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Having a Heart at CVS Health

An Interview with Kevin Plante, Director of Loss Prevention Reporting and Analytics at CVS Health (PART 1)

By Amber Bradley

It's rare to describe the typical high-ranking, industry-veteran loss prevention executive with such flowery language as kind-hearted, sincere and truly altruistic. But it fits Kevin M. Plante, LPC, to a tee.

Plante is the Director of Loss Prevention Reporting and Analytics at CVS Health and truly his passion for fighting ORC...but also making the world a better place.

Plante has more than 25 years of loss prevention and store operations experience in the field and corporate environments in retail operations such as Staples, Pep Boys and BJ's. He's certainly accomplished his share of successful LP technology implementations, operational audit programs, and led numerous teams to shrink victory.

But that's not what drives him.

Plante's self-described "true calling" is to grow the loss prevention profession by teaching and mentoring others while pushing the industry forward through many other valuable initiatives.

Leading ORCA Way
One of those industry-leading initiatives Kevin helped found is the New England Organized Retail Crime Alliance (www.neorca.org). NEORCA was one of the first gatherings of its kind with law enforcement and loss prevention professionals gathering each year to join forces and help fight retail crime. NEORCA celebrates it's 10-year anniversary in September, partly thanks to Plante.

NEORCA has grown and evolved throughout the years from simply an organized retail crime (ORC) assembly to more of a Loss Prevention expo, demonstrating that while ORC is a large component of what we do, it's just one component of an entire strategy.

Although Kevin's LP career hasn't led him to manage an ORC team, it's a passion he devotes his spare time to due to his passion for the LP field. It's this perspective that has helped NEORCA become so successful; combining education about ORC initiatives with the intricacies of crimes against retail.

All in the Family
Back in 1989, Plante started in loss prevention the way most LP folks did: as a college kid catching shoplifters but not realizing it was an actual career. "It was always a lot of fun to catch the bad guys," he reminisced. Plante's first team of LP coworkers was a strong 25 deep and they were more than just coworkers, they were friends; even family.

This bond with his fellow coworkers and love for the work kept Plante in the LP field where he was first introduced to ORC in the early 90's where he worked for a department store retailer that sold anything from suits to blenders. And people were stealing it all. At that time period, there wasn't much distinction between ORC and regular shoplifting. Plante decided to change that by attending meetings of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts (RAM) Loss Prevention Committee.

Plante found RAM to be very useful with access to accomplish goals legislatively as well as an ideal forum for networking with law enforcement professionals. To re-energize the committee, Plante was appointed as Chairman and he took it on with full stride to help expand its reach within his community but also to further the LP presence amongst law enforcement.

Organizing and Acting
From his interaction with RAM and his appointment as Chairman, Plante and the RAM LP Board of Directors formed the New England Organized Retail Crime Alliance (NEORCA) to help fight ORC with renewed vigor. Plante shared how ORC has to be made less desirable for people to do it. Plante firmly believes that legislation is necessary to enforce the penalties necessary to deter crime. Plante believed by getting RAM and the newly formed NEORCA involved, he could make that happen by mobilizing a force in the Northeast to get some legislative attention.

Plante's energized committee is helping the association's membership by providing consultation for smaller retailers for free for those who can't afford it. The group spreads networking help and trusted connections to meet their needs. Kevin has enjoyed working with Jon Hurst, President of Retailers Association of MA as well as Ryan Kearny, General Counsel for RAM and Andi Shea, Membership Director for RAM. He also attributes his success to the LP Committee Board: Brendan Fitzgerald at BJ's Wholesale Club, Jason Adams, at Apple, Shannon Lenahan at Wegmans, Matt Taylor at Walgreens, and Allan Peterson at Target.

True to form, Plante credits his success for the conference to Ryan Kearney, General Counsel of Retailers Association of MA for driving the ORC retail crime bill and Andrea Shea for being shoulder to shoulder with him planning the conferences.

"We are always challenging ourselves to find the best way to bring people together once a quarter to talk about valuable goals and objectives," said Plante. "Things that matter to them, LP, Law enforcement, legislation, create agendas that matter, and then host unforgettable conferences." So far, he's done that for nearly 10 years.

Read the full article here. Part 2 will be published in tomorrow's Daily.


  Art Silva was named IT Business Services Director for Hallmark Retail.
In this new role, Art will be supporting Omnichannel and Digital as the liaison for the Hallmark Retail division. Art was previously the Director of Retail and Field Operations and has been with Hallmark Cards since 2012. Art has extensive operations and loss prevention experience having worked as Director of Store Operations - Store Technology for J. Crew, VP of Head Operations in North America for Esprit, Director of Loss Prevention, Corporate Senior Manager Loss Prevention and Systems Analyst Loss Prevention for Ann Taylor. He earned his BBA in Management Information Systems from University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business. Congratulations Art!


