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  August 4, 2015


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Ron Smith was named Director, Global Physical Security & Compliance for Mattel, Inc.  Ron was previously the Director of Security for American Girl and had been with them for four years. Ron has also held various other loss prevention executive level positions for such retailers as Abercrombie & Fitch as Director of Loss Prevention, Old Navy as Senior Director of Loss Prevention, and Kohl's Department Stores as Director of Loss Prevention. Congratulations Ron!

Amelia Kennedy was promoted to Director - Corporate Asset Protection for Dollar General.  Amelia has been on the Dollar General team since 2009 where she started as a Senior Analyst - Workforce Management. She quickly worked her way up, to hold such roles as Manger - Workforce Management, Senior Manager Store Operations (Workforce/Labor Management), and Senior Manager - Store Operations (Shrink Improvement). Amelia has also held such roles as Financial Analyst for Nissan North America. She earned her Bachelor's of Science degree in Finance from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville - College of Business Administration. Congratulations Amelia!


Luxury Goods: Counterfeit.com - The "Most Important Counterfeit Court Fight in a Decade"  On August 6 Alibaba plans to argue to the federal court for the Southern District of New York that it risks being unfairly implicated as a co-conspirator. A bitter trial looks likely. Kering alleges that Alibaba helps fakers sell goods on its websites.

Kering's suit is the industry's most important in a decade - Alibaba has more than 1 billion product listings and aspires to reach consumers around the world. But its sites are hardly the only places shoppers can find copies. Fake sales are proliferating online, with counterfeiters becoming more technologically adept, more difficult to track, and harder to pursue in court.

The problem has grown more complex as the fakery business has moved online. America's trade representative predicted in April that online sales of pirated goods might exceed those in physical markets, adding glumly: "Enforcement authorities, unfortunately, face difficulties in responding to this trend." "when it's a matter of millions of parcels, each with a pair of shoes or bag or shirt," Branchini sighs, "it's quite impossible to check."

According to Kering's lawsuit, Alibaba poses a new challenge. On eBay, a counterfeiter might auction one or two handbags at a time. Kering alleges that one wholesaler on Alibaba required a minimum purchase of 500 fake Gucci watches and claimed it could deliver up to 8 million each month. Kering alleges that Alibaba not only provides a platform for these sales, but encourages them. Kering complains that if you type "replica" in the search bar in Alibaba.com, the site's algorithm will suggest "wristwatches."

Alibaba counters that it, too, is a victim of counterfeiters and is working to fight them. The company has more than 2,000 staff devoted to the problem. They pore over dodgy listings flagged up by Alibaba's algorithms and by brand-owners. In the run-up to its public offering last year, the firm removed 90 million listings.

Indeed Alibaba has acquired some weighty partners - it has signed agreements with Louis Vuitton, Coach, and others to cooperate on fighting counterfeits. But its disputes look likely to heat up. The AAFA wants Alibaba to set up an automated system to take down dubious listings immediately, a demand that is unlikely to be met. The fight with Kering will continue. The two parties have already tried and failed to reach agreement outside court.  cfo.com

Judge Rejects $79M Proposed Settlement Between AmEx and Merchants due breach of confidentiality  A federal judge rejected a proposed $79 million class-action settlement between American Express Co. AXP -0.01 % and a group of merchants, citing a recent discovery that two opposing lawyers in the case had exchanged confidential documents. wsj.com

Cargo Theft Drops, Average Value Around $189,000 - Texas - California - Florida Top States for Cargo Theft  Cargo thefts in the U.S. are on the decline, but the value of each heist is virtually unchanged compared to last year, according to a new second quarter report from the logistics security services provider FreightWatch International. It recorded a total of 178 cargo thefts during the period, with 60 in April, 66 during May and 52 in June. The total number is 11% lower than during the first quarter of the year and 7% less than during the 2014 second quarter. The average loss value per incident during this time was $189,307, a 27% drop from the first quarter of 2015, but less than a 1% increase from the same time last year.  

The amount of thefts valued at over $1 million was zero during the period, while seven such incidents happened in the first quarter of this year and two during the second quarter of 2014. Food and drinks continued to be the most stolen product type in second quarter, with 16% of total cargo thefts. The home and garden category joined electronics as the second most stolen product type, with each having 14% of the total.

