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Kishalyn Martin was named Senior Director of Asset Protection - North for JC Penney
Born in San Antonio, Texas and growing up in Somerset, Texas, Kish Martin was given the opportunity to experience growing up in a small rural community, and gain a unique perspective that has given her the ability to relate and connect to her peers and employees throughout her career.

Kish received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of North Texas. Over the last 25 years she worked in Specialty and moved into Big Box Retail growing in each new role. She has gained vast experience as an operator and a leader in various roles from startups to established brands. Most recently she had an opportunity to lead as a DM for Kohl's and a Director of a National Field Team for JCPenney.

Today, Kish is a Senior Director of Asset Protection with JCPenney. In this role, Kish is responsible for the Northern Group of stores in the United States and leads a team of 4 Regional Directors and District Asset Protection Managers, including store asset protection teams.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, she serves on the board of directors for Gifts of Adoption, and is a member of the American Quarter Horse Association. During her time away from work, Kish and Cody breed Quarter Horse Race Horses on their 82 acre ranch. Congratulations Kish!

Reginald Hightower was named Senior Director, Global Security for JC Penney.
Reginald "Reggie" Hightower is a native of Chicago and began his law enforcement career with Illinois Secretary of State Police before joining the United States Secret Service in 1989. During his 27 year career as an agent and supervisor, he had enjoyed success in numerous Agency assignments.

His assignments include Chicago Field Office where he began his Secret Service career as a criminal investigator; two tours Presidential Protective Division with the second tour overseeing the National Security Advisor Detail; Operator assigned to the Counter Assault Team; Protective Intelligence Division where he oversaw threat investigations; Headquarters Human Resources Division; and his last assignment was at the Agency's training division where he managed the division's firearms program.

Reggie received his undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and his Master's in National Security Strategy from the National War College. He was also awarded graduate certificates for his studies in Cybersecurity from Loyola University Maryland, Sellinger Business School, and China Geostrategic Intelligence Issues from Defense Intelligence Agency, National Intelligence University. He has been studying Mandarin Chinese for the past several years with a goal of becoming fluent. Congratulations Reggie!

Mark Odell was recently promoted to Director of Loss Prevention
for Advance America

Mark was previously the Zone Director of Loss Prevention since 2004 for the consumer lending company. He has also worked in as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager for a number of different retailers, including Harris Teeter, Moovies Inc., Blockbuster and Food Lion. Mark also served in the United States Marine Corps. Congratulations Mark!

Weekend of Terror Could Impact Consumer Psyche
Experts say retailers have long had heightened security measures in place

As public officials were vowing not to let terrorists dictate how Americans lead their lives, some retail sources suggested the events of the weekend could feed into a pre-existing hesitancy on the part of some consumers to visit stores, malls and other public places where there are large gatherings, stemming from the recent acceleration of terrorist activity around the world.

"The reality is terrorism has been part of the conversation for global brands, unfortunately," said Simeon Siegel, retail equity analyst at Nomura. "The retail environment is very challenged and this is yet another thing that retailers have to take into account."

Siegel said the bombing in Chelsea probably wouldn't slow spending by shoppers living in New York, but it could impact tourism.

"In the aftermath of the European attacks, companies talked about and still are talking about softness in those regions," he said. "There's a general unease across the globe right now and I think New York has had tourism issues for various reasons. This doesn't help."

In the months and years since September 11, 2001, retailers and malls have stepped up their security measures, putting in surveillance cameras, tightening communications with law enforcement agencies and adding security personnel and increasing training for emergency situations. Given the measures already taken, there wouldn't be much more left for retailers to do. As a Macy's spokeswoman told WWD Sunday, "As we do everyday, we will have full security coverage to ensure the safety of employees and customers."

"If you are running a store, you could ratchet up security, get everyone to be more vigilant and maintain a greater sense of awareness," said one former top-level retail official. "You make sure you lock up areas under construction so someone doesn't leave something there. But there is only so much you can do. They are not going to put metal detectors in."

"In light of the recent bombings, retailers in New York and across the country are fully prepared to implement their top-level emergency plans," said Bob Moraca, head of loss prevention for the National Retail Federation. "That includes encouraging personnel and shoppers to maintain a heightened level of vigilance at all times. But this is not just a reactive posture, because all year long retailers work as partners with federal, state and local law enforcement. Much of that starts with a high level of communication in order to keep abreast of any and all threat updates. Retailers large and small are prepared to take whatever action is necessary to best serve their employees and shoppers in communities where they operate. Consumers should rest assured that retailers are working with first responders to prepare for any emergency that may arise."

