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Having a Heart at CVS Health

An Interview with Kevin Plante, Director of Loss Prevention Reporting and Analytics at CVS Health (PART 2)

By Amber Bradley

Fighting the ORC Fight...x 10
Plante has been integral in fighting for continual improvement in the ORC legislation. Even after it taking almost 10 years, Plante is excited about the enhanced penalties for retail crime. Plante supports a national ORC group for sharing data and information about problem people or locations. Although Plante does see some distinct challenges with the initiative:

-Defining geographical boundaries. Although the LP professional in LA doesn't care too much about the crime in Boston immediately, there may or may not be some significance of either. But how does a national database drill down into the important aspects of those local crimes that are truly telling the national story?

-Egos. Unfortunately in LP there are too many egomaniacs. This is not helpful when it comes to creating one tool that will ultimately help an entire industry. If egos could be let go, we'd all be better off, Plante suggests.

For the Underdog
Plante not only gives tirelessly of his time and talents to further the LP industry, he's also an active volunteer for many philanthropic causes as well. Plante is a current volunteer for P.A.W.S., a non-kill cat shelter. He has also spent time volunteering for a center that helps survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Whether it's fighting to keep shoplifters out of retail stores or fighting to help those that can't defend themselves, Plante is a no-nonsense guy that actually proactively fights for what's on his mind and heart.

Soundly or Fitfully?
When asked about how Plante sleeps at night, his response is typical for one with a good heart and mind for the masses.

Plante responds saying a handful of things keep him up, including how society is trending in general starting with the legalization of marijuana. With two young adults at home, Plante feels decriminalization is a society issue that may only lead us down a slippery slope of irresponsibility.

Along that same context, Plante also worries about desensitization of our youth.
"I am a firm believer in the parents responsibilities to teach children how to behave and when our society is saying smoke a joint or even go ahead and shoplift and retailers can't stop you, where does it end?" said Plante.

"At what point do the good citizens wonder, why should we do the right thing all the time?" asks Plante. "If these same citizens have trouble paying their mortgage, paying or car, when will they stop doing the right thing?"

Saying Thanks
Of course, in Kevin Plante fashion of gratitude, he wanted to thank two key people within the industry. One of those individuals is Rob Shields, the person who provided him his first opportunity at Staples. "I certainly wouldn't be where I am today with Rob," said Plante. "He gave me my first big job with serious responsibility and he was my mentor both personally and professionally."

Another individual Plante mentioned with tremendous influence on his career is Walter Palmer. "Although I have never worked with or for him, he introduced himself to me 18 years ago and I've learned a tremendous amount from him about how to survive in the corporate world and keep it all in perspective," Plante said.

Read the full article here. Part 1 was published in yesterday's Daily.



Rodney Armston, CFI was promoted to Senior Manager, Loss Prevention for Amazon.
Rodney was previously the Regional Loss Prevention manager for the retailer and has been with Amazon since 2013. He has also worked in the loss prevention departments at retailers such as Family Dollar (Area Loss Prevention Manager), Kohl's (District Loss Prevention Manager), Limited Brands (Regional Loss Prevention Manager), Hudson Belk (Regional Loss Prevention Manager), and Lowe's (Loss Prevention Manager).  Rodney earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from North Carolina Central University. Congratulations Rodney!



The Biggest Counterfeit Case in Retail History
Will Someone Get Jail Time?

The Welspun story has the nation's largest retailers turning their supply chains and stores upside down to find every piece of inventory Welspun supplied and the stores sold. As this case will evolve and run for years with class action lawsuits inevitably around the corner.

Will we ever find out the real story inside Welspun?  

Target declined to say what triggered the company's investigation into Welspun. The company said Welspun's conduct "was a clear violation" of its policies. Which meant someone somewhere either blew the whistle or questioned the quality of the product. But to pull all of the product nationwide and release this information alone is huge and before all is said and done someone or a few may end up in jail. Because this one isn't going away.

Our bet is on a whistleblower, possibly a disgruntled former executive, or someone slipped in a conversation.
The size of this case and length of time it went on for is unprecedented and the consequences will be significant. Already we have a billion dollar company's value more than halved in twenty-four hours.

Will the Indian Law Enforcement agency's investigate and respond accordingly?

The sheer size and magnitude of this will draw the attention of Indian prosecutors and the publicity will demand stiff sentences.

Will they attempt to minimize it or will they be transparent. After all the U.S. is one of their top importers. That being said where does NAFTA come in to play here and does the U.S. have any recourse?

