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 August 14, 2014


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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Wanted At Barneys New York: An 'Anti-Profiling Consultant'
The hire is just one part of Barneys' new settlement with the New York state attorney general's office, as The Two-Way reported this week. It sounds kind of strange, but there are people who actually quantify [these situations]," explains Simma Lieberman, a self-described "diversity consultant" based near Berkeley, Calif. Both Barneys and the New York state attorney general's office declined to comment on the consultant position. According to their settlement agreement, the consultant will suggest changes in record-keeping of "loss prevention stops," lead employee training, and can show up at all Barneys stores unannounced to monitor staff and review complaints about racial profiling. Consultants in this line of work typically have backgrounds in psychology, sociology, or political science, according to John Dovidio, a psychology professor at Yale University who also consults on diversity issues for businesses and other organizations. Dovidio admits an hour or even a week of training may not change a person's biases, but he says he measures success differently. My goal as a diversity consultant is not to change people's attitudes," he says. "It's to change their behavior." Barneys has 30 days to hire the consultant, who must be approved by the state attorney general's office and be retained by the retailer for two years. (Source wyomingpublicmedia.org)

Anonymous names police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.
Earlier Thursday, a group identifying itself as Anonymous, the computer hacking collective, disclosed Thursday what it said was the name of the police officer who fatally shot an unarmed African-American teenager on Saturday. Writing on Twitter, the group said it would publish additional information about the officer — including his photograph — if it did not receive a response from the St. Louis County Police Department.  (Source nytimes.com)

Range Logistics Joins CargoNet to Enhance Supply Chain Security
Range Logistics has joined CargoNet to bolster its ability to mitigate cargo risk for their clients. CargoNet helps prevent cargo theft and improves recovery rates through secure and controlled information sharing among theft victims, their business partners, and law enforcement officials. CargoNet uses a national database and information sharing system managed by crime analysts and subject matter experts. CargoNet is a division of Verisk Crime Analytics, a Verisk Analytics company. Range Logistics recognizes the importance of taking a proactive approach to the growing issue of cargo theft, and we’re excited to support their commitment to the cause,” said Anthony Canale, Vice President of Verisk Crime Analytics. (Source theintelligencer.com)

United States is the champion of credit card fraud — but Europe is catching up  Recent data shows fraud losses in Europe increased 6.2 percent to $2.1 billion in 2013, according to the private analytics company Euromonitor International. The largest losses are in the United Kingdom — $715 million — followed by France with $574 million. Together they make up 62 percent of the losses among the 19 countries. Russia saw the largest increase in losses from 2012 — more than 27 percent. The United Kingdom came in second with a 16 percent increase. The European total of $2.1 billion is much less than the losses suffered in the United States — about $5 billion before the 2013 Target breach. That amount could come down as American credit card issuers replace easily hacked magnetic strips on cards with more secure “chip-and-PIN”. (Source washingtonpost.com)

Credit & debit cards at risk from security breaches in UK grows from under 200k in 2012 to 3M+ in 2013

507 TSA screeners busted for stealing - Using 'bait bags' to catch them
Airlines, airports, police and the Transportation Security Administration are all trying to tighten up to curb the persistent problem of luggage looting. The latest tools: high-definition security cameras and national meetings to compare notes on thieves. Then there are the carefully placed Montblanc pens. TSA has been sending "bait bags" through for screening with valuables such as iPads, watches and jewelry to entice dishonest agents. In the past two years, the agency has sent bait bags through screening 3,500 times; 10 items were stolen and those agents caught were fired. A total of 507 screeners have been fired for stealing over TSA's 13-year history, the agency said. Mr. Pistole launched a crackdown on theft two years ago and appears to be making progress. Last year, 56 screeners were fired for stealing and referred to police. So far this year there have been 22 firings for theft. And in the first six months of this year, the number of complaints filed against TSA for the handling of personal property fell 13% compared with the same period of 2013. (Source wsj.com)

