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ASIS International
63rd Annual Seminar

Sept. 25-28

California ORC Association Annual Training Conference
Sept. 28-29

2017 National Cargo Theft Summit, Atlanta
Oct. 4-5

Cyber Defense Summit
Oct. 10-12

National Association of Bunco Investigators Annual Training Conference
Oct. 11-12

Colorado Organized Retail Crime Alliance Conference
Oct. 17

Jeweler's Security Alliance 40th Annual Security Seminar & Expo
Mar. 13-15, 2018

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Developing Technology's Impact
Tony Cacciappoli, VP Corp AP, HBC, Pat McEvoy, Sr. Dir. AP Admin., HBC

Quick Take 13

Pat O'Leary, VP and General Manager, Wouter Ubbels, Dir. Business Development

Quick Take 12

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2016 ORC Report

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2017 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Bloomingdale's Asset Protection Team Gets LP Social

Team Enjoys Free Pizza as Winner of 'Group LP Selfie' Competition


Bloomingdale's Los Angeles Asset Protection Team recently gathered together at their corporate office for a free pizza party courtesy of 'Group LP Selfie' sponsor NuTech National. The team was one of three winners selected in a random drawing at our "Live in DC" at NRF Protect 2017 LPNN broadcast.

The winning photo was submitted by Sandy Chandler, Director of Asset Protection for Bloomingdale's Los Angeles Market AP Team in June 2017.

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Hurricane Update

Inside Look at Retailer Command Centers
Here's what it's like to be a home improvement retailer in the midst of a hurricane

Preparation is key for home improvement retailers in the midst of such natural disasters. Home Depot and Lowe's began shipping emergency supplies to Florida in anticipation of Irma in the days leading up to the storm, while they continued cleaning up from Hurricane Harvey, which came ashore in Texas just days before.

It's a costly process, but analysts have said that investments in logistics and the supply chain by home improvement retailers during a weather-related disaster typically bring in around 10 to 15 times more in sales.

Illinois-based Ace Hardware, which operates 70 stores in Texas and about 200 in Florida, was not so much scrambling on news of when the damage would be done, but reacted by pushing extra shipments to its stores in the hurricanes' paths.

"We have an inventory planning group that was pushing inventory to distribution centers; a merchandise group of people keeping vendors in tune to what is happening," Tom Molleur, Ace's vice president of retail support, told CNBC. "We have two different traffic teams - monitoring our trucks, looking at road closures."

Spread sheets were being compiled listing all of Ace's stores, along with any damage done to the locations. And constant updates were being relayed both to employees and shoppers through social media.

If it sounds like military operations, it was. Ace calls it the "command center."

"It's best to have one central point of communication, or control room, that can clearly disseminate information," Richard Howells, global vice president of digital supply chain and IoT at SAP, told CNBC.

"This is something that can be practiced throughout the year, so when natural disasters or other obstacles surface, the communication necessary to handle these issues is already in place,"
he added. "Further, it's often to best to have a designated individual responsible for disaster relief programs, who can ensure that all parties are on the same page."

Home Depot and Lowe's both activated similar command centers of their own, in adherence to the precedence set during prior storms. cnbc.com

FEMA Continues Private Sector Hurricane Support
through National Business Emergency Operations Center

FEMA continues to actively support private sector business continuity operations through the National Business Emergency Operations Center, which has been activated for nearly 3 weeks.

The NBEOC Irma dashboard and NBEOC Harvey dashboard continues to be updated for both Hurricanes. The DHS FEMA/NPPD Private Sector Calls will continue into this week each day at 3 p.m. EDT as we assess impacts from Irma, align operations, and share information together.

Key links and contacts:

● Access and reentry assistance and other situational awareness information is available through the NBEOC at www.fema.gov/nbeoc
● Requests and inquiries can be sent to the NBEOC desk at NBEOC@fema.dhs.gov
● The Texas Joint Field Office contact for private sector is Lea Crager: Patricia.Crager@fema.dhs.gov
● Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are Fritzmarie Cesar and Delyris Aquino-Santiago: fritzmarie.cesar@fema.dhs.gov and Delyris.Aquino-Santiago@fema.dhs.gov
● The FEMA Region 4 contact for private sector is R4-pssp@fema.dhs.gov
● To help people affected by the storm, visit @nvoad's page and for a list of trusted organizations: https://txvoad.communityos.org/cms/node/104
● If you are interested in contract opportunities - use this link https://www.fema.gov/about-industry-liaison-program

Thank you to Bob Moraca at the NRF for passing along this information.

