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Toys R Us Vice President Asset Protection Chris Gillen picks up Guest Services responsibility  Earlier this summer Chris Gillen picked up this new responsibility with a 14-member team and over 1,200 third-party agents operating in three call centers. Expanding his responsibility and getting involved in enterprise data, social media and basically all the touch points of guest services is a great development and shows how Asset Protection can indeed make an impact on a broader scale.

The next two and a half months are always the busiest time of year for conferences, workshops, seminars, and webinars  August, September and October are always the busiest time of year for conferences and webinars as everyone worldwide prepares for the upcoming holiday season. With well over a dozen events in North America, the LP industry is booked. From Canada's RCC LP Conference in the north to the LPRC's Impact Workshop in Florida in the south, LP executives have a host of choices to make, and the solution providers a lot of events to attend and sponsor.

NRF moves forward with Big Show at Javits Center in NYC - they almost lost it
Almost kicked out by Gov. Cuomo's demand for a boat show to kick start that industry after Hurricane Sandy, the NRF agreed to some concessions and Javits said OK. According to sources, the Javits is squeezing events such as the Big Show around the boat show. The NRF is reportedly able to keep its original dates because it agreed to one fewer day for dismantling the event and will pay overtime wages to crews to take it down in less time. While the conference lasts four days, the NRF needs time on the front and back ends of the conference for set-up and take down, and typically books the Javits Center for nine days. (Source

$350 billion - 1.9M to 2.1M full-time security workers - U.S. security market expected to grow  In its first comprehensive study of the security market since 1990, ASIS International and the Institute of Finance and Management analyzed the expansion of private security over the past decade and project further growth in the country’s security products and services market. The report says the $350 billion market comprises $282 billion in private-sector spending and $69 billion in federal government spending on homeland security. In the 189-page report, study authors estimate spending on operational private security to be $202 billion, with expected growth of 5.5 percent this year. The market for private security related to information technology is estimated at $80 billion; the report projects growth of 9 percent in 2013. The report may be purchased from the ASIS Store online at (Source

E-commerce returns to pre-recession growth
Online retail sales increased 18.4% in the second quarter over the same period last year, the U.S. Commerce Department reported today. It’s the biggest year-on-year increase since an 18.8% increase in e-retail sales in the fourth quarter of 2007. (Source

Wal-Mart to Spend at Least $150M More on 2013 Foreign Corruption Practices Act
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. says it will spend between $75 million and $80 million in each of the next two fiscal quarters on expenses related to ongoing Foreign Corruption Practices Act issues and on its compliance programs. With its latest announcement, the company has spent more than $300 million so far on the FCPA investigation and its compliance programs. (Source

Major Retailers See Tough Second Half
A number of retailers have cut profit projections and the revisions show that retailers on the front lines have grown more bearish on the consumer in the second half, even as they try to talk up the early read on the back-to-school season. (Source

Pent-up demand for cars and home improvement needs may have drained away discretionary dollars that might otherwise have been spent at clothing stores and restaurants  Is the the reason for soft sales reports coming out of the retail sector? Retail sales of motor vehicles rose 9.5% in the first six months of 2013. "It appears that consumers, at least temporarily are cautious about spending their discretionary dollars," he said. "However, they are buying cars. They are buying houses." Wal-Mart and other retailers that cater to lower and middle-income consumers say they are bracing for an even bigger hit. (Source

What to expect with PCI DSS 3.0 coming in November 2013
The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) published PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) 3.0 change highlights, as a preview of the new version of the standards coming in November 2013. The changes will help companies make PCI DSS part of their business-as-usual activities by introducing more flexibility, and an increased focus on education, awareness and security as a shared responsibility. The seven-page document is part of the Council’s commitment to provide as much information as possible during the development process and eliminate any perceived surprises for organizations in their PCI security planning. (Source (Source

RetailNext Expands Leadership Team with Addition of Four Executives
Retail Next, Applied Big Data for brick-and-mortar retail, today announced the addition of four executives to its leadership team. With roots in the retail, technology and consulting sectors. The recent additions to the RetailNext executive team are: Kenton D. Chow, Chief Operating Officer (San Jose), Maria Fernandez Guajardo, VP of Product Management (San Jose), Michael Manlapas, VP of Business Development (Atlanta), John Crimmins, VP of Strategy (Chicago). (Source

