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Shane Jennings
was named Director of Loss Prevention, Safety and Inventory Control for Music and Arts, a division of Guitar Center.  Shane has been with Music and Arts for over six and a half years. He has worked in the Loss Prevention industry for over 21 years. His previous positions include Director of Loss Prevention for Brook Mays Music Company, Vice President of Operations at Asset Control, Inc. and Regional Loss Prevention Manager at Michaels Stores, Inc. Congratulations, Shane!

Organizations ignore social media when it comes to business continuity planning  New study from Price Waterhouse Coopers finds while many organizations are incorporating business continuity management into their risk program, they are still failing to use social media channels as part of their plan. In a study of approximately 300 professionals, PwC discovered that 57 percent of them do not use social media officially when comes to developing crisis communications in a BCM program. But, those that do, cite Facebook and Twitter as the two most popular channels. "We're telling our clients that they must first look through their crisis communication plan for ways to use social media as an effective communication channel to employees, key third parties, customers and stakeholders. Then, they should look at the more likely crisis and risk scenarios and determine if social media could be used to facilitate crisis identification, internal and external communications, and recovery coordination efforts," Samson added. (Source

Jewelry store heists turning violent
In at least three of the recent robberies reported, suspects and store personnel have been injured or killed and in all of the heists, the robbers have been armed with sledgehammers and/or firearms. Also, in the last few weeks a large number of employees have been killed. Jewelry store robberies are about more than theft. Most are about power, speed and violence. Robbers swiftly storm a store armed and masked, smash jewelry cases and threaten employees with bodily harm and death while taking control of everyone and everything. Make no mistake, most mean what they say and should be considered armed and dangerous and not taken lightly. Some may be affiliated with gangs, high on drugs, career criminals and not afraid of the consequences that they face for their criminal deeds. Most robberies are planned out in advance and many are executed with speed and proficiency. Store employees should cooperate and not escalate the situation. Private security officers assigned to malls or individual jewelry stores should remain vigilant and not assume that "it won't happen here". Officers should be prepared to engage, defend and protect when necessary. (Source

28% of North American retailers of all sizes, particularly department stores and specialty retailers, plan to implement mPOS by the end of 2013  Retail mPOS devices will cannibalize 12.4 percent of traditional POS shipments by 2016. Over the next three years, 85 percent of larger retailers will use mPOS devices as additional transaction points in their stores, not as outright replacements for traditional fixed POS stations. 33 percent of North American retailers have no plans to implement handheld mobile POS devices within the next three years. (Source

2nd Quarter e-Commerce spending up 15.5% over last year in U.S.
The web measurement firm said today that U.S. online spending hit about $49.84 billion in the second quarter, up from nearly $43.15 billion in the second quarter of 2012. In the first quarter of 2013, e-commerce spending increased 13% year over year. (Source

July Comps Miss Targets
Expected to come in at a 4.4 percent gain, according to Thomson Reuters. Most stores failed to meet that number, with the average coming in at 3.9 percent. The results shouldn’t lead to panic, however, since July is “a transitional month." "Hope is for a pickup in August and that back-to-school will spur people to go to the malls. June was a strong month and the hope is that July would be as well,” she said. July seemed to be “more promotional than anticipated,” and the economic picture continues to be spotty. “Everybody is looking for a clean indicator that things are fine, but the recovery is just sluggish.” (Source

Big drama at Penney - Boardroom battle heating up
Mike Ullman, the CEO they brought back to replace Ron Johnson four months ago may not be in position long. As one of the top stock holders and activist, William Ackerman just ripped the board for not moving fast enough with changes and improvement. Ackerman is the executive who had recommended the Apple executive, Ron Johnson, who ran them into the ground. The Chairman had to respond this morning to a letter Ackerman made public late yesterday sending the stock down. Meanwhile, they've been searching for a replacement for Ullman, the CEO, for a few weeks now. And this morning Allen Questrom, the former Radio Shack-Federated Department Stores leader who was just appointed on the board at Men's Warehouse this week, is said to be interested. At this level the politics are incredible and the stakes worth billions. (Source (Source

Tesco May Close U.S. Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Stores
Tesco, the British-based parent company of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market here, may have to simply close its U.S. stores or seek multiple buyers, according to a report Thursday. Tesco operates 200 Fresh & Easy stores in California, Arizona and Nevada. The source speculated that only Aldi, which has plans to enter California, might be interested in taking over the leases "because it can generate enough volume to make it work as it puts itself on the West Coast map." (Source