Retail pharmacy steps up to the plate as Southern states deal with Irma aftermath

Kroger video epitomizes hurricane outreach efforts

Starbucks closed 700 stores in prep for Hurricane Irma but still paid employees

DOJ Formal Indictment
Retail Finance Executive at Starboard Indicted by DOJ For $2.6M Embezzlement
Paying Fake Invoices from Apparel Makers

Benjamin G. Greenberg, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, and George L. Piro, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Miami Field Office, announce the filing of federal charges against Carmen Silvia Rodriguez in connection with a fraud scheme to steal over $2.6 million from her employer.

Rodriguez, 55, of Hialeah, was charged with two counts of wire fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1343.

According to the information, from April 2010 through May 2016, Rodriguez worked for Starboard Cruise Services, Inc. ("SCS"), a Florida company that operates tax- and duty-free retail stores aboard cruise ships.

During the course of the alleged scheme, Rodriguez worked in SCS's Finance and Administration Department. There, Rodriguez accessed company records related to two former SCS vendors and added her own bank account information to the two vendors' accounts. SCS Vendor #1 and SCS Vendor #2 did not do business with SCS after 2010.

The information further alleges that between April 1, 2010, and May 31, 2016, Rodriguez created false internal invoices that inflated the price of certain products purchased by SCS, often by overstating the shipping and handling costs associated with SCS's purchase of the products. Rodriguez also created false internal invoices that purportedly reflected the purchase of certain products by SCS. For each of the inflated and/or false internal invoices, Rodriguez created a false purchase order, listing either SCS Vendor #1 or SCS Vendor #2 as the payee, for the difference between the money actually owed to the vendor, if any, and the inflated and/or false invoice price. justice.gov

Equifax Data Breach's Impact On Employee Screening
The exposure at Equifax compromises the identity verification and risk analysis systems that underpin operations in the business community. The impacts of the breach are far-reaching across business categories - from mom-and-pop shops verifying a candidate's employment eligibility to huge, multinational corporations granting credit to consumers. So what's to stop these businesses from joining as a class to redress a common harm?

If employment screening is built on corrupted data (or, at the very least, on data whose integrity is questionable), there's a good chance that hiring processes by employers will need to be modified so employers can develop better controls for vetting candidates. Employers will be doubly concerned at organizations where background checks must be conducted for the safety of other workers or the public, such as daycare centers, law enforcement agencies, school systems, and the transportation industry. law360.com

FTC Opens Probe into Equifax Data Breach
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a formal investigation into the massive data breach of Equifax, which confirmed its failure to address a previously disclosed Apache Struts vulnerability that was exploited in the attack.

Separately, the FTC Thursday also issued an alert, warning consumers of potential phishing scams related to the Equifax breach. darkreading.com

Lucky Retailers or Lottery Fraudsters?
Analysis reveals Pennsylvania retailers who win the lottery a little too frequently

According to a PennLive analysis, more than 200 people have claimed at least 50 Pennsylvania Lottery tickets worth $600 or more between 2000 and 2016 - a feat that, in many cases, is statistically improbable.

In past cases where frequent lottery winning has been probed, investigators have sometimes found it rooted in crime: from theft of winning tickets and cheating to schemes used to facilitate tax evasion and money laundering.

Based on an analysis of lottery claims and business records, PennLive identified more than a dozen frequent winners who are either lottery retailers, former retailers or have clear connections to retailers. Of those players, the Pennsylvania Lottery confirmed it hadn't investigated any of their wins beyond routine prize and store reviews.

It's a track record that experts like Bill Hertoghe, a former security director for the California Lottery, believes should disturb Pennsylvanians. While Hertoghe maintains that lotteries should investigate all unusual wins, he said frequent wins by retailers were particularly suspicious: Retailers have unique access to both lottery tickets and the people who win them.

In California, Hertoghe said, his agency repeatedly caught retailers stealing winning tickets from customers. When players approached them to check their tickets for winners, those retailers would falsely tell them they hadn't won or had only won a small amount, and then claim the real prizes for themselves. pennlive.com

Retailers' holiday season hires, through the years
Target Corp. this week announced its seasonal hiring plans for 2017, saying it will hire about 100,000 employees this year, almost 35% more workers than it hired for the same period last year.

