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How Surveillance Changes Behavior: A Restaurant Workers Case Study  
New research paper, published on Saturday, shows in detail how significant the surveillance effect can be. The paper, “Cleaning House: The Impact of Information Technology Monitoring on Employee Theft and Productivity,” The researchers measured the impact of software that monitors employee-level theft and sales transactions, before and after the technology was installed, at 392 restaurants in 39 states. In the new study, the tracking software was NCR’s Restaurant Guard product, and NCR provided the data. The savings from the theft alerts themselves were modest, $108 a week per restaurant. However, after installing the monitoring software, the revenue per restaurant increased by an average of $2,982 a week, or about 7 percent. The impact, the researchers say, came not from firing workers engaged in theft, but mostly from their changed behavior. Knowing they were being monitored, the servers not only pulled back on any unethical practices, but also channeled their efforts into, say, prompting customers to have that dessert or a second beer, raising revenue for the restaurant and tips for themselves. “The same people who are stealing from you can be set up to succeed,” said Mr. Pierce of Washington University. But more significant, the researchers say, is what the data analysis might contribute to fields of study like social psychology and behavioral economics — and the business discipline of human resources management. (Source

Ackman Moves to Dump Entire Stake in J.C. Penney 39M shares  
Hedge-fund manager Bill Ackman moved to dump his entire stake in J.C. Penney Co., JCP -1.12% ending a failed bet on the retailer that cost his fund more than $600 million, resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs and left the 1,100-store chain still struggling to right itself. Mr. Ackman's Pershing Square Capital Management LP is unloading its 39 million shares—nearly 18% of Penney's stock—with help from Citigroup Inc., C -0.46% which underwrote the sale. Unclear is whether another dissident Penney director, Steven Roth, chairman of Vornado Realty Trust, plans to remain on the board or sell his company's remaining shares.
(Source (Source

Home Depot Fined $150,000 for OSHA Violations
The company faces seven repeat violations at its Reynoldsburg, Ohio, store. OSHA said the same violations were found at Home Depot stores throughout the country from 2010 to 2012. "By failing to correct previously cited deficiencies, Home Depot continues to dismiss a culture of safety as a priority," Deborah Zubaty, OSHA's area director for Columbus, Ohio, said in a statement. "Employers who are cited for repeat violations demonstrate a lack of commitment to worker safety and health." The violations include failing to block exit routes, not closing unused openings in electrical cabinets, using flexible wiring instead of required fixed wiring, and installing plates on receptacles that exposed workers to 120 volts of live electricity. An eighth new violation was issued for failing to bond and ground flammable liquid storage containers during transfer at the Reynoldsburg store. (Source

McAfee Report Examines Challenges Retailers Face to Secure In-Store Payment Systems  Study by McAfee and IHL Group Finds PCI Compliance and Security Vulnerabilities are top Concerns for POS Systems. According to the report, without adequate controls to manage store systems and the increase in number and variety of devices – retailers can expect security costs to continue to increase rapidly. The study revealed that retailers have a good understanding about PCI compliance, but they struggle when the amount and variety of store systems increase to provide the proper security and compliance management. On average only 22 percent trust the manufacturer to provide security. According to the report, whitelisting is growing in awareness with 31 percent of the respondents including this in their security strategy for POS systems. (Source

Industry Leaders Join Forces to Introduce New Sales Channel for eCommerce Businesses via Secure Chat  SiteLock, WebsiteAlive and SecureBuy, in a joint statement today, announced the release of AliveSecure, an innovation in secure online communications and transaction processing. They are launching the new technology as an online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed to secure credit card payments through a website or mobile chat interface. (Source

IP forwarding services seeing greater demand
As the IP revolution continues to reshape the alarm industry, those in the monitoring space are finding some non-traditional ways to boost RMR and improve operations in an increasingly IP-centric world. One development amid these changes is the growing demand among central stations and their dealers for IP forwarding services. In simplest terms, these services allow centrals to own and resell individual IP addresses, rather than being bound to the IP address of their Internet service provider. Owning an individual IP address—much like owning toll free numbers in the past—can be a boon to both centrals and dealers trying to increase redundancy and preserve flexibility and value as companies evolve, separate or merge. (Source