Texas ranked as the top state for cargo theft, with 18% of total thefts in this quarter, an increase of 10% and 19% the first quarter of this year and the second quarter of 2014, respectively. California, with 17% of the total, came in second, while Florida was third after seeing a 37% drop in thefts from the first quarter of the year. Georgia, which saw thefts drop 27% from the first quarter of 2015, but recorded a 12% percent increase from a year earlier, had the fourth most thefts. New Jersey theft incidents fell by 60% to land in the fifth spot. truckinginfo.com

Office Depot picking up pace of store closures
Office Depot is accelerating its previously announced plan to close at least 400 stores as the retailer awaits its acquisition by Staples. After shuttering a greater than expected 99 stores in the second quarter, Office Depot boosted its 2015 store closing target to 175 locations, with another 60 due to close in 2016. The closings are on top of 153 closings throughout 2014, including 108 stores in the fourth quarter of last year.

Office Depot hasn't changed its initial 400 store closing target that it announced last year that resulted from a real estate portfolio analysis. However, the company is picking up the pace as it moves toward what it hopes is a favorable antitrust ruling by the FTC that clears the way for the acquisition by Staples.  chainstoreage.com

Pacific Sunwear repost Director of Loss Prevention position in Anaheim, CA

NEC Releases Latest Version of NeoFace® Industry-leading Facial Recognition Identification Technology  NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, managed services and biometric solutions, along with NEC Corporation today announced release of its industry leading facial recognition algorithm¹ that scored top honors in NIST FRVT 2013 testing.² This latest NeoFace product release is available in law enforcement investigative and real time surveillance solutions as well as NeoFace Match, a comprehensive facial recognition integration tool for solutions integrators and qualified customers.  businesswire.com

Can You Believe It? Borders Bookstores Trust Asks High Court To Pass On Gift Card Spat  The Borders Group Inc. liquidating trust is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to pass on an appeal seeking to revive class action litigation over $210.5 million in unredeemed customer gift cards, saying the plaintiffs sat on their claims against the shuttered bookstore for too long. law360.com

Danger Zone 2: Active Shooter Seminar on September 3
This Active shooter seminar will take place on Thursday, September 3 at the Charles W. Eisemann Center in Richardson, TX from 8:30am to 4pm. Cost is $50 per attendee. It will explore many of the most recognized suggestions for dealing with an active shooter situation. Presentations will include the following resources:

The Situation: What does an Active Shooter Event look like?  ● Preparing for the Event (and hoping it never happens)  ● What to do if You or Your Company Comes Under Attack  Survival  Surviving and Recovering from the Attack  Critical Lesson Learned: Do you have the right teams in place now?  ● Mental Health Roundtable on Active Shooters  New Open-Carry Rules - Does this new law help us?  ● Talk Back and Wrap Up 

For more information, including ticket purchase and registration, visit www.fbidallascaaa.org

Growth in Retail Differed in Scope and Size in 2014 - Top 10 Fastest-Growing Retailers in the United States

Wakefern Expands Supply Chain Transparency Program with icix - expanding company's Food Safety and Compliance program

SOS Security LLC Acquires Exclusive Protection, Inc.

Barnes & Noble completes spin off of college division

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
CVS Q2 comp's up 0.5%, pharmacy up 4.1%, front-end down 7.8% with net revenue up 7.4%
Office Depot Q2 North American Retail Division comp's up 1% with sales down 8% (store closures)
Coach Q4 North America comp's down 19% with North American sales down 20%

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PROACT assists Retailer in employee theft case

A local man pleaded guilty in Laramie County District Court to one count of felony theft. "I regularly took items from Sports Authority, where I worked, and sold them," Angelo A. Lara told Laramie County District Judge Steven Sharpe. Sharpe asked Lara how he got rid of the items. "I sold them on eBay," he said. Lara said he took items from the store between August and November of last year. According to formal charging documents, he told police he made $2,000 to $3,000 selling mostly Nike and Under Armour apparel and small electronics. The store estimated the total retail value of the items at just over $8,100.

Read more here

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com. 