This chart shows how many seasonal employees six large retailers hired during the 2013-2017 holiday seasons. Note that not all retailers have announced 2017 hiring plans, and some did not publish 2016 figures either, including Walmart and Toys R Us. digitalcommerce360.com

Analyst: Rumors of Macy's death have been greatly exaggerated
Analyst Andrew McElroy, writing in SeekingAlpha, said talk of the death of the entire brick-and-mortar retail sector has been overblown and Macy's presents a good opportunity to buy a sound stock that has been depressed by sentiment.

McElroy notes that Macy's has fallen about 71 percent from its 2015 highs, and that took place in two large drops where it lost about 60 percent of its value each time.

"Macy's stock price has been punished by sentiment in the retail sector. There are valid concerns, but I would argue they have been overblown and taken the price lower than is fundamentally justified." bizjournals.com

Mark Your Calendars: IAI South Chapter Meeting - Oct. 2
The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) announces the first membership meeting of the new IAI South Chapter on Monday October 2, 2017 @12pm-3pm CT. All IAI Members and CFIs are welcome to attend, especially those in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

The IAI South Chapter will welcome John Guzman, CFI - Wicklander-Zulawski Presenter & Consultant, as the keynote speaker.

The meeting will be held at: Collin County Children's Advocacy Center; 2205 Los Rios; Plano, TX 75074

Seating is limited; Please RSVP by Sept 22nd, 2017 to dsadowsky@w-z.com

Director - Security/Loss Prevention job posted for American Tire Distributors - based in Huntersville, NC
Essential functions include: ● Oversee effective implementation of and maintain / strengthen security management system for distribution center / fleet delivery environments; ● Design, implement, and maintain building and transit loss control / security processes (e.g. access control, officer patrol, high value inventory management, CCTV, alarm, trailer in-transit / storage protocol, penetration testing / auditing, event investigation); ● Lead high profile security / theft investigations, and coordinate 2nd tier investigations using local / site resources

American Tire Distributors is one of the largest independent suppliers of tires to the North American replacement tire market, operating over 140 distributions centers across the U.S. and Canada. myworkdayjobs.com

US retail sales fell 0.2% in Aug, vs 0.1% increase expected

Macy's to hire 80K workers for the holidays; slightly down from '16

Women's footwear retailer Aerosoles files Chapter 11; to focus online, wholesale

Target recalls nearly 180,000 dressers that can tip over

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IMPACT 2017 is ready for you!
Oct. 2-4 in Florida

Hurricane Irma made her way through Florida this past weekend, including Gainesville and the surrounding areas. We at the LPRC are fortunate and thankful that we all made it out safely. We will continue to move forward with IMPACT as planned! The University of Florida is still open and ready for our members! Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts, we look forward to seeing you there on October 2nd!

Register for IMPACT 2017

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CAPData Used in Predictive Policing Tactics by Sheriff's Department

"Whenever we present HCSO plans to our Board of Supervisors, and it's supported by CAP Index data, there are never any questions about the integrity of the analysis process or anything else..." - Sergeant Sullivan

Established in 1720, the Hanover County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) is the primary law enforcement agency servicing more than 100,000 residents within a 474-square-mile jurisdiction in Hanover County, Virginia.

To keep up with the demands associated with commercial and population growth and the latest trends in crime forecasting, HCSO developed a predictive policing density analysis system to better understand and manage the impact of geographic density variables and crime trends on law enforcement operations.

The end goal of the HCSO initiative was to deter crime. Toward that end, their research was designed to yield a predictive formula using density analysis attributed to community movement and Calls For Service (CFS) as potential "gateway" crime indicators.

Although the use of data and analytical tools can never be 100% accurate as a predictor of criminal activity, this crime risk management discipline is a proven methodology - both for law enforcement agencies and corporations - for effective utilization of resources and to fill in any missing knowledge gaps in the absence of direct intelligence.

For HCSO, their predictive policing initiative has been attributed to a measurable reduction in criminal activity since the inception of the program. It has also allowed for more effective allocation and placement of law enforcement resources, provided a practical guide for county growth and strategic planning initiatives, and helped to foster strong partnerships with county planning agencies.

