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Jewelers' Security Alliance Reports 6-Month Crime Statistics and Trends
- Dollar losses and number of crimes decline over past 5 years

New York, NY - Jewelers' Security Alliance has released its crime statistics for the first six months of 2016 which indicate a continued decline in crime against the diamond, jewelry and watch industry in the U.S. Dollar losses decreased from $33.2 million to $30.8 million, and the number of crimes decreased from 562 to 528.

John Kennedy, President of JSA, said of the results, "While violence and large losses still pose a major threat to the industry, the long-time trend of overall losses is still heading down. Improved security measures by jewelers, greater sharing of information on crimes and suspects, and excellent work by the FBI, ATF, and local law enforcement agencies around the country have all contributed to improved results."

Notable features of the six month results included 30 smash and grab robberies, and over 40 gunpoint robberies, which provided a majority of the large losses. Violence in these robberies included shootings, pistol whippings, the use of pepper spray, and other violence. There were also 10 cases, an unusually large number, in which burglars used vehicles to break into retail jewelry stores, and 20 cases in which burglars broke in from the roof, side walls or an adjoining business rather than through a window or a door.

JSA received reports of 187 grab and runs in retail jewelry stores, 49 distraction thefts and 36 sneak thefts. Despite the new credit cards with chips, thieves have used stolen cards and counterfeit drivers' licenses to continue to carry out numerous fraudulent transactions, particularly seeking high end watches. Read more here.

Miami Area Retailers See Impact From Zika Scare
Retailers in Miami are trying to contain the fallout from the Zika virus as city, state and federal governments step up initiatives to contain the spread of the disease. The first confirmed cases in the continental U.S. occurred in the Wynwood section, the burgeoning, street art-coated warehouse district north of downtown, which regularly receives busloads of international tourists among about 300,000 monthly visitors, according to its Business Improvement District.

Since late July, when the first locally acquired case was confirmed in Wynwood, the Florida Department of Health has reported 16 cases in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Nearly all were in Wynwood or linked to a case from there. Miami also has the most travel-related Zika cases - more than 100 - of any county in Florida, a quarter of the total in the state.

Zika's arrival during the summer slowdown is bittersweet, but Wynwood businesses definitely took a dive. Many blamed media hype as TV and cable news crews' parked satellite trucks in front of neighborhood landmarks. Several of its retailers like Shinola, Warby Parker and Marine Layer weren't available for comment, but those who would go on record reported a swift decline.

With its open-air malls and street retail, the city of Miami Beach implemented a program to reduce standing water and storm water collected in drains in January. Intense, city-wide inspections of commercial and residential property started right after the Wynwood outbreak was announced. wwd.com

Ex-Chipotle employee awarded $550,000 in pregnancy discrimination lawsuit
A U.S. District Court jury in Washington, D.C., awarded a former employee of the burrito chain $550,000 after determining that she was fired by her manager for being pregnant, according to the Washington Business Journal. According to the lawsuit, after Doris Garcia Hernandez told her manager that she was pregnant, he restricted her access to water and bathroom breaks and would not allow her to leave work early to attend a pre-natal doctor's appointment. cnbc.com

Sprint Settles Proposed Background Checks Class Action
Sprint has managed to settle a proposed class action accusing the phone carrier of violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act by asking prospective employees to waive an array of privacy rights, according to a filing Monday in Illinois federal court. Sprint Corp. and job applicant Roberto Rodriguez Jr. jointly filed a stipulation of dismissal agreeing to voluntarily toss the suit with prejudice and without costs, resolving the lawsuit before Rodriguez managed to expand the case to a proposed nationwide class covering Sprint retail job applicants who signed a form authorizing a third party to perform a background check. law360.com

Amazon's Deal With Warehouse Workers Gets Judge's Nod
A California federal judge on Friday preliminarily signed off on a proposed $600,000 settlement between Amazon.com LLC and a class of warehouse employees at Amazon unit Golden State FC LLC over failure to provide accurate itemized wage statements. The preliminary approval concerns a class of warehouse associates employed by Amazon.com subsidiary Golden State FC from March 18, 2014, through Aug. 5 - the preliminary approval date - over their employer's alleged failure to provide accurate, itemized wage statements. law360.com

CEO-Employee Pay Ratio Disclosure No Panacea
As U.S. companies gear up to disclose the ratio of the compensation of a chief executive to the median compensation of employees, research in the U.K. shows that similar disclosures this side of the Atlantic have done little to stop the rise in CEO pay or to nudge employees' pay higher.