A huge can of worms has been opened and now we've got to be even more concerned about counterfeit product in our supply chains. As it doesn't take much to replace a fabric and just let it go. Obviously Welspun got away with it for years.

As this may end up simply being a case where Welspun didnt have enough supply and demand was too big. So they substituted another fabric. Plain and simple.

Are you watching your suppliers? Just a thought, Gus Downing

Cotton Association Says 90% of Market is Fakes
More U.S. retailers probe Indian supplier;
Target cuts ties, Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney launch audit of Welspun

Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney and Bed Bath & Beyond three other big Welspun customers, said this week they were opening investigations into whether the company supplied them with authentic Egyptian-cotton products.
We will aggressively pursue our investigation and take appropriate action, if needed," Bed Bath & Beyond said on Wednesday.

Two-thirds of Welspun's $898 million in sales for the year ended March 31 came from American retailers.

Egypt produced less than 1% of the global cotton supply last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and its output has suffered amid political and economic upheaval in recent years. The country's production is estimated to be 320,000 bales in 2016, or a third of what it produced in 2006, according to the USDA.

"There are a lot more Egyptian cotton goods than Egyptian cotton," said Jordan Lea, co-owner of Eastern Trading Co., a Greenville, S.C., cotton-trading firm. "It's impossible."

The Cotton Egypt Association, which licenses the trademark and certifies suppliers, estimates that 90% of products labeled "Egyptian cotton" are fakes but such public rebukes for mislabeling are rare.
In October, the government-supported group said it had discovered the genomic fingerprint for Egyptian cotton and launched a crackdown to combat knockoffs using DNA testing. Welspun was one of Cotton Egypt's certified suppliers, having received the "Egyptian Cotton Gold Seal" for its bed linens, bath rugs and towels in April this year. The Egyptian association didn't respond to a request for comment.

DNA testing, however, isn't widespread, said a spokesman for Cotton Inc., which represents U.S. cotton producers and importers. That has left manufacturers and retailers mostly dependent on following the raw material through a complex supply chain. Each stage of a cotton product's production, from yarn making to fabric cutting, often happens in a different country.

The discovery underscores the difficulties of policing a global supply chain, where large retailers assemble a sprawling network of suppliers in developing countries to produce their goods at cheaper cost.

Global retailers often complain of poor quality and weak compliance at factories in India and Bangladesh, but the tangled networks make it tough to assess blame when things go wrong.

Editors Note: Might this simply be a matter of not enough supply to meet demand. So Welspun substituted? Certainly sounds probable. wsj.com

Indian Company Admits 'Error'
After Target Cuts Ties Over Egyptian-Cotton Dispute

Welspun India's response comes in the wake of accusations it sold fake Egyptian-cotton sheets to U.S. retailers.

Welspun India the Indian textile company accused of selling fake Egyptian-cotton sheets to Target and other U.S. retailers, said it was modifying its supply chain and reviewing its practices to address the accusations.

Welspun responded on Saturday saying it had commissioned an accounting firm "to investigate the root cause," of the problem. The company has refrained from making other public statements this week, even as other large clients including Wal-Mart Stores , J.C. Penney , Bed Bath & Beyond, said they would conduct their own investigations.

In the call with investors held on Monday, Welspun's Managing Director  Rajesh Mandawewala took responsibility for the mishap.

"Without any ambiguity the fault is on our side and so it is, let's say, the error is from our side so I guess we have to take responsibility for it," Mr. Mandawewala told investors, according to the transcript.

He declined to say what, specifically, had gone wrong, saying only that "in the manufacturing process you source a lot of materials at various stages."

The dispute exposes the complexities of a global supply chain in which each stage of production, from sourcing to stitching to selling, can happen in different continents. 

"The idea is to actually look at the entire supply chain and our supply processes so that we can bring about robustness in the whole process," Mr. Mandawewala said. The company said the accounting firm would conclude its investigation in six to eight weeks.

Welspun's share price has more than halved since the Target allegations surfaced Friday. Two-thirds of Welspun's sales come from American retailers. wsj.com

Forbes Names Verisk Analytics One of the Most Innovative Companies for Second Consecutive Year
Verisk Analytics, a leading data analytics provider, announced today that it has been ranked in the top 20 on Forbes magazine's 2016 list of the World's Most Innovative Companies. It is Verisk's second consecutive appearance on the Forbes Most Innovative list. Verisk was also named to Forbes' America's Best Large Employers list in 2016. Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight column below.

The false fight over job loss
Automation's rapidly growing impact on jobs

We have been severely distracted over the last year by political rhetoric from presidential candidates ranting about how trade and globalization are killing jobs. They never mention the bigger cause - automation.