Cargo thieves becoming 'strategists,' say experts
A range of new cargo theft tactics are being deployed to help thieves take better “control” and thus mitigate the risks of the crimes they are trying to commit. These new “tactics” fall into three categories: identity theft, fictitious pickups and misdirected loads/fraudulent carriers. Cargo thieves are trying to be more “strategic” about thefts so they can better pinpoint and steal specific types of cargo. "We’re seeing more of these ‘strategic’ kinds of thefts due to a combination of factors: more technology being used with greater access to information within the transportation industry and the involvement of more ‘intermediaries’ throughout the supply chain. This allows cargo thieves to be in better control of ‘when’ and ‘where’ a theft is made, in many cases getting the desired cargoes ‘handed over’ to them rather than having to hunt it down and steal them.” “Identity theft” involves the use of a legitimate trucking carrier’s name to arrange to haul a specific load for a customer: and then vanishing with that load. The “misdirected load/fraudulent carrier” scam where thieves may actually set up the “bones” of a real trucking operation – going so far as to contract for insurance. (Source

Security guard steals $77,500 from ATMs to live a lavish lifestyle
Former soldier David Glass took cash from armored trucks he drove to supply bank cash points while working for security company Loomis. Hull Crown Court heard that Glass had taken $77,500 while delivering notes to ATM machines between October and December last year, and that he had been the driver for note delivery of 50 ATM deliveries where money had gone missing. (Source

Talk about real-time analytics - Comcast to send real-time notifications of copyright infringement  Comcast will detect whether or not you’re trying to pirate a movie—and send you an option to rent it at the same time. Comcast is currently testing the new strategy, which would apparently be rolled out to complement the so-called “six strikes” program, otherwise known as the Copyright Alert System, or CAS. If the new system catches a user downloading a movie from the BitTorrent service, according to the report, the system would immediately send a popup to the user alerting him or her to what Comcast thought was being done. (Source

Debs Shops eliminates Director of Loss Prevention position and outsources the LP program  This specialty store chain of 300 stores, operating out of Philadelphia, is owned by a private equity firm.

July Same Store Sales Results

Gap Inc. up 1% (Gap Global up 7%-Banana Republic Global down 1%-Old Navy Global down 5%) with net sales up 5%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Gap Inc. Q2 up 5% (Gap Global up 6%-Banana Republic Global down 1%-Old Navy Global up 6%) with net sales up 8%
99 Cents Stores Q2 up 3.1% with net sales up 8.2%






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eBay rolls out mobile app for retail employees

SAN JOSE -- eBay (EBAY) launched a new service for retailers Thursday in its latest effort to become the partner of choice for brick-and-mortar stores and cash in on the still-thriving local retail industry.

The Retail Associate Platform, unveiled at a media event at the company's San Jose headquarters, follows eBay's expansion of its delivery service, eBay Now, which lets consumers order from their smartphone and have their purchase delivered almost anywhere within about an hour.

The new retail app, which works on tablets that retail employees can carry around the store, will supply information about customers, such as their previous purchases, items they've browsed on the store website, and their likes and dislikes. The app will also show inventory available in other stores and online, allow retail workers to order another size or color directly from the mobile device, and suggest purchases based on the shopper's style and preferences.

The new app is another sign that eBay -- unlike some of its e-commerce competitors -- is not trying to steal business from traditional brick-and-mortar shops, some analysts say.

"They make no effort to interfere with any retailer trying to do business with them," said Bill Smead of Smead Capital Management in Seattle and an eBay shareholder. "Unlike Amazon, which often thinks they can do the business better themselves."

Retail associates will know more about customers than ever before -- in some cases, even their names.

Read the entire article here.

