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2016's GLPS Winner, NRF Protect Philadelphia
My First Time at NRF Protect

By Jeremy Grahn

In 2015 I submitted a photo of our LP team to the D&D Daily for their Group LP Selfie promotion. I thought my team would like it if our photo made it on the D&D, and maybe we might even win a pizza party. Instead, I was fortunate enough to have been selected to win a trip to NRF Protect 2016 in Philadelphia! Having never been to a conference like this before, I was thrilled to have the opportunity and it did not disappoint.

I arrived at NRF Protect the day before the full conference opened and attended the Emerging Leaders Boot Camp. This was a great opportunity to network with other LP professionals, as well as listen and learn from executives in the industry with proven track records. We often get so caught up with work or conducting an investigation, that it was particularly refreshing to listen to John Matas from Macy's talk about placing an importance on work/life balance.

The first full day of NRF Protect I took advantage of the Mentor Experience and met with Karl Langhorst, Director of Loss Prevention at Kroger. Mr. Langhorst shared with me some things he felt has helped him be successful, and I walked away with advice that has the potential to have a positive impact on my department, my company, and me as an individual. As good as the entire conference was, the Mentor Experience had the biggest impact on me.

The other session that I found to be very beneficial was "Lessons in Leadership from the Interview Room." Michael Reddington from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates gave a fantastic presentation where he explained how to take skills used in an interview/interrogation and apply them in conversations with direct reports. By using these methods, a manager can get the results he/she desires while creating a partnership with the employee. Since this session I've had an opportunity to put this into practice and it proved effective.

Of course, much of the action is found at the expo hall. This being my first time, I was impressed by the scale of the hall and how many vendors were there to showcase their products and companies. I visited several booths and tried to identify companies whose service or products may benefit my department or company. While I did not see anything we couldn't live without, I did meet with NuTech National and we discussed their alarm services after I got back from the conference. I also met with different manufacturers in the video world, and gained knowledge that may benefit us as our company migrates into IP-based camera systems.

Overall, my first experience at NRF Protect was a very positive one. While I would like to go again, my ability to do so will depend on the event being closer to my home state of Oregon. All in all it was a great and very beneficial trip. I'm very grateful to D&D, NuTech National and the NRF for giving me this opportunity.

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Shooting Scares Show a Nation Quick to Fear the Worst
'False Alarm' Panics Happening Nationwide
Are Your Stores Ready?

"It sounded like a stampede of cattle," Donna Melanson said - 30 to 40 people fleeing, terrified, through Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday night. "Everyone is yelling, 'Shooter, shooter, shooter,' and they start diving under the seats to hide."

Far from being an isolated episode, it was essentially what had happened on Aug. 13 at a mall in Raleigh, N.C.; on Aug. 14 at Kennedy International Airport in New York; on Aug. 20 at a mall in Michigan; and on Aug. 25 at a mall in Orlando, Fla.

In the wake of terrorist attacks at airports in Brussels and Istanbul - and against other targets in Paris; San Bernardino, Calif.; Orlando; Nice, France; and elsewhere - Americans are primed, when they hear a loud bang or screams, or see a crowd break into a run, to think in terms of mass killings and active shooters. Yet crime statistics show that over all, violence in the United States is as low as it has ever been, and experts say the fear far exceeds the risk.

"I would say that we are in the grip of a moral panic," said John Horgan, a professor of global studies and psychology at Georgia State University who specializes in the study of terrorism. "The constant threat perception of being vulnerable to mass violence has seeped into our collective consciousness."

The recent false-alarm panics injured dozens of people, some of them seriously.

Once people start to flee, it is fairly normal for others to join in, experts say - even people who did not hear any suspicious sounds or rumors of terrorism. But people who study crowd psychology and the fear of terrorism say the steady stream of news reports of bloodshed has heightened anxieties out of proportion to the threat, making panic more likely to take hold.

