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2016's GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time

Belk's Regional Loss Prevention Manager Annual Planning Meeting in Birmingham, AL

"Protecting Our Brand"

Back Row: Weldon Rodgers, Travis Beggs, Matthew Barnett, Gerald Dunbar, Mike Young, Michelle Barton, Debra Griffin, Sam Bailey, Darin Manigault, John Porter, Bernard Brown and Toby Steckler

Middle Row: Joseph Kirby, David Reed, Anthony Lopez, David Gaskins, Walley Smith, Hector Rivera, Adam Stern, Jo Bickford, Kim Auman-Fanning and Mike Massello

Front Row: Bob Vranek, Dennis Caruso, Alex Payne, Bob Swank, Thomas Thweatt, Paul Ferreri and Ed Pickett

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 Toys R Us Reg. LPM Who Killed Store Mgr.
                 Focus of ID Documentary series

Bernie Grucza, the Toys R Us Regional Loss Prevention Manager who murdered his store manager after he was caught stealing from the safe three years ago, is the subject of the TV documentary series Unraveled The show tells the shocking true stories of killers who murder innocent victims when their lives spin out of control. Authorities say that's what happened the day that Bernard 'Bernie' Grucza killed Toys R Us manager Larry Wells in the back office. The Unraveled episode featuring the Toys R Us killing is called "Thrill Seeker."

It was the summer of 2013, when a chaotic scene broke out at the Toys R Us store in Hamburg, New York. There, a well-respected regional manager of loss prevention brutally murdered Larry Wells, the store manager.

Police were called to the scene after coworkers discovered a badly injured Larry Wells inside the Toys R Us store. Among the sad employees in the parking lot outside the Toys R Us was Bernie Grucza. At the time, no one knew that he was the killer.

Police had few clues that pointed to the killer's identity, and the case went ice cold. Four months later, detectives announced that they had Bernard Grucza in custody. His arrest rocked the Toys R Us community.

Video surveillance captured Bernie Grucza inside of the store holding a knife. Law enforcement officials say that Grucza arrived at the Toys R Us store that day to steal.

Records indicate that Bernie Grucza had financial problems stemming from his lavish lifestyle, which included expensive cars, a pool, and a beautiful home in Elma. After his finances had taken a dive, the man who had once enjoyed the prestige that being a regional manager provided, had to file bankruptcy. Then, Bernie Grucza devised a plan to steal from Toys R Us and was willing to kill anyone in his path that he might encounter.

While attorneys for Grucza describe a family man who desperately needed money to provide for his family, others say that Grucza abused and cheated on his wife and had shown episodes of violent behavior prior to the tragedy, according to Buffalo News.

In the end, Bernie Grucza finally admitted that he was the killer and pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of Larry Wells. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Unraveled airs this Thursday, September 8, at 9 p.m.
on Investigation Discovery

The Daily's Coverage of TRU Robbery-Murder

10/18/13: Special Report: New Revelations in Toys R Us Murder Case (with timeline of reported events)

4/7/14: Grucza pleads guilty, gets 25 years in prison (see Retail Crime column)

7/24/14: Widow of slain store manager speaks out (see top News column)

Barnes & Noble Senior LP Leader?
With the new senior management team that had orchestrated the change now gone, what happens to the open position?

As they basically walked in made significant management cuts across the company, so much so they themselves were shown the door, but the question remains who'll be leading their LP effort?

They were conducting an external search and had interviewed a number of executives. But now that the 'new' senior management team has been shown the door it's basically back to square one with a number of long term B&N executives having felt the blunt edge of a senior management team that lasted only a number months.

After having one of the strongest and most stable LP teams in America it's a shame to see it destabilized. Guess you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

Such is life in the retail football game as there's only two types of coaches: "Those that have been fired and those who are waiting to be fired". A quote from Bum Phillips, former Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons coach.

Converse Workers Say Nike Ruling Backs Security Bag-Check Class
Converse retail store employees urged a California federal judge Wednesday to certify their putative class action alleging they were shorted wages for time spent in off-the-clock security checks, arguing their bag-check claims match those off Nike retail workers who won certification in the same district in August. law360.com

Axis to sell and market Canon in North America
Axis Communications and Canon are changing their sales and marketing efforts in major regional markets worldwide in an effort to provide a wider portfolio of video products and solutions to their customers.  
As part of the agreement, Axis will assume responsibility for the marketing and sales of Canon's entire network video product portfolio in North America starting Oct. 1 and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa starting Sept. 1.

Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas, Axis Communications, Inc., said that these changes show Canon's strong commitment to build a long-term presence for Axis in the market. securitysystemsnews.com

Virtual Reality Simulator Teaches Active Shooter Preparedness
Countless acts of needless violence are committed every day, which makes active shooter preparedness more important than ever. That’s where Human Condition Safety (HCS) comes in. The New York-based company "helps workers and employers maintain the safest jobs sites in the world by using technology to reduce preventable injuries and deaths." HCS has been the leader in on-site job security technology employing the latest tech from wearable security sensors to artificial intelligence protection. So it’s no surprise that the forward-thinking company has dived head-first into virtual reality with their new immersive experience SurviVR. This scary-realistic simulator is a tool that instructs civilians on the proper survival skills necessary for handling scenarios such as mass shootings or hostage situations. vrscount.com

National Food Safety Month Spotlights Foodborne Illness Detection
The  National Restaurant Association has revealed this year's National Food Safety Month (NFSM) theme: "Notorious Virus"-how to protect against the leading causes of foodborne illness.

This year's NFSM campaign will focus on protecting against some of the leading causes of foodborne illness-Norovirus and Hepatitis A. The association will highlight the sources of these viruses and provide tips and tools on how to detect and prevent the spread of foodborne illness through proper hand washing and cleaning procedures. New training tools and resources will be made available each week, including activities, posters, infographics and videos.

The themes for each week include:: -Week 1: Viruses-Know The Basics -Week 2: Norovirus -Week 3: Hepatitis A -Week 4: Stop The Spread -Week 5: Keep Your Guests Safe theshelbyreport.com

Food Safety's Ripple Effect Impact
Wall Street Doubts Chipotle Will Ever Recover From E. Coli Outbreak

Wall Street has growing doubts that Chipotle will ever recover from the E. coli outbreak that sent its sales tumbling. The company's marketing strategy has become "stale" in the minds of consumers and that its millions of dollars in free food offers aren't working.

Saleh thinks Chipotle needs to fire workers to reduce its labor costs, and even suggests shifting away from "food with integrity" - which has long been the cornerstone of Chipotle's appeal and marketing strategy - to lower food expenses. According to Saleh, customers no longer trust the company's "food with integrity" promise. businessinsider.com

Hanjin Shipping's Troubles Leave $14 Billion in Cargo Stranded at Sea
Owners strive to recover their goods and get them to customers in wake of Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy filings.

Analysts don't expect the snarl to leave U.S. retailers with inventory shortfalls for the holidays, but the longer the logjam drags on, the greater the risk.

"This is not impacting store shelves now," said Nate Herman, a senior vice president for the American Apparel & Footwear Association.. "It will impact store shelves if the situation isn't resolved.""  wsj.com

Walgreens to Divest 500+ Stores for Pending Rite Aid Tie-up
Move expected to help satisfy FTC's review of acquisitionn. Walgreens now expects itt will be required to divest more than the 500 stores previously expected, but still fewer than 1,000. wsj.com

Weis Markets Hires External Recruiter to Locate New Senior Asset Protection Leader & Interviewing Internals

Petco opening 13 stores this month

NNEW Cargo Crime by John J. Coughlin BOOK (Hardback)

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
99 Cents Only Stores Q2 comp's up 1.1%, net sales up 1.6%
Barnes & Noble Education Q1 comp's down 2.8%, sales up 0.1%%
Pier 1 Imports Q2 comp's down 4.3%, net sales down 6.7%%
Conn's Q2 comp's down 4.6%, retail revenue up 2.1%%
Sears Canada Q2 comp's down 5.5%, sales down 15.6%%
Barnes & Noble Q1 comp's down 6%, total sales down 6.6%%

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ISCPO Hosts Successful 3rd Annual Conference: "Global Expansion of Business"

The International Supply Chain Protection Organization is kicked off their 3rd annual conference in Dallas, Texas hosted at the Fossil Worldwide Headquarters. Day one of the ISCPO Conference included a powerful presentation by our keynote speaker, Thomas Class, Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas FBI office. The day continued with presentations on topics as Leveraging a Global Supply Chain Security Program in a Volatile World, An HR and Employment Guide to the 2016 Political Season, Terrorism and the Supply Chain, Cargo Theft in the Underground Market, Tools for Tracking Product both On & Off the Grey/Black Market and Creating a 3PL Program from the Ground floor. The attendees also had an opportunity to review the ISCPO Transportation Carrier Certification Overview.

