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Northeast Regional Conference on Loss Prevention to feature D&D Daily Editor & Publisher and other prominent industry leaders speaking this October in New Jersey  The Northeast Regional Loss Prevention Conference, the only large scale gathering of Loss Prevention professionals working in the Northeast, will be held on Tuesday, October 29 in Eatontown, NJ, at the Sheraton Eatontown Hotel. Sponsored by the New Jersey Food Council, NJ Retail Merchants Association, Food Industry Alliance of New York, Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association and Delaware Food Industry Council, the NJFC conference will be a great day of learning for peers in the LP industry. Speakers confirmed so far for the event include the following:

Erez Lieberman, Head of Cyber Security for the US Attorney General’s Office
Aaron Ford, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Newark office
Panel on Phishing Scams to include: Larry Slonina, USASI, Erik Brazzo and Ralph McNamara, Black Hawk Networks
Judy Young, Executive Director of the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers University
Lisa LaBruno, SVP of Operations for RILA
Gus Downing, President and Publisher of Downing & Downing and the D-D Daily
  (Gus will be speaking from 2:15-3 p.m. at the conference)

Vendors nervous about the HBC purchase of Saks - fallout
The first read is a mostly positive one, although more Saks stores could eventually be shuttered. But there are still more questions than answers on how the retail operations will shake out after the deal closes. Vendors who are casting a wary eye on the deal are most concerned that Saks will close more doors. Some believe up to 10 of the 41 current Saks stores could be shuttered or repositioned as Lord & Taylor doors over the next several years. There are also worries over whether there will eventually be some centralization of the buying process at Saks and Lord & Taylor. Baker has said some Saks stores could be converted to Lord & Taylors, which means more business for Lord & Taylor suppliers. But he’s also mentioned the possibility of Saks entering Canada with up to seven locations. It’s also possible that Baker could roll out Saks Off 5th outlets in Canada. (Source Registration may be required.

CVS combats drug abuse with data analysis
CVS Caremark is evaluating data on prescriptions filled at CVS/pharmacy to identify providers with extreme patterns of prescribing high-risk drugs. Providers who cannot offer a reasonable explanation for these patterns have their controlled substance dispensing operations suspended. CVS recently launched a program that analyzed volume and share of high-risk drugs compared to other providers in the same specialty and geographic region, as well as the ages of patients and their payment methods. they've suspended 36 providers to date. (Source is stepping up a warehouse-building spree - to hit 50% of U.S. pop. with same-day delivery  Signaling the urgency of getting products to customers more quickly amid rising competition from eBay and Wal-Mart Stores. Amazon’s almost $13.9 billion spending binge on 50 new warehouses since 2010. We’ve standardized them in such a way that opening them and replicating them happens very fast,” said Dave Clark, vice president of worldwide operations and customer service. The warehouse strategy carries risk. Fulfillment has become Amazon’s top operating expense, squeezing profit margins and contributing to a $39 million loss at the Seattle company last year. The company said last month that it’s adding more than 5,000 full-time jobs in 17 U.S. warehouses. Those new hires will join more than 20,000 employees. Amazon said it’s also bringing on 2,000 staff for customer service, including part-time and seasonal workers. If Amazon can place fulfillment centers nearer to the top 20 U.S. metropolitan areas, the company could reach 50 percent of the U.S. population with same-day delivery, compared with 15 percent now, according to supply chain consultants MWPVL International. (Source

Publix continues its aggressive expansion in North Carolina
Publix Super Markets on Friday announced it will enter the Winston-Salem market and add a third location in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Publix continues to aggressively look for additional locations throughout the state of North Carolina, the grocer stated. (Source

Aeropostale forecasts another loss, to speed up store closings
Aeropostale also said it now plans to close 30 to 40 stores this year, comp rated to an earlier plan to close 15 to 20. Two weeks ago, the retailer preannounced its sales results and said comparable sales, including e-commerce, fell 15 percent in the second quarter. Overall sales fell 6.4 percent to $454 million. The company reported a net loss of $33.7 million, or 43 cents per share, in the quarter ended August 3. (Source

