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Retail Stores Tracking Customers Who Make Returns, Creating "Return Profiles"
"It's an attempt to stop organized retail crime." Continuing to be published throughout the U.S., it's now appeared in over 15 publications and appears to be a very popular article that all of the journalists are interested in. Rarely do we see such press given to our industry. (Source

'Chase Checkout' Allows Small-Business Merchants to Accept Payments However They Do Business  Chase Paymentech adds ‘Mobile Checkout’ product to suite of merchant payment options. Chase Checkout helps merchants accept debit and credit card payments effectively and securely, whether a card is swiped on a merchant’s Apple® or AndroidTM-enabled smartphone, entered online or provided at a retail location. (Source

Bluefin Payment Systems Announces Plans to Introduce Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)  Bluefin Payment Systems announced today that it will introduce a PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution validated through qualified P2PE assessor, 403 Labs, LLC, in the 4th quarter of 2013. The PCI P2PE Standard requires a PCI-approved point-of-interaction device (POI) and HSM (hardware security module) key management; software solutions are not currently eligible for P2PE validation. To date, no U.S.-based company has attained Council validation for a hardware-based P2PE process. Protection of the card data that flows through our merchants is of the utmost importance,” said Bluefin client Rick Stollmeyer, CEO of MINDBODY, the largest cloud-based software provider in the health, wellness and beauty industries. “We are excited about Bluefin’s announcement. Their solution for PCI P2PE will bring payment processing capabilities to a new level for software and SaaS-based providers of services to small businesses.” (Source

Study predicts decline in back-to-school shopping
Thirty-one percent of survey respondents said they won't be shopping for any back-to-school products at all, up from 27.7% last year. Integer predicts that mass, clothing, and drug will take the largest hit, losing 2.3%, 3.2%, and 5.5% of shoppers this year compared to last. (Source

If It’s Tuesday, Best Buy Must Be Laying Workers Off
The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported last week that Best Buy, the struggling electronics retail giant, has regularly been laying off small groups of employees at its headquarters in Richfield, Minn. The latest rounds of low-key layoffs have come a few months after Best Buy shed 400 corporate and support workers. The new layoffs are unique not only because they’ve trickled out slowly as opposed to taking place with one big chop, but also because they’ve been taking place on one particular day of the week: Tuesday. Employees have even given a name to the event: Termination Tuesdays. A Best Buy representative says the layoffs have not been taking place every single week, and insists that shrinking its workforce — around 5,000 in recent years at the corporate campus, down from 9,000 at its high — is necessary for the retailer to best compete in today’s marketplace. Spokeswoman Amy von Walter tells TIME that the layoffs are an unfortunate part of the company’s ongoing transformation plan, which was dubbed Renew Blue and announced earlier this year. (Source

Technology Boosts Kroger’s Vendor Collaboration
Kroger Co. has taken data sharing to a new level with technology that analyzes the sales performance of products in every store and shares it with suppliers on a daily basis. Rather than simply provide vendors with reams of raw sales data, Kroger is leveraging a platform that provides both the retailer and its vendors with daily store- and item-level data that has been cleaned up and coupled with reporting and analytics. (Source

Mobile POS gaining foothold with large US retailers
"Revolutionizing Retail With mPOS," mPOS devices are transforming the retail industry in a way that few technologies have done before. A Yankee Group IT decision-maker survey from March found that 32 percent of U.S. merchants with more than 500 employees have already deployed mPOS, while 29 percent plan to do so within the next 12 months. Only 23 percent reported no plans to install mPOS, while 16 percent will deploy but have not set a timeframe. McKee believes U.S. retailers will accelerate mPOS use during this year's holiday shopping season. "There will be retailers using mPOS devices for the first time to help them cope with Christmas shopping," he said. (Source

Attackers exploit Android bugs to steal Bitcoins from "wallet" apps
Criminals have found a way to steal Bitcoins from users' "wallet" apps by exploiting major vulnerabilities in the Android mobile operating system. (Source

A European FBI would save 'hundreds of millions'
A so-called "European FBI" could save the region hundreds of millions of euros, a long-standing Member of European Parliament (MEP) told CNBC, adding that a "lack of trust" between governments is stopping the idea becoming reality. He said Europe was in the same position today. "It has open borders and criminals are being very smart and realizing they have a good opportunity to run - all police forces are forbidden to cross a border. It is a very simple thing, if we are going to have open borders then we have to police who can patrol those borders," he said. The EU's law enforcement agency, Europol, is primarily an intelligence-gathering body, and does not have the power to make arrests. (Source

