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 August 7, 2014


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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Tom Provost
was promoted to Director, Corporate Asset Protection for Follett Higher Education Group.  Tom was previously the Senior Manager, Loss Prevention Operations for the retailer. He has also held positions as Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Clark Retail and Factory Card & Party Outlet. Tom earned his Bachelors of Science and Bachelor's of Arts degree in Law Enforcement Administration & History from Western Illinois University. Congratulations Tom!

Toys R Us RLPM gets 18 months on gun charge - Ordered to pay Toys R Us back $223,000  Bernard Grucza, former regional LP manager for Toys R Us, who's serving 25 years in prison for fatally stabbing his colleague has been given an 18-month term for an unrelated gun charge. Grucza was sentenced Wednesday in federal court in Buffalo, where he pleaded guilty to possessing a gun while there was a restraining order against him. The sentence will run concurrent with the state prison sentence he received last month for the death last year of Toys R Us co-worker Larry Wells. As part of Wednesday's sentence, Grucza also must pay $223,000 in restitution to Toys R Us for cash and merchandise he stole while employed. (Source wsj.com)

Class Action Law Suit Filed Alleging Kmart Corp. Misclassification of Loss Prevention Managers in California  The class action lawsuit claims that Kmart failed to pay overtime wages to their Loss prevention Managers. The lawsuit, filed on July 17, 2014, alleges that Kmart Corporation misclassified their Loss Prevention Managers as exempt from overtime pay and as a result, failed to pay overtime wages, and failed to provide meal and rest breaks, as required by the California Labor Code. The Kmart Corporation complaint alleges that the Plaintiff, who worked as a Loss Prevention Manager, engaged in non-exempt tasks throughout his workday, including ensuring the proper operation and repairs of alarm equipment, detaining and processing shoplifters, and observing and reviewing store surveillance cameras among other things. The Complaint further claims that the Plaintiff and other Loss Prevention Managers are allegedly "managers in name only" as they do not direct the work of other employees and spend most of their day engaging in non-exempt job tasks. As such, the Complaint claims these employees have been misclassified under California law and seeks an unspecified amount of back overtime pay for the Plaintiff and the proposed class. The firm also represents a class of Loss Prevention Managers who worked for Fry's Electronics claiming alleged unpaid overtime wages. (Source prweb.com)

Rite Aid Beats Applicants' Background-Check Lawsuit
A Pennsylvania federal judge has tossed a class action filed over Rite Aid Corp.’s pre-employment background checks on the grounds that the plaintiffs failed to sufficiently state a claim, but gave the class 15 days to amend the complaint. U.S. District Judge Jan DuBois said that named plaintiff Kyra Moore failed to sufficiently allege that Rite Aid relied on an adverse background report provided by LexisNexis in making its decision not to hire her. Moore, who was not offered a job by the retail store after it received the report, alleged that Rite Aid violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act by using the reports without providing applicants with a copy or sufficient time to dispute it before taking adverse action. (Source law360.com)

NYC withdraws challenge to stop-and-frisk police lawsuits
New York City asked a court to dismiss its appeal in lawsuits over stop-and-frisk police tactics, moving closer to a resolution that Mayor Bill de Blasio promised in January would end such practices. If the appeals court in Manhattan grants Wednesday's request, the city will be a step closer to resolving more than a decade of court battles. (Source crainesnewyork.com)

Tyco Announces Resolution of U.S. Patent Infringement Litigation over Acousto-Magnetic EAS Labels  Settlement Agreement Prevents Ningbo Acousto-Magnetic EAS Labels From Entering the U.S. In December 2013, the complaint was filed jointly by Tyco Fire & Security GmbH and its Sensormatic Electronics, LLC and Tyco Integrated Security, LLC (herein together Tyco) businesses against Ningbo in both the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to prohibit the importation into the United States of certain Ningbo acousto-magnetic (AM) electronic article surveillance systems (EAS) labels. The complaint was aimed at promoting the U.S. public interest by protecting Tyco's intellectual property rights and the associated domestic industry. Furthermore, the complaint was intended to help protect the value of its leading Sensormatic brand, since infringing products may not perform to the quality standards of authentic Sensormatic AM labels. Under a settlement agreement resolving both the ITC and District Court actions, the parties have agreed that Ningbo will withdraw from the United States certain EAS label models that use these patents, and make an unspecified payment to Tyco. (Source marketwired.com)