"The first thing you should know is that in a post 9-11 environment, we are always on a heightened level of alert. Shopping centers have taken a number of steps in last decade," Stephanie Cegielski, vice president of public relations for the International Council of Shopping Centers, told WWD, citing increased surveillance by cameras and law enforcement, and protective barriers against vehicles running into buildings. She also cited regular training with local law enforcement to assure that response times are appropriate and running drills.

In addition, about 30,000 shopping center security personnel over the years have received training at the Stephenson National Center for Security Research and Training at Louisiana University through a program certified by the Department of Homeland Security.  wwd.com

An Architect's View
Safe Stores: Five Design Ideas to Help Customers Feel Safer

With the FBI calling the attack at Crossroads Center in St. Cloud, Minn., that injured eight people a "potential act of terrorism," the public's fear about safety has been heightened. In fact, the news these days is saturated with danger signals. Some people feel the threat of public spaces more acutely than others. 

As noted in Psychology Today and numerous studies of shoppers, fear affects shopper behavior. People change where and when they shop, or quit shopping in stores and malls altogether in favor of online buying.

By giving attention to the five strategies detailed below, I believe we can make shopping spaces more attractive to people consciously or subconsciously thinking about security. 

1. Clear sightlines.
Most people's worst fear is losing control. Being able to see what is going on nearby, and some distance away, helps give us a sense of control over our surroundings. Similarly, not feeling isolated and knowing others will be able to see us if we need help also makes us feel more secure.  

2. Make navigation intuitive.
Try to counter disorientation by placing strategic landmarks throughout a store. These icons are large, memorable, and easy to locate, so that shoppers can easily find their way back to the car, to the mall, or to meet their companions.

3. Serve and protect. 
Another way stores can make shoppers feel safer is through staffing and surveillance. Who, if anyone, seems to be watching people entering and exiting the store? Is that person visible, or behind cameras? Knowing someone is paying attention to who's in the store acts as a comfort to shoppers and a deterrent to those with ill intent. 

4. Designate safe places and emergency procedures 
Current mall 'incident' policies generally instruct store owners to hide customers in the back, and to roll down and lock the grilles/doors until a crisis is over. Stores could designate areas where patrons should shelter in the case of a lock-down. People will feel safer once they understand that store proprietors feel some responsibility for protecting them. 

5. Offer an escapist experience 
If fear starts in the subconscious, can we create an experience that makes the shopper forget herself - like a mental vacation? Once her basic safety concerns are met, we can leverage tactile immersion, experience and story. Positive interaction with employees, music, merchandising displays and so on can allow the customer to relax and be taken away from daily anxieties.

A new way to think about the customer 
As terrorism continues to advance globally, the world will need to become more vigilant about how we plan and design retail destinations. I think most retailers today are concerned with this problem and interested in finding solutions. chainstoreage.com

St Cloud, MN: Off-Duty Officer Reveals What Brought Him to Crossroads Mall on Saturday
Officer Jason Falconer was off duty when he stopped the stabbing attack Saturday at Crossroads Center in St. Cloud. He is receiving a lot of attention and praise for his bravery by the community, Gov. Mark Dayton and President Barack Obama.

While Falconer, the part-time officer with the Avon Police Department and former police chief in another town, isn't ready to talk publicly just yet, he gave reporters a brief statement on his background. When asked what he was doing at the mall on a Saturday night, Falconer smiled and answered, "Buying my son's birthday present." He said the gift made it home despite what happened next.

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis described what he saw on surveillance footage from inside Macy's. "The officer then fired a round, a few rounds, you see him, the suspect, get back up. Again, he was fired upon, you see him fall, you see him get back up. Three times, and then, even after that, he was still attempting to get back up again. Well then, the officer fired the fatal blow."

When asked if he was shooting to wound or shooting to kill, Falconer firmly said, "Shooting to stop the threat." He said that phrase twice. Falconer said he's not going to talk publicly about the incident until the investigation is over. kstp.com

Williams-Sonoma's $1.2M Security-Check Suit Deal Gets Nod
A California judge Monday preliminarily approved Williams-Sonoma's $1.2 million deal to resolve claims the kitchen product retailer shorted about 675 warehouse and factory workers on wages and breaks due to unpaid time spent in mandatory security checks before and after shifts and rest periods.  law360.com

Dollar General Fired "Grazing" Cashier Gets $227k Verdict in Diabetic's Bias Suit
Fired after LP Audit

Dollar General Corp. was ordered by a federal jury in Tennessee on Friday to pay more than $277,000 to a cashier who said she was fired after violating the store's "grazing" policy and drinking a bottle of orange juice to treat a medical emergency related to her diabetes.