"This overexposure can cause increased fear, anxiety and helplessness, particularly in already psychologically vulnerable populations," said Daniel Antonius, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University at Buffalo. He described "a national anxiety" about mass attacks that did not reflect the real level of danger.

Dr. Horgan stressed that in addition to physical violence, "terrorism is fundamentally a form of psychological warfare, and it's one of the greatest ironies that we help give it its strength in our reactions to it."

Editors Note: With these incidents increasing, the stores need to aware of the increased sense of fear on the part of the consumer and the fact that 'false alarms' are going to happen across the nation. The security issues of such being rather significant. Like pro's setting off an intentional 'false alarm' or merely taking advantage of one.

The fact is that every one is on edge and the slightest thing, like balloons popping can set off a panic where people get hurt and stores lose inventory. The issue is the stores have to be more aware of their occurrence than ever before. nytimes.com

Gap employees miraculously escape fire at distribution center
A massive six-alarm blaze ravaged a Gap regional distribution center in Dutchess County overnight Monday - but did not result in injuries to about 100 employees who managed to evacuate.

The conflagration in Fishkill erupted about 11 p.m. Monday at the facility, where firefighters from three counties battled the flames with hoses from ladders as they took breaks in shifts, the Poughkeepsie Journal reported.

A Gap spokeswoman said in a statement Tuesday morning: "All employees who were onsite at the time have been confirmed safe and accounted for. Safety is our top priority, and we are working closely with local emergency agencies that are responding to this incident."

Mayor James Miccio said the fire is "devastating for the company. I hope they can recover." nypost.com


Two Significant Senior Loss Prevention Positions Vacated in the last few days - more to follow

Green Bay WI: Shoplifting down; Dozens of Local Retailers pull together
with Law Enforcement

A police initiative to combat shoplifting appears to be paying dividends, though more study may be needed. Reported incidents of shoplifting have been reduced about 40 percent since Green Bay police launched a two-pronged attack on what Chief Andrew Smith has called the city's most common crime. Part of the strategy has involved pulling stores together, getting loss prevention specialists to share tips and creating a Facebook page on which participating stores can share tips as well as intelligence about suspected thieves. "We actually had another meeting about a month ago, and we have another planned in September," said Capt. Keith Knoebel, who is coordinating the effort. "We've come up with different ideas that stores are now trying to put into implementation." Police are working with a couple dozen large stores. The program will be expanded to other stores if the numbers continue to show improvement. greenbaypressgazette.com

40 Virginia Cases of Hepatitis A Now Linked to Smoothies Cafe's
Virginia health officials say there are now 40 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A that are connected to frozen strawberries used at Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations across the state, up from 28 cases less than a week ago. There are more than 500 of the smoothie franchises across the country, and Virginia is not the only state affected.

All the potentially contaminated Egyptian-sourced berries were pulled from the 96 Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations in Virginia no later than Aug. 8 or Aug. 9. Officials say more cases could emerge, since some symptoms take as many as 50 days to emerge. The Hepatitis A virus affects the liver. nytimes.com

Lowe's Introduces LoweBot

The Next Generation Robot

This fall, Lowe's will introduce LoweBot, a NAVii autonomous retail service robot by Fellow Robots, in 11 Lowe's stores throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Following a successful robotics test of OSHbot at one of the company's Orchard Supply Hardware stores, LoweBot will roll out in phases over a seven-month period beginning in September in San Jose, Calif., and will further explore how robots can meet the needs of both customers and employees. prnewswire.com

Using Security Cameras to Drive Retail Sales
Because e-commerce sites can track shoppers' every move online, they're able to constantly gauge what we like, what we buy and how we shop. They're able to quickly make adjustments to their products, marketing and pricing, helping increase sales. How can a traditional store compete against that information advantage? The old fashioned way was to have a store clerk follow customers around, see what they looked at, and take notes for later. Now, a new heat mapping technology is helping brick and mortar retailers track customers' behavior electronically in real time.