Possible Protracted IRS Fight & Consumer Backlash Keeps Walgreens in U.S.
Here’s Mr. Wasson’s three key risks to a Walgreen inversion: "a protracted battled with the IRS, possibly including litigation which could go on for 3 to 10 years and which significantly complicates and impedes everyday tax and business planning.” “possible dual taxation during intervening years and payment of back taxes with interest and significant penalties.” “the potential consumer backlash and political ramifications, including the risk of losing a book of business.” Mr. Wasson said that Walgreen’s board wanted to have a “significant level of confidence” about the “sustainability of the tax inversion position,” but they don’t have that. They weren’t sure whether they could “withstand the intense, protracted IRS scrutiny.” (Source wsj.com)

New PCI Guidance for Third-Party Risks
Card data security risks posed by third parties have gotten renewed attention in recent months because of a string of U.S. retailer breaches that have compromised millions of credit and debit cards. Now the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council has come out with new guidance to help merchants and banking institutions mitigate the ongoing risks posed by third parties that process and, in some cases, inadvertently store payments data. (Source govinfosecurity.com)

Has California's plastic-bag ban backfired? New LP challenges arise.  Several large cities in California, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, have banned the use of plastic bags in grocery stores, and the legislature there is considering a ban for the entire state. However, the effort to go green is costing some stores quite a bit of green. "It is increasing shoplifting," said Mark Arabo, president and CEO of the Neighborhood Market Association, a group of 2,400 small markets in the West. "We've received hundreds of phone calls from our members saying that once these plastic bag bans have been enacted, shoplifting has increased in our markets." The Los Angeles Daily News reports the manager of one Rite Aid claims his weekly theft rate has at least doubled to almost $1,000, blaming the lack of plastic bags. "Unless employees physically see someone putting something in their bag and then not paying for it, they are not allowed to search them or confront them." (Source cnbc.com)

Q&A on the Reported Theft of 1.2 Billion Email Accounts by Russian Hackers
Yesterday, it was reported that a Russian crime ring amassed the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials, including 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses. Security reporter Brian Krebs puts some perspective on the massive e-heist. Q: What would a crime network even do with a billion credentials? A: "Spam, spam and ... oh, spam. Junk email is primarily sent in bulk using large botnets - collections of hacked PCs. A core component of the malware that powers these crime machines is the theft of passwords that users store on their computers and the interception of credentials submitted by victims in the process of browsing the Web. It is quite common for major spammers to rely on lists of billions of email addresses for distributing their malware and whatever junk products they are getting paid to promote." (Source krebsonsecurity.com)

High-Profile Data Breaches Create $1.7 Billion Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Industry 
Cyber-attacks directed against enterprises have grown both in numbers and sophistication over the past decade to a point where breach and data theft have become inevitable. In 2013, more than 800 million records were exposed as a result of data breach incidents. ABI Research calculates that the market for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions will hit $1.7 billion by the end of 2014. (Source businesswire.com)

Global Survey: Snowden Affair & POS Data Breaches Seriously Harmed Corporate Security 
68 percent of businesses stated that the NSA breach by Edward Snowden and the number of retail/point of sale (PoS) system breaches in the past year carried the most harmful impact in terms of changing security strategies to protect against the latest threats. The findings are part of CyberArk’s 8th Annual Global Advanced Threat Landscape survey. While the NSA breach is widely regarded as the prototypical insider-based attack, and the retail/PoS breaches are regarded similarly for outside attacks, the critical link between both attacks was the compromise and exploitation of privileged credentials. (Source jewishbusinessnews.com)

