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Rosamaria Sostilio was named Vice President of Loss Prevention
for Barnes & Noble.

Rosamaria was previously the Senior Vice President of Asset Protection for Hudson's Bay Company for over two years and has worked for Saks Fifth Avenue since 1989, when she started as Loss Prevention Manager. In her 27 years at Saks Fifth Avenue, she also held the roles of Vice President of Asset Protection and Senior Vice President. Rosamaria has been a part of the National Retail Federation Council for the past 10 years, holding various leadership positions in the council before her recent position of Chair of Council, which she has had the past three years. Rosamaria was honored at the D&D Daily's Live in New York City LPNN broadcast this past January for her impact in the industry and her inspiration for making a difference. You can view her LPNN session here. Congratulations Rosamaria!

Steve Womer was promoted to Director of Network Design
for Industry Retail Group

Vector Security, the leading provider of intelligent security tailored to the needs of its customers, announces the promotion of Steve Womer to Director of Network Design for Industry Retail Group (IRG), the company's wholly-owned subsidiary that provides customized managed network services for multi-site enterprises across North America.

In his new role, Womer directs information technology strategic plans related to the development of product offerings, strategic partnerships, vendor management, and other IT projects to accomplish corporate goals and objectives. He is also responsible for managing the design and planning of IRG's network infrastructure, complex customer solution development, and engineering staff operations. Congratulations Steve!

Read the full press release here

The Founding Father of Law Enforcement's ORC Effort
Bratton, bidding adieu, says he regrets falling out with Giuliani
In his final week on the job, the police commissioner also delivers some parting shots

Five days from the end of his 46-year policing career, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton expressed regrets about the break-up with then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani that cost him the same job two decades ago. Speaking before a friendly audience at a midtown breakfast, he also took a shot at critics of the police and of the civilians who appear to be victims of police abuse in viral videos.

He was not as nice to advocates who oppose his treasured policing strategy called broken windows. The commissioner said broken-windows policing and some use of stop, question and frisk are essential to keeping order. "They're crazy, they're out of their minds, because that is the basic mission of police," he said at a gathering of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, a private group that has a close relationship with the NYPD.

Despite the criticism he has received for what some advocacy groups consider heavy-handed policing, Bratton is likely to be remembered as the most successful leader the NYPD has ever had because crime fell substantially during his first stint and dropped again during his second, which began with Mayor Bill de Blasio's tenure in 2014. The second drop was achieved even as the police pursued broken-windows policing "in a less intrusive way," including reducing the number of stop-and-frisks to 25,000 annually from a peak of about 700,000 during the Bloomberg administration.

New York's crime rate allows it to lay claim to being the safest big city in the U.S. Some experts contend that crime reduction happened across the country and is more attributable to the CompStat system, in which crime data is used to redirect police personnel and precincts' commanding officers are held accountable for their crime numbers (as opposed to other metrics by which police performance used to be measured, notably arrests, incarceration rates and response time to 911 calls. No matter-CompStat debuted under Bratton in 1994 and has been widely adopted by police elsewhere.

Bratton, however, traced the crime drop back even further, to his arrival in 1990 as head of the transit police, which at the time was a separate entity, as were the police who patrolled public housing. "The turnaround of New York City crime began in the transit system in the 1990s," he said, because it gave rise to the 'belief that we could do something about crime."

Bratton will officially leave his post at 2:30 p.m. Friday with a traditional walking-out from 1 Police Plaza, in which he will be driven away for the last time, probably in a vintage police car. At that time, his successor, Jimmy O'Neill, will be sworn in, although O'Neill won't make his ceremonial entrance until Monday, Sept. 19. crainsnewyork.com

Read our feature article on the ORC efforts of "America's Top Cop" Commissioner Bratton here.

Advanced GPS Tracking Solution tracks and protects watches in display cases and safes from robbery and burglary threats
Designed to be undetectable by thieves, Jewelry Tracker alerts security and police to stop thieves in their tracks and recover stolen property
Jewelry stores continue to be victimized in burglaries, armed robberies and violent smash and grabs...and luxury watches are the most frequently targeted items. Store owners want a solution to recover their assets...and police and industry experts agree that the best way to stop these criminals is to get them off the streets. The Jewelry Tracker from 3SI Security Systems uses proven technology to efficiently accomplish both of these tasks. Read more in today's Press Release column below.