"Can Restorative Justice Solve Walmart's Crime Problem?"
Walmart is as notorious for high crime as it is for low prices. The retail chain is turning to restorative justice programs to change that fact.

Walmart is partnering with Corrective Education Company, a start-up that offers shoplifters the chance to avoid entering the criminal justice system by participating in a restorative justice program that attempts to re-educate offenders about the consequences of their actions. Walmart executives are hoping the collaboration can help the store earn back some of the $3 billion it loses each year to shoplifting and employee theft, though it will do little to prevent the other crimes plaguing the big-box chain.

Restorative justice is not the first criminal justice alternative that retailers have turned to. For decades, retail companies have used civil recovery - a process in which retailers can file lawsuits against shoplifters in civil courts (rather than criminal courts) in order to recover the costs of stolen goods. Civil recovery cases can be time-consuming for retailers, but restorative justice programs usually require participants to pay back the cost of the stolen items as well, while avoiding lengthy court processes. "Civil recovery is very much like restorative justice," says Richard Hollinger, a sociology professor with an expertise on retail theft. "The component that was always missing was the re-socialization, the training program, where you're not just exchanging money, but you're teaching the person what the harm is of the crimes they've just committed."

Restorative justice may not be new, but big-box retailers' use of restorative justice programs certainly is, and there's little research yet on how such programs might influence recidivism for shoplifters. There is, however, reason to believe such alternatives are better for offenders than jail time. For one thing, shoplifters are spared a criminal record, which can affect their job prospects. In addition, jail time often increases offenders' risk of re-offending.

"The worst thing, ironically, that you can do to an offender to maximize his or her recidivism is put them in jail," Hollinger says. "You're really putting people into a school for crime."

Perhaps Walmart holds a key to the future of policing-or the lack thereof. psmag.com

Elite UK police team of super-recognisers are on the cusp of the 'third revolution in forensics'
They've spotted a murderer, sex offenders, thieves, rioters, and a prolific jewelery thief who struck 36 times before being caught.

An elite team of Scotland Yard detectives known as "super-recognizers" are using their remarkable ability to recognize human faces to scan CCTV footage and identify criminals.

The team is run by Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville who says in one year alone the small group solved 2,500 crimes in London.

The team helped catch serial shop lifter Austin Caballero after recognising is face in dozens of CCTV clips and then presented him with a book of images of him committing crime when he was arrested.

Neville attributed their ability to motivation, until he heard about a Harvard University paper on super-recognizers, which concluded that there is "a broad distribution" of the facial-recognition capability.

Super-recognizers can glance at a pixelated face in a low-resolution screen grab and identify a crook with whom they had a chance encounter years earlier, or whom they recognize from a mug shot. mirror.co.uk

The Emerging Use Of Drones In Illinois
Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act

Presently, the only statute in Illinois expressly addressing drone use is the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act.[4] The act provides generally that law enforcement agencies cannot use drones to gather information.[5] However, the act allows for the use of drones by a law enforcement agency in the following limited circumstances: terrorism, gets a warrant, reasonable suspicion, locate missing person, for crime scenes and traffic crash scenes, disaster or public health. law360.com

US Trustee Rips Sports Authority's Revived Exec Bonus Bid
Wants to Pay 3 Top Exec's up to $1.5M in Bonuses

The federal bankruptcy watchdog took issue Tuesday with Sports Authority's revived bid to pay top executives more than $1 million in bonuses, which the court originally rejected as "inappropriate," saying the defunct retailer is putting its insiders ahead of the thousands of employees who lost their jobs.

U.S. Trustee's Office argued that the motion by the Sports Authority bankruptcy estate, now styled TSAWD Holdings Inc., to pay three top executives up to $1.5 million in bonuses not only contains vague and "illusory" metrics that don't meet standards under the Bankruptcy Code, but is "imprudent and unreasonable," given the state of the case. law360.com

New OSHA Rule May Penalize Employers Who Routinely Conduct Post-Accident Drug Testing
OSHA's new rule ostensibly is designed to promote timely reporting of workplace injuries and protect reporting employees against retaliation. At the same time, the rule makes clear that employer drug testing programs used in cases where an injury is unlikely to have been caused by drug impairment and where the test applied cannot measure such impairment will be subject to scrutiny as retaliatory. If deemed retaliatory, OSHA can levy fines against the employer. natlawreview.com

Employers challenge new OSHA regulations regarding drug testing
The employers allege the new regulations released by OSHA in a document called "Improve Tracking Workplace Injuries and Illnesses" are unlawful because they prohibit or limit the use of incident-based employer safety incentive programs and mandatory post-accident drug testing programs that are currently in place. These are programs to "help employers promote workplace safety, which is supposed to be OSHA's primary mission" the plaintiffs claim.

