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Crime Accountability Partnership

Meeting LP Demand Through Technology


Introduction with Gus Downing






History of the Carolinas Organized Retail Crime Alliance (CORCA)

Submitted by Ann Edmondson

On February 4, 2016, the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association and South Carolina Retail Association and local law enforcement agencies announced the formation of the Carolinas Organized Retail Crime Alliance (CORCA).

CORCA is an alliance of retail businesses and law enforcement agencies working to combat organized retail crime activity in the Carolinas, through the Retail Consumer Alliance Foundation.

Current retail theft goes far beyond shoplifting, involving complex schemes and organized efforts by people who convert illegally obtained merchandise or cash into financial gain by theft or fraud. This new partnership will enhance retailer-to-retailer communications with an increased focus on collaboration between retailers and law enforcement to thwart these sophisticated criminals.

CORCA provides a much needed sustainable network to further a mission to provide consumer education and awareness around the issues associated with retail crime as well as educational resources to industry loss prevention and law enforcement. While organized retail crime will be a significant focus with CORCA, many other aspects of retail crime, including internal theft, cybersecurity, gift card and credit card fraud, will be priorities for the Alliance as well.

CORCA is excited to conduct its first Annual Conference on Sept. 8, 2016 in Charlotte, NC.

The Retail Association's professional staff, through the Retail Consumer Alliance Foundation, provide oversight of all CORCA operations, meeting preparations, education, Annual Meeting planning, and accounting.

Web Database

The CORCA Alliance will promote a retail theft database CORCA.org, developed in partnership with Alan Buck, area loss prevention manager for Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Detective Shawn Blee with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Created nearly two years ago, CORCA.org was created to track theft and criminal activity impacting businesses on a real-time basis. The website offers a search function to connect cases and establish patterns and trends in a mapped and written format. The site currently has approximately 600 vetted retail and law enforcement users who are posting valuable information about crimes and criminals and helping to prevent others from being victimized. CORCA is working with the retail industry and law enforcement agencies in the Carolinas to spread the word about the database and encourage new users.

"The Alliance will help us build on the success that CORCA.org has achieved and help us proactively combat the threat of organized retail crime in the Carolinas," said Raleigh Police Detective Scott Womack.

NCRMA, SCRA and its foundation, the Retail Consumer Alliance Foundation (RCA) have assumed financial responsibility, daily oversight and management of the CORCA.org website which will provide statewide outreach to the retail industry and law enforcement partners.


CORCA is a membership-based organization and provided as a complimentary benefit to members of the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA), South Carolina Retail Association (SCRA) or the Carolinas Food Industry Council (CFIC). A company may also choose to join CORCA separately. Law enforcement membership is complimentary.

In addition to the annual conference and the website database, CORCA will provide training and education to members with a focus on Organized Retail Crime and will also offer face-to-face networking opportunities via membership meetings, continuing education, training opportunities, and the annual conference.

If you would like to know more about CORCA, the September 8 Annual Conference or how to get involved, please contact Jessica Edwin, CORCA Program Manager, at jessicae@ncrma.org or (919) 832-0811. You may also visit www.CORCA.org.

Calculating Crime Risk
Cooperative food retailer digs deep into data with CAP Index
Before investing in resources

By integrating proprietary operational and crime-related data into a crime risk data model, U.K. group Co-op Food has been able to significantly reduce crime, theft and operating losses.

Co-op Food is the United Kingdom's fifth-largest food retailer, operating some 2,800 local, convenience and medium-sized stores across the country that serve more than 14 million customers each week.

The variety of stores and environments presented a challenge to the organization in deciding how to allocate resources.

Co-op Food began implementing the risk model, developed by consulting firm CAP Index, by using the data it was analyzing primarily to help allocate security resources to the stores that needed them the most.

It first integrated historical operational and financial data with CAP Index's risk model, which combines demographic statistics and actual crime data to measure an area's social disorganization.

That addressed the Co-op's need for "a more organized and consistent manner of evaluating overall risk at specific locations and applying their resources accordingly," says Stephen Longo, vice president of strategic initiatives for CAP Index.

Over the years that Co-op Food and CAP Index have been working together, the Co-op has been feeding CAP Index "a lot more data sets," Watts says. "That allows us to create an operational model as well as a crime risk model. When we blend the two, they give us a very accurate overview for each location."

The Co-op now has more than 200 datasets, including store-level criminal incidents, turnover, current security expenses, unrecorded losses, labor costs and security investments to "give us a clear view of what is happening in each location," Watt says.