According to White House economists, there is an 83% chance workers earning less than $20 per hour will lose their jobs to automation and a 31% chance for wage earners who receive up to $40. The probability plummets to about four percent for people who make more than $40.

The biggest impact of automation in manufacturing, retail, food service and other industries is on the most disadvantaged members of society - poor, unskilled, youth or previously incarcerated workers in search of opportunities to join the middle class. People who do not have the right skills to get a job in an age of rapidly increasing automation will not be able to pay for our products let alone work for our stores. chainstoreage.com

National ATM Council Issue Skimming Detection & Deterrence Guide
Guide outlines steps convenience retailers can take to help stop skimming, and what to do if or when their ATM is compromised by a skimming device

Conexxus and the National ATM Council (NAC) today announced their jointly developed ATM Skimming Detection & Deterrence Guide (Guide) for use at U.S. convenience stores. The Guide helps ensure that U.S. convenience stores and retail ATM providers maintain their excellent track record for providing safe and secure transactions at in-store ATMs, despite a heightened near term card skimming risk from current implementation of EMV at U.S. ATMs. nacsonline.com

Sears is running out of money - and will likely shut down stores as a result
The company didn't announce any additional closings on Thursday, but suggested that more could be on the way.

Chief Financial Officer Rob Schriesheim noted in an earnings call that the company's leases on hundreds of stores expire soon, giving the company the flexibility to close those stores.

"Our lease expirations in the 1,178 stores provide us with significant option value with minimal commitments since more than half of the leases expire in less than five years," Schriesheim said. "This lease portfolio provides us with substantial value as well as flexibility as we continue to transition to a more asset-light member-centric retailer leveraging our Shop Your Way platform."

In other words, Sears is planning to close more stores as soon as the leases expire. businessinsider.com

Sycamore wants Aeropostale to Liquidate
Then Buy Them at Auction?

Sycamore Partners, who owns Belk, Dollar Express, Hot Topic, Talbots, Torrid, and others, and is the biggest creditor and manufacturer of Aeropostale believes that liquidation is the best option. Forcing it into an auction so that, as some accuse or claim, Sycamore can buy the distressed stores and inventory at fire sale prices.

This has been one of the big burning games playing out this past six months that most have ignored in the news. But Sycamore has played this perfectly and while the current Aeropostale will probably fold the name will pop up again and under new ownership with a new direction and probably no debt. Interesting to watch from the press box. wsj.com chainstoreage.com

Loss Prevention Manager for Natural Markets Food Group in Irvington, N.Y.
The Loss Prevention Manager (LPM) is a key part of the operations & finance teams responsible for reducing and controlling shrink, waste, fraud, and abuse. The Loss Prevention Manager is primarily focused on managing and overseeing the loss prevention activities and programs for the company. nrapply.com

First Q4 Prediction - 2% stores growth - 16% online growth - 3.8% overall

Five Below set to open 500th store

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Burlington Stores Q2 comp's up 5.4%, net sales up 9.7%
Destination XL Group comp's up 2.4%, sales up 3.3%
Dollar Tree Q2 comp's up 1.2%, consolidate net sales up 65.9% due to Family Dollar acquisition
Tilly's Q2 comp's up 0.9%, net sales up 5%
Dollar General Q2 comp's up 0.7%, net sales up 5.8%
Williams Sonoma Q2 comp's down 0.6%, net revenues up 2.1%
Signet Jewelers Q2 comp's down 2.3%, total sales down 2.6%
Guess? Q2 Americas Retail comp's down 3%, revenue flat
Sears Holdings Q2 Sears Domestic comp's down 7%, Kmart comp's down 3.3%, net sales down 8.8%
Tiffany Q2 worldwide comp's down 9%, worldwide net sales down 7%

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RFID Adoption Gathers 'Momentum' Amid Drive to Improve Inventory
Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal, discusses RFID trends in the retail market.
Although RFID technology has been readily available in the retail industry for over 15 years, its adoption is ramping up now as companies revise inventory management strategies to bolster profits as well as meet the demands of omnichannel retailing.

Loss prevention is also playing a role in driving demand. But the accuracy offered by the technology coupled with more advanced software solutions to track inventory is fueling adoption - especially among larger retail chains. Here, Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal, discusses these and other trends.

RFID Journal is presenting an RFID in Retail and Apparel conference - free to brand owners and retailers - on Oct. 6 in New York to where companies and experts will be sharing best practices as well as the benefits of the technology.

WWD: What's driving this?