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DHS warns about privacy implications of cybersecurity bill
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has warned about the privacy implications of a cybersecurity bill that is intended to encourage businesses to share information about cyberthreats with the government. The DHS has also warned that the information sharing system proposed by the new bill could slow down responses in the face of a cyberthreat, if companies are allowed to share information directly with various government agencies, instead of routing it through the department. csoonline.com

Retailers support liability protection for cyber threat data sharing
The nation's leading retail associations have joined together supporting legislation to combat cyber threats. The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). CISA is bipartisan legislation designed to combat cyber threats and increase information sharing among companies and federal entities .The Cotton Amendment would grant liability protection for electronic sharing of cyber threat indicators with the FBI and Secret Service outside of the DHS portal, mirroring liability protections passed in the House earlier this year with a bipartisan majority. chainstoreage.com

Organizations should focus data sharing post-incident, not attribution
Attribution seems to take the lead during incident response, something organizations should resist. The key is collecting the right information and passing it on to the right people. When it comes to figuring out who did it and where they are, authorities are the ones who should take the lead - organizations that focus on this area first are wasting resources and time. csoonline.com

Pin & Signature - No Way To Challenge - A Crook's View
Merchants aren't required to upgrade their systems, but eventually it will be clear to customers - and criminals - which businesses stay with traditional terminals. "If I go to a store in October or November and see they handle it the old-fashioned way, I can get on the phone in the morning and report to my bank that it was an unauthorized transaction," Hancock said.

"The back end of the system is going to know if it's EMV-certified equipment. If not certified, the bank would take the $100 back, for example, and nobody bothers to tell the merchant." She said the merchant would discover the chargeback later and would have no way of challenging it.

"That's where the pain is going to come from," Hancock said. "They're much more vulnerable for hooligans or criminal minds who realize they can challenge this charge and the merchant has no help." Merchants can also be fined if their financial systems are breached and customers' personal data is lost, she said.  charlestonbusiness.com

Schnucks Markets data breach liability cap stays at $500,000 rules federal judge
A Missouri federal judge denied a bid for reconsideration by First Data Merchant Data Services Corp. and Citicorp Payment Services Inc. in a payment card data breach suit on Friday, leaving in place a ruling capping liability for Schnuck Markets Inc. at $500,000. U.S District Judge John A. Ross said the financial companies missed their chance to properly argue that limitation on Schnuck's liability in its merchant payment processing agreement did not apply to reimbursements for card issuers.

The ruling is the latest development in a November 2013 suit over the grocery chain's March 2013 announcement that it had found and contained an intrusion that allowed hackers unauthorized access to customer payment card information.  law360.com

Credit Card Fraud Continues to Grow With Estimated USA Fraud Losses Reaching $10 Billion - SmartMetric Brings to Market a Biometric Solution to Fight Card and Identity Theft   In order to provide even a greater level of security for both card issuers and card using consumers SmartMetric has developed a biometric fingerprint activated credit / debit card that uses the card holder's fingerprint to activate the cards EMV chip. cnn.com

The Mobile Wallet: As Competition Grows, Still a Long Way to Go
Despite all the players, the actual percentage of sales that occur this way to date remains tiny. It has a long to go before reaching critical mass. Once retailers are able to move towards cross-platform carts - meaning that something placed in your cart from a phone will also be made available to you upon entering a physical store - even more consumers will adopt mobile payment.  wwd.com



Signal Chat - An Innovative Approach
to Schedule Event Notifications

By Lisa Ciappetta,
Senior Director of Marketing and Technology,
Protection 1

Traditional protocol when an intrusion alarm signal is received at a Central Station is for a Central Station operator to call a pre-determined contact list. That process is escalated up the contact list until the operator reaches a live person and can disposition the alarm. This type of notification to the contact list is also often requested of end-user clients for Open and Close exception events. These are exception events, triggered by a late, early or out-of-schedule alarm system arm or dis-arm -- based upon a schedule provided by the end-user and maintained by the alarm system monitoring provider. Expected schedules are maintained and monitored so that exceptions to that schedule-such as a "late-to-close" signal-notify the central station. 