The rise of the successful corporate psychopath
Psychopathic traits are more common in the top executive levels of the corporate world than among the general community.

Businesses should undertake psychological screening to help identify 'successful psychopaths' as higher level of psychopathic traits exist among people found in the upper echelons of the corporate sector.

Forensic psychologist, Nathan Brooks - who is speaking about the emergence of non-criminal psychopathy at the APS Congress in Melbourne this week - says many businesses have their recruitment screening back to front.

"Too often companies look at skills first and then secondly, consider personality features," said Brooks. "Really it needs to be firstly about the candidate's character and then, if they pass the character test, consider whether they have the right skills," he said.

Psychopathic traits are common in the top executive levels of the corporate world with a prevalence of three to 21 per cent, said Brooks. This compares to emerging studies that show one in 100 people in the general community and one in five people in the prison system are psychopathic.

Brooks said the research has major implications for the business sector as the successful psychopath may engage in unethical and illegal business practices and have a toxic impact on other employees. "Typically, psychopaths create a lot of chaos and generally tend to play people off against each other," he says.  csoonline.com
Allstate Says Mall Not Covered For Counterfeit Goods Claims
Flea Market General Liability Claim Invalid Says Insurer

Allstate Insurance Co. on Monday urged a Georgia federal judge to find that it has no obligation to defend the operator of a discount mall against a suit claiming that it allowed vendors to sell counterfeit sunglasses resembling Luxottica's Oakley and Ray-Ban brands, saying the underlying action doesn't allege a potentially covered advertising injury.

In a motion for summary judgment, Allstate asserted that it has no duty to defend Airport Mini Mall LLC, which operates an indoor flea market in College Park, Georgia, against an April 2015 trademark infringement suit brought by Luxottica Group SpA and subsidiary Oakley Inc. The insurer said that the suit doesn't fall within the advertising injury provision of Airport's commercial general liability policy because Luxottica didn't claim that the mall itself actively advertised the counterfeit goods.

According to court papers, Airport operates an indoor flea market known as Old National Discount Mall, which features multiple vendor stalls. Luxottica filed suit against Airport and several of its employees, claiming that they are liable for contributory trademark infringement because they allowed vendors to sell the counterfeit sunglasses.

Allstate denied Airport's June 2015 request for coverage of the Luxottica action and proceeded to file the instant suit in Georgia federal court three months later. In Monday's brief, Allstate argued that, aside from the fact that the underlying action doesn't allege that the discount mall violated Luxottica's rights through its advertising, a host of exclusions in the mall's CGL policy apply to bar coverage.

Most notably, the insurer said, the policy precludes coverage for any allegations of trademark infringement, and Luxottica's only cause of action is for contributory trademark infringement. Moreover, the policy contains an exclusion for knowing or intentional wrongdoing, and Luxottica has alleged that the discount mall was willfully blind to the vendors' sales of counterfeit Ray-Bans and Oakleys, Allstate said.  law360.com
FBI Must Seek Warrant to Hack Suspects
A federal judge in Texas has ruled that the FBI has to obtain a warrant before it can infect a suspect's computer with malware in order to look for evidence. The decision came as part of the ongoing case of Jeffrey Torres, who is currently facing child pornography charges. infosecurity-magazine.com
Kroger Nonsolicitation Policy Unfair To Union, NLRB Says
A National Labor Relations Board judge on Friday found that a Kroger Co. store in Virginia violated the National Labor Relations Act by prohibiting a union representative from garnering support from customers after the company declined to place employees at closer, nonunionized stores when another store closed down. law360.com
M&S 1st supermarket in UK to offer anti-bacterial shopping bags - banish E. coli
Marks & Spencer to offer reusable shopping bags with anti-bacterial technology that could prevent bugs from contaminating food. A combination of recent outbreaks of bacteria on batches of fresh food and more people using bags for life have meant people are at a heightened risk, researchers have said previously.

The new M&S bags contain technology called "Biomaster" that use anti-microbial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria, thereby allowing shoppers to safely carry raw meat one day and general groceries the next, without worrying about contamination.  telegraph.co.uk

Macy's to open Apple store at Herald Square, sell Apple Watch at 180 stores
Macy's, which has been fighting to turn around sales, has signed a deal to open an Apple store within its flagship store in midtown Manhattan's Herald Square in October.