Russian accused in theft of 160 million credit cards pleads not guilty in $300M fraud  Dmitriy Smilianets, 29, was among five men indicted last month for allegedly stealing at least 160 million credit and debit card numbers and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Smilianets has been held in an undisclosed location since his extradition to the United States from the Netherlands last September. Smilianets, a broad-shouldered man with a buzz cut and a slight beard, appeared in an orange jumpsuit, his wrists and ankles in shackles, before Chief Judge Jerome Simandle in federal court in Newark. A Russian translator was at his side, but defense attorney Bruce Provda told the court that Smilianets, who is from Moscow, "speaks English quite well." The other men named in the indictment - two from Russia, the other from Ukraine - remain at large. A New York attorney representing Mikhail Ritikov, the Ukrainian, also appeared in court Monday and sat in the audience. The attorney, Arkady Bukh, said Ritikov remained in the Ukraine and denies involvement in the scheme. (Source

Organized cargo theft gang hitting Tyson's meat packaging plant sentenced to Fed Prison  FBI sting bust organized cargo gang, who was using a using another trucking company's identity, that hit Tyson's meat plant in Amarillo, TX., over 28 times stealing trailers filled with $30,000 to $200,000 worth of meat in each trailer. The three plead guilty and received sentences from 18 months to 12 months in federal prison and fined. (Source

Police Officers To Stake Out Dunkin' Donuts Rooftops To Support Special Olympics Wisconsin, Friday, August 16  Law enforcement officers throughout the state will stake out Dunkin' Donuts rooftops to benefit Special Olympics Wisconsin, on Friday, August 16, beginning at 6 a.m. through 11 a.m. That morning, for the second year in a row, dedicated police officers are scheduled to cover 20 Dunkin' Donuts rooftops to heighten awareness and raise money for the Law Enforcement Torch Run® (LETR) benefiting Special Olympics Wisconsin. Dunkin' Donuts in Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton and other parts of Wisconsin will participate. (Source

More Security Awaits Students Heading Back To School
More than 450 bills were introduced in statehouses this year on school security measures. After thousands of hours of debate, what emerged at the state level are relatively small-scale plans to pay for security upgrades like adding classroom-door locks that can be used from the inside and outside, fortifying school entrances, installing security cameras and allowing teachers or volunteers, in very limited circumstances, to carry guns on campus. In Ohio, South Dakota, Texas and North Carolina, state legislatures empowered local districts to decide if they want to allow a trained school employee or volunteer to be an armed guard at a local school. At the national level, the School Superintendents Association is firmly opposed to having teachers and administrators carry guns. In 2007, the most recent year for which a national count is available, there were just under 20,000 trained school resource officers in the nation’s 98,000 public schools, according to the Department of Justice. Only about 25 percent of those officers were in elementary schools. Students and teachers will also have to participate in more drills to prepare not just for an active shooter, but for tornadoes, fires or other disasters. Since January, 11,041 Ohio teachers and staff have received specialized training on how to respond, without a gun, to a shooter in the building. There are 28 more scheduled trainings in school districts this year. This training is also happening in Indiana, Oregon and Michigan. (Source

Thieves put Paramus, N.J., malls to the test - and ORC is the biggest challenge
An analysis of police reports from January 2012 through March 2013 found that an average of 34 theft or fraud cases a week were reported and that an average of 10 theft arrests were made each week. The borough ranked 12th in the number of theft crimes among the state’s 566 municipalities in 2011. Newark led the list, followed by Jersey City and Elizabeth. But in the suburbs, Paramus far outpaces other communities and towns that host large shopping centers or malls, according to federal crime statistics. For instance, Hackensack had 806 theft crimes in 2011; Fair Lawn, 325; and Ridgewood, 150. Police in the 10-square-mile borough say the biggest challenge is organized retail crime — thefts in which the purpose is to sell the stolen merchandise for a profit. The most common type involves rings of anywhere from two to six people who steal desirable products, which are then resold at pawnshops, flea markets, and on street corners and, increasingly, online through so-called e-fencing operations. The rings also use stolen merchandise to make fraudulent returns at stores, authorities said. (Source

China threatens to overtake the U.S. in e-commerce this year
E-retail sales in China in the first half of 2013 grew 60%, a Chinese ministry reports. Based on statistics for the first half of the year, China could well overtake the United States this year as the world’s largest online retail market. (Source