Stern new data breach reporting requirement takes hold in EU
In the 28 member-European Union (EU). As of Sunday, telecommunications and internet service providers in the EU have 24 hours from the moment of discovery to report a data breach to authorities. If the breach involves personal data, the EU law mandates that affected individuals are alerted “without undue delay” from detection of the incident, according to the regulation. There are no stringent rules like that in place in the United States, where alerting requirements are promulgated through a hodgepodge of state laws. Many don't enlist any deadline. They merely order breached organizations to notify victims or authorities within a reasonable timeframe. A few states require that notification happen no later than 45 days. (Source

Food Stamp fraud continues unabated due to loop hole in retailers just changing ownership names from one family member to the next  Agriculture Department's Food and Nutrition Service failed to impose almost $7 million in penalties on retailers who committed fraud under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or had previously been disqualified from it. Through SNAP, eligible households can use benefits to purchase food from retail food stores that have been approved to participate in the program. In fiscal year 2012, FNS distributed over $75 billion in SNAP benefits to low income households and approved 246,565 retailer locations to participate in SNAP, the report says. From a sample of 316 retailers, the IG found that FNS did not properly determine $6.7 million in penalties and authorized 51 ineligible storeowners, who redeemed over $5.3 million in benefits since 2006, the report says. One reason SNAP fraud occurred was because FNS does not have the authority to permanently disqualify a troubled store location that has a repeat history of trafficking violations. The permanent disqualification only applies to the owner at each subject location, so if there is a transfer of ownership, FNS cannot disqualify the new owner. Since high-risk retail store locations with permanent disqualifications continue to be authorized under new ownership, SNAP fraud can continue in some instances, the report says. Editors note: Being that the vast majority of these retailers are in fact family owned convenience stores and small grocery stores merely changing the ownership from one family member to the next takes them off the list. Also as reported in a number of other articles a lot of the fraud occurs when store owners buy the food stamps for much less than face value and give cash to the customer for obvious reasons. With some claiming that the true extent of fraud could be well over $750M annually. (Source

Dunkin Donuts franchise owner in N.J. and N.Y.'s Staten Island $200k in back wages violations and used tips to cover register shortages  The operator of 55 Dunkin Donuts franchises in New Jersey and Staten Island will pay nearly $200,000 to 64 employees for overtime and minimum wage violations. Investigators also found management used tips at two locations to cover register shortages. The action resulted in minimum wage violations of $237 for eight employees. The operator wrongly claimed its store managers were exempt from overtime. Though the employees performed management duties, they did not receive a guaranteed weekly salary, entitling them to overtime pay. (Source

Counterfeit Yard Sale store shut down - generating $150,000 a year in sales with two employees - Phoenix  The counterfeit operation was discovered after a sergeant noticed a couple of large canopies and display tables in the driveway of a home last week. The sergeant saw about 200 items bearing registered trademarks hanging from the canopies and scattered on the tables, according to information from the Phoenix Police Department. The sergeant thought it suspicious that these types of items would be sold in a yard sale environment. According to police, the home was being used as a business location for Maritza's Fashions. The inventory consisted of brand names such as Gucci, Coach, Burberry and Michael Kors. Police said Orozco admitted to making at least $3,000 a week profit, or $150,000 a year, with her enterprise. Police believe that is probably a very conservative figure based on the inventory found at the home. Orozco reportedly had 1,714 items in inventory with a "real" value of nearly $498,000 and nearly $50,000 at her "store" prices. (Source