That makes the Cincinnati-based retail giant the first department store to play host to Apple as a store-within-a-store experience. The partnership with the tech giant also include plans to sell the Apple Watch at more than 180 Macy's locations for the holiday season.  bizjournals.com

Hagens Berman Finalizes $52 Million Settlement Over Dairy Industry's Nationwide Price-Fixing Conspiracy, Cow Killing
The class-action suit stated that defendants engaged in a nationwide conspiracy to limit the production of raw farm milk by prematurely slaughtering cows, illegally causing the price of milk and other fresh milk products to artificially inflate. law360.com

LPNN Episodes Being Used For TPJ's Roll-Out of the Crime Accountability Partnership Program at JCPenney
Having filmed three recent episodes with the Loss Prevention News Network, Turning Point Justice is now using their videos to help educate and train the Asset Protection teams at JCPenney. Ensuring a quality and consistent message, the episodes will add value to the roll-out and hopefully increase performance levels.

The LPNN model, from a service-provider perspective, was designed specifically to deliver service, product, and company information from as much of a neutral perspective as possible given the circumstances. With TPJ's program being driven at the store level, these episodes will give the store LP teams the ability to not only learn about the program but to also see and hear from the leaders and teams that are delivering it, which should significantly increase retention levels and help build the relationship between the two organizations.

Could your team benefit from any of the more than 300 episodes published in the LPNN library? From LP leaders to solution providers, LPNN can deliver the leaders to your team's digital front door.

Aeropostale Wins Approval to Operate 229 Stores

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FTC focuses on combating ransomware
FTC Fines Possible

Federal Trade Commission chair cautions that businesses must do more to protect consumers from ransomware extortion, one of the biggest cyberthreats today.

Ransomware, where a hacker commandeers a user's computer files and threatens to permanently delete them unless an extortion payment is made, is on a sharp uptick and now ranks "among the most troubling cyberthreats," the head of the Federal Trade Commission is warning.

FTC Chair Edith Ramirez addressed the issue at a recent forum that the agency convened to examine the spread of ransomware and explore strategies to combat the crime.

The spate of ransomware incidents are escalating at an alarming rate," Ramirez says, citing an estimate from the Department of Justice that incidents of ransomware, now averaging some 4,000 a day, have increased 300 percent in the past year.

"The financial motivation for ransomware attacks suggests that the threat is unlikely to go away any time soon," she says, warning businesses to step up their own defenses to ensure that they are protecting their users from online scammers. The agency has already brought dozens of enforcement actions against companies for failing to adopt what it considers reasonable security protections. csoonline.com

Mastercard Chip Momentum: Reducing Fraud One Year In
At the one year anniversary of the shift to chip approaches in the U.S., Mastercard today unveiled data confirming the positive impact the technology is having on issuing banks, merchants and consumers. To date, chip adoption continues to grow:

As of July 2016, 88 percent of Mastercard U.S. consumer credit cards have chips, representing a 105 percent increase in chip card adoption since the October 1, 2015 liability shift.

The company also sees 2 million chip-active merchant locations on its network, a 468 percent increase in chip terminal adoption since October 1, 2015. Two million merchants represent 33 percent of all U.S. merchants.

Of the 2 million chip-active merchant locations, 1.3 million are regional and local merchant locations, representing a 159 percent increase since October 1, 2015.

"Since 2012, Mastercard has championed chip technology. We need chip cards in wallets and chip terminals at checkout to continue to drive card fraud out of the U.S. This country is one of the most complex markets in the world so we know things won't change overnight," said Craig Vosburg, president of North America for Mastercard. "However, we're encouraged by the significant progress over the last 11 months. With every additional chip transaction we move closer and closer to our collective goal - moving fraud out of the system.

The biggest benefit of chip technology is minimizing the cost of fraud caused, in part, by the use of counterfeit cards. Now, the chips in terminals "talk" with the chips on cards creating unique codes for all purchases. The unique codes protect cards from being counterfeited.