Prism Skylabs' technology uses security camera images to generate a heat map of a shop's layout and translate that data onto a dashboard for store managers. This helps managers analyze which areas of the sales floor best catch a shopper's attention and which are overlooked. The heat mapping is so specific, it can tell which items on a table got the most attention from consumers.

By aligning that data with sales, managers can see if shoppers lingered in a specific area, showing they were attracted to an item but didn't find it enticing enough to buy. Retailers can then determine whether the issue was missing sizes, pricing, quality or something else. cnn.com

Nearly 10,000 workers are accusing Chipotle of wage theft
Current and former Chipotle (CMG) employees claim that the company made them work extra hours "off the clock" without paying them. It's a practice known as wage theft, and Chipotle is allegedly doing it all over the United States.

"Chipotle routinely requires hourly-paid restaurant employees to punch out, and then continue working until they are given permission to leave," according to the class action lawsuit known as Turner v. Chipotle. It's named after a former Chipotle manager in Colorado, Leah Turner, who claims she had to work without pay and was told to make workers under her do the same in order to meet budget goals.

Chipotle has faced similar lawsuits before, but this is the first time there has been such a large class action case against the company for wage theft. As of Friday, 9,961 current and former workers have sent in consent forms to join the lawsuit.

Chipotle denies any wrongdoing and says the case has no merit. The company says it has paid all wages it owes employees. cnn.com

Sports Authority Defends $1.5M Executive Bonus Program
Incentive Program Confirmed & Validated

Sporting goods retailer Sports Authority fired back at the United States Trustee on Monday in Delaware bankruptcy court, filing a reply to the watchdog's objection to a proposed executive incentive plan that could result in up to $1.5 million in payments to top-tier employees.

In its reply, TSAWD Holdings Inc. said that the benchmarks set for the three insider employees to become eligible for the incentive plan are not illusory, as charged by the U.S. Trustee, but are challenging enough to warrant approval from the court. The company said it retained outside experts to examine the Key Employee Incentive Program and confirm the validity of the metrics it contains. law360.com

RadioShack Settles Manager OT Suits With $41M Claim
7,500 employees wanted $68M

The liquidating trustee overseeing the bankruptcy estate of electronics retailer RadioShack received approval Monday from a Delaware bankruptcy judge to settle a pair of class action suits relating to overtime calculations for store managers dating back to 2012.

Class actions was approved by allowing the class claimants to enter a $41 million general unsecured claim against the estate. The suits arose from the company's use of the so-called fluctuating workweek to calculate overtime affecting annual performance bonuses for store-level managers whose stores made less than $750,000 per year. law360.com

Williams-Sonoma Sued Over California Email Address Collection
Shopper claiming the retailer demands personal email addresses from customers paying by credit card and records credit card numbers, in violation of the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act. law360.com

Under Armour to open e-commerce DC in Maryland

Macy's 100 stores to close will be announced after Christmas

Kroger could be looking to snap up Walgreens, Rite Aid stores

FDA Releases Guidances To Help Companies Prevent Foodborne Illness

Abercrombie & Fitch to close 60 stores

Apple hit with over 13 billion euros in back taxes

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Alimentation Couche-Tard Q1 U.S. comp's up 2.4%, Canada up 0.9%, sales up 3.9%
DSW Q2 comp's down 1.4%, sales up 4.5%
Abercrombie & Fitch Q2 comp's down 4%,
Christopher & Banks Q2 comp's down 5.8%, sales down 4.3%

Mobile POS: risk defined

Rand Fernandes of Oracle will be presenting at Retail Risk New York on 1st September 2016. His presentation perfectly meets the needs of today's risk and loss prevention executives and should prove very helpful to them indeed. The presentation deals with managing risk and mobile POS, which is a hot topic for retailers...

As stores become increasingly more about experience than transaction, retailers are looking to Mobile POS to improve engagement with customers. In this session, Rand Fernandes will cover the common device and deployment options for mPOS, logistics and functional considerations when adopting mobile in the store and real-world risk scenarios. He'll also demonstrate how analysts can identify the most common risk scenarios with exception-based reporting and the latest technology advancements in the space.