OfficeMax Delivers Tech 'Peace of Mind' with Expanded Security, Support, Cloud Storage and Data Recovery Services  Suite of Tech Services and Solutions - Including First Nationwide In-Store Data Crash Recovery - Provide Businesses and Consumers with Technology Optimization and Security. The move also makes OfficeMax the only national retailer to offer fast in-store data recovery from internal hard drives, from PCs, Apple® devices and USB drives. (Source

U.S. mobile sales are up 24% year over year in Q2
With consumers more accustomed to shopping via mobile devices, m-commerce represented 9% of all online commerce in the quarter, comScore says. Mobile shoppers bought more than $700 million worth of apparel and accessories in Q2. Hitting $4.7 billion from $3.8 billion in Q2 2012. Not only are more consumers using smartphones and tablets as time passes, but the technology has improved to better facilitate making mobile purchases. (Source

Three Dead, Two Wounded in Workplace Shooting at Florida Trucking Company
Longtime employee kills former boss and wounds others before taking his own life. A longtime employee of a Lake Butler, Florida trucking company was once very close with his former boss, even described as his right-hand man. But police say Hubert Allen Jr. drove around Saturday and shot former co-workers and his onetime boss, killing the ex-employer and another man before turning a gun on himself. (Source

Ex-Soviet Hackers Dominate Cyber Crime World
If you want to hack a phone, order a cyber attack on a competitor's website or buy a Trojan program to steal banking information, look no further than the former Soviet Union. Two of the five most wanted men in the U.S. for cyber crime are Russian. Russians were also behind the biggest cyber crime case in U.S. history. Federal prosecutors named four Russians and a Ukrainian in a banking-card fraud spree that cost companies including J.C. Penney, JetBlue Airways and French retailer Carrefour more than $300 million. The risk of being prosecuted is so low that it does little to dissuade highly educated and skillful but under-employed programmers from turning to illicit hacking for profit or fun. In a country where wages are lower than in the West and life is expensive, and one that has long produced some of the world's best mathematicians, the temptation to turn to crime is great. And the hackers are generally ahead of the people trying to catch them. (Source

Marijuana: DEA Bans Armored Cars From Picking up Pot Shop Cash
Medical marijuana is legal in California, but the combination of valuable drugs and what is often a cash-only business can attract some rough characters. The federal authority has told armored car companies they can no longer work with some, perhaps all, cannabis retailers in California and Colorado. In Los Angeles dispensaries have been victimized by violent, sometimes deadly robberies. That doesn't mean that armored cars are the solution, but some believe having armed guards pick up and deliver cash can be a deterrent. But the Attorney General, who the DEA reports to, obviously is saying you're on your own. Editor's note: So if you have a store close by one, your risk factors just multiplied. (Source

UPDATE: Bronx, N.Y., $429,000 Armored Guard heist last Thursday - Two drivers fail lie-detector test Friday  Police and the FBI are still questioning the two men for the $429,000 armored car-jacking from the parking lot of a strip mall in Canarsie on Thursday. Investigators suspected this daring heist might have been an inside job from the start. Both employees also forgot their cell phones on the day of the heist. Once the bad guy was gone, the driver told cops he wasn’t able to call 911 for help — because he didn’t have his cell phone with him. Meanwhile, when his partner came out and discovered the money truck was gone, he couldn’t call the cops right away because he — coincidentally — also didn’t have a cell phone with him. (Source

Warehouse thief of $90M drug heist in Conn. to plead guilty this week to another $12M in 3 other warehouse break-ins  The Miami mastermind behind warehouse break-ins around the country that netted over $100M is to plead guilty Wed. in Enfield, Conn. for three other warehouse thefts of $12M worth of cell phones, inhalers, cigarettes, and multimedia tablets. (Source

September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA invites you to join the National Preparedness Community and download the 2013 National Preparedness Month Toolkit  The National Preparedness Community is where more than 29,000 people connect and collaborate on emergency preparedness. You can use the community and the Toolkit to empower yourself to prepare and coordinate preparedness activities with your family, neighbors, and those with whom you worship during National Preparedness Month. Here are the top 5 reasons to join: Download the 2013 National Preparedness Month Toolkit - Get access to preparedness resources - Promote your national preparedness event on the calendar - Connect and build relationships with emergency management personnel - Share and compare preparedness plans. Join the National Preparedness Community Now!

