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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Retailing has done a brilliant job entertaining and welcoming people into the fold. Maybe it’s time to protect them as well - Are You Sure You’re Safe?  In light of recent events–bombings in Boston, shootings in Newtown and the all-too-common armed robberies, are we nearing the tipping point when it becomes a retail mantra? It’s clear that the constant threat of violence, to which we have become so desensitized, has become the new normal and retailers who are in denial or choose to ignore the situation, are just making their stores, employees and customers very tempting targets. Retail is among the most vulnerable to these despicable acts by the disenfranchised among us. Retail is the anchor in many communities and must be seen as a safe haven. But the truth is that security for customers and employees is virtually non-existent. And if it does exist, it’s there to protect assets not people. Editors note: Here's an article from a very respected website in the retail community and the article itself is a great commentary of what's going on in our society and how the retailers need to take action and support more investment in ensuring a safe environment. Take a few minutes to read it and pass it around to your senior management teams. Maybe it'll help next time we need to respond to the increased violence we're seeing in our stores and our nation. Just a thought. (Source

Vector Security acquires IRG, managed network services company
National integrator Vector Security will be able to offer managed network services to its customers and will have access to the "Who’s Who of retail customers”—including American Eagle, Estée Lauder and Coach—as the result of its acquisition of Industry Retail Group (IRG), a managed network services company based in Bethesda, Md. Under the terms of the deal, announced Aug. 20, IRG will become a subsidiary of Vector and will be based here. Its 32 employees, including IRG CEO, Mike Luzio, will join Vector. The new subsidiary will work closely with Vector’s national accounts group, which is based in Gainesville, Va. “The convergence of IT and security is evident to everyone and our customers are looking for integrated solutions,” Pam Petrow, Vector CEO. “From the customers’ perspective, they’ll be getting a turnkey solution and a business case for introducing technology into the workplace ... that will help them manage their businesses cost-effectively,” she said. (Source

Toys ‘R’ Us will match competitors’ online prices in stores
The chain will match in its stores the web prices of 11 other merchants. Toys ‘R’ Us will suspend the program in favor of special promotions around Thanksgiving. Those sites are,,,,,,,,, and Electronics seller Best Buy Co. Inc. does, though. Earlier this year, the retailer announced it would match competitors’ online prices in order to squash “showrooming” in its stores. (Source

Bashas' Supermarket Thanks Firefighters Who Saved Store
Bashas’ will host a barbecue this weekend to benefit firefighters who helped save one of its stores. Area firefighters contained a June 24 fire that started on the store’s roof. No one was injured and after repairs, the store has reopened. Join us in expressing gratitude to the Flagstaff firefighters who saved our store, to our hardworking members and to our customers and the community for your awesome support,” Bashas’ wrote in a Facebook post. (Source

Intelligent Loss Prevention - Is your store impacted by theft of infant formula?
If the answer is "yes," we need your help! We are gathering feedback on retailers' experiences preventing theft of infant formula. They'd appreciate you sharing your insights with them by completing their BRIEF survey. Thanks for your participation.

GiftLogic puts a finger on retail security
The developers of GiftLogic point of sale software announced the rollout of fingerprint integration into its platform. Fingerprint Integration with GiftLogic point of sale can be used for different functions throughout retail stores such as register logins, management overrides, time clock authentication and gift registry, according to the news release. The fingerprint scanner, manufactured by SecuGen and known as the Hamster IV, is outfitted with an FBI-certified PIV single finger capture device and is also compatible with SecuGen and third-party MINEX-certified algorithms, adding an increased level of security and stabilization, according to the release. (Source

Mobile security management market to hit billion dollar mark
The Mobile Security Management (MSM) market is emerging as a strong, fledgling submarket of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). As Mobile Device Management (MDM) evolves into application and content management, the core driver for this evolution is the demand for greater security around corporate assets, wherever they may reside and regardless of format. Concerns for data leak prevention, access control, compliance reporting, and monitoring are pushing EMM providers to increasingly provide more security-based mobility features to their existing solutions. (Source