Mark Roberti: Two things are driving it. First, a number of retailers around the world, including American Apparel, Lululemon Athletica, Macy's and Marks & Spencer in Europe, have proved that RFID can be used to take inventory very quickly and very accurately, which means cycle counts can be done more frequently without running up additional labor costs. Frequent cycle counts means you can improve inventory accuracy in the store from an industry average of 65 percent to better than 95 percent. Because customers can find what they are looking for, more items are sold at full price and not marked down, which improves the bottom line.

WWD: In the fashion apparel segment, what are some of the most popular categories for RFID use, and why?

M.R.: Today the three most common categories to start with are jeans, shoes and bras. The reason is that RFID delivers the most value when it is used for tracking complex stock-keeping units. With each of these categories, you have multiple colors or fits and styles that make it difficult to maintain optimal inventory levels in stores.

Macy's is doing an outstanding job. They've been working with suppliers to increase the number of tagged items in the store and it's a critical effort as they evolve into a true omnichannel retailer.

Part 2 coming in tomorrow's Daily. wwd.com

"Dominating the threat landscape in 2016"
Ransomware, BEC Threats Surge in 2016

The first half of 2016 has seen a huge rise in ransomware and business email compromise (BEC) attacks, according to new figures from Trend Micro.

Trend Micro's TrendLabs report into cybersecurity threats revealed that the number of new ransomware families detected in the first half of 2016 has already eclipsed the total 2015 volume by 172%. This makes ransomware a "prevalent and pervasive threat," the report said.

Some of the new ransomware families picked up by Trend Micro featured new propagation and extortion techniques. One, called Jigsaw, deleted files if the ransom hadn't been paid by the deadline, while another, called Surprise, increased the ransom when the deadline was missed. Ransomware called Powerware was designed to encrypt tax return files, according to Trend Micro.

In total, Trend Micro said it identified 79 new ransomware families during the first half of 2016. Ransomware cost enterprises $209 million across that six-month period. infosecurity-magazine.com

Pokémon and iBeacons: The new, friendly monsters of location intelligence
Although Bluetooth beacons and Pokémon Go are entirely different beasts, they have something huge in common: they work by keeping track of a user's location.

What makes the concept of Bluetooth beacons (or iBeacons) so fascinating is not the beacons themselves, but the apps that can be built around them. The beacons don't process information, but they measure their proximity to shoppers (just proximity, not direction or orientation). They send out signals that are received by apps on shoppers' mobile phones, and those apps react accordingly if a beacon is detected. This type of location intelligence is called 'proximity marketing', and some retailers are nailing it. As far as technology goes, iBeacons leave room for unprecedented originality and customization; no two retailers will use them exactly the same way, or even for the same purposes. 

Target has installed beacons for testing nationwide in 50 of their stores. Urban Outfitters began testing their beacons over a year ago. Plenty of other retailers are testing iBeacons.

The retail capabilities of adapting to the Pokémon Go craze and exploring iBeacon technologies are novel and unique, and driven by creativity. They explicate the value of utilizing location-based tools to attract and retain shoppers. Location intelligence is a whole new monster of big-data that is easily accessible and incredibly invaluable for retailers looking for a leg-up on online competitors. chainstoreage.com

25 Retailers Nailing it with their Proximity Marketing Campaigns

How Internet of Things (IoT) will Rewire Supply Chains
A world where IoT transforms supply chains is one where shipments are tracked down to the minute detail; where shelves don't go empty and inventories are optimized to meet business needs; where disruptive events like disastrous weather or geopolitical issues no longer disrupt supply chains. cioreview.com

Forbes Names Verisk Analytics One of the Most Innovative Companies for Second Consecutive Year

JERSEY CITY, N.J., August 24, 2016 - Verisk Analytics, a leading data analytics provider, announced today that it has been ranked in the top 20 on Forbes magazine's 2016 list of the World's Most Innovative Companies. It is Verisk's second consecutive appearance on the Forbes Most Innovative list. Verisk was also named to Forbes' America's Best Large Employers list in 2016.

"Most innovation rankings are popularity contests based on past performance or editorial whims," according to Forbes. "We set out to create something very different with the World's Most Innovative Companies list, using the wisdom of the crowd. Our method relies on investors' ability to identify firms they expect to be innovative now and in the future."

"We're honored to be recognized yet again by Forbes for our commitment to innovation," said Scott Stephenson, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Verisk Analytics. "Acknowledgment as one of the World's Most Innovative Companies is a testament to the Verisk team around the world. We remain focused on ensuring that Verisk continues to be an innovative data analytics provider as we pursue our vision to be the world's most effective and responsible data analytics company in pursuit of our customers' most strategic opportunities."

