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 September 2, 2014


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Dion Davis, CFI was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for Jos. A. Bank Clothier and the Men's Wearhouse.  Dion was previously the Owner/Lead Consultant for T&D Davis LLC. His security and loss prevention experience comes from his leadership positions at such retailers as Nationwide Furniture where he was the Director of Loss Prevention, Spencer Gifts as their Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Lord & Taylor as their District Loss Prevention Manager, and Funcoland/GameStop as the RLPM. He is also a member of the IOBSE. Dion earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from University of Maryland University College and went on to acquire his Masters degree in Criminal Justice Administration from University of Maryland University College. Congratulations Dion!

Banks: Credit Card Breach at Home Depot
Multiple banks say they are seeing evidence that Home Depot stores may be the source of a massive new batch of stolen credit and debit cards that went on sale this morning in the cybercrime underground. Home Depot says that it is working with banks and law enforcement agencies to investigate reports of suspicious activity. Home Depot spokesperson Paula Drake confirmed that the company is investigating. can confirm we are looking into some unusual activity and we are working with our banking partners and law enforcement to investigate,” Drake said, reading from a prepared statement. “Protecting our customers’ information is something we take extremely seriously, and we are aggressively gathering facts at this point while working to protect customers. If we confirm that a breach has a occurred, we will make sure customers are notified immediately. Right now, for security reasons, it would be inappropriate for us to speculate further – but we will provide further information as soon as possible.” There are signs that the perpetrators of this apparent breach may be the same group of Russian and Ukrainian hackers responsible for the data breaches at Target, Sally Beauty and P.F. Chang’s, among others. The banks contacted by this reporter all purchased their customers’ cards from the same underground store – rescator[dot]cc — which on Sept. 2 moved two massive new batches of stolen cards onto the market. (Source krebsonsecurity.com)

Fast-Food Workers Seeking $15 Wage Are Planning Civil Disobedience Thursday in 100 cities- Near any of your stores?  The next round of strikes by fast-food workers demanding higher wages is scheduled for Thursday, and this time labor organizers plan to increase the pressure by staging widespread civil disobedience and having thousands of home-care workers join the protests. The organizers say fast-food workers — who are seeking a $15 hourly wage — will go on strike at restaurants in more than 100 cities and engage in sit-ins in more than a dozen cities. “On Thursday, we are prepared to take arrests to show our commitment to the growing fight for $15,” said Terrence Wise, a Burger King employee in Kansas City, Mo., and a member of the fast-food workers’ national organizing committee. At a convention that was held outside Chicago in July, 1,300 fast-food workers unanimously approved a resolution calling for civil disobedience as a way to step up pressure on the fast-food chains.  (Source nytimes.com)

Hired Hacker Gets His Own Credit Card Stolen in Retail Penetration Test - They'll be stealing numbers for years to come  While conducting a penetration test of a major Canadian retailer, Rob VandenBrink bought something from the store. He later found his own credit card number buried in its systems, a major worry. The retailer, which has hundreds of stores across Canada, otherwise had rock-solid security and was compliant with the security guidelines known as the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), said VandenBrink, a consultant with the IT services company Metafore. But a simple configuration error allowed him to gain remote access. From there, he found the retailer was vulnerable to the same problem that burned Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, UPS Store and others: card data stored in memory that is vulnerable to harvesting by malicious software. So why are the data thieves winning? Security analysts say point-of-sale malware is neither new nor particularly sophisticated. But the latest security specification, PCI-DSS version 3.0, doesn't mandate that merchants use technologies that encrypt card data from the moment a person's card is swiped, referred to as point-to-point encryption. The PCI Security Standards Council, which develops PCI-DSS, did recommend last Wednesday that merchants switch to using that kind of encryption technology. But retailers often have long technology refresh cycles, so it could be five to seven years before most move to it. Fraud is expected to migrate from big retailers that resolve the weaknesses to smaller ones who have not. "In general, I think we are stuck with these point of sale breaches for many years," Litan said. (Source csoonline.com)