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Retailing has done a brilliant job entertaining and welcoming people into the fold. Maybe it’s time to protect them as well - Are You Sure You’re Safe?  In light of recent events–bombings in Boston, shootings in Newtown and the all-too-common armed robberies, are we nearing the tipping point when it becomes a retail mantra? It’s clear that the constant threat of violence, to which we have become so desensitized, has become the new normal and retailers who are in denial or choose to ignore the situation, are just making their stores, employees and customers very tempting targets. Retail is among the most vulnerable to these despicable acts by the disenfranchised among us. Retail is the anchor in many communities and must be seen as a safe haven. But the truth is that security for customers and employees is virtually non-existent. And if it does exist, it’s there to protect assets not people. Editors note: Here's an article from a very respected website in the retail community and the article itself is a great commentary of what's going on in our society and how the retailers need to take action and support more investment in ensuring a safe environment. Take a few minutes to read it and pass it around to your senior management teams. Maybe it'll help next time we need to respond to the increased violence we're seeing in our stores and our nation. Just a thought. (Source





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Don't Let a Bad Former Employer Sabotage Your Quest for a New Job
Have you ever worked for someone you considered a "bad boss?" They can be unpleasant to work for a number of reasons: they can be abrupt or seemingly unfriendly, they can have an arrogant attitude, and have poor planning skills. People who work for bad bosses eventually become fed up and leave their jobs, but take caution: bad bosses frequently give negative references to ruin a former employee's efforts to find a new job. Take these steps if you feel your efforts at gaining new employment have been ruined by a bad boss, and don't let a bad boss keep you from pursuing your goals. (Source

The True Cost of Work Related Injuries
This infographic sheds light on how much those accidents really cost! The hidden costs paid for by injured workers and their families, or indirectly by other employees, firms, or consumers through raising prices, lowering pay, or lowering profits go far beyond medical bills. In addition to showing costs, it also provides information as to which occupations have the highest rate of injuries and death rates. Stay informed and don't become one of the 13.3 million non-fatal injuries that occur over a one year span in the United States workplaces. (Source



RILA's Summer Webinar Series Continues This Thursday With -

Criminal Background Screening, Investigations & EEOC Regulatory Compliance
Thursday, August 29
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EDT

This webinar is designed to provide you with the necessary tools for background screening under the EEOC's guidelines. Executives from Walgreens and Carr Maloney explain the EEOC's guidelines on background checks and provide two different perspectives on their application.

There will also be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar, so you can get one-on-one advice from the experts. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from experts and update your employment practices. You can also earn one CEU credit for LPC by attending this webinar.

Topics to be covered:

• How the new EEOC guidelines affect employment decisions
• How Walgreens incorporates these guidelines
• How you can apply them to your organization


Tom McCally

Steve Kroloff

Member & Shareholder

Director, Loss Prevention

Carr Maloney


Remember, registration is free, but spots are limited, so act now!




Man Beats 9-Year-Old Girl in Jacksonville Best Buy Bathroom
A Florida man is facing an attempted murder charge after police say he nearly killed a 9-year-old girl during a random attack in the bathroom of a Jacksonville, Fla., Best Buy store. According to the release, a witness heard someone screaming and crying inside the women's restroom and went inside to see if they needed help. The victim told police that Tadros kicked and punched her and put a plastic bag over her head and stuck her head in the toilet, police said. She told a store employee she didn't know him. The suspect was detained by employees until officers arrived, police said. (Source

