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2016's GLPS Winner, NRF Protect Philadelphia
My First Time at NRF Protect

By Jeremy Grahn

In 2015 I submitted a photo of our LP team to the D&D Daily for their Group LP Selfie promotion. I thought my team would like it if our photo made it on the D&D, and maybe we might even win a pizza party. Instead, I was fortunate enough to have been selected to win a trip to NRF Protect 2016 in Philadelphia! Having never been to a conference like this before, I was thrilled to have the opportunity and it did not disappoint.

I arrived at NRF Protect the day before the full conference opened and attended the Emerging Leaders Boot Camp. This was a great opportunity to network with other LP professionals, as well as listen and learn from executives in the industry with proven track records. We often get so caught up with work or conducting an investigation, that it was particularly refreshing to listen to John Matas from Macy's talk about placing an importance on work/life balance.

The first full day of NRF Protect I took advantage of the Mentor Experience and met with Karl Langhorst, Director of Loss Prevention at Kroger. Mr. Langhorst shared with me some things he felt has helped him be successful, and I walked away with advice that has the potential to have a positive impact on my department, my company, and me as an individual. As good as the entire conference was, the Mentor Experience had the biggest impact on me.

The other session that I found to be very beneficial was "Lessons in Leadership from the Interview Room." Michael Reddington from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates gave a fantastic presentation where he explained how to take skills used in an interview/interrogation and apply them in conversations with direct reports. By using these methods, a manager can get the results he/she desires while creating a partnership with the employee. Since this session I've had an opportunity to put this into practice and it proved effective.

Of course, much of the action is found at the expo hall. This being my first time, I was impressed by the scale of the hall and how many vendors were there to showcase their products and companies. I visited several booths and tried to identify companies whose service or products may benefit my department or company. While I did not see anything we couldn't live without, I did meet with NuTech National and we discussed their alarm services after I got back from the conference. I also met with different manufacturers in the video world, and gained knowledge that may benefit us as our company migrates into IP-based camera systems.

Overall, my first experience at NRF Protect was a very positive one. While I would like to go again, my ability to do so will depend on the event being closer to my home state of Oregon. All in all it was a great and very beneficial trip. I'm very grateful to D&D, NuTech National and the NRF for giving me this opportunity.

Watch Jeremy's Quick Take interview with Joe and Amber in Philadelphia, where he shares the story behind Bi-Mart's '50s-themed winning photo and his key takeaways from his first trip to NRF Protect.

2016 ORC Association Census Update
With 25% of the ORC Associations reporting in, we've established the fact that there's over 8,696 executives and Law Enforcement personnel involved in the ORC fight within those 10 associations. These organizations are working in conjunction with 861 law enforcement agencies and virtually the entire retail, banking and financial industry. Despite the fact that there's likely some crossover between many of these organizations, this represents the largest collaborative effort in the history of retail.

As pleased as we are with the ORC associations that have submitted their census information, we still have a long way to go in order to see a complete picture of the ORC effort in the United States. Continue to email orc@downing-downing.com to submit information about your organization.


Presidential Election Taking Its Toll
US winter retail sales projected to increase at slowest rate in 10 years

New research from Mintel reveals that US retail sales in November and December 2016* are projected to increase a mere 1.3 percent over 2015 to reach $692 billion, the slowest growth rate the industry has seen since at least 2006**.

"Mintel research indicates that there are many encouraging indicators that paint a tempered, yet positive, outlook for the upcoming winter retail season. These include high consumer confidence, low unemployment rates, low gas prices, and the fact that there are two extra shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year," said Diana Smith, Associate Director, Retail and Apparel at Mintel. "However, while retail sales are projected to increase, we're seeing a significant slowdown compared to years past, driven, in part, by consumer concerns surrounding the 2016 US presidential election and global economic concerns. Thus, estimates remain optimistic, but conservative."

Not all hope is lost, however, as much of the increase in sales this holiday season will be fueled by online and non-store shopping***, a sector which grew nine percent last year to reach $105 billion. In fact, three quarters (74 percent) of consumers plan to do at least half of their shopping online this year, compared to less than seven in 10 (69 percent) in 2015. What's more, Millennials will be driving online sales with nearly nine in 10 (88 percent) planning to do half of their shopping online and well over one third (37 percent) look to accomplish all of their holiday gift shopping online. mintel.com

"Politics Is Taking Its Toll on U.S. Workers"
A new study finds that one in four younger workers are experiencing diminished productivity as a result of political discussions at work.