That is aligned with CAP Index's objective crime risk data, and then statistical modeling is used to create an accurate business crime risk for each location. Read the full story at nrf.com
Women in Loss Prevention
Trends Hold Steady - But Really No Gains
We've got a long way to go
According to the National Retail Security Survey over the last ten years, the number of women in LP management has held relatively steady at 22% to 24.5%. With really no gains in the numbers, it shows how our industry needs to be aware of this and truly needs to focus on it during the recruitment processes on a national level.

Interestingly enough, the same 'steady but no gain' trend applies to both the overall security/law enforcement industry and the public law enforcement community itself as well, with both showing virtually flat growth over that same ten-year period.


With that said, it certainly appears that the overall industry itself is not actively engaged in promoting and recruiting women in the industry. Understanding that we're a unique industry still doesn't take away from the fact that women now make up 47% of the overall workforce - a fact every LP leader should remember the next time they fill a position. Just a thought, Gus Downing

Wholesaler Rips Off Half Price Books for $1 Million
Dallas-based Half Price Books is suing a pair of former toner cartridge distributors after discovering a seven-year scam they allegedly operated that bilked the bookstore chain of more than $1 million. According to the lawsuit, Todd and Maggie Kuenstler, former owners of a Cartridge World franchise store in Dallas, repeatedly stole new toner cartridges they had previously sold to Half Price Books and would then resell the same cartridges to the company. Over the course of the contract, Half Price Books paid the Kuenstlers more than $3 million, but $1 million was based on fraudulent transactions, according to the suit. The Kuenstlers used at least four shell companies to hide the money they made from the scheme, the suit alleges. Half Price Books is suing the Kuenstlers for felony theft, fraud, conspiracy and racketeering. They are seeking $1 million in damages. dallasnews.com

KSL Investigation uncovers Wal-Mart generates highest number of police calls in many Utah cities
KSL Investigators dug into police data from more than a dozen cities, and discovered Wal-Mart is at the top of the list for where police spend most of their time. In Salt Lake City in 2015, the Road Home shelter area was No. 1 with 1,927 calls to police. But coming in a close second, with 1,590 calls last year alone, was the Wal-Mart at 350 Hope Ave. near 1300 South. It averages out to 4.3 calls every day.

It's not a problem unique to Salt Lake. Two different Wal-Marts made the top 10 list in West Valley City. In South Jordan, Layton, Taylorsville, Riverton, Ogden, Orem and Midvale, the No. 1 spot for police visits was Wal-Mart. In fact, police were called to Wal-Marts in just 10 Utah cities more than 8,000 times in 2015 with 72% of the time responding to shoplifting calls.

Several years ago, the Salt Lake City Police Department saw Wal-Mart as a problem and went straight to the source. They reached a compromise with Wal-Mart. Off-duty officers are now stationed at the 13th South Wal-Mart for 12 hours a day, and Wal-Mart foots the bill. The deal has been in place for a year and it's made a difference.

"Our patrol officers out on the streets have noticed a decrease and that should translate into quicker response time for our officers to the general public out there," Wilking said.

Wal-Mart is also implementing a new program that it hopes will curb shoplifting and cut down on the number of police calls. Offering Customers More at the Door program.

The issue between Wal-Mart and police is not unique to Utah. News outlets in Colorado, Florida, and South Carolina have also discovered that Wal-Mart is a very frequent stop for police in their states.
California tops electronics theft leaderboard in US
California accounted for more than a third of all electronic cargo thefts in the US over the last couple of years, according to a new report.

The analysis by FreightWatch International covers the period between the third quarter of 2014 and the second quarter of 2016 reveals that California was well ahead of all other US states, with Florida ranked second at 10 per cent of thefts and Tennessee third with 9 per cent.

California's share - 36 per cent of the total in the period - is attributed to the sheer volume of imported electronics flowing through the state and the number of electronics firms based there. Freightwatch also says that the main drivers for thefts appear to be opportunism as well as major commercial hardware releases. Unsecured parking areas are still the most likely place for thefts to take place, and in a majority of cases (59 per cent) the criminals steal a full truck load (FTL) of the items.

As in previous reports televisions and displays were the most commonly stolen items, although the average value of the thefts (around $131,000) was considerably lower than the average for the sector as a whole ($509,000). The most valuable stolen shipments were software, components and peripherals ($1.27m) and cell phones and accessories ($1.07m). securingindustry.com
Sports Authority Revives 'Inappropriate' Exec Bonus Bid
The Sports Authority bankruptcy estate late Wednesday revived its bid to potentially pay top executives more than $1 million in bonuses barely a week after a Delaware bankruptcy judge strongly admonished that the payments were "inappropriate" while nearly everyone else in the company was losing their jobs.