You can find out more about Rand, and register free for the event at http://www.retailrisk.com/speakers-new-york/.

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A deeper look at business impact of a cyberattack
Deloitte finds "hidden" costs can amount to 90 percent of the total business impact on an organization, and will most likely be experienced two years or more after the event. These are among the findings of a recent study by Deloitte Advisory entitled, "Beneath the Surface of a Cyberattack: A Deeper Look at the Business Impacts."

Deloitte believes the current market valuation of cyber incidents is greatly underestimated, since the public focuses on the above the surface impacts - the far smaller percentage.

To illustrate all of the impacts of a cyberattack, the Deloitte study presents two fictitious case studies, and assigns dollar loss amounts to each factor over a five-year period. The 14 business impacts are broken down as:

Above the surface, or well-known cyber incident costs

- Customer breach notifications
- Post-breach customer protection
- Regulatory compliance (fines)
- Public relations/crises communications
- Attorney fees and litigation
- Cybersecurity improvements
- Technical investigations

Below the surface, or hidden or less visible costs

- Insurance premium increases
- Increased cost to raise debt
- Operational disruption
- Lost value of customer relationships
- Value of lost contract revenue
- Devaluation of trade name
- Loss of intellectual property (IP)

Of all of the above impact areas, perhaps the most significant is operational disruption. csoonline.com

Social media, the gateway for malware
Easy to access, widely used, and outside of enterprise control, social media sites are gold mines for malicious actors. People share a lot of seemingly innocuous information, which is exactly the kind of data that hackers love to collect and use in phishing or spear phishing campaigns.

A recent NopSec 2016 State of Vulnerability Risk Management Report found that organizations use inadequate risk evaluation scoring systems. The report claimed that social media -- which often isn't included in any risk evaluation system -- is now a top platform for cybersecurity.
"Social media use has increased. Once someone is onto a site like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, there is almost an assumption that the way you are interacting with others is without risk. Psychologically, your guard is down."

As a result, social media sites have become a useful channel for those who want to spread malware through social engineering.

Twitter is becoming one of the top platforms for security researchers and attackers looking to disseminate proof-of-concept exploits. csoonline.com

Study Finds Employees' Security Hygiene Getting Worse Just As Ransomware Exposes Insider Negligence
At a time when ransomware and other attack techniques that exploit insider negligence become rampant, only 39 percent of end users believe they take all appropriate steps to protect company data accessed and used in the course of their jobs. This is a sharp decline from 56 percent in 2014, according to a new survey of more than 3,000 employees and IT practitioners across the U.S. and Europe. Moreover, while 52 percent of IT respondents believe that policies against the misuse or unauthorized access to company data are being enforced and followed, only 35 percent of end user respondents say their organizations strictly enforce those policies. 

Among the key findings:

● Asked about their organization's attitude on productivity vs. security, 38 percent of IT practitioners and 48 percent of end users say their organizations would accept more risk to the security of their corporate data in order to maintain productivity.

● Asked to agree or disagree that the protection of company data is a top priority for their CEO and other C-level executives, only 35 percent of end users agreed while 53 percent of IT professionals believe it is a top priority for senior executives.

● Asked for the most likely causes of the compromise of insider accounts, 50 percent of IT practitioners and 58 percent of end users say negligent insiders. "Insiders who are negligent" was by far the most frequent response for both IT and end users, more than twice as common as "external attackers" and more than three times as common as "malicious employees." yahoo.com

Deception technology grows and evolves
Deception technologies such as honeypots are becoming increasingly popular with enterprises as the products get more flexible and the tools allow security analysts swamped with incident reports to zero in on cases of actual ongoing infiltration. csoonliine.com


Key Management at Your Fingertips

If a break-in occurred at your business through unauthorized access with a key, would you be able to determine who may be responsible? What if it happened after hours? Would you know then?