HCSO's successful experience with predictive policing methods has been both instructional and rewarding for CAP Index. In our recent interview with Sergeant Terry Sullivan, he acknowledged the important role that CAP continues to play in validating HCSO's own firsthand research. He noted, "When we're analyzing our CFS data, types of crime, and population densities, it's extremely valuable for us to affirm the accuracy of that information through a knowledgeable third party like CAP Index. Very often, your data analysis matches our experience and projections. Sometimes, however, your CRIMECAST Maps might show us an area where your forecast for the victimization rate might be higher than what we've calculated; so we take that into account in our resource deployment strategy."

Read more here.

If you're interested in learning more about the use of CAPData in predictive policing or any of your data-driven initiatives, contact us.


RFID is ready to revolutionize the retail industry
Macy's Has Strong Results So Far

Nearly 75 percent of surveyed retailers in Kurt Salmon's 2016 RFID in Retail study said they were currently implementing or piloting RFID, and more retailers are discovering the technology can offer worthy results: 90 percent said they were measuring their return on investment by inventory accuracy with an average improvement of 25 percent.

While inventory visibility and accuracy itself can be a compelling benefit of RFID, it barely scratches the surface of the contributions it can make in other areas of operations.

"Inventory accuracy is huge and has been pretty documented about RFID," says Steven Platt, director of the Platt Retail Institute and research director at the Retail Analytics Council at Northwestern University. "It also affects everything from ordering to market down, customer services and a whole host of other things."

The Platt Retail Institute recently released a working paper which analyzed data from a 15-month period of RFID testing by Macy's. The retailer is on a path to tag 100 percent of its merchandise with RFID by the end of 2017 and has asked all product vendors to supply merchandise already fitted with tags.

Macy's has had strong results so far. The use of RFID substantially improved the rate of display compliance, which drove overall customer satisfaction. Inventory accuracy (as measured by gross unit variance) showed significant improvements as Macy's could conduct more regular cycle counts of items tagged with RFID.

RFID in practice

Researchers considered four main uses cases with the Macy's pilot: display audit, inventory accuracy, single unit fulfillment and back to front. They found RFID substantially improved the rate of display compliance and customer satisfaction through their ability to "find items."

They also discovered that 1 percent more sales were made at full price, and 2.6 percent more sales were made at full price and after the first markdown during the post-RFID deployment. Platt says if the retail industry is to move to dynamic pricing based on supply and demand dynamics, it will need accurate knowledge of where the inventory is at any point in time.

Other retailers are already using RFID on individual products to enhance the customer experience. Lululemon has implemented Tyco's TrueVUE RFID Inventory Visibility system to report real-time inventory to guests. The retailer also implemented the Tyco Retail RFID Fitting Room, which offers visibility to item-level inventory in the fitting room with additional insight into the stockroom and sales floor. This helps sales associates better assist customers, monitor the area to combat shrink, enable fitting room merchandising and promotional opportunities, and boost sales.

Brent Brown, vice president and general manager at Tyco Retail Solutions, says it's a highly effective way to make stores more relevant and drive shoppers back to bricks-and-mortar through differentiation and personalization. "It becomes a pretty powerful competitive advantage, especially when you start to marry the links between online and bricks-and-mortar," Brown says.

Measuring ROI

Despite its benefits, few retailers are using RFID to its full potential. One of the reasons is that it can be difficult to fully quantify the return on investment. Platt says retailers such as Macy's are interested in information about ROI because it can be more cost-effective for brands to tag products during the manufacturing stage rather than incur the added time and labor costs of adding tags at distribution centers.

As a pervasive technology that can run through the supply chain and offer benefits from the manufacturing floor to the sales floor, Platt says more awareness could spark greater adoption. "There's hope that as more retailers adopt it, there will be more of a push on the vendors, particularly in the apparel segment, to start labeling at the source," he says.

The price for an RFID tag has fallen from $1 in 2003 to approximately 10 cents today. Yet in addition to tags and installation, retailers also need to consider Internet of Things equipment, software and how humans will utilize it. They'll also need a means to consider how they'll quantify their savings in time and their improved customer experience. Tyco has a Retail RFID ROI Estimator that factors in things such as the number of items to be tagged, number of stores, average unit retail and gross profits for tagged items, store SKU accuracy, labor costs and inventory turns.

As more retailers expand their omnichannel capabilities, they'll place more value on inventory visibility. Brown says most retailers typically start losing visibility of 3 to 5 percent per month from June through the end of the year and end up with 65 to 75 percent visibility by the holidays; RFID becomes a "powerful tool and competitive advantage" when retailers use it to join the links between online and bricks-and-mortar, he says.