In a motion before the Delaware bankruptcy court, the Sports Authority estate, now dubbed TSAWD Holdings Inc., said that it has retooled the bonus plan to bring it more in alignment with Chapter 11 rules, and argued the additional compensation is "critical" to its efforts to successful wind down the business.

During that Aug. 2 hearing, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Mary F. Walrath rejected an earlier bid to pay Sports Authority brass bonuses that could have measured up to nearly $2.9 million, saying it was "inappropriate" to dole out the compensation while the rest of the employees were losing their jobs after the company liquidated all of its roughly 450 locations. law360.com
Retail Sales Fall in Three Key Sectors, Flat Overall
Retail sales fell across the board at department stores, specialty stores and general merchandisers in July as consumers pulled back on spending at the start of the back-to-school season. In the overall economy, retail sales remained flat at $457.7 billion, falling below economists' expectations. The decline in retail sales last month was further evidence of the changing consumer landscape.  wwd.com

Michael Kors follows Coach delivering another blow to department stores
Reducing amount shipped to department stores

Department stores are "hanging on the edge of a cliff with three fingernails holding them up," said Britt Beemer, founder of America's Research Group. "They have lost so many shoppers, and they are losing so many shoppers." latimes.com

J.C. Penney's Turnaround Shows Progress
Ruby Tuesday to Close 95 of it's 724 Restaurants

Harris Teeter Hiring More Than 3K For Expanded Departments, New Stores
Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Canada's Metro grocery stores Q3 comp's up 3.9%, sales up 4.5%
Hudson's Bay Company Q2 comp's up 1.9%
Nordstrom's Q2 comp's down 1.2%, net sales down 0.2%
Ruby Tuesday Q4 comp's down 3.7%, sales down 5.9%
Dillard's Q2 comp's down 5%, sales down 4%

Walmart Stores Hiring 9,000 Customer Hosts Nationwide

Recommend a friend, relative, or someone you didn't have a job for

Mention it to your local college criminal justice departments and lets get some college students recruited into retail AP. It's the same path the vast majority of us found ourselves on when we entered the industry. And here's the world's largest retailer staffing a great entry level AP job that could help ignite a career for a young college student.

This position offers a great start for asset protection/loss prevention professionals, veterans, and those looking for a change of career. Interested people can get more information from their local Walmart store or at LPjobs.com.  

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IBM Researchers Use Grocery Scanner Data to Speed Investigations During Early Foodborne Illness Outbreaks
Big Data and analytics can help identify potential sources of contamination

During a foodborne illness outbreak, rapidly identifying the contaminated food source is vital to minimizing illness, loss and impact on society.

Today, IBM Research - Almaden announced its scientists have discovered that analyzing retail-scanner data from grocery stores against maps of confirmed cases of foodborne illness can speed early investigations. In the study, researchers demonstrated that with as few as 10 medical-examination reports of foodborne illness they can narrow down the investigation to 12 suspected food products in just a few hours and alert the public accordingly.

A traditional investigation can take from weeks to months and the timing can significantly influence the economic and health impact of a disease outbreak.

Already the method in this study has been applied to an actual E. coli illness outbreak in Norway. With just 17 confirmed cases of infection, public health officials were able to use this methodology to analyze grocery-scanner data related to more than 2,600 possible food products and create a short-list of 10 possible contaminants. Further lab analysis pinpointed the source of contamination down to the batch and lot numbers of the specific product - sausage.  prnewswire.com

Three out of Four organizations hit by Data Theft - By Insiders
Insider threats have been behind the sharp increases over the past 18 months in the percentage of organizations who've experienced loss or theft of company data.

The findings show that the rise is due in large part to compromises in insider accounts-a phenomenon that is only exacerbated by an increase in the proportion of employees who have unnecessary access to sensitive or confidential data.

IT respondents say insider negligence is more than twice as likely to cause the compromise of insider accounts as any other culprits, including external attackers, malicious employees or contractors.