St. Louis-based Logistics Leader, Sunset Transportation Joins CargoNet; Increases Company Cargo Theft Prevention  Sunset Transportation, a third-party logistics company (3PL), recently joined CargoNet to help protect their customers from cargo theft. By using this high-tech system, Sunset is actively reducing their customers’ risk of theft. CargoNet’s theft prevention services aggregates data to quickly alert and deter theft situations across the country. In 2012, carriers reported 1,197 cargo theft incidents, which remained consistent with 2011 numbers. CargoNet’s system gathers data from a variety of sources, including law enforcement, transportation companies, manufacturers, retailers, and theft victims to compile a database and quickly pass theft alerts throughout their network. The predictive analysis features of CargoNet provide theft trend analytics to help members predict theft patterns, and be aware of areas that are currently being hit harder with theft-related activities. If a theft does occur, CargoNet’s experienced staff and systems expedite the process of recovering the freight, and provide additional resources to back recovery efforts. (Source

Rochester, N.Y., is a magnet for area shoplifters - City police hope publicity of arrests will stem the trend & their new site will help LP share info  The city’s crime statistics — at least in the willful concealment line — have risen, but this may be a consequence of the city being a big box hub drawing shoppers from neighboring communities, and not the result of Rochester residents being outstandingly dishonest. January through mid-August, shows that there were 151 people charged with willful concealment (the official term for shoplifting), but of that number only 65 had Rochester addresses. Fewer than half of willful concealments in Rochester are being committed by city residents. property crimes are the No. 1 offences in Rochester and that when shoplifting, within that broad category, began to increase, the police department decided to try to counter this trend, by publicizing the arrests that were made. Since March, the head shots of those arrested have been given to newspapers and posted on the PD’s Facebook page. The captain said it was too early to gauge if the increased publicity was having a deterrent affect on shoplifting. The RPD has also made available a website,, to local stores, where, once they are signed up, they can share information on the willful concealment problem. It is billed as a “loss prevention resource.” Police Chief Mike Allen said that tackling shoplifting was a priority of his department this year. (Source

Officers search nine Jacksonville, N.C., stores for counterfeit goods
Officers from various law enforcement agencies have executed nine search warrants across the city of Jacksonville in what appears to be tobacco stores searching for counterfeit goods. Officials add that Alcohol Law Enforcement, the Secretary of State's office and Homeland Security, as well as the Jacksonville Police Department and the Onslow County Sheriff's Office are involved in this investigation. NewsChannel 12 asked if anyone was in custody as a result of these searches, and officials said, "Yes," but not who or how many people. (Source

Pink Panther 'jewel thief' held in France
A suspected member of a gang of jewel thieves known as the Pink Panthers has been arrested in southern France. The man has not been named but is said to be in his 40s, of Montenegrin origin. He apparently escaped earlier this year from a Swiss prison. His arrest follows a string of major thefts in Cannes, in southern France, but it is not clear if there is a link. The arrested suspect is a former French legionnaire. (Source

Review: 'Smash and Grab' steals the show - The story about the Pink Panthers themselves  'Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers' explains with deft skill how and why world's most successful gang of diamond thieves launched its global crime spree. The world's most successful ring of diamond thieves is inventively and insightfully explored in the documentary "Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers." The movie is now showing in LA. (Source

Retailers utilizing in-store security cameras for high-tech analytics – optimizing the consumer experience, staff efficiency and profits  Retail security cameras aren’t just being used to prevent theft, they’re also now being used to customize the shopping experience of the consumer and, as a result, boost sales. Cameras can track shoppers’ movements so that retailers can make changes based on behavior. Retailers are using the technology for floor-plan optimization, evaluating the appeal of various products, measuring the effectiveness of marketing and merchandise programs, and optimizing their staffing levels and schedules and the way their staff interacts with the customers. Many stores that have implemented the analytics technology have seen their sales increase by 10 percent or more. (Source