It's less a matter of if then when RFID will be deployed on a mass scale. Demand for RFID tags is steadily rising - a forecast from IDTechEx said retailers will deploy more than 5 billion tags in 2017.

SML Group, one of the largest RFID technology companies in the world, made more than 1 billion tags for the apparel industry last year. Frew says the market for RFID applications in retail is only at 6 percent penetration, equating it to Geoffrey Moore's model of "crossing the chasm" where there are multiple segments of technology adopters, all with their own behavioral characteristics. stores.org

RFID Tags Market Valued at US $809M and Expected to Reach US $1.6B by 2025
The increase in use of RFID technology in the retail sector has been identified as one of the key driving factors for the U.S. RFID Tags Market. In 2016, the U.S. RFID Tags market was valued at US$809.4 mn and is expected to reach US$1,672.5 mn by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period. Though already installed base of barcode systems may act as a restrain for RFID tags market. Nonetheless, the increasing focus on enhancing security system has provided opportunity for the usage of RFID chips in passports and visas. digitaljournal.com

National Retail Federation: Data breach law needed now

Privacy Concerns Top Business Drone Use Risks

20 Questions to Help Achieve Security Program Goals


Coming Sept. 18/19...

The Armed Robbery Epidemic:
How to Stay Safe

Dr. Read Hayes, Director of LPRC
Robert Oberosler, Group VP of LP, Rite Aid
Kevin Larson, Sr. Manager of AP, Kroger

With armed robberies spiking nationwide, retailers like Kroger and Rite Aid are working alongside the University of Florida's Loss Prevention Research Council to make robbery attempts tougher, riskier and less rewarding for criminals. In this session, Read Hayes, PhD, Director of the LPRC; Bob Oberosler, Group Vice President of Loss Prevention for Rite Aid; and Kevin Larson, Senior Manager of Asset Protection for Kroger, discuss how new research on offender decision making, anti-robbery tactics, and other incident reporting is being used to help counteract violence in retail.

Episode Sponsored By:

Quick Take #14

Garret King, Business Development Manager for Cam Connections, a Division of Protection 1, talks about his recent visit to the National Counterterrorism Center and how CCI helps make cutting-edge technology and solutions more productive and useful for their retail customers at both the store and corporate level.

Quick Take Sponsored By:

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Bogus Online Transactions Are Up In Wake Of Equifax Breach
Fraudulent online account use has soared since July, says an e-commerce fraud-prevention executive, who adds that the increase in scam attempts is likely to be a result of the Equifax (EFX) data breach, which occurred from mid-May through July but was only disclosed by Equifax last week.

And in the wake of significant publicity about the data breach, LifeLock - which sells credit-monitoring services to consumers - says its web traffic soared sixfold and sign-ups increased 10-fold since Sept. 7, according to Bloomberg.

Michael Reitblat, CEO and co-founder of e-commerce fraud-prevention company Forter, told IBD, "We've seen about a 15% increase in account takeover activity in the one and a half or two months since July. We can't be certain that it is from the Equifax hack. But the quality of data is higher, which leads us to think it is related. It is just circumstantial. But the (fraudsters) seem to have more authentic information."

Reitblat says scam artists recently seem to have more than the usual amount of victims' actual identification information, such as Social Security numbers, names and addresses.

He adds that the Equifax data breach "looks like the essentially worst breach in U.S. history. It will have grave financial implications, not only for Equifax but for the whole financial ecosystem."

Still, he anticipates a silver lining. "This will change the way merchants store data and share data. We will end up with a better, safer world" because merchants will implement systems that do a better job of screening out fraudulent transactions. investors.com

Forter Says AI Can Help Prevent Online Fraud
Much has been written about the growth of artificial intelligence and its future, but now AI firm Forter said the technology can be used to help prevent fraud online.

Forter - which raised more than $50 million in venture capital funding, its most recent a Series C last year - hosted a panel presentation Thursday at Gabriel Kreuther in Manhattan to talk about the topic. The company is working with firms to help them combat fraud online, and is also about to introduce product to help with account takeovers, or ATOs in tech parlance.