"OSHA believes drug testing discourages employees from reporting injuries," Tyson told Legal Newsline.
"The argument follows that if an employee is involved in a minor accident or undergoes a small injury at work, they may be less likely to report the incident to avoid receiving a drug test. OSHA has always been concerned that employers do not fully report all the injuries that occur to their employees."

The plaintiffs state in their claim that there is "no evidence that injuries are not already being accurately reported" and that "OSHA has lost sight of the importance of reducing the number and severity of injuries themselves." legalnewsline.com

Director of Loss Prevention, Dollar Express Stores LL, Charlotte, N.C.
Dollar Express is the newest entrant in the dollar store segment of the retail industry. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dollar Express operates 330 Stores in 36 states. We're a start-up in the sense in that the corporate support function and all of the associated infrastructure needs to be developed, but we begin our journey with 330 store locations coast-to-coast in 36 states. Dollar Express is backed by Sycamore Partners, a leading private equity firm that specializes in retail and consumer investments.

Director of Loss Prevention at our Charlotte-based Store Support Center.  Reporting to the SVP of Operations, this position is responsible for taking a proactive approach in developing loss prevention policies that protect the assets of the Company by directing, establishing, implementing and monitoring programs that will minimize loss. dayforcehcm.com

Director of Loss Prevention re-posted for BevMo! in Concord, CA
This position reports to the SVP of Store Operations and is responsible for taking a proactive approach in developing loss prevention policies for the company that protect the assets of the Company by directing, establishing, implementing and monitoring programs that will minimize loss. The primary metric is the reduction of shrink. This position has no direct staff.  kronostm.com 

DSW to open 21 stores between August and October

Judge: Starbucks is not cheating customers by putting ice in cold drinks

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Express Q2 comp's down 8%, sales down 6%

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How much will POS malware attack cost Eddie Bauer?

Home Depot Data Breach Final $13M Settlement Approved
Most comprehensive settlement in large-scale data breach litigation
Attys' Fees Trimmed To $7.5M

A Georgia federal judge on Tuesday granted final approval of a $13 million settlement between Home Depot and a class of consumers suing over a massive 2014 data breach and awarded attorneys' fees of approximately $7.5 million, about $1 million less than the amount sought.

"Class counsel obtained an exceptional result in this case," Judge Thrash wrote in a five-page order. "The relief obtained for the settlement class compares very favorably to the other data breach settlements presented to the court, and appears to be the most comprehensive settlement achieved in large-scale data breach litigation."

In a separate order, Judge Thrash signed off on the $13 million settlement announced in March, saying the parties properly notified potential class members and said that the settlement amount was fair, reasonable and adequate. law360.com

It's all about the data 
Walmart and Jet.com: The future of clicks and mortar

The deciding factor in a brand's' ability to succeed in today's evolving retail environment will ultimately be their ability to effectively collect and use data. As retailers like Walmart look to bolster their omnichannel capabilities -- through acquisitions or in-house efforts -- smart integration of data sources will be key to successful execution.

Bringing all existing data sources into one unified view of the business -- from in-store and online transaction history to preferred delivery times and mobile app usage -- will give retailers more comprehensive customer profiles allowing for better targeting, engagement and conversion. chainstoreage.com

What you need to do to stop data from leaving with exiting employees
Biscom's national study around data in the workplace revealed that more than one in four employees leave their job with company data.

1. Establish clear employee policies on handling company data and information
2. Incorporate data ownership and handling policies into employee agreements

3. Add data protection and security discussions to new employee orientation and training

4. Understand how to re-organize an attack or social engineering ploy

5. Encourage reporting of suspicious activity

6. Train on best practices continuously and often -- practice makes perfect

7. Establish data classification and access permissions - limit access to those who need it, e.g. using the principle of least privilege

8. Create a response plan and practice it

Having an emergency response plan (EAP) and procedures in place will establish a clear guide on what to do in the event of an attack. An EAP may also be necessary in the event an employee is terminated or fired under bad circumstances -- according to Biscom's data, 22 percent of respondents reported they would be more likely to steal company information if they were let go under bad circumstances.  csoonline.com

How The Underworld's Marketplaces Work
- Hackers Selling Data to Fraudsters via Decentralized Cybercrime Ecosystem

"All the criminal organizations - especially online - move way faster and are way more efficient than the real economy," Michael Reitblat, CEO and cofounder of Forter, explained.

