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National Retail Systems, Inc. Discusses How the Trucking Industry Should Respond to the Nice Attack
(NRS) Vice President of Risk Management, William Cluver, discusses how members of the trucking industry can start taking preliminary precautions from terrorism in the wake of the most recent nationwide terrorist attacks.

"Some trucking companies are hiring drivers with little to no experience in order to meet hiring targets," said Cluver. "But, if there was ever an event that should cause the industry to shift focus from speed-hiring back towards safety and security, this is it."

Trucking companies are still feeling the effects of a nationwide shortage of truck drivers - NRS explored the driver shortage and some of the potential causes in a 2015 survey. The trucking industry has frantically been trying to solve the problem by offering better incentives and lowering the minimum requirements for becoming a driver. But are lowering hiring standards a responsible position to take?

"The trucking industry prides itself on its tight regulatory atmosphere and focus on safety-from the moment a candidate fills out an application all the way throughout their driving employment," said Cluver. "But, those background checks could be more extensive if they were taken as seriously as if they were obtaining a Transportation Worker Identification (TWIC) card."

"Now requiring a more extensive background check would mean that it would take longer to hire a driver and make the applicant pool even more shallow, but this setback much like the other safety precautions post 9/11 are safeguarding our country," said Cluver. prnewswire.com

Self-Service Checkouts Can Turn Customers Into Shoplifters, Study Says
Self-service checkout technology may offer convenience and speed, but it also helps turn law-abiding shoppers into petty thieves by giving them "ready-made excuses" to take merchandise without paying, two criminologists say.

In a study of retailers in the United States, Britain and other European countries, Professor Adrian Beck and Matt Hopkins of the University of Leicester in England said the use of self-service lanes and smartphone apps to make purchases generated a loss rate of nearly 4 percent, more than double the average. Given that the profit margin among European grocers is 3 percent, the technology is practically a nonprofit venture, according to the study, which was released this month.

The scanning technology, which grew in popularity about 10 years ago, relies largely on the honor system. Instead of having a cashier ring up and bag a purchase, the shopper is solely responsible for completing the transaction. That lack of human intervention, however, reduces the perception of risk and could make shoplifting more common, the report said. Studies have been inconclusive about whether the systems actually promote more pilfering, but researchers believe they are a gateway for shoppers to act in ways they ordinarily would not.

One million shopping trips were audited in detail in the study, amounting to six million items checked. Nearly 850,000 were found not to have been scanned, the report said, making up 4 percent of the total value of the purchases. Proving intent - determining whether it was deliberate or an oversight - and deciding whether to press charges can be "a legal and customer relations minefield," the report noted.

Store employees assigned to self-service lanes are often monitoring too many at once to be effective, said Read Hayes, a research scientist at the University of Florida and the director of the Loss Prevention Research Council.

"Public view monitors" perched either above or at eye level at the self-service machines can help combat theft
, Dr. Hayes said. Shoppers appear on the screen, with a sign noting they are being watched. Random controlled trials have found increased sales in lanes with the monitors, meaning there were fewer deliberate or careless losses, Dr. Hayes said. nytimes.com

San Mateo, CA: Domino's faces a $115M lawsuit over stolen
Driver-Tracking Technology

The company says it became aware of serious signs of trouble at a meeting in July 2015, when Domino's asked Prostar to explain in writing exactly how it would complete its rollout plan. Several weeks after Prostar provided its first draft of how to roll out the plan it had been working on for 10 years, Domino's told Prostar it was going to develop its own solution and "would pay Prostar nothing," the lawsuit says.

Prostar says it attempted to salvage the situation by providing a 57-page detailed description of its system to Domino's digital experience program manager Aaron Nilsson, after he suggested they could "still play a role in the nationwide rollout." But by the end of 2015, Domino's stopped all communications with Prostar, according to the complaint. The company wants a judge to bar Domino's from using and keeping Prostar's proprietary information, as well as $115 million in compensatory damages. courthousenews.com

