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Back: Left to Right - RLPM Vito Chieffi, RLPM Mardio Nealey, RLPM Matt Johnson, RLPM Dan Hornickel


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Brodrick Williams was promoted to Vice President Loss Prevention & Fraud for HSN.
Brodrick was previously the Operating VP of Loss Prevention, Fraud and Safety for the retailer for over a year, and before that he was the Director of Loss Prevention, Fraud and Safety for HSN. He had also held the position of Manager of Corporate Fraud in 2009 and Area Loss Prevention Manager in 2006 for Lowe's Home Improvement. Congratulations Brodrick!

Maintaining Drug-Free Workplaces Where Marijuana is Legal
How much marijuana (or THC) should be allowable? This is an extremely difficult question and is asked of the drug testing industry regularly.

With half of United States allowing some form of marijuana use, the workplace has become a hotbed of controversy when it comes to changing workplace drug policies.

Many employers are under pressure from employees to loosen those policies, making allowances for marijuana as a social drug, one often compared to alcohol. There are similarities in that you would not allow an employee to be intoxicated at work; likewise, you would not allow an employee to be impaired at work while under the influence of marijuana. The substances, however, are quite different when it comes to determining whether an employee is currently under the influence of marijuana or has residual THC that has metabolized.

While the majority of companies, particularly those that have safety-sensitive employees, choose to maintain a zero-tolerance policy, there are plenty of employers asking how to create some form of tolerance. There are multi-faceted issues in a culture of acceptance, and each particular issue must be carefully reviewed with safety at the core of the conversation. ohsonline.com

Companies Lack Active-Shooter Plans
A survey of about 900 organizations found while 69% of respondents listed an active-shooter situation as one of the biggest threats to workplace safety, 39% said their organization doesn't have a communications plan in place to deal with such an incident. Even at those organizations that do have a plan, 79% said their organization isn't fully prepared. The survey from critical communications services provider Everbridge Inc. highlights the risks companies face as they try to protect employees and others from potentially deadly office attacks, said Imad Mouline, Everbridge's chief technology officer.

Two issues organizations need to keep top of mind while working through any active shooter or other type of workplace violence planning scenario are keeping the focus on worker and customer safety and how to maintain business continuity, said Mr. Mouline. The key to being able to act quickly if an active-shooter incident occurs is to have a plan in place before something happens, one that clearly states who the organization's various stakeholders are, how messages will be tailored to people depending whether they are subject to the threat or not, and how to follow up after an incident ends to find out who is safe and who needs help, he said. "All of this has to be planned in advance," said Mr. Mouline. "It has to be measured and thought through."

Having a plan also means designating officials who will be authorized to make decisions during such a crisis and what decisions they will be allowed to make, said Mr. Mouline. "Having a plan means knowing all these steps and knowing what to do once an incident is over, since in the vast majority of cases an incident is over before police get to the scene," he said. "It's about what you do during an event and what you do afterward, understanding who is safe and who isn't." That means having a way to communicate with employees to determine who is in a building, who is working from home or who may be at lunch. "The number one challenge is  communicating with everybody," he said. wsj.com

Petco Job Seekers Defend Background Check Suit
Two job applicants alleging Petco hid from potential employees its procurement of consumer reports in background checks urged a California federal court Monday to deny the pet supply chain's bid to escape the proposed class action, saying a clear federal-law violation has been established.

Angelica Zimmer and Jacklyn Feist, who allege that Petco Animal Supplies Inc. hid its disclosure in a wall of words in their job applications, said Monday that their first amended complaint adequately states a claim for violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act's stand-alone disclosure requirement and establishes that the violations were willful, contrary to the retailer's suggestion otherwise.

The applicants struck back that Petco's web-based disclosure consisted of more than 30 paragraphs of fine print that would fill almost five single-spaced pages when reproduced in normal format, and contains "reams of extraneous information beyond the required consumer report disclosure."

Feist made it through two rounds of interviews and was provided a work schedule, only to show up and be turned away on account of a supposedly negative background check,, which she was never allowed to contest, according to the complaint.  law360.com

Aeropostale Receives Rescue Bid To Save 229 Stores - Closing 570?
A group of companies including retail property management firm General Growth Properties and apparel brand licensor Authentic Brands Group have submitted a leading bid to acquire at least 229 Aeropostale stores, which could save the teen apparel retailer and its employees from a complete liquidation.