Jesta to Pay Refunds, $1.2M to FTC on Cell Charges
The smartphone warnings looked ominous: "Virus detected," coupled with a robot that looked a lot like the Android operating system logo. Except according to the Federal Trade Commission, the warnings were "a scam" by a company whose own executive in an internal document called its product "a terrible user experience." The agency sued Jesta Digital LLC in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia yesterday, charging the company with violating the FTC Act, which bars unfair and deceptive acts. The case immediately settled, with Jesta agreeing to pay $1.2 million to the FTC and issue refunds to “a large number” of consumers. What the company did do was charge consumers $9.99 a month for 20 downloads of ringtones and other items unrelated to virus removal—a fact which was disclosed in tiny print in a spot where most consumers wouldn’t notice, according to the FTC. The charges were added to the consumer’s monthly phone bill. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Dollar Tree Q2 up 3.7% with net sales up 8.8%
The Buckle Q2 up 3.2% with net sales up 7.9%
Limited Brands Q2 up 2% with sales up 5%
Stage Stores up 1.7% with sales up 3.6%
Kirkland's Q2 down 1.3% with net sales up 5.1%
Sears Q2 U.S. stores down 1.5% (-2.1% at Kmart and -0.8% at Sears) with revenue down 6%
Cato Q2 down 2% with sales down 1%
Trans World Entertainment Q2 down 3.6% with sales don 11.3%
The Bon Ton Q2 down 6.4% with total sales down 6.3%
Game Stop Q2 global down 10.7% with total global sales down 10.7%
Abercrombie & Fitch Q2 U.S. stores down 11% with revenue down 0.6%






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PROACT Investigators Work With Retail Investigators and Law Enforcement, Leads to Arrest of Employee

A man who Greenwich Police say was employed by Saks Fifth Avenue has been arrested on charges he stole more than $65,000 in merchandise from the high-end women's clothing store.

Read more here.

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Judge sets cash bond at $250,000 for Wal-Mart employee who shot her co-worker cashier  The 46-year-old Greenville woman is charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide in the shooting of her co-worker. (Aug. 20, 2013). “Someone that’s armed with two handguns, extra ammunition, we might be fortunate that one person is only injured here. That you do pose a serious threat of serious bodily harm to members of the community (warrants the high bond),” Judge Kuech told the shooter. Goffard, the victim, remained in critical condition Tuesday at Theda Clark Medical Center. (Source

2 Wanted in Nearly 30 Armed Bodega Robberies Across NYC  Police say the robbers have hit more than two dozen stores across four boroughs since February. Authorities say the suspects, both described as being about 6 feet tall, first hit an Upper West Side deli the day before Valentine's Day, and went on a spree, robbing convenience stores in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn at an escalating frequency. They're believed to be behind at least eight armed robberies so far this month, including five in a one-week period between Aug. 8 and Aug. 15, and have been known to hit more than one bodega in a day. (Source

Houston police on the hunt for serial robbery suspect hitting retailers  The serial robbery suspect is wanted for at least six robberies in the northwest and southwest area. Three robberies happened at Cash Advance shops (two in one day, by the way), two were at a Kay Jewelers and a Zales outlet and a sixth robbery was at a shopping center. “He’s unpredictable. At first he’s starting at cash stores, and then he’s going to jewelry stores. Now he’s getting in people’s cars. I think he could be dangerous,” said Miller. (Source

Skimming crew found guilty in Eastern District of Missouri court
An Alexandria, Va., woman was found guilty Wednesday at the Rush Hudson Limbaugh Sr. U.S. Courthouse in Cape Girardeau for her role in a credit card skimming operation. Lisa D. Paige, 43, was convicted of one felony count of using a counterfeit credit card device and one felony count of possession of 15 or more counterfeit access devices. The release said the case against Paige and her two accomplices began in November when a resident of Battle Creek, Mich., contacted the Perryville, Mo., Police Department about charges placed on his credit card at the Barnes Mart convenience store in Perryville. Police reviewed the surveillance tapes and located the three member crew at a local hotel. They found 137 counterfeit credit cards and various counterfeit devices. Paige's accomplices, Mamadou A. Sall and Faisal D. Elmi pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in September. (Source

Malware-infected registers at two retail locations continue to fuel nationwide credit card fraud cases  Sandy, Oregon Fred Meyer Gas Station and Sandy Dairy Queen infected registers provided credit card numbers to unknown source, "likely overseas", who used them to create fake cards. Those cards were sold back to people here in the states and are now being used. Detectives say the stolen numbers were popping up in Florida and California but are now being used in Washington and Oregon. So far there have been well over 100 transactions with at least $52,000 dollars being charged. (Source