"The most valuable data featured in most breaches is unstructured data such as emails and documents. When emails and files are surfaced, they tend to cause scandal, forcing the breach to have a lasting effect on the company's reputation." infosecurity-magazine.com

New Techniques Used to Target Business Email
An Internet-security firm last week offered new insights into the perpetrators behind an increasingly popular type of cyberfraud targeting small businesses, tracing the attacks to Nigerians involved in earlier types of email scams. In one variant of the scheme, SecureWorks Inc. said criminals break into email accounts and change bank-account information to capture payments intended for suppliers.

The increasing prevalence of the schemes has drawn the attention of law enforcement. Attackers who once pretended to be executives directing subordinates to transfer money are using new techniques, including malicious software to break into email systems and redirect the payments, said Rick Alwine, a supervisory special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Cyber Division.

In an alert to businesses last month, the FBI said the frauds "may be harder to detect," because the wire-transfer requests involved are legitimate. In an analysis of 44 recent fraudulent transfers, 84% of the transfers went to accounts in China and Hong Kong where it is more difficult for victims to recover their money, the FBI alert said. The FBI says it has logged nearly 18,000 reports of business email scams since 2013 accounting for $2.3 billion in losses, and complaints about these scams more than tripled last year, compared with 2014. wsj.com

How to block phishers when they come a knockin'
Just like throwing out a fishing line into the water, a phisher waits for just the slightest nibble before pouncing on a network. Eyal Benishti, CEO of IronScales, says the way to cut off the phishers food supply is to first go to the core of the issue: employee awareness. The CEO notes that cybercriminals by nature are lazy. "If your organization is a tough nut to crack, they will move on to find more low-hanging fruit," Benishti says. Here are some recommendations Benishti has for enterprises:

1. Launch phishing simulations
2. Use gamification as training methodology
3. Definitely include your senior management
4. Use real-life examples
5. Enforce training, and follow employee progress
6. Encourage ongoing phishing reports  csoonline.com

An inexpensive solution for keeping customers out of the stockroom

Sales Floor to Stock Room Battery-Powered Access Controlled Door

Designed to limit stockroom access to employees only, the ACDxV40EXx1S-1 EasyKit offers industry-proven life safety and security hardware for high-use doors with a cost-effective, battery powered, access control solution.

● Cost-effective access control with panic hardware in one easy-to-install kit
● Pin code can be changed in seconds with no keys or cards to manage
● Easy-to-replace standard 9-Volt batteries
● Tough and durable design for years of trouble-free service in high-use environments

● Alarm features digital codes for Master, Management and Passage
● Multiple door monitoring
● Alarm can be hardwired (power transfer or electric hinge required and sold separately)
● Alarm has audible low battery warning
● Heavy-duty angled end cap deflects damage away from panic device
● Panic device available fire-rated
● Panic device available for 36-inch and 48-inch door width
● Alarm can be wall-mounted or door-mounted (power transfer or electric hinge required for wall mounting - sold separately)

Tech Tip
Most doors that lead from the sales floor to the stockroom have an exit sign above the door. An EXIT sign is a good indicator that the door is in the "path of egress" and cannot be locked.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and the International Building Code (IBC) both state that these doors must allow someone to exit, during an emergency without any special knowledge. For this reason a push button lever lock on the door that leads to the stockroom is a violation of life safety codes. Push button lever locks are great for limiting access to a manager's office, a closet or access through a door that is not in the path of exit signs.

You can put an alarm on emergency exit doors, which will alert staff that someone has used the door in an unauthorized manner and an exit alarm does not violate life safety code.



Reminder: Register to attend the Retail Council of
Canada's LP Conference on Sept. 29

This is a special reminder to register for the 2016 RCC Loss Prevention Conference. Now more than ever, loss prevention & security are at front of mind for retailers across Canada. With both digital and physical threats on the rise, it is crucial to stay up to date on the latest trends, issues, threats and strategies to combat crime and stay safe in the retail environment. This year's event is taking place at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON on September 29th. More information about the educational agenda, networking opportunities and event details can be found at on the conference website.

Also, the Retail Council of Canada will be hosting its annual RCC Golf Tournament immediately after the Loss Prevention Conference on September 30th. As a special benefit for all those who register for the 2016 Loss Prevention Conference, we are giving you first crack at signing up yourself or your foursome for this highly anticipated event! This is your chance to get out of the office to experience top level retail LP education, and then hit the links at Angus Glen Golf Course with your colleagues from the retail Industry.

To register today for the 2016 Loss Prevention Conference on Sep 29, click here. If you plan to sign up a group of more than three people, email ktomlin@retailcouncil.org for information on additional discounts.

To sign up for the 2016 RCC Annual Golf Tournament on Sep 30, click here.