The bid represents a chance for Aeropostale Holdings Inc. to survive its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, although with a much smaller operation. Aeropostale operated more than 800 stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada shortly before it filed for bankruptcy protection on May 4th. llaw360.com

Chico's to eliminate 200 or 13% corporate & field leadership headcount

Kmart unveils new store concept "A Whole Lotta Awesome!" in Illinois

N.J. Gov. Vetoes $15 Minimum Wage Bill

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Caleres Q2 Famous Footwear comp's down 1.1%, total net sales down 2.3%
Fred's comp's down 2.3%, sales down 3%
Chico's Q2 comp's down 3.1%, net sales down 3.6% after excluding Boston Proper

Keep your cargo safe this Labor Day weekend says CargoNet

CargoNet warns fleets and drivers across North America to protect their cargo this upcoming Labor Day weekend.

According to cargo theft data examined by CargoNet, Labor Day is the perfect time to steal freight because the three-day weekend means plenty of trucks will be stationary for a long and predictable amount of time. As well, the upcoming holiday shopping season means there will be plenty of high-value freight for the taking, such as toys, electronics, and clothes.

CargoNet said that when it looked at the data from Thursday before Labor Day to the Wednesday after Labor Day for 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, in total, there were 146 incidents of vehicle and cargo theft in the United States and Canada. Of those incidents, 104 involved cargo theft. The year 2012 had the most reported thefts, with 47 incidents in total. The bulk of reported cargo thefts occurred in California (27 cargo thefts), New Jersey (16), and Texas (13).

In total, $13.6 million in cargo was stolen in this time frame. A large part of the losses comes from one $5.7 million theft of cell phones stolen in transit between New Castle, Delaware, and Lynwood, Washington. However, food and beverage remained the most common commodity target, with 27 cargo thefts. Household items trailed, with 16 cargo thefts. This category consisted of furniture, small appliances, toys, and other such items. Electronics items such as computers and televisions followed household cargo thefts closely, with 14 reported cargo thefts. For all years, cargo theft occurred most frequently at warehouses (22 thefts), parking lots (20), and truck stops (16).

For security tips and cargo theft infographics, click here.

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Cyber-criminals Wreaking Havoc
Fraud attacks spike 137% over past four quarters

Cyber-criminals have been wreaking so much havoc among retailers that there has been a 137% jump in fraud attacks over the past four quarters, an issue affecting $7 out of every $100 of retail sales, according to the latest PYMNTS.com Global Fraud Attack Index.

The report, compiled with fraud detection and protection technology vendor Forter, measures the rate of fraud attempts made on U.S. online merchants, and monitors trending changes. It also examines the types, sources and geography of fraud attacks, as well as the potential cost to merchants, if these attempts remain undetected.

According to the report, there was a significant increase in the rate of fraud attacks throughout 2015 and the first quarter of 2016. For every 1,000 transactions made in the first quarter of 2016, there were 34 fraud attacks, compared to 15 per 1,000 transactions during the second quarter of 2015, which represents a 126% increase. The attack rate also rose from quarter-to-quarter, increasing 11% between the third and fourth quarters of 2015, and rising 26% from Q4 2015 to Q1 2016.

While a majority of industries were victimized, digital goods was the hardest hit with a 186% spike, followed by food and beverages with a 116% jump, the report said. Only one industry, clothing, saw fraud attacks diminish (19%). Meanwhile, the Index found that $10.50 out of every $100 spent across both the digital goods and luxury goods segments is at risk, the report said.

This excessive fraud is being blamed on increasingly sophisticated intrusion methods, including botnets, or a collection of computers infected with malware and taken over by fraudsters. From Q2 2015 to Q1 2016, botnet incidents surged from seven attacks per 1,000 transactions to 27 per 1,000 transactions, the Index said. Worse, by the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, botnets accounted for 82% and 79%, respectively, of all attacks, the Index said. 

In the U.S., fraud attacks have increased 26 percent since the October 2015 liability shift.
To get exclusive insights, download the complete Global Fraud Attack Index. businesswire.com

Crooks are selling a skimmer that works on all chip card readers
Think that your new EMV-compliant chip-reading point of sale terminal will keep crooks from stealing your customer credit card info? Think again.