Following a trial in Knoxville, jurors found Dollar General violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when it failed to provide Linda Atkins with a reasonable accommodation and terminated her because of her disability. 

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged that Atkins, a diabetic, took a bottle of orange juice from a Dollar General cooler in January 2012 to stabilize her blood sugar during a hypoglycemic attack. She paid for the juice after the episode had passed.

She was fired for violating Dollar General's policy against "grazing" and drinking the juice without first paying for it, court papers said. The jury determined Atkins was entitled to $27,565 in back pay, along with $250,000 in compensatory damages.

In the lawsuit, filed in September 2014, the EEOC said a supervisor at a store in Maryville, Tennessee, refused to let Atkins keep juice near the register to prevent an attack, as the supervisor said it was against store rules.

One day in January 2012, while she was working in the store alone, Atkins said she experienced the onset of a hypoglycemic attack, which happens when blood sugar is too low. She grabbed a $1.69 bottle of juice from the cooler in the front of the store, which she drank, and then paid after the episode, the EEOC said. 

A couple months later, during a yearly audit, a district manager and loss profit manager questioned her about the incident. Atkins admitted to doing something similar on a separate occasion a few months prior. She was subsequently fired.

Dollar General argued, in part, that her charge with the EEOC was filed too late. It also said Atkins hadn't used the formal process to ask for an accommodation and noted that it had fired two other employees at the same time for violating the store's grazing policy.  law360.com

Cellphone Alerts Used in New York to Search for Bombing Suspect
For what is believed to be the first time, the nation's Wireless Emergency Alerts system was deployed as an electronic wanted poster, identifying a 28-year-old man sought in connection with the bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey over the weekend. Suddenly, from commuter trains to the sidewalks of the city, millions were enlisted in the manhunt.

The message was simple: "WANTED: Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28-yr-old male. See media for pic. Call 9-1-1 if seen."

In an instant, the reach and ubiquity of law enforcement in an age of terrorism and digital technology became apparent.  nytimes.com

Cargo theft incidents nearly double in Los Angeles area, FreightWatch says
Cargo theft recording firm FreightWatch International has issued a warning for the greater Los Angeles area as a result of increased cargo theft activity.

FWI says it has seen nearly double the national average for thefts of electronics and clothing and shoes, while it has seen the occurrence of reported fictitious pickups at nearly three times greater than the rest of the U.S.

"Law enforcement and private sector security continue to investigate this growing threat; however, drivers travelling through this area should be extra vigilant and immediately report any suspicious observations to the police and their dispatch," FreightWatch says in a Sept. 19 release. ccjdigital.com
Retailers face labor shortages
With the U.S. employment rate declining and minimum wages rising, it's getting more challenging and more expensive for retailers to attract the best workers, reported CNBC. The same group of [retailers] that were fighting over people last year will be fighting over people this year. And there's a few less people to fight over and a few more positions to fill."  cnbc.com

Shop openings slump as big UK retailers scale back expansion plans
Pre-EU referendum jitters have caused a slump in the number of shops opening their doors, according to a biannual report monitoring vacancy rates on the UK high street. Shop closures outstripped openings by 1,997 from January to the end of June, according to the retail data firm Local Data Company.

Although the number of closures was down by 5% to 22,801, openings tumbled 15% to 20,804, reversing the trend seen in the second half of 2015, when there were 335 more openings than closures.  theguardian.com

Prepaid Cards' Growing Popularity Catches Regulator's Eye
This year, nearly $300 billion is expected to be loaded onto GPR cards. The new rule, which the CFPB has been working on for four years, would require prepaid-card companies to provide more detailed fee disclosures and easier access to account information, limit consumer losses when funds are lost or stolen, and resolve errors in a timely fashion, industry experts say. wsj.com

Wal-Mart Loses New Trial Bid In $16M Gender Bias Suit
Wal-Mart won't get a new trial after a fired store pharmacist won about $16.2 million in a gender discrimination case, a New Hampshire federal judge ruled Friday, although he trimmed a front pay award and requested clarification from a state court on the company's request to limit enhanced compensatory damages to $15 million.  law360.com

