously encouraged to champion bold ideas and challenge the status quo to advance the business and help customers. Inviting every employee to answer a call to innovate has catalyzed growth and development while Zebra maximizes the unique benefits associated with diversity of thought. In addition to company-wide support and funding for innovation, Zebra invests more than 10% of its $4.5 billion annual revenue in research and development to continue advancing technical innovation and customer value. zebra.com

Motorola Solutions Acquires Pelco for $110M in Cash

Violence & Protests

Homicide Spike Hits Most Large U.S. Cities,
While Robberies Drop 11% with More People Staying at Home

A Wall Street Journal analysis of crime statistics among the nation's 50 largest cities found that reported homicides were up 24% so far this year, to 3,612. Shootings and gun violence also rose, even though many other violent crimes such as robbery fell.

Police, researchers, mayors and community leaders see a confluence of forces at work in the homicide spike. Institutions that keep city communities safe have been destabilized by lockdown and protests against police. Lockdowns and recession also mean tensions are running high and streets have been emptied of eyes and ears on their communities. Some attribute the rise to an increase in gang violence.

Some cities with long-running crime problems saw their numbers rise, including Philadelphia, Detroit and Memphis, Tenn. Chicago, the worst-hit, has tallied more than one of every eight homicides.

Less-violent places have been struck as well, such as Omaha, Neb., and Phoenix. In all, 36 of the 50 cities studied saw homicide rise at double-digit rates, representing all regions of the country.

Police and academics who study crime have long debated why homicide rates rise or fall, citing variables including demographics, incarceration rates, drug epidemics, the economy and policing. That debate has been thrown a new curve: fallout from the pandemic. Moreover it is complicated by the fact that other kinds of crime are falling. Reported robberies were down 11% among the 41 largest cities that made robbery data available.

One explanation for the divergence between homicide and other crime might reside in what is known as "routine activity theory," which holds that crime is a function of three factors: The supply of offenders, the supply of victims and the intervention between the two by society's guardians - including police, schools and churches.

Police in many departments said robberies, burglaries and rapes are down so far this year because more people stayed home during Covid-19 lockdowns, leaving fewer prospective victims on the streets, in bars or other public places. Burglars weren't likely to break into homes filled with people under lockdown, they say.

Homicides, on the other hand, are up because violent criminals have been emboldened by the sidelining of police, courts, schools, churches and an array of other social institutions by the reckoning with police and the pandemic, say analysts and law-enforcement officials in several cities. wsj.com

NYC has had more shootings so far in 2020 than in all of 2019

Chicago: 440 homicides and 2,240 people shot through first 7 months of 2020

Philadelphia Rolls Out New Plan To Curb Violence As City On Track To Have Highest Homicide Rate In More Than A Decade

As Federal Agents Retreat in Portland,
Protesters Return to Original Foe: Local Police

While protests around the federal courthouse have remained calm for three consecutive nights, Portland police officers chased demonstrators through the streets near a local precinct.

Late on Saturday night, with protests in Portland continuing into their third month, one crowd of demonstrators gathered yet again in front of the city's fortified federal courthouse while another group traveled miles east to a precinct used by local law enforcement.

At the federal courthouse, the crowd saw a third consecutive night of calm since the start of a plan to withdraw federal agents who had brought a militarized crackdown to the city. But at the police precinct, officers pointed bright lights into the crowd, warned protesters to disperse, then chased them through the streets, knocking people to the ground, using pepper spray and making arrests.

While the arrival of federal agents wearing camouflage last month outraged protesters and local government leaders alike, their presence also masked the more personal grievances that protesters have long had with their local police force.

The city's protests in June were largely about local policing, with crowds denouncing a criminal justice system that disproportionately harms Black people and a Portland Police Bureau that has embraced aggressive tactics to contain unruly crowds. The police have said the crowd had flung objects at officers, including bottles and fireworks. nytimes.com

Portland protester outed by his grandmother after she ID's him as alleged 'bomber' seen in videos

Portland woman shot in hail of 150 bullets during Black Lives Matter protest

DHS Reassigns Official Following Intelligence Reports On Journalists, Protesters

Defunding Seattle Police by 50% proving complicated for city council
Much has been made about the "veto-proof" majority of Seattle City Council members who committed on Twitter and elsewhere to cutting 50% of the Seattle Police Department's budget. But in the near term, the reality is proving more complicated.