"retail stores would cease to exist" - If Amazon Does Drones Right
 If Amazon's drone program succeeds (and Amazon says it is well on track), it could fundamentally alter the company's cost structure. A decade from now, drones would reduce the unit cost of each Amazon delivery by about half, analysts at Deutsche Bank projected in a recent research report. If that happens, the economic threat to competitors would be punishing - "retail stores would cease to exist," Deutsche's analysts suggested, and we would live in a world more like that of "The Jetsons" than our own.
The company's drone program, which Mr. Bezos unveiled on "60 Minutes" in 2013, is central to this future; drones could be combined with warehouses manned by robots and trucks that drive themselves to unlock a new autonomous future for Amazon. nytimes.com
Forever 21 Joins Zara In Being Called Out For Stealing From Indie Designers
Forever 21, specifically, has been called out many times for supposedly ripping off design ideas or even replicating exact copies of a smaller designer's piece. Just last week, Millinksy, the artistic director of NASASEASONS, a brand worn by Zendaya and Rihanna, posted an image to Instagram of a shirt Forever 21 was selling with one of his brand's signature sayings, "I came to break hearts."  mic.com
Eddie Bauer Can't Trim Call Recording Suit's Damages Bid
A California judge Tuesday denied Eddie Bauer's bid to slash the damages at stake in a putative class action alleging it secretly recorded customer calls from $5,000 for each call to $5,000 total, but said the California privacy law at issue is unclear and that appellate review would be helpful.  law360.com

Westfield World Trade Center To Officially Open August 16th
It's official: The long-awaited Westfield World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan is finally ready to open its doors. Likely to become one of the city's most visited retail destinations, the shopping center will celebrate its grand opening on Aug. 16. With 365,000 sq. ft. of retail space, it will feature more than 100 global and local fashion, beauty, lifestyle and technology brands. chainstoreage.com

WZ Blooper Reel
Wicklander-Zulawski instructors find it easier to talk to a room full of people than to a single camera! Check out their hilarious blooper reel ... but make sure to check them out in their element at the next Premier Investigators workshop September 7-8 in Las Vegas or September 21 - 22 in Orlando. For more information, click here.

Iran becomes first country to ban Pokémon Go due to 'security concerns'

Aeropostale to keep 500 stores open

Lidl announces new Regional HQ/DC in Cecil County, MD

Sandwich chain worker accused of drugging officer's drink
Chipotle's Latest Plan to Win Back Customers: Free Booze

Abercrombie & Fitch unveiling new store prototype in Columbus

Humane Society Appeals to FTC to Stop Retailers From Mislabeling Faux Fur

Elizabeth, PA: GetGo employee fired after confrontation with veteran who is double amputee over handicap parking space

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Canada's Indigo Books & Music Q1 comp's up 7.7%, sales up 4.4%
Wendy's Q2 North America comp's up 0.4%, sales down 21.8% due to sale co. stores
The Container Store Q1 comp's down 1.4%, sales up 4.4%
Ralph Lauren Q1 retail comp's down 6%, net revenue down 4%
Michael Kors Q1 comp's down 7.4%, total revenue up 0.2%

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Loss Prevention Expo Conference

September 15th at DCU Center in Worcester, MA
Please join us as we bring Loss Prevention, Security, Risk Managers and Solutions Partners together with law enforcement, prosecutors and policy makers to learn more about how to keep our stores, employees, and customers safe and secure.

This expo will aim to collaboratively and comprehensively discuss subjects such as Organized Retail Crime, external and internal theft, private/public sector partnerships, asset protection technology, financial crimes and emergency preparedness. Billions of dollars in revenue, tax dollars and man hours are lost each year while industry professionals and law enforcement tirelessly work to investigate, prosecute and punish crimes against retailers. The New England Loss Prevention Expo strives to propagate an environment where learning, preparedness and networking arm us all with the tools to combat those crimes.

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EMV Pushing Aside Other Payment Initiatives
Reducing credit and debit card fraud by implementing EMV chip card acceptance has become retailers' top payment issue in 2016, but retailers are also busy with new data security enhancements such as point-to-point encryption and tokenization to better protect payment card data. That's according to a new study released today by the National Retail Federation and Forrester that surveys CIOs and technology executives at 59 large and mid-sized retail companies and is the first partnership between the two that focuses on retail industry payment issues.

The State of Retail Payments 2016 study - subtitled "Securing Consumer Payment Data Continues to Dominate the Payments Agenda" - also found that EMV adoption has been hampered by bottlenecks throughout the U.S. payment system and that the emphasis on security has pushed aside other priorities such as mobile payment. nrf.com

The Internet of Things
At its most simplistic, IoT is the result of low-cost computing that connects everything on the planet - person-to-person, machine-to-machine and interactions between both. In other words, the global transfer of data without the need for human intervention.

