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Paul Finkelstein
was promoted to Manager of Loss Prevention and Corporate Security for Swarovski North America.  Paul has been with Swarovski for over five years. He previously worked for the luxury jewelry company as a Loss Prevention Specialist. Before that, Paul held the title of Executive Team Leader, Assets Protection at Target. He has worked in the LP industry for over 9 years. Congratulations, Paul!

What was LP like in the age of disco?
An agent never forgets his or her first apprehension. In 1972, Greg Saputo was an entry-level store detective at Montgomery Ward. He vividly remembers his first stop in a new animated short. According to Greg Saputo, anybody who’s ever been an agent will never forget their first stop. When Greg, a retail loss prevention veteran, made his first apprehension forty years ago, it wasn’t just the shoplifter whose heart was beating out of their chest. Watch the video to hear Greg share the story of his first apprehension as an entry-level store detective with Montgomery Ward in 1972. Watch the video here. (Source

LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud(SM) Study Says Merchants Are Incurring a $279 Loss For Every $100 of Fraud Losses  In time for the heavy online retail season ahead, LexisNexis has issued a True Cost of Fraud Report to help e-retailers get prepared. Nearly one in three victims of identity fraud chose to avoid specific merchants after falling victim to fraud, according to the 5th Annual LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud(SM) study released today. Commissioned by LexisNexis and conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research, the study found that between 10 and 14 million U.S. consumers are victims of identity fraud every year. This year’s findings reveal merchants are paying more per dollar of fraud than in 2012, the most since 2010. More specifically, merchants are incurring a $279 loss for every $100 of fraud losses. The increase is attributed in part to the growth in fraud activity through online channels, already the most expensive channel due to costs associated with fees and interest owed to financial institutions, charge-backs and other replacement costs. See the info-graphic here. (Source

Collaboration and intelligence sharing can boost loss prevention
Speaking at the 4th Retail Bulletin ‘Retail Loss Prevention Summit 2013’ in London last week Mark Stevenson, national loss prevention manager at Blakemore Retail (Spar), stated: “Loss prevention is the only department in retail that should not be brand competitive. We should all be sat around a table and sharing best practice. Unfortunately loss prevention has taken a step back, due to the economy, but the criminals have not.” Anthony Navaie-Bryan, head of security and investigations at Phones 4U, agrees and says the mobile phone retailers have been increasingly working together to beat the criminals. (Source

7-Eleven Ousts Several Chicago-Area Franchisees
7-Eleven Inc. took ownership of several Chicago-area convenience stores from franchise owners following allegations that they were selling non-approved items, according to a DNAinfo Chicago report. The latest franchise takeovers in the area come weeks after 7-Eleven took over ownership of several other nearby stores, according to the report. Ken Patel, vice president of the Chicago franchise association for 7-Eleven operators, told the news outlet that the takeovers came without "any kind of warning" and he expects other stores are next. (Source

FBI Crime Report - 2012 = 6,150,598 larceny-thefts nationwide
Larceny-theft accounted for 68.5% of the 8,975,438 property crimes in 2012. The number of larceny-thefts remained virtually the same when compared with the 2011 estimate, but dropped 6.6 percent when compared with the 2008 estimate, and declined 12.5 percent when compared with the 2003 estimate. The average value of property taken during larceny-thefts was $987 per offense. When the average value is applied to the estimated number of larceny-thefts, the loss to victims nationally was more than $6 billion. (Source