Verisk Analytics is a leading data analytics provider serving customers in insurance, natural resources, and financial services. Using advanced technologies to collect and analyze billions of records, Verisk Analytics draws on unique data assets and deep domain expertise to provide first-to-market innovations that are integrated into customer workflows. Verisk offers predictive analytics and decision support solutions to customers in rating, underwriting, claims, catastrophe and weather risk, global risk analytics, natural resources intelligence, economic forecasting, and many other fields.

The company employs more than 6,000 people worldwide, and members of its highly skilled workforce hold more than 600 advanced master's degrees and doctorates in subjects ranging from actuarial science, mathematics, and computer science to physics, engineering, meteorology, and medicine. Verisk employees have also earned hundreds of certifications and professional designations in fields related to their work.

What would you ask "one of the world's finest
criminal minds..."

Ask Britain's Greatest Fraudster anything you like about how to defend your business against crime and what new criminal threats you need to be prepared to meet in the coming 12 months at Retail Risk - New York, 1st September 2016.

How do top gangs choose their retailer victims? How do they acquire a man (or men!) on the inside of the target business? How do banks, suppliers and even customers become unwittingly complicit in facilitating scams that cost you millions every year?

Dubbed "Britain's Greatest Fraudster" by the Press, on 1st September, in a Retail Risk - New York EXCLUSIVE, Tony Sales will be talking about his criminal past and inviting retailers to put their most searching questions direct to him, live via satellite, on the main stage at the conference.

Alleged to have stolen more than $50,000,000 from retailers over a six-year period, Tony ran a gang of 50 villains, systematically identifying and ruthlessly exploiting online and off weaknesses in retail processes and systems - weaknesses Tony openly demonstrates are still there today for criminals to exploit.

Following imprisonment he turned his back on crime and now campaigns to raise awareness of the risk posed to businesses and individuals by our lack of understanding of how criminals use data. He now advises businesses, banks and the police on how protect themselves from cybercriminals and fraudsters and is often employed by them to test their defences and highlight their vulnerabilities.

This is your chance to not only hear from a man still considered to be "underworld royalty", but to ask him any questions you like about how to defend your business against crime, capture perpetrators and what new criminal threats you need to be prepared to meet in the coming 12 months.

For further information or to register for your free VIP delegate pass, go to http://www.retailrisk.com/new-york-booking/. Retail Risk - New York is a free to attend event for all retailers, academics, risk professionals and law enforcement agencies.

Tensions are Bubbling.
Are You Ready?

Jon Grander, VP, Asset and Revenue Management, Caleres

Ferguson, Missouri. Baltimore, Maryland. Taylor, Michigan. New York City -- all were sites of civil unrest and riots in the last two years, and restaurants, drug stores, grocery and convenience stores and related retailers were hit hard. Civil unrest or civil disobedience may be a new issue for retailers to contend with, but there are ways to make sure your organization is prepared. Jon Grander, VP, Asset and Revenue Management, Caleres, shares how his company managed business continuity and employee safety amid the volatile 2014 Ferguson protests.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #12

Joe and Amber catch up with Nicholas Khalil, President of Iverify and originator of the famous industry saying "Take care of the customer first, and the rest will take care of itself." Learn how Iverify recently doubled their capability and resources to enhance employee safety and reduce retail shrink.

Episode Sponsored By:

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E-commerce Stores as Ransomware Victims - Pay Up or Not?
There are more and more types of ransomware being released, making it more difficult than ever to protect oneself from this type of cyber security threat. All in all, it can be said with some certainty that 2016 will be remembered as the year of ransomware.

As far as e-commerce websites are concerned, this year has seen emergence of a particular piece of ransomware that targets Magento websites, called KimcilWare.

While 2016 has definitely been the worst ever in terms of ransomware proliferation, this type of malware has been on the rise for a few years now. One of the reasons for its popularity have been the cryptocurrency payment methods that allow for anonymous receipt of ransom payments.

The most obvious consequence of becoming a ransomware victim is the money you are asked for in order to regain access to your system. Depending on whether you are an individual, an organization of some kind, or an e-commerce store owner, you will be asked for different amounts of money.

However, the direst consequence for every commercial entity, e-commerce stores included, is the downtime. Namely, a ransomware attack can put an e-commerce store out of commission for any number of days. In the best of cases, this will be a few days and in the worst, it can be weeks. Since it is a well-known fact that downtime can spell death for an e-commerce business, it becomes obvious how big of a problem this can be.

it is easy to justify paying if your e-commerce store's system was affected by ransomware. You cannot afford to suffer any significant downtime, as it can lead to an insurmountable drop in sales and profits. You have your employees to think of, as well as your own livelihood.