On Friday, only one council member, Kshama Sawant, proposed immediate and blunt cuts that could slash close to 50% of the department's remaining 2020 budget. The rest offered proposals for this year that would slice 100 full-time equivalent positions - out of 1,428 fully trained, probationary and recruited officers - from the department through layoffs and attrition, while shuffling some police functions into other city departments. crosscut.com

Connecticut governor signs police reform bill into law
Gov. Ned Lamont on Friday signed into law a wide-ranging police accountability bill that proponents said answers the calls for reform. The legislation creates a new inspector general to investigate police use-of-force cases, limits circumstances in which deadly use of force can be justified, and allows more civilian oversight of police departments and allows civil lawsuits against officers by individuals who've had their constitutional rights violated by police if those actions were deemed "malicious, wanton or willful," among other things. apnews.com

Chicago: Saturday Protests Call for Changes in City's Police Department

Operation Legend: Inside look at the ATF mobile ballistics van arriving in Chicago
The ABC7 I-Team has the first up-close look at the new mobile ballistics van considered the cornerstone of Operation Legend, the federal law enforcement effort to curb Chicago's surge of gun violence.

Even as hundreds of federal agents are deployed to several U.S. cities where violence is surging this summer, only Chicago is getting the coveted and brand new ballistics van from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

There is good reason for that. In Chicago, on average, someone is shot and wounded about every two hours, and more than 10,000 illegal guns were seized last year alone.

Under Operation Legend, the beefed-up ballistics lab on wheels will help sort through the shell casings that dot city streets, mostly from lawless gang skirmishes over drug territory. abc7chicago.com

Police, feds have arrested nearly 100 under 'Operation: Legend' so far, US attorney says

Albuquerque, NM: Hundreds of people protest 'Operation Legend'


COVID Update

US: Over 4.8M Cases - 158K Dead - 2.3M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 18.3M Cases - 695K Dead - 11.5M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 154+   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 75
*Red indicates change in total deaths

Violence Over Masks
Bethlehem Township, PA: Man fires at officers with AK-47
after refusing to wear a mask in cigar shop

When a cigar shop clerk told Adam Zaborowski on Friday that he had to wear a mask in the shop, the 35-year-old angrily refused. Instead, he grabbed two stogies, stormed outside - and then pulled a handgun and shot at the clerk, Bethlehem Township, Pa., police said.

The next day, cornered near his home, Zaborowski allegedly fired at police with an AK-47, sparking a wild shootout with at least seven officers that ended with him shot multiple times and under arrest.

The case is the latest violent incident tied to arguments over mandatory mask orders. But Zaborowski's reaction was driven by his own intense difficulty with the pandemic, his attorney claimed; before the shootout, Zaborowski had lost his job and had also recently lost custody of his child.

In recent weeks, police say that arguments over masks have led to the vicious beating of Trader Joe's employees in New York, the fatal shooting of a Family Dollar store security guard in Michigan, and the shooting of a McDonald's worker in Oklahoma. That violence adds more challenges for retail stores and restaurants where workers are left to dictate mask rules that authorities often haven't given police the option to enforce. washingtonpost.com

With resurgence in COVID cases, NRF chief economist
says economic recovery is 'being tested daily'

Despite broad indications that the economy has begun to recover as businesses reopen from the coronavirus pandemic, conflicting data makes it difficult to say how steadily the comeback will continue, National Retail Federation Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said today.

"Optimism about the economy and retail spending is being tested daily with the spread of the coronavirus," Kleinhenz said. "Big questions are looming, and we are all grappling to discern what incoming data is telling us about the health of the economy and consumers. Depending on the data selected, the answers are not entirely clear."