More Workers Are Claiming ‘Wage Theft’
Some federal and state officials agree. They assert that more companies are violating wage laws than ever before, pointing to the record number of enforcement actions they have pursued. They complain that more employers — perhaps motivated by fierce competition or a desire for higher profits — are flouting wage laws. Many business groups counter that government officials have drummed up a flurry of wage enforcement actions, largely to score points with union allies. If anything, employers have become more scrupulous in complying with wage laws, the groups say, in response to the much publicized lawsuits about so-called off-the-clock work that were filed against Walmart and other large companies a decade ago. David Weil, the director of the federal Labor Department’s wage and hour division, says wage theft is surging because of underlying changes in the nation’s business structure. (Source nytimes.com)

'Backoff' more wide spread than FBI's initial warning of 1,000 companies

Dollar General won't give up - Increases offer for Family Dollar to $9.1B - Offers to close 1,500 stores to counter antitrust concerns

Single-use plastic-bag ban goes to California governor - 1st state to do so

Quarterly Sale Store Sales Results

Conn's Q2 up 11.7% with sales up 30.4%
Toys R Us Q2 domestically up 1.5% with net sales u 2.7%
Belk Q2 up 0.6% with sales up 0.8%
PacSun Q2 up 0.3%

Last week's most popular news article --

Another Target Stores Data Breach - Hacking Crew Figured Out Target's Red Card Sequencing System - Hundreds of Customers Impacted for $200K+  Postal inspectors served two search warrants in Stockton, California, Thursday seizing everything from computers inside the homes to the contents of vehicles outside. The search warrant affidavit details a sophisticated scheme to obtain Target Red Card holder's credit card numbers. Suspect Boone B. Khoonsrivong was tracked down in April. He allegedly told investigators he had a degree in computer science and had figured out Target's credit card sequencing system, which allowed him to make counterfeit cards. The cards were used to buy at least $200,000 in merchandise and may have compromised hundreds of customer's accounts. (Source news10.net)

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Leading the way with higher education – Northern Michigan University

Dan Faketty & Professor Bob Hanson

Dan Faketty, VP of Asset Protection for Bi-Lo Holdings, and Bob Hanson, Professor and LP Coordinator for Northern Michigan University, discuss the importance of education in Loss Prevention and the development of executives throughout their careers. Dan talks about the objectives and initiatives of the NRF’s Education Committee, for which he is acting chairman. While Professor Hanson tells us about the highly successful LP program he’s led at NMU over the years and how it has added value to the industry.

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NEXT UP - Coming Sept. 8
Preparing - Training - Responding to the Active Shooter
Rich Mel
lor, Sr. Advisor Asset Protection, NRF

LPNN Quick Take #13

In this LPNN Quick Take, hear from Joe LaRocca and Co-MC Ed Wolfe, VP Business Development Manager for WG Security Products. Listen in as Co-MC Ed Wolfe, who has many years in the retail industry; speaks about working with service providers and WG. He discusses what makes WG different. Ed also gives his take on the future and what WG will be working on. Lastly, Ed offers his advice to someone considering going into a different line of work in retail.

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Online payments providers affected by consumers' fraud-related fears
49% of internet users worldwide felt vulnerable while shopping online or making online transactions, a recent report shows. According to a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, 42% of users would use online payment systems more often if they felt they were protected from cyber fraud. Findings indicate that 62% of users fear financial fraud on the internet, while 40% of those who make payments online are sure that even the official mobile applications offered by financial companies require more protection before they are truly secure. In addition, 37% of users report terminating a financial operation in the middle of the process because they were unsure about the security of the transaction. (Source thepaypers.com)

The Downside of Mobile Commerce
Retailers love M-Commerce in all of its forms, whether it’s in-store barcode scanning, shopping while riding the subway or trying out a mobile payment methods. But an alert from Seeking Alpha points out the payments dark side of that mobile madness: the very real potential for huge margin shrinkage. The alert specifically focused on the popular price comparison mobile apps. The impact is that retailers—both physical and virtual—are feeling pressured to shave off however much they can from prices, to look better to the pricing bots and slashing margins in the effort. (Source pymnts.com)