"The pre-IoT generation was built around instrumenting pallets and products with RFID chips. ... Now we're starting to transition. Systems that were once proprietary are now opening up. It's a huge benefit for data visualization and information exploration. Now we can use open standards tools to look at any data."

Research by Goldman Sachs indicates that the IoT universe already consists of 12 billion connected devices, a number that could soar to 30 billion by 2020.

In a July 2015 report, Juniper Research forecast that by 2020 retailers worldwide will spend $2.5 billion in IoT-related hardware - including beacons, RFID tags, other types of sensors and installation costs, a nearly fourfold increase from 2015.

Using IoT to manage inventory may be retail's biggest challenge; overstocks, understocks and deep discounting alone cost the industry $1.2 trillion annually in missed opportunities, according to Jensen.

Another promising technology, featured by Intel at NRF's Annual Convention and Expo in January, is conductive ink on packages, and a way to read that ink on shelves. "We're seeing that technology mature," Jensen says. "The question is, who's going to spend the capital to deploy it? We may not see it as much on pancake mix as we will on high-value items like razor blades to track stock and reduce theft." nrf.com
Contactless POS Transactions to Reach $500B by 2017
Juniper Research forecasts that point of sale terminal payment transactions will jump to $500 billion next year from about $321 billion currently.

The bulk of the growth hinges on retailer adoption of contactless terminals, which has mostly occurred in Europe - led by the U.K. In the U.S., adoption rates are slower, and while consumers install contactless payment apps like Apple Pay and use it once, repeat usage lags.
The POS transactions, which are conducted in stores, include contactless cards as well as wearables and mobile devices with payment apps. And while $500 billion sounds like a hefty sum, it still represents only 5 percent of all of the global POS transactions expected to be occurring in stores in 2017, according to the Hampshire, U.K.-based Jupiter.

The research firm said the surge in contactless-enabled POS terminals began in 2015 and was driven by "retailer obligations to card companies in many markets to ensure that all terminals will be contactless ready by 2020." It noted that this commitment is "likely to prompt an upsurge in migration to contactless payment." wwd.com

Big Banks Team Up to Fight Cyber Crime
Eight of the largest U.S. banks forming a group that seeks to tackle the growing threat
While still in its early stages, the big banks expect the group members will share more information with each other about threats, prepare comprehensive responses for when attacks occur and conduct war games designed for the issues facing the biggest institutions.

The big banks are currently part of a wider group of banks that looks to share information about cyberrisks. But with 7,000 members, the biggest banks felt they needed an outlet that reflected the fact they are more likely to be targets of hackers than their smaller brethren and have more complex systems, according to people familiar with the matter. wsj.com


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Chip-based credit cards have dramatically reduced fraud in Canada, but researchers expose new security gap
The EMV standard - or the smart cards created by Europay, Mastercard and Visa that store data on integrated circuits - has been implemented in Canada and around the world as means to beef up security. Since its introduction, it has been credited with reducing credit card and debit card fraud, between 2008 and 2014, by 68.37 per cent 89.49 per cent respectively.

But researchers have found a new flaw in chip-based credit cards that could leave many consumers exposed to potential theft. According to CNN Money, payment-technology company NCR demonstrated at the Black Hat computer security conference last week how thieves can rewrite the magnetic-stripe code also found on the cards and confuse machines being used in transactions into ignoring the security measure. NCR said this method of getting around the chip technology is possible because retailers are upgrading their payment machines without encrypting the transaction. ca.yahoo.com

Two months after first strike against Visa, Walmart mum on follow-up
On June 11, Walmart launched a shocker when it made a bold pledge to stop accepting Visa at its more than 400 Canadian stores. That left Canadians waiting and wondering when their Visa cards will be rejected at their neighbourhood Walmart.