Schedule exceptions events could indicate that employees are running late getting a store ready to close, or indicate a more serious or life-threatening situation. However, the exception notification process can be time consuming and inefficient, triggering multiple phone calls for a single event and occasional false police dispatch due to non-response. In addition, a single large weather event can trigger thousands of fail-to-open or close events and tens of thousands of associated site contact list phone call attempts for a single customer location base. 

Protection 1 has developed Signal Chat, an innovative new way to allow for site contacts to be quickly notified of and easily disposition a schedule event without time consuming and costly associated phone call attempts. Signal Chat, introduced earlier this year, is a new notification service that allows site contacts to disposition schedule alarm events via text messaging and "chats" on their smart phones.

Signal Chat uses a communication method that smartphone users are proven to respond to - text messages - as the platform to alert site contacts about missed or unexpected schedule events. According to a recent survey from Pew Research Center, 97% of smartphone owners use text messaging, making it the most widely-used basic feature or app on the phone today, surpassing usage of voice calls. We believe that using text notifications will ultimately help increase response rates to schedule exception events while reducing costs and time associated with phone notifications and potential false police dispatch incidents.

A Signal Chat alert simultaneously and quickly gets the attention of store contacts and let them know that a schedule exception event needs to be resolved. The Signal Chat interface then allows site contacts to "chat" with each other about the event via a chat interface and resolve or disposition the event within the session application. Once they have entered their authorized PIN code, a site contact can choose to extend the open or close time or call Protection 1's monitoring center directly from the Signal Chat interface on their smart phone. All data from store associate chat sessions and any actions taken using the Signal Chat interface are saved to site activity history information and available for view or reporting by authorized customer associates via Protection 1's eSuite interface. In the event a signal is not resolved through the Signal Chat interface within a short time window, notification reverts to traditional phone calls to contact list to ensure notification is always achieved.

Large retailers and restaurant operations with multiple dispersed locations have critical operational and employee safety concerns tied to schedules and need to be notified of exceptions. Signal Chat can increase the efficiency and speed of these notifications, streamlining the resolution process while eliminating unnecessary costs. 






Kroger's LP - Adding Value to a Retailer
Karl Langhorst, Director of LP for Kroger

The Loss Prevention Research Council
Dr. Read Hayes, Research Scientist, Univ. of FL & Dir. of LPRC; Chad McManus, VP of LP & Risk Management, Bloomingdale's

PwC's LP Strategy & Analytics Team
Bill Titus, Managing Director, PwC







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NuTech National

For more than 31 years, NuTech National has set the pace for innovation and excellence, serving major retail chains across the nation with the industry's largest network of sales, service, installation and alarm monitoring. Greg DeTardo, Founder and President of NuTech National, and Tonya Prive, Director of Sales, talk about the latest features and services the company has rolled out over the past year in this LPNN interview. From NuTech Link 6.0, their latest retail management security software - to their Depot Services - to Smart Retail Alert and Employee Watch, learn how NuTech sets itself apart from other alarm companies.

LPNN Quick Take #5

MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley take a serious look at the latest National Retail Security Survey, discussing the study's most surprising findings, the benefits it brings retailers, and the evolution of the LP industry over the past 10 or so years.  


RLPSA: 5 Things Hotter than the Desert

By Amber Bradley,
Calibration Marketing

A desert can get hot, like 120 degrees hot. The Vegas desert can get even hotter...especially when the Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association (RLPSA) trade show kicked off its 36th Annual Conference there yesterday at the M Resort and Casino.

Here's the five things hotter than the desert this week:

Number 5: The largest RLPSA conference including a completely sold out exhibition hall and more attendees than ever before.

Number 4: The content of RLPSA day one including keynote speaker Dolf Berle, president and COO of Dave and Buster's Inc.

Berle defined modern courage and how it supports building a culture of inclusive communication. Berle helped the audience consider a new mindset of security and risk management by working the "whole system" as a security and LP leader by knowing the players and implementing the strategy, monitor execution and close communication loops.

One of the most popular sessions was, "Engaging Senior Leadership in Your Crisis Management Program" from Grace Burley, managing director of Strategic Crisis Advisors. Burley walked attendees through each department's key roles in crisis for an organization. Search #RLPSA2015 to review her summary.