Mastercard fraud data shows a 54 percent decrease in counterfeit fraud costs at U.S. retailers who have completed or are close to completing EMV adoption, when comparing April 2016 to April 2015. Demonstrating the power of EMV and the risk of not adopting it, counterfeit fraud costs increased by 77 percent year-over-year among large U.S. merchants who have not yet migrated or have just begun the migration to chip.

Mastercard continues to work closely with merchant partners to ease the adoption of chip. Recent initiatives and programs have included: speeding the terminal certification processes from days to hours, while maintaining quality; adding more intelligence on its network to minimize chargeback costs to merchants; and introducing M/Chip Fast, a new application to help speed transactions and shoppers through checkout lines. businesswire.com

Drones to Deliver Chipotle Burritos at Virginia Tech Campus
"We want to learn how people feel when they're receiving a package by air, and taking someone's time and/or money changes things more than a little. And we want to feel the pressure of unexpected circumstances that show us how we can get better at loading and managing a fleet of planes," says Astro Teller, X's "captain of moonshots."

Amazon.com, Wal-Mart and other companies are banking that drone deliveries of products will eventually become an everyday part of life. usatoday.com


Advanced GPS Tracking Solution tracks and protects watches in display cases and safes from robbery and burglary threats

Designed to be undetectable by thieves, Jewelry Tracker alerts security and police to stop thieves in their tracks and recover stolen property

Malvern, PA, September 13, 2016: Jewelry stores continue to be victimized in burglaries, armed robberies and violent smash and grabs...and luxury watches are the most frequently targeted items. Store owners want a solution to recover their assets...and police and industry experts agree that the best way to stop these criminals is to get them off the streets. The Jewelry Tracker from 3SI Security Systems uses proven technology to efficiently accomplish both of these tasks.

Jewelry Tracker leverages multiple security and tracking technologies (GPS, Cellular and RF) to ensure pinpoint accuracy in tracking. Other important features include:

Covert packaging to easily disguise tracker from criminals;
● Device health check to ensure its functionality 24/7;
● Reliable performance even in Urban Canyon areas (like cities or malls) where tracking is impossible for other devices;
● Self-install-capable so device can be up and running in less than 15 minutes. No need to close the store or disrupt sales to install Jewelry Tracker;
● Device automatically interfaces to a designated security contact and/or police...store owners never have to intervene in potentially dangerous pursuit or tracking situations;
● Available in a variety of designs and finishes to blend seamlessly in any store's décor.

Mary Pifer, 3SI's VP of International Marketing and Management, said, "Jewelers are telling us how concerned they are about losing inventory in burglaries and robberies. We are glad that our proven NextGen3 tracking solution is easily adapted to meet the needs of the jewelry market. Our devices catch the thieves and recover the stolen merchandise over 70% of the time...and once the criminals are in jail, they won't be stealing or hurting anyone again."

"Jewelry Tracker is user-friendly and works as well to protect a single store or a chain of stores with hundreds of locations. Our solution is scalable and works no matter what your need is. As the only tracking company with over 40 years of experience in asset protection and with a global footprint of 70,000 installed trackers, we offer the experience and expertise you need to protect your jewelry inventory."

For more information about 3SI's Jewelry Tracker, visit www.3sisecurity.com/wegotthis

About 3SI Security Systems (3SI)
3SI is a global leader in asset protection systems designed to recover stolen cash and high-value assets, apprehend criminals and deter crime with more than 40 years of experience in the financial and retail markets. 3SI's solutions include currency degradation and GPS tracking solutions products to protect cash and high-value assets in banks, safes and ATMs, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, other retailers and law enforcement.

3SI global headquarters are near Philadelphia, PA, and European offices are in Zaventem, Belgium. For more information, visit www.3sisecurity.com


New Retail Crime Alliance Hosts Successful
First Conference

200 Loss Prevention and Law Enforcement Professionals Attend CORCA's premier annual event 

Charlotte, NC (September 13, 2016) - Law enforcement and retail loss prevention professionals came together in Charlotte on Thursday, September 8 for the first Annual Conference of the Carolinas Organized Retail Crime Alliance (CORCA) at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel.

An estimated 200 participants were welcomed to the event by Steve Walker, CORCA president and Director of Asset Protection Solutions for Walgreens. Retail attendees represented all types of stores from chains to one-store operations and included grocery, apparel, pharmacy, beauty, home improvement and general merchandise. Law enforcement from across both North and South Carolina were active participants as well.