Researchers have spotted a website setting EMV skimmers -- at www.emvskimmer.com, if it hasn't already been taken down -- that claims to sell "the most advanced EMV chip data collector in the world." And it's a scary piece of equipment.

According to the seller, it's powered by the point of sale terminal, and can hold information on up to 5,000 credit cards in its memory. It can also be used on machines made by Ingenico and Verifone, as well as terminals on gas station pumps, ticket purchase stations, and on small ATMs, specifically those manufactured by Triton.

The primary market for this device is Latin America, according to Andrei Barysevich, director of Eastern European research and analysis at Flashpoint.

The reason is that Latin America, an early adopter of EMV, is still heavily reliant on static data authentication chips, which allow the criminal using it to create usable new chip cards with the data it catches.

The rest of the world uses dynamic data authentication, where the codes sent to the terminal change with every transaction. The criminals can still get the data, but can only use it to create magnetic stripe cards.

The skimmer is also easy for the criminal to use and hard for a merchant to spot, said Barysevich.

"This technology can be used in any point of sale device," he said. "It literally takes less than 10 seconds to install, and once installed, it stays there forever. The criminal just uses a little bit of glue on the device, installs it on the machine and leaves it there. Then he comes back a few days later, inserts a special card and every stolen record will be copied. Then he goes home, connects it to his computer and transfers the information."

The skimmer fits so neatly into the chip card slot that it's almost invisible, he said.

""Old-fashioned skimming devices are overlays installed on top of the machine," he said. "But this particular device is so much harder to identify. "The merchant will have to get a flashlight and see if they can spot anything in the slot. I don't see how store managers will do it on a daily basis."  csoonline.com



STANLEY Security had the privileged opportunity to interview a Vice President of Loss Prevention with over 25 years of experience on what recent trends and changes he has seen in the retail security space. Check out his responses to learn about what one industry LP professional is doing to help prevent loss, utilize data to improve his security program, and keep up to date on the latest in the industry.

Read more.



RCC Loss Prevention Conference on Sept. 29
offers wide range of speakers, topics

Responding to an Active Shooter Scenario: Post Emergency Resilience

You've implemented procedures to keep your customers, employees and visitors safe, but, what about the aftermath following an active shooter event? Join Tom Shebrek for a look at how you can ensure your organization is resilient following an event beyond avoiding, denying and defending. Consideration will be given to post emergency response plans and business continuity. 

Navigating Fraud through Big Data

Retail is rich with data. With every transaction, order, and movement of an asset, virtual crumbs are left along the path. One of Canada's top payment processing companies will explore the benefits of data analysis, and how one solution was born out of a need discovered along one such journey. Sean McCormick of Moneris will moderate a discussion between two top data scientists dedicating their focus towards Loss Prevention and fraud solutions. Dr. Read Hayes will outline the ongoing research focused on deterrent effects, and Dr. David Speights will speak to the Verify Refund Solution.


Stay tuned for more speaker and session announcements to come!
Visit RCCLPConference.ca for full information and to view the conference agenda.

Africans & First Nations Treated Like Potential Thieves in Retail
New campaign takes aim at racial profiling in retail settings

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission hopes that education and training will help to reduce instances of consumer racial profiling in the province.

They will be working with the Retail Council of Canada to target their membership in order to deliver materials to raise awareness of this issue.

The campaign stems from a study conducted in 2012 in which they discovered members of visible minorities were often the victims of negative shopping experiences and were more often being unfairly targeted by retail workers.

What they found was members of the African Nova Scotian and First Nations communities have been disproportionately affected by the types of behaviours that we describe as consumer racial profiling,"  said Christine Hanson, Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission CEO.

They found that visible minorities were more likely to be ignored, followed or forced to leave the store or business, among other negative behaviours.

The awareness campaign will include posters, pamphlets and other promotional materials. There will also be a free online training course.

The study found that visible minorities also reported being the targets of offensive language, were treated as if they were physically threatening and were seen as potential thieves in a retail setting.

The education and training tools are set to roll out mid-September. globalnews.ca

Racial Profiling in Nova Scotia
Sobeys boycott to be expanded as grocer drops human rights appeal

One of Canada's largest grocery store chains has withdrawn an appeal of a human rights decision that found an employee discriminated against a black customer, but a group calling for a boycott of Sobeys says that action will continue.