How the Internet of Things is going to transform retail
The report- Canada's Innovation Landscape: Consumer & Commerce
outlines some of the fastest growing industries in the country. One of the most-hyped but still poorly understood technologies the report covers is the "Internet Of Things."

IoT technology is "narrowing the gap between the physical and digital worlds" and that "retailers are leveraging the enormous amount of data being collected to connect with their consumers in real time, both inside and outside of stores."  canadianbusiness.com

Yorkdale job fair: Why 1,000 young people showed up for 250 positions
It has not been a good summer for job seekers, especially young ones, which might be why more than 1,000 people showed up Wednesday for a job fair to fill 250 new positions at Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

The event happened the same week we learned that in July the Canadian economy shed 71,400 full-time jobs - the biggest one-month decline since 2011.

Giant Tiger ready to expand retail footprint after making its mark in small towns
The Ottawa-based retailer, with its trademark yellow branding, currently operates 220 stores and has a goal of opening 10 to 15 new stores every year for the next three to five years. As part of its expansion, the company says it's looking for sites between 18,000 to 25,000 square feet in communities where there's demand for Giant Tiger - including areas where there's already a location. financialpost.com

Canadian vending machines to be fitted with mobile payment technology
The Canadian National Vending Alliance has announced that it will partner with payments technology company PayRange to introduce mobile payment options for Canadian vending machines, a move that is expected to add extra revenue to the industry. cantechletter.com

Montreal-based Rudsak announces three new stores

Maple Ridge, BC: Two arrested, at least three injured in violent robbery
At least three people were treated by paramedics Wednesday after being pepper-sprayed during an afternoon robbery at a pawn shop in downtown Maple Ridge. Witnesses reported seeing a man, believed to be a store employee, running with a sword after the suspects, who wore hoods and had their faces covered.

The robbery occurred at Common Exchange Pawnbroker. Two men shot pepper spray at the store staff, smashed glass display cases, stole jewelry, then fled on food. An RCMP officer joined the store employee in a chase of one of the culprits, and he was apprehended.

The second suspect was seen getting into a dark-coloured car driven by a woman, and they drove away. A RCMP helicopter joined the pursuit. A short time later, police said a female was arrested in another Lower Mainland jurisdiction and police are linking her to the crime. The second male suspect is still at large. mapleridgenews.com

Hamilton, ON: $10K in merchandise stolen from local fetish, clothing shop
Hamilton police are looking for two people they believe may have been involved in the theft of $10,000 from a central Hamilton fetish and clothing store. Police say that on July 25, someone entered the Dungeon Divas shop on James Street South and stole a "large quantity of merchandise." On Facebook, the store posted that about $10,000 in merchandise was taken.

In a news release, Hamilton police wrote that a 31-year-old man was arrested in connection to the thefts. Police have released photos of two other people investigators believe might have been involved in the thefts. cbc.ca

Victoria, BC: Mall theft leads VicPD to $100k worth of stolen goods
Police were called to Hillside Mall after a man was seen grabbing a carved wooden elephant from a store and running away with it. After watching surveillance footage VicPD recognized the man as a prolific property offender. With the help of Sidney RCMP, Victoria police found there were three individuals involved, and discovered other stolen goods including a large number of dolls, bedding linens, statues and electronics. The overall value of the stolen items is estimated at around $100,000. ctvnews.com

Halton Hills, ON: Man charged in connection with $28,000 credit card fraud
A Toronto man is facing more than three-dozen charges after allegedly racking up $28,000 on bogus credit cards at retail locations, including some in Halton Hills. It is alleged that between May 19 and June 22, the suspect attended retail locations not only in Halton, but throughout the GTA and purchased merchandise using fraudulent credit card data. theifp.ca

Grande Prairie: RCMP ask for help identifying arson suspect they arrested a week ago
Grande Prairie RCMP are hoping the public can help identify a man arrested in connection with a number of offences, including burning down a family's home. Grande Prairie RCMP put out an appeal to identify a man seen filling up a jerry can at a local convenience store. Canadian law allows for a person to be charged even if their identity is in question, as long as the person's identity can be proven at trial by other means, including DNA testing or eyewitness accounts. edmontonjournal.com

UPDATE: St. John's, NL: Man slapped with 40 charges after five robberies in a week