Why Gray-Market Goods Aren’t All Bad for Big Brands
Well-known brands have long had a love-hate relationship with gray-market goods. These products—which resellers purchase on the gray market, or basically outside channels authorized by the brands—can erode companies’ pricing power and hurt the image that they’ve spent years cultivating. Still, gray-market goods generate revenue for the brands wherever they’re sold. They can also help build awareness and drive demand in countries where brands don’t have a significant presence. That’s why many brands, despite making a fuss about the unauthorized sales, have little appetite to crack down on the problem. It’s one of the worst-kept secrets that brands look the other way on gray-market goods,” said Scott Galloway, CEO of L2 Inc., a New York-based research firm. “A lot of brands will let their country managers flush out products through the gray market.” Brands are also realizing that there can be a fine line between gray-market and counterfeit goods, a problem that brands have thrown money and investigators at for years. Very often, the parallel importers mix in fakes. There’s nothing to stop them from doing this.” (Source wsj.com)

Publix associate's act of kindness goes viral
This photo is proof that a small act of kindness can certainly go a long way. As Keith Kiel was doing his grocery aisle rounds in the local Publix supermarket last week, he never expected to come across something so innocent yet so poignant at the same time. “I was shopping in the meat department and I looked out of my right eye and I see this kid crouching down and tying this sweet old man’s shoe,” Kiel, 64, of Ormond Beach, Florida, told ABC News. “I said to myself, ‘Aw that’s neat. Let me take a picture of this.’” The touching gesture between the Publix employee, named Gage Boucher, and the older gentlemen, happened so quickly, Kiel was afraid he had actually missed the shot. He didn’t though, snapping the photo just in the nick of time. “When I saw it I immediately thought, ‘I’m going to put this on Facebook and I might get 100 likes,’” said Kiel. “I’ve never hit 100 likes on anything, but I figured people would resonate with this.” He was right and then some. Since August 9, the photo has received nearly 200,000 likes and has been shared more than 15,000 times. (Source yahoo.com)

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Advanced Auto Q2 up 2.6% with sales up 51.5% with acquisition of General Parts
Wal-Mart Q2 U.S. stores & Sam's Club flat with total company sales up 2.8%
SpartanNash Q2 flat with net sales up 42.4% due to merger of Nash Finch
Kohl's Q2 down 1.1% with sales down 1%

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Aug. 28 , 2pm EDT:
Future LP Innovation: OMNI Channel Protection
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RILA'S 2014 Summer AP Webinar Series

Returns & Return Fraud Investigations

August 15
2pm - 3pm EDT

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MO. # Cases $ Amount
Jan 91 $28.7M
Feb 78 $62.9M
Mar 76 $24.7M
Apr 87 $25.1M
May 95 $205.6M
June 91 $505.8M
July 120 $8.0M
Total 522 $852.9M


CCROC Task Force Training and Conference
September 4 and September 5, 2014

Oak Brook, Illinois  Hamburger University 

Admission is $80

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New England ORC Symposium & Trade Show

Sept. 18, 2014
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Worcester, MA

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IAI’s New Website Delivers Valuable Tools for Interviewers

CHICAGO, August 14, 2014 –The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) released its new Website delivering interviewers a value-packed resource for all things interviewing and interrogation. Helping interviewers from all industries stay relevant in their chosen profession and organization, IAI’s new digital home provides members a rationalization matrix, educational webinar opportunities, CEU opportunities, exclusive member events and networking.

Check it out at: www.certifiedinterviewer.com

“We’re focused on delivering significantly valuable content, resources and real-life tools to those dedicated to the field of interviewing,” said Wayne Hoover, CFI and executive director of IAI. “Our new Website is easier to navigate but most importantly it will be continuously updated with new and useful tools for our members.”

IAI is the governing body and member association for the Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) designation. Other content included on IAI’s site includes interview mapping, legal updates, relevant news and links, podcasts, book reviews, featured CFI and IAI members, blogs and much more.

To learn more about IAI membership and existing educational resources visit www.certifiedinterviewer.com.

Amber Virgillo, Calibration Marketing
International Association of Interviewers
(770) 335-4891


Paul Fisher, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Bass Security, tells us how core values of accountability, continuous improvement and teamwork helped Bass Security grow from a small locksmith business in 1975 to a well-rounded leader in the retail security industry. As North America’s only one-touch solution for loss prevention, new construction and facilities, Bass Security serves over 50 Fortune-500 companies and over 79% of the top retailers in North America.