The 'How can I help you?' Index - How to know right away how well a store is managed  In a recent interview with Convenience Store Decisions, Robert Moraca, VP of LP for the NRF and longtime security director for Sunoco, talked about the staples of good loss prevention, which includes solid store management. “When you walk into a store and they greet you - we might call that the ‘How can I help you’ index - you’ll know right away how the store is managed,” Moraca said. Other tell-tale signs include cleanliness, well-stocked shelves and whether the store is operating efficiently. If not, the retailer probably doesn’t have a good handle on shrink issues either, Moraca explained. (Source csdecisions.com)

Marks & Spencer, Wilko and Other Retailers to Present Case Studies at RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2014  This year's RFID Journal LIVE! Europe conference and exhibition, to be held on Oct. 23, at Dexter House, in London, England, will focus on educating end users about how radio frequency identification technology is delivering business benefits to companies in manufacturing, retail and other sectors. Click here to see the sessions featured in the Retail Track. (Source rfidjournal.com)

Nanotechnology yields breath-actuated security label 
A label that reveals an image when breathed on could have anti-counterfeit applications, according to the researchers behind the concept. A team at the University of Michigan is developing the nanomaterial alongside scientists in South Korea and say it could have uses including protecting medicines from counterfeiting. (Source securingindustry.com)

March Networks Enters Into Patent License Agreement with ObjectVideo

July Same Store Sales Results
L Brands up 6%
Cato up 4%
Zumiez up 3.5%
Stein Mart up 0.8%
Fred's up 0.7%
The Buckle up 0.5%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Wendy's Q2 up 3.9% with revenues down 19.5% (sale of 418 restaurants)
Delhaize Q2 U.S. up 3.3% with revenue up 0.5%
Canadian Tire Q2 retail segment up 2.8% with revenue up 4.7%
Jack in the Box Q3 up 2.4%
Brinker International company owned stores Q4 up 2.3% with sales up 3.7%
Roundy's Q2 down 2.2%

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Axis Communications

Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager for Axis Communications - North America, discusses the evolution of the camera and its application in retail loss prevention. As the market leader in network video, Axis offers network video solutions for professional installations featuring products and solutions based on innovative and open technical platforms. Hedgie tells us why migration strategy is so important for retailers, especially when upgrading from analog to digital IP video technology.

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LPNN Quick Take #3

In this LPNN Quick Take, MC's Joe and Amber discuss what they love hearing about from service providers at the show. They also talk about the importance of retailers and law enforcement collaborating. Lastly, they share their thoughts on the NRF conference and what is the most valuable takeaway for them.

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Retailers scramble to adapt supply chain strategies as growth shifts to e-commerce  There is an upheaval going on in many retail organizations as they see more of their growth coming from the web and less from bricks-and-mortar stores. The urgency to adapt to this change comes through clearly in a study of more than 500 leading North American retailers by Boston Retail Partners, a retail consulting firm. The study found that 93% of respondents are working toward unifying their operations so that they can serve customers in a consistent way whether they shop in physical stores, on web sites or via mobile devices. 74% say their organizations have or plan to change the metrics they use to measure their effectiveness in supporting unified cross-channel commerce. The report says traditional supply chain metrics, such as freight cost as a percentage of sales and warehouse processing time, fail to take into account new goals, such as a store being able to fill an online order or accept the return of an item purchased via the web. (Source internetretailer.com)

Contactless payment usage gains momentum
Consumers made 19.7 million contactless transactions across the UK in May 2014, according to research released today by Visa Europe. The figure represented an 18% increase on April 2014, while May's 126.7 million pounds also represented a new record for the total value of transactions made by contactless cards in the UK in a single month. (Source essentialretail.com)

Vitamin Shoppe’s E-commerce Business Continues To Boom - 14.9% growth in e-commerce sales