The African United Baptist Association of Nova Scotia says the boycott of Sobeys stores in the province will grow to all of Atlantic Canada unless the company acknowledges the problem of racial profiling.

On Friday, the company announced it was dropping its appeal of a finding by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission that one of the store's employees racially profiled a black customer.

Peter Doucette, the Sobeys Atlantic general manager, said in a statement that the appeal was withdrawn as part of a settlement reached with the human rights commission. cbc.ca

RCC Retailer Alert: Gift Card Scam
RCC has been made aware of a gift card scam which is affecting some Canadian Consumers. While the victim is the customer, we recognize the major inconvenience this is causing Members.

The Scam: The fraudster calls an unknowing customer at their home with one of several fabricated stories involving back taxes owed, or a jailed nephew. The concerned customer is convinced by the fraudster to buy gift cards as a way of transferring monies to the fraudster to clear their tax bill, or bail their relative out of jail. For the most part this has been with iTunes gift cards (as they are easily converted to cash without requiring the physical card present). Later, the fraudster calls back and obtains the card numbers and pins over the phone from the customer who unsuspectingly purchased a block of cards from a local store. The virtual cards are subsequently redeemed (amounts up to $6000 at one time). When the customer realizes this is a scam, they attempt to refund the physical cards at the retailer from which they were purchased only to find out the balance is zero!

Call to Action: RCC has been in contact with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre which has provided material that can be used to notify your customers of this scam which in one city alone is netting over $100,000 per month.  ● Scam Alert for Companies  ● Scam Alert for Customers     retailcouncil.org

Trader Joe's standoff: Appeal court hears case of B.C. man reselling groceries
A U.S. court has the authority to hear a trademark lawsuit by grocery chain Trader Joe's against a man who buys the company's products and resells them in Vancouver at Pirate Joe's, a store designed to mimic a real Trader Joe's, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a district court's decision to dismiss California-based Trader Joe's federal trademark claims.

The district court in Washington state said it lacked authority to hear those claims because the defendant's alleged trademark violations occurred in Canada and Trader Joe's had failed to clearly explain how they affected U.S. commerce.

Trader Joe's does not have stores in Canada. The company sued Hallatt in 2013, alleging he drove across the border to a Trader Joe's store in Washington state, bought the company's products and resold them at higher prices at his Vancouver store.

A Trader Joe's store refused to sell to Hallatt, but he put on disguises to avoid detection, shopped at other stores as far away as California and hired others to shop for him, the company said in its lawsuit. It estimated Hallatt had spent more than $350,000 on its products.

Hallatt said his business was lawful. He provided a service to Canadians who wanted Trader Joe's products but didn't want to go through the trouble of travelling to the U.S. to get them.

In court documents responding to the lawsuit, Hallatt said he never represented himself as an authorized reseller of Trader Joe's products or as an affiliate of Trader Joe's. ctvnews.ca

Quebec hearings begin into who knew what regarding sale of Rona to Lowe's
The former chief of staff to a cabinet minister who has just resigned contradicted his ex-boss Thursday at a special legislature hearing into the controversial purchase of hardware firm Rona Inc. by Lowe's.

Pierre Ouellet told committee members that Jacques Daoust was informed about the intention of government agency Investissement Quebec to sell its 11 million Rona shares for $140 million in 2014, two years before Lowe's paid $3.2 billion for the Quebec giant.

Daoust, who was economy minister in 2014, has always maintained he and the government were not consulted about the sale of the Rona shares before it took place.

Ouellet told the committee, however, that Daoust knew of the intention to sell. Daoust was later named transport minister but resigned last week after some of Ouellet's 2014 emails were leaked to the media and which seemed to indicate the then-economy minister knew about the divestment of Rona shares.