Workers are feeling stressed, argumentative and less productive because of political discussions on the job, according to a survey released Sept. 14 by the American Psychological Association.

More than one in four younger employees reported feeling stressed out because of political discussions at work, and more than twice as many men as women said political talk is making them less productive.

"The workplace brings people together from different backgrounds who might not ordinarily interact with each other. When you add politics to the mix - a deeply personal and emotional topic for many -there is potential for tension, conflict and problems for both employees and the organization," said David W. Ballard, PsyD, MBA, director of APA's Center for Organizational Excellence.

Men were more likely than women, and younger workers (ages 18-34) were more likely than older generations, to have experienced negative consequences of political discussions at work this election season, the survey found. This includes having difficulty getting work done, producing lower-quality work and being less productive overall.

Among all workers surveyed, nearly half (47 percent) said people are more likely to discuss politics in the workplace this election season than in the past.

Editor's note: Just last week the Chairman of Barnes & Noble actually blamed part of their poor quarterly sales performance on the elections and another CEO commented that everywhere she went that's all the stores were talking about, was the election. Regardless of age or gender.

This election is impacting sales, worker productivity, the overall mood of the nation, and is the center of conversation wherever you go. The whole world seems to be preoccupied with it.

With voter discontent at an all time high, and the whole nation preoccupied with who's going to lead the nation and how it's going to impact us, the fourth quarter could be very difficult.

The only problem is that once it's over we have to live with our choice and that might even be more difficult than what led up to it. ehstoday.com

Dubai Black Market Counterfeits Funding North Korea
British tourists have been warned against buying counterfeit luxury goods in Dubai because they could be funding North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and his nuclear missile program. Experts say many of the fake handbags, purses and Rolex watches on sale in 'secret shops' in Dubai are believed to be have been counterfeited in North Korea.

Thousands of tourists from Britain and other Western countries visit Dubai every year and many end up being lured to hidden Aladdin's Caves full of items which are the spitting image of the genuine articles.

A Mail Online reporter visited the Al Karama market area in downtown Dubai recently and, after dropping several hints, was told a car would pick him up and take him to a secret location. The reporter was whisked away to an anonymous block of flats and taken up to the third floor. There the door to a non-descript apartment opened onto a veritable Aladdin's Cave with Fendi, Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags and purses on display along with imitation Rolex watches and other luxury items. The merchants were Iranian and, when asked where the bags were actually made, one said: 'Korea'. Asked if that meant North Korea, he replied: 'Yes'.

North Korea had highly evolved smuggling networks which worked closely with organized crime syndicates in the Far East and elsewhere.

Welspun faces class-action lawsuit over mislabeled cotton
Welspun Stock Plummets 46% Since Target Announcement

A group of consumers has filed a class-action lawsuit with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, Eastern Division, against Welspun India Ltd. and Welspun USA over alleged misrepresentations of cotton used in bed sheets and towels manufactured by the textile companies.

The suit alleges infractions of Missouri's consumer fraud statutes and other laws "through deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise, misrepresentation, unfair practice or the concealment, suppression, breach of warranty and/or omission of material fact, among other things."

The suit also alleges that Welspun has "long been aware" that its products were mislabeled. "[I[f what we are learning is true, it is apparent that Welspun's systematic deception is not just limited to the fake 'Egyptian' cotton products that have been identified in the news," attorneys for the plaintiffs stated in the email. "What is not clear, however, is whether retailers are taking the appropriate steps to protect U.S. consumers."

This is unlikely to be the last legal challenge facing Welspun in regards to its Egyptian cotton labeling snafus. retaildive.com

Bed Bath & Beyond, JC Penney, Macy's are all investigating Welspun products
Civil Demand Takes a Hit
Maryland Senate Bill 508 starts Oct. 1st
Retailers Can't Pursue Statutory Civil Penalties

Under this new law a retailer will not be able to pursue statutory civil penalties in the state of Maryland. A retailer can only demand the following remedies from a shoplifter: (a) the stolen merchandise (b) if it cannot be recovered, or it is recovered in damaged condition, or "otherwise has lost all or part of its value", the merchant can demand an amount equal to the merchandise sales price plus (c) pay the merchant for any other "actual damages." Store security, lost time, or wages associated with the apprehension or prosecution of the shoplifter can no longer be considered as demand.