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is more than just shoplifting. It is a concerted effort by a group of skilled, well-organized professionals who use theft and fraud, to convert illegally obtained merchandise into cash for financial gain. This usually involves the theft of large quantities of similar products from multiple stores, in numerous jurisdictions or states. ORC is often a gateway crime that leads law enforcement to major crime rings that use the illicit proceeds to fund other crimes-such as organized crime activities, health care fraud, money laundering, and potentially even terrorism.

Expert speakers from diverse areas of ORC presented to participants on topics such as cyber-crime, counterfeiting, data analytics and investigative techniques. Featured speakers included Kimberly Overton from the North Carolina Conference on District Attorneys, Gary Weisbecker from Walgreens Organized Retail Crimes Division and Special Agent Brian Cyprian of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Between educational sessions, attendees also had the opportunity to visit vendors who were promoting and demonstrating some of the latest innovative products to assist in preventing organized retail crime and apprehending offenders.

About CORCA:
Officially launched in February 2016, CORCA is a partnership between law enforcement and retail loss prevention officers to combat organized retail crime in the Carolinas. It is a division of the Retail Consumer Alliance Foundation, within the North and South Carolina State Retail Associations and is supported by the retail associations along with the Carolinas Food Industry Council. CORCA was created to bridge communication between retailers and law enforcement - helping identify offenders and resolve organized retail crime cases in the Carolinas.

For more information, visit http://www.corca.org/.

Many thanks to Ann Edmondson for submitting this recap to the D&D Daily!



Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

Kevin Ach, Sr. Director, Retail LP & Safety, Office Depot, Inc.


Very few of us look at our careers through the lens of building a powerful personal brand. Yet, it is an extremely powerful way to approach career development and distinguish yourself both inside and out of your organization. While an executive may look at their career as an individual path, Kevin Ach, Sr. Director, Retail LP and Safety, Office Depot, Inc., shares the importance of expanding your vision, understanding the impact, and treating it like a business development project as opposed to an individual development plan.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #16

As we enter the homestretch of our "Live in Philly" broadcast, Co-MC Amber Bradley takes us through the remainder of the schedule and shares some news on the RLPSA.

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Here They Come - This is it Folks
Amazon to roll out pop ups nationwide

Amazon has quietly been opening pop-ups in malls across the country selling Echo and its other electronic devices and plans to have up to 100 open by 2017. The company has likewise quietly launched a microsite supporting the pop-up initiative and showing that Amazon already has 22 locations.

The microsite promises the pop-ups will let shoppers try the full range of Amazon devices - including Echo, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, Dash Button and Kindle - with on-hand experts available. The pop-ups will further enable mall visitors to choose from an array of accessories, "from kid-proof covers to unlimited streaming of movies and music with Prime."

Job listings are showing up in some cities with one ad indicating the pop-ups "have emerged from the test phase with a goal to expand and grow." The source told Business Insider that the pop-ups could potentially evolve in the future into more traditional tech-focused stores, similar to those run by Apple.

"Amazon is pressing into the physical world and other retailers had better stay alert and responsive or [it] will be the death knell for many!" retailwire.com

Following the money online
Banks that serve online marketplaces must work to detect illicit transactions masquerading as legit

To protect themselves from various forms of fraud-such as transaction laundering-online marketplaces must be equipped with advanced systems to defend themselves. If and when marketplaces are unwilling or unable to do so, their processors must figure out ways to defend themselves. All players need to understand where the money is coming from.

For the acquirers or processors, relying on the marketplace is insufficient. They have their hands full maintaining their relationship with merchants. They cannot inspect all of the transactions going through their site. Instead, they can use cyberintelligence, machine learning, and analytical tools. These systems set up a profile for the merchant of what a legitimate transaction looks like, evaluating parameters that, when taken together, provide a clear picture of what a customer's true actions are on the site.

The transaction-laundering threat requires a fundamental change in how the industry goes about vetting and monitoring online merchants. This involves moving beyond what is obviously known to the acquirer or processor. Solutions that rely on manual actions and analysis simply won't do anymore; the solutions must be automated so that they can effectively scale. With such systems, all stakeholders-marketplaces, banks, and everyone else-can ensure that they catch the bad guys, and aren't left "holding the bag." bankingexchange.com

Smartphones account for nearly half of traffic to e-commerce sites in Q2
Visits to sites, which the report calls shopper attraction, increased 24% worldwide year over year in Q2.