CEO pay and its reflection of firm performance has been a preoccupation of U.K. policy makers for a while, and since 2002 companies have had to produce a directors' compensation report for shareholder vote, albeit a non-binding one. A few shareholder revolts later, executive pay became subject to a binding vote at least every three years from 2013, and the disclosure details were enhanced to provide more transparency for investors. But the law stops short of requiring the publication of a ratio between the pay of top executives and average employee. wsj.com

NYC's Store Wars
150 years after the department store's first heyday in New York, a tectonic shift in shopping is taking place in the city. Over the next three years, a slate of new or newly renovated stores is aiming to make Manhattan once again a futuristic laboratory of retail science - all despite the harshest retail environment since the Great Recession. With open floor plans, art installations and locavore eateries, they are intended to be entertainment zones as much as shopping centers. wsj.com

Americans are abandoning a longtime status symbol
- and it's killing Macy's and Nordstrom

Both Macy's and Nordstrom reported sales declines in their most recent quarters. Many analysts expect more bad news when the companies report earnings this month. But one category that has been suffering amid department stores' struggles is the designer handbag, which has long been a status symbol for American women. Key handbag brands - like Michael Kors, Coach, and Kate Spade - have been hurting recently as consumers shop at the company's cheaper outlet stores instead of buying full-price at department stores. yahoo.com

Report: Bankrupt Aeropostale in negotiations with Versa Capital
Aeropostale is negotiating a potential sale to private equity firm Versa Capital Management LLC, Reuters reported. Versa specializes in distressed investments. In court papers filed at the end of last week, the retailer said it has been in discussions with Versa regarding a possible stalking horse bid at the chain's bankruptcy auction later this month. The bid by Versa could include a cash payment for AĆ©ropostale's inventory, and the assumption of more than 500 store leases, with "continued employment for thousands of store-level and corporate employees." chainstoreage.com

Ulta Beauty reposts Director LP - Store Ops position on LinkedIn
Based in Bolingbrook, IL, the Director, Loss Prevention - Store Operations is responsible for leading and inspiring a team of Regional Loss Prevention Managers and Area Loss Prevention Managers and coordinating Loss Prevention efforts for the largest beauty retailer in the United States. linkedin.com

Wind Gap, PA: OSHA investigating fatal forklift accident at NAPA distribution center

Coach to shutter 25% of shops inside department stores

Dunkin' Donuts to open 17 new stores in Atlanta

CVS Wins Exit From Pharmacists' Wage Suits In $2M Deal

Delta Airlines cancels 1,300 flights following computer outage

Quarterly Same Stores Sales Results
Coach Q4 comps up 2%, net sales up 15%
Gap Inc. Q2 comps down 2%, net sales down 1.3%
     Gap Global comps down 3%
     Banana Republic Global down 9%
     Old Navy Global flat


Successful 2016 Florida Loss Prevention Conference Showcased Latest Tips, Technology and Trends

The 2016 Florida Retail Federation Loss Prevention Conference took place July 29 at the Marriott Orlando World Center. More than 200 loss prevention professionals and law enforcement officials attended the day's events, which started off with an opening session featuring the presentation of the FRF 2016 Assistant State Attorney Award to Ansley Peacock of the 11th Circuit as well as keynote speaker Steve Millwee, a nationally-renowned speaker who focused on how to properly handle workplace security issues and protect your staff.

That was followed by four sets of breakout sessions focusing on topics like retail theft, social media tips for investigators, organized retail crime and the latest in technology. The closing general session featured an investigator interviewing a professional thief who shed light on what store managers can do to ensure their business isn't targeted by thieves.