IBM acquires Israeli-based Trusteer for its malware and fraud prevention technology  With the goal of beefing up its security portfolio, IBM announced on Thursday that it acquired Israel-based Trusteer in a deal rumored to be worth around a $1 billion. Trusteer brings a number of services to the table that broadens the IBM catalog, including fraud and malware protection offerings. Founded in 2006, Trusteer specializes in helping the financial services industry repel advanced attacks, but recently has seen an uptick in e-commerce sites as customers. (Source

Tracking mobile data - 1800Flowers tests mobile fingerprinting for tracking cross-channel shoppers  "We do use fingerprinting technology that can track when someone starts to buy flowers on a mobile device,” said Will Ferguson, vice president of display advertising, social media and affiliate marketing at 1800Flowers, Carle Place, NY. Fingerprinting was originally created for banks to track consumer fraud and is very accurate. Fingerprint profiles can not be deleted and can be tracked across multiple devices. Fingerprinting is cookieless, but requires brands to match criteria to information from apps and mobile sites. It also may come along with some legal privacy issues. Yet, since the information fingerprinting collects does not have any personally identifiable information, it is likely that the tactic will stick around. (Source

Europe's biggest supermarket Tesco installing SMARTtill technology in 10,000 tills
The intelligent cash drawer system will enable the retailer to monitor the cash-flows of any given till, ensuring adequate change values are available and alerting management when cash levels reach minimum or maximum values, ultimately leading to a more seamless customer experience. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Nordstrom Q2 up 4.4% with sales up 6.4%
JoS. A. Bank Q2 total sales down 11% no same store sales results posted

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Thought Challenge


By Bill Nichols
Director, Loss Prevention
Christmas Tree Shops, Bed Bath & Beyond

Reading through the Thought Challenge archives I see a lot of topics that talk about change, embracing change, the need to know your business beyond LP, integrity, risk taking, the future of LP in Retail, the need for self-improvement, the need for more knowledge, the need for more technology and the need to network to be able to sell one’s skills in the market place. All of these are excellent topics, and are important in the discussion of the Loss Prevention industry today. However, the applicable term for all of these topics is “relevance”. How relevant are you to your organization?

We are all proud of the Loss Prevention Industry and the strides it has taken over the last few decades to increase its credibility and value in the business world. However, we all know that when the bottom drops out of the bottom line, Loss Prevention gets the first glance when the cost control wonks start counting the beans. Over the last five years we have seen many organizations freeze programs, downsize programs and eliminate programs in an effort to protect the bottom line. Quite often that effort is misguided and only exacerbates the financial impact by eliminating or weakening controls. So why would intelligent business people make such decisions? It’s because they did not see the relevance of the programs/resources to their current situation. Establishing relevance in the eyes of your Executive Team can mean the difference between expanding your programs and eliminating them.

How do you establish relevance? First, by providing the organization and decision makers with regular empirical and statistical updates on the progress and results of your programs. This establishes and reinforces the business value of you and/or your program. Second, clearly communicate the vision and strategy of the future of your program, along with expected results. This establishes your future business value to the organization, while setting goals for you and your programs. Third, you must know your “internal competition”. Understand what their vision and strategy is in order to ensure your programs are designed for maximum benefit to the organization so that you get your share of the available resources. Remember, Loss Prevention, Operations, IT, Legal and Human Resources are all looking to establish their relevance and get their piece of the pie. The departments least effective in establishing the relevance of their programs will get the least amount of resource, and may eventually be left behind.