"A key question is whether the pace of growth and momentum will carry forward over the next few months," Kleinhenz said. "Based on quarterly and monthly data, the U.S. economic recovery continues despite elevated COVID-19 cases. But in examining weekly data, the pace of improvement appears to be slowing. Could it be that we are at or heading back to the same spot we were at two months ago?" nrf.com

How COVID-19 affected retail construction
This year, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions completed the refreshing of its 21,000th retail space for clients that included Albertsons, Walmart, and Jiffy Lube. But a lot of the services being performed by the construction services company this year went in sudden new directions dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked Sevan's senior VP of operations, Mark Kinnare, to tell us how things changed. chainstoreage.com

Hackensack, NJ: Woman's leg breaks after she's thrown to ground in mask fight at Staples

Michigan shoppers improve mask compliance, based on survey of 41 stores

Germany: 45 officers injured at Berlin rally against coronavirus restrictions

San Antonio, TX: 108 H-E-B employees tested positive for the coronavirus in July

Bay Area, CA: 31 workers at 4 Costcos are infected by COVID-19; stores stay open

York County, NC: 9 workers at 6 Food Lion stores positive for coronavirus, company says

$22 for can of Lysol: Monterey County, California D.A. looking into possible price gouging

Two More Ch. 11's Rock Retail Industry
Lord & Taylor, Men's Wearhouse owner file for bankruptcy

Lord & Taylor, one of America's oldest department stores, has filed for bankruptcy, joining a growing list of stores slammed by the coronavirus pandemic. Tailored Brands, the parent company of Men's Wearhouse and Jos. A. Banks, also filed for bankruptcy.

Many of the companies that have filed for Chapter 11 in recent weeks were already struggling, but the forced closure of nonessential stores in March pushed them to the brink.

Lord & Taylor, which was sold to the French rental clothing company Le Tote Inc. last year, filed Sunday for bankruptcy protection. In an announcement on its website, the company, said it was looking for a new owner. Like many retailers, Lord & Taylor was already struggling with the shift to online shopping even before the pandemic struck this spring. Last year, it sold its flagship building on New York's Fifth Avenue after more than a century in the 11-story building.

Tailored Brands said it would continue to operate Men's Wearhouse and Jos. A. Banks stores, along with K&G Fashion Superstore and Moores Clothing for Men, which it also owns. It said in a release that a restructuring plan is expected to reduce the company's funded debt by at least $630 million and provide increased financial flexibility. nbcnews.com

Editor's Note: In January 2018, Lord & Taylor hosted the D&D Daily's "Live in NYC" at the NRF Big Show 2018 event at its historic Fifth Avenue flagship store. Leading up to the event, the Daily wrote a feature article on the history and story behind the landmark NYC building.

Retail rents plummet across New York City, as America's glitzy shopping districts turn into ghost towns
High-end handbag maker Valentino is suing to get out of its lease on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, a vacated Barneys New York still sits empty on Madison Avenue just a block over, while bankrupted luxury department store chain Neiman Marcus is shutting its doors for good on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.

As the coronavirus pandemic brings tourism to a temporary standstill, leaves consumers holed up at home and puts millions out of work, America's glitziest and most expensive retail districts are losing tenants, and rents are in a free fall. The pressures from the Covid-19 crisis will likely have a lasting impact on shopping streets such as Michigan Avenue - better-known as the "Magnificent Mile" - in Chicago, the Las Vegas Strip, and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, to name a few.

It is already beginning to play out with the changes taking place throughout the New York City retail scene, serving as a leading indicator of what's to come in other major metros, real estate analysts predict. Average asking rents along 16 major retail corridors in Manhattan declined for the eleventh consecutive quarter, falling to $688 per square foot in the second quarter, according to CBRE.