Our speakers included David Blackorby of Walmart, Liz D'Aloia of HR Vituoso, Steven Krupinsky of the Department of Homeland Security, JJ Coughlin of Texas Security Solutions, John Clark of PCI Services and Dave Roberts of Lasership, INC. The ISCPO was also able to make a $2,500.00 contribution to the Dallas Police Officers - "Assist The Officers" program.

The conference attendees were able to visit and connect with vendors in the exhibit hall. Vendors this year included Riskonnect, 7PSolutions, Off Duty Services, FreightWatch International, Metro One, Babaco Alarm Security, BSI Group, 3SI Security Systems, ShadowTrack 24/7, Transport Security, and CalAmp SCI.

Day one was capped off by the attendees visiting the Fossil Company Store for wonderful shopping experience. Day two will continue the excitement. Checkout the ISCPO website for organization details, membership opportunities and upcoming events.

For more pictures from the ISCPO 2016 conference, check out their Facebook page!

Thank you Byron Smith, Corporate Asset Protection Manager, 7-Eleven, Inc for the submission!

ISCPO presents their donation to the "Assist the Officer" Foundation of Dallas  Keynote Speaker, Thomas Class delivers a powerful presentation  
Attendees check out the BSI booth and learn about their EAS products  FreightWatch International educates attendees on their logistics security services 


Understanding criminal underground key to defence
Organisations can build better cyber defences by understanding which criminal underground is likely to target them, according to Robert McArdle, threat research team manager at Trend Micro.

There are several distinct types of cyber criminal undergrounds divided along language lines, each with their own particular characteristics, he told the Cloudsec 2016 conference in London.

The biggest and most mature are the Russian, English, German and Chinese cyber criminal undergrounds, but there also significant operations in Portuguese (Brazil) and Japanese.

"The all operate slightly differently and focus on different activities, so it depends on your business which of these undergrounds are the most likely to target your organization," said McArdle.

The Russian criminal underground is the longest-running, most mature criminal underground and was the first to introduce that as-as-service model, which has since been copied by most of the others.

The Russian cyber criminal underground is highly competitive, with most operations run along strict business principles, with some boasting dedicated sales departments and 24-hour support services.

The Trend Micro research team has identified several trends in the Russian underground, such as the fact that fierce competition is forcing prices lower, providing easier access to tools and services.

There has been a rapid increase in the number of tools and services targeting mobile devices and platforms in line with the growing popularity of mobile devices.

Another rapidly growing area is the trade in information about compromised sites that can be used in various cyber criminal campaigns.

Trade in credit card details continues to be strong on the Russian underground, with several sites dedicated to buying and selling this data.

"Some even have clickable maps that enable cyber criminals to view what credit cards are available in particular countries, cities and particular companies," said McArdle.

"We have also seen the emergence of star-rating systems and the introduction of validation services that allows customers to try before they buy," he said.

The Chinese underground is interesting, said McArdle, because although China is strongly associated with cyber espionage in the West, it is responsible for relatively little of run-of-the-mill cyber crime.

"Because of the language differences, the Chinese underground tends to build its own malware, does not rely on outside sources and mainly targets companies and individuals in China," he said.

Although there is a fair amount of cyber crime hardware produced in China, such as card skimming devices, this tends to be sold through the cyber criminal markets based in South America.

The English cyber criminal underground is characterised by a much greater focus on physical goods, such as recreational drugs and fake identity documents, in addition to malware and killers for hire.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) tools and services are very common in the English underground because they started out as tools developed by rival English-speaking gaming groups before migrating into extortion tools used by cyber criminals.

