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Supporting the LP Industry Through Best-in-Class Service

One year following Cam Connections' acquisition by Protection 1,
Garret King helps CCI take customer service to new heights,
while supporting industry efforts through the LPRC

Last June, Protection 1, the largest full-service business and home security company in the U.S., announced the acquisition of Cam Connections, Inc. (CCI), a full-service security systems integrator based in Lakeland, Florida with satellite offices in Davie, Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina. Joining forces with Protection 1 has helped extend CCI's reach to better serve its customer base by leveraging Protection 1's national footprint. The two companies offer similar technologies including intrusion and life safety systems, access control, CCTV, video analytics and POS monitoring.

Garret King, recently promoted to Business Development Manager for CCI, has played an instrumental role in the company's growth and success. He started with Cam Connections in 2008 as an Installation Technician, but has since transitioned to the sales side of the company. Leveraging his experience in engineering and design, with an understanding of the latest retail technologies, Garret excels in helping clients realize their vision. With the support of a highly trained team of systems designers and national account project managers, Garret and Cam Connections are able to deliver tailored security solutions to meet their customers' specific needs. 

"Since joining us almost 10 years ago, Garret has always brought a creative and unique approach to our internal workflow and interactions with customers, helping us strive to deliver on our mission to provide best-in-class service, solutions and value," said Robert Bull, Vice President-CCI, a division of Protection 1. "Garret continuously stays on top of industry developments and trending technology that impact our field rapidly."

Alan DeRennaux, Asset Protection Manager for HD Supply, who has been working with Cam Connections over the past year on a chain-wide CCTV and BA rollout, speaks highly of Garret's character and work ethic.

"Garret is someone I view as a leader in his industry. He has the knack to communicate with many varieties of people, thus making him a valuable asset to our company," said DeRennaux. "He is a true go-getter that references excellent customer service as his first priority, which is evident when he goes the extra mile on all projects."

Cam Connections has partnered with the Loss Prevention Research Council over the past eight years, with Garret acting as Technical Advisor for the group. In the past year, Garret worked tirelessly with Dr. Read Hayes to construct and map out the environment for the LPRC's Innovation Lab at the University of Florida campus. This first-of-its-kind iLab specializes in integrated technology and provides members a state-of-the-art facility to visit.

"Garret has been an essential part of this very intricate plan," said Dr. Hayes, Director of the LPRC. "His expertise and overall likeable qualities make him the perfect person for this job. The dedication and time he's spent with our organization is priceless."

Working around the clock to upgrade and unveil "Lab 3.0", Garret and the LPRC team are looking forward to the IMPACT Conference on Oct. 3-5, 2016. "It's been an amazing experience working with and being a member of the LPRC," says Garret. "I'm proud to be part of the organization and having a hand in shaping the future of the loss prevention industry."

Watch Garret's recent LPNN interview from our "Live in Philadelphia" at NRF Protect 2016 broadcast.


California Crime measure 'Prop 47' triggers 52,000 Fewer Arrests
A 2014 California voter-approved initiative that reduced penalties for certain drug and property crimes has led to the lowest arrest rate in state history as police frequently ignore those illegal activities, experts say.Proposition 47 lowered criminal sentences by reducing them from felonies that can bring long prison sentences to misdemeanors that instead bring up to a year in jail. Recent state Department of Justice statistics show the number of felony arrests plummeted 28.5 percent last year, while misdemeanor arrests rose about 9 percent over 2014. That resulted in 52,000 fewer arrests overall and the lowest arrest rate since record-keeping began in 1960. lasvegassun.com

Ban the Box? An Effort to Stop Discrimination May Actually Increase It
Policies aimed at ending discrimination against people with criminal records may actually have the unintended consequence of increasing racial discrimination.

That, at least, is the finding of a fascinating new study that focused on so-called ban the box regulations - rules that prohibit initial job applications from asking prospective employees to check a box indicating whether they have a criminal history.

It has implications for nearly all policies aimed at eliminating racial inequities.

More than 100 states, cities and counties have enacted such policies. The White House has instituted a ban on questions about criminal history on federal job applications, and it has encouraged private sector employers to follow suit.

Yet a working paper by Amanda Agan, a Princeton economist, and Sonja Starr, a legal scholar at the University of Michigan, suggests that at least in some cases, these policies may merely make life more difficult for black people without criminal histories.

In "Ban the Box, Criminal Records, and Statistical Discrimination: A Field Experiment," Ms. Agan and Ms. Starr focused on employers in New Jersey and New York City, both of which enacted ban the box rules in 2015.