Montvale, N.J., ATMs infected with skimmers in multiple municipalities - Police are searching for suspect  The Secret Service and local police departments are trying to locate an unidentified scammer who allegedly obtained the debit card information of several victims from ATM machines in multiple municipalities earlier this month, police. (Source

Suspect in Target arson case in Buffalo may not be competent to stand trial William Lattin was arrested on Aug. 15 and admitted to Police that he started the fire inside the Amherst Target store which did nearly a million dollars in damage, now Lattin says he didn’t’ do it. Lattin’s defense attorney, Robert Cutting, thinks Lattin has significant mental health issues but said he hasn’t been cooperative about taking the mental exam. Lattin also told the judge he had over 200 prior arrests, but the judge, looking at Lattin’s file, said the number was closer to 40. (Source

Las Vegas Police are searching for an armed suspect in multiple store robberies
The suspect is believed to be between 18-22 years old and has hit several stores on the northwest side of Las Vegas. The suspect is armed with a handgun, demanding cash. No one thus far has been injured in the incidents. (Source

Dublin, Ohio Police investigate a burglary at Verizon
Dublin Police responded to a burglar alarm at 2:00am, upon arrival they did not see any signs of a break-in. Dublin Police were then notified by store management that the store was broken into and merchandise was stolen. No details of how the suspects entered or dollar amount of the merchandise stolen. (Source

Corpus Christi Police conduct a Loss Prevention Meeting at La Palmera Mall 
Last week a Corpus Christi shoplifter made the news everywhere as she attempted a get away across speeding highway traffic. This week, the Corpus Christi Police held a Loss Prevention meeting at the La Palmera Mall for all retailers. (Source





Michigan Retailers Association names ORC bill author State Representative Joseph Graves "Legislator of the Year"  The Michigan Retailers Association spearheaded getting the law passed last year to fill a gap that existed between the petty thefts of single items and the more sophisticated criminals who are looking to make a profit, according to William Hallan, vice president for governmental affairs and general counsel. These aren’t opportunistic criminals who steal a pack of gum,” Hallan said. “There is a whole network of individuals involved in this organized crime.” Hallan sits on the statute-mandated Organized Retail Crime Advisory Board along with representatives from the State Attorney General’s Office, State Police and county prosecutors. The board is tasked by Gov. Rick Snyder to monitor the effectiveness of the new law over time. He said there is more to the law than just protecting businesses and consumers from monetary loss. He said one of the main targets of resellers is baby formula and prescription drugs, which can become spoiled or tainted if stored inappropriately or carelessly repackaged. Hallan said the organized criminals also tend to be more aggressive and willing to resort to violence. Michigan’s law was sponsored by Genesee County State Rep. Joseph Graves, whose wife was a manager at Meijer. The law passed handily, moving to the desk of the governor and took effect March 31st. (Source

Shoplifters hit Greenville Walmart for over $2000 in batteries and cigarette lighters 
A man and a woman were observed at 11:55pm filling a shopping cart with merchandise. The same couple was later observed rolling the same cart out the door with out paying. The items stolen include 173 packs of batteries, four bras, various candies and 25 cigarette lighters. The suspects were caught on video, but managed to escape. (Source

Two more Felony Lane Gang members arrested for identity theft  The Felony Lane gang has earned the name because they steal checks and id’s from victims anywhere they can, then attempt to cash the fraudulent checks at the bank’s drive up lane. Two suspected member of the gang from Florida were arrested in Rockford, Michigan on Monday. Investigators also found checks, credit cards, and identification for 13 people from the area. (Source

Alton Police arrest two after a chase from Kmart  
A couple using a wire to extract earring from a locked jewelry display are believed to have hit several stores in the St. Louis area. The couple was observed in the Alton Kmart using the wire to steal 2 pairs of gold earrings. When approached by Loss Prevention in the parking lot, they took off. A Police chase began with Alton P.D. and ended with a traffic stop in Granite City. The two suspects were charged with $1250 in merchandise. (Source

Derry Township Police looking into the same possible suspects from Coach and Bon Ton crimes  Police are working with Loss Prevention of Bon Ton to review the attempted theft of 16 purses form there store at Park City Center last Friday. The male and female suspects grabbed 16 purses and ran toward the exit. When Loss prevention officers chased them outside, the two suspects tripped and dropped the purses, jumped into their car and fled. (Source