"We see a lot of tools and services for identity theft on the English underground, such as fake IDs, particularly in the US, where a stolen social security number can be used to impersonate someone to commit fraud by taking out loans, for example," said McArdle.

Although the Portuguese cyber criminal underground based in Brazil is still relatively immature, he said it is growing and developing rapidly, driven by excellent online tutorials.

"Our researchers came across a three-month tutorial programme for just 75 that is practically a masters-level course on every aspect of conducting carding operations, including practical assignments with feedback on performance," said McArdle.

The Japanese underground is one of the least mature cyber criminal undergrounds, said McArdle, and, like the Chinese, it tends to focus on Japanese-speaking customers and targets.

The German cyber criminal underground is the most mature in Europe and is not far behind the Russian underground.

There are a lot of overlaps with the Russian underground, especially in terms of fake identity goods and services driven by demand from the growing Syrian refugee population in Germany," said McArdle.

"Understanding attackers is key to understanding what you need to defend against and building a strategy for doing so," said McArdle. computerweekly.com

Central Station Alarm Association focuses on cybersecurity
At CSAA's upcoming annual meeting-to be held on Marco Island, Fla., Oct. 22 through 27-there will be a panel devoted to cybersecurity, which the association announced more about this week. Hauhn said that the annual meeting's cybersecurity panel was going to approach the subject in a new way, looking to focus on what companies should do about cybersecurity. "We are going to focus on something actionable. We are having experts talk about how to put a cyber protection program together."

CSAA is going to be looking at cloud based central station automation platforms in a similar way at the meeting. ssecuritysystemsnews.com



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Contact CAP Index today to learn how to unlock the power of data-driven crime risk intelligence that enables you to OUTSMART CRIME.




 NuTech National's
Retailer Call to Action -
Loss Prevention Simplified

NuTech National offers LP directors and managers a suite of tools to help simplify their jobs - from a full range of alarm detection systems for Intrusion, Fire, CCTV, Access Control, and EAS tags - to innovative solutions like NuTech Link, Smart Retail Alert, and Employee Watch. In this LPNN interview, Greg DeTardo, CEO, and Scott Evans, Director of National Sales, tell us how NuTech is constantly resetting the standard for retail by increasing technology and reducing cost.

2016 Group LP Selfie Awards

Pizza Party Drawing!


Gus Downing, NRF Protect Free Trip Winner Jeremy Grahn, and our friends from NuTech National select three new winners for the Daily's "Group LP Selfie" competition. See which LP teams won a free pizza party.

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Carnegie Mellon algorithm detects online fraudsters
Method sees through camouflage to reveal fake followers, reviewers

An algorithm developed at Carnegie Mellon University makes it easier to determine if someone has faked an Amazon or Yelp review or if a politician with a suspiciously large number of Twitter followers might have bought and paid for that popularity.

The method, called FRAUDAR, marks the latest escalation in the cat-and-mouse game played by online fraudsters and the social media platforms that try to out them. In particular, the new algorithm makes it possible to see through camouflage that fraudsters use to make themselves look legitimate, said Christos Faloutsos, professor of machine learning and computer science.

"We're not identifying anything criminal here, but these sorts of frauds can undermine people's faith in online reviews and behaviors," Faloutsos said. He noted most social media platforms try to flush out such fakery, and FRAUDAR's approach could be useful in keeping up with the latest practices of fraudsters.

The state-of-the-art for detecting fraudsters, with tools such as Faloutsos' NetProbe, is to find a pattern known as a "bipartite core." These are groups of users who have many transactions with members of a second group, but no transactions with each other. This suggests a group of fraudsters, whose only purpose is to inflate the reputations of others by following them, by having fake interactions with them, or by posting flattering or unflattering reviews of products and businesses.

But fraudsters have learned to camouflage themselves, Faloutsos said. They link their fraudulent accounts with popular sites or celebrities, or they use legitimate user accounts they have hijacked. FRAUDAR can prune away this camouflage. Essentially, the algorithm begins by finding accounts that it can confidently identify as legitimate -- accounts that may follow a few random people, those that post only an occasional review and those that otherwise have normal behaviors. eurekalert.org

How blockchain is eliminating online fraud
In order to mess with a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, a hacker would have to access simultaneously every single computer on the ledger, an act requiring the same computing power as a googolian or ten to the power of one hundred googles.