"In the U.S., certainly you will see that what was once perceived as a luxury block in any major city is no longer exclusively luxury." cnbc.com

Tropical Storm Isaias is forecast to strengthen to a Hurricane as it heads toward the Carolinas Monday
Tropical Storm Isaias is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane again and reach the Carolinas on Monday night, according to the National Hurricane Center. A hurricane warning has been issued for parts of South Carolina and North Carolina, and surges could reach 3 to 5 feet. The tropical storm warning has been extended northward to Rhode Island. Now coastal communities in the Carolinas are in the track of the storm, which will bring hazards including storm surge, high surf, strong winds, heavy rain, flash flooding, and a few brief tornadoes. cnn.com

UL Revising Guidelines for Central Station Alarm Employees Working From Home
What could not have been imagined at the start of this year would be having alarm signals monitored and acted upon from the homes of supervising station operators.

UL is in the process of making revisions to UL 827, Standard for Central-Station Alarm Services. When the COVID pandemic began, UL released a set of guidelines for the monitoring of systems from a home. These guidelines were put into place as a temporary solution to what was thought at that time to be only required for a short time until the pandemic faded. These temporary guidelines were promulgated as a number of supervising stations had to address social distancing, essential travel and shelter in place orders.

As it became evident that COVID-19 was not going to go away softly in the evening, a task group was formed by UL to move the guidelines that used the word "should" to language that used the word "shall." The formal name of the task group is UL/ULC Joint Virtual Workplace Task Group. The work of this task group is for supervising central stations in both the United States and Canada. securitysales.com

7-Eleven buying 3,900 Speedway stores in $21 billion deal

Nike to lay off 'at least' 500 employees at Oregon headquarters

Chico's declares bankruptcy in Canada

Trader Joe's, responding to demands to change its packaging, says the product labels aren't racist

Court overturns Boston Marathon bomber's death sentence

Last week's #1 article --

N.M.'s New ORC Unit to Assist Retailers
New Mexico Attorney General Launches ORC Unit

"There's an organized criminal activity element even in our backyard that we need to attack," said New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas.

Crime rings have operated in plain sight in Albuquerque for years, often targeting big box retailers. Previously, the crimes were treated as petty shoplifting offenses but now New Mexico's top prosecutor is changing his approach, considering it organized crime.

Attorney General Balderas said his office has launched a brand new unit to tackle retail organized crime. kob.com

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eBay teams up with Emmitt Smith to combat fraud

eBay is partnering with a technology provider founded by an NFL legend to ensure the authenticity of sports memorabilia sold on its site.

Starting July 31, buyers and sellers of sports memorabilia on eBay can use the managed Prova Group SmarTag solution to verify items as legitimate. Each authenticated item receives a Prova SmarTag placed by an authorized Prova employee; the tag is then linked to a Prova SmartCOA, which is an item's document of authenticity. Prova Group was founded by NFL Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith.

After tagging, Prova Group scans the SmarTag to have associated authentication data stored securely in the cloud. Customers can then authenticate an item by looking it up on the Prova Group site. In addition, sellers can track their memorabilia and share its authenticity via the Legit by Prova app. eBay and other online retailers have been coming under increased pressure from the U.S. government to take a more active role in preventing fraudulent and counterfeit transactions from occurring on their platforms.

"As a preferred shopping destination for collectors of sports memorabilia looking for a wide variety of rare and desirable inventory, it's incredibly important to eBay that we can verify those items are legitimate," said Steve Halupka, vertical manager, sports memorabilia at eBay.

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Solutions for Covid-safe retailing

For over 40 years, Sekura Global has been a trusted LP and security partner for the world's leading retailers. Today, changing times have brought a new set of challenges, so Sekura Global has moved quickly to help the world of retail get back to business.

For retailers looking to re-open or ramp-up operations, Sekura Global has a range of Covid-safe solutions to help shoppers and staff feel safer when in-store.


SteryBot® is an autonomous robot that uses hospital-grade UVC light to sterilise stores during closing hours. It kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, to create Covid-safe retail environments.

The use of UVC light has long been proven in medical environments that require the strictest standards of sterilisation. SteryBot® combines this technology with autonomous robotics to deliver an essential safety solution for the retail sector.

Proper disinfection of stores has become critical to retailers. Traditional, manual disinfection methods are simply too unreliable and present potential infection risk to staff. That's why we have introduced SteryBot®. Our fully automated disinfection solution ensures an entirely reproducible process that delivers consistent dosage and coverage - without the risk of human error.