Securitas Security Services Officer Shot In Confrontation at Columbus, OH, Walmart store  A Securitas security guard was hospitalized after being shot during a confrontation with a suspect. According to Columbus police, a man who was behaving suspiciously was spotted in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart at 3900 Morse Rd. at about 1:30 a.m. Securitas security guard Gerald Wheeler was driving a pick-up truck and confronted the suspect, who was later identified as 29-year-old Terrence Blake. Police said the two struggled and that Blake allegedly shot the security guard with a .25-caliber pistol. Wheeler was transported to Grant Medical Center, where he is listed in stable condition. (Source (Source

Boxer burglars steal $100,000 of underwear from warehouse break-in in Miami-Dade warehouse  The thieves got away with underwear, actually, underwears. Thousands of pairs of luxury brand “tighty whities. These brief thieves were well organized. “I think it had to be three, four, maybe five people. People over there grabbing stuff and throwing it through. People over here opening them up.” Wernsing said. The crooks apparently got thirsty, though, as they did make at least one mistake: they drank the shops Gatorade and left it behind. Wernsin pointed to the bottles and said, “Hopefully these guys have been arrested before and they’ll get the DNA off that and they get caught.” editors note: This is exactly how the Miami mastermind in the $100M warehouse break-ins in the article above got busted. One of his crew left a water bottle behind with DNA on it. (Source

Tenn. man charged in Berks with 147 counts of retail theft at Flying J truck stop
A man from Memphis has been charged with 147 counts of retail theft at a truck stop in Bethel Twp., Berks Co. (Source

Delivery man charged with $125,000 in theft from retailer
Investigators said people at Bingham Tire reported in early August that inventory losses had been discovered in recent months, causing the company to implement new policies to track deliveries and sales. Accounts personnel at Bingham Tire worked with investigators who said there was evidence that Jones had delivered merchandise to businesses that weren't billed for the deliveries while placing the cost on accounts of other unsuspecting businesses. Police said investigators would continue to try to find and question other individuals and businesses suspected of being involved. (Source

Identity thief busted hitting Rite Aid stores multiple times in Dover, NH  Somersworth man was indicted on multiple charges, including theft, identity fraud, attempted fraudulent use of a credit card and receiving stolen property for two incidents in Durham. Hitting Rite Aid on March 26 and April 12th Stephane Webster, 40, has also been convicted twice for theft of property or services. Webster attempted the fraudulent use of another credit card at Rite Aid, for which he was also charged with receiving stolen property in the form of the credit card. (Source

Skimming gang operating in East Texas - hits for thousands and thousands coast to coast with online purchases  Van Zandt County, Tx., law enforcement is looking for a skimming gang that has already hit for multiple residents in multiple counties. "We're talking thousands and thousands of dollars," he said. "Once they were compromised, they were fraudulently used from coast to coast, primarily online. That's a significant amount of money." Authorities said they are now trying to pinpoint exactly where it started. (Source

Serial shoplifter arrested on sexual assault charges in Tucson, AZ  Police say the suspect of a sexual assault against a juvenile female may also be connected to a series of shoplifting incidents hitting Circle K stores. (Source

Report of a retail theft leads to heroin bust in South Burlington
South Burlington Police responded to the Kohl’s store for the report of a male theft suspect who was running from the Friday night. The male was apprehended by Loss Prevention. Witnesses at the scene told police this male had tried to put a knapsack full of stolen goods into a garbage can nearby. This bag was recovered by Kohl’s Loss Prevention and turned over to the police. The bag contained hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise along with five bags of heroin. (Source

Man steals cash, ADD drug Ritalin in armed robbery of CVS drugstore in Ballston Spa  Police are seeking an armed robber who grabbed cash and the attention-deficit drug Ritalin from a Saratoga County drugstore. The holdup happened at about 8:30 p.m. Friday at a CVS store in the village of Ballston Spa. The robber showed the clerk a black handgun and said he was robbing the store. The man fled on foot with cash and a large amount of Ritalin. No one was injured. (Source