Fuel Fraud Costing Europe More Than $4 Billion in Lost Taxes annually - Unprecedented cargo theft epidemic  Europe’s black market is adding to hard times for refiners as the lowest demand in two decades saps returns. Smuggling is most prevalent in border areas where price gaps are the widest. Tax evasion in the fuel market has taken the form of organized crime. Fraud is infecting eastern and western European markets. “Illegal activity has been allowed to grow to such a large scale unimpeded.” This criminal activity is undermining the fabric of the legitimate petroleum industry and the state, at a time when economic challenges have never been so great.” Cargo thieves are stealing tankers at an unprecedented rate throughout all of Europe. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

dELIA's Q2 up 14.9% with sales up 16.7%
DSW Q2 up 4.4% with sales up 9.7%
Famous Footwear (Brown Shoe) Q2 up 6.8% with net sales up 10.8%
Tiffany Q2 up 5% with sales up 4%
Claire's Stores Q2 up 0.1% with sales up 2%
Regis Salons Q2 down 3.1% with sales down 5%





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One killed, another injured in violent robbery at Denny's restaurant in west Houston  Authorities are looking for several armed men who opened fire during a holdup at a west Houston Denny's restaurant and left a customer shot to death and an employee wounded. Police say at least three gunmen barged into the Denny's along I-10 and Washington around 10:40pm and ordered everyone to get on the ground. "From what they tell me that three to five suspects walked in with mask on and started shooting and robbing people," said restaurant customer Luigi Major. The employee was shot multiples times in the lower body as he ran out trying to escape the restaurant. He managed to run to an IHOP across the highway for help. He is expected to survive. (Source

Police seek gunman who killed an employee of a Brooklyn computer store  Police are hunting for the brazen killer who shot a Pakistani immigrant to death inside a Brooklyn electronics store. Investigators say Mohamed Bilal, 32, was working at the New Attitude Electronic store on New Lots Avenue in East New York around 1:30 p.m. when the gunman walked in and shot him in the chest. The motive for the shooting is unclear, but police have ruled out robbery because nothing was taken from the store. Investigators are now looking at security camera video to track down the killer. (Source

Tulsa Police Suspect 3 Women In Violent Armed Robberies of Family Dollar and Habitat for Hope  Tulsa robbery detectives are looking for three women who robbed two stores, just a few hours and a few blocks apart. Detectives say the women didn't hesitate to use violence and worry they'll strike again. They believe with this level of violence, the women will strike again. (Source

Male duo busted hitting Wal-Mart store for electronics two days in a row
Authorities say two men are charged after stealing electronics and other items from a Dunkirk Walmart two times in two days. Police say one suspect was stopped while he was wheeling a cart full of items out of the store's entrance. The second suspect was stopped on Route 4 when he was leaving the parking lot, according to police. (Source

Ex-employee arrested on suspicion of $20,000 Safeway heist
Morgan Hill police arrested a former Safeway and his accomplice after the pair allegedly stole about $20,000 cash from the grocery store’s safe early Thursday morning. Just past midnight Aug. 22, Mario Bellinghausen, 22 of Santa Nella, entered the store wearing a surgical mask to hide his identity, according to a press release from Morgan Hill Police. As a former Safeway employee, Bellinghausen was entrusted with the code to the store’s safe. He even spoke to his former manager at the store just before the heist. (Source

Cash, clothing taken from Old Navy store in Lancaster, PA
Lancaster City police officers are investigating a burglary at the Old Navy Store at Red Rose Commons. Authorities responded to the 1700 block of Fruitville Pike on Monday at 7:05 a.m. after Old Navy employees reported signs of forced entry. The employees told police they weren't sure if the perpetrators were still inside the store. Officers checked the business and didn't find anyone inside. According to police, the burglar(s) took cash and merchandise before fleeing the scene. The total amount of loss and damage is still undetermined. Detectives are investigating the possibility that this incident is related to other recent commercial burglaries in Lancaster County. (Source

Lodi, CA woman uses her children to steal clothing and baby formula from Target  A 27 year old mother and her two children were stopped leaving a Target store with an undetermined amount of clothing and baby formula. The mother was on parole for past crimes and told Police she committed the theft out of necessity for her children. (Source

Florida man busted for his 7th time now faces felony charges for theft
Busted 7 times for petit theft, Law Enforcement has now charged a 48 year old homeless man with felony theft for stealing $20 of merchandise from a Publix grocery store. (Source