Dynamic social distancing system

To help retailers get Covid-safe, Sekura Global offers a next-generation tagging system that enables dynamic social distancing.

Our new system uses ultra-wideband technology to help staff maintain required gaps in the workplace, giving employees personal alerts when they are too close to a colleague. For staff, this brings workplace reassurance. For retailers, this means meeting their social distancing responsibilities while maximising possible staff capacity.

The tagging system also supports contact tracing so, in the event of an infection, business disruption is minimised because any necessary quarantines can be highly targeted.

PPE Essentials

To complete our Covid-safe proposition, we also have a wide range of readily available Personal Protection Equipment. With high stock levels, and a worldwide network of offices, Sekura Global can ensure rapid distribution of these essential products.

Find out more:
w. sekura-global.com/covid-safe 
e. sales@sekura-global.com 
t. 888-4-SEKURA







Amazon says police demands for customer data have gone up
Amazon has said the number of demands for user data made by U.S. federal and local law enforcement have increased more during the first half of 2020 than during the same period a year earlier. The disclosure came in the company's latest transparency report, published Thursday.

The figures show that Amazon received 23% more subpoenas and search warrants, and a 29% increase in court orders compared to the first half of 2019. That includes data collected from its Amazon.com retail storefront, Amazon Echo devices and its Kindle and Fire tablets.

Breaking those figures down, Amazon said it received:
● 2,416 subpoenas, turning over all or partial user data in 70% of cases.
543 search warrants, turning over all or partial user data in 79% of cases.
146 court orders, turning over all or partial user data in 74% of cases.

The number of requests to the company's cloud services, Amazon Web Services, also went up compared to a year earlier. But it's not clear what caused the rise in U.S. government demands for user data.

Amazon was one of the last major tech companies to issue a transparency report, despite mounting pressure from privacy advocates. But its report remains far lighter on details compared to its Silicon Valley rivals.

The company's Ring smart camera division, despite facing criticism for its poor security practices and its close relationships with law enforcement, has yet to release any data related to police requests for user data. techcrunch.com

3 Arrested for Massive Twitter Breach

Individuals aged 17, 19, and 22 behind July 15 bitcoin scam
that targeted celebrity and corporate accounts

Three individuals were charged Friday for their roles in the July 15 Twitter breach that hijacked 130 accounts and spread a Bitcoin scam that led to the theft of more than $100,000.

Twitter has confirmed the attackers targeted a small number of its employees with a phone spear-phishing attack. The perpetrators were able to use their stolen credentials to tweet from celebrity accounts, access direct message inboxes, and download data from Twitter accounts. A Department of Justice release describes the attack as a combination of technical breaches and social engineering.

The release states the alleged attackers include Mason Sheppard, 19, a UK citizen charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and the intentional access of a protected computer. Nima Fazeli, 22, is from Orlando, Fla., and charged with aiding and abetting the intentional access of a protected computer.

Their alleged co-conspirator is a 17-year-old who was arrested in Tampa and is charged with 30 felony charges, including a count of organized fraud (over $50,000), 17 counts of communications fraud (over $300), 10 counts of fraudulent use of personal information, one count of fraudulent use of personal information (over $100,000 or 30 or more victims), and one count of access to a computer or electronic device without authority (scheme to defraud). darkreading.com

  Alleged 17-year-old Twitter hacker has more than $3 million worth of bitcoin assets

What the CCPA means for content security
Now that the CCPA is in full effect, businesses must adjust their processes to better protect content. Organizations should prioritize security to avoid fines.

As of July 1, the state of California can start fining companies doing business in Europe or the U.S. that aren't CCPA compliant. U.S. companies can no longer ignore privacy and security requirements, as the goal is no longer to avoid headlines, but to avoid fines.
While the importance of protecting consumer data is clear, the trickle down to content is less obvious. Content containing personally identifiable information (PII) often resides further behind the company firewall. However, as content wraps that PII in a business context, if a hacker steals that content it can create more damage to customers and organizations -- and potentially cause larger fines.