Michael Reitblat, chief executive officer and cofounder of Forter, said before the panel discussion that his firm through its data checks had noticed an increase in online account activity shortly before it was disclosed that last week that credit reporting agency Equifax had been hacked. ATOs occur when fraudsters get access to a consumer's online account at a merchant and then take it over, using the financial information attached to the account to buy merchandise and even change passwords and other "confidential" information so they can continue to use the account. Also at risk once they gain access is the use of points, the electronic currency consumers accumulate through past purchases, associated with the account.

Kleckner, a Forter client, said many firms still use manual systems - read human intelligence - to identify between good and bad accounts. He noted that the manual systems are essentially rule-based, and that its one chief flaw is that it can "make any system look good even though it is bad."

Reitblat said AI technology, which has many benefits, is still in the early stages, and likened it to a "very smart three-year old." But there was also talk of how a retailer - using purchasing behavior by a teen, including a pregnancy test - began sending the teen baby-related advertisements, only to have to deal with an irate parent who didn't know the teen was pregnant.

Labaton noted that management needs to be involved in the conversations with the tech team on how to best use AI to "make sure there's some common sense behind it." wwd.com

Forrester: Half of online sales occur on marketplaces

COMING SOON: CAL-ORCA's Annual Training Conference
ORC - Evolved: "Illuminating the Dark Side"

Sept. 28 & 29 in San Diego, CA

Mark your calendars! The California Organized Retail Crimes Association is hosting its annual training conference in San Diego on Sept. 28 and 29. The event is open to private security, law enforcement and loss prevention industry professionals only.

Attendees will be eligible to win several scholarships and board certifications donated by the Loss Prevention Foundation, McAfee Institute, and the International Association of Interviewers, among many other surprises!

Break-Out Topics include: Cyber Investigations, E-Commerce, Building Partnerships, and Loss Prevention Tools.

For more information about this must-attend event, download the flyer.

Tyler, TX: $43K worth of Cellphones stolen from Sam's Club
Police are seeking five suspects after a mattress was used to conceal the theft of $43,000 worth of new cellphones from an East Texas Sam's Club. Tyler police said Friday that 73 cellphones were stolen from a locked shelf storage unit. Officers are seeking a man and four women over last weekend's theft. Investigators say the thieves on Sunday loaded a mattress and additional merchandise on a flat cart to shield them from workers and other shoppers. Police said the suspects cut the lock off the unit, then the women stuffed the cellphones inside compartments of their clothing and walked out. abqjournal.com

Ewa Beach, HI: 3 women attempt to steal 18 cases of Spam, over $1,000, at Longs Drugs
A witness said the suspected culprits were three women. While the attempt to steal Spam may seem comical, theft is a major problem in Hawaii. According to Retail Merchants of Hawaii, it's something that's especially prominent with canned goods. "We're seeing it more and more and there's a lot more volume being taken out of stores now. It's a combination of felony charges have gone from $300 up to $750. So now if you steal $750 it's a felony. So people are stealing right up underneath." Said President of Retail Merchants of Hawaii Tina Yamaki. Yamaki says unfortunately, it's turned into a black market commodity. Often the stolen items are re-sold at places like swap meets, or even right out of the back of cars. kitv.com

San Diego, CA: Sheriffs Seek Woman for Multiple Thefts in Home Goods Stores
The woman was seen on July 28 at a Home Goods store in Poway taking bedding from the store shelf and giving it to the return desk for store credit totaling over $100. She also presented the cashier with an I.D. card stolen from a woman in January. According to the Sheriff's department, the suspect has used the same tactic at various locations since June and has received more than $4,000 in gift cards for stolen goods. nbcsandiego.com

North Carolina: Carolina's Organized Retail Crime Alliance biggest concern is the safety of the general public
Websites have accelerated increasingly sophisticated organized retail theft rings, which have long relied on shoplifters known as "boosters" clearing store shelves of in-demand goods and then selling and re-selling to higher levels of fences who deal in truckloads of stolen property. newsobserver.com

Asheboro, NC: Third Offense lands shoplifter in prison 1 to 10 years
Amanda Jones pleaded guilty to one felony count of third-offense shoplifting, as part of a plea agreement. The total cost of the stolen items from Walmart was $38.31. Jones' criminal history shows she had been arrested on shoplifting charges seven times. theintermountain.com

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Visit the ORC Resource Center