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Man who stole $90 million in Rx drugs linked to Orlando $8M cellphone & tablet warehouse theft  This week, federal prosecutors in Orlando charged 48-year-old Villa with the January 2011 break-in at the Quality One Wireless warehouse in Orlando, stealing $7.8 million in cellphones and tablets. He was also ran the crew that would cut the roof of a warehouses open, drop into the facility and disable the security system. Then they would back tractor-trailers into the loading docks and use the business's own forklifts to steal the loot, according to federal-court documents detailing five of the thefts Villa is said to be responsible for. It's unclear when Villa and his co-conspirators began their burglary spree or exactly how many other heists authorities have been able to track him to. (Source

Second man - ring leader of gang - pleads guilty in smash-and-grab robberies at high-end stores from Richmond to Pennsylvania  A second man charged federally in connection with a spate of smash-and-grab robberies at upscale shops in the Washington area admitted in an Alexandria court Thursday that he and others targeted stores as far away as Richmond and Pennsylvania, and law enforcement officials will have to spend months sorting out exactly how much loot they took. He also admitted that he was the ringleader and organized the group. He acknowledged that the group, which included at least four others, took somewhere between $800,000 and $1.5 million in high-end jewelry, watches and handbags from the likes of the Tourneau and Michael Kors stores as well as Saks Fifth Avenue from April 2012 to April 2013. (Source

Restaurant-robbery killer sentenced
The man who killed a Albuquerque Denny's cook during a botched robbery has been handed a 40-year sentence. The cook at the Denny's at Coors Boulevard NW and Iliff Road was shot when Aguilar, the suspect, who was wearing just socks, slipped on the floor and accidentally fired his gun during an attempted holdup in 2009. (Source

Identity-theft gang member gets 20-year prison sentence in Hawaii for buying $329,449 in counterfeit credit card purchases  Prosecutors say she and friends attempted transaction of $329,449 at luxury retail stores over five days and completed $179,676 in transactions. (Source

Federal Employees among hundreds of victims in Washington D.C. Identity theft scam  Ten individuals have been charged in Alexandria for their alleged involvement in a large-scale identity theft ring operating in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area since at least January 2012. According to the 16-count indictment and a related criminal complaint, two suspects allegedly recruited women to steal personal information, such as social security numbers, addresses, and dates of birth, from their employers, which included a local dental practice, insurer, and rental car company. To date, over 600 potential victims have been identified, including many overseas employees of the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Through this scheme, members of the ring were allegedly able to obtain merchandise from various retailers, including Macy’s, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, and Kay Jewelers. (Source

Stolen credit card gang using cards in Carson City Home Depot - investigation ongoing  Several people used a victim’s credit card May 7, May 22, May 23, twice May 26 and twice May 27 for purchases totaling $5,226.05, Detective Sal Acosta said. Anyone with information is asked to call Acosta at 775-283-7855. (Source

Hayward, WI., serial shoplifter busted hitting Marketplace Foods
Sonya M. Ruiz, also known as Sonya Tainter, 39, is charged with felony retail theft of merchandise valued at $665.90 from Marketplace Foods in Hayward on May 25. Since 2008, Ruiz-Tainter has been involved in multiple retail theft cases and other misdemeanor cases. She’s been convicted four times of municipal retail theft and has been convicted of nine misdemeanors, one of which was retail theft. (Source

Jewelry store owners ambushed, robbed in West Philadelphia  Philadelphia police are on the hunt for a group of four men who targeted jewelry store owners leaving their business. Detectives say the owners closed up shop for the evening and headed to their SUV, where four armed men were lying in wait. The suspects forced the victims to the ground, even tried to handcuff them. They ran away with bags of jewelry and cash, but ended up dropping them in their haste to get away, as they climbed over a 10-foot fence. Police believe they were armed with shotguns. (Source

U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade explains the Hobbs Act, how her office has successfully turned robberies into federal crimes  Making a federal case is answered in 4 questions: Did the defendant induce or attempt to induce the victim to give up property or property rights? Did the defendant use or attempt to use the victim's reasonable fear of physical injury or economic harm in order to induce the victim's consent to give up property? Did the defendant's conduct actually or potentially obstruct, delay, or affect interstate or foreign commerce in any (realistic) way or degree? Was the defendant's actual or threatened use of force, violence or fear wrongful? The act was first used on organized crime and union racketeering. Now, the U.S Attorney’s office has used the Act in cases where the federal penalty outweighs the states, extending the incarceration of some robbers to 30 years or more. (Source

Store manager and her boyfriend charged in Panera Bread robbery in Ocala  Police say a Panera Bread manager and her boyfriend are behind this robbery at the restaurant late Monday night in Marion County. Ocala police say assistant manager Erika Nunez was having financial problems, and set up the robbery with her boyfriend, Geron Jones. He's the man in this surveillance video seen pointing a gun at employees, including Nunez, who originally told police he forced her to take money out of the cash register. Police tracked the two down Thursday afternoon, and investigators say Nunez confessed to setting up the robbery with Jones. Police also recovered the $900 stolen during the robbery. Both Nunez and Jones are in the Marion County jail. (Source