This essentially means blockchain has the potential to eliminate common frauds perpetrated online, such as "double spend", where two payments are made close together to dupe merchants into thinking they have been paid, when the money has actually been sent to a second digital wallet owned by the fraudster.

Is there a downside? Of course there is. For one the blockchain is immature and, while the core technology is secure, attempts to layer services on top have engineered vulnerabilities that hackers have exploited with some ease. raconteur.net 

US law enforcement throw online scam artists behind bars
On Wednesday, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) said that Chief U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola Jr. of the Southern District of Mississippi sentenced seven citizens for their roles in online fraud schemes, which included counterfeit checks, "mystery shopper" websites and fake work-from-home jobs.

According to Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, all seven were members of a "large scale" international fraud ring which also used online dating sites as a platform to coax lonely hearts out of their money.

In addition, the seven were involved in fraudulent mystery shopper and personal assistance job opportunities, in which victims -- believing they had legitimate work -- would be sent checks and instructions for various assignments. The checks, which were counterfeit, would bounce after the criminal ring received funds from victims, destined to be laundered in the US before transferring over to Nigeria.

This left victims liable for the checks and, in many cases, "hundreds of dollars" in bank fines and fees. zdnet.com

Kohl's will open its fifth e-commerce distribution center in Plainfield, IN

ORC Duo charged in Home Depot arson reject 10-year sentences
The two men charged in connection with an arson at the Home Depot in Kochville Township, MI., have rejected 10-year sentencing agreements and have elected for trial which may lead to longer sentences.

The men are charged with conducting a continuing criminal enterprise, single counts of third-degree arson and first-degree retail fraud, and separate counts of conspiring to commit those crimes. Prosecutors say Furline and Jenkins, who lived in Mount Morris in Genesee County, conspired to use the fire as a distraction to steal merchandise from the Home Depot.

The smoke from the fire got "really black, really fast, and there was a lot of it," said Marciak, the store clerk.

Furline-Walker said she and her son had done something similar the day before at the Home Depot at 4380 W. Corunna in Flint Township.

An affidavit for a search warrant authored by Saginaw County Sheriff's Detective Aaron Simons states a male placed a table saw on the shopping cart and that a woman pushed the cart out of the store following the fire. Twenty minutes later, at the Home Depot in Burton, the same male returned the saw.

Furline has at least 20 prior felony convictions, including recent ones that involved him assaulting police officers to the point that they were hospitalized, Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel has said. Jenkins has at least eight prior felony convictions dating to 1983.  mlive.com


Millbury, RI: Senior citizen shoplifter hits Target for $350 and Walmart for $700
Millbury Police were called to Target on Worcester Providence Turnpike. Linda M. Pernini, 65, was arrested and charged with larceny over $250 and receiving stolen property over $250. The Loss Prevention Department from Target stopped Pernini and found about $350 worth of merchandise in her vehicle. Millbury police also found about $700 worth of merchandise from Walmart. millburysutton.com

Strongsville, OH: Shoplifter uses wire cutters to remove EAS tag on 2 televisions
On Aug. 28, police were dispatched to Walmart after store security watched a man with an orange shirt and jeans steal two TVs. The thief also took wire cutters. He used them to take off the security tags. The man was arrested while attempting to leave the store. cleveland.com

Three Detroit men arrested at Kroger for Fraudulent Credit Card purchases of Gift Cards
""Due to the number of separate transactions being made, the loss prevention officer suspected a fraudulent or stolen credit card was being used to make the purchase," according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. Deputies arrested three Detroit area men for credit card fraud in two separate incidents, Aug. 31 and Sept. 2 at the Kroger store on Dixie Highway in Independence Township. clarkstonnews.com

Burbank, IL: Mother Encouraged Kids To Shoplift Crest Whitestrips
Jewel-Osco Loss prevention agent told police the kids tried taking 81 beauty products worth $681 without paying for them. Michelle Rodriguez, 31, was issued a citation by Burbank police for encouraging the delinquency of the minors. patch.com

Great Falls, MT: Ace Hardware Shoplifting goes bad, suspect pulls a handgun; One arrested, one fled and no injuries

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, which might fuel even more jobs and funding. Share your ORC News and help the industry! 