43% increase in online sales has Belk expanding it's e-commerce DC




The New Mafia: Battling Hackers Like Organized Crime  Recruiting and researching the hacker community could boost cybersecurity. Hackers can be tough opponents because the best of them share ideas online about new ways to attack networks and how to hide from law enforcement. Gangs in nations like Russia or China can be particularly resourceful and dangerous, especially since governments there are secretly sponsoring hackers' efforts and protecting them from international law enforcement, a former top FBI official tells U.S. News. To counter well-connected hackers, the FBI and other agencies have been treating them like “a new kind of organized crime” by chasing, researching and recruiting them with methods similar to those used against the Mafia. (Source usnews.com)

The widespread number of POS terminals allowing admin privileges are dangerous for retailers - "Permissions are the low hanging fruit"  Remote management tools used to maintain payment systems are consistently targeted by attackers to infect systems. But one of the biggest problems, and the most serious lapses, is the widespread number of terminals configured to run with administrative privileges. Once a successful malware infection takes place, a remote attacker can do just about anything as long as they keep their activity stealthy. "Permissions are the low hanging fruit," says Nir Valtman of security testing firm Crowdome. "Memory scraping works because there are high privileges and it means that sometimes it allows specific read-write access for certain applications." Target was the victim of a custom version of the BlackPOS memory-scraping malware. (Source crn.com)



Partnership between police and local retailers nets organized retail thieves trafficking stolen property  Yesterday morning Renton police seized more than 200 cans of baby formula destined for the black market of Vietnam, following a year-long investigation. The formula, valued at about $5,400 is back in the hands of Safeway and QFC, just two of the many retailers targeted by thieves in recent months. The suspect, Nguyen Tran Nguyen, has been booked for Felony Investigation of Attempted Trafficking in Stolen Property 1st Degree. Utilizing undercover officers investigators contacted a couple, Whitney Dale-Benson and Christopher Gannon, who offered to sell investigators several cans of stolen baby formula. The investigators developed a relationship with the couple, known thieves in the area of Organized Retail Theft, who stole thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise during the course of this investigation. The relationship led to the identification of Nguyen as the person who had previously purchased their stolen goods. During a five month period in 2014, Nguyen purchased from investigators more than $26,000 in what she believed to be stolen merchandise. She told investigators that she shipped the stolen baby formula to “her sister in Vietnam.” “Organized Retail Crime is a growing issue for retailers and for law enforcement. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Safeway and QFC; without their assistance this case would not have come to fruition,” said Chief Kevin Milosevich. Thanks Denny Dansak for this story! (Source rentonwa.gov)

Man who made $600K using stolen credit-card numbers pleads guilty
A Bronx man pleaded guilty Thursday to managing a $600,000 scheme involving nearly 200 stolen credit-card numbers. Luis Tavarez, 34, and four others allegedly got the numbers from Web sites where users sell and exchange credit-card information. Tavarez put the stolen account information onto counterfeit cards and used them to make hundreds of unauthorized purchases. (Source nypost.com)

Two charged with large scale theft ring in Chicago hitting Target stores  A regional fraud investigator for Target Corporation said the two men, spotted at the store in Destin, were believed to be part of a ring involved with altering or modifying receipts and returning merchandise. The men are accused of altering receipts to return single items at the price of two of the items. Each man received more than $1,200 in fraudulent returns in Destin, according to the arrest reports. The men’s vehicle was searched and investigators found wireless baby monitors, Bluetooth equipments, numerous Target bags, receipts and other items, the release said. An active multi-jurisdictional investigation into the scheme is underway. (Source nwfdailynews.com)

Two member ORC gang busted hitting Lowe's screen-stealing scheme in Orlando  Two Orlando men are facing charges out of Polk County, one suspected of stealing fiberglass screens from area Lowe's home-improvement stores while the other acted as a lookout, the Sheriff's Office said. Hamlin told deputies he had been driven to the store by 51-year-old Vincent Wilkinson, who would act as a lookout while Hamlin stole rolls of screen for Wilkinson's screening company, V's Screening. The Polk County Sheriff's Office said the two men face organized retail crime charges. Wilkinson fled from the Lakeland store when Hamlin was apprehended.  (Source orlandosentinel.com)