The night was capped off with our 2016 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year awards dinner where we honored Investigator Jayson Paul of the Volusia County Sheriff's Office for his role in breaking up a sophisticated multi-county gift card scam involving millions of dollars and affecting retailers big and small throughout Central Florida. The event was a wonderful showcase of the partnership between law enforcement and Florida's business community with both sides coming together to share tips and make the state a safer place to live.

FRF President/CEO Randy Miller addresses attendees  FRF Loss Prevention Consultant Tom Jackson discusses the day's events
FRF Chair Dan Doyle presenting award and medal to 2016 FRF Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Investigator Jayson Paul, of the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.  LP Conference attendees and 2016 FRF Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Investigator Jayson Paul, of the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

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6 Myths Of Data Breach Response
While the number of major security events has exploded and the space has experienced growth in the professional ranks, there remain a number of myths and common challenges in breach response.  

1. "If We Have to Notify Customers, It Will Be the End of Us" One of the worst mistakes a company can make in breach response would be to delay notification or, worse yet, stretch the analysis in order to avoid notifying consumers.

2. "Notifying Consumers Is No Big Deal - It Happens All the Time" Succumbing to the myth that either notification is the end of the world or that notification does not matter whatsoever can lead to unnatural and surprisingly negative results. An experienced, evenhanded and knowing analysis of the facts and the law should make the decision of whether, when and how to notify relatively easy.

3. "We Need to Tell the Public Everything as Quickly as Possible" Knowing when to notify the public and third parties and what to say to them is an essential component of risk mitigation in incident response.

4. "We Only Need an Email Header to Protect Everything Under the Attorney-Client Privilege"
The prevailing paradigm in breach response is to have a forensic investigator hired either by internal or external counsel and have the investigation conducted under the attorney-client privilege. This is absolutely appropriate as it is a legal investigation conducted with the assistance of an expert in order to render legal advice. Perhaps the most common mistake is the belief that anything labeled "Attorney-Client Privileged" will be protected by the privilege and therefore immune to production to adversaries, which is an overly simplistic view and quite possibly completely wrong.

5. "I Will Just Use My Existing Counsel/PR Firm for This Breach" Many professional firms are entering the incident response space because of the significant market opportunity that it represents. In-house counsel should familiarize themselves with the true experience of those they seek to hire.

6. "We Should Just Use Our Existing Security Firm - They Know Our Systems" Incident responders and forensic investigators experienced in these matters can be the difference between a fast and effective breach response and a slow, ineffective response. law360.com

How Close Are We to Biometric Credit Cards?
Closer Than You Think, Whether You Want Them or Not

"The need for a safer biometric credit card has never been clearer," says Chaya Hendrick, CEO at SmartMetric, a manufacturer of biometric, fingertip-based credit cards. "That's why we have spent over a decade in research and development to place a fingerprint reader inside a credit card. Biometric cards are a quantum leap in credit card security and arguably the biggest advance in card security since the invention of the credit card itself."

SmartMetric released its biometric payment card last April at the Smart Card Alliance Payments Forum in Orlando, Fla., and says it's currently "in talks with card issuing banks around the world."

According to the company, the technology relies on an internally-developed "super-thin" fully functional fingerprint reader that is embedded inside the credit card. "The biometric reader is used to turn on the card's surface chip following a fingerprint match and prior to being inserted into card readers or ATMs," the company says. thestreet.com

Contactless POS Transactions to Reach $500B by 2017
Juniper Research forecasts that point of sale (POS) terminal payment transactions will jump to $500 billion next year from about $321 billion currently. The bulk of the growth hinges on retailer adoption of contactless terminals, which has mostly occurred in Europe - led by the U.K. In the U.S., adoption rates are slower, and while consumers install contactless payment apps like Apple Pay and use it once, repeat usage lags. wwd.com

'Self Audit' employee security training catches 3.5 year-long breach

Michigan State Police issue warning about credit card security chips



TIC Group and ALL-TAG Announce Expansion:
EAS Tag Sorting and Distribution Center in Vietnam

Boca Raton, Florida - TIC Group and ALL-TAG Corporation announce the opening of a new sorting and distribution center in Vietnam, which is a direct response to the huge growth of retail garment manufacturers moving to that country. TIC Group specializes in hanger and EAS Tag reuse, as well as, the reverse logistics that help retailers be more efficient and profitable. ALL-TAG is a leading manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions, such as EAS security tags, EAS security labels, and ink tags.