The researchers sent fictitious job applications to employers before and after the regulations took effect, focusing on jobs for "candidates with limited work experience, no postsecondary education and no specialized skills." Some applications were randomly assigned a criminal history and some were not; some were assigned a first name found to be more common among American blacks (like Tyree), while others were given names that have been more common among whites (like Scott).

Before the regulations took effect, candidates with criminal histories were far less likely to be called back, irrespective of race.

After the regulations took effect, though, things changed. Lacking the ability to discern criminal history, employers became much less likely to call back any apparently black applicant. They seemed to treat all black applicants now as if they might have a criminal past.

These were big and disheartening effects: Banning the box extended discrimination to virtually all black applicants. nytimes.com

Longmont stores refer shoplifters to new restorative justice program
Hernandez, a Kohl's loss-prevention supervisor for more than seven years - three in Longmont - Offers shoplifters who seem to already be taking responsibility and feeling the weight of guilt, a jail and court alternative that he believes results in sincere reflection and apology, the Longmont Community Justice Partnership's restorative justice programs for the last two years. He referred more than 50 of 129 shoplifting cases in 2015.

This July, to tackle the community's misdemeanor theft epidemic in a new way, the LCJP piloted a program called "Restore," which brings first-time shoplifters together in a circle with other shoplifters as well as police, store representatives, community leaders and even family members.

For so many people, it's like, 'We don't know how to talk about what happened' and then it creates this rift in the family and that only leads to more social isolation potentially," LCJP Executive Director Kathleen McGoey said.

So far, seven shoplifters ages 15 to 38 have participated in two classes. In place of Hernandez next month, a Target representative is expected to attend the confessional discussion.

"Representatives from merchants and police report that their message about the impacts on the community become more real - and their input more credible - when they are given the opportunity to impart their message to a wider audience," McGoey said.

Last year, there were 71 misdemeanor theft cases - the most in history - out of 129 LCJP total cases (55 percent). In 2014, there were 46 of 126 total cases (36.5 percent) and in 2013, there were 33 of 137 (24 percent) total cases.

The organization's previous method paired one shoplifter with one business in a conference setting, though McGoey said it didn't accurately reflect the scope of theft's direct and indirect impact on the community.

"I'm not looking for an apology," Hernandez said. "What I'm looking for is the reflection letter. What would have happened to you if there wasn't a program like this in Longmont?"

The letters, coupled with community service and activities to repair harmed familial relationships - such as helping a sibling or parent - often make up the three-month contract. In the end, the hope is that the offender feels like a productive member of society as opposed to a thief.

"While shoplifting is never going to go away entirely, hopefully we see a reduction," Whipple said about the "Restore" program first implemented in Fort Collins.

With Kohl's, Safeway, Walmart, King Soopers and Target already referring cases to LCJP, McGoey said she hopes to see the smaller, local stores to tap into the resource as well, especially now that the office is centrally-located downtown.  timescall.com

"Coptics" - Law Enforcement's Social Media Blueprint
A group of reputation-management experts has banded together to create a program to help law enforcement agencies better manage their social media engagement and improve their perceptions with people and within communities. The so-called "Coptics" program developed by the Hetty Group draws from best practices employed by large companies that already have seen the value in being active members of social media to tell their stories and address issues that if not handled properly could blow up into big controversies. "We believe that if you aren't telling your story, the world will," said Ms. Chung. "And the world often doesn't know the facts."  wsj.com

California Nike Workers Get Class Cert. In Security Bag Check Suit
Nike's retail stores unit will have to face employees accusing the company of cheating workers out of pay they should have received while waiting for end-of-shift security checks after a California federal judge found Friday that the employees' claims could be handled as a class.  law360.com
Converse OT Figures In Security Bag Check Suit Correct, Judge Says
A proposed class of Converse store employees on Thursday lost out on part of its claims against the retailer regarding lack of pay for mandatory bag checks, when a California federal judge dismissed allegations that overtime pay was miscalculated due to certain bonus payments. law360.com

Apple Inc. Unleashes Major Apple Store Shakeup
Apple changes name 'Apple Store' to just 'Apple'

Apple Inc. reportedly held meetings with all its retail store employees over the weekend. The company introduced a series of sweeping changes to its Apple Store operations, including new positions, new store layouts and a new corporate credo employees are expected to follow.