Michael Kors revenue soars 44% as it readies e-commerce expansion

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




Baltimore man pleads guilty in $200,000 ID theft ring that hit Giant, Rite Aid and Nordstrom  Olanrewaju Abiola and his co-conspirators purchased stolen credit card data, typically on the internet, and then loaded it onto gift cards and other payment cards, according to a Tuesday release from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia. The group used the cards, along with counterfeit driver's licenses, to make purchases from various locations in the Baltimore-Washington area, including Giant, Rite-Aid and Nordstrom. They then returned the purchases in order to get cash. The scheme resulted in at least $200,000 in actual and intended losses, and involved more than 250 victims, according to the release. Abiola faces a maximum five years in prison. (Source scmagazine.com)

Two serial shoplifters hitting hitting Rite Aid & Dollar General stores busted in Albany, GA  Two suspected serial shoplifters are caught in a stolen car Wednesday afternoon. 39-year-old Coretta Bracey and 34-year-old Jonnie Jackson are in the Dougherty County Jail charged with theft by taking and shoplifting. “They knew immediately once they got the description of the car today that hey this might be the same individuals that have been committing these other shopliftings in the area." Investigators expect to file more charges against the two for a string of shoplifting cases at Rite Aids and Dollar Generals since July 20th. They also have warrants in other counties. (Source walb.com)

Man Arrested For Trying To Sell Stolen Cubs Merchandise at Wrigley Stadium
Police said he stole more than $1,000 worth of Cubs merchandise from The Cubs Store, a team-owned store across the street from the stadium, and then tried to sell it to Cubs fans inside Wrigley. (Source cbslocal.com)

Neighboring Business Caught Up as 'Collateral Damage' of FBI Sting  After an eight month investigation, local, state and federal authorities took down an alleged million dollar retail theft ring on Tuesday. The raid temporarily shut down one Tri-State business despite it not being involved in any way, federal authorities said. The owner said he's merely a victim of proximity and is now collateral damage. On Tuesday, armed with search warrants, federal agents raided the Deal Makers locations in Newburgh and Henderson. The warrants were in connection with an investigation into a retail theft ring allegedly masterminded by Kyle Hudson and Michael Rupert, the manager and operator of Deal Makers. Rupert is charged with Conspiracy to Commit Interstate Transportation of Stolen Goods and Interstate Transportation of Stolen Goods. Hudson has been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Interstate Transportation of Stolen Goods. The two would have other people steal goods from local stores and then sell those goods on Ebay, prosecutors said. Some of the stolen items included high-end vacuum cleaners, televisions, power tools and designer purses. (Source tristatehomepage.com)

Burglars target Gucci store at Houston’s Galleria mall  For the third time in 8 days, a group of men tried breaking into the Gucci store inside the Galleria. It happened around 3am this morning. Houston Police say the men work masks and drove into the Saks Fifth Avenue parking lot in a late model mini van. A security guard spotted the would-be burglars and called for back up before the men took off. On Monday, police believe the same group of men tried breaking into the high-end store with no luck. Last week on July 30, the thieves did break into the store, stealing about $20,000 worth of merchandise. (Source abc13.com)

Man busted at Lexington, Ky., Kroger store buying gift cards with fake credit cards - had 17 re-encoded counterfeits on his possession

Man charged after allegedly stealing from Best Buy in Racine, WI twice

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Children Left at Staten Island CVS After Pennsylvania Murder Prompts Amber Alert; Suspect Dead  A Pennsylvania man suspected of murdering his wife at their home outside Philadelphia and fleeing with his two young sons drove to a Staten Island CVS where a relative works and allegedly robbed the pharmacy at gunpoint before leaving the children at the store and apparently killing himself in his car, authorities say. Authorities had issued an Amber Alert for the children, both younger than 10, after finding the man's wife dead in their home in Drexel Hill around 2:30 a.m. Thursday. Their mother was found stabbed and shot, and their father, 32-year-old Keith Belajonas, had been seen driving off with the children in a car. (Source nbcnewyork.com)