But close to two months later, the retail giant has only made one small move: On July 18, it dropped the credit card from its three locations in Thunder Bay, Ont., whose population is slightly over 100,000. Walmart announced the countrywide ban to protest what it calls Visa's "unacceptably high" merchant fees. But the delay in any action beyond Thunder Bay leads some business experts to suspect that - with Visa not yet giving in - Walmart may be close to backing down. cbc.ca

K-Mobile To Hire 100 Syrian Refugees to Work in 250 New Stores
Today the founder and Chief Executive Officer of K-Mobile, Shami Munir, joined with Ontario's Premier and MPP Don Valley West Kathleen Wynne at the grand opening of Canada's first K-Mobile store, to announce that 100 Syrian refugees will be hired as employees once the company expands to 250 stores across the Greater Toronto Area. newswire.ca

Former Ben Moss employee cut without severance, files complaint
Dozens of full-time employees were laid off at the Ben Moss Jewelers head office in Winnipeg, as the company prepares to close its 54 locations across the country. "I wasn't expecting it this soon, it blindsided me, I was in shock," said Sime, who was ensured her job in accounting would be safe until the end of the year. Sime about the 26 other employees let go by the company last week. According to those former employees, the company cut off their pay on the same day they were given termination letters and did not offer severance packages. She has filed a complaint with the Manitoba Labour Board and said since then a dozen more former Ben Moss employees have followed her lead. ctvnews.ca

Toronto police raid 3 marijuana dispensaries
As governments lay groundwork for legal recreational pot next spring, Toronto police keep raiding medicinal marijuana dispensaries and want the public to help them continue. Officers raided three dispensaries Monday, seizing 21.5 pounds of pot products, $15,841.05 in cash and laying Criminal Code drug charges against six men. thestar.com

Aritzia to open second-largest Canadian location this month


Grande Prairie tops list of most dangerous cities in Canada
For the second straight year, Grande Prairie was the worst among Canada's 100 largest cities and police districts, according to a Maclean's analysis of Statistics Canada's collection of police-reported figures. Not only has Grande Prairie long been more violent than Alberta's largest city, and the nation, but crime has surged 64 per cent since bottoming in 2010. The city was Canada's worst in both non-violent crime and violent crime in 2015, which taxed an understaffed local RCMP force and eroded citizen confidence that Grande Prairie was safe.

Grande Prairie scored triple the Canadian average on the StatsCan measure, which weighs reported crimes by their seriousness, giving more heft to the worst offenses, such as murders, robberies and serious assaults. macleans.ca

Cold Lake, AB: 7-Eleven fight leads to deadly car chase
Mounties received a complaint about a fight involving two men at a 7-Eleven, where a man who appeared to be intoxicated was allegedly waving a knife, RCMP said in a press release. The armed man drove away in the SUV before RCMP arrived at the convenience store.

An RCMP member then located the SUV on Highway 28 and attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the man failed to stop and began to drive erratically. Moments later, the officer came across the two-vehicle collision involving the SUV and the truck. The SUV was in a ditch, and the driver - a 36-year-old man whose name will not be released - was declared dead on scene.

Whitehorse store owner credits police for quick response to break-in
The owner of a downtown Whitehorse business says his store's security system - and a quick response by local police - helped thwart an attempted robbery early Sunday morning. cbc.ca

Grande Prairie, AB: Two charged in violent convenience store robbery

Sidney, BC: Drunk man with mental health issues takes child from Save-on-Foods grocery store

St. John's, NL: Man sought in early-morning armed robbery spree of two stores

Robberies & Burglaries

Ayer Convenience - Moncton, NB
Circle K - St John's, NL
City Pawn - West Kelowna, BC
Hollywood Deli - Rutland, BC
Jolly Giant Convenience Store - Campbell River, BC
Mac's Convenience - Morinville, AB
Meadia Solutions - Whitehorse, YT
Shell - Hague, SK
Shoppers Drug Mart - Nanaimo, BC
Subway - Barrie, ON
Ultramar - St. John's, NL
Unnamed Business - Tweed, ON
Unnamed Gas Station - Saskatoon, SK
Unnamed Gas Station - Saskatoon, SK

A better choice for retailers

As a national leader in retail business security, Protection 1 has developed a reputation for top-notch customer service that has helped the company continue to grow, rapidly expanding its footprint across North America in recent years. Rex Gillette, VP of Retail Sales for Protection 1, talks about the company's recent merger with ADT and what it means to their retail business, the "1 Touch Pod" approach of their National Account Operations Center, and the key features behind their next-generation eSuite 2.0 data analytics platform.

LPNN Quick Take #7

Garret King, Business Development Manager for Cam Connections - a division of Protection 1, chats with Joe and Amber about his work with the Loss Prevention Research Council, how he got into the security integration business, and fashion in this LPNN Quick Take.

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Alibaba Cautioned on Fakes in Rare Public Comments
China's head of industry took Alibaba Group Holding Chairman Jack Ma to task for not cracking down on pirating on the country's biggest e-commerce platform.