'Project Momentum' - A new CTA-led initiative aimed at driving down cargo theft, will hold its first meeting Sept. 5 at Jeff Bryan Transport’s facility  Verisk Crime Analytics will lead an initiative to fight Cargo theft along Highway 401 and the Greater Toronto Area. This area has become a hotspot for cargo theft, and it's the initiative's goal to help mitigate and prevent cargo theft. Verisk Crime Analytics has two divisions that will help in this effort, National Equipment Register and CargoNet, and will work alongside the Canadian Law Enforcement, as well as collaborate with Canadian Trucking Alliance and Ontario Trucking Association. The benefits of Project Momentum will be to see what can be done to help stop cargo theft, mitigate the impact when it occurs, and to heighten awareness of the issue. David Shillingford, President of Verisk Crime Analytics, commented, "Project Momentum will promote a heightened awareness of the risk of cargo theft, as well as collaboration amongst the stakeholders impacted by cargo and equipment thefts, to develop and implement mitigation programs. Increased enforcement, crime suppression initiatives, and community engagement are among the measures planned to help prevent theft and facilitate stolen cargo and equipment recovery."  Phase 1 of Project Momentum will be the Sept. 5 workshop, featuring speakers from law enforcement and industry, with two other phases taking place through December. “The goal is to educate everyone from carriers, to the courts, to the public of the scope and seriousness of cargo crime and the impact it and the organized syndicates behind it is having not only on the business world but in our communities,” Jeff Bryan said. “There is some momentum building. Industry has taken the first steps, law enforcement is there beside us to help, but so much more needs to be done such as tougher sentencing.” Phase 2 will focus on providing training and awareness to law enforcement. To sign up for the workshop, fill out this form. (Source

Crime forces Mac’s Thunder Bay stores night closures
Mac’s Convenience Stores says that the robbery rate in its Thunder Bay locations is by far the worst of any other locations in Ontario. The company operates nineteen shops in Thunder Bay. Eight of the company’s stores have had to reduce their operating hours in an effort to reduce the risk of robberies in the stores. (Source

Axis Communications' Academy launches Sales Essentials training in U.S. and Canada - four Canadian stops planned  Network-video-surveillance company Axis Communications announced earlier this week that its Axis Communications’ Academy will launch a "Sales Essentials" course in the U.S. and Canada beginning August 27 and running through the end of the year. More than 40 North American cities are planned for the training tour, including four stops in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver). This 1-day, instructor-led course will provide channel partners with the best strategies and system-demonstration tips to maximize success in selling IP video. Register for training in the U.S. here, or in Canada here.

Retailers tracking customer return data prompts concerns over transparency - the #1 article in our industry in North America this week - published in over 20 publications this week alone  The companies say it's all in the name of security and fighting fraud. They want to be able to identify chronic returners or gangs of thieves trying to make off with high-end products that are returned later for store credit. Consumer advocates are raising transparency issues about the practice of having companies collect information on consumers and create "return profiles" of customers at big-name stores such as Best Buy, J.C. Penney, Victoria's Secret, Home Depot and Nike. For example, if TRE logs and analyzes returns from a Victoria's Secret customer, TRE only reports back to Victoria's Secret about the return activity. It does not then also share that information with J.C. Penney or other retailers that use TRE. Editor's Note: Now appearing in Canada this article has made the rounds throughout North America and is probably the most popular article having to do with our LP industry this entire year quite frankly. (Source

Metro to restructure in Ontario, Makes Target Deal
Metro Inc. here said Wednesday that it would close or convert 15 stores in Ontario in the coming months after reporting soft sales for its fiscal third quarter. Metro also on Wednesday said that an affiliate would operate pharmacies in Target stores throughout Quebec. (Source

Thieves make off with $4K in garlic from Quebec farm
It’s not the first time Quebec food producers have been targeted by thieves. Last winter, someone managed to get away with close to $140,000 worth of corn from a silo near Montreal and December, two people were arrested in connection with an $18 million maple syrup theft from a warehouse in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, near Montreal as well. Three major heists within one year of farmers. (Source

Video Released of Attempted Theft at Avalon Mall in Newfoundland and Labrador  Police have released a video of suspects who attempted to break into a cell phone kiosk in the Avalon Mall. RNC say the two men entered the mall through the loading area and then went to the Virgin Mobile kiosk in the mall. It happened around 2:45 in the morning on July 11. There were no items reported stolen during the attempted theft. RNC are asking the public to call them or Crime Stoppers if they know the identity of the suspects in the mall video surveillance. (Source

RCMP investigates links between two separate break-and-enters in Cobble Hill  Shawnigan RCMP believes the man behind a smash and grab at the Cobble Hill Market last week, may have been behind a similar incident Tuesday night. Employees of the Country Grocery arrived at work this morning to see signs of a break and enter. When RCMP viewed the security tapes they discovered the male suspect attempting to unsuccessfully dislodge the ATM, before grabbing a garbage bag full of cigarettes. The video footage also shows an older model pick-up truck driving by the front door twice right before the suspect smashed the glass door. (Source