Shootings and Deaths

Carpentersville, IL: Computer store Armed Robbery suspect Shot and killed
An armed robbery suspect was fatally shot in northwest suburban Carpentersville. A group of people broke into Oscarin's Computer Store around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. At some point, someone opened fire, hitting one of the thieves. The other suspects ran, but the man who was shot later died at a nearby hospital, police said. The man has not been identified. abc7chicago.com

Wyoming, MI: Man, 25, shot dead by police after stealing gun
Police say an officer has fatally shot a man who was suspected of stealing a semi-automatic pistol from a gun store in western Michigan. Police say the pistol was stolen from the gun store on Wednesday evening and the man was confronted by an officer about two hours later because of what looked like a gun in his back pocket. Police say the man took out the gun and pointed it at the officer. freep.com

Murrieta, GA: Videos show violent arrest of man at CVS who Police say grabbed officer's gun
In an arrest captured on video by both a bystander and a store's security cameras Tuesday night, Sept. 6, Murrieta police struggled to apprehend a man who they say twice tried to take an officer's gun. A blurry cellphone video appears to show the suspect being kicked by an officer and hit by a baton while thrashing on the ground - and then, after he goes limp, being hit several more times by the baton. Police said the first officer who encountered the suspect suffered a broken hand, while the suspect ended up with cuts and bruises. facebook.com

Robberies, Thefts and Assaults

Brandon, FL: Jeweler in Critical condition after attempting to Stop the Car of a fleeing Grab & Run Robber
A mall jeweler is fighting for his life after deputies say he was trying to catch a suspect that had stole more than $20,000 worth of jewelry. It all happened Tuesday night around 7 p.m. at Mirage Diamonds and fine Jewelry at the Westfield Brandon Town Center. Deputies say Jean Celestin, the jeweler, chased the suspect from the mall to his car. Celestin landed on the hood of the vehicle and was dragged before falling off along State Road 60 and Town Center Drive. wtsp.com

Penticton, BC, CN: London Drug Loss Prevention agent stabbed by shoplifter
AA Penticton loss prevention officer avoided serious injury after being stabbed by a shoplifter last week. The loss prevention officer was working night shift in London Drugs on Thursday, Sept. 1, around 10 p.m. when he spotted a man stealing side cutters. Penticton RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Don Wrigglesworth said the officer attempted to approach the man, who tried to punch him, then stabbed him in the neck in what was described as "an ice pick stabbing motion" with the side cutters. Police were called and they tracked the man back to the Columbus Park housing project where he was arrested. infotel.com

Prescott Valley, AZ: Shoplifter hits Dollar General manager with her SUV; turns herself in
A woman who a Dollar General store manager said shoplifted several items, allegedly hit the manager with her SUV when the manager followed her into the parking lot on Tuesday morning. Corry Smith, 32, is accused of going into the store, taking merchandise, and putting it in her purse. She left without paying, ran to an SUV and backed it into the manager's leg, knocking her down, and then left. The store manager was treated at the scene. Smith contacted police a short time later, and agreed to meet officers, who arrested her. dcourier.com

Indianapolis, IN: Incident victim and 2 Kohl's shoplifters injured following Police pursuit
A brief police pursuit ended in a crash at 16th and Tibbs shortly before noon Wednesday. Three people were hurt in the crash. Speedway Police say the chase started near the Kohl's with a report of shoplifting at the store. Police say the shoplifting suspect was 17 years old. She was driving the Camry and had to be rescued from the vehicle after it crashed, along with her 42-year-old mother. wthr.com

Ocean Township, NJ: AT&T Store employees tied up at gunpoint
Shortly before 8:50 p.m., Ocean Township police officers responded to the AT&T store on Route 35 for an armed robbery. When police arrived, they found two store employees who told officers their hands had been bound behind their backs by four men and they were led to the back room of the store. Two of the robbers had handguns.The suspects then took an undisclosed amount of cash and electronics from the store before fleeing in a dark-colored sedan. nj.com

Baltimore County Police CID Pawn & Scrap Unit looking for assistance in Jewelry Theft
If anyone has seen any of the attached jewelry, please contact Det. Layhew or PSO Laura Tapp - Baltimore County Police, CIB - Burglary - West at 410-887-6296.