"I've repeatedly told Jack Ma that he is not in the land of outlaws and he should take the primary responsibility," said Zhang Mao, the head of China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce, in rare public comments that reopened a rift over counterfeit goods. The remarks from the recent interview with Mr. Zhang signal the spat between the SAIC and Alibaba is far from over. wsj.com

Bitcoin Payments Are More Secure Than EMV Chip Based Cards
Credit Card frauds have hit an all-time high across the world. In last year alone, total damages of over $16 billion was caused by fraudulent credit card transactions. People become targets to hackers and cyber criminals who use various methods to gain access to an individual's personal information, including full name, credit card number, CVV etc. and use it to make fraudulent transactions.

As the fiat based banking industry continues to struggle with security problems, the bitcoin-based payment services offer a much simpler and secure option. In order to gain access to a customer's bitcoin wallet, one has to either physically access the device and enter the right PIN to authorize transactions or have access to the wallet's private key. In addition, users also have the option to use any wallet and change the wallet at any time they want, without having to go through a long process like in the case of debit and credit cards. newsbtc.com

Apple Kicking Fake Bitcoin Apps Out Of App Store
According to a report, in the last week or so, more than 10 counterfeit bitcoin apps have made it into the App Store, with some of them designed to steal bitcoin from users that are worth thousands of dollars. Apple told Motherboard, according to the report, that all of the apps have since been removed from the App Store. pymnts.com

E-commerce accounts for more than half of QVC's US sales


Los Angeles, CA: 2 Arrested In Theft of $50K worth of Baby Formula
Two brothers have been arrested on suspicion of stealing more than $50,000 in baby formula from warehouses in Los Angeles, police said Tuesday. Joe Lopez, 27, and Nick Lopez, 22, were arrested on June 30 in connection with the large-scale thefts of baby formula believed to be connected to organized retail crime, Los Angeles police said in a statement. The thefts from the warehouse totaled over $50,000 in a six-week period. Investigators had looking into the thefts discovered a warehouse security guard, who had been contracted through a private company, had allowed a second suspect to enter the facility after business hours and removed large amounts of baby formula. cbslocal.com

Indianapolis, IN: Security video shows thief stealing 200 pairs of panties from Gap
The Indianapolis Metro Police are working to track down a thief who stole 200 pairs of ladies underwear (total value of $2,000) from the Gap in The Fashion Mall at Keystone. fox59.com

Roanoke County Police investigating Organized Cell Phone Theft Ring
Masked burglars are stealing electronics from stores up and down the Interstate 81 corridor and the Roanoke County Police Department is asking for your help to put it to an end. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of phones and tablets have gone missing and there are few leads because there's so little evidence left behind. wdbj7.com

Scranton, PA: Feds charge 2 men with theft of 48 firearms from gun store and Heroin trafficking
Two men were charged Tuesday in U.S. Middle District Court. Signed guilty pleas agreements also were filed. One man is accused of stealing 48 firearms from Fulmer's Sporting Goods on May 24, 2015. His accomplice is accused of transporting 47 of the stolen firearms into New York between May 26 and June 15, 2015, the day of their arrest. Both have remained in custody since then. pennlive.com

Update: Dayton, OH: Pawn Shop/ Fencing Operation suspects head to trial
A Montgomery County jury heard opening statements Tuesday in the trial of the owners of the Moraine City Pawn shop, who are accused of accepting stolen merchandise from drug addicts at the shop. Jeff Rich and his wife Lisa, who own the shop are charged with receiving stolen property, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and money laundering. At their shop was stolen property from "CVS, Bass Pro Shops and other places throughout southwest Ohio. Police investigated the shop for 18 months before raiding it in July 2014 and arresting Jeff Rich. whio.com

Spartanburg County, SC: Man caught on camera stealing $2,500 in Ray-Ban glasses from Walmart
The man was caught on camera at the Dorman Centre Walmart. A loss prevention officer said the manager of the Vision Center notified him that 17 pairs of Ray-Ban glasses were missing. wyff4.com

Chicopee, MA: 2 tried to steal over $2,000 in power tools from Home Depot; man's 11th shoplifting arrest
Chicopee Police said Asset Protection from Home Depot had been had been conducting surveillance on an alleged suspect known to have shoplifted at their store. They were able to stop him, John Duncan and Jennifer Matlasz. After officers spoke with store security, they learned that the two suspects had allegedly attempted to hide over $2,225 of power tools, and leave the store. wwlp.com