To review the complete Senate Bill 508 visit the state's website at http://mgaleg.maryland.gov

2016 EHS National Safety Survey
Companies that are leaders in their industries often are leaders in safety and environmental performance. How does your EHS program performance, funding and position of importance in the company measure up against the hundreds of EHS professionals who took the 2016 National Safety Survey?

Download this special 7 page report (.pdf format) of the 2016 National Safety Survey. Available exclusively online.

Supermarkets face falling food safety perceptions
With ever improving food safety practices and greater ability to pinpoint issues that do occur, the supermarket industry might say the food their stores sell is safer than ever.

However, consumer perception of food safety at the supermarket has fallen in the past 10 years as the presence of prepared foods has grown, according to the NPD Group. The Port Washington, N.Y.-based researcher's Food Safety Monitor found 58% of U.S consumers currently believe that food sold at supermarkets is safe, compared to 66% in 2006.

Restaurants typically rate lower; the percentage of consumers who say food sold at restaurants is safe has stayed, on average, between 47% and 49% in the past decade.

When it comes to supermarkets, an increase in negative perceptions around food safety has some basis in reality. A recent analysis by the Wall Street Journal found that "outbreaks linked to U.S. supermarkets more than doubled from 2014 to 2015," with notable examples related to prepared foods. supermarketnews.com

Office Depot Assistant Managers Snag Fair Labor Standard Act Cert. In OT Suit
The more than 300 plaintiffs in the case worked as assistant store managers for Office Depot between early 2000 to July 2013, according to court filings. Their claims arise from an overtime pay policy called the "fluctuating work week" that the retailer had in place for more than six years and that ended in 2012. Because of the varying number of hours an employee would work on any given week, the calculation of the "regular rate" upon which overtime was based changed every week.

In their complaint, the workers say Office Depot's method for paying overtime violated federal and state wage and hour laws.  law360.com

Robots, Robots Everywhere - In Finance Too
Rather suddenly, virtual robots are bringing big change to corporate finance processes.
Robots are indeed infiltrating finance departments, some other functions, and operational areas in a number of industries. For the most part, robots are being deployed to automate repeatable, standardized, or logical tasks historically handled by people.

Collectively, these technologies are referred to as "robotic process automation" (RPA), although they aren't enabled by electromechanical machines that have arms and legs. They are virtual robots; in other words, software that is programmed to mimic the keystrokes humans make in completing a process.

What distinguishes the robots is that "they can work 24/7, they are very accurate, they do exactly what you tell them to do, and they don't complain," says David Wright, Deloitte's finance robotic process lead in the United Kingdom. In other words, they don't have human flaws. And with the use of RPA expanding exponentially, the potential workforce implications - depending on who you talk to, anything from reductions on a scale that could wreak havoc on the global economy to a broad transference of head count to more strategic, value-add positions - are a matter of some debate.  cfo.com


New England Loss Prevention Expo - Recap Coming to the Daily

Kevin Plante takes a selfie with conference attendees at the Start of the 10th Annual New England LP Expo Mark Solomon from Greenwich CT police discussing skimming at the 10th annual New England Loss Prevention Expo!

 Pictures posted by Kevin Plante from yesterday's New England LP Expo in Worcester, MA


Uggs Maker Kicks Target, JC Penney With Infringement Suits

Aeropostale to operate 400 North American & approx. 300 International stores under new plan

NYC Mayor - Fast-food restaurants to post workers schedules two weeks in advance

Golfsmith Wins Court Approval to Close 20 U.S. Stores - Hopes to sell U.S. Business
Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Claire's Q2 comp's down 5.7%, sales down 8.8%


Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (C.L.E.A.R.)
Training Conference Set for Oct. 24-27

The annual Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (C.L.E.A.R.) Conference is fast approaching. This year it will be held in Reno, Nevada, from October 24-27, and the group hopes to surpass the 200 attendees who attended last year's conference in Baltimore.

C.L.E.A.R has put together an outstanding training agenda, including an 8 hour block on the use of social media in your investigations. This training is being presented by Panopticon, providing a training model developed specifically to meet the needs of loss prevention and law enforcement professionals who attend this conference.

The conference will also be addressing current trends in retail crime, including: Return Fraud, Critical Incidents, Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft and Mobile Phone Providers, and ORC Trends. We have scheduled presentations from Bob Moraca- National Retail Federation, the Las Vegas Metro PD "RAPP" Team, and lessons learned from a defense attorney. 