Quebec's opposition parties say the government did nothing to prevent a company considered important to the province's pride and identity from being sold to Americans.  ctvnews.ca

Retail Sales in Canada Continue Ticking Upward
Retail sales in Canada were up about 2.9% in Q2 2016 compared with the same period the prior year, according to data from Statistics Canada. The increase came after stronger 4.5% growth in Q1.
This year's retail sales-excluding sales from pure-play digital retailers-have repeated the traditional pattern of a post-holiday Q1 slump each year followed by a return to form in Q2. This year, Q2 sales were up nearly 23% over the previous quarter, for example-though they were just 2.3% higher than sales in Q4 2015.

eMarketer estimates that total retail sales in 2016 will reach C$522.62 billion ($408.78 billion) in 2016, up 1.7% over 2015. Retail ecommerce sales will grow much faster, by 14.9%, but still account for just 6.5% of the total. eemarketer.com

Tommy Bahama Ramps Up Canadian Expansion

Quebec City police raid shop, arrest six with selling cannabis

Uniglo 1st Canadian Store Opening at Eaton Square Sept. 30th

Montreal man gets 3.5 years for Birks Jewelry store heist
Wiping tears from his eyes, Rida Naim listened as a judge sentenced him for a brazen daytime robbery at a downtown Saskatoon jewelry store, calling the crime "terrifying and dangerous."

Four men stormed into Birks around 10 a.m. on Feb. 1, 2014. Without saying a word to the two clerks working that morning, they started smashing display cases with crowbars and stuffing Rolex watches and other jewelry into duffel bags. The whole thing was caught on surveillance video. A van was later found burning on the street. It took just over a minute for the men to steal $500,000 worth of goods and cause $200,000 worth of damage to the store.

The 26-year-old from Montreal pleaded guilty to robbery and conspiring to commit arson. The Crown stayed a charge of wearing a mask while committing an offence. thestarphoenix.com

Victoria Police warn of ATM skimming devices
Victoria Police investigators are warning the public after three separate ATM "skimmers" were found on machines in high-traffic areas of the city.  cheknewsw.ca

Grande Prairie, AB: RCMP looking for man involved in Armed Robbery at Macs

Windsor Police search for convenience store Armed Robbery suspect

Manitoba: Man Dressed as Hockey Goalie Steals Beer in Smash & Grab Burglary

Nanaimo RCMP search for two men suspected of using stolen credit cards

Armed robberies of Kitchener, On., variety stores

Toronto man sentenced to four years in prison for $2 Million Fraud involving ID, credit cards

Kitchener, ON: Waterloo Regional Police seeking 19 year old Man wanted for series of Armed Robberies

Saskatchewan: Thieves steal ATM from bank, dragging it down street with truck

Innovators in EAS-Video-RFID

WG Security is guaranteed to have a technologically advanced answer to your security monitoring questions. With their international staff of engineers and outside-the-box thinking that their competitors just can't match, WG is bringing loss prevention solutions into the 21st century and beyond. Ed Wolfe, VP of Business Development, tells us about the amazing response to WG's Ninja Tag and how retailers have found a huge savings in time and money when compared to other EAS box tags.

LPNN Quick Take #14

Jeremy Grahn, Corporate LP Manager for Bi-Mart, and winner of the 2016 GLPS Contest, shares the story behind the '50s-themed photo that won him a free trip to NRF Protect. Then Amber and Joe quiz him on texting acronyms.

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us


The Ever-Rising Cost of Fraud 
According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the money lost by businesses to fraudsters amounts to over $3.5 trillion each year. And as the Global Fraud Attack Index, a PYMNTS/Forter collaboration, illustrates, the cost of fraud is only accelerating; it's getting more expensive, it's happening more often and the number of account takeovers is rising dramatically.

The Q3 Global Fraud Attack Index data indicates that instances of fraud are on the rise, growing by 126 percent in the last year. Fraud attacks more than doubled between Q2 2015 and Q1 2016, and attacks also rose 27 percent from Q4 2015 to Q1 2016.

Account takeovers are quickly emerging to become one of the most common forms of fraud, according to the latest index findings. As of Q1 2016, they accounted for 2 percent of fraud activity in Europe, 4 percent in the United States and more than 25 percent of attempts around the world.

As if an increase in the number of fraud attempts wasn't worrisome enough, the cost of dealing with those fraud attempts is also on the rise. According to the index, the reach of fraud attacks has grown substantially from the beginning of 2015, when less than $2 out of every $100 was subject to a fraud attack. In Q1 2016, the reach of fraud attacks climbed to affect more than $7 out of every $100.

Fraud's increasing cost is, in large part, tied to the progression of fraud prevention, Andrews explained. As hackers and other bad actors become more sophisticated, merchants and security firms have to invest more money to stop them."This is an evolution from the early days of fraud detection systems, running and catching frauds in the earliest days of authentication," he said.