First Time Video - Watch the skimmers in action as they attach and remove their skimming devices in south Florida at Publix  Police here investigating damage to a Publix ATM machine found evidence of two white males installing and retrieving "skimming" devices that allow them to drain the bank accounts of ATM users. On Monday, Port St. Lucie Police went to Publix at 9100 S. US Highway 1. The ATM had a hole drilled into the bottom of the card reader. With no evidence of a skimming device but more reports of similar damage to other ATMS, they worked with Publix security officials to review surveillance video from Vero Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boynton Beach locations. The videos show two white males installing what appeared to be bank card skimming devices. Later, they return to retrieve the devices containing users' ATM card info. (Source (Source

Mother of dead child found in Kohl's restroom charged with murder  The mother who left her dead newborn inside a trash can in a Louisville Kohl's store restroom is being charged with murder. (Source

Four indicted for seven armed robberies of retailers in Little Rock, AR  Two federal indictments charging four men with the armed robbery of seven local fast-food restaurants and one store, as well as the attempted armed robbery of one local fast-food restaurant and a bank. The establishments targeted in the robberies include five different Sonic Drive-Ins, two (2) Subway restaurants, a Dollar General store, Yogurt Mountain, and the Bank of England. (Source

Academy Sporting Goods shoplifter video tapped running across ten lanes of traffic - leaping a concrete medium without getting killed and she's still on the loose  After being confronted by Loss Prevention in an Academy Sporting Goods store in Corpus Christi, TX., the female shoplifter dropped the bag and sprinted across 10 lanes of traffic and leaped over a concrete medium. The police have a pretty good idea who the person is. (Source

Two Pret A Manger workers in Chelsea stole 100 customers' information using credit card skimmers in NYC  Nigel McCollum, 22, and his gal pal Lenica Greene, 23, were hit with a massive indictment for stealing the identities of at least 100 customers through credit card “skimmers” that record private data. McCollum — who worked at Pret’s W. 23rd St. location in Chelsea — made “over 10 grand,” he allegedly told cops after his arrest. He added that he has “individuals skimming at an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, as well as Pret A Manger,” according to court papers. (Source

Three suspects crash following the robbery of a Family Dollar store in Houston  Three suspects were arrested Thursday after they allegedly tried to hold up a Family Dollar store in southwest Harris County. The getaway driver led deputies on a brief chase before crashing into an innocent driver. The driver who was struck appeared to be okay but remained in her van following the crash. All three suspects were captured. (Source

Rockland County jewelry store burglarized of nearly $10,000 in merchandise
A jewelry store in Suffern was broken into overnight on Wednesday, the thieves managed to get a way with coins, cash and jewelry. The owner said he and his wife moved to the new location three years ago, but never hooked up the alarm system. The burglars entered through an unlocked backdoor, the only store protection was a sign that said, “Smile for the Video Camera. You Are Being Watched.” (Source

Indianapolis Police hit with a string of robberies  Four separate incidents are keeping Indianapolis Police on alert after a string of robberies hit Wednesday and Thursday. Two men robbed the McDonald’s just before midnight. Employees locked themselves in the backroom of the restaurant, no one was injured. Two Speedway gas stations were held up shortly later. (Source

Antioch police investigate burglary at J.C. Penney store; two arrested 
Two Oakland men were arrested and another is at large after burglarizing a department store Thursday morning in Antioch. Officers responded to a report of men trying to pry open the emergency exit doors at the J.C. Penney just before 5 a.m. When officers arrived, they spotted a car speeding out of the parking lot. After a failed attempt at a traffic stop, Officers continued to follow the car until it crashed moments later on Highway 4, two suspects were arrested after a brief foot pursuit by officers. A third suspect got away. (Source

Columbus-area man faces 98 charges involving stolen credit cards from gyms
A Delaware County man is sitting behind bars after being indicted on 98 charges involving credit card thefts. 31-year-old Joshua Johnson stole credit cards from various gyms, and then made purchases with them. Johnson visited gyms in Westerville, Grove City, Grandview Heights, Hilliard, Pickerington, Powell and Columbus. Investigators say Johnson stole wallets, credit cards and cash from nearly two dozen people across Franklin and Delaware counties. (Source