Windsor, ON: Police search for knife-wielding Little Caesars robber

Orillia, ON: Police seek man after Walmart theft

Robberies & Burglaries

Common Exchange Pawnbroker - Maple Ridge, BC
Little Caesars - Windsor, ON
Remedy's Rx Drug - Keene, ON
Timmy's - Victoria, BC
Unnamed Business - St. John's, NL

The NRF's ORC Efforts

Jonathan Shimp, VP, Risk Mgmt., Louis Vuitton; Gabe Esposito, Dir. Security, LP & Business Continuity, Verizon Wireless; Bob Moraca, VP of LP, National Retail Federation

The NRF ORC Investigators' Network was established a number of years ago to help facilitate ORC networking around the country. In this video, you'll learn about the revitalized direction of the group from two of its Co-Chairs: Jonathan Shimp, VP, Risk Management, Louis Vuitton, and Gabe Esposito, Director of Security, LP & Business Continuity, Verizon Wireless; along with Bob Moraca, VP of LP, NRF. Learn about the network's plan to leverage existing regional ORCAs, support underserved markets, and help drive resources at the national level.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #11

USS' Adel Sayegh, President & CEO, and Claude Verville, Chief Operating Officer, join Joe LaRocca to discuss the latest in cutting-edge retail technology, the meaning behind their "Listen, Solve, Deliver" motto, and how an LP practitioner can get their CEO's attention in this LPNN Quick Take.

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Amazon, eBay and Alibaba Face Problem as Counterfeit Goods
Reach $1.7 Trillion

There seems to be a problem with how Amazon.com Inc., eBay Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. police the merchants who sell fake goods and services at their sites. According to The Counterfeit Report, the sum total of the entire counterfeit goods market is $1.7 trillion worldwide, about the same as the gross domestic product of a medium-sized country. And many of the sales of these go through these three e-commerce companies.

The authors of The Counterfeit Report say they have asked the companies to drop these items from the sites so they are not available to the public, at least through the three huge e-commerce companies. Specifically, they have asked them:

... to remove listings for 3,820,408 counterfeit or fake items offered or sold on their websites - products destined for, or purchased by, unsuspecting consumers. eBay listings, which reflect actual sales figures, indicate consumers purchased 10,640 of the counterfeit or fake items. Alibaba subsidiary AliExpress, whose listings occasionally list sales figures, indicate 2,804 counterfeit items were purchased by consumers. Amazon does not report sales.

The organization claims that the reactions to its research are extremely small:

Particularly shocking, is that the 3.8 million products removed by The Counterfeit Report are just a tiny sample of the infringing products offered on the e-commerce websites, and most likely products that consumer would neither suspect or be able to identify.

There is no way to verify the results of the research. However, the trend identified is a major problem. CNBC reported in June that:

Always a problem, the counterfeiting issue has exploded this year, sellers say, following Amazon's effort to openly court Chinese manufacturers, weaving them intimately into the company's expansive logistics operation. Merchants are perpetually unsure of who or what may kill their sales on any given day and how much time they'll have to spend hunting down fakers. 247wallst.com

Products, not experience, drive Millennials to online shopping


Multi-state counterfeit credit card gang member gets federal prison
A Chicago woman was sentenced to five months in federal prison for credit card fraud, Wilson-Robinson, 27, previously pleaded guilty to possession of 15 or more counterfeit access devices. Wilson-Robinson admitted that she, along with three codefendants, Christine Johnson, Stephanie Stevenson, and Crystal Merritt, possessed over 100 counterfeit access devices. Wilson-Robinson and her codefendants drove from Chicago to West Virginia and attempted to use these counterfeit credit cards. On June 5, 2015, the women were observed at the South Charleston Target and Walmart attempting to use the counterfeit cards, and store employees alerted law enforcement to the suspicious behavior.  huntingtonnews.net

Meriden, CT: Woman charged in scheme with other Charlotte Russe employees to steal $26,000 of merchandise
Talisha Rivera, 18, was charged Tuesday with second-degree larceny, scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 26. In June, officers were called to Charlotte Russe, a clothing store in the mall, to investigate a report of employee theft. A loss prevention officer told police the store reported unusually high losses from stolen inventory and suspected a supervisor was involved in the theft, according to an arrest warrant. When questioned, the supervisor admitted stealing merchandise and helping other employees, including Rivera, steal merchandise totaling over $26,000. myrecordjournal.com

Johnston, RI: 3 charged in theft of $2,800 high-end sunglasses
Police are crediting the use of social media and assistance from the public with helping to quickly identify and apprehend three suspects in the theft of thousands of dollars worth of sunglasses from OPTX Rhode Island late last month. "It's just another example of what a great tool that Facebook page is," said Maj. Frank Levesque, commander of the Johnston Police Department's Investigative Division. "Within two hours, we had the identities of all three. It was remarkable." johnstonsunrise.net