From JC Penney to Walmart, to Macy's and Kohl's, It's Going to Be A Tough Holiday Season This Year  Retailers are well aware of the issues they face this Holiday season and have already lowered their sales expectations. It is likely that they are planning to meet the challenge of beating last year’s sales by lining up a series of strong promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the selling period that follows. On a comparable basis I believe that most department stores Nordstrom, Macy’s, J.C.Penney, and Kohl’s, Dillard's DDS +0.75%, Belk’s and Bon Ton will show modest increases in comparable store sales. I believe that the weak performance of J.C.Penney last year suggests that they will have good store sales increase of 10 to 15 percent while Macy’s could be around 3% and Nordstrom around 5%. Kohl’s is likely to have flattish sales. Walmart and may report an increase of around 1% while Target TGT -0.51% Stores will benefit from their Canadian expansion. The promotional environment will hurt specialty stores like The Gap, Urban Outfitters, Aeropostale and American Eagle. While I think consumers will shop late, as they seem to do every year, most will open their pocketbooks to buy family gifts. Despite this, it is likely to be a tough Holiday season...batten down the hatches! Editor's note: This Forbes article was written by Walter Loeb one of the top retail consultants in the retail industry and his predictions are almost always dead on. Having served with him on an NRF council for a number of years, Walter showed his predictive abilities a number of times. (Source

Supermarket industry faces restructuring challenges with $22B in mergers this year alone: According to Panel report  For traditional supermarkets ... the market is competitive, it’s saturated, and its been tough for a number of years,” “And it’s bringing us to a flashpoint where you’re going to see a lot more distress. It’s a mature industry where people are killing each other. And where that happens, there’s bound to be opportunity. Much of the stress on traditional supermarkets has come as a result of non-traditional competitors including clubs, mass merchants and specialty stores that have absorbed nearly all of the sales growth in the industry since 2008. There are 38,000 grocers in the U.S. — not stores — grocers,” he said. This group accounts for more than 58% of the supermarket industry with no single player accounting from more than 1.2% of the total share. (Source

Saks Inc. announces upon completion of Merger with Hudson's Bay Sadove, Chairman and CEO of Saks, and Frasch, President and Chief Merchant of Saks, will leave Company

NRF: Retail Sales Growth Remains Tepid, Up 0.1% in August

Supreme Judicial Court Upholds $20.6 Million Judgment Against Toys "R" Us

Sherwin-Williams Completes Acquisition of Comex U.S./Canada Business

Bi-Lo Holdings to sell seven stores to Publix

Stage Stores Selects Kronos Hiring Solution to Hire Associates Dedicated to Delivering Exceptional Service Across All Store Locations

Boca's squad of undercover cops on lookout for career criminals, burglary crews and professional shoplifters  The Boca Raton police Tactical Team has existed in one form or another for at least the 19 and a half years he's been on the force, says Lt. Ryan Kenney. Its mandate is to "target specific crime trends through the use of unmarked patrols in hot spots and areas of a high likelihood of criminal activity," according to Boca Raton police Web site. The team frequently make arrests that generate headlines. They specialize in nabbing burglary crews, professional shoplifters and career criminals who view Boca as a prime crime destination. (Source

Indiana Excise Police cracking down on counterfeit goods, arresting 14 foreign nationals living in Cincinnati  Police seized over 16,000 items including CD's they weren't even for sale yet to the public. The Excise police have even hit an air freight hub arresting four others on 11 felony charges. Excise is trying to figure out where the items came from and where the profits went. Pirated products can be a problem. International investigators believe the Madrid train bombing may have been financed by sales of counterfeit goods and may be funding other shadowy groups. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Burlington Coat Factory Q2 up 7.8% with net sales up 11.5%

Last week's most popular news article --

ABC News picks up story that hit yesterday - Home Depot Accused of Shaking Down Shoplifters - And it's at the top of Yahoo  Home Depot has intimidated thousands of customers accused of shoplifting into collectively paying millions of dollars to have such accusations dropped, even though the company has no intention of suing, a class-action suit alleges. The suit claims that the big box retailer is using California's Civil Shopping Law as "a profit center" by arbitrarily seeking "damages" from accused customers. (Source





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Northern Michigan University, located in Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula, offers one of the only baccalaureate loss prevention management programs in the United States. It is offered completely online and accepts up to 92 transfer credits. An affordable investment into a dynamic and growing profession. Learn more here