C.L.E.A.R. is a national coalition connecting retail loss prevention and law enforcement professionals to work together against organized retail crime. We offer group discounts for more than 4 attendees. Our goal is to provide affordable training and build loss prevention and law enforcement partnerships. You can get more information at: www.clearusa.org.

For more information about the conference, including the full agenda, click here.

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FBI urges ransomware victims to step forward
The FBI has issued a plea for those who have been hit by ransomware to report this to federal law enforcement so that the country can get a better sense of just how bad this problem really is.

The FBI is urging victims to report ransomware incidents regardless of the outcome. Victim reporting provides law enforcement with a greater understanding of the threat, provides justification for ransomware investigations, and contributes relevant information to ongoing ransomware cases. Knowing more about victims and their experiences with ransomware will help the FBI to determine who is behind the attacks and how they are identifying or targeting victims.

While security vendors have pumped out scary numbers about ransomware infections, with some variants supposedly compromising as many as 100,000 computers a day, the FBI says that it has had a hard time gauging the scope of the issue. It suspects many victims -- both individuals and businesses -- don't report incidents for any number of reasons, including that they don't know where to turn and fear loss of privacy.

The FBI warning follows a recent forum convened by the Federal Trade Commission during which FTC Chair Edith Ramirez said "The spate of ransomware incidents are escalating at an alarming rate," and cited an estimate from the Department of Justice that ransomware incidents have increased 300% in the past year. Also, new Department of Human Services HIPAA guidance for healthcare companies has been issued this year regarding ransomware.

The FBI does not encourage people paying ransom, but encourages victims to reach out to their local FBI office and/or file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center regardless of whether they did pay.

The bureau is seeking the following details, as applicable, in reports:

1. Date of Infection
2. Ransomware Variant (identified on the ransom page or by the encrypted file extension)
3. Victim Company Information (industry type, business size, etc.)
4. How the Infection Occurred (link in e-mail, browsing the Internet, etc.)
5. Requested Ransom Amount
6. Actor's Bitcoin Wallet Address (may be listed on the ransom page)
7. Ransom Amount Paid (if any)
8. Overall Losses Associated with a Ransomware Infection (including the ransom amount)
9. Victim Impact Statement 

Read the request from the FBI

Editor's Note: Interestingly enough last October the FBI told us to go ahead and pay it and don't expect them to offer any help or guidance. Now they're asking for the data. It certainly makes sense and we all need to. However, next time we have such a threat, the FBI probably needs to take a different approach. You can't tell everyone to go away and then expect to be able to monitor the situtation. cio.com ic3.gov

NSA: Behavioral analytics software is key to spotting insider threats
The issue of insider threats poses a significant challenge not only to the federal government, but also to the private sector, a panel of cybersecurity experts and intelligence officials said Tuesday. A June 2015 research study found that 62 percent of security professionals reported that insider threats had become more frequent over the last 12 months.

"Insider threat behavior, and other malicious behavior, is always deviant from normal behavior. If you have the right analytics and you actually pay attention to them, then you can have a very good chance at detecting that deviance and shutting it down before it has impact on you." 

The need for access to sensitive information and other systems by a revolving cast of employees, customers and supply chain partners inherently underlines the larger insider threat problem, said Eric Green, security strategist for Cyber adAPT

"Measuring scope of what people have access to is key to managing an impact [in an insider threat situation]," said Steven Grossman, a vice president for insider threat behavioral analytics firm Bay Dynamics. 

There's a very fine line between insider threats and compromised accounts. "The only difference is just who is using the privileges to do what they're doing ... pure analysis, understanding what behavior is changing relative to the people they work with in order to reduce false positives and by building a profile and by having humans in the loop with business context ... that's the final determinate."

According to the SANS Institute, nearly a third of all organizations still have no capability to prevent or deter an insider incident or attack, and only 9 percent of them rank their insider prevention methods as "very effective." fedscoop.com

Half of Consumers Will Avoid Breached Firms
Half of all consumers would steer clear of firms that have suffered a breach in the past, according to a new poll from F5 Networks. The application delivery firm interviewed over 3,000 adults from the UK, France and Germany to better understand their attitudes to computer hacking. It found that exactly 50% said they wouldn't share data with or buy products from any firms that had been hacked in the past.  infosecurity-magazine.com

$861,000 - Average Cost of Cybersecurity "Incident" for Large Companies
The "Measuring the Financial Impact of IT Security on Businesses" report, conducted by global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, revealed that roughly half (49 percent) of U.S. businesses, and over half globally (52 percent), work under the assumption that their IT security will, at some point, be compromised due to a cyberattack.