In the cyberfraud area, Reitblat noted, hackers and fraudsters work together across a multitude of platforms that actually make it easier for them to conduct their business. Typically, this begins with hackers gaining access to stolen credentials through the types of massive data breaches that have made headlines in recent years. Whether its payment data or personally identifiable information (PII), the compromised credentials are quickly turned around and sold to fraudsters.

Reitblat said it's not uncommon to see stolen data sold on websites that look similar to any legitimate eCommerce site a consumer would go to. Though the sites and data will vary based on the type of fraud a cybercriminal is looking to commit, these sophisticated sites can even include advanced searches that narrow down available data by card type, zip code, address or even the victim's last name.

Cybercriminals can also use these dark matchmaking sites to access missing pieces of a stolen identity or credential, such as purchasing access to databases where they may be able to search for the Social Security number that matches the name of a compromised payment card.

Fraudsters can use their access to these illicit platforms to buy and sell stolen goods, track down physical locations where stolen products can be delivered and even buy access to databases full of stolen PII data.

"Digital crime is conducted in a very decentralized way because if you have one connector or one hub, then first, you're dependent on it, and second, you have a risk of it being used as an asset by law enforcement agencies," Reitblat explained. pymnts.com

Protect Fragrances, Gift Sets & Collectables

WG's New Ninja Plus with Foam Adhesive Backing

When using a WG Ninja Plus there is no need for a NEW detacher, WG's Ninja Plus can be disarmed using either a S3 key or a superlock detacher, whichever one your store currently uses in its cash wrap.


To reuse a Ninja Plus, simply replace the foam adhesive backing. Applying the replacement foam backing is fast and easy. Our adhesive has been designed not to damage packaging, whether its cellophane or a collectable box. We also offer an optional accessory that enhances security by preventing opening of product. Place the tape over the long portion of a box opening and install Ninja Plus. View the video at www.wgspi.com

With the holiday season fast approaching don't get caught, take action and protect your holiday fragrance gift sets, Lego and any boxed items that will be given as a gift. The foam adhesive backing is removed at the point of sale without leaving any residue or tear on the packaging. Act now, with theft on the rise and with an uncertain economy it is more import now than ever to protect your assets. Call WG to find out more or visit us online at www.wgspi.com.

WG 2105 S Bascom Ave Suite 316 Campbell CA 95008 USA www.wgspi.com Tel: 408 241 8000 e-mail info@wgspi.com


Reminder: Register to attend the Retail Council of
Canada's LP Conference on Sept. 29

This is a special reminder to register for the 2016 RCC Loss Prevention Conference. This year's event is taking place at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON on September 29th. More information about the educational agenda, networking opportunities and event details can be found at on the conference website.

To register today for the 2016 Loss Prevention Conference on Sep 29, click here.

Consumer Racial Profiling & Bad Shoplifting Stop
Sobeys to withdraw appeal of discrimination decision

One of Canada's largest grocery store chains says it intends to withdraw an appeal of a human rights decision that found a Sobeys employee discriminated against a black customer -- but a group of 19 churches in Nova Scotia says the move doesn't go far enough.

They want to cut a cheque, they want to withdraw the appeal and say 'bye bye' and have no admittance of their wrongdoing," said Rev. Lennett Anderson of the African United Baptist Association of Nova Scotia.

A Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission independent board of inquiry determined last year that staff at a store in Tantallon, N.S., discriminated against Andrella David in May 2009 after falsely accusing her of being a repeat shoplifter.

Sobeys appealed that decision, sparking protests from the black community and even prompting Nova Scotia's first black lieutenant-governor Mayann Francis to speak out -- saying she has been the victim of racial profiling while shopping.

Sobeys declined an interview request, but in a short email statement Tuesday, spokeswoman Shauna Selig said the company expects to finalize a resolution "shortly" that will include the withdrawal of the appeal.

Anderson said his association voted over the weekend to boycott Sobeys until it apologizes and acknowledges that the issue of racial profiling is widespread.

"We made it very clear to our delegation that we would only boycott until such a time as Sobeys acknowledges the problem of racial discrimination. They have yet to say it exists. There's almost a denial, as if this is in my head," said Anderson in a phone interview on Tuesday.