TIC Group and ALL-TAG's ten-year EAS Tag Recirculation partnership is helping retailers source apply EAS tags at their garment manufacturing facilities around the world. The partnership provides sorting, re-boxing, and quality checking of EAS Tags, along with full-service logistics to move EAS tags from the retailer's stores and/or distribution centers to their garment manufacturers around the world.

The new EAS tag sorting facility in Vietnam will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to transport EAS tags from the retailer to their garment manufacturers. The shorter transport time will substantially reduce the number of EAS tags needed for Recirculation. The new facility in Vietnam is in addition to ALL-TAG's current sorting facilities in Ningbo, China, Boca Raton, Florida, Hong Kong, Stockport, U.K. and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

EAS Tag Recirculation is playing a large role in the evolution of retail logistics and loss prevention. Retailers realize that in-store tagging is very expensive, time-consuming, and highly inefficient, and they are looking toward solutions that move EAS tagging to the most economical place in the logistics chain - out of the store, and to where the merchandise is manufactured. Enterprising early adopters, such as Kohl's, Gap, Zara, Lululemon, and Banana Republic have proven that EAS Tag Recirculation can provide important cost savings to their stores.

For more information about EAS Tag Recirculation or ALL-TAG,
please visit



The NRF LP Protect 2016 Effort & Impact

Bob Moraca, VP of LP , NRF

NRF PROTECT is the nation's leading retail-specific event for those who protect retail brands, assets, people and profits. Bob Moraca, VP, Loss Prevention, National Retail Federation, gives us a look behind the curtain, sharing some of the planning and details that go into delivering an impactful LP conference each year. Learn how NRF Protect is reaching out to other industries, supporting young emerging leaders, and addressing the issues that keep LP executives up at night.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #6

Amber puts Joe on the hot seat, quizzing him on the hot topic question of the day: texting acronyms. See if Joe knows what AFK, FTF, or NIMBY means in this LPNN Quick Take.


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NY E-Tailer To Pay $100k Penalty For Consumer Data Breach
A vision products e-tailer that failed to notify customers that its website had been the target of a data breach that possibly exposed as many as 25,000 credit card numbers has agreed to pay a $100,000 penalty and boost its data security practices, the New York attorney general said on Friday. The settlement concerns Provision Supply LLC, the operator of EZContactsUSA.com, a Brooklyn-based e-tailer that sells contact lenses and eyewear. law360.com

The Blurred Lines Of Digital Identity Authentication
From data and devices, to behavior analysis and technology, there's a growing number of ways digital identities are being authenticated in the payments ecosystem today. But identity assurance is still a hard nut to crack. Though there are many tools and technologies out there, knowing when to use what and where can be a complex decision. Not only is fraud prevention top of mind, but also ensuring that authentication doesn't include increased friction on the consumer or strain on a merchant. As new approaches to authentication continue to emerge, the definition of what it means to validate a person's digital identity is also blurring.

The rise of mobile payments has led to the development of a new set of standards and technologies to authenticate a consumer to an account and then authorize that transaction when that token is passed to the merchant at the point of sale.

Payments tokens that networks generate are starting to blur the line, Madhu said, between the once distinct lines between authentication and authorization and can make it harder to detect whether the token that is being passed is from a legitimate accountholder. Madhu cited the account takeover fraud that plagued Apple Pay in its early days. Stolen card credentials were tokenized, and then passed very securely to the merchant and back to the issuer for authorization. The weak link was the inability to authenticate that the user was legitimate.