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LPNN Quick Take #5

In this LPNN Quick Take, Joe and Amber talk with Denny Dansak, Senior Corp. Manager, ORC at The Kroger, Co. Listen as Denny briefly discusses the partnership on the case that won his team the NRF’s Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Award. This 13 month investigation was initiated by Kroger, who partnered with the LA County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI to help solve the case.


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CFPB: risk is embedded in digital money
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) signals that digital currency users are exposed to potential risks because of hackers and not so sturdy protection as that offered by banks and credit card operators, rollcall.com reports. The CFPB has recently issued a consumer advisory which recognises virtual currencies’ potential in technology development, but highlights their shortcomings, some of which are critical. The advisory also triggers attention to tax paying issues, such as the possibility of paying more using virtual currency than paying with USD, risk of losing money if users send virtual currencies to the wrong person and large changes in prices of virtual currencies. (Source thepaypers.com)

Your credit card may soon have an on-off switch
Emerging technology gives consumers the ability to turn their credit and debit cards on and off through a smartphone app, a capability that can not only help families and businesses control how authorized users shop with the card but also, and perhaps more importantly, help prevent card fraud. The on-off function, in addition to other control preferences, is available to cardholders through their bank or credit union's mobile app. Some financial services companies are working to develop their own technologies as well. (Source msn.com)

TGI Fridays Pushes Pay By QR Code

Target opens an e-commerce office in Silicon Valley

Small and Medium Retailers Should See 9% Holiday Ecommerce Growth

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




Submit your nominations for the 2014
New England ORC Awards
Deadline is Monday, September 1

In an effort to recognize those individuals within the loss prevention and law enforcement community that have gone above and beyond in the fight against ORC in New England, the N.E. ORC Symposium & Tradeshow will be presenting the 2014 N.E. ORC Awards at this year’s event on Thursday, September 18 at the DCU Center in Worcester. Professionals working within the loss prevention/law enforcement community are being invited to submit nominations for these awards. To download the nomination form, click here. It includes a description of each of the awards and instructions for completing and submitting nominations. The deadline for submission is Monday, September 1.

Six Apple store employees & 1 Best Buy Mobile employee charged in $500k iPhone theft ring in Ft. Lauderdale  Six Apple store employees at the Galleria mall are accused of teaming up to defraud the store out of nearly 600 iPhones worth an estimated half-million dollars, police said Wednesday. Detectives began investigating the thefts this year when a regional loss-prevention manager for Apple notified Fort Lauderdale police about the group of employees. They stole them by manipulating Apple’s product exchange procedures, allowing stolen and locked iPhones to be exchanged for refurbished ones. How did the scheme work? Since April, thieves who posed as customers at the store handed stolen iPhones to employees in the ring and exchanged them for new iPhones, police said. Each Apple employee in the ring was paid between $45 and $75 for carrying out a fraudulent transaction, police said. A seventh person, Best Buy Mobile employee Sean Flynn, 25, of Davie, provided serial numbers from cellphones at Best Buy Mobile. Part of the scheme hinged on Apple employees using that information to assign cellphone serial numbers to the new iPhones at the Apple store, police said. Devon Persad, 26, of Tamarac, was identified as the ringleader who hosted big dinners to recruit fellow Apple store employees, bragging about the new 2014 Lexus he bought and the home loan he paid off, according to the arrest warrants. There are many other people in the ring who haven't been identified, Detective DeAnna Greenlaw said.

According to a FLPD, the U.S. Secret Service assisted them in unraveling the scheme:

The ring leader of the Apple store group would contact his accomplice at the Best Buy store for a list of “cold” serial numbers.
The Best Buy employee would obtain the serial numbers from new iPhones in the Sunrise store’s inventory.
Unidentified suspects would bring iPhones to the Genius Bar that had been stolen or locked, and whose serial numbers were considered “hot.”
The suspected Apple employees would select a serial number from the Best Buy-provided list and associate it to the phone being exchanged by the unknown suspects.
The walk-in suspects would be provided a refurbished (like new) iPhone with a “cold” serial number. Police are tracking where those iPhones were transported or sold.
The “hot” exchanged iPhones would be returned to Apple’s service depot, where they eventually were discovered to be locked/stolen.
Customers who bought iPhones at the Best Buy store encountered problems registering their smartphone because the serial number had already been registered by the people who received refurbished models. (Source ifoapplestore.com)