In April, an independent board of inquiry ruled that David would receive $21,000 from the company. It said Sobeys must provide commission-approved training for its employees on racial profiling and discriminating based on race.

It also ordered Sobeys to issue a written apology to David acknowledging that the actions of Sobeys were "discriminatory and inappropriate."

No such apology has been issued, said Anderson.

A 2012 research study by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission identified the negative experiences of shoppers from visible minority groups as a significant problem throughout the province that is disproportionately affecting visible minority shoppers, the commission said in a news release Tuesday.

The commission would not comment on the David case Tuesday, but added that it is working with retailers to deliver education materials and training to their employees to raise awareness of this issue and the harms caused by consumer racial profiling. ctvnews.ca

Fast fashion isn't fast enough
Apparel retailers need to react more quickly and effectively to what consumers want, according to speakers at the Canadian Apparel and Textile Sourcing Show in Toronto, scheduled for Aug. 22-24.

"Long lead times are a thing of the past - telling the consumer what she wants is not the way to win anymore," according to global industry expert Jeff Streader, who will deliver the keynote speech at what is being billed as Canada's first apparel and textile show, at the International Centre.

"No major significant event at all exists in Canada that helps local entrepreneurs, retailers and sourcing professionals connect with manufacturers and sources overseas in the apparel and textile sector," said Prescott. He said more than 190 factories from 11 different countries will be represented at the event.
How to speed up response time is a big theme on the agenda.

Making data-based decisions and reacting swiftly to consumer demand is the way of the future, Streader believes.

"It's really about keeping your finger on the pulse of who is going to your website, what is her or his age, what are their page views, what are their click-throughs, what are they interested in, what items are they buying - these analytics are so powerful and it's making brands better."  thestar.com

Montreal adopts plastic bag ban
Montreal city council passed a bylaw on Tuesday that will ban the distribution of thin plastic bags at stores on city territory starting in 2018.

The Retail Council of Canada (RCC) denounced the city's decision, calling for a moratorium on the ban until a report by Quebec's Environment Department is completed at the end of the year. The council said it believes that a ban on plastic bags may be worse for the environment in the long-term. montrealgazette.com

Mayfair Shopping Centre, Victoria, BC, - $72 million overhaul - completed by the
fall of 2018

Nordstrom Rack to open Ottawa store fall 2018
Shoppers camp 14 hours overnight for Kanye West's Toronto pop-up shop

Inside Aritzia's plan to dodge Canada's retail graveyard

Walmart St. Vital Centre, Manitoba, evacuated for 1 hr. due to 'bomb threat'

Kamloops, BC: Man accused of stabbing Walmart security guard could get four years in jail
A former Walmart loss prevention officer cried in a Kamloops courtroom yesterday as he relived the details of the night he was stabbed five times. A sentencing hearing was held today, Aug. 23 for Connor Dufresne, 20, who pleaded guilty to theft and aggravated assault in April, five months after he stabbed the officer. Dufresne was observed picking up a computer bag and trying to put merchandise it, including a Sony sound system and Beats by Dre headphones, fleeing out an emergency exit. The officer gave chase, the officer ran about five feet out the door, stopped and yelled "store security." Dufresne kept running, so the officer ran another 10 feet but had to stop due to store policy. After that, the officer doesn't remember what happened, other than the feeling of a knife entering his body. The man was stabbed five times by Dufresne with one wound just a quarter-inch away from his heart. Court heard a Kamloops RCMP officer spotted Dufresne walking down the road. He was arrested. infotel.ca

Waterton, AB: RCMP investigating $100K Jewelry Burglary Pincher
Creek RCMP are investigating after over $100,000 worth of diamonds and jewelry were stolen from the Lost Art Jewelry store in Waterton Lakes National Park. The jewelry was stolen between Saturday Aug. 20 and Sunday Aug. 21. Staff say they noticed the theft when they opened for business Monday and immediately notified police. globalnews.ca

Shelburne, ON: Woman faces 55 charges after allegedly defrauding a business
Local police did not disclose the business that was targeted, but say they began investigating in June after the company reported being scammed out of thousands of dollars. Police say Christine Donaldson is now facing 55 charges, but did not provide details on her alleged activities. Charges include one count of theft over $5,000, 30 counts of unauthorized use of a credit card and seven counts of forgery. ctvnews.ca

Leduc, AB: RCMP investigate Arson at Leduc vape shop
RCMP are on the hunt for an arson suspect after a man threw an incendiary device through the front window of a downtown storefront early Monday, torching one business and heavily damaging two others. Police say the fire was set near the corner of 50th Street and 50th Avenue in downtown Leduc shortly before 2 a.m. The initial target was Leduc Vapes, a shop that sells e-cigarettes. cbc.ca