For merchants looking to balance protection from these more expensive and frequent fraud attacks with a straightforward and pleasant customer experience, there are some good examples to follow, Andrews pointed out.

He said that companies need to work with customers so they feel confident fraudsters are being kept at bay. pymnts.com

Malls are still being crushed by the 'Amazon threat'
Amazon and its ecommerce brethren just keeps eating into the retail pie.

Mike Baker, a research analyst at Deutsche Bank, noted that the share of overall retail sales (excluding the volatile autos and gas) that is going to e-commerce continues to expand.

Additionally, noted Baker, roughly 40% of the growth in total retail sales this year has come from e-commerce, which means online retail is only going to take a bigger and bigger piece of the pie going forward.

The big winner in all of this, said Baker, appears to be Amazon which not only is the fastest growing online retailer but accounted for 10% of the total retail sales growth - on and offline - over the first six months of the year.

"This continues to highlight the importance that e-commerce continues to play in any retailer's strategy, particularly with regard to how a retailer will deal with the Amazon threat," concluded Baker.

So ecommerce continues to grab market share, Amazon continues to own the ecommerce space, and brick-and-mortar retailers are still posting sales declines. Welcome to the new reality of retail. businessinsider.com

Online Purchases via Apple Pay & Android Pay to Reach $8Bn by 2018, Up Fifteen-fold from 2016

Fencing Operation: N and P Discount Tobacco and Beer Market in Nashville raided
A three-month investigation into N & P Discount Tobacco & Beer Market's alleged dealings with stolen merchandise resulted in today's police department raid on the business and the seizure of cigarettes, energy drinks, laundry detergent, batteries, and various clothing items. Detectives also seized a stolen pistol from the market.

Beginning in May, Pawn & Fraud Unit detectives investigated the market, located at 3002 Clarksville Pike. The market's owner/operator, Nabih Zaher, 59, is alleged to have purchased merchandise on seven separate occasions from a police operative who clearly represented the items as being stolen. Zaher paid the operative about a third of what the merchandise was actually worth.

Charges are anticipated against Zaher.

Kroger Organized Retail Crime personnel assisted in this investigation. nashville.gov


Orland Park, IL: Sledgehammer-Swinging Suspect in $11,000 Target Smash and Grab Arrested

Orland Park police have arrested one of three suspects they say stole more than $10,000 in goods from a Target store earlier this month. The trio walked into Target, 15850 94th Ave., mid-day on August 11, headed straight to the Apple display case and smashed into it with a sledgehammer, police said Tuesday. They then loaded up bags with nearly $11,000 in products, before fleeing the store in two different cars. patch.com

Police search for pair who stole $6k worth of purses from Md. bridal salon
Officers were called to the store shortly after 4 p.m. on July 25 after authorities said the salon's loss prevention officer was pepper sprayed by one of the robbers. They fled with purses that were valued at more than $5,900. washingtonpost.com

Alhambra, CA: Police arrested 3 woman for stealing power tools from several Home Depot stores
TThree women, one carrying a 5-month-old baby girl, allegedly stole power tools worth $759 from a local Home Depot Monday but didn't get away. Police pulled over their car. The trio are also suspected of hitting Home Depots in Burbank and Glendale the same day. Alhambra Police Sgt. Jerry Johnson said officers found additional power tools in the car. He said the tools in the Burbank theft were valued at $1,195 but he didn't have an amount for the tools stolen in Glendale. pasadenastarnews.com

Highland, CA: San Bernardino-area gang member arrested for stealing thousands of dollars in lottery tickets and beer from a Highland market
Just after 12:30 a.m., the sheriff's station in Highland received a call from someone who said they could see three people with bolt cutters and crowbars trying to break into the Savers Market. subsun.com

Arnold, MO: Woman admits to $1,454 thefts from 2 area Target stores
A 41-year-old Arnold woman admitted to Police she was involved in the theft of Fitbots from both the Arnold, MO and Fairview Heights, IL Target stores. myleaderpaper.com

Troy, MI: Mom shoplifts $700 of merchandise with baby, stroller inside Macy's

North Lebanon, PA: Ishia Arroyo, 28 was charged with retail theft for stealing $1,110 worth of baby formula and other merchandise from Weise

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, which might fuel even more jobs and funding. Share your ORC News and help the industry! 