InstaKey presents cloud-based key tracking software platform, SecurityRecords.com®, as part of its Key Control Program which allows users to have access to that information anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. In the event of a security breach, this solution allows business managers and owners to acquire a complete list of key holders with access to the compromised areas. Simply by logging in to SecurityRecords.com® on any web-enabled device, visibility to key system data can be obtained easily from anywhere, 24/7.

InstaKey's combination of restricted keys into its Key Control Program gives business owners and managers assurance that only authorized key holders assigned in the SecurityRecords.com® key tracking platform have access to corresponding locks. InstaKey keys cannot be duplicated which means that each key distributed to employees is unique, therefore narrowing down potential suspects that may be responsible for the breach.

Technologies That Display Products


Se-Kure Controls develops and manufactures innovative asset protection systems that maximize return on investment for its retail and industrial customers. Whether you're seeking a custom item or a standard product, they strive to keep your costs in line by controlling the manufacturing process from concept to completion. John Mangiameli, Vice President Business Development, and Greg Saputo, Director of Sales - Southeast, tell us how Se-Kure Controls ensures customer satisfaction with their reduced lead times, competitive pricing and high quality products.

LPNN Quick Take #13


MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley go off-script in this LPNN Quick Take - from attempting Philadelphia accents to revealing someone's secret crush on Siri.

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Amazon's Crackdown on Counterfeiters and Crime

Amazon Angers Mom and Pop Sellers With 'Arbitrary' Suspensions
Amazon continues efforts to curb counterfeit
"Guilty Until Proven Innocent"

Most Amazon customers probably don't realize that almost half of all items sold on the site come from third-party merchants. That means a set of kitchen knives could have been plucked from a Walmart bargain rack in Nebraska by a mom-and-pop business looking to profit from a little retail arbitrage. Amazon relies on more than two million merchants like Ayers to keep its website and warehouses stocked with an assortment of goods no brick-and-mortar store could ever match. But the company's relentless focus on customer service means that when Amazon receives a complaint it's the shopper -- not the merchant -- who typically gets the benefit of the doubt.

"Any complaint from any buyer or manufacturer can result in a seller suspension, and their livelihood stops," says CJ Rosenbaum, a New York attorney who says he's helped hundreds of sellers navigate the suspension appeal process in the past several months. "Mom-and-pop businesses can't make the mortgage and big businesses can't make payroll."

Sellers say the suspension process is guilty-until-proven-innocent, forcing them to prove complaints are unwarranted or pledging to make improvements to get selling privileges reinstated. They also say that the e-mail appeal process wastes time and energy, and they often field the same request, often vague, seeking additional information without specifying what's wanted.

The tension between Amazon and its sellers was on full display at the Seattle conference, which attracted 100-plus merchants and vendors. The suspension process has given rise to a cottage industry of lawyers, former Amazon seller account investigators and veteran online merchants who charge up to $3,000 to help sellers navigate the mysterious suspension appeal process.

Amazon is clear in its seller policies that its rules can change at any time, taking effect immediately. Sellers are informed about changes via e-mail and other notifications sent on the platforms they use to manage their accounts.

Amazon's view of the perfect customer experience is one that is completely automated with no person-to-person interaction. Someone orders something online, and it arrives on their doorstep. Any additional interaction -- a complaint or a return -- is considered friction that indicates a problem. Sellers maintain this policy is unrealistic and fails to recognize that some shoppers lodge unwarranted complaints to get refunds when they are simply having buyers' remorse. bloomberg.com

Will Counterfeiters pay to register with Amazon?
Mentioned yesterday, Amazon sellers are now having to pay $1000 to sell a particular brand on their marketplace. The working theory among sellers is that it's designed to cut down on counterfeits on the marketplace, but the inconsistencies sellers are reporting is maddening, especially to longtime sellers. Amazon's response is to force sellers to provide proof they are authorized resellers - but Amazon being Amazon, it doesn't want to incur additional costs - it takes resources to sift through all those applications, reviewing invoices and proof of brand-authorization. Lending credence to the theory that the fees are about covering its costs - Amazon is also testing a program where sellers pay $400/month for customer support through a pilot program called Seller Support Plus. In a brilliant move (from a financial standpoint), Amazon is taking traditional cost centers and turning them into profit centers. ecommercebytes.com

Fraud Attacks Jump 137 Percent Over The Last Four Quarters
Fraudsters are on a train that is anything but slowing down. In just the last four quarters, fraud attacks have jumped by 137 percent, affecting over $7 out of every $100 made in retail sales.