Waterton, CN: Thieves swipe more than $100,000 worth of jewelry from store in Waterton

Toronto: Police arrest man for a rash of midtown break-ins this summer

Windsor Park, MB: RCMP officer won't face charges, after stolen gun used to shoot teen outside a convenience store

Northlumberland OCC seeking suspect in Mr. Convenience store robbery

Calgary, AB: Credit Card Skimmer Found At Gas Station

Industry Veterans Solving Inventory Challenges

CONTROLTEK has grown steadily over the past 40 years based on the quality of their products and the quality of service delivered to their clients. Their commitment to understanding the challenges their customers face and then delivering a solution in a timely fashion has been the hallmark of CONTROLTEK's success. Rhett Asher, Director of Business Development, and Mike Campbell, Director of National Accounts, tell us what drew them to the company and what sets CONTROLTEK apart.

LPNN Quick Take #8

Amber goes orange in this LPNN Quick Take, chatting with Wouter Ubbels, Director Channel Sales Americas, and Patrick O'Leary, VP and General Manager, of Nedap Retail. Learn how Nedap delivers customers quality local service on a global level.


Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us


The best way to stop fraud: Make the fraudster quit
Analysts expect card-not-present fraud, mainly committed online, will increase over the next few years in the United States as the introduction of EMV chip cards makes it harder to commit fraud in stores. That's leading online retailers to think about how to prevent that CNP fraud. It's easy to be distracted by the complexities of modern fraud prevention tools and lose sight of a simple but important fact: Fraud doesn't happen when the fraudster gives up.

Fraud scoring models are based on predictive techniques that capture patterns of fraudulent activity and differentiate these patterns from legitimate purchasing activity, separating then the 'sheep from the goats,' so to speak. These scoring models typically assign a numeric value to each order, based on the predicted likelihood that a transaction may be fraudulent.

We all understand, of course, that CNP fraud is an organized, global problem and that fraudsters are persistent and innovative in their attempts to defraud merchants and consumers. However, there are two additional fraud-prevention elements that, when used together, can convince would-be thieves that their fraud attempts are a waste of time.

These two elements are precise fraud models and representative screening of fraudulent orders. Coordinated properly, they can discourage fraud without raising the rate of false declines.

Precision relates to the predictive model's capacity or quality. The more accurately the model concentrates fraudulent orders within the proper score range, the less likely fraudsters are to succeed with their attempts.

Beating the fraudster's numbers game requires proper representation of orders flagged for further screening. Accurate representation allows for efficient decisioning and quick declines of fraudulent orders. Rapid rejection of multiple fraud attempts shows fraudsters that their approach is not working. internetretailer.com

Returns: The Dark Side of E-commerce. And How to Find the Light
Consumers want their goods ordered online and delivered quickly, and they expect an easy way to return items. That's causing a great disturbance in the Force of traditional distribution operations. Any delay in getting their money back prevents consumers from spending it again - and retailers want this money to be re-spent with them. With return rates as high as 50 percent, businesses need to avoid additional costs to handle products customers return to the distribution center. In our new white paper, "Returns: The Dark Side of E-commerce. And How to Find the Light," learn five ways to ensure your returns management processes keep customers happy and meet your business needs.  dcvelocity.com

Web sales drive all of Best Buy's growth in Q2
Online sales climbed 24% year over year, while Best Buy's overall sales were flat. Online sales accounted for 10.6% of its domestic revenue, up from 8.6% a year ago.

All of Best Buy's revenue growth is coming from rising online sales. Best Buy says domestic online revenue totaled $835 million in the quarter, up almost 24% from the $676 million it reported a year ago. internetretailer.com

Fairfield, NJ: Trio charged in credit card fraud scheme; $1,800 in Target Gift Cards and over $8,000 of Target merchandise recovered
Ricardo Mattis and Schaevaughn Watt and a 17-year-old juvenile were arrested and charged with credit card fraud, intent to commit credit card fraud and conspiracy on Sunday, Aug. 7, according to Chief of Police Anthony Manna. Officer David Lagan was notified by Target security that a large number of gift cards were just purchased at a number of locations in the store using a number of different credit cards. The officer observed the suspects leaving the parking lot and executed the traffic stop. During the course of the investigation, it is alleged that the officer discovered and seized 35 Chase credit cards, all with different names, $1,830 in Target gift cards and $8,257.66 in merchandise purchased at Target to include seven iPads and four Apple watches. newjerseyhills.com