One suspect captured, a second on the loose after Walgreen’s robbery in Des Moines  Joseph Atterberry was allegedly one of two men who stole cash from a Walgreens about 3 a.m. Police said Atterberry was holding a silver gun. The other robber had a knife. Two Walgreens employees and one customer were inside when the pair rushed in. The unidentified person, who wore a ski mask and gloves, allegedly put one of the employees in a headlock and held a knife to the back of the man’s neck. The men demanded cash and left with an unspecified amount of money in a plastic sack. Responding officers chased Atterberry, who authorities said refused to stop and then was bitten by a police dog. (Source

NYPD hit with a $25 million lawsuit in store employee shooting  The New York Police Department was hit with a $25 million lawsuit from the family of a store employee shot and killed by police as he fled an armed robbery. Twenty-year-old Reynaldo Cuevas was running away from the ambush last September when he slammed into Officer Ramysh Bangali. Investigators said the collision caused the officer's gun to discharge, fatally wounding Cuevas. Dramatic security video footage shows the uniformed officer, his gun drawn, positioned outside the Bronx shop's front door moments after a 911 call. In a flash, the store manager rushes out the door. Closely behind with his head down is Reynaldo Cuevas, who runs full speed into the officer, sending both men tumbling to the sidewalk. Cuevas was shot in the left shoulder. He died at a hospital. (Source

Apple Loss Prevention ends up in fistfight over stolen merchandise in Houston
Shahab Amorallah-Majdabadi was observed concealing merchandise in his pocket and was stopped outside the Galleria store by an Apple Loss Prevention agent. Shahab Amorallah-Majdabadi resisted and began to fight with Loss Prevention. Shahab Amorallah-Majdabadi was detained and arrested. (Source

Women attack security officer at JC Penney in Huntsville, Alabama
Police are on the hunt for two women who stole merchandise from the JC Penney store at Madison Square Mall Sunday afternoon. Police said the loss prevention officer for the store tried to stop a woman observed stealing, and she and another woman attacked the officer. (Source

Smash and Grab burglars hit DeVries Jewelers in Grand Rapids  Thieves smashed a window at a Northwest Grand Rapids jeweler and stole items from the store during an overnight burglary. DeVries Jewelers was burglarized Saturday night, Aug. 24, around 10 p.m. Police did not disclose what or how much was stolen from the jewelry store, which showed obvious signs of forced entry on Sunday morning. A plywood board is now covering a broken front entry window at the store. (Source

Police Seek Suspect in Attempted Robbery of CVS Pharmacy in Carlsbad
Police Saturday were seeking a man who unsuccessfully tried to rob a CVS drug store at gunpoint Friday night. The incident occurred about 9:40 p.m. at the CVS Pharmacy on El Camino Real, between Vista Way and Haymar Drive. An armed gunman attempted to rob the pharmacy of prescription medication. The suspect raised his shirt and displayed a black handgun to the employee. Police say the suspect fled the pharmacy without any medication. No one in the store was injured. (Source

Fashion store thief caught on camera in Albany, Georgia  Albany Police are searching for a brazen thief caught on surveillance video looting Jenny’s Fashion in Albany. The store owner says she is not sure her business will be able to survive the theft, but she hopes someone can identify the crook. Officials say the thief kicked in the back door of the store on North Haley Street around 5:45 a.m. Thursday. They say the thief took shirts, hats, shoes, shorts, and money. He also smashed two cash registers. More than five thousand dollars of merchandise was reported missing. (Source

Early Sunday morning break-in at Polo Ralph Lauren’s Lebanon Premium Outlets ends with 4 arrested  Lebanon police charged four suspects after an apparent burglary at the Lebanon Premium Outlets early Sunday morning. Lebanon police Chief Scott Bowen said the suspects’ names weren’t immediately available. He said the incident happened at the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet store. Bowen said officers recovered “several thousand dollars worth of merchandise.” A section of plywood covered a glass window Sunday where the suspects’ apparently entered the store. (Source

Huntsville beauty supply store robbed
Huntsville Police are investigating an armed robbery at Golden Beauty Supply. A man wearing all black, armed with a handgun, robbed the store on Jordan Lane before 8 p.m. Friday. The offender assaulted the clerk, but the clerk did not require medical treatment. The robber got away with an undisclosed amount of money. K9 units responded to search for him. (Source