Keynote speaker Dolf Berle (Dave and Buster's) and Jim Forlenza (RLPSA)


Panel speakers for the "Evolution of the Restaurant LP/Security Professional" session.

Number 3: Heavy hitters in the restaurant industry taking the stage for an "Evolution of the Restaurant LP/Security Professional" panel by Van Carney, National Director, Safety & LP, Domino's; Rob Holm, Senior Director, US Safety & Security, US Operations, McDonald's USA; Mike Keller, Manager, LP, Panera Bread. Panelists gave varying perspectives on how attendees can evolve their role by tackling professional development, new technology initiatives and how to mentor franchisees.

Number 2: Solution provider and attendee interaction: the completely sold out exhibit hall was bustling with a life of its own.

Number 1: Breaking news in the desert: The new President of RLPSA was announced as Rob Holm, Senior Director, US Safety & Security, US Operations, McDonald's USA. Congratulations, Rob!

Congratulations to the new board members announced as:

Rocco Prate, Regional Loss Prevention Manager at Wendy's Arby's Group
Dave Johnston, Senior Director, Loss Prevention & Corporate Security, Dunkin' Brands
Van Carney, National Director, Safety & Loss Prevention, Domino's
Vendor Liaison: Scott Elkins, President of UAS

Stay tuned to the D&D for tomorrow's recap and @DandDDaily.
#RLPSA2015 for more detailed information on the speakers and sessions.

Attendees enjoying the RLPSA Conference in Las Vegas.



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Penske Logistics Loss Prevention Team

"Dedication at Every Turn

*Published on November 18, 2014

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Webification and retail IT - Taking ecommerce to the shop floor
So how else should retailers be looking to implement webification? The shop floor tablets used by The Entertainer are a great starting point. For example, they can be used to enable easy review of a store's entire inventory, the traditional in-store equivalent of which would be incredibly laborious, even with the help of a shop assistant. By arming assistants with a tablet computer, retailers can provide the shopper with an 'endless aisle' experience similar to that of ecommerce. Moreover, these devices can also allow assistants to process payments anywhere in-store, and even provide personalised recommendations. The mass adoption of smartphones and the advent of low cost tracking tools also provide retailers with great opportunities to market within the 'webified' store. Facebook, for instance, has recently started offering businesses free Place Tips beacon devices, allowing retailers to detect when a user is nearby and initiate an appropriate response. It's an unavoidable fact that the ease and convenience of online shopping has led to sky-high consumer expectations; expectations that can only be matched if brands find ways to integrate ecommerce functions customers love with bricks and mortar retail environments. itproportal.com

Fraud Rate on Mobile Passes Online & In-Store
Mobile fraud is on the rise. Somewhat ironically, the fraud rate on transactions not involving a phone have decreased significantly, as more transactions become mobilized, based on a new study. The study comprised an analysis of Kount data from more than 100 million transactions across various devices from thousands of merchants over the last four years. The industries include retail, digital goods, multi-channel, online games, travel and telecommunications. While the fraud rate for non-mobile transactions decreased by 50% over the last four years, the fraud rate for mobile increased by 81%. This is the first time that fraud on mobile devices has passed online and in-store fraud, according to Kount. And of the mobile fraud, more is happening on Android than iOS devices. The mobile fraud picture has changed over time. In 2011, fraud on iOS devices was 45% greater than on Android. But only two years later, the fraud rate on Android was higher than iOS by 17%, which grew to 44% last year, which is where it stands today. mediapost.com

Mobile POS to quadruple reach as it grows beyond micro merchants: report

Instagram commerce is about to explode

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zelligent


7 Indicted in Organized Retail Theft Ring hitting over 20 times for Over $800,000 in Jewelry  Attorney General John J. Hoffman announced that seven people have been indicted on charges that they were part of an organized retail theft ring that allegedly stole over $800,000 in jewelry in New Jersey and five other states. The defendants were charged as a result of "Operation Pandora," an investigation by the New Jersey State Police and Division of Criminal Justice that began in May 2014, after the ring allegedly stole $219,000 in silver beads by breaking into a vehicle at the Clara Barton service area on the New Jersey Turnpike in Salem County. Several of the defendants allegedly had followed the two victims, who stopped at the service area after a jewelry trade show in Mt. Laurel, N.J. The indictment charges the four men and three women with eight thefts in New Jersey, including two additional thefts of jewelry with a total value of more than $150,000, as well as retail thefts of cameras and a $5,700 bicycle. The defendants were linked to more than a dozen other thefts in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia and Rhode Island, including jewelry thefts in all of those states involving more than $430,000 in jewelry. gloucestercitynews.net