Minneapolis, MN: Sports Authority 'Grab and Run' thief charged with felonies
at multiple stores

A man has been charged with robbing multiple Sport Authority stores around the metro area. Conan Hernandez faces two counts of theft, with one being with a prior conviction. Both are felonies. The theft at a Sports Authority store in Burnsville was over $600 in merchandise. cbslocal.com

Sacramento, CA: Kohl's 'petty thief', tied to thefts at 4 area stores,
to remain in jail

Jaytwon Ross, appeared Tuesday in Solano Superior Court facing burglary and conspiracy charges from a theft last month at Kohl's in Vacaville. Ross is one of six individuals allegedly involved in a burglary ring hitting Kohl's stores in Citrus Heights, Stockton, Sacramento and Vacaville. thereporter.com

Johns Creek, GA: Target arrests 2 felony shoplifters within minutes
Two men were arrested July 27 for felony shoplifting at Target. Police were called to arrest a man who stole over $500 of merchandise. While that man was being arrested, another man was seen abandoning a cart near the entrance, the cart had $900 worth of unpaid-for Nicorette gum in it. northfulton.com

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6 Most Popular Retail Crime Stories
in first six months of 2016


New video released in Albuquerque K-Mart death investigation
KRQE News 13 has obtained new video following a controversial death at an Albuquerque K-Mart. Police are investigating to see if K-Mart loss prevention workers caused the death of a shoplifting suspect while restraining him. Albuquerque Police blacked out a lot of video that shows exactly what an officer saw when he got to the store, but it does give us a closer look at the investigation and what witnesses said that day. An officer arrived at Kmart around 5 p.m. on May 3 to find a shoplifting suspect, Jonathan Sorensen, handcuffed with three loss prevention workers holding him face down on the floor, according to a police report. The employees told police they were on Sorensen about 5 minutes, but a witness later said it was more like 20. krqe.com

Wesley Chapel, FL: Police Officer slams female Shoplifter to the ground; failure to comply or abuse of force?
Tiffany Tebo was accused of shoplifting from Bealls Department Store. A police officer in Wesley Chapel, Florida, ordered her to put her hands behind her back, instead of complying, she pleaded with him and got thrown to the ground. He slammed her head causing blood to splatter and drip down her back. At one point, the deputy's hand can be seen around her neck, and the situation escalates, leading to Tebo bleeding severely from her head. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco spoke on behalf of the unnamed deputy and defended his actions. dailymail.co.uk

Mississauga, Ontario: Brawl erupts in Costco parking lot after dispute over spot
Video of a disagreement over a parking spot that led to a brawl outside a Costco this past weekend in Mississauga, Ont., has prompted an investigation by Peel Regional Police. Joe Carreiro was walking back to his car, arms filled with bulk purchases, when he was stopped, quite literally, in his tracks. His car was blocked in, and a screaming match over a parking space was escalating. Over the next few minutes he watched - and then started filming - as the conflict seemed to dissipate and then picked up again, eventually coming to blows. cbc.ca

'Diamond Diva' allegedly went through extensive 'training' before robbery spree
The "Diamond Diva" allegedly had extensive training before stealing over $4 million worth of jewels in a five-state series of armed robberies. Abigail Lee Kemp, 24, was arrested mid-January and is accused of carrying out six raids on jewelers across Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee since April 2015. But prior to starting her stint in crime, Kemp reportedly received extensive "training" in handling a handgun, the art of zip-tie restraint, code words and which items to steal. chron.com

Pleasant Hill, CA: Nordstrom Rack Armed Robber flees
in high speed chase

Police are searching for a heavily-tattooed suspect they say committed an armed robbery at a Nordstrom Rack store. Police say parolee Charles Justus, 22, of Hayward was armed with a gun when he robbed the store at 703 Contra Costa Blvd. about 1:45 p.m. Tuesday. Employees called 911, and Police spotted Justus in a truck and began chasing him. The pursuit continued through neighboring cities and the freeway before officers decided to break off the chase when the suspect drove onto oncoming traffic. Police later determined that a woman and three young children were in the truck at the time of the chase. ktvu.com