"The dramatic increase in shopping attraction highlights a fundamental shift that retailers are dealing with: buyers are making more visits, and doing so across multiple devices," the company says. The report found that 47% of all traffic to these sites worldwide came from smartphones, higher than the 44% of traffic to desktop sites and 9% of traffic from tablets. internetretailer.com

Barnes & Noble online sales fall 2% in fiscal Q1

San Antonio, TX: $2,000 of stolen items seized in the parking lot of the Juvenile Detention Center
A Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center employee was arrested Monday after police said they discovered she was buying and selling stolen goods. Vanessa Vasquez, 26, a juvenile community service restitution specialist, faces a charge of organized retail theft. Det. Sgt. Daniel Anders said a shoplifter led members of the San Antonio Police Department's Fencing Interdiction Team to Vasquez. He said detectives watched her selling stolen items in the parking lot of the juvenile detention center. "She was actually sending out orders to a thief. The thief would go and steal the product to fill the orders," Anders said. "She (Vasquez) would go and resell the items to other people." In total, the team recovered about $2,000 worth of Yeti brand coolers from Vasquez's vehicle Monday. mysanantonio.com

Dothan, AL: Exprezit Convenience store clerk charged with $70,000 theft of cash and merchandise
Houston County Sheriff's investigators arrested 51-year-old Tammy Carol Peterson late last week and charged her with felony first-degree theft of property. According to court records, Peterson allegedly stole $70,000 worth of cash and merchandise from an Exprezit store between Jan. 23 and Aug. 21 of this year. Capt. Bill Rafferty confirmed Peterson was a former employee of the Exprezit convenience store. Records also show Peterson no longer works at the Exprezit store but is now a cashier at a different local convenience store. dothaneagle.com

Montgomery County, MD: Police seek suspects in 5 Cell Phone Robberies; $18,000 of merchandise stolen
Police are asking for help in identifying thieves who stole more than $18,000 worth of merchandise during thefts at five cellphone stores in Montgomery County in June and July. Surveillance video of one theft shows people running around a store, yanking electronic devices on security cords from the walls. At one point, a thief stumbles over a chair and briefly loses a shoe as he pulls on a cord. In each incident, two or three thieves, during normal business hours, yank electronics off security cords and then flee to a waiting vehicle, police said. The robberies last only seconds. facebook.com

Watertown, CT: Police looking for two women for shoplifting at Marshalls
Police in Watertown are looking for a woman who they say was shoplifting with another woman inside a Marshalls store. Security cameras caught the two women inside the store. The pair took off with nearly $500 worth of merchandise. wtnh.com

Watchung, NJ: Gap Outlet hit for nearly $800 in merchandise
A shoplifting incident was reported at 3:31 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4 at the Gap Outlet store on Route 22 West. Store personnel reported an elderly female allegedly fled from the store with $773 worth of clothing. newjerseyhills.com

Wauwatosa, WI: Boston Store in Mayfair nabs sunglass thief; $897 in merchandise recovered

Lake Havasu, AZ: Kira A. Fiscella, 30, faces felony charges for Organized Retail theft, taking the identify of another and a valid warrant

Ashland, KY: Two females wanted in $700 theft from Belk at the Ashland Town Center Mall

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Omaha, NE: 2 young men injured in shooting near Westroads Mall
Two shooting victims Monday afternoon sought help in a residential neighborhood of tall trees and well-kept yards after they and their car were blasted with gunfire near one of Omaha's premier shopping centers. Ultimately the two victims' injuries were not considered life-threatening, but the excitement disrupted the normally quiet area just north of Westroads Mall. Officers retrieved a gun near the Von Maur store. omaha.com

Salt Lake City, UT: Several arrested following Armed Robber/Shooting at CVS
Police said a chase Monday night landed at least three arrests related to a series of armed robberies committed in West Valley City during the last three days. Stores that were hit include a CVS drugstore robbery where shots were fired at a clerk. The chase came to an end in downtown Salt Lake City. Law enforcement attempted an arrest at a home, the suspects fled in a car and the Police gave chase. The suspects hit several cars during the chase, including a minivan with six elderly people. No one was hurt according to police. gephartdaily.com