Happiness: The Next Key Performance Indicator
A new report, "World Happiness Report" describes how measurements of wellbeing can be used to asses a nation's progress to see where they stand globally. The report was published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network and according to the editors of the report, "further strengthens the case that wellbeing is a critical component of economic and social development." The study also demonstrated the benefits of happiness stating that people who are happy live longer, are more productive, and even earn more money. (Source

Safeway Agrees to Reduce Emissions of Ozone-depleting Substances
The grocery store chain has agreed to pay a $600,000 civil penalty and implement a corporate-wide plan to reduce its emissions of ozone depleting substances from refrigeration equipment at over 650 stores all across the nation. The plan, expected to cost about $4 million, would fix leaks and reduce emissions and involves the largest number of facilities under the Clean Air Act's regulations regarding refrigeration equipment. (Source



2013 LPRC Impact Conference Agenda

Thank you Read Hayes and Loss Prevention Research Council team for the information and partial agenda highlighting what will be covered at the 2013 Impact Conference to be held October 14-16 in Gainesville, Florida. Over 125 leading executives from at least 40 major retailers, and multiple technology companies plan to participate in the conference. The Impact conference provides the opportunity for major retailers and technology companies to not only network, but also work together with research scientists, that everyone will be able to enjoy and benefit from. Please register here!

The Future of Retailing: Topics: Future of shopping, retailing, and implications for LP/AP

StoreLab Environments
     ◊ Store environment 1 (current) and 2 (future), Distribution Center, and Parking Lot

Securing the Future Research Topics/Working Group and Action Team Sessions
     ◊ NextLP Delphi Study, Omni Channel, RFID, Social Media, Digital/Social, Forensics, Mobile POS, Future of ORC

Working Group and Action Team Presentations-
     ◊ Video Analytics Working Group
     ◊ Packaging Innovation Working Group
     ◊ Supply Chain Protection Working Group
     ◊ ORC Working Group
     ◊ Predictive Analytics Working Group
     ◊ Benefit Denial Working Group
     ◊ Other action teams and working groups

Barbeque Dinner and Recognition Award Ceremony

Recent LPRC Research Results and 2014 Research Priorities
     ◊ Between store shrinkage differences
     ◊ Violent crime events
     ◊ Return Fraud and Abuse
         ▫The Retail Equation and The Home Depot
     ◊ New ePVM project findings
     ◊ New packaging protection findings
     ◊ New offender feedback findings on multiple anti-theft treatments
     ◊ Employee Awareness: Inter-Generational Differences and Social Media
     ◊ ORC Offender Feedback
     ◊ Verint video analytics research results
     ◊ Procter & Gamble store manager study
     ◊ MeadWestvaco offender studies

Keynote Speaker: TBA Soon!

Speakers from the University of Florida Center for Retailing Education and Research will also be participating in the event.




FBI: Bomb threats part of scam last week at various retailers nationwide
The FBI Atlanta Field Office is alerting consumers that several bomb threats that occurred last week at several CVS and Walgreens stores in the Savannah area were tied to a scam. On Sept. 12, 2013, 10 stores in Savannah each received bomb threats over the phone. In each case, the caller asked to speak to the store manager, demanding that 10 Green Dot MoneyPak cards each be activated and loaded with $500 and that the card numbers be read aloud over the phone. The caller threatened to blow up the stores if the managers and employees' homes and families if they didn't comply. The managers of all of the stores described the caller as a male between 20 to 30 years of age and with a foreign accent. No manager complied with the demands and no explosive devices were found, according to the FBI. The FBI determined in an investigation that similar such threatening calls were made to various drug stores and retail outlets nationwide. (Source

French jeweler who shot dead one of two robbers becomes folk hero after being charged with murder  A jeweler in the southern French city of Nice who has been charged with murder for killing a robber has become a hero on social networking sites with 1 million people "liking" him on Facebook page set up to show solidarity for the Jeweler. The prosecutor suspects the jeweler aimed to kill the 19 yr.-old armed robber, who also had 14 previous convictions for petty crime. The case has triggered an outpouring of support for the shop owner. More than 930,000 people had “liked” a Facebook page titled “Support for the jeweler in Nice” by early Saturday. (Source