Medford, OR: Off-duty Police Officer found Justified in Fatal Shooting of a Shoplifter with a Knife at Sportsman's Warehouse
The Grand Jury ruled that Sgt. Darrell Graham was justified in the January death of 27-year-old Timothy Joseph Alex Caruthers. Caruthers was apprehended by Loss Prevention for shoplifting a hat and gloves at Sportsman's Warehouse. Officer Graham, who was shopping in the store, identified himself as a police officer twice and asked Caruthers to cooperate. Inside the store's loss prevention office, Caruthers refused to be searched for weapons, but pulled a folding knife out of his pocket and placed it on a bench next to him. When store staff said they were calling police, he grabbed the knife, opened the 3-inch serrated blade with his teeth and made a swiping motion toward employees. Graham was still at the customer service counter when Caruthers ran near him. Graham drew his duty pistol and told him to drop the knife. Caruthers ran toward the front door. Graham pursued him, Caruthers ran across Highway 62. Caruthers turned toward him holding the knife. Graham testified he believed Caruthers would stab him and shot him two times, first in the chest, then in the head. Caruthers fell to the ground and died at the scene. mailtribune.com

Robberies & Thefts

Long Island, NY: Man files $2M Wrongful Arrest suit against Nassau County
A Holtsville man cleared of carjacking, robbery and theft charges at CVS stores has filed a wrongful arrest lawsuit demanding more than $2 million from Nassau County. David Melis, 60, accused Nassau police officers of conspiracy and falsifying evidence when they charged him in April 2015 with stealing from four CVS stores. Police had said he stole razors from the CVS in East Rockaway, where he struggled with employees, then got away by carjacking a woman. Officers "unduly influenced and/or coerced" witnesses to pick Melis in a photo lineup, according to one of the few examples of problems cited in the suit. Melis had insisted he had evidence showing he was in Holbrook during the carjacking and charges against him were dropped that June, after forensic evidence in the hijacked car led to the arrest of Alexander Wachmyanin, 50. newsday.com

Rapid City, SD: Police urge charges for bystander who shot at robbery suspects
Rapid City police say it was a crime for a man to shoot at two suspects during a convenience store robbery in June, saying he acted without provocation and did not follow gun laws. Police have arrested the two men accused of robbing the store on June 22. Further, the police department said it has requested a warrant for the arrest against the 22-year-old bystander who fired at the suspects as they fled. rapidcityjournal.com

Great Falls, MT: Walgreens employee charged with stealing $2,000 of pills
Sebastian Thornton has been charged with a felony count of theft and a felony count of criminal possession of dangerous drugs. On Monday, Great Falls Police went to the Walgreens for a report of an employee stealing, and the manager told police Thornton has been taking prescription drugs from the pharmacy for several months and that Thornton had admitted to the manager that he had taken between 3,500 and 5,000 hydrocodone pills, valued at more than $2,000. greatfallstribune.com

Columbia, MO: Crime tied to Prescription drugs increasing at alarming rate
After a recent armed robbery at a Columbia pharmacy, an investigative report looks at the prescription drug epidemic in Mid-Missouri. It's the fastest growing drug problem in Missouri. In fact, between 2005 and 2014, hospitalization for opioid overdoses in the state of Missouri increased by 137 percent. abc17news.com

Juneau, AK: On track to see the most burglaries in a decade; JPD has received reports of 113 burglaries in past six months
From 2011 through 2014, the number of burglaries hovered around 100 per year. Then, in 2015, there was a spike. A total of 169 burglaries were reported that year (that figure includes both residential and commercial burglaries because police do not distinguish between the two categories in their statistics). juneauempire.com

Urbana, IL: Kohl's Shoplifter charged with beating 2 Loss Prevention Associates Mark Anderson was initially cooperative and returned to the Kohl's loss prevention office with the LP Associates, a man and a woman, but then became nervous and tried to run from them. The female security officer was able to get a handcuff on one of Anderson's wrists, but he dragged her through the Menswear section. The male security officer then sprayed pepper spray in Anderson's direction, hitting Anderson and his female colleague. The female officer reported she was hit in the head at least six times and was taken to the emergency room. news-gazette.com

Indianapolis, IN: Keystone at the Crossing, Fashion Mall Parking Lots Become targets for Smash-and-Grab Thieves
Over the weekend at two malls including Castleton Square and Keystone at the Crossing, there were 7 reports of car break-ins. wibc.com

Pittsburgh, PA: Police seek to ID Armed Thief in Series of Dollar store Robberies, 3rd Family Dollar robbed in 5 days