Laredo, TX: Man allegedly tried to shoplift more than $1,000 in merchandise
A man was arrested recently after he tried to leave a store with over $1,000 in merchandise. The suspect, Francisco Javier Cedillo-Rodriguez, 28, was arrested Saturday for theft at a store in the 2300 block of Bob Bullock Loop. lmtonline.com

Evergreen Park, IL: Dollar Tree Employee Accused of Robbing Register 78 Times Antoine Lewis was under investigation for months, he is also currently on parole for manufacture and delivery of heroin. The investigation showed $658 in theft from the register using voids. patch.com

Norridge, IL: Man tried to steal $320 in vacuums from Kmart twice in one day

Newark, MD: Kmart Loss Prevention thwarts Shoplifter attempting to steal $345 of merchandise

Indianapolis, IN: Sullivan Hardware & Garden hit with 5 Burglaries in 2 months

Muskegon County, MI: Nicholas Ronals Vasquez, 17, of Muskegon, was sentenced to 12 months jail with credit for time served, and 18 months probation for two concurrent charges of organized retail crime

Lewis County, WA: Jalexis Brinae Ezell, 20, Tacoma, second-degree organized retail theft, sentenced to 30 days in jail, home detention authorized, fined $900, $1,700 in fees

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community,
which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC News and help the industry!

Shootings & Death

Singapore: Man covered in blood found at Northpoint Shopping Centre
A 20-year-old man covered in blood was found at Northpoint Shopping Centre in Yishun on Friday. Police said preliminary investigations suggest that it was a case of attempted suicide. The man was found in a semi-conscious state on the third level of the mall.

"There were security guards and policemen guarding the premises," a passerby said. "He was unconscious. He wasn't responding at all. The security guards were telling people to go away from the scene."
Photos of a bespectacled man wearing jeans and a green T-shirt soaked in blood were circulating on Twitter on Friday afternoon. Eyewitnesses said the man collapsed in front of Cantine's Indian cuisine stall. channelnewsasia.com

Zaragoza, Spain: Two people shot in after gunman goes on the rampage at shopping centre
Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reported the man had shot at his estranged wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself. The daughter is understood to have escaped the hail of bullets while her mother was wounded outside the Cine Palafox Aragonia complex. Spanish news reports suggest the man had previously split from his wife and had not previous criminal record. thesun.co.uk

CINCINNATI, OH: Prosecutors says Store clerk justified in shooting Armed Robber
Prosecutors say a convenience store clerk was justified in fatally shooting a teenage robbery suspect two weeks ago and won't be charged criminally. Authorities say 18-year-old Anton Kirby entered the convenience store July 29 wearing gloves and holding a handgun and ordered clerk to empty the cash register. The clerk pulled a handgun from his waistband after he was unable to open a store safe and shot Kirby four times. Kirby died several days later at a Cincinnati hospital. wtol.com

Robberies & Theft

Mesquite, TX: Empty gas tank ends hour-long Police chase of a Target shoplifter; Mesquite to Dallas and back
A determined theft suspect led police on a wild, hour-long chase from Mesquite to Dallas and back again during Thursday evening's rush hour. It began just before 6:00 p.m., when a Target loss prevention officer confronted an alleged thief as he left the store with stolen merchandise. The suspect fought the officer, dropped the goods, and took off in a waiting truck. Mesquite police gave chase east on Interstate 30 with Dallas Sheriff's Deputies and a DPS helicopter joining in as the fleeing truck drove into Dallas. An hour into the pursuit, the chase returned to Mesquite, ending unceremoniously when the truck ran out of gas and the driver surrendered. wfaa.com

Helotes, TX: Man 'smash and grabs' 21 boxes of Ammo;
from Walmart still on the run

The incident was reported around 3 a.m. at the Walmart found on Leslie Road near Bandera Road. According to Helotes police, the man broke the glass on a display case and took roughly 21 boxes of ammunition. The suspect fled and managed to elude police k9 and a helicopter. Police said they did however recover the stolen ammunition which equaled roughly 6,000 rounds. ksat.com

Loudoun County, VA: Detectives release video of Dulles Town Center Robbery
The subjects entered the shop located at 21100 Dulles Town Circle shortly before 8 p.m. Sunday. Two white men came into the store and one asked for change. When the clerk opened the register, the suspect took the money from the clerk's hand and the money from the register. loudontimes.com