In terms of staff positions, AAPL appears to be introducing a hierarchy. The new positions created are "Pro," "Creative Pro" and "Technical Expert." Many other existing Apple Store positions have been re-named. For example "Business Specialist" is now "Business Expert."

The company also re-named areas of the Apple Store layout. What was once the "Red Zone" (the sales floor) is now the "Product Zone." What has been referred to as "Back-of-House" (or where the Inventory and Operations teams work) is now called "Backstage."

Finally, the company has updated the credo it expects its Apple Store employees to follow. The full credo is six paragraphs long, but the opening sets the tone for what follows:

"We are here to enrich lives. To help dreamers become doers, to help passion expand human potential, to do the best work of our lives."  read the rest here

In the U.S., Apple Stores have consistently led other retailers in sales per square foot, so why mess with a good thing?

In the past, AAPL has had problems retaining Apple Store employees. The new roles with recognition of seniority may help to retain valuable experienced staff. There also is a clear effort to streamline the troubleshooting and repair process, especially in mobile.

And in terms of any changes to layout of Apple Stores - and the change to re-naming them as "Apple" - even the retail leader needs to stay fresh and a step ahead of the competition because everyone is emulating them. 9to5mac.com

CST Brands (Circle K) announces merger with Canada's - Alimentation

CST Brands has 2,000 locations in North America. Couche-Tard has 7,888 c-stores in North America and has stores in Europe as well. In addition, under licensing agreements, almost 1,500 stores are operated under the Circle K banner in 13 other countries and territories worldwide which brings the total network to over 12,000 stores. prnewswire.com

Judge Temporarily Blocks Obama Administration's Transgender Bathroom Rules

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Tuesday Morning Q4 comp's up 6%

Last week's #1 article --

Virginia toddler suffers horrific injury after pallet falls from Sam's Club shelf
A toddler and his father are recovering after a pallet crashed down on them from a high shelf inside a Virginia Sam's Club Sunday afternoon. "We saw a man running down the aisle crying and yelling holding a little boy," said Sam's Club customer, LaKeisha Villegas. Villegas met that man inside the Colonial Heights Sam's Club, according to WTVR. He was carrying his three-year-old son after the pair were struck by a pallet of water while shopping inside the club. One witness believes the pallet that fell was double-stacked on the third level of the shelving. wgntv.com


Webinar: We have to Do WHAT? Recent Developments in OSHA Law and Practical Advice for Addressing Them

Don't miss the second webinar for the 2016 AP Summer Webinar Series! This series showcases top rated breakout sessions from the 2016 Retail Asset Protection Conference.

Click here to sign up for the second webinar on Tue, Aug 30, 2016 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Webinar #2: We Have to Do WHAT? Recent Developments in OSHA Law and Practical Advice for Addressing Them - Participants can earn 1 LPC CEU credit!

Date & Time: Tue, Aug 30, 2016 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Speakers: Matt Deffebach, Partner - Haynes and Boone

Description: The Chair of Haynes and Boone's OSHA practice will discuss recent legal developments and the rise in troublesome OSHA enforcement initiatives, including such topics as Enterprise-Wide Relief, Safety and Health Management Guidelines, DOJ's Partnership to Increase Criminal Prosecution, Joint Employment, and several others.


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Westfield World Trade Center mall in Manhattan insists on tech for merchant tenants 
The dictatorial approach may be the only way to save the mall

Which opened on Aug. 16, requires that all tenants demonstrate that their stores will overflow with mobile and interactive features. I hate to embrace a dictatorial approach, but that's the only way to save the mall.

Not only do stores need to wire up individually, they need to interact with one another. Real-time inventory must be a mall-wide concept, not an individual store approach. There may be 22 apparel stores throughout the complex, but if only one has the shirt in the color and size I want, I need the mall's system to tell me that - as opposed to visiting the site of every apparel store one at a time.

This Manhattan mall, with tenants including Apple, Bose, Dior, Kit and Ace, Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan, Under Armour, John Varvatos and Sephora, is promising to take things further.

Envision a mall where every store had NFC enabled so that you could literally leave your wallet in your car and pay for anything and everything in any store with your phone.

From a merchant's loss-prevention perspective, what if a shoplifter caught and banned from any store would instantly be banned from every store, with every video camera instantly told the face - and every Wi-Fi the phone's ID - to look for.

Westfield's policy and attitude - embrace technology and function as part of an integrated community or go bankrupt some other mall - is a wonderful step in the right direction. computerworld.com

Fraud Chargebacks Spike 25% Post-EMV
BOSTON - Retailers in the first half of 2016 saw a 25% spike in bank chargebacks in the wake of EMV migration in the United States, according to a new study.