Food City pharmacy in Tennessee robbed with threats of violence
The robber of a pharmacy of a Food City Grocery Store in Church Hill told the staff if his demands listed on his note were not met in 20 seconds he would kill them all. No weapon was observed, the suspect fled with an undetermined amount of narcotics. The suspect managed to escape and no one was injured in the incident. (Source

Two Chicago-area women charged with pickpocketing enterprise
A Loss Prevention associate at Northbrook Court is being credited with bringing down a prolific pickpocket crew that has been victimizing the Chicago suburbs for the past year. Star L. Davis, 44, and Tracy Musiala, 22, each face felony charges related to pickpocketing thefts that occurred at area restaurants. Davis and Musiala, were charged with one count of continuing a financial crimes enterprise, a felony. Park Ridge Police said the women are suspected of being part of a larger criminal pickpocketing enterprise. Police indicated that the stolen credit cards were used to purchase gift cards and electronics. (Source

Robbers hit the Wawa store in Allentown
Thursday at 12:23am a man entered the Wawa store in east Allentown demanding cash from the employees, he had a gun in his waistband. Half the suspect face was covered by a white cloth. No one was hurt in the incident. (Source

Tsui Sha Tsui high-end watch store the victim of a smash and grab in Hong Kong; $1.3 Million in merchandise stolen  Three burglars smashed through the door of the shop on the ground floor of the shopping centre of the Holiday Inn Golden Mile and three minutes later left with more than 240 expensive watches. The three suspects wore surgical masks and caps and disappeared quickly. (Source





eBay Investigative Support Helps Secure Conviction and 10 Year Sentence Of Employee Who Stole $200,000 in Merchandise

FORT WORTH — A jury reached out and touched a former employee who orchestrated a theft ring that acquired and sold more than 800 stolen cellphones on Craigslist and eBay, the Tarrant County district attorney’s office said Thursday. The jury sentenced him to 10 years in prison for organized crime and five years for theft. The sentences will run concurrently. The Judge ordered the former employee to pay $280,000 restitution.

Read more here.

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Lego thief who stole $2 million in toys not competent for trial  One of South Florida's most prolific suspected shoplifters has been accused of stealing more than $2 million in toys—mainly Legos— but has now been declared incompetent to stand trial. During a court hearing Thursday, Ignatius "Michael" Pollara, of Tamarac, was scheduled for an Aug. 23 hearing that would indicate where he would be assigned for mental health treatment and the length of his stay there. Court records show that Pollara used rewards cards that investigators tracked at nearly 140 Toys R Us stores in 27 states to build their case. Special Harry Potter and Mind Storm robotic Lego sets were Pollara's preferred toy to swipe, authorities said. He was arrested last August and charged with organized fraud, dealing in stolen property and multiple counts of theft. His elderly mother was also accused of serving as a lookout during the thefts. His mother, Margaret Pollara, 71, also faces theft and organized fraud charges. She is scheduled for a change of plea hearing on Aug. 26. (Source

ORC suspect busted hitting Canadian Tire stores in Ottawa, Canada
The Ottawa Police Service West District Investigations has arrested a 47 year old man for committing several frauds at various Ottawa Canadian Tire stores. The man would enter a Canadian Tire store and purchase items. He would soon return them. Then he would attend another Canadian Tire and steal the same items. Once the items were stolen he would return to the store and try to get a refund using his existing receipt from the earlier purchase. Bruce Patriquin, 47 years old, of no fixed address, has been charged with eight counts of Fraud Under, eight counts of Trafficking in property obtained by crime, three counts of Breach of Undertaking and one count of Attempt Fraud Under. (Source

ORC charge filed in Fayetteville, N.C.
Maurice White, 27, of the 1900 block of Millan Drive, was charged Thursday with felony larceny, possession of stolen goods and property and organized retail theft from Jan. 8 through May 2. Bail was set at $25,000. (Source