Two women charged with felony organized retail crime enterprise in Rochester, NY hitting Walmart stores  The two women charged with felony organized retail crime enterprise — for allegedly stealing items from Walmart and returning them for a gift card — pleaded not guilty and waived arraignment at Strafford County Superior Court this week. Samantha Beyer, 23, and Audrey Morelle, 45, both of 26 Liberty Cir., Milton, allegedly worked together to commit theft at Rochester’s Walmart in January, in a for-profit scheme.  (Source fosters.com)

Brooklyn Couple uses fake credit cards to buy $100K worth of baby formula
They had a formula for making money. Cops have charged a Brooklyn couple with using phony credit cards to buy more than $100,000 worth of Enfamil baby formula from a wholesale chain and shipping it to China. Zhao Rong, 26, and Chen Xun, 31, used different Citi­Bank credit cards to buy the formula from various BJ’s Wholesale outlets. But store workers got suspicious when the purchases were made with the same BJ’s membership card. BJ’s and the bank alerted the NYPD’s new citywide grand-larceny unit. The next time the membership card was used, the unit caught up with the couple at a BJ’s in The Bronx. (Source nypost.com)

Oshawa credit card thief racks up $3,000 in purchases within minutes

Duo nabbed for theft of two $3,000 rings from Cromwell, VA Kmart 

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Officer involved shooting, 2 crime scenes remain active in Reno, NV  Multiple law enforcement agencies are on the scene of two active crime scenes in Reno. The first, at the Shoppers Square Mall on Plumb Lane, the second outside of the Peppermill Casino on Virginia Street. Just after 5 p.m. on Sunday evening, officers with the Reno Police Department responded to reports of a robbery at the CVS drugstore located inside the Shoppers Square mall. Shortly after the call was made, a high speed pursuit ensued down Virginia Street, and ended in front of the Peppermill where there was a shooting involving police officers. According to Lieutenant Oliver Miller with the Reno Police Department, the suspect was taken into custody and is currently at Renown medical center, his condition is unknown. The man who was shot outside of the Peppermill is dead, News 4 has confirmed this with Washoe County Lt. Tom Green. Lt. Green also says a second gunshot victim from the Shopper's Square scene is at Renown, his condition is unknown though. (Source mynews4.com)

"Intense Loss Prevention takedown" of Shoplifter trying to knife LP officers at Wal-Mart in Canada  The video shows two Loss Prevention Officers at Wal Mart on Stony Plain Road and 185th Street trying to apprehend a suspect who is thought to have shoplifted. The suspect allegedly pulls a knife and tries to stab the two LPO’s. Police have confirmed they did respond to an altercation at around 8pm August 28th and arrested a shoplifting suspect. He was treated for minor injuries on scene. Investigators are not able to comment of video or actions by LPO and full context of video is still being investigated. Police say there are no charges against the LPO’s at this point. The suspect has now been charged with assault with a weapon, assault to overcome arrest, theft under $5,000, possession of weapon dangerous to the public and two charges of breach. (Source 630ched.com)

7-Eleven Clerk Stabbed During Apparent Robbery In Rancho Cucamonga

Retail theft suspect takes off, leaves baby at Rostraver Township Walmart

Suspects use hammer, guns to hold up Fort Wayne, IN liquor store

Police still searching for two suspects after an arrest is made in Summers County robberies 

Customers Help Stop Robbery At Washington Goodwill

Two suspects take $14,999 earrings  Richmond Heights, MO Jared's store in grab and run

Walgreens time-delay safe discourages would-be armed robber Saturday morning in Tulsa

Food Lion Manager Pistol-Whipped During Robbery in North Carolina 

Police investigate smash-and-grab robbery at Popeyes in Houston, TX

Hadley, MA police seeking identity of woman using stolen credit card at Target store