Chicago, IL: Child sexually assaulted in Albany Park Thrift Store
Inside the narrow, clothing-filled aisles of the Village Discount Store, the man allegedly grabbed and sexually assaulted the child around 7 p.m. Monday. The store manager said the crime was caught on surveillance video, which was turned over to police. On Wednesday afternoon, police released surveillance video of the suspect. abc7chicago.com

Dollar Tree Burglars cracks the safe, but crashes his bicycle
Police said a township man cracked a store's safe and got away with cash, but he wasn't able to avoid a collision on his bicycle that ended in his arrest later Tuesday. Curtis W. DeLucca, 56, was arrested on charges of burglary, theft, criminal mischief, possession of burglary tools and possession of marijuana. nj.com

Shreveport, LA: Thrifty Liquor Stores in Shreveport - Bossier City have been the victim of Armed Robberies 6 times in 3 weeks   

A-1 Food Store - North Charleston, SC - Shooting
AT&T - Ocean Township, NJ - Armed Robbery
Cricket - Kingwood, TX - Burglary
CVS - Mesa, AZ - Armed Robbery
Dollar Mart - Des Moines, IA - Shooting
Dollar Tree - Mount Laurel, NJ - Burglary
Einstein Bros. Bagels - Castleton, IN - Robbery
EZ GO - Lawton, OK - Burglary
Furniture Express - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery
Hans Food Mart - Hooksett, NH - Armed Robbery
Holiday Gas - St Ignace, MI - Robbery
Kingwood Pawn - Kingwood, TX - Burglary
Oscarin's Computer Store - Caprentersville, IL: Armed Robbery / Suspect shot & killed
Thrifty - Shreveport, LA - Robbery
Verizon Wireless - Long Island, NY - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Fraser, MI - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Birmingham, AL - Armed Robbery

Walgreens - Fairfield, CA - Burglary
Walmart - Fayetteville, AR - Shooting
Zavala Tire - Kansas City, KS - Shooting / one man killed
7-Eleven - Boynton Beach, FL - Armed Robbery


 Featured Job Alert Spotlights

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce
Vancouver, BC, Canada
As the Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce, you will have the opportunity to create, manage and improve loss within Supply Chain and eCommerce and help drive the bottom line of our business...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Distribution Network
Naperville, IL

• Maintain internal investigations as directed by leadership.
• Ensure execution and compliance of all global Loss Prevention initiatives/shortage reduction programs.
• Heighten and maintain a consistent level of Loss Prevention awareness throughout the network...


Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Durham, NC

The Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms compliance is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their territory. Investigates and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets. Has ownership of all company related shrinkage programs in their assigned stores... 


Regional Asset Protection Manager (Field)
Norcross, GA

Responsible for planning, developing and executing a comprehensive Asset Protection Program for a single business unit within HDS tailored to unique business needs. Define success across the unit in theft and fraud / operational loss prevention. Drive a program to protect the assets of the business...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Greencastle, IN

The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

AP Safety Specialist
Miami, FL
The safety specialist, asset protection, will oversee safety practices within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the safety program designed to minimize associate and customer accidents...

Senior Manager Region Asset Protection
Columbia, SC
The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region. This leader will direct and supervise a team of asset protection professionals and will have complete responsibility for managing investigations and auditing programs to ensure effectiveness and departmental compliance...

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Joel Cirbo was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager for
Boot Barn. 


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Being engaged in the business of your retailer is a critical element for every Loss Prevention executive. For decades, our industry has often been accused of being silo'ed and separate from the operators and the merchants. This separateness in many cases ultimately leads to a disconnect, a sense that we aren't part of the team. Which in actuality, regardless of your performance, it can lead to your job being eliminated or just you being replaced with someone new. So the real question is: How do you become engaged in the business and truly add value to the company's success beyond reducing shrink? And then having the courage to go make it happen. We all tend to stay in our comfort zones and remain safe. At least that's what we think. But at the end of the day, it's that comfort zone that can actually increase your risk. So the next time you're in a corporate meeting or traveling stores with your operators or merchants, go beyond with your comments and opinions - take a risk - add some value - help them run the business - you might be surprised.

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