Beauty store robber sought in other VA, NC robberies  The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office has release two photographs of a man who is a person of interest in the robbery of the Sally’s Beauty Supply store in Washington Square in South Stafford on Thursday, July 11, 2013. The same individual is also a person of interest in two robberies in Spotsylvania County. Within an hour of the Stafford robbery, the same suspect robbed a Payless Store in Spotsylvania County. The same individual is also a suspect in a robbery at a Sally’s Beauty Supply in Spotsylvania County on June 25, 2013. (Source

Dyersburg Police Department investigating armed robbery of Dollar General Store  Dyersburg Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred on Thursday, Sept. 12, at the Dollar General Store. Police were dispatched to the store at approximately 2:18 p.m., and informed by store personnel that a black male wearing dark color pants, hoodie, and bandana covering his face entered the store and robbed the store clerk at gunpoint. The suspect then fled the scene on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. This makes the third robbery of a business in which a weapon was used within the last week. (Source

Anna’s Linens employee allegedly steals more than $8K 
An employee at Anna`s Linens was arrested Friday for allegedly stealing more than $8,000 from the business by conducting fraudulent refunds. Evangelina Lira Alfaro, 31, was served with a theft warrant. She posted a $20,000 bond later in the day, according to custody records. Investigator Joe E. Baeza, Laredo Police Department spokesman, said Alfaro conducted fraudulent refunds totaling $8,715. “The excuse (Alfaro) gives is that she had to pay rent, bills and her truck, and also send money to her family,” the police report states. (Source

Owner fires shots at thief in Westminster, California jewelry-store robbery 
Police are investigating a robbery Friday afternoon that resulted in a store owner at the Asian Garden Mall shooting at a thief. Officers about 4 p.m. responded to reports of a robbery and shots fired at Tick Tock Watches, a specialty jewelry store, Westminster police Cmdr. Tim Vu said. The robber reportedly entered the store posing as a customer, took a watch worth more than $9,000 and fled. The store owner chased the robber to his car and fired shots, though police did not know the precise number. It was unclear if the suspect fired back, according to police. (Source

Armed Robbery suspects caught on video in El Sereno cell phone store  Caught in the act: Surveillance video shows a dangerous robber targeting a cell phone store and robbing an employee. Police need your help to catch him. Police say an armed-robbery suspect has hit at least two cell phone stores and is considered armed and dangerous. They say he's responsible for at least five armed robberies at businesses around El Sereno, and possibly Echo Park and Highland Park, mostly at cell phone stores, since August 31. He's used a gun and a machete in the robberies. (Source

Two Family Dollar stores robbed 13 minutes apart outside of Dallas  On September 12, 2013, at approximately 9:30 pm, two men entered the Family Dollar Store located at 3400 Bonnie View Road, both wearing bandanas. The men were armed and demanded the clerk open the safe. The suspects were unsuccessful at that location and did not get any property. Approximately 15 minutes later, the same two suspects entered another Family Dollar at 4400 Marsalis Ave. One suspect had a bandana covering his face and the other did not. The suspects were armed and demanded the clerk open the safe. The suspects took an undetermined amount of cash. Attached is a video clip from the robbery on Marsalis. It shows the robbery from two different angles – the front door and the cashier view. (Source

Armed robbery at a Kent County, Michigan Rite Aid
Kent County sheriff's deputies are looking for the suspect in an armed robbery that occurred Friday afternoon at a Rite Aid near Cedar Springs. It happened around 4 p.m. at the Rite Aid at 4166 17 Mile Road NE, just east of U.S. 131. The suspect implied he had a weapon and said he had shot people before and would do it again, authorities said. (Source