Tiffany burglary suspect’s photos released by police in Walnut Creek, California  On Monday Walnut Creek Police released surveillance photos of the Tiffany store burglary from August 15. Photos from the video, taken from a security camera at a nearby business, show six people meeting in a parking lot in the downtown area before the burglary. At about 5:45 a.m. that morning, someone backed a stolen white pickup truck into the front entrance in a smash-and-grab that netted some small items of jewelry. No one has been arrested at this time. (Source

Burglar goes through a great deal of trouble to steal a vacuum from Lowes in Delran, PA  At 5:32am a burglar scaled a garden center fence, used a hammer to break a window in order to steal 2 vacuum cleaners. On the way back over the fence, he dropped one of the vacuums. (Source

Buffalo man arraigned on $1,000 burglary at True Religion in Fashion Outlets of Niagara  A Buffalo man was arraigned Monday in Niagara County Court on an indictment charging him with stealing more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from a store in the Fashion Outlets of Niagara after he had been banned from the mall. Demetrius M. Clark, 54, of Loepere Street, pleaded not guilty to third-degree burglary, fourth-degree grand larceny and possession of burglary tools. Assistant District Attorney Claudette S. Caldwell said the April 11 crime at True Religion, a clothing store, was caught on surveillance video. Clark was ordered held in lieu of $5,000 bail to await further court action. (Source

Pharmacy burglarized in southern Pulaski County, Arkansas
A suspect broke into Fred's Discount Store leaving behind the store in disarray. The suspect did manage to get away with a large quantity of narcotics. The burglar used a large trash can from inside the store to cart away the stolen drugs. (Source

Shots fired; Two Masked Men Rob Customer Inside Family Dollar Store in Columbus  Two masked and armed men robbed a customer inside a South Columbus Family Dollar store Monday night. Police said the men went inside the dollar store in the 2000 block of Lockbourne Road around 9:15 p.m. A police dispatcher said people who called 911 said shots were fired inside the store. No one was injured. The suspects took $60 and a customer's cell phone. The two suspects got away on foot. (Source

Cargo Theft up 1% for May, June and July
The total number of cargo thefts reported were 185 in the last three month period, up 1%. The average dollar amount lost per incident was $147,260, up 23% from the previous quarter. The 55 thefts in California accounted for 25 percent of all incidents across the United States. (Source

Target employee in Nebraska gets 18 months probation for $4800 in gift cards
A 22-year-old woman who activated $4,830 in gift cards for herself without paying while working as a cashier in 2011 got 18 months' probation Monday. Crystal Kendall pleaded no contest to felony theft by unlawful taking. Lincoln police were called to the Target store in 2011 on a report from store security that they had discovered the scheme after Kendall made purchases that led them to review video surveillance. (Source

Another pawn shop Smash and Grab in St. Louis  Early this morning burglars didn’t smash through a window or a door they smashed a pick up truck right through the wall. Police are still investigating what exactly the burglars were able to get away with. City Building inspectors are on the scene. One section of a wall is broken with a five foot gap leaning in toward the sales floor. (Source





TIDE = "Liquid Gold"

UPDATE: San Bernardino ORC Operation busts 25 in retail theft sting - It started with Tide "Liquid Gold" and drug raids  When San Bernardino police detectives would raid houses to search for drugs over the past few years, they couldn’t believe what they kept finding. “The question started coming up, ‘Why are we seeing so much laundry detergent in so many dope houses?’” Sgt. Travis Walker said. Turns out, it wasn't such a strange occurrence. According to the National Retail Federation, laundry detergent is second only behind baby formula as the most-stolen product. Liquid Tide and Tide Pods have become a currency on the black market nationwide. It is traded for drugs or sold far below retail prices at open swap meets and clandestine meetings, law enforcement and retail officials say.

Police in two major Southern California cities, San Bernardino and Riverside, combined efforts to battle a growing concern about organized retail theft in an August 20-21 sting operation that netted 25 arrests. In 2011, local retailers and police formed The Inland Empire Organized Retail Crime Association to showcase trends on shoplifting activities and share information about suspects. The recent sting not only resulted in arrests for the thefts, but also the uncovering of information related to illicit fencing operations, says San Bernardino spokesman Lt. Paul Williams.