Racine Kmart shoplifter could now face 42 years in prison
A shoplifter who ran from the Kmart store in Caledonia wearing a pair of stolen boots and carrying a stolen rifle scope may be facing the next 42 years in prison. When approached by Loss Prevention in the parking lot, the suspect, later identified as Samuel Sanchez stated he had a gun and the agent quickly backed away. Sanchez was later apprehended by Racine Police. Sanchez was charged with armed robbery, obstructing an officer, and two misdemeanor counts of bail jumping by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office on Thursday. (Source

Gap and Olympia Sports robbed in Swampscott, Massachusetts  Police in Swampscott are searching for a suspect accused of using a gun to rob The Gap on Paradise Road. The alleged armed robbery occurred Wednesday at about 3:30 p.m. According to police, the male suspect entered the store with a gun tucked into the waistband of his pants and demanded money. An employee gave the suspect $181 in a blue and white Gap bag. (Source

Oklahoma City Police searching for cellphone robbery suspect  A series of robberies has Police searching for a suspect in several cellphone store robberies around Oklahoma City. Boost, Crickett and Loco Wireless have all been recent targets of the armed bandit. One store was robbed twice in 10 days. (Source

Two armed gunman rob the Sprint store in Rolling Meadows; 6 people forced into the backroom  Two armed gunman entered the Sprint store forcing 5 sales associates and one female customer to the backroom of the store. No one was reported injured. The suspects where inside the store for only a minute, but managed to escape with a fabric bag filled with stolen phones. (Source

Woman steals a television and a truck from Walmart in Rutland
A woman stole a large screen television from the Rutland Walmart, then went outside at forced herself into a pick up truck driven by a 60 year old man. The suspect demanded that the man flee the parking lot, but backed into a car and jumped out to check the damage he had done. The suspect jumped over to take the wheel of the truck and drove away. Police later recovered the truck and television, the suspect was arrested days later. (Source

French Police and Security Leaders meet in Cannes to discuss improving security to the area  Luxury retailers, city officials, banking representatives and government officials met in Cannes, France, on Thursday to discuss improving security measures after a series of holdups on the French Riviera. The group of leaders now known as the Comité Croisette plans to meet at least once every six months to discuss new measures, such as additional police forces during exhibitions, new video surveillance systems and a special alert button to speed up police intervention. (Source

Memphis Cookie Store owner shoots at fleeing robbery suspects; now he faces charges  Shots were fired in the parking lot of the Southland Mall by the Owner of a cookie store which had just been robbed of $45 from the register. The owner stated that three suspects stole $45 from his register and fled, he chased after them with his 9mm handgun, firing three shots. No one was injured. Mall management isn’t commenting on whether the store owner will be allowed to keep his lease. (Source

First shoplifting reported at the new Chicago Fashion Outlet Mall in Rosemont Georgio Armani Loss Prevention was the first to apprehend at shoplifter at the new Outlet Mall, in its fourth day of operation. Loss Prevention recovered $273 in merchandise, the suspect may also be charged with the possession of a theft detection shielding device. (Source

Two Officers in West Virginia pay for the merchandise of a woman stealing for her children.  The woman was apprehended at a Kmart store in Charleston, West Virginia, she had stolen diapers, rash cream and some clothes for her two small children. The Officer and Detective who responded to the call felt bad that this woman had fallen on bad times, so they paid for the merchandise. Then the officer took the woman’s daughter out to shop for a few more clothing items in the store. (Source



Retail Council of Canada's annual
Retail Loss Prevention Conference

Sept 10-11, 2013
Toronto Congress Centre, South Building in Toronto, ON

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No other event in Canada brings together the industry’s top achievers and leading exhibitors to discuss the key issues impacting loss prevention in retail and the improvement strategies needed to face them head on. Gain best practices, hear about innovative products and services geared towards maximizing profitability and connect with your retail LP community.

The conference brings together Loss Prevention professionals, Internal Audit practitioners, Human Resources and Operations Executives, Information Technology experts, and privacy lawyers — All will benefit from content covered during this conference. Over 300 individuals from across Canada attended this event in 2012. Click here to register.