Cedar Falls, IA: Second arrest made in Ulta store thefts
Court records allege Harris has been involved in a stealing from Ulta stores across the Midwest. Harris is accused of entering the Ulta store in Cedar Falls in August 2015 with a woman shortly before noon. They began grabbing products off the shelves, loading them into bags and fleeing. They allegedly took $7,126 worth of merchandise. Authorities said Harris returned to the Cedar Falls store at 1:05 p.m. on May 19 with Brazelton. Later that day they hit another store in for $2,300, the hit the Ulta in Des Moines. wcfcourier.com

Buffalo, NY: $2 Million Bail - Over Alleged Food Stamp Fraud - for Owner of Corner Store
Ahmed Alshami and his family have run the IGA Community Express Mart on Ludington Street for the past five years. After being cited for several issues over the last year, Common Councilmember Rich Fontana has worked recently to have their license removed. Some of the violations they face include selling secondhand merchandise without a license and leaving trash in their yard, but an indictment announced by the Erie County District Attorney's Office Tuesday brought much more serious issues for Alshami, who is now accused of welfare fraud. Acting DA Michael Flaherty says Alshami bought EBT cards from people, typically paying them half of their value in cash. He would then use the food stamps to buy more than $3,800 of goods from big box stores like Tops and Wegmans. twcnews.com

Chicago: 2 Charged in Nordstrom Designer Purse Theft
Two men were charged Tuesday in the theft of designer purses from a Nordstrom store in the city's River North neighborhood. Mark Conner, 21, and Jahmal Jackson, 22, both of Chicago, were each charged with one count of retail theft over $300 and one count of aggravated battery to a merchant. Police nabbed the men Monday after the theft when they crashed their vehicle a few blocks from the store. abc7chicago.com

Portland, OR: Store owners say tent thefts increasing amid homeless crisis
As Portland's homeless crisis has gotten worse, some business owners say they are seeing a huge increase in people stealing camping gear. Stores say tents in particular are disappearing from shelves so fast, they're having to put them behind the customer service counter. The tent shelf at some Fred Meyer stores are pretty empty these days. A sign was found directed to customers apologizing that tents are now being kept in a secure location. kgw.com

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, which might fuel even more jobs and funding. Share your ORC News and help the industry!



Birmingham, AL: Man, 20, gunned down outside AutoZone
Police say a 20-year-old man has been shot and killed outside an AutoZone in Birmingham. News outlets report that Birmingham police say Chancey Harper was found dead in the parking lot of the store on Monday afternoon. fox10tv.com

Novi, MI: The story behind Saturday's frenzy at Twelve Oaks Mall
Nick Orzel was about to leave Twelve Oaks Mall at around 5:10 p.m. Saturday when he heard people yelling about a gun. The Livonia resident recorded a nine-second video of men, women and children screaming as they ran through the mall to the exits. Orzel, 21, then posted it to Twitter. The video was retweeted 2,213 times. National media asked permission to use his footage. "I didn't hear anything besides people yelling 'gun,' " Orzel said. "I learned (there) wasn't a gun about an hour after it happened." When Police Chief David Molloy alerted the Twitter community Saturday that there was no shooter because three robbers had fled the scene before police arrived, his tweet received only 134 retweets. There was never an active shooter, but in the heat of the moment and with social media picking up the misinformation about the robbery, a smash-and-grab at a mall jewelry store launched the dash for safety. What was unfolding, said a Wayne State University lecturer on new media, was an incomplete record of what was happening and the "constant interaction" of social media. detroitnews.com

Robberies and Thefts

Seattle, WA: Walgreens pressed to hire security guard after armed robbery
After asking many stores in the area to hire a security officer, a Ballard woman now is urging Walgreens (5409 15th Ave N.W.) to do the same, especially after a recent armed robbery. Janet Calkins lives four blocks from the Ballard QFC and eight blocks from the Bartell Drugs and Walgreens. Calkins said she called the Kroger Corporate office last year and urged them to get a security officer at QFC after a rash of robberies and assaults. She also said she spoke diligently with the Bartell Drugs management about hiring a guard. "These stores need security officers to protect the customers, but more importantly the staff," said Calkins. Calkins said guards were hired at both stores. A Bartells representative could not confirm that they hired a guard because of Calkins, nor could they even confirm they have a guard because of security disclosure issues, however the Ballard News-Tribune has observed security personnel at the store. ballardnewstribune.com