Reasonable security

One of the key requirements of the CCPA is that businesses must have reasonable security to protect customer information that may live in a company's CRM system, ERP system, e-commerce site or website via cookies and analytics data. Reasonable security is the key requirement for organizations when thinking about how the CCPA affects content and the systems -- such as email, share drives and content management systems -- in which the business stores it. Organizations are not likely to sell content such as invoices, proposals, presentations and meeting minutes to other businesses. Content is bulkier than pure data and is not structured in a way to extract quick value from it.

Content is the placement of data into context. The contextual view is valuable. In many ways, content reflects a business's competitive advantage. However, this does make the content even more important to protect with reasonable security. techtarget.com

  Microsoft products address digital workplace security




No Admission? Not a Problem.

I know, that seems odd, because if you're conducting an interview with an accusation its assumed you would want an admission of guilt. Obviously, any substantiated confession serves as powerful evidence to be used in the disposition of case, whether it be termination or prosecution. However, the admission should not be the goal of an interviewer and supervisors should be cognizant of the pressure placed on investigators to obtain admissions. Although the admission may be important in making a determination on the outcome of the case, it's not always imperative to have. Truth be told, when investigators prioritize the goal of obtaining reliable information over the importance of seeking a confession, the results are favorable for all of those involved.  Read more






LexisNexis 2020 True Cost of Fraud Study: E-commerce/Retail Edition, Part 3
This research was conducted pre- and during the COVID-19 shutdown. Results have been analyzed by these time periods to understand any impacts on and challenges related to fraud detection and prevention during this unprecedented time.

Key Finding #4: Covid-19 increased online retail fraud.

The shuttering of numerous bricks-and-mortar retail stores combined with stay-at-home orders during the peak of the pandemic had a profound effect on retail fraud. Not surprisingly, as sales shifted to online channels, so did fraud.

Key Finding #5: Fraud is becoming more sophisticated.

Today's retailers and e-commerce merchants are dealing with multiple challenges on various fronts. Fraudsters are inventive, continually trying new schemes and searching for new weaknesses to exploit.

Key Finding #6: Layered solutions work best to prevent fraud.

Study findings show that retailers face rising costs and revenue impacts from fraud. Effective fraud prevention requires different solutions for different channels and types of transactions. No single solution can do it all, when it comes to authenticating both digital and physical criteria, as well as identity and transaction risk. Download the report

Walmart Is Raising An Army Of Retailers To Beat Amazon
Behind the headlines, Walmart is raising an army of retailers to overpower Amazon. And last month, Walmart cut an important deal as part of this "strategic priority" (as Walmart describes it).

Walmart doesn't have nearly enough products at its grocery stores to match Amazon's catalog. To combat that, America's brick and mortar retail giant has been quietly raising its own army of online third-party sellers. In the past four years, more than 35,000 retailers have started selling their stuff through Walmart.com. And every day their ranks grow bigger and bigger.

As a result, the number of products listed on Walmart.com exploded 10X to 50+ million since 2018, according to Marketplace Pulse. And just like Amazon, Walmart is now taking these retailers under its wing. forbes.com

Emails detail how Amazon took down and acquired diapers.com parent







Tallahassee, FL: Police crack gun heist after suspect shows off stolen pistols on Facebook
Police investigating back-to-back burglaries and gun thefts at a pawn shop caught a major break after one of the suspects showed off a couple of the stolen pistols in a live Facebook video. Investigators later found text messages between the suspect and others discussing plans to break into Tallahassee Gun & Pawn. Five people are believed to have burglarized the store twice in the predawn hours of May 31, stealing at least two dozen firearms. On Friday, Tallahassee police arrested one of the suspects, Amontae Mitchell, on 23 counts of grand theft of a firearm and one count each of burglary and criminal mischief. Another suspect, Anthony Butler, was arrested on similar charges several days after the burglaries. tallahassee.com