Two People Involved In Theft Ring Busted in Dothan, Alabama  A woman and juvenile police say were involved in a small theft ring have been arrested in Dothan while another person is sought in connection with a string of thefts. Cassandra Walker, 28, was taken into custody after allegedly trying to leave the Montgomery Highway Wal-Mart with a cart containing about $1800 worth of stolen merchandise. Police said that the three people committed thefts at several Wal-Marts in southeast Alabama. In the Dothan case Walker and the juvenile were apprehended in the parking lot while a man believed also involved ran away and remains at large. Walker is charged with Theft of Property 2nd Degree while the juvenile was turned over to Youth Services. (Source

Two Minnesota women charged with $1,500 in theft from Maurices and Kohl’s; 100 mile per hour Police chase  Two women were charged with the theft of $771.96 of merchandise from Maurices and $671.99 from Kohl’s in Blaine, Minnesota. Police were given a description of the car, which they located near I-35. When police attempted to make the stop, the two women took off at over 100mph with the police in chase. The incident ended with both a police officer and the suspects crashing their vehicles. The two women were arrested after a short foot chase. (Source

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Don't think you have to hide your emotions to stay in control, and don't think let anyone tell you it's a sign of weakness. If you don't show emotion, you're not at your best to lead as it lessens your control. Being too emotional can also cause problems by leading you to make rash decisions. Use these examples of leaders getting emotional, but in a way that caused motivation and good change. (Pay attention to your emotions)

Eight Business Lessons from Whitey Bulger  For being the head of South Boston's feared Winter Hill Gang, accused of being the evil genius behind at least 19 murders, how can he be called a business genius? Follow these eight lessons he managed to do right while causing mayhem, just don't follow his murdering side of the business! (You must enjoy and love what you're doing)

Truly Human Leadership: Why You Should Value Your People  The way in which your business is run and operates is vital to how much success it will have. In John Mackey's new book, "Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business" he outlines four principles that some of the most successful business stand by, an important one being the creation of a people-centric culture. (Make sure everyone feels valued and listened to)

5 Reasons Your Employees Probably Hate You  As human beings, we don't all have the same behaviors, and don't sometimes don't realize when our behavior might be driving those around us a little crazy. Don't fall into these leadership behavior traps; instead earn, and keep, your employee's trust and respect. (Keep an eye out for your employee's efforts)

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A Call To Action - Retailer Submissions Needed for RILA Sessions

For the last few decades our industry has always struggled with being recognized, increasing our level of influence in the retail industry, evolving from security to Loss Prevention and Asset Protection, and always saying that what we do goes beyond merely theft detection and impacts the entire organization. And while many individual executives have indeed gone well beyond in their careers, for the most part our industry has been slow to change, and like so many other small industry groups we've been limited by our own boundaries that we've established for a multitude of reasons. But now we have an opportunity and, in this writer's opinion, it's the biggest opportunity we've ever had as an industry. An opportunity to grow and truly expand our boundaries and influence the entirety of the organizations we work with. The Omni-channel revolution is going to change the very face of retail and shake it at its core. Many are already dealing with it and everyone will be impacted by it sooner or later, including the criminals. These individuals are expanding their opportunities and a new breed of criminal is appearing -- one that has the opportunity to hit you without ever being seen and to cause such havoc that millions of customers could flee your stores overnight. And yes, we have our IT security teams and there's been a clear delineation between the two for years now, and yes we aren't trained programmers, but we are the subject matter experts in Loss Prevention and Asset Protection. And as such should be building the structures, the teams, the processes that eliminates the line between the two and merges the efforts so that we truly impact the entire organization and evolve along with this Omni-channeling revolution.

Yesterday alone we reported that the IT security industry will grow ten-fold over the next four years alone, and that news should send a message to all of us. We need to expand our boundaries, redefine our objectives and, most importantly, we need to educate and inform our industry population. And the only venues we have to do that is at our LP conferences. So when you're thinking about session submissions, get out of the box, take down the boundaries, include some tough subjects that challenge and push the attendees, and maybe ask your IT security team to get involved - make a contribution - suggest some subjects - and maybe even attend our conferences. It might even be the time to include them more formally and truly merge our efforts. Talk about cross-pollinating -- it's evolving there already. Why not get out in front of it and make it look like a parade, with LP leading it.

Just a Thought from a person who went totally digital,
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