One Inland supermarket chain reported each store suffering four to six thefts of Tide per week, with each loss valued at $100 to $400. Several factors have combined to turn the product into what some are calling “liquid gold”: The Tide brand is the most popular, even though it is the highest priced; detergent is relatively easy to steal and, unlike electronic items with serial numbers, is difficult to trace; and shoplifting is a relatively low-risk operation compared to other crimes to make a quick buck. Police said Tide bottles, which retail anywhere between $15 and $18, are often sold for $5 cash or $10 worth of marijuana or crack cocaine. This organized-retail-crime trend is sweeping the country. (Source (Source

Vietnamese credit fraud gang importing "hundreds of thousands of dollars" of U.S. goods - busted - largest of its kind ever busted in Vietnam  Vietnamese police have wrapped up investigations into a credit card fraud gang which allegedly imported a large quantity of goods bought in the US using stolen credit card information from around the world. The police said they arrested Vuong Huy Long, 27, the alleged gang leader, and 11 others. The investigations started in 2010 after US police informed them about a gang which stole hundreds of thousands of dollars using stolen credit card information. Long, who owns an internet shop in Ho Chi Minh City, started learning how to steal international credit card information in 2008. He and his accomplices used the information to buy from US online shopping websites like,,, and Long and a Nigerian accomplice set up a website and recruited 20 employees, called “droppers,” in the US. After receiving the goods, the droppers would send them to Vietnam by express delivery service. Their cut was 10 percent of the value of the goods. Long also hired the Hanoi-based Online Export Import Solutions Limited Company run by Nguyen Nam Hai, 27, to receive the goods shipped from the US. Between 2009 and 2013, Long stole around 2,000 credit card accounts, police said. (Source

ORC duo stealing laptops from Wal-Mart multiple times busted in Lexington  Police say employees at the Walmart on New Circle Road spotted the duo inside the store around midnight Tuesday and recognized them from previous surveillance video. Investigators say the video showed the couple prying open a display case with a crowbar and taking laptops earlier this month. Police say the two men did the same thing overnight, then distracted the greeter and walked out of the store with more than $2,000 in laptops. Officers were waiting outside and arrested Tommy Doyle Jr., 38, and Gerald Johnson, 50. Police charged them with theft. (Source

Four suspects charged with Grand Larceny, Shoplifting, and Criminal Conspiracy
Antwone Anderson, Carmella Harding and Issac Potter were charged with Grand Larceny, Shoplifting, and Criminal Conspiracy. On Jul. 27, the suspects entered a Verizon store, after distracting an employee, Potter went into the storage area and removed 7 cell phones valued at $2800. The incident was captured on video surveillance cameras. On Aug.19, the suspects entered the Food Lion, the individuals distracted the cashier and removed cartons of cigarettes totaling $1875.00. The suspects also removed energy drinks from the local Pitt stop the same day. The total amount removed was $420.00. The suspects were stopped by the Irmo Police Department after hearing the description that was given from the incident at Food Lion. Some of the items were recovered from the vehicle. (Source

Luxottica Employee steals $8000 worth of sunglasses to sell online
Kevin Heck, 36, a Luxottica employee stole $8000 worth of sunglasses from the company headquarters in Mason, Ohio. The sunglasses, some worth $600 to $700 each, were stolen from displays. (Source

Sunglass Hut hit for nearly 1,000 pairs of sunglasses in the Poconos
The Sunglass Hut store in the Crossings Outlets was burglarized between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Friday. A store inventory revealed the loss of 941 pairs of sunglasses missing, totaling $142,986. (Source