Man Arrested For Trying To Steal televisions From Glenpool, OK Walmart

Macon store employees robbed while making bank deposit

Woman hides stolen ring by swallowing it

Belmont Beverage - Fort Wayne, IN - Burglary
Cumberland Farms - Wallingford, VT - Armed Robbery
Dari-Del - Utica, NY - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Louisville, OH - Armed Robbery
Fred's Super Dollar - Portageville, MO - armed robbery
Hamilton Ave. C-Stores - St. John's, Canada - armed robbery
Kem Co - Burlington, NC - Armed Robbery
New Dorp Pharmacy - Staten Island, NY - Burglary
Park Street Liquors Uptown - Butte, MT - Burglary
Red Roof Inn - North Charleston, SC - Armed Robbery
Rip's Food Store - York County, VA - Robbery
Safeway - Canton, OH - Armed Robbery w/ video
Shell - Puyallup, WA - Armed Robbery

Target - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery
Tedeschi Food Shop - Tewksbury, MA - armed robbery
Texaco - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery - clerk shot
Walmart - Waterford, CT - Robbery
Walgreens - Tulsa, OK - armed robbery - suspect demanded painkillers



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Regional LP & Safety Director Younkers Okemos, MI The Bon Ton Stores
Regional LP Director Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Sr Manager of LP Dunkin' Brands Dallas, TX Dunkin' Brands
Sr LP Analyst Dunkin' Brands Canton, MA Dunkin' Brands
Corporate Investigator Confidential San Francisco Bay, CA Confidential
AP Analyst Northgate Markets Anaheim, CA Northgate Markets
Regional LP Manager The Vitamin Shoppe Chicago, IL The Vitamin Shoppe
National Account Manager Vector Security, Inc TBD Vector Security, Inc
AP Manager Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
AP Analyst Bi-Lo Holdings Baldwin, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
AP Specialist Bi-Lo Holdings Savannah/Augusta, GA Bi-Lo Holdings
Bilingual AP Specialist Bi-Lo Holdings Miami, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
AP Supervisor Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
AP Associate Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
AP Associate Ralph Lauren Orlando, FL Ralph Lauren
LP Investigator Tom Thumb Dallas, TX Safeway
Investigator II SpartanNash Omaha, NE SpartanNash
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Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Rosedale, NY Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Gainesville, VA Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's San Bruno, CA Lowe's
AP Manager in Training Walmart Roanoke, VA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Franklin, VA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Altavista, VA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Spanish Fork, UT Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart South Haven, MI Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Indianapolis, IN Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Pearl, MS Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Hazlehurst, MS Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Tunkhannock, PA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Saline, MI Walmart
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Raleigh, NC Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Clarksburg, WV Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Sears Midland, TX Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Sears Enfield, CT Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Chicago, IL Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Sears Santa Rosa, CA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Hrly Kmart Lake Havasu City, AZ Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Hicksville, NY Sears Holdings Corp
Partner & AP Mgr, Corporate Investigations Starbucks Seattle, WA Starbucks
ETL Assets Protection Target Annapolis, MD Target
ETL Assets Protection Target Yuma, AZ Target
ETL Assets Protection Target Pleasant Prairie, WI Target
ETL Assets Protection Target San Francisco, CA Target
ETL Assets Protection Target Orange, CT Target
LP Manager Macy's Cincinnati, OH Macy's
LP Manager Macy's Bozeman, MT Macy's
Distribution Center LP Specialist TJ Maxx Nevada, US TJX Companies


Dion Davis, CFI was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for Jos. A. Bank Clothier and the Men's Wearhouse.
Amy Ritchie
was named District Director of Loss Prevention, Western Florida for Macy's.
Tom Seng was named Area Asset Protection Manager for Advance Auto Parts.
Jeff Turner was named Loss Prevention Supervisor for JC Penney.
Eric Mizner Sr. was named Loss Prevention Manager for Kmart.

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When employees don't have enough information about goals or maybe projects, mistakes can be made. Maybe they make the wrong decision, or maybe they don't make up their mind at all. The inability to act decisively can be crippling, so use these tips to help your employees take action. (Work outside the box)

Who's Being Left Out on Your Team
Feeling left out is more impactful to an employees' self esteem than we may know. In a recent survey researchers found that feeling left out at work did greater harm to employees' happiness than harassment! Use these tips to create an environment where everyone feels valued. (Set an example)

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How to Keep it Together at Work When Your Personal Life is a Mess  We have all been there; trying to keep your composure at work when your life outside of work is crazy. You may even find yourself losing it a bit at work even though you're doing all you can to keep it together. Here are some tips to help make it easier. (You're not alone)

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