"The survey proves that reaction time post-breach has a direct impact on financial losses," Vladimir Zapolyansky, head of SMB marketing for Kaspersky Lab, said in a press release.

Over the last 12 months, the study found that more than a third (34 percent) of U.S. businesses surveyed said they were impacted by viruses and malware resulting in a loss of productivity, while almost the same number have experienced inappropriate IT resource use by employees (32 percent). During this same timeframe, 77 percent of the businesses admitted that they have suffered between one and five separate incidents of data loss, leakage or exposure from data breaches, compared to 82 percent globally. pymnts.com

Large Enterprise Cloud Adoption Set to Accelerate, McKinsey CIO Study Finds
The shift to cloud computing is about to begin a significant acceleration, with the biggest gains coming from large enterprises that have until now been slower to change, research from management consulting group McKinsey & Co. shows. "In the next three years, enterprises will make a fundamental shift from building IT to consuming IT," a new report from McKinsey's Silicon Valley group has found. wsj.com


"Pushing Out Profits: LP's Missed Opportunity" Uncovers the True Cost of Renegade Shopping Carts

RALEIGH, September 15, 2016 - Ever wonder how much a lost shopping cart truly costs? Wonder no more with the Calibration Group's whitepaper, "Pushing Out Profits: Loss Prevention's Missed Opportunity" sponsored by Rocateq USA.

"Unfortunately, Loss Prevention teams get trapped into only looking at certain sources of loss," said Tim Bartkowiak, LPC, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We want to remind retailers thousands of dollars can be saved with cart containment programs. Rocateq is pleased to sponsor this whitepaper to equip Loss Prevention teams with insight to a problem they might not otherwise know exists."

"Calibration's whitepaper also raising significant statistics about the true cost of losing just one shopping cart," continued Bartkowiak. "Consider this: If one 250-store chain lost one shopping cart per store to theft per year, then at a replacement cost of $125 per shopping cart, the total cost of replacing 250 carts would be $31,250! These are staggering stats that truly make a huge impact on a retailer's bottom line."

Shoplifters use shopping carts to steal large quantities of merchandise in one trip by filling a shopping cart with large quantities of high-dollar merchandise. Calibration Group's whitepaper revealed the average loss incurred by a single push-out is estimated at $429. Not only are push-outs and stolen shopping carts common sources of direct financial loss, they are also sources of sales decline.

About Rocateq
Rocateq is a leading international cart containment, and business intelligence solution provider. Rocateq is committed to providing retailer's quality, valuable and actionable technology, and software that contributes to smarter shrink control solutions and profit enhancement. As any retailer knows, smarter shrink control equals profit growth.

To find out more visit www.rocateq.com/usa


The New Face of Fraud: Preventing Loss in a Mobile and Digital Age

David Johnston, Sr. Director, LP & Corp. Security, Dunkin' Brands, and Michael Loox, Director of LP, BLD Brands

The development and adoption of mobile wallets, loyalty/payment apps, and other digital engagement for consumers present new challenges for retail LP professionals. Fraud, data privacy and even the ability to investigate "faceless" criminals in a digital-based environment are all major issues. In this LPNN interview, David Johnston, Sr. Director, LP & Corporate Security, Dunkin' Brands, and Michael Loox, Director of LP, BLD Brands, guide us through the various methods of digital retail crimes and present strategies to help reduce loss while maintaining customer loyalty.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #18

David Johnston and Michael Loox meet up with Joe and Amber to discuss the importance of the RLPSA organization and what excites them about their annual conference.

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us



Adapt To Faster Payments With Enterprise Fraud Prevention
The need for speed has a double edge, and in the payments world, this double edge is more choice for businesses and consumers against potential opportunities for fraudsters to tap into new payment models. ACI Worldwide advises that, as the world moves toward immediate payment ecosystems, a holistic view of the transaction, with layered controls from origination to the application of real-time rules, is the only way to push the pedal to the metal on faster payments and put the brakes on fraud.

In a world where transactions now take seconds rather than minutes, hours or days to process and approve, the prevention controls must be exercised in real time with intelligence applied across the medium of channels that might be used in today's digital world, including cards and online banking transactions.