Kidnapping, Shootings & Deaths

Update: Goldendale, WA: Suspect arrested in Cheney shooting, kidnapping
One suspect is arrested in connection to a carjacking in which a man shot inside a victim's car and drove off with the victim inside. The Yakima Violent Crime Task Force arrested 36-year-old Donavon Culps around 2:13 p.m., Sept. 14 for kidnapping and a Federal warrant. Police said Culps was wanted for kidnapping a marijuana shop employee in Cheney last Sunday. Cheney police said Lucid Marijuana employee, 46-year-old Cameron Smith, was taken from the area of the store at gunpoint. kimatv.com

Madison, WI: $2 million bail set for suspect in 7-Eleven homicide
Bail was set at $2 million Thursday for a Madison man charged with shooting two men, one of them to death, at a South Side convenience store last month, purportedly because one of the men had looked at him the wrong way earlier. Curtis J. Langlois, 37, who is charged with first-degree intentional homicide for the Aug. 2 death of Kendrith J. Young, and attempted first-degree intentional homicide for shooting Rodney Lemon Jr. madison.com

Roanoke County, VA: Woman arrested in convenience store shooting; Z-Mart employee shot in the chest

Robberies & Thefts

Colorado Springs, CO: Convenience Store' Clerk fired after being robbed; violation of company policy
A clerk at a local convenience store said she tried fighting off a robber before he made off with cash from the register, and end up getting fired hours later. The robbery happened at the Western Convenience Store in Colorado Springs on September 9. Keller's termination papers said she was fired for violating a company policy about how much money can be inside the cash register. She admits she made that mistake but didn't think it should have cost her a job. She remembers the physical fight she got into with the robber when he ambushed her near a back office in the store after pretending to be interested in buying some rolling papers. kktv.com

San Diego, CA: A SWAT standoff lead to a dramatic arrest; suspect wanted for Armed Robbery of CVS in Imperial Beach
A SWAT standoff lead to a dramatic arrest in Otay Mesa early Thursday morning. Around 6 a.m., sheriff's deputies swarmed a house and deployed flash bangs inside the home. San Diego County Sheriff's deputies say the suspect was wanted for holding up a CVS store on Palm Avenue in Imperial Beach. "When you have a suspect who already has shown violent tendencies believed to be armed with a handgun those are the techniques we use to make sure everyone is as safe as possible," Ryan Keim, SD County Sheriff said. cbs8.com

Long Island, NY: Man gets 10 years for Armed Robbery of 40 Fast-Food / C-stores
A Long Island man convicted of robbing 40 Queens and Long Island fast food joints was sentenced Thursday to 10 years in federal prison. Khalif House, 24, received the term for the knife-point robbery spree at Carvel, Dunkin' Donuts, Subway and 7-Eleven stores between 2015 and 2016. Prosecutors said House carried a butcher's blade and covered his face with a hoodie, sunglasses and a doo-rag. House, of Hempstead, racked up almost $19,000 in ill-gotten gains, according to court papers. nydailynews.com

Kalispell, MT: Three men armed with knives Arrested without incident at Kalispell Center Mall; local Social media had blown things out of proportion
On the same day that many Flathead Valley schools were closed due to threats, the Kalispell Center Mall had an encounter of its own. Police responded to a call from the mall reporting that three young adults were brandishing knives in the center of the building. Officers arrived at the scene at around 11 a.m. and contacted the men. All three were arrested in front of Bath & Body Works and taken out of the mall without threats toward the police or mall customers. Kalispell Police Chief Roger Nasset says the situation was handled quickly, but social media rumors created an unwarranted amount of fear in the community and created obstacles for officers. ktvq.com


Bucks County, PA: Man pleads no contest in Armed Robbery of Metro PCS store; hit the same store twice in 2 months for over $7,500 in merchandise and cash

Credit Card Fraud

Detroit, MI: "Master of Disguise" Arrested in South Carolina; wanted on 35 felonies in Multi-state ID Theft ring
One of the men featured as Detroit's Most Wanted is back behind bars. The U.S. Marshals say one of their top fugitives, Daniel Perry, was arrested in South Carolina overnight. Perry who was wanted for a multi-state ID theft ring, didn't give himself up right away. Despite giving the South Carolina Highway Patrol a fake ID on Wednesday night, they discovered he was the man featured in May 2016. Perry was wanted for more than 35 state and federal felonies in both Michigan and Florida. Among the victims were a disabled man and police officer. He will now be brought back to Michigan to face a long list of charges. wxyz.com