Third suspect Arrested in $100,000 Pepperidge Farm cookie caper
A third suspect in a retail theft ring has been arrested and charged, Old Fort police said Monday. Franklin "Todd" Wayne Bradley, 53, was charged with one count each of felony obtaining property by false pretense and receiving stolen goods. Bradley is the third suspect allegedly involved in the theft of 53-foot trailer full of Pepperidge Farm products, including cookies, goldfish crackers, pretzels and more. Carlton Carson, 49, and Michael Lee Grant, 52, were arrested last week in connection with the cookie heist. The stolen shipment of goods was worth more than $100,000. mcdowellnews.com

6 women arrested in Baton Rouge, LA Organized Retail Theft investigation  Six women were arrested this weekend after an investigation into thefts at multiple stores in Baton Rouge. Deputies with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office were called to a theft complaint Friday, July 31 at Toys R Us on N. Mall Drive. The complainant said a van pulled up to the front of the store and two females got out of the vehicle carrying three large bags of merchandise. The females went to the customer service counter where they exchanged the merchandise, without a receipt, for gift cards and candy. After the exchange, the females went to the children's department, loaded up a shopping cart full of merchandise and exited the store without paying. A nearby deputy was able to stop the vehicle in the Sam's Club parking lot. The deputy discovered six females inside the van along with items from several merchants including Charming Charlie's, Toys R Us, Walmart and Target. fox8live.com

Couple busted at Burlington Coat in Laredo, TX; purses and watches
Police say a couple was caught red handed, trying to steal from a department store on Sunday. Rene Rodriguez and Patricia Vela were arrested at Burlington Coat Factory around seven in the evening. According to the store employees, they were trying to steal purses and watches as well as changing the prices on items. Rodriguez and Vela had prior arrests. They were both charged with fraud. kgns.tv

Merrillville, IN Police investigating 2 in Macy's Grab and Run at Southlake Mall Within minutes of posting surveillance images of two local theft suspects, Hobart police received tips on the possible identity of the man and woman pictured, Detective Sgt. Steve Houck said. The two were captured on surveillance video as they allegedly stole purses and clothing from Macy's. Houck said at 7:19 p.m. July 18, the pair allegedly entered Macy's at 2210 Southlake Mall, grabbed numerous purses and articles of clothing and ran out. nwitimes.com

Woman Tips Off Partner on Bluetooth During Shoplifting Spree at Kohl's in Lemont, IL

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Traveling Skimming gang of 6 Florida residents busted in Jefferson Parish, LA. - Part of a larger operation  Six residents of Florida caught seeking to retrieve two so-called credit card skimming devices attached to a gasoline station's pumps near Harahan made dozens of counterfeit gasoline, credit and gift cards before Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office deputies arrested them over the weekend, authorities said Monday.

"It could be an organized crime thing where it's not just the six people. It's not just the two locations where they found the card skimmers. They could have painted the city and put it into a lot of other places," C2 Cyber Securities CEO Nam Nguyen said.  After the alleged crime ring was advised of their rights, several of the suspect refused to cooperate. msnewsnow.com theneworleansadvocatre.com

Fatal police shooting in Columbus Wal-Mart under review 1 year later
Federal officials' review of the fatal shooting of a 22-year-old black man by a white police officer has he carried an air rifle in an Ohio Wal-Mart remains unfinished as his relatives plan a rally and vigil to mark one year since his death. Crawford's family contends he was shot without a chance to respond. The family has sued Beavercreek police and Wal-Mart Stores Inc., alleging negligence and violation of Crawford's civil rights. The city and Wal-Mart denied the allegations. dailyherald.com