Orlando police bust major retail theft ring targeting Macy's across Orange County and selling the merchandise to small stores  Orlando police said they put the brakes on a theft ring that targeted Macy’s department stores across Orange County. Investigators believe the suspects went after designer fragrances, shoes and handbags worth thousands of dollars. Police said surveillance video from July shows the suspects taking merchandise from Macy’s at Fashion Square Mall. Investigators arrested Jose Burgos and Miguel Mendez on charges of felony theft, but they said they are still looking for another woman. Detectives believe the trio sold the stolen items to smaller stores near Goldenrod Road in east Orange County. Investigation is ongoing and they expect more arrests. (Source wftv.com)

Retail thief sentenced to 4 years in prison due to previous criminal history in Jackson County, IL

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5 arrested after shoplifting spree at Oakview Mall and Burlington Coat in Omaha
According to a police report, the group stole nearly $1,000 in clothes from American Eagle, Victoria's Secret and Children's Place on the afternoon of Aug. 5. While officers searched their vehicle, one of the teens admitted to stealing even more clothes from Burlington Coat Factor on West Center Road before the group went to Oakview. (Source ketv.com)

3 Failed Smash-and-Grab Burglaries Happen Moments Apart in Houston
Three separate smash-and-grab burglary attempts happened within moments of each other early Wednesday, leaving a big mess for the victims but only a little loot for the thieves. It all started around 3:15 a.m. when Houston police responded to a call about a burglary in progress at a Gulf gas station and convenience store on Tidwell, east of Wayside. Surveillance video shows three men in a small SUV trying to back through the front doors. They damaged the store, but police said they couldn’t get inside. (Source news92fm.com)

Trio charged in smash-and-grab Verizon & Radio Shack burglaries, taking more than $50K in electronics in Bethlehem, PA

Dollar General store manager pleads guilty to $12,000 deposit skimming in Greenwich, Ohio

Walmart Customer Service Manager Charged For Taking $7,000 From Money Drops in Lexington, N.C. store

Man uses counterfeit $100's to buy Green Dot Pre-Paid Vise Cards at Kroger in Houston

Thieves rob Hawthorne, CA shop of $20,000 in hair extensions  

Musician arrested before gig stealing $4000 of electronics from a Franklin, TN Walmart 

Reno, NV Police release photos of GameStop and Apple Store burglars

Jared’s Vault in the Premium Outlets, Wrentham, MA hit by a 2 man Distraction Team; merchandise valued at over $10,000

Helzburg Diamonds in the Antelope Valley Mall, Palmdale, CA the victim of a $8,990 Grab and Run

Police release dash cam video of store safe being dragged behind car

Indictment for ex-con in Mahwah, NJ Home Depot brawl with Loss Prevention

Connecticut man admits robbing 7 banks and a convenience store in 4 states over 15 months

A to Z - Camp Hill, PA- Armed Robbery
Banvlado – Bridgeport, CT - Armed Robbery
Casey’s - Mattoon, IL - Armed Robbery
CVS - Bristol Twp, PA - Armed Robbery - 2 teens charged
CVS - Wetumpka, AL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Greenville, NC - Armed Robbery - suspect arrested
Hall’s - Easton, PA - Armed Robbery
Hannaford - Herkimer, NY - Pharmacy Armed Robbery
Kum & Go - Sand Springs, OK - Armed Robbery
McDonald’s - Wellsville, NY - Armed Robbery
Royal Deli - Roanoke, VA - Burglary - 2 teens arrested
Shell - Spring, TX - Smash and Grab - truck through storefront
Valero - McAllen, TX - Armed Robbery



Vendor Spotlight


Southern Imperial Introduces New Product to Deter Retail Theft
Stop Lock for Loop Hooks prevents product ‘sweep;’ protects inventory

Aug. 13, 2014 - ROCKFORD, Ill. - Southern Imperial, Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of fixture and display solutions for the retail industry, introduced the new Stop Lock for Loop Hooks. The product is designed to prevent product ‘sweep,’ the process by which a thief sweeps an entire row of product. The lock requires staff assistance to access product, thereby protecting inventory. The Stop Lock fits on the end of a loop hook, and its red design provides immediate visual cues throughout the display line that the inventory is locked, making the prospect of shoplifting less attractive to would-be thieves.