Elliot Lake mall inquiry sees collapse video, hears 911 calls - where two died and owner could face criminal charges The second phase of the inquiry into the deadly mall collapse in Elliot Lake, Ont., began this morning with the screening of surveillance video in the minutes before and after the roof caved in. Part 2 of the inquiry is dealing with the emergency response to the tragedy. It took four days before the bodies of the two victims -- Lucie Aylwin, 37, and Doloris Perizzolo, 74 -- were recovered. Part 1 of the inquiry, which began hearing evidence in March, has heard how the mall, badly designed and built, leaked from the start. Successive owners did little to address the problem substantively. Ultimately, rust due to decades of salt and water penetration weakened a weld, leading a steel support to give way June 23, 2012. The commission is hoping to issue its final report and recommendations around February of next year. (Source

Credit fraud gang of three hitting retailers in the "GTA" - Greater Toronto Area - for over $250,000 so far  Halton police have arrested a woman and are searching for two alleged accomplices in a fraud investigation that they say spans the entire GTA. Police say the fraudulent activity – including credit card fraud, identity theft, account takeovers and pin resets – began in May and occurred at various retail stores and financial institutions in Halton and across the GTA. Losses are estimated to be around $250,000.00. Christine Watkins, 60, was arrested on Wednesday and faces 27 charges. Police are looking to identify two men and have released security camera images of the alleged accomplices. (Source

Alert clerk catches two suspects swapping out a PST with another one - ready to be skimmed in Yorkton, Saskatchewan  Two males entered the store and ordered some items, but when the cashier turned her back, they swapped out the PST with another one. Suspicious, the cashier noticed the terminal appeared to have been altered. Further investigation by store staff revealed the machine had been tampered with and belonged to another local business. "You have to treat these machines as if they’re money,” said Cst. Josette Collette, the lead investigator on the case. (Source

Canada has moved to chip-based technology
Banks and the major credit card companies have moved to chip technology for debit and credit cards. In addition to the magnetic stripe on the back, cards now also have a microchip – really a small computer – in the card. The microchip is state-of-the-art in payment card technology and is extremely difficult for criminals to duplicate. In fact, chips cards have reduced fraud in a number of other countries where they are currently used. The implementation of chip-based technology is almost done and most retailers and consumers are now able to do chip and PIN transactions. Visa Canada and MasterCard Canada are bringing chip card technology to Canada on behalf of the banks and the financial institutions that issue Visa and MasterCard branded credit cards. (Source

Retail Fast Facts: July 2013

Total monthly retail sales changed by 4.3% over the comparable month last year.
Total sales excluding food, automotive and gasoline changed by 4.1% over the comparable month last year. (Source



Fifteen people known as "Western Express" convicted in $5 million cybercrime ring  The last member of a US$5 million global credit-card fraud ring was sentenced on Thursday in New York state court, ending an eight-year investigation and prosecution. Douglas Latta, 40, was sentenced to between 22 and 44 years in state prison. He was part of a wide-ranging scheme that stole and sold more than 95,000 credit card numbers online as part of a group known as the "Western Express." Latta was one of 15 individuals, some of whom were from Russia and Moldova, convicted. In June, 27-year-old Egor Shevelev was found guilty of grand larceny, money laundering and other charges. He was accused of being one of the premier vendors of credit card data, peddling more than 75,000 of the credit card numbers through online forums out of his apartment in Ukraine and garnering millions of dollars, prosecutors said. Working with Anna Ciano, Latta used the stolen information to forge credit cards that were used to purchase high-ticket items such as Apple products, handbags and video game consoles, which were then sold, prosecutors said. Ciano, 41, was sentenced to between 19 and 47 years. (Source

77 year old Milwaukee ORC Ring Leader bound over for trial  The complaint says Hatch told police he saw between 50 and 100 people per week who sold him items in Milwaukee. He also estimated reselling around $100,000 in stolen merchandise. Hatch is charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to commit retail theft and receiving stolen property for his alleged illegal side job to supplement his Social Security. If convicted, Hatch faces up to three-and-a-half years in prison and $10,000 in fines. (Source

Waco, TX., habitual thief using stolen credit cards at various Waco retailers sentenced to four concurrent 35-year prison terms  Parolee, Jeffery Bryan Fyke, 37, who was charged as a habitual criminal, pleaded guilty to four counts of abusing credit cards owned by elderly individuals. Hewitt implicated in dozens of burglaries of vehicles parked in area churches, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as credit card fraud. (Source