Security officer fires gunshot after suspect ran with ring at Mondawmin Mall
A private security officer for a jewelry store at Mondawmin Mall fired at least one gunshot in the parking lot Sunday afternoon as he chased a man who allegedly stole a ring from the store, police said.. The suspect walked into RK & Co. Jewelers in the lower level of the mall and asked to see the ring, which he put on his finger, police said. After a brief conversation with a sales clerk, he took off running, police said. The store security guard chased the man into the parking lot, where the man climbed into a waiting getaway car, police said. The security guard grabbed the door of the car, then saw the man reaching out of sight, possibly for a weapon, and fired at the vehicle as it drove away, police said. The car got away, and no nearby hospitals reported any walk-in shooting victims matching the suspect's description, police said. No injuries were reported, police said.  baltimoresun.com

Three arrested for $52K warehouse burglary in Albany, GA
Police say Nichols and Marshall tried to sell the property through social media sites, and at the Superior Creek Lodge, and at Target. An undercover "buy" was set up and made in the parking lot of Target, where Nichols was taken into custody, and a large quantity of additional property was recovered. wtoc.com

$50,000 Smash-And-Grab Robbery Reported At Edward George Jewelers in Woodland Hills, CA  The Los Angeles Police Department says the incident happened about 2:50 p.m. Monday at Edward George Jewelers at the Westfield Topanga mall. The store's owner George Dekermanji says one of the suspects took out a sledgehammer before jumping onto a counter and waving his bottle of pepper spray in the air. Dekermanji says the incident marks the second time the store has been robbed in the past eight months. cbslocal.com

Victoria's Secret in Houston's Rice Village the victim of a Smash and Grab Burglary  Houston police are looking for thieves who broke into a Victoria's Secret store in Rice Village early this morning. The "Pink" store located on the 2400 block of University Boulevard and was the latest business to be hit by smash and grab thieves in Houston. The incident happened around 3:45am. abc13.com

Police link 4 suspects to PA and NJ CVS Store Robberies
Authorities in Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery counties, as well as Burlington County, New Jersey, are eying a possible link among suspects in four CVS Pharmacy robberies in the span of about a month. delcotimes.com

15 hurt after pepper spray released inside JCPenney in Clearwater, FL
Fifteen people were treated for injuries after someone released pepper spray inside or near the elevator shaft of the JCPenney at the Westfield Countryside shopping mall in Clearwater. The Clearwater Fire Department treated 15 people at the scene. Four people were transported to a local hospital. The store was briefly evacuated, but it closed at 9 p.m. The area of the store was being ventilated by the fire department. baynews9.com

Motorist on LSD rams head-on into Deputy's cruiser in a Mall parking lot in Worcester, MD  A deputy parked in a rear lot at the West Ocean City mall said Hayward drove head on into his Tahoe patrol vehicle. The suspect was "acting irrationally and was yelling at the deputy," the report also said. The deputy called for assistance and additional resources from the Sheriff's Office, and a unit of the Maryland Natural Resources. delmarvanow.com

Long-term Employee stole $80,000 from N. Attleboro, MA Appliance Store
A former longtime saleswoman at a local appliance store was arraigned today in Attleboro District Court on charges she took part in embezzling upwards of $80,000 from the company. Kathryn A. Glynn, 31, pleaded innocent to larceny by a single scheme and credit card fraud. Glynn, who was a saleswoman for Lambco Appliance for 13 years before the alleged embezzlement came to light. thesunchronicle.com

New Orleans judge to reduce $1 million bond for New York credit card scheme 'kingpin'  A New Orleans district judge said Friday (July 31) he will reduce a $1 million bond for a New York man charged in a racketeering case involving an alleged stolen credit card scheme. The judge didn't say what the new bond amount will be. A Grand Jury charged him and nine others in a racketeering case. He's accused of being the kingpin in a credit card fraud scheme, in which he allegedly manufactured credit cards using stolen numbers, and then giving those cards to mules who'd go to casinos in New Orleans, New York, New Jersey and Ohio to get cash advances. nola.com

Miami Cake Maker Pleads Guilty to Stealing Thousands of Credit Card Numbers
In April 2013, according to a federal grand jury indictment, Pardo was nabbed utilizing a fake bank credit card at a North Miami Pep Boys. It would certainly get hold of even worse from there. A couple of months later, federal authorities, executing a search warrant, searched the trunk of Pardo's vehicle and found an enormous one-woman counterfeit operation: dozens of fake driver's licenses, debit cards, credit cards, social security cards, tax information, and notebooks complete of scrawled information. atjehtech.com