Santa Ana, CA: 73 year old woman assaulted outside CVS; suspect used credit cards at retailer's hours later
Santa Ana Police hope video and a picture will help catch a purse snatcher who robbed a 73-year-old woman in a CVS parking lot. About 90 minutes later, police say the thief used Gumper's credit cards at Kohl's, Best Buy and other retailers in Yorba Linda. cbslocal.com

San Bernardino, CA: Burglary suspect Assault a Police Detective, run through Kohl's Distribution Center to hide

Westampton, Twp, NJ: Home Depot employee accused of stealing $950 in tools

Kingwood, TX: Smash & Grab robbers hit 3 convenience stores in one night

Gonzo Jewelry in Yuma, AZ reported a Burglary on 7/30, merchandise valued at $20,000

Gregory Isbell Co. in Johnson City reported an Armed Robbery on 8/10, merchandise valued at several thousands of dollars

Ideal Jewelers in Yuma, AZ reported a Burglary on 8/11, merchandise valued at $100,000

Lynch's Jewelry in Council Bluffs, IA reported a Burglary on 8/9, store damage was $800, merchandise value undetermined

Piercing Pagoda in the Cape Cod Mall, Hyannis, MA reported Counterfeit Amex Travelers Checks, $200

Weisfield in the Tacoma Mall, Tacoma, WA reported Grab & Run on 8/10, merchandise valued at $8,500

Gordons in the Willowbrook Mall, Houston, TX reported a Diamond Switch on 7/13, merchandise valued at $1,999

Cargo Theft

Grants Pass, OR: Rogue Natural Foods delivery truck stolen from Winco Store; $7,000 of merchandise and truck recovered


Search warrants served at Japanese buffets across Indiana
The Marion County Prosecutor's Office is serving search warrants at several Japanese grill and buffet restaurants across Indiana Thursday, including in Lafayette.

The Marion County Prosecutor's Office confirmed the warrants were being "executed in connection with an investigation." But due to the ongoing status of the case, specifics would not be released including the purpose of the investigation. Police told potential customers at multiple locations the restaurants were closed, as law enforcement carried boxes and bags out of the businesses. Two Indianapolis Teppanyaki Grills and the Fujiyama Grill in Fort Wayne were closed Thursday after authorities raided all three restaurants as well there.

In 2015, a Teppanyaki waitress was accused of using a skimming device at an Indianapolis location. wlfi.com

Credit Card Fraud/Identity Theft

Houston police bust two retailers for running up $650k in fake credit card purchases
Three people have been busted in connection to a large-scale credit card scheme that allegedly used two southwest Houston businesses to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shalewa Olayinka, 53, applied for and obtained 116 credit cards from eight different financial institutions in 12 other people's names. He conspired, investigators say, with two local business owners, who are also charged. Christy Tifase owns Lagos Island Café on Highway 6 South, a west African food restaurant. Maxwell Ezenwa owns Lace Warehouse and African Fashions on Bissonnet. They're accused of also running the credit cards for payments at their businesses. abc13.com

Advance Auto - Fayetteville, NC - Shooting/ 2 men seriously injured
AM/PM - Arroyo Grande, CA - Armed Robbery/ Assault
BP - Swissvale, PA - Shooting
C-Store - Alexandria, VA - Armed Robbery
Cell Phone - Clarksville, TN - Burglary
Chuck E. Cheese - Chattanooga, TN - Shooting/ 1 injured
Coastal Firearms - Berkeley County, SC - Burglary / 38 Firearms
Dollar General - Lumberton, NC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Florence, AL - Shooting
Easy Home Furniture - Sedgwick County, KS - Robbery
El Camino -Atascadero, CA - Burglary
General Store - Lincoln County, MS - Burglary / ATM
Ideal Jewelers - Yuma, AZ - Burglary
Lynch's Jewelry - Council Bluffs, IA - Burglary
Murdoch's Ranch - Bozeman, MT - Burglary/ 17 handguns
Murphy Express - Ahoskie, NC - Armed Robbery/ Murder- store clerk killed
Ocean City Variety - Ocean City, NJ - Robbery
Sullivan Hardware & Garden - Indianapolis, IN - Burglary
Sunoco - Claverack, NY - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - Hempstead, NY - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Las Vegas, NV - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Albemarle County, VA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Strongsville, OH - Robbery/ Smash & Grab/ ATM


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