On the other hand, by paying up, you are only perpetuating an ecosystem where ransomware is basically being used as a racket. This is the main reason why organizations like FBI or Europol are saying you shouldn't pay up. business2community.com

mCommerce Trends Reveal Growth in Sales and Fraud
Between 2016 and 2020, U.S. mobile commerce (mCommerce) sales are projected to grow nearly 260%, from $79 billion to $284 billion.(1, 2) Data also reveals rising fraud in the mobile channel: from 2015 to 2016, LexisNexis' mobile Fraud Multiplier climbed 12%, from $2.08 to $2.33 for every dollar of fraud. Meanwhile, the average percentage of successful fraud transactions in the mobile channel jumped from 26% to 35%.

While just 16% of all merchants currently engage in mCommerce, another 32% are considering accepting mobile transactions within the next 12 months. Of large eCommerce merchants, 80% indicate they will accept mCommerce payments within the next year or two.(3) Yet, large mCommerce companies report more attempted and successful fraud than any other channel; on average, they experience 880 fraud attempts each month, and 581 of those attempts-or 66%-are successful.(3)

Not only do large mCommerce merchants experience more successful fraud attempts than other retailers, but the LexisNexis Risk Solutions study also found that they decline more legitimate transactions due to false positives. While the average false positive rate for all merchants was 1 in 5, that figure rises to 1 in 3 for large mCommerce merchants.(3) Eaton-Cardone says these findings demonstrate an urgent need for effective fraud prevention solutions within the mobile channel. prweb.com

E-commerce drives 51.7% of Q2 total company net revenues at Williams Sonoma
Online net revenues increased 5.2% to $600 million from $570 million last year. E-commerce net revenues generated 51.7% of total company net revenues in the quarter, up from 50.6% of total company net revenues last year. chainstoreage.com

Foot Locker's online sales grow double digits in Q2

E-commerce sales fall 6.5% at Express in Q2

Chesterfield, MO: Burglars grab hundreds of pairs of sunglasses from Solstice Sunglass in the Taubman Prestige Outlet

Police said the suspects entered Solstice early Sunday morning or late Saturday night. Within just six to seven minutes the burglars cleared out the shelves. Police are not sure if the burglars are local or if they are just moving through the area but they look to be professional thieves. fox2now.com 

Holmdel, NJ: $70K Worth of Glasses Stolen from LensCrafters
Last Friday, Aug. 19, an estimated $70,000 worth of eyeglasses and other merchandise was stolen from the LensCrafters store in Holmdel Commons. At 3:30 a.m. on Friday, officers responded to the store alarm. Police found the store's front door had been pried open. The suspects had already fled. Surveillance showed five suspects wearing masks, hoodies and gloves. They were caught on camera emptying the store's merchandise into garbage bags. An estimated value of the stolen proceeds is $70,000. patch.com

Corona, CA: $42K Worth of Energy Drinks Swiped from Stolen Big Rig
Thieves stole a big rig in Corona loaded with more than $40,000 in Monster Energy drinks, emptying the rig before abandoning it in another city, authorities said Wednesday. According to police, the tractor-trailer was parked in a dirt lot on Sherborn Street Monday afternoon and left there with cases full of Monster drinks, valued at $42,438, packed inside the locked trailer. When the driver returned to make his runs about 4 a.m. Tuesday, the truck was gone. nbclosangeles.com

New Hartford, NY: Michigan Man in Charged in $5,000 Walmart Car Battery Theft
A Michigan man has been arrested for allegedly stealing $5,000 worth of car batteries and other merchandise from the Walmart Supercenter in New Hartford. Police have charged 29-year old Charles Lionell-Montea Foster with grand larceny. They say the investigation is continuing and charges against two other men involves in the theft are expected in coming days. Police say their investigation has revealed the individuals are possibly part of an interstate organized retail theft ring to steal car batteries from Walmart stores. wibx950.com

Agoura Hills, CA: 2 Von's stores hit by liquor theft gang
Shoplifters snatched more than $1,600 worth of liquor from the Vons market in the 5600 block of Kanan Road July 25. According to a police report, three men and a woman were involved in the crime and they used an emergency exit to leave with the merchandise, which they had stashed inside reusable shopping bags. Similar thefts have occurred recently at a Vons in Newbury Park. theacorn.com

Allentown, PA: Man nabbed for baby formula theft at Wal-Mart
An Allentown man tried to steal 21 containers of baby formula from a Lower Macungie Township Wal-Mart, Pennsylvania State Police report. Jose Miguel Ramirez-Rivera put the formula valued at $347.67 in a shopping cart an attempted to flee the store. lehighvalleylive.com

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, which might fuel even more jobs and funding. an> Share your ORC News and help the industry!