CLEAR would like to remind the following to everyone who will be attending the Fourth Annual Training Conference on November 4th:

We are looking for nominations for Investigator/Investigation of the year, for an award that we will present at the annual conference in November. If you know of anyone that deserves recognition for a great job, this is a great opportunity to let them shine! You can email Jack Gee with the nominations at
Our NEW and IMPROVED website is up and running. It is still a work in progress, so if there is anything specific that you would like to see, let us know.
The block of rooms for the conference registration closes on October 7th. If you are planning on attending, please book early! More info is on the website.

ORC duo hits Home Depot stores in 20 states for $1.3M, switching bar codes and selling them online  David and Carson Cameron Vevay, Ind., face federal charges of mail fraud and wire fraud. In two criminal complaints, the U.S. Secret Service said the turned a profit off merchandise from Home Depot stores around the country over a four-year period, potentially defrauding the retail chain of more than $1.3 million. The case involves the switching of universal product codes. Secret Service Agent John Eric Cothran said the two men struck in at least 20 states, including Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois and New York. The brothers sold much of the merchandise through online auctioneer eBay Inc. (Source for a more detailed account -

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry
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Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Director of Asset Protection Walgreens Deerfield, IL Walgreens
Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
Asset Protection Manager The HoneyBaked Ham Co. Alpharetta, GA The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
LP Regional Director Sears West Region Sears
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LP Manager Bloomingdale's San Diego, CA Bloomingdale's
LP Manager Kmart Auburn, ME Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Kmart Allentown, PA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Barboursville, WV Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears West Covina, CA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Springfield, VA Sears Holdings Corp
AP Manager in Training Walmart Scottsdale, AZ Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Durango, CO Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Orland Hills, IL Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Killeen, TX Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Lampasas, TX Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Moorefield, WV Wal-Mart
AP Lead Best Buy Knoxville, TN Best Buy
Area LP Leader JC Penney Concord, NC JC Penney
Regional LP Manager Dollar General Shreveport, LA Dollar General

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Alex Alaniz was named Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager for Ross Stores.
Sheila Martinez was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Victoria's Secret.
Dennis Thomas was named Corporate Loss Prevention Operations Manager for Delaware North Companies. 
Thomas Egan was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for True Religion Brand Jeans.
Catherine Patterson was named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Gap.

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Crush Your Top Collaboration Killers! A Brain-Based Approach  Problems in the workplace can often become out of control, especially if everyone is not on the same page, or people don't express their desires without attacking someone else. Follow these neuroscience-based guidelines to get your team together and going in the same direction. (Focus on outcomes not Problems)

Have You Got What it Takes to Build a Dream Team  Every leader wants to have a great team working with them, but why do so many fail to build even a decent team? Leaders need to be able to communicate effectively the differences between failure and success, and be able to evaluate it. Make sure the people you bring onto your team are going to raise the bar of performance and have passion for their job. (Start by being in the right mindset)


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How to Get the Most Out of 5, 15, 30 and 60 Minutes of Downtime at Work  Downtime in our days happen often, but what do you do with that lull in your afternoon? Don't go to your phone and play Candy Crush, and don't browse social media. Spend your five minutes of you time and make the most of it! (Get rid of clutter)

Who Should get Promoted? The Ultimate Guide for Managers  This question can be tricky to answer sometimes, but you have to think about the power you have, as a leader, to help your employees succeed and move up the ladder. It's in your duties to make sure you stay on the lookout for signs they are ready to move on up! (Sign #1: They have the numbers to prove it)

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Sending and delivering the LP message in stores and at the corporate office is probably one of the most critical things one can do everyday. How you communicate and how you deliver your message will determine how they respond and react. If you expect to improve performance and influence change in the stores, then you've got to communicate in their words and their terms. Each company has a message, a mission and core values and your message should fit all of them and be an extension of them and not an addition to them. This breeds integration and results in inclusion, all of which are important elements of a successful executive.

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