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Tony Sheppard of CVS Caremark to Present "ORC-Product and Supply Chain Integrity" at August 28 StopORC Webinar

Rancho Cucamonga, CA –– StopORC has announced their August StopORC Webinar will feature Tony Sheppard, national manager of ORC unit at CVS Caremark and StopORC Advisory Council member, who will cover “ORC-Product and Supply Chain Integrity.” Scheduled for Wednesday, August 28th at 12 pm PST, the free StopORC Webinar is open to qualified professionals involved in combating Organized Retail Crime (ORC). Registration is available by clicking here.

StopORC webinars are interactive, so during the webinar participants have the opportunity to ask Sheppard questions as well as participate in the monthly webinar poll.

Sheppard is a seasoned professional with over 19 years in retail loss prevention. He has held previous LP positions with Montgomery Ward’s (Lechmere), Bloomingdales, Family Dollar, Pep Boys and The Paradies Shops. He has associate degrees in both criminal justice and business management. In addition to his position on the StopORC advisory committee, he is a member of the NRF Legislative Committee and RILA’s Crimes Against Business Committee. He is also a board member for CLEAR and sits on the advisory board for LERPnet 2.0 and provides guidance and advice to his counterparts in retail as well as law enforcement on combatting ORC. is sponsored by Universal Surveillance Systems LLC (USS) and holds free monthly webinars featuring subject matter and experts who cover current topics such as ORC trends, methods, prevention, investigations, legislation and working with law enforcement. Previous webinars have discussed law enforcement ORC tactics, investigating and prosecuting ORC cases, writing, promoting and passing aggressive ORC legislation.

To register for the upcoming August 28th StopORC webinar with Tony Sheppard, click here or call 1-800-488-9097 for more information.

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Director of Asset Protection Walgreens Deerfield, IL Walgreens
Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
Asset Protection Manager The HoneyBaked Ham Co. Alpharetta, GA The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Director of LP Best Buy Canada Burnaby, British Columbia Best Buy Canada
Corporate LP Manager The Children's Place Secaucus, NJ The Children's Place
LP Regional Director Sears West Region Sears
Corporate LP Manager Eddie Bauer Bellevue, MA Eddie Bauer
Regional Director AP and Ops Home Depot Houston, TX Home Depot
Market LP Director Duane Reade New York, NY Duane Reade
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Goulds, FL Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Duarte, CA Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Visalia, CA Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Elizabethville, PA Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Carlisle, PA Wal-Mart
Regional AP Manager Walmart Bentonville, AR Wal-Mart
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Wichita, KS Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Wilmington, DE Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Garden City, NY Lowe's
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret New Orleans, LA Limited Brands
Regional LP Manager Cato Fashions Arkansas & Texas, US Cato Fashions
LP Manager Kmart Racine, WI Sears Holdings Corp

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Jennifer Florez was named Loss Prevention Data Analyst for JC Penny.
Thomas Wallace was named Loss Prevention Specialist for JC Penney.
Adam Labanosky was named Global Investigator II for Walmart.
Theresa Rudder was named Senior Market Investigator for CVS.
Shane Jennings was named Director of Loss Prevention, Safety and Inventory Control for Music and Arts, a division of Guitar Center.
Anthony Rodriguez was named Senior Manager of Loss Prevention for David Yurman.

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As a manager, you should have expectations for your employees, but how high or low are those expectations? Many operators are afraid to raise the already low job performance expectations bar because they don't want the employees to quit. If you work on raising the expectations bar, incorporate that into your job descriptions, and provide the required training,and coaching, then you can watch your employees take to the skies! (Raise the bar)

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Do Your Employees Have a Sense of Purpose?  Having a sense of purpose, a passion, drives us to go above and beyond in our work. If we can't see how our work is playing into the larger picture, we lack the passion and fulfillment we need from our jobs. To create a more purposeful work environment for yourself or your team, you need to know the outcome that is expected of you and your team, and go above and beyond. (Clearly define expectations)

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We all hit that wall, where we feel like we are just going to lose it, and our world is crashing down. The anxiety, fear, and anger come in waves but we just need to take a moment, get our head on straight, and keep calm. Try these three strategies to keep your cool while going through a crisis. (This too shall pass)

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