ACI advocates that effective fraud prevention means firms must monitor cohesively across the channels in which they operate. Strong risk assessment necessitates segmenting and isolating the vulnerabilities in each channel's customer touchpoint and implementing controls that integrate new data feeds, plus adding the ability to deploy third-party tools as needed for more robust detection (for example, in terms of device integrity and malware identification) and prevention. A strong risk management program begins with authentication at the point of initial login, then spotting manipulation or session anomalies, while, at the same time, recognizing and validating established and true end user behavior. pymnts.com

Rural eCommerce Is Exploding
And That's Both Good And Bad News For Retailers

According to Kantar Retail, 73 percent of rural consumers - those who live 10 minutes or more away from everyday shopping locations - are now buying online, versus 68 percent two years ago. About a third are Amazon Prime members - a pickup of 8 percent from 2014.

While this might sound like cause for celebration in the halls of eCommerce's premier players, it is a boon with a price - literally. It's expensive to provide this level of service to rural consumers since, unlike their urban counterparts, the "last mile" is really long. In shipping, there is a general rule of thumb: the longer the drive and the lower the package delivery, the lower the profit for the folks delivering it. UPS said one mile a day across its U.S. delivery fleet costs up to $50 million a year. pymnts.com

Nonstore sales grew 10.9% in August
ThaThat's a deceleration from July and Q2, but still strong compared with norms of the prior several quarters. though the third quarter may not be quite as strong as second quarter. In the second quarter, e-commerce sales grew 15.8%, its largest year-over-year gain in nearly two years. internetretailer.com

Sean Colarossi named ORC Association Advocate at the D&D Daily
With Organized Retail Crime continuing to escalate throughout North America and in conjunction with the Daily's roll-out this year of the ORC Resource Center, we're proud to announce Sean's new responsibilities. This will allow us to truly focus on those executives and associations involved in the fight and actually have an individual on our team dedicated to representing them and ensuring that their message, their stories and their efforts are communicated and shared throughout the industry.

With the hopes of impacting legislation in the final sixteen states that don't have ORC laws, we at the Daily are committed to providing the information that may add value to that effort
-Gordon Smith, Retail Crime & ORC Editor

Lake in the Hills, IL: Feds accuse a man of a $310,000 gift card scam
Salvatore Cribari, 59, faces nine counts of wire fraud in connection with the scam against the chain of home improvement stores, according an announcement from the U.S. attorney's office in Rockford. Authorities said Cribari, also known as Sal Fradillio, was arrested Thursday in Algonquin. Cribari pleaded not guilty to the charges when he was arraigned Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Iain D. Johnston. Cribari will remain detained pending a hearing set for Monday in federal court in Rockford. Prosecutors, who did not name the store chain, said the Lake in the Hills man worked the fraud by first stealing merchandise from northern Illinois stores. Cribari then portrayed the items as legitimately purchased and returned them without receipts, according to authorities. As part of the scheme, Cribari provided store employees with roughly 1,300 false Illinois driver's license and state identification numbers when he made the returns and received about $340,000 in gift cards in exchange, authorities allege. dailyherald.com

UPDATE: Pittsburgh, PA: Organized theft ring targeted Marshalls, TJ Maxx stores
Four people pleaded guilty to operating what police called an "organized retail theft ring" that targeted Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores in the Pittsburgh area. The targeted stores included those in Collier Township, Homestead, Monroeville, the city of Pittsburgh, Richland Township, Robinson Township, Ross Township, Scott Township, West Mifflin, Cranberry Township, and Peters Township. More than 60 crimes were identified by store surveillance and return records involving Yolanda Wiley, David T. Witherspoon, Jonathan E. Smith and Angela M. Priore. All four individuals pleaded guilty Thursday before Judge A. Mariani on August 25. Full restitution of $16,308.98 was ordered at the trial proceedings. wpxi.com

Houston, TX: Woman sentenced to federal prison in passport info theft case
A Houston woman will spend more than three years in prison for her role in a scheme to steal more than 1,500 identities from U.S. passport offices in Houston and Atlanta, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Houston announced Thursday. Alicia Myles, 31, pleaded guilty in October 2015 to aggravated identity theft and wire fraud. She was part of a group that used private passport information to create fake Texas identification documents that were then used for credit applications. Myles and others used the bogus identities to purchase electronic items such as iPhones and iPads that get a good resale value, officials said. chron.com