Boston-based Aite Group estimated that retailers will experience $5.8 billion in chargeback volume this year, although it represents only 0.02% of total payment volume. Of those chargebacks, 60% to 70% are the result of fraud, with the balance being service and support disputes.

Despite the increase in chargebacks the recently released report said those volumes will "gradually ease" as more merchants upgrade to EMV-capable terminals.

In the meantime, the report cited how several grocery stores banded together in a class-action lawsuit against the card brands, as well as a number of large issuers, alleging that bottlenecks in the certification process prevented them from upgrading to EMV by the Oct. 1, 2015, deadline. As a result, the stores are now absorbing 20 times more chargeback expenses than they were prior to the liability shift, the report said. cspdailynews.com

Discover Says Rue21 Must Arbitrate Chip Card Collusion Suit
Discover told a California federal judge on Friday that Rue21 must arbitrate allegations that the credit card company schemed with others to place the burden of fraud risk on merchants during the rollout of microchip-enabled cards, saying the retailer's operating agreement requires it.  law360.com

Public cloud considered more secure than corporate data centers
Survey finds majority of IT executives rate security higher in public cloud than in their own data centers, but security is still the greatest concern with cloud.

Security has always weighed heavily on executives' minds as the risk of using public cloud services. In surveys I am involved in designing, we find to this day that security is the number-one challenge or showstopper when it comes to moving things to the cloud.

That's the gist of a recent survey of 210 IT executives conducted by SADA Systems. SADA specializes in cloud migrations, so it's to be expected they would want to demonstrate that cloud security fears are waning. But this is a trend I've seen evolving in recent years, with an awareness that things are getting so complex, and the external and internal security threats are getting so savage, that it's just too much for a corporate IT shop to attempt to do it on its own. zdnet.com

Public Still Unsure on Biometrics
Despite the use of biometrics continuing to hit the headlines with companies like Barclays opting to introduce technology such as voice recognition and fingerprint reading to strengthen account security, it appears people are still on the fence about whether to embrace biometric systems or not.

That's according to new research by independent consultant Jessica Barker, who quizzed 1000 members of the public to gauge their stance on biometrics. Whilst 35.5% of respondents said they would consider using biometric systems instead of passwords to access their internet accounts, 28.7% stated they would avoid doing so as they do not trust them, with more than a fifth also admitting they do not understand how biometrics work and so would opt not to use them. Interestingly, just 12.9% of the sample said they already use biometrics.

A lot of people either don't trust biometric systems or don't understand them (or both). infosecurity-magazine.com

Walgreens - first retailer to integrate loyalty program through Android Pay


Active Shooter Response:
Are You Ready?

Debbie Maples, VP Global LP & Corp. Security, Gap Inc.

Active shooter events in a retail or restaurant location present unique challenges: customers are present and need to be protected, colleagues and employees may behave differently under stress, or the physical layout of the space could impact your ability to hide or escape. No single answer exists for what to do, but a survival mindset can increase the odds of surviving. Debbie Maples, VP of Global Loss Prevention & Corporate Security, Gap Inc., shares the current thinking and best practices to ensure your organization and store teams are prepared.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #10

Jon Grander, VP, Asset and Revenue Management, Caleres, previews his upcoming LPNN session on Civil Unrest. Jon shares the lessons learned after his company's headquarters were affected by the 2014 Ferguson protests and riots.

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Ad fraud Worldwide could top US$50B by 2025
U.S. Current Fraud Estimate $7.2B

THE World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has estimated that the value of advertising fraud (ad fraud) on the digital platform could reach in excess of US$50bil by 2025.

Due to growing concerns over cyber crime, WFA is currently spearheading an awareness campaign through its freshly published Compendium of Ad Fraud Knowledge for Media Investors.

Ad fraud, by definition, is associated with an activity where impressions, clicks, actions or data events are falsely reported to criminally earn revenue or for other purposes of deception and malice.

Some researchers have reported ad fraud exposure between as low as 2% and as high as 90%, it seems clear that there are no widely available ways of assessing the absolute exposure rate.

One of the highest profile research initiatives into ad fraud was the recent 'Bot Baseline' undertaken by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in the US where the cost of ad fraud is estimated at US$7.2bil, approximately 5% of the total global digital media market.  thestar.com

E-commerce industrial space is a silver lining amid retail downsizing
Amazon Accounts for Over 50% of All DC's in U.S.