Stratford named as Britain’s worst crime hotspot with 3,440 crimes in 18 months
Stratford has seen 3,440 crimes over the past 18 months, including 500 shoplifting offences, almost 300 violent crimes and hundreds of pick-pocketings and muggings. It's the area of London near to where the 2012 Olympics took place. Westfield’s other London shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush emerges as the site with the second-highest number of crimes at 2,524. (Source

CDC 24/7: Saving Lives. Protecting People. - Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response - Zombie Preparedness

Quarterly Same Store Sales Report

American Apparel Q2 up 16% with net sales up 9%
Cache Q2 up 0.5% with net sales down 2.5%






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Thought Challenge

By Claude Poucher
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Live your life with integrity. Give all you have each day and always have a never ending drive for the truth. Treat people with dignity and respect. Spend more time acknowledging the positive accomplishments of people then dwelling on the misses. Don’t be afraid to fail daring to do great things.



Trends in Emergency Notification Systems
Technology designed to help with disaster communications is steadily on the rise, and this infographic puts these latest trends in perspective. A recent study showed that many public sector employees are not happy with current methods of communication with the public if an emergency occurred. The survey showed that participants wanted to see a single platform to deliver critical data quickly and efficiently across all mediums, and landline telephones are on their way to disappearing, since people really don't rely on them for communication or to deliver messages. Read the entire infographic here. (Source

Study: Working Long Hours at a Demanding Job Increases Employees' Risk of Depression  High job demands and feeling overworked is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed, especially when it is linked to development of depression. A study this month in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine concludes that employees who worked long hours, at least 60 hours a week, and had high job demands were at a higher risk of developing depression. Also, taking other factors into account, those workers who went from long hours-overworked to non-long hours-overworked were at a lower risk of depression. (Source



Call for Session Proposals: RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference 2014
April 6-9, 2014 · Indianapolis, Indiana

The submission deadline for the RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference 2014 session proposals is August 30, 2013.

Submit your proposal today!

RILA's Retail Asset Protection Conference delivers first-rate education and networking opportunities to its attendees. Each year more than 1,000 industry decision makers gather to discuss the latest trends, research and leading practices.

RILA welcomes fresh and innovative contributions to this dialogue. Experts and practitioners with a strong grasp of emerging issues in the retail asset protection industry are encouraged to submit proposals around key areas of interest to conference attendees, including but not limited to:

E-Commerce/Omnichannel Career Development
Public/Private Partnerships Disaster Preparedness & Response
Operational Shrink AP in the Supply Chain
Legislative Challenges Workplace Safety
Investigations Internal Theft
Organized Retail Crime Shrink Awareness & Management
Innovative Technology Success Stories Strategic AP Planning
Facility Audit Processes AP Implications associated with mobile
Cargo Theft POS
Change Management Developing your people

Session proposals must be submitted online by August 30, 2013.

RILA will offer one complimentary registration to every retailer who submits a completed proposal through the normal process!



Two arrested in this mornings armed robbery of the Winn-Dixie in Davie, Florida  Davie Police are still searching for a third suspect in this morning’s armed robbery of the Winn-Dixie store in Davie. The three armed robbers entered the store as they opened for business. Davie Police responded and perimeter was set up and two of the suspects were caught. The third was on the loose and police believe he is armed and dangerous. (Source

Wilmington police look for two linked to skimming devices 
In the wake of the card-skimming device found Friday at a Hess Gas Station near New Castle, Wilmington police have released new photos of two men and a pick-up truck reportedly involved in a similar incident in the city in April. On April 5, workers at the Shell Gas Station at 4201 N. Market St. performing routine maintenance on the fuel pumps found two skimming devices. (Source

Suspect charged in killing, robbery at jewelry store
An Albuquerque man was in jail late Monday on a $1 million bond after police arrested him in the shooting death of a West Side jewelry store employee, according to court and jail records. (Source

15-year-old smashes into 5 cars in the Sangertown Square Mall parking lot, three people injured  A young teen crashed into multiple vehicles in the parking lot of the Sangertown Mall. Officials say a 15-year-old Utica girl was speeding through the parking lot when she lost control of the BMW she was driving and hit another driver in the parking lot. Police say she then hit the rear end of a pickup truck and became wedged underneath it. Three other parked cars were then hit. Officials say the girl and her 14-year-old passenger then ran away from the scene and boarded a bus. A mall contractor was able to stop the bus and keep the girls at the mall until police arrived. (Source