Though we're not there yet, the industry is moving in a direction that could potentially separate the payment account credential from the identity credential, creating a secure digitized consumer credential capable of being managed and mapped across different connected endpoints, not just to the merchant point of sale online and in-store. pymnts.com

eBay Brings Shopping to the Wrist


UPDATE: Rockledge, FL: Couple found guilty of Multi- million dollar Racketeering charges in Polk County 'Operation Got Milk'; Woman faces up to 150 years; man up to 30 years
A 51-year-old woman was convicted late Sunday of racketeering and money laundering in a statewide theft of baby formula worth millions of dollars. Alicia Tondreau-Leve now faces a maximum sentence of 150 years in prison. Her husband, Alan Leve, 52, who was convicted of conspiracy to commit racketeering, faces 30 years in prison. Circuit Court jurors deliberated for eight hours before convicting the couple, said Kylie Mason, press secretary for Attorney General Pam Bondi. A sentencing hearing before Circuit Judge Wayne Durden is scheduled for Sept. 23. Officials said the thefts occurred in Polk County and across Central Florida in Publix Super Markets, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie and Target stores over a two-year period. Each of the businesses lost $1 million to $2 million over that time, investigators reported, according to The Orlando Sentinel. In opening statements, Paul Dontenville, assistant statewide prosecutor, said the couple planned to buy a $500,000 home in Brevard County with cash. "This criminal enterprise spanned the entire state of Florida," Dontenville said. Tondreau-Leve's lawyer, Greg Eisenmenger, said his client ran a business on Craigslist that involved the sale of baby formula, but she didn't know the formula was stolen. "They never informed her it was stolen," Eisenmenger told The Ledger during a break in the trial in July. "People stole the formula, sold the formula to people in other areas then sold it to her." In 2014, Tondreau-Leve, who lived in Melbourne, was arrested after a sting involving the delivery of a truckload of 3,300 cans of formula to a storage facility in Melbourne by undercover agents. Jurors learned during the trial that about $35,000 in cash and 3,000 cans of formula worth about $200,000 were recovered. Stolen cans of Enfamil and Similac were sold for an average of $6 to local "fences" who then sold them to a regional buyer for shipment to out-of-state distributors, according to reports at the time of the arrest in July 2014. theledger.com

Woodstock, GA: 4 Arrested in $100,000 Shoplifting Ring Tied Outlet Shoppes in 5 states
Police in Edinburgh, Indiana, on Thursday, Aug. 4 arrested four Tennessee residents. Each suspect has been tied to high-dollar thefts at outlet malls in at least five states, including Georgia. Police say the thefts, resulting in the loss of merchandise collectively worth more than $100,000, kicked off in June of this year. True Religion at the Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta in Woodstock was targeted on June 27, and merchandise worth more than $19,000 was stolen, Woodstock police note. On July 13, the same group allegedly shoplifted from Adidas and Polo stores in Woodstock where more than $11,000 in merchandise was stolen. Woodstock police investigators, working with counterparts with the Calhoun Police Department, were able to identify the suspect responsible for the thefts in their cities as well as similar crimes in surrounding jurisdictions and states. patch.com

College Station, TX: Men charged with stealing hundreds of pairs of jeans from JC Penney
A couple of Houston men are charged with stealing jeans from JCPenney stores all over the state, and police say they were caught in the act in College Station. According to Houston police documents, the operation has been happening since 2012 with an "organized group of professional boosters." Police say Ramiro Rodriguez appears to be the leader of the group. Police say they watched Jose del Angel leave the JCPenney at Post Oak--later police found out he left with 134 pairs of allegedly stolen Levi's--and followed him to the Lowe's parking lot, where they say he met up with Rodriguez who helped him load up his trunk with the jeans. kbtx.com

North Attleboro, CT: Former Planet Fitness employee busted in $4,000 iPad thefts from Walmart; 'STAFF' t-shirt gave him away
Police traced a suspect in the theft of five iPads worth almost $4,000 from Walmart through his gym T-shirt that read "Staff" on the back. Jessie Ocasio allegedly confessed to stealing the iPads and selling them on the street for $150 each to feed his heroin habit. thesunchronicle.com

Deerfield, IL: 2 Women arrested in $2,100 thefts of Baby Formula and Diaper from two Jewel Foods
Two women were charged with retail theft July 31 after they were stopped outside Jewel Foods, 16 S. Waukegan Rd., with 66 items valued at $1,373 that had not been purchased. The items included a large quantity of baby formula and diapers. The employee said the store had been alerted by a Jewel Food store in Glenview about two people who had attempted to steal $735 worth of merchandise. chicagotribune.com