Store closings are on the rise, but adapting to consumers' online shopping habits translates into more warehouse space and fulfillment centers.

Every $1 billion of e-commerce sales drives demand for 1 million square feet of industrial real estate space, Carlock estimates. That same amount of sales at physical stores only drives demand for 830,000 square feet of real estate, he said. Prologis, the largest industrial REIT in the U.S. by market value, sees an even bigger discrepancy: It reckons every $1 in e-commerce sales requires three times the space of traditional retail.

An e-commerce operation uses a fifth more warehouse and distribution space than a traditional bricks-and-mortar store to accommodate millions of singly-packed products and a wider product variety than found at traditional retail outlets.

Industrial spaces are also gravitating closer to cities to help e-commerce retailers meet rising consumer expectations for faster delivery times and cut down on transportation costs.

It's no surprise Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is also a heavyweight where warehousing is concerned, accounting for over half the fulfillment centers in the U.S. internetretailer.com

Target grows its buy online, pick up in store business 50%

5 Orlando Men Arrested in Crackdown
Counterfeit Cards - Bladder Trucks - Illegal Fuel Purchases

In these schemes, criminals fill a vehicle referred to as a "bladder truck" that has been retrofitted with hidden fuel tanks that hold large volumes of fuel. The fuel is typically purchased with counterfeit credit cards re-encoded with stolen financial information, and then resold on the black market. The department has made 13 arrests related to "bladder trucks" since June.

On Aug. 15, investigators arrested Israel Alfonso Gonzalez-Rivero, 45, of Orlando on charges of unlawful conveyance of fuel, a felony of the third degree; obtaining fuel by fraud, a felony of the second degree; and trafficking in counterfeit credit cards, a felony of the second degree. Investigators observed Gonzalez-Rivero filling an illegal fuel transfer tank in the bed of his truck at a gas station and placed him under arrest. Investigators also recovered 16 counterfeit/forged credit cards from within Gonzalez-Rivero's truck.

On Aug. 17, investigators arrested Efren Leonar Martinez, 50, of Orlando on charges of unlawful conveyance of fuel. The truck was equipped with an illegal fuel transfer tank and recovered six counterfeit/forged credit cards from within the truck.

On Aug. 17, investigators arrested Rene Bermudez, 33, of Orlando on charges of unlawful conveyance of fuel, a felony of the third degree, and trafficking in counterfeit credit cards, a felony of the third degree. The truck was equipped with an illegal fuel transfer tank and recovered four counterfeit/forged credit cards from within the truck.

On Aug. 17, investigators arrested Pablo Cuellar, 52, of Orlando on a charge of unlawful conveyance of fuel, a felony of the third degree. Investigators stopped the truck Cuellar was operating for traffic violations and discovered that the truck was equipped with at least four illegal fuel bladders.

On Aug. 17, investigators arrested Royne Ramon Perez-Arriera, 23, of Orlando on a charge of unlawful conveyance of fuel, a felony of the third degree. Investigators stopped the truck Perez-Arriera was operating for traffic violations and discovered that the truck was equipped with an illegal fuel transfer tank. freshfromflorida.com

Tyler, TX: Police investigating the theft of $250,000 in Wheels and Tires
About 3 p.m. Sunday, officers were called to Peltier Chevrolet to investigate a theft. Police say surveillance video shows the suspects entered the secured fence area at the rear of the business about 1 a.m. and removed the wheels and tires from 48 vehicles on the property, leaving the vehicles on blocks. The estimated loss of value is more than $250,000. kltv.com

Evesham, NJ: Police seek man in $10,000 Apple Store theft
The Evesham Police is asking for the public's help to locate a Staten Island man sought for questioning in the theft of $10,000 worth of laptops from an Apple Store. Lawrence Browning, 35, of Staten Island, identified by police as a suspect, was one of two men who allegedly shoplifted four Mac Book Pros, valued at $2,500 each, from an Apple Store in southern New Jersey on Tuesday, July 26. The men sped away from the store in a vehicle prior to the arrival of officers. Browning was one of 39 suspects arrested in a major drug sweep, "Operation Mayberry," on Staten Island in 2013. silive.com

Neosho, MO: Police responded to Walmart after a transaction with a net loss of an estimated $2,400
"A guy who came in with a female attempted to purchase four iPads through the self checkout," Kennedy said. "The suspect was trying to pay with cash but was doing the money jumble." The self checkout associate said the man kept trying to distract the cashier. The drawer was short $2,400 at the end of the shift. neoshodailynews.com