Their new favorite? Digital goods. With a 186 percent spike, fraudsters seem to be fixated on attacking digital goods transactions, followed by their second favorite category: food and beverage, which showed a 116 percent increase, according to the latest data from the Global Fraud Attack Index, a PYMNTS and Forter collaboration.

If that weren't troubling enough, merchants are now being forced to bend over backwards to combat alarming levels of fraud originating outside the U.S. The total number of fraud attacks from the rest of the world (ROW) have dramatically grown by 200 percent.

This spike in fraud comes against an ever-increasing cost of fraud. For attacks originating in Europe, the cost went up to 18.9 percent in Q1 2016. On the other hand, the cost increased by 14.4 percent over last quarter for transactions originating in ROW.

Other key takeaways from the Global Fraud Attack Index for the third quarter of 2016 include:

There were 34 attacks for every 1,000 transactions in Q1 2016. That's a 126 percent increase over the four quarters ending March 31, 2016.

The attack rate tripled for digital goods over the same period and more than doubled for luxury goods.

The number of attacks from botnets surged from seven per 1,000 in Q2 2015 to 27 per 1,000 in Q1 2016.    pymnts.com

"The Power of Partnerships" - 2016 GRAORCA Retail Crime Conference Recap

Written by: Dave Magersupp (National Manager Loss Prevention, Verizon Wireless) and Chad McManus (Regional Loss Prevention Manager, T-Mobile)

On Wednesday, August 24th nearly 400 of the region's finest Retail Loss Prevention and Law Enforcement professionals met in downtown Atlanta for the sixth annual Georgia Retail Association Organized Retail Crime Alliance (GRAORCA) Conference.

The GRAORCA Retail Crime Conference began with a solemn tribute by the DeKalb County Police Honor Guard and North Georgia Bagpipes to our brave law enforcement officers and loss prevention agents who lost their lives in the line of duty in Georgia this year.

Investigative Reporter Mark Winne from Atlanta's WSB-TV gave the crowd a warm welcome and talked about the importance of the theme for this year's event - "The Power of Partnerships". Winne also, with the help of the audience, set the tone for the conference by challenging us to rely on each other and support each other whether we are in the public or private sector.

Read the entire recap here.

For more information please visit www.graorca.org.

Hillsborough, NC: Home Depot Shoplifting leads to Multi-State Fraud Investigation Police say 31-year-old Luis Miguel Hernandez-Castillo, of Fort Lee, New Jersey, was at the store trying to purchase digital thermostats with a stolen credit card number. Hernandez-Castillo told officers he was buying lumber for his house in New Jersey, according to officials. But police say that digital thermostats from Home Depot locations in North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina were all located in his vehicle. Police say Hernandez-Castillo have been arrested for obtaining property by false pretense from the multiple stores. He is currently being held in the Orange County Jail under a $100,000 bond. chapelboro.com

Avon Park, FL: Woman busted for $1,300 theft at Walmart
Andrea Lopez was arrested by the Highlands County Sheriff's Office and charged with third-degree grand theft and tampering with evidence. Items stolen included a bicycle trailer, a tote container, a trash can and clothing valued at about $1,200. highlandstoday.com

New York: Barneys Shoplifter Tries to Walk Out With $1,200 in Givenchy Shirts
Samuel Javier, 18, was on the second floor of the Madison Ave. department store, when he stashed the two designer shirts, a black one valued at $555 and a gray one worth $686, into a shopping bag at about 2:50 p.m. on Aug. 20. He tried to pass the registers without paying but was stopped by security before he could leave the store. dnainfo.com