Shootings & Deaths

Arlington, TX: Police Confirm Shooting at Parks Mall, one injured, one arrested
One person was shot Wednesday night at the Parks Mall in Arlington. A man was reportedly shot in the leg three times. Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson said on Twitter that the suspect is in custody. The shooting did not happen inside the mall itself. It reportedly happened in a walkway between the mall and parking garage. theshorthorn.com

Richmond, VA: A community mourns the death of a store clerk and father who was killed in the parking lot of his convenience store

Police said they found a man dead with gunshot wounds at the intersection of Nine Mile Road and North 30th Street at 12:40 a.m. Employees at the Sam Market said store owner Habeeb "Sam" Hefeed was the victim. Sonny Gazali said Hefeed had just locked up his store for the night. wtvr.com

Sumter, SC: Police looking for robbery suspect who fired shot inside Dollar General
According to police reports, a man entered the Dollar General around with 9:30pm with a handgun and had his face partially covered. The suspect demanded money from the clerk and when the clerk initially refused, the man fired one round. The suspect eventually left the store with an unknown amount of cash. No injuries were reported. wach.com

Shrewsbury Township Man charged in Wal-Mart shooting to stand trial
Thomas Markowski drove his motorized wheelchair to the pharmacy at the Wal-Mart in Shrewsbury Township on April 7 and announced that he was dying. He demanded boxes of fentanyl, an opioid that's more powerful than heroin. Terry White, a certified pharmacy technician, asked for his prescription. That's when Markowski, she testified on Wednesday at his preliminary hearing, told her that he had a gun. ydr.com

San Antonio, TX: Server shoots up steakhouse after customer attacks

Robberies & Thefts

Update: Cayce, SC: Police release additional surveillance photos, man wanted for Armed Robbery of Bi-Lo
The Cayce Department of Public Safety is looking for a man wanted for an armed robbery Monday night. According to investigators, the robbery happened at the Bi-Lo Grocery Store on Charleston Highway at 10:15pm. wach.com

Harvey, LA: Gas station clerk booked after shooting fleeing shoplifter in leg
The clerk told investigators he observed a man shoplifting liquor bottles from the gas station. He activated the front door locks to prevent the man from leaving, but the shoplifter slammed into the door to open it. As the suspect fled, the clerk shot one time and struck the suspect in the leg before he was seen riding away on a bicycle. theadvocate.com

Commerce Township, MI: Police investigating an Armed Robbery inside Meijer's
The incident occurred at 10:45 p.m. on Aug. 17 at a Meijer store, 1703 Haggerty Road. An armed male suspect approached employees who were emptying tills at the front of the store. theoaklandpress.com

Belk employee found Guilty for the theft of over $17,000 from Bank Deposits
Belk Regional Loss Prevention Manager Travis Beggs provided hours of video surveillance, information regarding the store's office procedures, and performed a forensic analysis of months of the store's financial records. The former employee was sentenced to 15 years probation and ordered to pay $17,463.42 in restitution. cordeledispatch.com

Lansing, MI: Goodwill retail theft ends in fatal car crash
A man accused of retail theft at a Goodwill store Wednesday died after crashing his vehicle in the city's downtown area while fleeing the scene, police said. Prior to officers' arrival, the Lansing Police Department received a call of a Ford minivan, matching the description of the vehicle involved in the retail theft, had struck a light pole. nwitimes.com

GPS device in Cigarettes nails two 7- Eleven Armed Robbers
A GPS device hidden in a carton of cigarettes led to the arrest of two men who entered pleas this week in Washington County Circuit Court to the 2015 armed robbery of a Hagerstown convenience store. The two men plead guilty to Armed Robbery of a 7-Eleven on Dec. 19, 2015. heraldmailmedia.com

Milwaukee Pharmacy Burglarized 16 times in Less than a Month

Van Nuys, CA: Real Housewives star Kim Richards avoids jail after probation slip in Target
shoplifting case

Kay Jewelers in the Cherry Tree Crossing, Indianapolis, IN reported an Attempted Burglary on 8/24 (early am), no merchandise was stolen