Santa Clara County, CA: Burglary suspect run up at $10,000 credit card bill at Target and Home Depot
Two Oakland residents were arrested Saturday in connection with a series of burglaries during which credit cards were stolen and used for retail and gift-card purchases, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office said Sunday night. Deputies on Saturday spotted a car reported as having been associated with a series of burglaries. Deputies said the man, later identified as 36-year-old Deandre West, was looking into parked vehicles in that area; a woman, 31-year-old Danaya Smith, was sitting in the suspect car. Police suspect the pair of charging more than $10,000 on stolen credit cards at Target, Home Depot and other businesses. West and Smith also allegedly paid for vehicle repairs using gift cards bought with stolen cards, deputies said. sfgate.com

Detroit, MI: Police investigating theft of over $2,000 of watches from the Shinola Store in Midtown

Vernon Hills, IL: Man charged with stealing $1600 worth of Merchandise

Brookville, WI: Three Suspects flee with $800 of Kitchenware from Metro Market

Jasper, IN: Man accused of stealing over $740 in merchandise at Walmart; prior convictions

Avon, OH: Female Walmart Shoplifter arrested with nearly $500 of merchandise

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Shootings & Deaths

Orange County, FL: 'You got 2 seconds before I shoot you:' Man kills Burger King employee after order takes too long, deputies say
A woman who was upset that her Burger King order took too long got a man to come to the restaurant and shoot one of the employees, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Deputies said the shooting happened Saturday around 7:30 p.m. at the Burger King on E. Colonial Drive. When they arrived, deputies said they found Desmond Armond Joshua, 22, suffering from a gunshot wound in the parking lot. He was taken to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead. According to investigators, Joshua had just started working at the Burger King a few days earlier. clickorlando.com

Issaquah, WA: Police investigate early-morning shooting at Costco
Shots were fired at the Issaquah Costco, shattering a glass jewelry case, after a truck drove into the front of the store around 6:30 a.m. Sunday. The store was not yet open. The only people inside were employees, one of whom was reportedly told to leave at gunpoint, but nobody was injured during the robbery, according to Police. The agency has reported that three people were involved in the incident.  seattletimes.com

St Louis, MO: Two juveniles arrested after off-duty St. Louis police officer shot while working security downtown
Police arrested two juveniles on suspicion of shooting an off-duty St. Louis police officer about midnight Sunday while he was working a second job as security downtown, authorities said. The unidentified officer was shot in the arm near Convention Plaza. He was conscious and breathing and rushed to a hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery, authorities said. stltoday.com

Tacoma, WA: FBI investigating fatal shooting outside Emerald Queen Casino

Sedgwick County, KS: Update: Charges filed in fatal shooting of AutoZone employee

Cuyahoga County, OH: Trio sentenced for 24-day crime spree across Cleveland, including deadly robbery of beverage store owner

Jacksonville, FL: Woman shot during dispute at discount store; Female Shooter in custody

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Salem, OR: Police arrest armed man suspected of trying to abduct baristas at two coffee stands
The Salem Police SWAT team arrested Christopher Santibanez, 39, at his home in Independence early Saturday morning after receiving a flood of tips identifying Santibanez as the attempted kidnapper. His arrest comes one week after Santibanez allegedly approached two different coffee stands, brandished a handgun and demanded the female employees leave with him. statesmanjournal.com

Bellevue, WA: Wanted in Bellevue: Looters who robbed jewelry store amid chaos and protests
They're frightening words detectives say an armed robbery suspect leveled at a jewelry store worker amid the chaos, vandalism and widespread looting in Bellevue on May 31. Surveillance video shows one suspect use a hammer to smash the glass door. From there, the train of 10 suspects each ducks through the broken window to steal from the store beore bolting back out the door. Detectives say at least two suspects flashed guns in their waistbands to the employee who was outside the store trying to protect it. q13fox.com

Columbus, OH: Police continue to seach for suspect; Dollar General manager held up at knife point

Fremont Police Deploy Surveillance Camera At Shopping Center After 80-Year-Old Woman Robbed

Holly Hill, SC: Man sentenced to 92 months for Arson of 3 businesses, $700,000 in Restitution

Cedar Rapids, IA: Gun violence in Cedar Rapids surging so far this year; Number of shots-fired incidents in July most on record