14 Baltimore retailers indicted for $16 million food stamp fraud
A federal grand jury has returned nine separate indictments charging a total of 14 retail store operators for committing food stamp fraud and wire fraud in connection with schemes to illegally redeem food stamp benefits in exchange for cash.

The indictments allege the retailers received over $16 million in federal payments for transactions in which they did not provide any food, a fraud scheme commonly known as "food stamp trafficking." Stores allegedly split the proceeds with food stamp recipients. The indictments were unsealed Tuesday after arrests of the defendants, officials said.

Over 300 members of law enforcement participated in the arrests and execution of a total of 26 search warrants at the stores and related locations this morning. In addition, 46 bank accounts were seized." wbaltv.com


DEA Has 1 Locked Up Following Louis Mall Shooting
A Cicero man was being held for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration at the Will County jail the morning after agents gunned a man down outside the Louis Joliet mall.

Fernando Gondinez, 44, was booked into custody just before midnight Tuesday. DEA agents shot a man during a drug investigation in the mall parking lot about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. The wounded man was also apprehended, police said.

Special Agent Leo Hawkins, the DEA’s Chicago spokesman, would not comment on the shooting Tuesday and has yet to provide information on the incident. patch.com

Robberies & Thefts

Haines City, FL: Auto Zone Worker Charged With Stealing Over $2500 In Merchandise

Anderson, IN: Five attempted Armed Robberies committed by the Same Man in just over One Hour

Credit Card

Ridgeland, MS: Police searching for 2 women for $600 fraudulent purchase of merchandise and gift cards


Waynesboro, VA: Customer detects skimming device at DuPont Community Credit Union 

Adalberto's - San Diego, CA - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Mobile, AL - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Baton Rouge, LA - Robbery
Circle K - Shiloh, IL - Armed Robbery
CVS - Anderson, IN - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Cleveland, OH - Burglary/ 4 arrested
Handy Mart - Pikeville, NC - Armed Robbery/ Shooting
Hawkins Mill Market - Raleigh, NC - Shooting/ 1 killed
Johnson's General Store - Wichita, KS -Armed Robbery
Lake Worth Pharmacy - Fort Worth, TX - Armed Robbery
Little General - Belton, SC - Robbery
Low Bobs - Bloomington, IN - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
Pilot - Daleville, IN - Armed Robbery
Rent-a-Center - Carlsbad, CA - Armed Robbery
Rural King - Bloomington, IN - Robbery
Savers Market - Highland, CA - Burglary
Sunset Cleaners - Redding, CA - Armed Robbery
Taco Bell/ KFC - Houston, TX - Burglary
Walgreens - Roanoke, VA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Oklahoma City, OK - Armed Robbery

Featured Job Alert Spotlights

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce
Vancouver, BC, Canada
As the Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce, you will have the opportunity to create, manage and improve loss within Supply Chain and eCommerce and help drive the bottom line of our business...


Regional Asset Protection Manager (Field)
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Responsible for planning, developing and executing a comprehensive Asset Protection Program for a single business unit within HDS tailored to unique business needs. Define success across the unit in theft and fraud / operational loss prevention. Drive a program to protect the assets of the business...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Greencastle, IN

The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

AP Safety Specialist
Miami, FL
The safety specialist, asset protection, will oversee safety practices within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the safety program designed to minimize associate and customer accidents...

Senior Manager Region Asset Protection
Columbia, SC
The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region. This leader will direct and supervise a team of asset protection professionals and will have complete responsibility for managing investigations and auditing programs to ensure effectiveness and departmental compliance...

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Ian Roarke was named Loss Prevention Specialist for Amazon.

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Managing your career upwards requires a vision of where you want to go and how you're going to get there. Other than personal performance, one of the primary factors is who you know and how you develop those relationships. Everything you read talks about managing relationships around you in your current role, but the real key is the relationships you have outside your role or your company and not just in the LP community but with successful operators outside your current scope. If you expect to truly excel in your career, you've got to expand your contacts and develop them as you would the operator beside you. Obviously, this can be difficult and slow to progress. But give it some thought for the new year and set some goals of meeting new executives and expanding your circle. Because one person, one contact, can make a difference and you never know who that might be.

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