Robberies & Thefts

Chicago, IL: Police Investigate String Of Smash-And-Grab Burglaries In South Loop
Thieves broke into at least four businesses in the South Loop overnight, in a series of brazen burglaries. It was not clear if the same thief or thieves hit all the stores, but the break-ins were very similar. One of the heists was caught on surveillance video, when someone smashed in the front door of the South Loop Market at 1720 S. Michigan Av. cbslocal.com

Glen Burnie, MD: Sprint burglars led Police on 35 mile chase
Officers chased the three for about 35 miles down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and into Northeast D.C. where the suspects eventually left their car and took off on foot. "All three occupants attempted to run from the vehicle," said Lt. Ryan Frashure with Anne Arundel County police. "Ultimately all three suspects were taken into custody." After the suspects were arrested, police found several stolen cellphones and a loaded handgun by their car. wtop.com

Charlotte, NC: Cash America Pawn burglars have get-a-way truck get stuck during Smash & Grab
Police are looking for some would-be burglars after their truck became stuck while trying to steal from an east Charlotte business overnight. Investigators said the driver of the pickup truck backed it into the Cash America in an attempt to break in. But then the driver couldn't get the truck out. wsoctv.com

Palatine, IL: Convicted Brown's Chicken mass murderer asking to have his life sentenced Overturned
One of the two men found guilty in the 1993 Brown's Chicken mass murder is asking a court to overturn his conviction and life sentence, claiming a key prosecution witness lied to jurors for reward money and new evidence exonerates him. James Degorski was convicted in 2009 of killing seven workers at the Palatine Brown's Chicken & Pasta. His petition claims jurors were never told his ex-girlfriend, Anne Lockett, was promised half a $100,000 reward in exchange for her testimony against him. dailyherald.com

UK: England: Judge's Order: Drug addict shoplifter cannot enter any shop
with a bag

Kevin Godfrey, who often turns nasty when challenged by store staff while committing his crimes, pleaded guilty at Bradford Crown Court to seven offences of stealing steaks, coffee, shampoo and other products, worth hundreds of dollars, from Marks & Spencer and the Co-op on several dates last month. Godfrey must also obey an overnight curfew order, monitored by an electronic tag and it bars him from entering any retail premises with a bag or bags or being in possession of wire cutters, pliers or any article used in connection with the removal of store security tags. thetelegraphandargus.co.uk

Great Falls, MT: Super 1 Foods employee busted for $2,000 cash theft; store opened 3 weeks ago

Salisbury, NC: Food Lion associate busted for $1,400 cash theft

Jacksonville, AR: Police searching for 'Dancing Armed Robber' who hit Family Dollar

Lewis County, WA: Handi Store Clerk questioned in $1,500 Armed Robbery case, denied her involvement

Burr Ridge, IL: Loomis US employee busted for theft of nearly $5,000 in cash

Miami Beach, FL: Mount Sinai Medical Center guards grab narcotics thief; suspect attempted to flee swinging a hammer

Calvert County, MD: Pallet thieves hit Tractor Supply and a local c-store

Credit Card Fraud

New York: 9/11 scammer busted on 15th anniversary for credit card fraud
A man who scammed $268,000 from the Red Cross in 2002 by claiming to have a brother who died on 9/11, marked this year's 15th anniversary of the terror attacks with more fraud, authorities said. Daniel Djoro, 46, was busted Monday at LaGuardia Airport for having 60 stolen credit cards, according to police sources. Port Authority cops took him into custody at around 10:30 a.m. after stumbling upon the plethora of swiped plastic. nypost.com

Palmer Twp., PA: Police nab pair with 16 fake credit cards

Skimming Reports

Secret Service Warns of 'Periscope' Skimmers
The U.S. Secret Service is warning banks and ATM owners about a new technological advance in cash machine skimming known as "periscope skimming," which involves a specialized skimming probe that connects directly to the ATM's internal circuit board to steal card data. krebsonsecurity.com