FBI on trail in Eyota bank-card scam - skimming device at gas station near Rochester, N.Y. 
At least 70 people had funds stolen from credit or debit cards after buying gas at the Eyota Market earlier this month — including a manager at the store, and the FBI is expected to be called in to the investigation. The fraudulent charges were attempted in New York, Texas, France and the Dominican Republic. (Source

Team of 5 steals a Family Dollar ATM in 70 seconds  A crowbar was used to pry open the southeast Atlanta Family Dollar store. Five burglars entered the store, rocked the ATM then picked it up and carried it out to their truck. The entire enter took just over one minute. Police are reviewing the security video. (Source

Grand jury to review mall shooting in Cincinnati 
Warren County grand jury will hear evidence surrounding a shooting involving a police officer at the Cincinnati Premium Outlets. Investigators say Jamarcus Brown was being questioned for shoplifting earlier this month when he tried to get away in a car. Monroe Police Officer Chad Caudill then shot Brown in the leg from the hood of the car. Brown is charged with assault. He remains in the Warren County Jail on a $75,000 bond. The grand jury will review the case and decide whether an indictment is in order. (Source

Prosecutor says GameStop robbery in Watchung was an inside job
Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey Soriano said Monday that the violent armed robbery of the GameStop store was an inside job. Police have charged three people, including a store employee who made the call to 911. Through Police interviews and video surveillance, the police were able to breakdown the stories of trio. The fake robbery netted $1125 in cash, of which $783 has been recovered. (Source

Identity Thief caught at the Apple store in Boca, trying to purchase $4500 in merchandise  The suspect claims he received someone else credit card in his mailbox, so he researched the internet on how to make a phony identification. First stop to try out the new id and credit card took him to the Apple store in Boca Raton. The suspect attempted to purchase $4500 worth of Apple products, but the employee immediately noticed the ‘typed’ font used on the id was fake. Anthony Baker was arrested and faces multiple charges including grand theft. (Source

Naperville Radio Shack store robbery ends with Police chase  One suspect has been arrested, police are still looking for his two accomplices. Three men went into the store with a gun and demanded merchandise Monday night. A police chase of the suspect went from Naperville to Chicago, where police recovered the get-a-way car. (Source

Dollar General in Nashville robbed late Monday night  Nashville Metro Police are seeking the identity of a male suspect who robbed the Dollar General last night at gunpoint. Video shows the suspect enter the store with his gun already drawn. The suspect is believed to have stolen $500 in cash from the store, no one was injured. (Source

‘Unassuming’ female convenience store robber took everyone by surprise  The unassuming customer had shopped the small store in Spring Valley, California for several minutes, picking up merchandise, then seemingly ready to make her purchases at the register, she pulls a large handgun out of her purse. The robber told another customer to leave the store, and then robbed the register of $500. The suspect then simply walked out of the store and disappeared. (Source

Houston Police seek the identity of a multiple cell phone store robbery suspect  Houston Police believe the same suspect has been involved in multiple robberies of cell phone stores since May. In his last robbery in July, the suspect held the employee of the store at gunpoint and then stole the employee’s car. (Source

Harrisburg Police search for suspect in sports store burglary  Police are investigating a burglary at Kelly Sports in Harrisburg's High Pointe Commons. According to officials, the suspect broke into the business on Sunday and removed seven softball bats valued at $1,800. (Source

Pennsylvania robbery suspect sprays employee with ether  The suspect, Steven Klingensmith has been arrested and faces charges of attempted robbery, simple assault and retail theft. Klingensmith grabbed a can of ether / car starting fluid and sprayed the employee in an attempt to rob the store. Ether is highly flammable. The employee denied the suspect any money, the suspect then fled the store. Pennsylvania State Police were able to catch the suspect after a store security employee shot out one of the tires of the get-a-way car. (Source



New St. Paul police unit takes aim at booming retail theft rings
St. Paul Police Department is going after the criminals with a newly formed unit focused on catching the crooks and the resellers. It would be the first organized retail crime unit in Minnesota, police say. Sgt. Charles Anderson, who is heading the department’s one-year pilot, and who works in the Western District, first began to see a pattern when he was reviewing shoplifting reports. "I think we’re overdue in addressing this specific problem,” Anderson said. With the formation of the unit, Anderson and another officer will handle all of the city’s 1,300 shoplifting cases so that they can identify what’s just a minor theft and what’s an organized enterprise. The unit’s goals are to shut down fencing operations and put boosters behind bars. (Source