The Stop Lock’s design also makes it easy to recognize if the lock is open or closed, preventing staff from intentionally leaving it open to theft, referred to as “sweethearting.” According to a recent survey, the National Retail Federation indicates that organized retail crime is on the rise and employee theft accounts for 43.9 percent of product shrink. The Stop Lock is designed to reduce both of these categories significantly.

In addition to its visibility and effectiveness at preventing product sweep, the Stop Lock is easy for retailers and store staff to use. Magnetic detacher keys are used to unlock the Stop Lock. These keys are sold separately.

For more information about the Stop Lock and other loss prevention solutions, contact Southern Imperial at 800.747.4665 or visit www.southernimperial.com.

About Southern Imperial
Southern Imperial, Inc. of Rockford, IL is the industry’s leading manufacturer of store fixture hardware and retail display solutions – delivering proven results and influencing point-of-purchase for the nation’s top retailers and their suppliers. For more information about Southern Imperial, visit www.southernimperial.com or call toll free (800) 747-4665.


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Dir of LP & Risk Mgmt Gordmans Omaha, NE Gordmans
Director Digital LP Nike Portland, OR Nike
Regional LP & Safety Director Younkers Okemos, MI The Bon Ton Stores
Regional LP Director Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
AP Analyst Northgate Markets Anaheim, CA Northgate Markets
National Account Manager Vector Security, Inc TBD Vector Security, Inc
Reg LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance Mgr Dunham's Sports United States Dunham's Sports
AP Manager Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
AP Analyst Bi-Lo Holdings Baldwin, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
AP Specialist Bi-Lo Holdings Savannah/Augusta, GA Bi-Lo Holdings
Bilingual AP Specialist Bi-Lo Holdings Miami, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
AP Supervisor Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
AP Associate Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
Investigator II SpartanNash Omaha, NE SpartanNash
Key Account Mgr Checkpoint Systems Any location Checkpoint

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing

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Sr Mgr LP Dunkin' Brands Dallas, TX Dunkin' Brands
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Clarksburg, WV Lowe's
LP & Safety Spec Lowe's Hudson, NY Lowe's
LP & Safety Spec Lowe's Riverhead, NY Lowe's
LP & Safety Spec Lowe's Rolla, MO Lowe's
LP Manager Macy's San Mateo, CA Macy's
AP Manager in Training Walmart El Paso, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Brooksville, FL Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Columbia, MO Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Kyle, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Raleigh, NC Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Concord, NC Walmart
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Easley, SC Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Kalispell, MT Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Sears Sierra Vista, AZ Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Scranton, PA Sears Holdings Corp
AP Team Leader Target Windsor, CT Target
LP Supervisor JC Penney Langhorne, PA JC Penney
Field ORC Specialist Gap Inc New Jersey Gap Inc


Dave Wilkinson was named Executive Team Leader Assets Protection for Target.
Justine Venezia was promoted to Manager of Exception Based Reporting for Gap Inc.

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Why No One Gets Away with Trash Talk Anymore  They always say that news travels fast, and it seems even more accurate with bad news or even gossip for that matter. While you shouldn't keep anger bottled up inside, you don't want to burn bridges either. (You're in for a long career)

How Being Selfish Will Limit Your Career
Relationships are the currency of business and it's booming thanks to e-networking. The quality of relationships can rise and fall, and the most common cause of a squandered relationship is selfishness. Here's the antidote! (Genuine generosity)


A Fairer Way of Giving Credit Where It's Due  We all have a deep need to feel that our contributions are acknowledged, that our efforts are celebrated. Assigning credit in a fair way can be difficult, though. How can you verify that someone deserves more credit than another? Here are some methods to help. (Track records)

Is a Bad Attitude Contagious?
Everyone slips up, says things they don't mean, or does things they probably shouldn't. We are human. But the problem with the traditional approach to fixing a bad attitude is that it doesn't fix the real problem. (Energy in the room)

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