New York: Woman Tries to Steal $900 in Children's Coats from Bloomingdale's Cindy Latorrey, 25, tried to snatch two Moncler coats for children from the 1000 Third Ave. department store at 1:33 p.m. on Sunday by stuffing them into her bag, according to the police. The 25-year-old Crown Heights resident lined her bag with aluminum foil to throw off security sensors, but couldn't trick store security who stopped her. dnainfo.com

Dayton, OH: Fencing Operation: Pawn Shop Owner's found Guilty in fencing Stolen Goods; now facing 3 to 11 years
The prosecutor on the case said the Rich's, the couple that owned the Moraine pawn shop where drug addicts could sell stolen goods and get cash for their next fix, were running a business that was a menace to the community. "I hope it sends a very strong message to people involved in this kind of activity," said Assistant Montgomery County Prosecutor Kimberly Melnick. "With them taking in this kind of property and turning around and selling it, they were feeding drug addicts. They were bringing more drug addicts into the city, and they were fostering retail theft all over central Ohio." whio.com

Bee County, TX: Traffic stop leads to Felony $825 ORC Theft
Approximately $825 worth of merchandise was returned to HEB, Beall's, and Sutherlands. A Deputy stopped a passenger vehicle after observing it to be displaying a fictitious registration sticker. The Deputy observed several items in the vehicle including shoes, perfumes, hair care products, meat, and mosaic backsplash tiles. The items were not in bags from any store. Approximately $825 worth of merchandise was returned to HEB, Beall's, and Sutherlands. facebook.com

Taunton, NJ: Man arrested for shoplifting at Home Depot in Taunton
Police charged Shawn Almeida with a single count of shoplifting, after they say he tried using receipts from other Home Depot stores to refund bags of mortar. Almeida conspired with another man to pull the unsuccessful ruse. After the cashier refunded him $147.44, Almeida allegedly exited the store but was intercepted by the loss-prevention agent and escorted back inside. Almeida was also arrested on two outstanding warrants. wickedlocal.com

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, which might fuel even more jobs and funding. Share your ORC News and help the industry!


Shootings & Deaths

Hamilton, OH: Police kill Armed Robbery suspect at Walgreens; Pharmacist was being held at knifepoint
Hamilton Police say they fatally shot a man holding a hostage during an armed robbery. Police responded to multiple 911 calls around 2:30 a.m. on Monday at the Walgreen's on High Street. When officers arrived, they found a man armed with a knife holding the pharmacist hostage. He suspect had the knife to the woman's throat. Police ordered the suspect to release the hostage and surrender. When the suspect did not comply, an officer fatally shot the suspect. The pharmacist was not injured. wdtn.com

Houston, TX: Texas Man Arrested in Decapitation Murder of Auto Parts
Store Owner

Following an overnight manhunt, a Texas man has been arrested and charged with decapitating the owner of a southeast Houston auto parts store. The arrest follows a call for help from the community by Houston police officers. Raymond George Jackson, Jr., 62, has been charged with the murder of 58-year-old Enayatolah Khursand. Khursand's headless body was found inside the Mykawa Auto Parts store in southeast Houston Thursday evening. breitbart.com

Lenoir, NC: DA says Police justified in shooting suspect at Walmart
District Attorney David Learner reached his conclusion after reviewing videos captured by the store and police body cameras, multiple media organizations reported. Learner said preliminary toxicology tests also found amphetamines and methamphetamine in the bloodstream of 32-year-old Carl Marcus Nivens, who was killed. wral.com

Phoenix, AZ: Security Guard shoots and kills 1 of 2 Armed Robbers at Motel 6

Robberies & Thefts

Novi, MI: Three wanted in Jewelry Store Smash & Grab at Twelve Oaks Mall
Twelve Oaks Mall opened as scheduled Sunday morning, one day after a jewelry store robbery had shoppers concerned about an Active Shooter in the shopping center. No shots were fired, Novi Director of Public safety and police Chief David Molloy assured patrons and the public Saturday as the mall was evacuated. Three people were suspected of breaking a glass case to steal jewelry after 5 p.m. at Tapper's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, a store inside the mall. Two people were hurt as people ran from the mall. mlive.com