Female shoplifter pulls a knife on a San Antonio Macy’s Loss Prevention Agent  Police are hoping you can help them identify a woman wanted in connection with an aggravated robbery that happened at the Macy's store at Ingram Park Mall. A police report states a loss-prevention employee spotted the woman walking around the store pushing a baby stroller and then getting onto an elevator with merchandise in her hand. When the woman left the store several minutes later, she did not appear to have the merchandise with her. After searching the elevator and not finding the merchandise, the employee believed the woman must have hidden the items in the baby's stroller. Police say when the employee stopped her to ask about the merchandise, the woman told him she didn't know what he was talking about. The employee said the woman then pulled out a pocket knife and pointed it him before walking away to her vehicle. (Source

Burlington Police investigating a Best Buy burglary; nearly $12,000 of merchandise stolen  Police are investigating after two people stole thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics from the Best Buy store in Burlington early Friday morning. Burlington police and a Burlington Police Department K9 unit were dispatched to the Best Buy location at 1465 University Drive at 5:49 a.m. in response to a burglar alarm, where officers found an unsecured rear door entering the business. The investigation has shown that two unknown people entered Best Buy and stole 44 iPod MP3 players, with a total value of $11,449.56. Police are unsure how the robbers left the property after exiting the building. (Source

Portland Police investigate robbery at Morgan Jewelers in Northeast Portland
Police are looking for a man who did a "smash and grab" robbery at Morgan Jewelers in Northeast Portland. Witnesses told police a man was hanging around outside the store before he came in, pulled out a hammer and smashed a glass display case. He then took off on foot with at least four rings. He was wearing a blue, red, and white checkered long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and red shoes. He was reportedly carrying a red bag. Witnesses told police he also had a small hatchet attached to his belt. (Source

Ohio man indicted in multiple grocery store robberies  
A Lancaster man arrested on an aggravated burglary charge could be responsible for more crimes. Michael Fette was arrested while leaving a grocery store in Wilard in Huron County. Police said that he robbed the store employees at gun point and tied them up with zip times. Fette is a suspect in robberies in Champaign, Pickaway, Knox and Athens counties, too. He also is suspected in a robbery in Bellefonatine, where police said he stole money from the store’s safe and cash register. Police said that they took DNA from the zip ties used in the robbery to lead them to Fette. According to authorities, when they arrested Fette, he had a bucket of cash with close to $30,000 in it. Fette currently is in the Huron County jail on the aggravated burglary charge. (Source

Europol investigating record levels of organized crime involvement in counterfeit and internet abuse  The UK and the rest of Europe is dealing with an unprecedented surge in organized crime as sophisticated multinational groups, including child sex abusers and counterfeit gangs, expand their networks, according to the British head of the European Union’s criminal intelligence agency, Europol. As MEPs on the Special Committee on Organized Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering prepare to vote on Tuesday on actions to combat the criminals, Rob Wainwright, the director of Europol, said that thousands of gangs are capitalizing on the rise of smart phone and internet technology. At least 3,600 internationally active organized crime groups are operating in Europe. It is a multibillion-dollar industry. (Source



Greenfield, Wis., police closing in on ORC gang of women hitting Wal-Mart stores in five states  Authorities collected a virtual photo album of the ringleader, operating across the Midwest, who targets high-end electronics like iPads, iPhones and GPS systems. "She’s spotted over and over, going to at least 44 different places,” said Sgt. Ray Radakovich of the Greenfield police. Radakovich said the woman works with accomplices. In each robbery, the perpetrators bring an overflowing cart to checkout. As the clerk fills bags, the ringleader loads them into her cart when the clerk isn’t looking. The ringleader slips the bag with electronics to her accomplice, who waits until no one is looking. Radakovich said the thieves have stolen more than $50,000 in merchandise from Walmart. (Source