Boise trio busted for thefts of Blu-ray disks from area retailers
Three men are in Ada County Jail after police discovered the group allegedly stole over $1,000 in Blu-ray discs from various retailers. Jaryd N. McNatt, 23, of Kuna, Tyler R. Burns, 23, of Boise, and Andrew R. Ennis, 24, of Meridian have been arrested on burglary and grand theft charges. The trio was stopped by Police because of a suspicious vehicle complaint. After extensive questioning from police, the trio was identified as being involved with the theft of dozens of Blu-ray discs valued over $1,000. (Source

Georgia gun shop hit with dramatic Smash and Grab  Police in Winder, Georgia are investigating a smash and grab burglary at a pawn/ gun shop; 21 weapons were stolen. Surveillance video from about 3:15 a.m. Sunday shows one suspect approaching the front window of the business on foot and looking inside. Moments later, a white Dodge Ram pickup drives into the front of the business. Police said three other suspects ran into the pawn shop after the truck and stole multiple guns. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Sony Launches Affordable, Compact HD Security Cameras

C-Series Cameras Deliver Professional-Grade Features for
Small-to-Midsize Businesses

PARK RIDGE, N.J. – Aug. 26, 2013
Sony Electronics announced today a new line of affordably priced, high-performance security cameras. The high-definition C-Series cameras – models SNC-CX600 and SNC-CX600W – fit a range of security or surveillance applications, especially those for the small-to-midsize business (SMB) market. This includes retailers, offices and restaurants.

“Small- and medium-sized businesses are more interested in security and surveillance than ever before,” said Mark Collett, general manager of Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division. “However, these customers typically have smaller budgets, so most high-end HD cameras are cost-prohibitive. Our new C-Series cameras are particularly well suited for smaller installations because they offer professional-level features in a small, well-priced camera that is easy to deploy and manage.”

The SNC-CX600 and SNC-CX600W cameras are equipped with many features not typically found in comparably priced products. The cameras include:

720p (HD) image quality for high-resolution imaging
A 120 degree viewing angle rather than the standard 90 degree angle, which reduces the number of cameras needed to cover an area
A built-in motion sensor that works in both light and dark environments
White LED illumination for true-to-life color recording
Edge storage capabilities that reduce costs by recording video and audio directly onto microSD or SDHC cards, bypassing the need for external recorders
Sony’s IPELA ENGINE EX integrated signal processing system that enhances video quality
Wi-Fi certification that enables the stable transmission of video via wireless networks; Improved security and simplified setup using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
A speaker that plays alerts or pre-recorded voice messages
A microphone for optional sound capture

The SNC-CX600 and SNC-CX600W both have a list price of $497. Sony plans to make the SNC-CX600W available through its product distribution channel in early September, while the SNC-CX600 is planned for December availability.

Tom Di Nome
Sony Electronics

Jennifer Gill
Muirfield Partners



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AP Manager in Training Walmart Nacogdoches, TX Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Apex, NC Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Anadarko, OK Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Conroe, TX Wal-Mart
LP Manager Sears Austin, TX Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Baton Rouge, LA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Manassas, VA Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Oklahoma City, OK Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Hilliard, OH Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Hickory, NC Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Jacksonville, FL Lowe's
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Avoid this Word or You'll Kill Your Employee's Motivation  The inspiration your employees possess to go above and beyond their job duties and the feelings that come with completing a complex project or landing that big name client takes years to build, but one word can wash all the happiness down the drain: "but." That three-letter word has the power to negate all the happy feelings your employees have achieved, so be careful how you choose your words! (Celebrate all wins- small and large)

4 Tips to Master Thinking With Both Sides of Your Brain, and Boost Creativity  Recent research suggests that categorizing people as being left- or right- brained is absurd, especially when it comes to a person's ability to create. By switching between both sides of the brain, you can be a more complex creative thinker; to do so lies in four core areas of stimulation (new ideas, challenging tasks, broaden knowledge, interaction)

16 Things You Should Do at the End of Every Work Day  Everyone is ready and anxious to get home after the end of work, but those moments you have before you grab your coat and turn off the computers is critical to being productive the next morning. By ending your day on a good note you will look back on it feeling accomplished and that will help you get up and get going the next morning. (Start the end of your day by going back through your to-do list: are you where you should be?)

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