Pasco, WA: Former Loss Prevention Agent sentenced to 30 Days and $11,000 restitution for False Injury claim
A former Pasco grocery store employee must repay $11,143 to the state for falsely claiming she was injured while chasing a shoplifter. Sulia Hernandez Carranza, 51, of Richland, collected workers' compensation benefits for one year before admitting to her boss that she wanted medical treatment for a preexisting knee problem. Carranza entered an Alford plea this week in Franklin County Superior Court to second-degree theft, a felony. tri-cityherald.com

Juneau, AK: Police give Retailers tips on stopping shoplifters
"Greet your customer." That's the most important piece of advice Juneau police Officer Ken Colon wanted his audience to remember at the end of his presentation on Friday. He was meeting with nearly 20 people in the backroom of Alaskan Dames, a consignment shop in the Mendenhall Valley. Juneau police have reported burglary and theft rates significantly higher last year than in previous years, and they're stepping up efforts to help residents discourage thieves before a crime is committed. ktoo.org

UK: Harrogate, England: Seasoned shoplifting gang foiled stealing
$1,900 of designer coats

Five seasoned shoplifters believed they had outsmarted the law when they walked out of a high-end clothes shop with more than $1,900 of designer coats. The gang of thieves travelled to Harrogate from Manchester with rucksacks lined with foil to avoid security detection. They went into Blacks and bagged 9 North Face and Berghaus jackets, managed to evade security, but were nabbed outside by local Police. harrogateadvertiser.co.uk

Nashville, TN: Two Armed Gunman hit Burger King at closing, forcing employees back into the store

Buford, GA: One Minute Smash & Grab of a Gun Store: 5 men stealing $15,000 worth of weapons

Pittsburgh, PA: Mom Charged With Assaulting 4-Month-Old Outside Giant Eagle

Raleigh, NC: Woman whose leg was broken in Crabtree Valley Mall chaos wants answers

Danville, PA: Pennsylvania State Police have filed two counts of theft by unlawful taking against a now closed furniture store

Kay Jewelers in the Crystal Mall, Waterford, CT reported a Distraction Theft on 8/20, merchandise valued at $15,000

Zale in The Parks at Arlington, Arlington, TX reported a Grab & Run on 8/20, merchandise valued at $17,000

Piercing Pagoda in the Auburn Mall, Auburn, MA reported a Burglary on 8/19, bank deposit/ cash drawer totaling at $1,154

Piercing Pagoda in the Victory Valley, Victorville, CA reported a Grab & Run on 8/18, merchandise valued at $485

Cargo Theft

Multi-State Cargo Theft Crew Busted for Millions
Three Arrested For Stealing Millions of Dollars in Drugs from Truck Stop in Cartersville

Three people were arrested after an investigation into a multi-million shipment of narcotics was stolen from the Pilot Truck Stop in Cartersville back in 2014. A joint investigation led to the arrest of Filipe Hurtado Cruz of Colorado Springs, Yoandy Linares Mochado, Yosvani Cordero.

Cruz was arrested on Thursday, Aug. 18 in Colorado Springs by agents from the GBI with the assistance of agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Colorado Springs Police Department. The GBI said that Cordero and Yoandy Linares Machado were already in custody in Dalton on unrelated cargo theft charges.

The investigation led Bartow sheriff's deputies and Georgia State Patrol troopers to the location of the trailer. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation say they have made three arrests in connection to the theft of a multi-million dollar shipment of hydrocodone pills from a truck stop in Bartow County.

When officers attempted to stop the truck, a vehicle pursuit ensued. The driver of the truck eventually stopped in an industrial park, abandoned the cargo and fled on foot.

When investigators searched the truck, they found multiple GPS jamming devices along with other evidence which later connected the men to the theft, the state agency reported.

All three suspects are charged with three counts of cargo theft, trafficking in controlled substances, fleeing and attempting to elude police and possession of tools for the commission of a crime. Additional arrest are expected.  coosavalleynews.com  cbs46.com
Cargo Theft Take Down / Lee County Sheriff's Office Press Release
Police charge man in $121,000 Amazon cargo extortion scam

The Lee County Sheriff's Office recovered a stolen load of Amazon.com cargo worth about $121,000.
After working with corporate security investigators from JB Hunt Security, LCSO Auto Theft Detectives determined this load was possibly still in the area. The suspect attempted to extort additional funds from JB Hunt during this process.

Authorities charged Julio Hernandez, 36, with one count of cargo theft and one count of extortion after he allegedly tried to get money for the load from JB Hunt Security, which was working with the Sheriff's office to recover the shipment.