Private security service tech unplugs Wal-Mart camera so buddy can steal 34 high-tech items - busted in La.  The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man who stole several laptop and tablet computers from a Raceland Walmart last month with the help of a security worker assigned to the store. Through an investigation, detectives learned that Anthony Hardnett, 27, a worker for a private security service company, was at the store installing new security cameras on August 7th. He allegedly disconnected a security camera without authorization. On August 8th, an unknown male entered the store and stole 23 Apple iPads, nine other tablet-style computers, a laptop computer, and a desktop computer from the back warehouse area. The total value of the 34 stolen items is around $12,000. (Source

UPDATE: A major ORC arrest - the suspect had been hitting stores at the North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA, and the Mall at Rockingham Park, Salem, NH. Nice job by Peabody, MA and Salem, NH police and detectives!

Massachusetts woman arrested in theft of more than $100,000 in merchandise from local malls  PEABODY — A 28-year-old Lawrence woman was arrested yesterday in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars worth of bras, underwear, cosmetics and other items from the Northshore Mall and other area shopping centers.

Jennifer Santos, of 57 Cedar St., Lawrence, will be arraigned Monday in Peabody District Court on charges linked to multiple thefts at Victoria’s Secret, Sephora and Abercrombie & Fitch stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Media reports have estimated the amount of stolen merchandise at more than $100,000. She was arrested without incident yesterday at 2 p.m. at her home in Lawrence, according to Peabody Police.

Just two weeks ago, Victoria’s Secret at the Northshore Mall reported the theft of 72 bras worth more than $3,700. It was the ninth time the store had been hit since April. There has been a similar rash of thefts at the Mall at Rockingham Park in New Hampshire. Peabody Police started investigating the crimes in May, working with Lawrence Police, the U.S. Marshal’s Office, the Essex County Sheriff’s Department, Northshore Mall Security and loss prevention officials at Sephora and Victoria’s Secret.

Patrolman John Nelson and Detective Ralph Scopa headed the investigation for Peabody Police, with assistance from patrol officers who cover the Northshore Mall as part of their beat. During the course of the four-month investigation, police obtained a photograph of the suspect, which was provided to the media. Investigators soon learned the woman’s identity, but were unable to locate her for some time. Peabody Police obtained a warrant for the suspect on multiple counts of larceny over $250. Santos was charged with six counts of larceny over $250 and three counts of trespassing. (Source


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Paul Finkelstein was promoted to Manager of Loss Prevention and Corporate Security for Swarovski North America.
Christopher Perry
was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager, West for Charlotte Russe.
Donnie Wade was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Southeast for Charlotte Russe.
Terry Viands was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Central for Charlotte Russe.
Timothy Baker was named Loss Prevention Manager for Bloomingdale's.
Bryan Gittings was named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Limited Brands.
Michael Oren was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Compass Group North America.

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Millennials Have the Power to Banish Workplace Bullying  This issue isn't going away and it seems that Generation Y, also called millennials, could hold the key to stopping it! This group has grown up with anti-bullying campaigns, and the knowledge of what it means to be classified as bullying, thus they are less likely than other generations to put up with it. (It's still up to the company to end it)

The Habits of the World's Smartest People (Infographic)  Intelligence comes in all sorts of different personalities and types but there are some habits that those with higher IQ's share. Take a look at this infographic to check out what habits Beethoven and Bill Gates have in common, both good and bad alike. (They were persistent, and had anxiety disorders)

Last week's most popular articles--

5 Things the Best Managers Do and Don't Do  Every manager and leader has a different personality type, management style, and voice, but there are some constants that the best managers do and the same is true for what they don't do. Follow these tips so you can be the best leader or manager possible, and thus help your company be the best it can be too. (Do be consistent; Don't play favorites)

4 Ways to Build Leaders, Not Followers
Knowing how to lead followers is important, but equally important, if not more so, is knowing how to lead leaders. Leaders don't want to be treated as a follower, it doesn't allow them to develop the strength and independence they need to lead others. Give your leaders these four things so you can be sure you're effectively building your team of leaders. (Border control)

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