Piercing Pagoda in the Lebanon Valley Mall - Lebanon, PA reported a Burglary on 8/24, merchandise valued at $315,000

Randolph, ME: Man steal $60,000 worth of tools from employer, but doesn't sell them

Odessa, TX: Five arrested in connection with robbery spree

Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas Metro Police is seeking two men suspected of robbing a pharmacy
this month

Conway, NH: Burger King manager arrested for throwing sauce at customer

John Laughter Jewelry in Asheville, NC was the victim of an Armed Robbery on 8/25, no injures, no total value was released

Credit Card Theft

Manteca, CA: Two arrested in mail theft ring; over 100 victims
Two people that police believe were an integral part of the mail theft ring that has been wreaking havoc on neighborhood postal boxes have been arrested. Devina Austin and Guy Zieleske were arrested on Tuesday after an investigation stemming from stolen personal information that was used to make purchases in Manteca, Tracy, Dutch Flat, Citrus Heights and Nevada. A search warrant of the suspect's turned up a cache of stolen mail - which included credit cards, bank statements, government forms, W-2 stubs and California Drivers Licenses - as well as property that was bought with the stolen credit cards. mantecabulletin.com

Kirkland, WA: U.S. Secret Service notified Ocean Key Resort & Spa. about credit card fraud
On July 26 the computer security firm confirmed that Ocean Key's system may have been compromised between April 26 and June 8. The incident may have affected guests who used payment cards during this time frame at Ocean Key, or at one of its onsite dining establishments, including Hot Tin Roof Restaurant, Sunset Pier bar, and LIQUID Pool Bar. eturbonews.com

Gallatin, TN: Identity theft suspect caught on camera at 2 Sumner County Walmarts
A suspect went to two Walmart stores, one in Hendersonville and the other in Gallatin, and used stolen credit and debit card information to purchase prepaid debit cards. One of the victims whose debit card information was stolen said more than $600 of fraudulent charges were posted to his account. Police have surveillance footage of the suspect using cloned credit cards at both Walmart locations. Credit card skimmers illegally placed on gas pumps are a possible scenario. wkrn.com

Counterfeit Goods

UK: London: Border Force seizes $726,000 of fake Nike, Adidas, Armani and Ralph Lauren products at Stansted Airport
The goods, which carried a variety of counterfeit designer logos including Nike, Adidas, Armani and Ralph Lauren, were discovered when Border Force officers searched packages that had arrived on freight flights from Turkey and Hong Kong. hertsandessexobserver.com

Skimming Theft

Multi-State Skimming Gang of 4 Busted in N.H.

Windsor, Vermont, police ended the string of crimes that began in New York and extended through Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Windsor, Vermont, police ended the string of crimes that began in New York and extended through Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The suspects, identified as Kyle Philip, 21, Carl White, 27, and Jacob Houedjissi, 26, all of Jamaica, New York, along with Shaquille Francis, 22, of Springfield Gardens, New York, were arrested shortly after they attempted to make fraudulent purchases at Windsor businesses. Officers found the credit card re-encoder machine and numerous fraudulent credit cards on the suspects. wmur.com

2 charged - inserting skimming device in Kearny, N.J., QuickChek ATM

Beauty Island - Mount Vernon, VA - Armed Robbery
Conoco - Kansas City, MO - Shooting / 1 killed
CVS - Bayonne, NJ - Robbery
Diamond Shamrock - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery
J&M Outdoors - Greenfield, IN Burglary/ 12 firearms
Horizon Market - Nye County, NV - Robbery
Hustler - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
Jason's Deli - Beaumont, TX - Armed Robbery
John Laughter Jewelry - Asheville, NC - Armed Robbery
Kangaroo Express - High Point, NC - Armed Robbery
Lucky's Boutique - Warner Robins, GA - Armed Robbery
Market Basket - Bridge City, LA - Burglary / ATM
One Dollar Jewelry Galore -Tyler, TX - Burglary
P&J Pawn - Dallas, TX - Shooting
Sam Market - Richmond, VA - Armed Robbery/ Clerk killed
Shell - Porter, TX - Burglary
Speedway Market - Bakersfield, CA - Burglary
Sunoco - Germantown, MD - Armed Robbery
Triangle Market - Madison Heights, VA - Shooting
United Supermarket - Enid, OK - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Niagara Falls, NY - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Pompano Beach, FL - Robbery

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We are in a constant state of rush: we speed from one task to the next, rush to work and rush home, day after day our speed increases yet we're losing time to increase connections with people around us. Take back control, slow down and start listening. You'll find out it's a leaders greatest ally. Don't get 'hurry sickness'

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