Off-duty police officer fires at car in Jewel grocery store parking lot in Chicago  Two men trying to leave a Northwest Side grocery store without paying for merchandise raced their car toward an off-duty police officer who then fired at them. No one was injured, but the two men were taken into custody a short time later. The incident occurred shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday in the 7300 block of West Foster Street. An off-duty Chicago officer was shopping at a grocery store and approached by store employees who told her about two shoplifters, according to a statement from police. The officer approached two men as they loaded up their car in the parking lot, and they reacted by accelerating their vehicle at the officer. “The officer, in fear for her life, discharged her weapon at the offenders” the police statement said. (Source chicagotribune.com)

Hartford Police Officer Working Walmart Security Arrested
A criminal investigation surrounds Hartford police officer Luis Feliciano after he was allegedly captured on camera stealing from Walmart on Flatbush Avenue while working a detail. According to the arrest warrant, Feliciano was caught on security camera taking electronics and packages of meat. Officers say Feliciano used a magnetic key to unlock the anti-theft systems on electronics and high-end merchandise. “He was charged with larceny in the fifth-degree and possession of a shoplifting device. Essentially it was stealing on duty while he was working as a police officer,” according to Deputy Chief Brian Foley of the Hartford Police Department. (Source wtnh.com)

Will Jewelers employee in Indiana enters guilty plea in $100,000 theft
For more than six months, 28-year-old Jessica Lombrana lifted items from the jewelry store where she worked and sold them at an area pawn store. Hired at Will Jewelers in June 2013, the Huntertown woman took tens of thousands of dollars of in­ven­tory from the store and took it to Cash America Pawn at least 26 times. She doctored receipts to make it appear as if the items were sold. The days she pawned items she stole from the store matched her time card records of days she left work and never returned, according to court documents. On Wednesday, Lombrana pleaded guilty to theft, a Class C felony be­cause the value of what was stolen was greater than $100,000. (Source journalgazette.net)

Montgomery, AL Woman sentenced 15 years in prison for Ulta Beauty Supply robbery  Dothan police originally arrested Watkins with two other women in December 2012 for their alleged roles in the robbery. Records show police charged Watkins with stealing 15 bottles of perfume from the store while leading employees to believe she was armed with a deadly weapon. (Source dothaneagle.com)

UK: Valentino's Chelsea store targeted in smash-and-grab  The Valentino store in central London has been targeted by a moped-riding gang in a smash-and-grab raid. Five people arrived at the Sloane Square, Chelsea store on three scooters at about 00:30 BST and broke down the door with a moped. The group took a number of designer handbags from the luxury boutique before riding off. Police said one man had been arrested in Ladbroke Grove and was in custody. (Source bbc.com)

Anne Arundel, MD Police search for three in Rolex smash and grab at Annapolis mall

McAllen, TX Police seeking suspects in assault of a Loss Prevention Officer at La Plaza Mall

Police say robbery of 72-year-old woman at Aldi sparked car chase in Charlotte

Honolulu Police looking for credit card fraud suspect; recent attempt at Walgreens

Lake Lillian, MN business owner faces arson charge

Thieves take $50,000 worth of medical marijuana from Georgetown, WA facility

Frequent Customer of a local jeweler in Sebring, FL accused of theft

Kay Jewelers in the Sun Valley Mall, Concord, CA hit with a Grab and Run; gold chain valued at $3100

Attempted Diamond switch at Kay Jewelers in the Carolina Place Mall, Pineville, NC

CVS - Ligonier, IN - Armed Robbery - 2 arrested
CVS - Saratoga Springs, NY - Robbery - suspect arrested
Dollar General - Floresville, TX - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Manchester, ME - Armed Robbery - Police have new leads
Rite Aid - Merced, CA - Armed Robbery - suspect arrested
Sheetz - Hagerstown, MD - Armed Robbery/ Assault
Walgreens - Coon Rapids, MN - Armed Robbery - tied to SuperAmerica robbery
WB Food - Sugarland, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Bloomfield, NJ - Armed Robbery - suspect arrested
13 Hermanos Carniceria - Texarkana, TX - Armed Robbery / Shooting - 14 year old arrested