Pair charged in theft of $1256 worth of jewelry, handbags from Belk in Hoover The theft happened on July 13 at Belk. The pair, police said, worked together to take various pieces of Bright jewelry and six Nine West purses. The items totaled $1,256. As they were trying to leave the store, the suspects got into a physical altercation with Loss Prevention employees. Police on July 21 publicized surveillance photos. Investigators said numerous tips came in through Crime Stoppers. al.com

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Bronx, NY: Bodega worker fatally shot after man grabs Officer's gun
The incident began when Guzman walked into the unidentified 49-year-old victim's store to try to sell cellphone accessories, such as chargers and cases. After a brief argument, the worker threw him out of the store and watched Guzman walk into a bodega across the street. The worker then followed Guzman into A&M to warn workers there about the troublemaker. When police showed up, they had to break up a fight between Guzman and the workers. As police were leading Guzman out of the store, he pulled a gun from the holster of one of the officers and unloaded several shots, striking and killing the 49-year-old man, police said. Another cop fired three shots at Guzman, striking him twice. nypost.com

Robberies & Thefts

Battle Creek, MI: Macy's employee threatened with knife,
2 arrested in robbery at mall

A Macy's employee approached the two males and one of them pulled a knife and threatened the worker shortly before 11 a.m. Monday, Aug. 8. The employee was not injured. The pair was arrested a short time later by Battle Creek police, the stolen merchandise and 3 knives were recovered. mlive.com

Brownsville, TX: Parents drag kids across expressway to flee Police
A Brownsville couple is facing multiple charges including child endangerment after dragging their children across the expressway as they tried to evade police. The incident happened Saturday evening as the couple allegedly stole $243 worth of merchandise from Sunrise Mall. Loss prevention officers report Rocha pulled out a pair of pliers and threatened them, as the officers tried to stop the couple. brownsvilleherald.com

Chatham, NJ: Man charged in $75,000 Crescent Jewelers Armed Robbery
Michael Reed has been charged as one of two accomplices who police say tied up an employee of Crescent Jewelers in Chatham with duct tape and robbed him at gunpoint of more than $75,000 worth of jewelry in July. Reed has been arrested 20 times in his adult life and been convicted four times for offenses that include robbery, theft and narcotics. dailyrecord.com

Cincinnati, OH: Ollie's Cashier and friend busted for theft,
followed by assault charge

Kara Whitney, 24, filled a shopping cart at Ollie's with $164 worth of merchandise on Aug. 7. She got into a line where the cashier was her friend, and police said her friend let her walk through without paying. A security guard stood in front of Whitney's car door so she could not leave, police said, and she charged at him and punched him in the face. wlwt.com

Chicago, IL Fresh Market employees come together to stop a Robbery
"Everybody treats each other like family, with respect. Everybody gets to know each other here and we've got everybody's back," said employee Ulises Solis. That closeness was very apparent last night when two men came in to rob the store around closing time. "Once we realized the guns were fake, we chased that guy down and we were able to hold him until the cops got here," Solis said. fox32chicago.com

Dilworth, NC: Elementary School Principal busted at Sam's Club for over $1000 theft; Self Check out scheme
Shannon Jean Dahlberg was charged Monday with felony theft. Sam's Club LP noticed Dahlberg making transactions at the self check out, she would scan low-price items, and keep high-priced items in her cart, then leave the low-dollar items in the scanning checkout area. Further investigation indicates the thefts had gone on fro months, totaling over $1,300. inforum.com

Odessa, KS: Citizens Arrest of Suspect in Lowe's $300 theft

Norwalk, CT: Home Depot Associate bust for $827 register theft

Credit Card Fraud

Cleveland, OH: RNC investigation leads Police to bust suspected credit card theft operation
Police busted a suspected ring of credit card thieves in a suburban Cleveland hotel during last month's Republican National Convention. Westlake police officers responded to a July 18 call from a hotel clerk at TownePlace Suites about suspicious activity related to the RNC. There, officers found four people sitting in parked cars outside the hotel carrying over 30 counterfeit credit and debit cards issued by banks and credit unions in at least five different states. cleveland.com

Houston, TX: Credit Card thief purchases $34,000 of Flooring on stolen American Express

Cargo Theft

Transported Asset Protection Association's (TAPA) warns of increased
Cargo Theft

Cargo crimes in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region continue to grow in frequency, according to the Transported Asset Protection Association's (TAPA) Incident Information Service (IIS) database. The IIS reveals that there were 598 new freight-related cargo losses recorded in the second quarter of this year, representing a 92.9% increase on the same three months of 2015.