ORC gang busted in Pittsburgh - investigation is ongoing
Police have accused the trio of stealing $1,200 worth of supplements from GNC, supplements from Giant Eagle, items from the Hallmark store and items from Pittsburgh Comics. GNC, Giant Eagle and the Hallmark store are all located in the Crossroads shopping center. Pittsburgh Comics is nearby on East McMurray Road. Matthew Thompson, of Bethel Park, and Maggie Ann Brown, of Canonsburg, and Matthew Johns are being charged with retail theft and conspiracy, police said. Police are still investigating. (Source

North Carolina Gang Investigators Association holding annual conference; addressing organized retail crime  The N.C. Gang Investigators Association is holding the 12th annual Gangs Across the Carolinas conference in Greensboro today through Thursday. Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller wants to address the issue of organized retail crime. (Source

Arvada, Colorado credit card thieves ring up $5000 in an hour  An elderly female shopper was approached by two males in the parking lot of a Natural Grocers. While one suspect asked the woman questions, the other reached into her handbag and stole her credit cards. Within an hour, a couple is caught on video surveillance shopping at Target, purchasing $2000 in gift cards. The couple also purchased gift cards at an area Walgreens store. (Source

Two Ohio women arrested for $5000 in credit card theft  A stolen credit card was rung to its limit at Cleveland area stores. The two suspects, a woman and a juvenile, were shopping in the Mentor area hitting several stores. Mentor Police have arrested two other suspects, a woman and a juvenile, who tried to return some of the merchandise bought with the stolen credit cards. Ashley Robinson, of Warrensville Heights, was arrested when she tried to return a handbag at Dillard’s department store. Police say the female juvenile was taken into custody when she attempted to return a pair of shoes saying they were the wrong size. (Source

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Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight

Axis Communications’ Academy Launches Sales Essentials Training in the U.S. and Canada

The one-day, instructor-led course hits more than 40 N. American cities through 2013 to teach strategies, tips and best practices for selling IP video surveillance

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – August 13, 2013 – Axis Communications, the world leader in network video surveillance, today announced that Axis Communications’ Academy has added Sales Essentials, a one-day instructor-led training to provide channel partners with the best strategies and system demonstration tips to maximize success in selling IP video. This course will be added to Axis’ curriculum throughout the U.S. and Canada starting on August 27.

Sales Essentials provides an all-around approach to improving IP video sales by training on the importance of the video surveillance sales cycle, selling against objection and developing communications strategies that focus on the value of network video to meet the customer’s needs. Axis instructors will also provide guidance on how to properly demonstrate network cameras as well as discuss resources available to Axis Channel Partners, including pre- and post-sales support, vertical market solutions and the complete ecosystem of the Axis partner network.

“Our existing Axis Communications’ Academy curriculum tackles the technical aspects of IP video through various courses that prepare partners to become Axis Certified Professionals. Today, they’re well equipped to answer the ‘how’ behind network video,” said James Marcella, director of Technical Services, Axis Communications, Inc. “With Sales Essentials, we’re arming our partners with the best information possible to answer, ‘Why network video?’.”

Sales Essentials is appropriate for integrators and partners of any sales level, especially those with a full grasp of the technical requirements of network video, and will provide knowledge and tools necessary to prospect leads, secure sales and best position products for success. The course will cost $99 to attend and all participants will receive an AXIS M3004-V Fixed Dome Network Camera along with additional collateral and sales tools to take what they learned out in the field.

Following the one-day Sales Essentials seminar, participants will be able to:

• Understand the importance of utilizing the entire video surveillance sales cycle, from prospecting leads to securing repeat business
• Identify best practices for presenting IP video surveillance solutions to end-customers
• Develop unique business strategies for increased sales
• Effectively utilize their full Axis partnership for sales, marketing and technical support

The inaugural Sales Essentials course will kick off in Detroit on Aug. 27, and then continue with trainings in Chicago (Aug. 28) and Cincinnati (Aug. 30) before heading to more than 30 cities across the U.S., including Denver, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle and at Axis’ North American Headquarters in Chelmsford, Mass. For a complete listing of U.S. courses, please visit

Sales Essentials courses in Canada will begin in Toronto on Oct. 2, and then take place in Montreal (Oct. 4), Calgary (Nov. 20) and Vancouver (Nov. 22). For more information, please visit

Axis Communications’ Academy team has helped train more than 30,000 partners worldwide since 2005. Sales Essentials will complement existing classroom-based and online courses offered by Axis as well as numerous tutorials and guides found in the Axis Learning Center.