Nevada: Malware Author Pleads Guilty for Role in Transnational Cybercrime Organization Responsible for more than $568 Million in Losses

Cybercrime Organization Victimized Millions in all 50 States and Worldwide in One of the Largest Cyberfraud Enterprises Ever Prosecuted by the Department of Justice

An author of malicious computer software and a member of the Infraud Organization pleaded guilty today to RICO conspiracy, announced Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian C. Rabbitt of the Justice Department's Criminal Division. Valerian Chiochiu, aka "Onassis," "Flagler," "Socrate," and "Eclessiastes," 30, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Court Judge James C. Mahan in the District of Nevada. Chiochiu is a national of the Republic of Moldova, but resided in the United States during the period of the conspiracy.

His plea came just over a month after the co-founder and administrator of Infraud, Sergey Medvedev of Russia, separately pleaded guilty on June 26. Sentencing for Chiochiu has been scheduled for Dec. 11. Infraud was an Internet-based cybercriminal enterprise engaged in the large-scale acquisition, sale, and dissemination of stolen identities, compromised debit and credit cards, personally identifiable information, financial and banking information, computer malware, and other contraband. "Over the course of seven years, Infraud and its alleged conspirators created a sophisticated cybercriminal racketeering scheme that victimized individuals, merchants, and financial institutions to the tune of over half a billion dollars in losses," said Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian C. Rabbitt of the Justice Department's Criminal Division. justice.gov



C-Store - Niagara Falls, NY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Sandy Township, PA - Robbery
Cellphone - Spokane, WA - Armed Robbery
Cigar - Louisville, KY - Burglary
Clothing - Erie, PA - Robbery
CVS - New Haven, CT - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Panama City, FL - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Lockport, NY - Robbery
Gas Station - Lockport, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Costco - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Yorkville, IL - Robbery
Jewelry - Las Vegas, NV - Burglary
Jewelry - Maple Grove, MN - Burglary
Jewelry - Madison, WI - Robbery
Jewelry - Coos County, OR - Burglary
Restaurant - Colorado Springs, CO - Armed Robbery (Subway)
T-Mobile - Nassau County, NY - Robbery
Walgreens - Lockport, NY - Robbery
Walmart - Paragould, AR - Burglary/ Trespass Violation
7-Eleven - Latrobe, PA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Hempfield, PA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 16 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Jeannie Tatis promoted to Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager-NASC-East for Amazon

Rachel Hoffman promoted to Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Mobilelink

Bryan Seay promoted to Asset Protection Ops Lead for Walmart

Andre Sanchez promoted to Environmental Health Safety Leader for Walmart eCommerce

Jeffrey Smith named Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager for Dick's Sporting Goods

Ricardo Hernandez II named Distribution Center Loss Prevention Investigator for TJX Companies

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Division Safety and Loss Prevention Manager
Houston, TX
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Under the guidance of the Directors of Loss Prevention (LP) and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), the Loss Prevention & Safety Manager is responsible for overseeing and championing initiatives and company programs, processes and controls that builds a culture around continuous improvement in safety/environment incidents, loss prevention, and security outcomes...

Vice President, Loss Prevention
Commerce, CA - posted July 29
The Vice President of Loss Prevention will develop, implement and manage the loss prevention strategy for the Company. This role will have accountability to improve company profitability through the effective management of asset protection, safety, compliance programs, and community programs...

Director of Asset Protection
Quincy, MA - posted July 28
The primary purpose of this position is to provide protection of company assets by organizing the investigation and distribution of information. The AP Director is responsible to ensure Brand needs are met through staffing and development of their respective AP team...

Director of Asset Protection & Safety
Atlanta, GA - posted July 27
The Asset Protection & Safety Director is responsible for the protection of assets and the reduction of loss in the retail and dining divisions. This shared services position oversees the hiring, training and development of a team of Market Managers...


Director of Loss Prevention
North Bergen, NJ - posted July 29
Key responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: Analyzing information, determination of exception data to drive investigation, communication and coordination of information to field teams and other partners...

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