Wicomico County, MD: Man who attempted suicide at jail tried to shoplift nasal spray
The man police say attempted suicide at the Wicomico County Detention Center told his arresting officers he wanted to kill himself. Gosier had stolen eight bottles of Benzedrex nasal spray from the Giant food store. When a loss prevention manager tried to confront Gosier, the suspect walked past him at the front door and ditched the goods in a storm drain. Benzedrex, a nasal decongestant, is commonly abused because it contains an active ingredient similar to amphetamine. Following his arrest, Gosier threatened to kill himself and hit his head against the window of the squad car. Gosier kicked two officers who tried to restrain him in the back seat to calm him down. delmarvanow.com

Upper Macungie Township, PA: Wawa employee busted for $6,000 theft; voiding transactions for 6 weeks

Westminster, MD: Kohl's $100 shoplifting escalates to theft, fraud, possession and resisting arrest

Waterton, CN: Thieves swipe more than $100,000 worth of jewelry from store in Waterton


Skimming Thief Gets 5 Yr's Fed Prison
Studio City identity thief was sentenced Monday to more than five years behind bars for stealing credit card information at gas station pumps in Southern California by using hidden digital devices in a scheme that has reached "epidemic proportions."

Koren Kechedzian, 24, was also ordered to pay about $114,000 in restitution and serve three years of supervised release following his 65-month federal prison term, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Portable USB flash drives with stolen cc info were found at Kechedzian's home when federal authorities executed a search warrant in June 2013. At that time, investigators also recovered an illegal skimming device designed to be installed in gas station pumps to steal credit card data.

"The incidence of skimming, both here in Los Angeles and nationwide, has reached epidemic proportions and consumers need to very vigilant about any suspicious or unauthorized activity on their accounts," said Joseph Macias, special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations Los Angeles. mynewsla.com

Cargo Theft

Lehigh Acres, FL: Man keeps $121,000 in Amazon goods he was to deliver
Authorities say they've arrested a driver who refused to deliver $121,000 worth of Amazon items because he said he was never paid. An arrest report from the Lee County Sheriff's Office says 36-year-old Julio Hernandez was arrested Friday on theft and extortion charges. The sheriff's office last month began investigating the theft of thousands of Amazon orders that were supposed to be driven from a distribution center in Ruskin, Florida, to Fort Worth, Texas.

Investigators say Hernandez is a driver for a subcontracted transportation company. They say he refused to make the delivery after claiming he never received $1,800 he was owed. Deputies searching his home say they found Amazon containers stacked from floor to ceiling in his garage. Hernandez was released from jail Saturday on $40,000 bail. wtop.com

AT&T - Rochester, MN - Armed Robbery
AdultMart - Pittsburgh, PA - Robbery
Bi-Lo - Cayce, SC - Armed Robbery
Burger King - Lubbock, TX - Armed Robbery
Check n Go - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Citgo - Neenah, WI - Armed Robbery
CVS - New Orleans, LA - Robbery
CVS - Westport, CT - Armed Robbery
CVS - Concord, NC - Robbery
Dollar General - Lawton, OK - Robbery
Dollar General - Amarillo, TX - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Bear, DE - Robbery
Exxon - Hammond, LA - Armed Robbery
Eye Magic - Highland Park, IL - Robbery
Family Dollar - Detroit, MI - Armed Robbery/ 2nd X this week
Family Dollar - Youngstown, OH - Robbery
Flying J - Lubbock, TX - Armed Robbery
Holiday Inn Express - Marana, AZ - Armed Robbery
Just Target Guns - Libertyville, IL - Burglary
King's - Shreveport, LA - Shooting
Metro PCS - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Park Avenue Superstop - Hot Springs, AR - Armed Robbery
Powers Crossroads - Panama City, FL - Armed Robbery
Ozel's Jewelers - Victorville, CA - Armed Robbery
Ramey Grocery - Pierce City, MO - Robbery
Rite Aid - Cleona, PA - Robbery
Square News - Stamford, CT - Robbery / 2X in one day
Suds & Soda - Springfield, PA - Burglary
Sunoco - West Springfield, MA - Robbery
7-Eleven - La Puente, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Grand Prairie, TX - Armed Robbery



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Responsible for planning, developing and executing a comprehensive Asset Protection Program for a single business unit within HDS tailored to unique business needs. Define success across the unit in theft and fraud / operational loss prevention. Drive a program to protect the assets of the business...

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The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

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The safety specialist, asset protection, will oversee safety practices within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the safety program designed to minimize associate and customer accidents...

Senior Manager Region Asset Protection
Columbia, SC
The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region. This leader will direct and supervise a team of asset protection professionals and will have complete responsibility for managing investigations and auditing programs to ensure effectiveness and departmental compliance...

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