Vendor Spotlight

Analog to IP: Discover the Truth about Video Migration

By: Scott Hendrickson
Video Product Manager
Checkview Corporation

Truth #1: It is Cost Effective.
In today’s world of technology, balancing the performance of a video system with budget constraints has been a challenge that has kept many systems in the analog realm. The lower cost and performance of analog video may allow Loss Prevention Managers to put more cameras in more stores, but with the declining costs associated with current IP cameras, higher resolutions and system flexibility with open architected network video recorders, the case to move from analog to IP is a strong one. While some retailers can make the jump to IP with complete replacements of existing video infrastructure, most find that a migration path from analog to IP is done in stages and proper planning for the future. Consider the following key components regarding your present video system and make the move towards an IP video system.

Truth #2: Cabling is Key.
The first item to consider is the current cabling infrastructure. Coaxial cable with a power wire? Structured cabling, Category 3, 5, 5e, 6 or other? If you are still installing analog video systems with coaxial cable, then at the very minimum, you need to move into Ethernet standard Category 5e or 6 (Unshielded Twisted Pair – UTP) using baluns to transmit analog video, power and data (for PTZ’s) as soon as possible. Baluns are small transceivers that live at each end of a UTP run to convert the analog signal and transmit over Cat5e/6. Different baluns are used for varying run lengths, but it is important to know for future IP considerations that Ethernet standards have a maximum run distance of 100M (328’) between IP devices (switch, PC, IP Camera). If you are installing analog today with baluns, to be ready for IP in the future, the Cat5e/6 cabling must adhere to TIA Ethernet standards of 100M or less, or include proper intermediate junctions and proper Ethernet terminations.

See Truths #3 and #4 here.


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Group VP of LP Macy's New York, NY Macy's
Dir of LP & Risk Mgmt Gordmans Omaha, NE Gordmans
Director Digital LP Nike Portland, OR Nike
AP Analyst Northgate Markets Anaheim, CA Northgate Markets
National Account Manager Vector Security, Inc TBD Vector Security, Inc
Reg LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance Mgr Dunham's Sports United States Dunham's Sports
AP Supervisor Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
AP Associate Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
Investigator II SpartanNash Omaha, NE SpartanNash
Key Account Mgr Checkpoint Systems Any location Checkpoint

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing

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AP Team Leader Target Pacoima, CA Target
Store AP Manager Home Depot Van Nuys, CA Home Depot
District Operations Mgr Home Depot Las Vegas, NV Home Depot
AP Manager Home Depot Brooklyn Park, MN Home Depot
AP Manager in Training Walmart Tamaqua, PA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Enterprise, AL Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Concord, NH Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Dallas, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart New Haven, CT Walmart
Reg Environ Compliance Coord Lowe's Newport Beach, CA Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Boca Raton, FL Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Columbia, MO Lowe's
LP Manager Macy's Lake Grove, NY Macy's
LP Manager Kmart Kapolei, HI Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Algona, IA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Sears Las Vegas, NV Sears Holdings Corp
DC LP Manager Marshalls Phoenix, AZ TJX Companies
District LP Manager TJ Maxx Fort Walton Beach, FL TJX Companies
District LP Manager Walgreens New York, NY Walgreens
LP Manager DC Harbor Freight Tools Moreno Valley, CA Harbor Freight Tools
Sup Chain Ops Sr Mgr JC Penney Buena Park, CA JC Penney
Fraud Mgr Digital Commerce JC Penney Plano, TX JC Penney
Sr Mgr Market Operations Best Buy Richfield, MN Best Buy
Market LP Manager Athleta Boston, MA Gap Inc
LP Manager Belk Southern Pines, NC Belk


Tom Provost was promoted to Director, Corporate Asset Protection for Follett Higher Education Group.
Melisa Alarcon was named Market Loss Prevention Manager for Gap Inc.

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How to Tell a Great Story
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