Ellsworth, ME: Dry Cleaning employee steals nearly $10,000 in cash

West Lafayette, IN: Arby's employee busted for $600 theft from the store's safe

Jim's Diamond Shop in Borger, TX reported a Burglary on 8/9, 1 arrested and $25,000 of merchandise recovered

Credit Card Fraud

Waterboro, ME: Police arrest N.Y. man in $4,800 credit card scheme
Police arrested a man from New York Tuesday night following a string of recently reported fraudulent credit card scams at retailers across southern Maine. Earlier in the day, police said they learned through an investigation that Jacques had allegedly made purchases of several high-value gift cards at several area Hannaford Supermarkets. Upon the suspect's arrest, police seized around 40 credit cards, all bearing the suspect's name and $4,800 in gift cards. wcsh6.com

Skimming Reports

Three Texas men indicted for skimming operation in New England
The suspects were arrested Jan. 12 by police in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts after fleeing a Sam's Club in Hudson, New Hampshire where they had allegedly purchased $1,500 in gift cards using fraudulent credit cards. The U.S. assistant attorney, said the card-skimming scam was focused in New Hampshire and spilled over into some Massachusetts towns. eagletribune.com

Londonderry, NH: Three indicted in skimming and credit card scam; arrested after $1,500 gift card purchase at Sam's Club

Hickory, NC: Two skimming devices found on ATMs with the help of an Alexander County Sheriff Deputy


Richmond, KY: Family Dollar under investigation as suspicious

Advanced Auto Parts - St Johns County, FL - Armed Robbery
AM/PM - La Quinta, CA - Robbery
CEFCO - Nolanville,TX - Armed Robbery/ shot fired
CrazieOverstock - Hopewell, VA - Armed Robbery
First Shop - Kingwood, TX - Burglary
Gateway Food - Killeen, TX - Armed Robbery
Giant - Yuma, AZ - Armed Robbery
Indian Creek - Letcher County, KY - Burglary
Jim's Diamond Shop - Borger, TX - Burglary
Middletown Package - New Haven, CT - Robbery
Newbridge Wine - Long Island, NY - Theft/ Shooting
Quik Trip - Tulsa, OK - Shooting/ 1 killed
Sally Beauty - Kingwood, TX - Burglary
Subway - Gladstone, OR - Shooting
U-Save Mart - Morrill, NE - Burglary
Verizon - Clinton Township, MI - Burglary
1-11 Gun Shop - Louisville, KY - Burglary
7-Eleven - Greenville, NC - Robbery
7-Eleven - Woodbridge, VA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Gilbert, AZ - Armed Robbery

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The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region. This leader will direct and supervise a team of asset protection professionals and will have complete responsibility for managing investigations and auditing programs to ensure effectiveness and departmental compliance...
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How to Test the Waters with Employee Feedback Without Drowning  When you have to give feedback to your employees, don't do so in anger. While it may give you the fuel you need to provide them with feedback, it will backfire on you. Instead, slip feedback in small amounts, through positivity and encouragement, and see how employees respond. Sprinkle, don't spray

5 Ways to Deal With Negative Feedback  We have all been there: negative comments on social media, maybe a less than stellar performance review. Negative feedback is all around us, and it's becoming even easier to dish out. Here's how you can deal with negative feedback and use it to your advantage. Look to positive people 
Why Workplace Feedback Fills Us with Fear  How people respond to feedback depends on two things: how the feedback is delivered and the level of confidence the receiver has. A large percent of people dread getting feedback, mostly because we feel in danger when being criticized. Our fight or flight mode kicks in. Here's how you can replace that fear with acceptance. Make it a habit

How to Make Your One-on-Ones with Employees More Productive  Meetings with employees often feel more hurried than they should be. It's important to check in with your employees but how can you make these meetings more productive and effective in providing good feedback to help improve their performance? Follow these steps. Share a win 
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Being too close to the trees to see the forest is an expression that also fits not appreciating the role you play on your own team. With the needs of the day seemingly always taking priority, it's difficult for some to step back and truly see the value you can add to your own team. Realizing it and accepting the responsibility as a team member is half the battle. But doing something with it and truly adding value is what helps the team win the game. Every group, every department is in fact a team and every member plays a vital role towards the success and the survival of that team. That's why that old expression - One for all and all for one - took such a hold in literature. Because it is that simple. The hard part is taking responsibility for it.

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