Arrested 34 times, Jersey City felon now socked with credit card fraud charges Credit card fraud has been added to the charges against a 48-year-old Jersey City felon with 34 prior arrests. Jade Milton has been behind bars since June, the credit card fraud charges are related to the robbery charge. Milton has 10 disorderly persons convictions and criminal convictions for robbery, theft, shoplifting, two counts of drug possession and two counts of drug possession within 1,000 feet of school property. He is currently on probation for another count of shoplifting. nj.com

Arrest warrant issued for notorious jewel thief; 84 year old Doris Payne is wanted in North Carolina for allegedly stealing a $33,000 ring  An arrest warrant has been issued for known jewel thief Doris Payne, who's accused of stealing a ring in Charlotte, North Carolina. Payne is currently on probation after being convicted of stealing a multi-thousand dollar diamond ring from a jewelry shop on El Paseo in Palm Desert in 2013. According to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Department, the 84-year-old has an arrest warrant for felony larceny. The theft happened on July 11th in North Carolina. Reports suggested the Payne may have taken a $33,000 engagement ring from a jewelry store. kesq.com

Kim Richards, Former Star Of 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills,' Arrested On Shoplifting Charges  According to CBS Los Angeles, the former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star spent the night in jail after she was arrested for allegedly shoplifting at a Southern California Target store. Richards, 50, had about $600 worth of items in her cart when store security apprehended her on Sunday. huffingtonpost.com

Arson suspected at Discount Tire overnight in Louisville, KY
Fire crews were called to Discount Tire and Auto Service on West Market Street at about 1:45 a.m. on Tuesday. They found two semi trucks on fire behind the building. The semis were used to store old tires and wheels. wave3.com

Burlington, ON arrests lead to discovery of an Identity Theft Ring
Police said during the course of the investigation they discovered nine different counterfeit identities, which were allegedly being used to open bank accounts and secure lines of credit. The Halton Police Fraud Unit initiated a new investigation into the source of the victim information in the seized documents. The probe ultimately led them to Toronto and a former employee at the office of GM (General Motors) Financial. insidehalton.com

UK: Thatcham serial shoplifter banned from entering 9 supermarkets and pharmacies  A 50-year-old prolific shoplifter has been banned from a range of supermarkets and pharmacies in Thatcham. The order lasts for two years and is as a result of Lewis' persistent stealing from local shops. getreading.co.uk

Caught on camera: Houston, TX Robbery suspects flee with $1700 stroller

Chicago Police looking for three-time Kmart thief

Three Florida Men Arrested on Credit Card Fraud Charges

Credit Card Fraudsters snatch puppies worth $4K from Daphne, AL pet store

Probation for Newton Woman Involved in $1,300 Walmart theft in Knoxville, TN

Halifax, NS Police Taser man armed with knife leaving Needs store after robbery


A&G Auto - Kittanning, PA - Burglary
Ameci Pizza - Saugus, CA - Armed Robbery
AT&T - Newington, CT - Burglary
Beef Mart - Valparaiso, IN - Burglary
Big 5 - Woodburn, OR - Armed Robbery
Boost Mobile - Gulfport, MS - Armed Robbery
Country Club Liquors - Palm Desert, CA - Armed Robbery
CVS - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
CVS - Lorton, VA - Burglary
CVS - Greenwood, IN - Armed Robbery - 2nd in 6 weeks
Family Dollar - Yavapai Co, AZ - Armed Robbery
Family Drug Mart - Dartmouth, NS - Robbery
House of Shoes - Orlando, FL - Robbery
Metro PCS - Newhall, CA- Armed Robbery
Quick Mart - Muskogee, OK - Robbery
Royal Farms - Salisbury, MD - Armed Robbery
RS Discount - Lehigh Acres, FL - Burglary- $30,000 in lottery tickets
Walgreens - Abingdon, MD - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Placenta, CA - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Woodburn, OR - Armed Robbery-15 yr old w/gun
7-Eleven - Rochester, NY - Armed Robbery


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