Phoenix, AZ: Three person crime ring steals $9500 in cigarettes, frozen food from Circle K stores
PPolice report Lydia Perea, Martine Marquez and Jeff Alex Waltman entered a Circle K store. They went into the "employees only" area behind the cash registered allegedly grabbed 90 cartons of cigarettes worth nearly $7,000. Police say 20 days later, Marquez and Perea burglarized another Circle K. For a second time, they went into the "employee only" area. This time, the suspects took cigarettes and crates of frozen food worth about $2,600. All three have been arrested and are facing burglary charges. abc15.com

Flowood, MS: 3 Cuban Nationals arrested for credit card fraud in Mississippi
Three Cuban Nationals have been arrested in connection with cloned credit cards. Yeoslan Mendoza Maure, Erick Reyes Cortes and Pedro Ramos Cainet were attempting to use the cards at a convenience store before being caught late Wednesday. Officers recovered 50 cloned cards, each containing compromised credit or debit card information on the magnetic strip of the cards, which leads to fifty potential victims. wbrc.com

Milpitas, CA: Four people arrested in for identity theft and drug possession
It happened on Sept. 8 around 1 p.m. when police received reports of suspicious people at the Staybridge Suites. The people were seen holding large bags and walking back and forth from the hotel lobby to three cars inside the parking lot. 32-year-old Holly Mikaele of Fremont and 34-year-old Ngaoi Nguyen were spotted when police first arrived on scene. Police searched a Lexus Mikaele was standing next to. Inside the car, there were fake driver licenses with Mikaele's picture on it. Police found a BMW belonging to Nguyen and found credit card embosser, multiple printers, a laminator, and fake driver licenses with personal information of several people. kron4.com

Lake Havasu City, AZ: Alexandra T. Stath, 28, faces a felony charge for organized retail theft when police say she attempted to place $205 worth of merchandise in her purse and shopping cart and leave the store

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Death & Shooting

Body Of Missing Michigan Woman Found On Top Of Home Depot Store
Authorities in Michigan discovered the body of a woman Thursday who had been missing for more than a week. A law enforcement source told WWJ-TV that Elizabeth Hock's body was found in Commerce Township and foul play wasn't suspected. Authorities haven't released the cause of death. The Oakland County Medical Examiner's Office said Hock's body was found on the roof of a Home Depot store at a shopping center. The examiner's office said that it was clear Hock's body had been there for several days. It's unclear how she wound up there. Hock's family last saw the 23-year-old woman on Sept. 6. Her sister Emilie spoke to her that night but hadn't heard from her since, according to WWJ-TV.  foxnews.com

Edmonton, AL, CN: Manhunt underway after two people injured in Shooting at Grande Prairie Mall
RCMP Cpl. Ronald Bumbry confirmed that two people had been injured by a single gunshot - a male with serious but non-life-threatening injuries and a woman bystander. Photos posted to social media suggested the woman had been hit in the leg - Bumbry characterized her injury as non-life-threatening. Bumbry did not know how many people were being sought but said the altercation at the mall involved two groups of males. He said no arrests had yet been made. "Police believe this was not a random act and there is no risk for public safety," said Bumbry. The shooting took place Thursday afternoon by the east doors going into the Prairie Mall's food court. edmontonjournal.com

Robberies & Thefts

Del Mar, CA: Diamond Boutique says con man made off with $40,000 in watches and jewelry
A Del Mar business wants to warn others about a con man
who could scam them out of thousands of dollars. The family owners of Diamond Boutique in Del Mar said a man recently scammed them of almost $40,000 worth of watches and jewelry. The store later found out the man was using a fraudulent credit card tied to someone else's account. Digius said San Diego police took a report and informed her the same man spent $1,000 at a nearby pizza restaurant. humboldtjournal.ca

San Antonio, TX: Police arrest couple suspected of robbing La Cantera Sephora
A Crime Stoppers tip led to the arrest of a couple suspected of stealing from at least two separate Sephora stores earlier this year, an affidavit said. Authorities arrested Jose Cepeda, 28, and his purported partner in crime, Crystal Salinas, 27, on Thursday. Cepeda and Salinas robbed a Sephora at La Cantera Mall of more than $420 in eye shadow. Both were also wanted for a theft at Sephora in the North Star Mall in which Cepeda pulled a knife on Loss Prevention. news4sanantonio.com

Conyers, GA: Woman thought to be behind 3 Armed Robberies; CVS & Walgreens
Police are seeking a woman suspected in three armed robberies of pharmacy stores. According to the Conyers Police Department, the woman robbed two CVS stores in DeKalb County and a Walgreens in Conyers. The woman was almost completely covered during the robberies, so police have few physical details. 11alive.com