Bristol, CT: woman charged in $1,000 Wal-Mart shoplifting
According to the arrest warrant, Villafane and Shawna Carrara, 28, of Bristol, took 18 boxes of nicotine gum, worth $932 and 10 electric toothbrushes, worth $186 from the Queen Street Wal-Mart on April 4. Police allege the women entered the store shortly before 9 p.m., walked to the pharmacy area and put the merchandise into their large purses before leaving without paying. centralctcommunications.com

Tyrone, PA: Woman caught on camera stealing cartons of cigarettes
Police in Blair County are searching for a woman who stole almost $1,000 worth of cigarettes from a convenience store in Blair County. The woman was caught on camera entering an employees-only shed at the Kwik Fill in Tyrone. Police said employees of the gas station were just a few feet away closing the store on Aug. 19 when the theft happened. wjactv.com

Guymon, OK: Woman busted at Walmart attempting to steal $1,200 of merchandise
A woman was arrested Saturday after an attempt to steal over $1,200 worth of merchandise from the Walmart Supercenter. Summer Shea Lewis was observed walking around the store, placing items into empty Walmart bags. Lewis was detained by Walmart Loss Prevention. She had attempted to steal $1,224.90 worth of merchandise. Lewis has former misdemeanor theft charges from January. guymondailyherald.com

Shreveport, LA: Shoplifting team wanted by Shreveport Police
Shreveport Police are seeking to locate two women who were have been linked to a recent theft at Scrubs Unlimited. Police say one of the women concealed merchandise while the other served as a look-out. ktbs.com

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, which might fuel even more jobs and funding. Share your ORC News and help the industry! 

Shootings & Deaths

Hamilton, OH: Police Officer who fatally shot Walgreen's Robbery suspect not indicted; Pharmacist's held at knifepoint
Butler County's prosecutor says a county grand jury declined to return any indictments against the Hamilton officer who shot 34-year-old Kelley Brandon Forte on Aug. 22. Prosecutor Michael Gmoser says Forte was shot by the officer three times after Forte charged at him and wouldn't comply with police commands. The prosecutor says the confrontation was captured on store surveillance video. Police say the responding officers found Forte holding a knife to the pharmacist's throat. dailyprogress.com

Robberies & Thefts

Indianapolis, IN: Subway Armed robbery suspect may be just 12 years old
Metro Police robbery detectives are trying to identify a fast food restaurant robber who may be no more than 12 years old. The robbers entered the store shortly after 6 p.m., wearing masks over their faces. Another robber, who was carrying a handgun, was about 18. They grabbed money from the cash register before running away. Fortunately, no one got hurt in the robbery.' wthr.com

Beaverton, OR: Fred Meyer the victim of an unsuccessful Armed Robbery

Police are working to identify a man accused of attempting to rob a Fred Meyer in Beaverton Monday evening. The man was allegedly armed with a handgun when he tried robbing the customer service desk at the Fred Meyer on the 11400 block of SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. His attempt to rob the store was unsuccessful and he fled. No one was injured. koin.com

Houston, TX: Four in custody; Burglars smash through wall
Police say a burglary at a cell phone shop in northeast Houston led to a police chase. Four people have been taken into custody after the chase which began around 4am. Officers say the four detained used a sledgehammer to make their way into a Simple Mobile store. The two men and two women then allegedly grabbed as many cell phones as they could. abc13.com

Kay Jewelers in the Lake Line Mall, Cedar Park TX reported a Grab & Run, merchandise valued at $10,600

Kay Jewelers in the Camarillo Premium Outlets, Camarillo, CA reported a Burglary on 8/28, merchandise valued at $1,471

Helzberg Diamond in Norridge, IL reported a Distraction Theft, loss of $1,990

Grand Prairie, TX: Man gets 10 years for robbery of AT&T store where elderly woman was assaulted