Birmingham, AL: Police seek suspects in Credit card theft; $7,000 in purchases at Target
A vehicle parked at Inverness Country Club was broken into on Aug. 27, and the victim's wallet, containing several credit cards, was taken. Within two hours of the theft, two suspects used the stolen cards to purchase about $7,000 worth of items from the Target store off U.S. 280. shelbycountereporter.com


APlus Official Pit Stop - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
Berlener Pharmacy - Hermann, MO - Robbery
C-Store- Milton, WV - Burglary
Circle K - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Green Valley, WV - Robbery
Dollar General - Corpus Christi, TX - Burglary
Express Car Wash Sonora, CA - Burglary
Family Dollar - Nashville, TN - Robbery
Jackson Wine and Spirits - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
Jewelry Store - Santa Ana, CA - Robbery
Kay Jewelers - Jefferson City, MO - Armed Robbery
Little General - Mercer County, WV - Robbery
Migdalia's Beauty Salon - Paterson, NJ - Burglary
Mykal's Vapor - Espanola, NM - Robbery
Rite Aid - Lima, OH - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
Target - Ventura, CA - Burglary
U-Pak-It - Delhi, LA - Burglary ($10k in Lottery tickets)
U Wash Laundromat - Tucson, AZ - Burglary
Western C- Store - Colorado Springs, CO - Robbery


Daily Totals:
13 robberies
7 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed


Weekly Totals:
78 robberies
44 burglaries
5 shootings
0 killed


Jeff Buskirk
named District Asset Protection Team Leader for Ollie's Bargain Outlet, Inc.

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Senior Manager, Asset Protection Operations
Kent, WA

Senior Manager, Asset Protection Operations responsibilities include developing and implementing Asset Protection strategies and theft prevention, directing investigations and security programs across headquarters, ecommerce and retail REI locations. Additionally, this role oversees all support functions for the broader AP team across the co-op....

Corporate Security Operations Manager
San Francisco, CA

This position is designed to be one of leadership, combining excellent system knowledge and skills, with decision-making abilities. Duties include, but are not limited to: Oversight of corporate campus (s), managing staff, including, contract security staff covering shifts 24/7, handling and interacting with visitor/trespassers, customer service training for contract security staff, and assisting in evacuation procedures during the event of an emergency...

General Manager North America, Retail Loss Prevention
Location Flexible Major City (Atlanta, Chicago, Boca Raton, Dallas etc)

Reporting to the VP & GM Global Loss Prevention, Tyco Retail Solutions the North America leader requires a strategic perspective and capabilities around articulating and driving the vision and value proposition for the $400 million NA team...

Project Manager
Chanhassen, MN

The Project Manager is responsible for managing all installations in their region or assigned accounts. This includes initiation, planning, implementation, and project close out. The position is responsible for executing projects according to strict deadlines and within budget...

Vice President Loss Prevention & Safety
Denton, TX

The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention and Safety Program. The VP will work closely with the other Company teams such as Store Operations, Distribution, Finance, Legal, Risk Management and Human Resources to ensure company assets including cash, inventory and people are safeguarded...

Manager Organized Retail Crime
Bolingbrook, IL

The Manager, Organized Retail Crime is responsible for the development, implementation and management of external loss protection programs and investigations while driving profitability through shrink improvement. This position will be responsible for managing various data points and analytics of individual store losses, markets and across the enterprise to identify ORC activity, investigate accordingly and recommend action steps...

Director of Loss Prevention
La Mirada, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for developing, implementing and executing asset protection programs for Living Spaces. The Director of Loss Prevention will direct LP compliance and merchandise protection programs as it relates to Risk Management...

Regional Asset Protection Manager - Southwest/Western US
Phoenix, AZ

The Regional Asset Protection Manager is responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function to a group of the 1,200 campus stores Follett operates. The RAPM guides the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

Manager, Physical Corporate Security
Jacksonville, FL
The Manager, Corporate Security will oversee all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...

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Being too close to the trees to see the forest is an expression that also fits not appreciating the role you play on your own team. With the needs of the day seemingly always taking priority, it's difficult for some to step back and truly see the value you can add to your own team. Realizing it and accepting the responsibility as a team member is half the battle. But doing something with it and truly adding value is what helps the team win the game. Every group, every department is in fact a team and every member plays a vital role towards the success and the survival of that team. That's why that old expression - One for all and all for one - took such a hold in literature. Because it is that simple. The hard part is taking responsibility for it.

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