Chicopee, MA: Police seeks the public's help in identifying skimming suspect


Madera County, CA: ICE makes busts on Counterfeit Drug sales in California
A man has been arrested by special agents from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) unit for selling illicit goods, including counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Nicholas Ramon Ramirez has been selling a large quantity of misbranded medications and pharmaceuticals. According to a statement by ICE, many of the seized pharmaceuticals were illegally imported from Mexico and are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the US. HSI and US Customs and Border Protection made more than 28,000 seizures of counterfeit goods in the last fiscal year. The estimated value of these goods is $1.4 billion. lifesciencesipreview.com

Candy Color Lenses owner found guilty in counterfeit, misbranding scheme
The owner of Las Vegas-based Candy Color Lenses, a major colored contact lenses retailer in the U.S., pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods and to introduce misbranded devices into interstate commerce, according to the Department of Justice. A district court in Nevada found Dmitriv Melnik guilty of running an international operation that imported counterfeit and misbranded contact lenses from suppliers in Asia and sold them to tens of thousands of consumers without prescriptions in the U.S. beckershospitalreview.com

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft in Rio hits highest rate in 23 years
Brazil's Rio de Janeiro recorded its highest rate of cargo theft in 23 years in 2015, a report from business standards company British Standards Institution Supply chains and Solutions claimed. The latest Global Supply Chain Security and Business Continuity Risk Index report showed that Brazil was the top country to suffer from heightened cargo theft risks, followed closely by Venezuela and Germany. The number of cargo theft incidents taking place in Rio de Janeiro went up by 23% to 7,225 last year. container-mag.com

C- Store - Belle Chasse, LA - Armed Robbery
Cash America - Charlotte, NC - Burglary
Custom Computers - Wilkes Barre, PA - Robbery
CVS - Brookside, DE - Robbery / 2nd this month
CVS - Manchester, NH - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Corpus Christi, TX - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Perry County, PA - Armed Robbery
Donut Connection - Wilkes Barre, PA - Robbery
Dunkin Donuts - Wallkill, NY - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Jacksonville, AR - Robbery
EZ Mart - Bentonville, AR - Armed Robbery
Galleria Bra Room - Solano County, CA - Burglary
JJ Aim Right Gun - Fort Mills, SC - Burglary
La Michoacana - Port Angeles, WA - Robbery
Lakeshore Food Mart - Cleveland, OH - Burglary
Lakeview Grocery - Guthrie, OK - Robbery
Lucky's - Millbrae, CA - Armed Robbery
Madison Deli - Cleveland, OH - Burglary
New Life Thrift - Wyoming, MI - Armed Robbery
Papa Murphy's - Clarksville, TN - Armed Robbery
Rt. 35 Video and Adult - Putnam County, WV - Armed Robbery
Sprint - Anne Arundel County, MD - Burglary / Police Chase
Tobacco Outlet - La Vergne, TN - Shooting
Walgreens - Corpus Christi, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Bayonne, NJ - Armed Robbery - 1 arrested
7-Eleven - Maplewood, NJ - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Suffolk, VA - Armed Robbery

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Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce
Vancouver, BC, Canada
As the Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce, you will have the opportunity to create, manage and improve loss within Supply Chain and eCommerce and help drive the bottom line of our business...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Distribution Network
Naperville, IL

• Maintain internal investigations as directed by leadership.
• Ensure execution and compliance of all global Loss Prevention initiatives/shortage reduction programs.
• Heighten and maintain a consistent level of Loss Prevention awareness throughout the network...


Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Durham, NC

The Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms compliance is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their territory. Investigates and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets. Has ownership of all company related shrinkage programs in their assigned stores...


Regional Asset Protection Manager (Field)
Norcross, GA

Responsible for planning, developing and executing a comprehensive Asset Protection Program for a single business unit within HDS tailored to unique business needs. Define success across the unit in theft and fraud / operational loss prevention. Drive a program to protect the assets of the business...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Greencastle, IN

The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

AP Safety Specialist
Miami, FL
The safety specialist, asset protection, will oversee safety practices within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the safety program designed to minimize associate and customer accidents...

Senior Manager Region Asset Protection
Columbia, SC
The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region. This leader will direct and supervise a team of asset protection professionals and will have complete responsibility for managing investigations and auditing programs to ensure effectiveness and departmental compliance...

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Randy Allen was named Regional Assets Protection Director for JCPenney.

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