Matt Flanagan


Domenic Locapo



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Regional Security Mgr Fed Ex White Plains, NY Fed Ex
Global Investigations & Compliance Mgr Ace Hardware Corp. Oak Brook, IL Ace Hardware Corp.
Director of Asset Protection Walgreens Deerfield, IL Walgreens
Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
Asset Protection Manager The HoneyBaked Ham Co. Alpharetta, GA The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Director of LP Best Buy Canada Burnaby, British Columbia Best Buy Canada
Corporate LP Manager The Children's Place Secaucus, NJ The Children's Place
LP Regional Director Sears West Region Sears
Corporate LP Manager Eddie Bauer Bellevue, MA Eddie Bauer
Regional Director AP and Ops Home Depot Houston, TX Home Depot
Market LP Director Duane Reade New York, NY Duane Reade
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands

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Downing & Downing

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Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

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Downing & Downing

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Matteson, IL Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Roswell, NM Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Ponderay, ID Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Canton, TX Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Garland, TX Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart El Paso, TX Wal-Mart
LP Manager Sears Spokane, WA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Hilo, HI Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Kmart Baltimore, MD Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Salisbury, MD Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Lafayette, LA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Kennesaw, GA Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Oklahoma City, OK Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Cartersville, GA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Hillsborough, NJ Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Glenwood Springs, CO Lowe's
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Nashville, TN Limited Brands
Store LP Manager Follett Tempe, AZ Follett

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How Motivational Focus Drives Performance  Motivation is different for everyone, and leaders understand the need to adjust their styles of leadership to correspond with the different styles of motivation. Heidi Halvorson identifies two types of motivational focus that drives behaviors: Promotion-focused, and Prevention-focused. By understanding your employee's focus you can better motivate them. (Watch to find out how to identify someone's focus)

The Eight-Minute Test that Can Reveal Your Effectiveness as a Leader  It's hard to assess ourselves and determine if we are really being a good leader. What do we need to work on? What are our strengths? Take this self-assessment and understand what your strengths are to improve your leadership skills. (Once you've done that, you can focus on picking and improving one)

Three Reasons Your Best Employees Don't Feel Recognized  If your organization is going to spend the time, money and dedication to recognizing your employees that are performing above the expectations, it has to be done right. Recognizing everyone the way they would like to be recognized is important, and here are three ways to make sure you're doing it efficiently.  (Use specific feedback, not just a general "Good Job")

Seven Leadership Tips from Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan 
Whether you are the leader of a profitable organization or creator of a critically-acclaimed series, leadership takes skill and guts.  Look at the creator and executive producer's tactics he used to turn an idea into the hit television show, "Breaking Bad." (Don't always listen to your critics)

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Change comes from within and growth comes from taking a risk - Retailer Submissions Needed for RILA Sessions 

For years now I've heard so many great ideas and criticisms come from our ranks after the various LP shows. With the problem being it's always after the show and not before them. While virtually all of them ask for input and canvas the industry looking for suggestions, so many stay silent. Some because of corporate mandates, some because either they leave it to the other guy or they leave it to another retailer to make the call and are reluctant, maybe a tad nervous to even make a suggestion. But when taking into consideration the speed and volume of change coming throughout the retail industry worldwide, every retailer needs to take action, to take risks and to stand up and be heard. The retail landscape is changing now more than ever before in history, and for us to change with it and grow as an industry and to merely keep pace with it we need every retailer's input, ideas and suggestions for the sessions at the only venues we have to share together as an industry. Yes I agree, there are executives that deserve and need exposure as session presenters, but what's more important now than ever before are sessions that go beyond the traditional and deal with topics that are reshaping the retail world. Because change must come from within and growth comes from those willing to take a risk. And with Omni-retailing at the door and the disappearance of that line separating online and offline we need to change and grow as an industry, and the sessions at the various LP conferences allow us to do just that and every retailer needs to be involved, no matter how large or small. 

Right now the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) is looking for session submissions and it's a perfect time to get involved, get creative and take a risk. Give it some thought, take your idea to your senior leader or put together a committee and use the power of the group to come up with some ideas. Help the industry evolve. You never know what contribution you can make until you just stand up and make it. And for those who don't, then no reaction or criticism is justified. 

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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