Of the new incidents reported to TAPA's IIS for the three months that ended on 30 June, there was a combined loss value for products stolen of $21.4m representing a significant increase on the $5.9M figure for the same period of 2015. The second-quarter losses, when added to crimes that involved a loss in the first quarter of this year, make for a total loss value of $30.3M across the EMEA region over the first six months of this year (based on crimes reported to IIS). aircargonews.net

Counterfeit Goods

College Park, GA: Discount mall raided, several arrests and loads of merchandise seized
A College Park discount mall was raided Monday by police and federal agents after vendors were accused of selling counterfeit goods. After undercover investigations, officials arrested several vendors at The Discount Mall who were believed to be involved in the selling of fake, high-end designer handbags, shoes and watches. It is believed this is the fifth raid in the past 10 years. ajc.com

Beijing, China: Fake Victoria's Secret underwear seized
Law enforcement officials in Xicheng district raided some stores in a wholesale market near Beijing Zoo, seizing more than 5,000 pieces of underwear and sleepwear of counterfeit American brand Victoria's Secret on August 4. globaltimes.cn

UK: Derbyshire: A Derbyshire trader who admitted selling counterfeit handbags and purses carrying designer labels has been handed a curfew and had 140 items seized
The charges related to counterfeit goods being sold as original Michael Kors, UGG, Chanel and Louis Vuitton products. derbytelegraph.co.uk


Boost Mobile - Pittsburgh, PA - Armed Robbery
B-Quick - Starkville, MS - Robbery
Circle K - Tucson, AZ - Robbery
Dollar General - Akron, OH - Armed Robbery
Domino's - Menomonie, WI -Burglary
Edgewood Express - Pittsburgh, PA - Robbery
Family Dollar - Cleveland, OH - Burglary
Family Dollar - Leavenworth, KS - Armed Robbery
Famous Footwear - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Fisherman's Wharf - San Francisco, CA - Burglary
Fresh Market - Chicago, IL - Robbery
Jack in the Box - Broken Arrow, OK - Armed Robbery
Kangaroo Express - Clarksville, TN - Armed Robbery
Mama Rosa's - Akron, OH - Armed Robbery
Mountain View C-Store - Anchorage, AL - Shooting/ 1 injured
ODIN Firearms - San Angelo, TX - Burglary / 1 Arrested
Quik Mart - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
Romantix - Commerce City, CO - Armed Robbery
Smoke Shop - Peoria, AZ - Armed Robbery
Star Mart - Killeen, TX -Robbery
Subway - Santa Fe, NM - Armed Robbery/ shot fired
Tony's Guns - Sumter County, SC - Burglary



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Turn Setbacks Into Strength, Using Failure to Get Ahead  When you deeply want something, there's nothing standing in your way. No matter the blood, sweat and tears, you will find a way to reach for the stars. There are so many learning opportunities you can take from failure, so don't let setbacks keep you from success. Here's how to turn them into your strength. Bounce back
3 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Experience Setbacks  Nothing is going to be easy, especially when you're reaching for your dreams, but obstacles don't have to define the end of your journey. You just need to know how to recover quickly and keep going. Here are some ways you can stay motivated and focused even after experiencing rough setbacks. All part of the process

33 Olympic Quotes to Inspire You to Do Better and Be Better  The Olympics celebrats the humans ability to achieve our dreams. Through challenges, setbacks and failure, these athletes push through and truly go for the gold. If you're looking for some inspirationt to help keep you going, here are some Olympic quotes to help you do and be better in all aspects. Keep fighting

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Sometimes it's not what you say that's important as much as it's what they feel six months after the conversation. Being a good wordsmith is a skill, but ensuring that what you say leaves the right impression long term is a true art and one that is only reached by reflection and intention.

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