Hernandez, according to a statement, was a driver for a subcontracted transport company that carried the merchandise. Authorities began an investigation into the whereabouts of the stolen cargo load in July. They found the property in Hernandez's Lee County home Aug. 19 after serving a search warrant. The stolen merchandise, the release states, was "compiled of single orders from several thousand Amazon.com customers." businessobserverfl.com

Skimming Thefts

Romanian Skimming Gang Hitting ATM's in East Texas & Other States
A ring of Romanians is behind the thefts, bank and law enforcement officials said.

"The Romanian ATM skimming group has affected banks and credit unions all over East Texas increasingly over the past year," said Ken Hartley, a loss prevention officer at Longview-based Texas Bank and Trust. "Recent reports that we get from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies that subjects with Romanian national identification have been sought in at least 14 states for ATM skimming crimes."

Police in Sulphur Springs made two arrests in May and identified both skimming suspects as Romanian juveniles.

"It's not just (taking place) at banks," Litton said. "It's at other places where people use their debit cards" such as pay-at-the-pump terminals at gasoline fueling stations outside convenience stores.  news-journal.com

Police hunting for skimmer thief hitting Walmart stores for gift cards in
Fond du Lac, Wis.

Authorities say they are looking for a suspect who used a skimming device to make fraudulent purchases in at least five locations around Wisconsin. The Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office says the man installed a skimming device within a gas pump at a Random Lake convenience store. All the fraudulent purchases are taking place at Walmart stores, with each purchase being around $200 and consisting only of gift cards. myinforms.com

Credit Card/ID Theft

Antioch, CA: Pair Arrested In Suspected Identity Theft Ring
A man and a youth were arrested Wednesday in Antioch on suspicion of being involved in a large identity theft ring, according to police in a report to the city manager. Inside the building, officers allege they found more than 70 debit/credit cards, multiple stolen checks, driver's licenses, laptops, cellphones, tablets and a credit card scanner. Officers also found a filing cabinet stolen from a Brentwood dentist's office, police said. cbslocal.com

Tioga County, NY: Man arrested following multi-agency credit card fraud investigation
Michael S. Webb is accused of purchasing items with cloned credit cards containing stolen personal account information. madisoncountycourier.com

Tampa, FL: Former NFL Player arrested for $9,000 Grand Theft and Check Fraud Jeremy Deering tried to cash a pair of fraudulent payroll checks worth a total of nearly $9,000 at two different banks in June, which were drawn from a credit union in New York. nbcsports.com

Norwalk, CT: 2 busted at Walmart attempting theft of 4 iPads minis

Counterfeit Goods

Suffolk County, NY: Two Arrested; Fake Rolex, Gucci, Louis Vuitton sold at barbershop


Pittsburgh, PA: Former Macy's/ Kaufmanns hit with a 6 Alarm fire
Firefighters were called Saturday afternoon to the former Macy's building downtown. The fire reached six alarms. At one point, heavy smoke was seen billowing from the building. All workers were located and made it out of the building safely. Nobody else was hurt. Macy's closed in September 2015. wpxi.com


AT&T - East Haven, CT - Armed Robbery
BP - Winston-Salem, NC - Armed Robbery
BicycleSpace - Washington, DC - Burglary
Big 5 Sports - Jurupa Valley, CA - Armed Robbery
Burger King - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
Casey's General - Cedar Rapids, IA - Robbery
Chevron - Covington, GA - Armed Robbery
Cricket Wireless - Laredo, TX - Robbery
CVS - Greensboro, NC - Robbery
CVS - Mesa, AZ - Robbery
Dead Center - Buford, GA - Burglary
Dollar General - McComb, MS - Robbery / 2nd this month
Dollar General - Jacksonville, FL - Robbery
Dollar General - Shallotte, NC - Robbery
Gina's - Dayton, OH - Burglary
Keg & Bottle - Isla Vista, CA - Burglary
Kwik Fill - Erie, PA - Burglary
Kwik Shop - Hutchinson, KS - Robbery
Metro PCS - El Paso, TX - Robbery
Phillip's 66 - Omaha, NE - Armed Robbery
Quality Dairy - Lansing, MI - Armed Robbery
Ruby's Jewelers - Perth Amboy, NJ - Burglary
Tapper's Diamonds - Novi, MI - Robbery
Walgreens - Hamilton, OH - Armed Robbery/ Police kill suspect
Walgreens - Tucson, AZ - Robbery
7-Eleven - Prince George County, MD - Armed Robbery/ clerk killed
7-Eleven - Cherokee County, SC - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
99 Cent - Omaha, NE - Robbery

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