Two additional suspects identified in Silver Spring Walmart theft 
Police in Silver Springs, Pennsylvania have identified two additional suspects in a retail theft incident Wednesday at the Mechanicsburg Walmart. Theft charges were pending against Dustin Dilodovico, of Duncannon, and Robert Kraft, of Newport, according to Silver Spring Township. Police said they previously arrested 21-year-old Sebastian A. Klinger, also of Newport, after he fled from the store Wednesday afternoon but was found hiding in a nearby field. Klinger, who is on probation, was to be charged with retail theft, attempt theft and conspiracy. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Prism Skylabs Launches Breakthrough Retail Solution Embedded on Axis Communications Network Cameras

Turnkey solution provides one-stop-shop for visual merchandising
and business intelligence

San Francisco, Calif. — Prism Skylabs, the global leader in visually understanding and optimizing offline commerce, today announced the availability of its on-camera integration with Axis Communications, the world leader in network video. This on-camera application provides a next-generation camera-to-cloud solution that enables brick-and-mortar businesses to increase ROI and optimize marketing, merchandising, and operations.

With this integration, Prism Skylabs runs natively on the AXIS Camera Application Platform in latest generation Axis cameras, adding robust visual merchandising, auditing, and business intelligence features, including:

• Real-time and enhanced images that can be viewed on a phone, laptop, or tablet
• Powerful analytics, from footpaths to dwell to product lift
• Infinite cloud storage of data and images

"Prism Skylabs enables me to better manage the unique needs of my business,” said Rachel Shechtman, Founder of STORY, a retail concept that changes every 4-8 weeks. “The analytics provide helpful insights which ultimately impact our future designs; they enable us to continuously ‘auto correct’ our customer experience for the better.”

The Prism Skylabs/Axis bundle includes two AXIS M3005-V Fixed Dome Network Cameras with HDTV 1080p performance and vandal-resistant domes, one AXIS M3007-P Fixed Dome Network Camera to deliver 360°/180° panoramic views in up to 5MP resolution and dewarped multi-view streaming, and six months of Prism Skylabs standard service.

“This is an exciting time for the retail industry as we see a shift from reactive to proactive use of video surveillance technology as more businesses convert to IP video. Intelligent capabilities are changing the way retail stores operate,” said Jackie Andersen, retail business development manager, Axis Communications, Inc. “Solutions like those offered by Prism Skylabs are helping to make this shift possible by providing integrated business intelligence.”

Prism Skylabs gives retailers unprecedented visual access to their business. The unique cloud service condenses in-store activity into easy-to-understand visual summaries and reports, and it enables retailers to view stunning, privacy-protected images of any product, shelf or display — all from a phone, laptop, or tablet.

The joint Prism Skylabs/Axis solution was made possible through the AXIS Camera Application Platform, an open platform that enables development of third party applications that can be downloaded and installed on Axis network cameras and video encoders.

“This integration makes it easy easier for integrators to deliver a complete visual merchandising and analytics solutions to their customers,” said Prism Skylabs Founder and CEO Steve Russell.
In addition to being available on Axis cameras, Prism Skylabs runs on major video management systems, and Linux, Mac, and Windows.

About Prism Skylabs
Prism Skylabs is the global leader in visually understanding and optimizing offline commerce. Its unique cloud service transforms any video camera into a visual merchandising, auditing, and business intelligence tool that can be accessed from any device.


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3 Fast Ways to Make Yourself Better at Your Job 
In order to have more opportunities in the workplace, and for yourself, you need to gain attention. To gain attention, you need to be involved; whether it's through building a community at work, or connecting with other teams at work, bringing attention to what you can offer and becoming better at your job, is about (getting involved.)


You Must Know Fear to Succeed
To become a fearless leader, you have to look fear square in the eye, and let it motivate and inspire you to do great things. If you know your fear, inside and out, then you can understand where it stems from, and, essentially, tackle it. Being a fearless leader doesn't mean not being afraid, it means knowing your fear and turning it into a new path for yourself. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

How to Organize Your Day for Success
We only have so much time in our work days for working, how can we organize our already packed schedule to become more successful? All it takes are some small tweaks, protecting your precious time, and being aware of what your strengths are(Productivity is higher when doing something you enjoy)

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