Albury, Australia: Police catch 30 thieves in 2 days during Shoplifting Operation
Police worked with loss prevention officers from two stores in Albury and Lavington. Inspector Cottee said in most cases, people attempted to pay for one item, while walking out with the rest. The average shoplifter attempted to steal $30 to $40 in goods and the largest haul was valued about $200. bordermail.com

Studio City, CA: Eight Smash and Grab Burglars Terrorize Studio City Businesses

Urbana, IL: Champaign man charged in string of burglaries, store holdup

Fort Mill, SC: 3 Arrested in JJ Aim Right Gun store Robbery

Kay Jewelers in the Northwoods Mall, North Charleston, SC reported a Diamond Switch on 9/14, merchandise valued at $2,999

LeRoy's in the Dixie Manor Shopping Center, Louisville, KY reported a Grab & Run on 9/14, merchandise valued at $4,499

Kay Jewelers in the Town Center Mall, Kennesaw, GA reported a Grab & Run on 9/12, merchandise valued at $10,999

Kay's Jewelers in the Greenwood Park Mall, Greenwood, IN reported a Glass Lift Theft on 9/11, merchandise valued at $1,599

Skimming Reports

Tampa, FL: New laws aimed at protecting you at the pump; Security tape must be installed by Oct 1st

Montgomery County, OH: Illegal skimmers found in Greene and other counties


Terre Haute, IN: Woman facing multiple charges in Dollar General Arson case

AT&T - Mount Airy, NC - Theft
Borofka's Furniture - Woodbury, MN - Robbery
Cash Express - Knoxville, TN - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Tucson, AZ - Robbery/ Assault
Chariot Pizza - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery/ Stabbing
Cumberland Farms - Rehoboth, MA - Police Standoff
CVS - Orange County, FL - Armed Robbery
CVS - Fair Lawn, NJ - Robbery/ Assault on Police Officer
Diamond Boutique - Del Mar, CA - Theft
Domino's - Wilson, NC - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Spotsylvania, VA -Armed Robbery
Glen Rose Discount Drug - Glen Rose, TX - Burglary
Loaf & Jug - Streamboat Springs, CO - Armed Robbery
Lock's Philadelphia Gun - Philadelphia, PA - Burglary/ 17 weapons
Lowes - Highland, CA - Burglary
Mattress Outlet - Wilson, NC - Armed Robbery
O'Reilly Auto Part - Americus, GA - Robbery
Rent A Center - Spotsylvania, VA - Robbery
Rite Aid - Redding, CA - Robbery/ Assault
Sephora - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
Shell - Gig Harbor, WA - Armed Robbery
Spruce St Liquor - Missoula, MT - Robbery/ Assault
Turkey Hill - Lancaster County, PA - Robbery
Verizon - Thousand Oaks, CA - Robbery
Whataburger - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Romeoville, IL - Armed Robbery / 4th in recent months
7-Eleven - Newport News, VA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Elkton, MD - Armed Robbery

  Weekly Crime Totals
• 11 Shootings
• 2 Killed
• 113 Robberies
• 19 Burglaries

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Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce
Vancouver, BC, Canada
As the Head of Loss Prevention, Supply Chain & eCommerce, you will have the opportunity to create, manage and improve loss within Supply Chain and eCommerce and help drive the bottom line of our business...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Distribution Network
Naperville, IL

• Maintain internal investigations as directed by leadership.
• Ensure execution and compliance of all global Loss Prevention initiatives/shortage reduction programs.
• Heighten and maintain a consistent level of Loss Prevention awareness throughout the network...


Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Durham, NC

The Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms compliance is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their territory. Investigates and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets. Has ownership of all company related shrinkage programs in their assigned stores...


Regional Asset Protection Manager (Field)
Norcross, GA

Responsible for planning, developing and executing a comprehensive Asset Protection Program for a single business unit within HDS tailored to unique business needs. Define success across the unit in theft and fraud / operational loss prevention. Drive a program to protect the assets of the business...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Greencastle, IN

The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

AP Safety Specialist
Miami, FL
The safety specialist, asset protection, will oversee safety practices within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the safety program designed to minimize associate and customer accidents...

Senior Manager Region Asset Protection
Columbia, SC
The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region. This leader will direct and supervise a team of asset protection professionals and will have complete responsibility for managing investigations and auditing programs to ensure effectiveness and departmental compliance...

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