Memphis, TN: Police release new video of Sissy's Jewelry Store Armed Smash & Grab

Hampstead, MD: Woman arrested after allegedly threatening Walmart employee with knife

FBI seeking public's help identifying fifth gun store robbery suspect

Myrtle Beach, SC: Naked Robber Takes Only Reese's Cups In SC Store

Credit Card

Eagle, CO: Woman sentenced to 18 years for Fraud Scam On Colorado Banks According to Assistant District Attorney Heidi McCollum with the 5th Judicial District, Cynthia Johnson, 53, stole the identities of two women and used the identities to commit the crimes. "Johnson, along with accomplices, stole over $37,000 from Alpine Bank in 15 separate heists across western Colorado in September and October of 2015. Seven of those heists successfully yielded cash for Johnson and her accomplices," McCollum said in a statement. cbslocal.com 

Cargo Theft

Meadville, PA: Truck and trailer loaded with soybeans stolen in Pennsylvania


ATM skimming device found in Mansfield, N.J.


Cordele, GA: Officials still searching for Bush's furniture store Arsonist

Amy's Hair - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery
Blue Fin Guns - Baltimore, MD - Armed Robbery
Big Daddy's - Detroit, MI - Shooting
Circle K - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
Cleveland Food Mart - Cleveland, OH - Burglary
Dollar General - Liberty, OH - Armed Robbery
Flash Market - Blytheville, AR - Robbery
Gordon's Jewelry & Pawn - Dayton, OH - Burglary
Hannaford Supermarket - Barre, VT - Armed Robbery
Kmart - Indianapolis, IN - Armed Robbery
• Kay Jewelers -Camarillo, CA - Burglary
Kroger - Saginaw Township, MI - Robbery
Kwik Stop - Topeka, KS - Robbery
Kwik Shop - West Palm Beach, FL - Armed Robbery
Lange's - Chappaqua, NY - Shooting
Lowe's Grocery - San Angelo, TX - Robbery
Mi Pueblo - San Jose, CA - Shooting
Quick Stop - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery / 1 killed
Radio Shack - Newport News, VA - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid -Dover Twp. PA - Robbery
Rite Aid - Hollister, CA - Armed Robbery
Royal Farms - Portsmouth, VA - Armed Robbery/ Police shooting
Scotchman -Myrtle Beach, SC - Robbery
Valero - Houston, TX - Burglary

Wawa - Egg Harbor, NJ - Shooting/ 1 killed / 5 arrested
Walgreens - Miamisburg, OH - Robbery
7-Eleven - Auburn, NY - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery


Featured Job Alert Spotlights

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

TThis is a retained search for the D&D Daily.

Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce
Vancouver, BC, Canada
As the Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce, you will have the opportunity to create, manage and improve loss within Supply Chain and eCommerce and help drive the bottom line of our business...


Regional Asset Protection Manager (Field)
Norcross, GA

Responsible for planning, developing and executing a comprehensive Asset Protection Program for a single business unit within HDS tailored to unique business needs. Define success across the unit in theft and fraud / operational loss prevention. Drive a program to protect the assets of the business...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Greencastle, IN

The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

AP Safety Specialist
Miami, FL
The safety specialist, asset protection, will oversee safety practices within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the safety program designed to minimize associate and customer accidents...

Senior Manager Region Asset Protection
Columbia, SC
The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region. This leader will direct and supervise a team of asset protection professionals and will have complete responsibility for managing investigations and auditing programs to ensure effectiveness and departmental compliance...

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Angela Larson was named Assistant GM-Operations for Gap Inc. 

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The difference between success and failure is in the planning and the execution. Taking something from a thought or idea to a reality can be a long and painful process lined with failures and detractors. But a great idea is only as good as the plan you have to bring it to life and the execution everyone delivers to give it a life. Because without the two the great idea never existed. As one "C" level executive once told me - He never saw a bad great idea as it was always the failed plan to roll it out and the poor execution that killed it.

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