Walgreens Wins Cut Of Punitive Damages In Retaliation Case
The Ninth Circuit axed more than two-thirds of a California federal jury's $1 million punitive damages award to a pharmacist who alleged Walgreen Co. fired him for reporting improper billing practices, finding on Friday the company's harm didn't justify the high award. law360.com
Chipotle Senior Executive Arrested on Cocaine Charges Returns to Work
Crumpacker completed a rehabilitation program while he was on leave, and his return to the company was announced internally last week, according to Chris Arnold, a spokesman for Denver-based Chipotle. Crumpacker, 53, was indicted for allegedly purchasing cocaine on numerous occasions from a drug ring in New York. One of Chipotle's top executives, Crumpacker has led the company's marketing efforts since 2009. businessinsider.com

exacqVision 8.0 Introduces Suspect Tracking
WESTFORD, MA. September 15, 2016 - With the release of exacqVision 8.0 video management system (VMS) software, Tyco Security Products introduces suspect tracking, a new way to follow a person or object of interest through the entire scene. exacqVision version 8.0 video management system (VMS) software also includes new archiving for bookmarked video, activity timeout, and camera inspection in Enterprise System Manager (ESM), a health monitoring program for use with exacqVision Enterprise network video recorders (NVRs). Read more in today's Press Release column below.

Macy's to hire about 83,000 holiday workers
Dunkin' Donuts opens milestone 12,000th store
Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Ascena Q4 legacy brands comp's down 4%
Ann N/A
Justice down 4%
Lane Bryant up 1%
maurices down 9%
dressbarn down 7%
Catherines down 5%

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Corporate Judgment Call: When to Disclose You've Been Hacked
Only 95 Public Co's Have Reported Hacks to SEC Since 2010

Yet, the number of breaches or hacks across all U.S. businesses-public and private-totaled 2,642 during the same period, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, an advocacy group.

Companies are getting hacked more frequently but aren't disclosing the incidents in their regulatory filings, a trend that worries investors.

The reason many data breaches aren't reported to the SEC, say chief financial officers, is that the damage isn't "material," meaning it isn't significant enough to influence an investor's decision to buy a company's stock. Even so, corporate boards have made battling cyberthreats a priority, and spending on defensive measures continues to rise.

"There is really nothing from a [cyber]security point of view that doesn't get funded," said Paul Carbone, CFO of Dunkin' Brands Group Inc.  "I wouldn't say it's an open checkbook, but it goes to the top the list."

Companies spent $86 billion globally on protection efforts last year, an increase of 18%, according to Gartner Inc. The research firm expects such expenses to reach $94 billion this year.

The SEC has yet to bring a case against a company that failed to disclose a cyberincident, but officials haven't ruled out doing so. "Can I envision circumstances where we would bring an action? Sure," said Stephanie Avakian, the SEC's deputy director of enforcement, at a February conference. "But it would have to be a significant disclosure failure to warrant that."

On Monday, the American Institute of CPAs responded to this growing demand for such information by proposing new guidelines for top managers to use in describing their safeguards against breaches.  wsj.com

"I think within five years, it'll change distribution"
Fully Autonomous Robots: The Warehouse Workers of the Near Future

Target's new automatons are from Symbotic LLC, aims to show that robots can overturn the business of storing, handling and hauling the cases of goods that retailers truck to their stores by the millions each year.

Symbotic's automation system includes autonomous robots that can travel untethered among storage racks in a distribution center. They can move up and down aisles to stack and retrieve cases. They coordinate with more-conventional robots that perform simpler tasks.

That is in contrast to many other warehouse-automation systems, in which the robots tend to be bolted down or limited to fixed routes or tracks and are less flexible in what they can do.

"What we're doing with autonomous bots is not that dissimilar from what Google is doing with autonomous cars." wsj.com

IP CCTV managers warned: neglect cyber security at your peril
The BSIA CCTV section has urged operators of IP-connected surveillance systems to do more to safeguard their systems against cyber attack, including changing the manufacturer's default credentials.

The advice has been issued in the wake of a Times article that reported concerns from MI6 about the threat to national security from IP-connected CCTV systems. Unsecured cameras can serve as a weak link through which hackers can gain access to an organisation's wider compute network, warns the BSIA.

The consequences of a successful attack include the disruption of operations through sabotage, the theft of personal data and resultant brand damage, stolen intellectual property or trade secrets, ransom demands, and regulatory action or negligence claims.  ifsecglobal.com

It's time to start developing a drone security strategy
It's probably just a matter of time before drones become part of the toolkit of hackers, spies, industrial thieves, disgruntled employees, etc.

Joerg Lamprecht, co-founder and CEO of Dedrone, a German company headquartered in San Francisco that makes early-warning and detection systems for drones, says, "When your airspace is exposed, no longer are fences, video cameras, and security guards adequate to protect sensitive buildings or personnel."

Gartner analyst Gerald Van Hoy says drones can cruise over neighborhoods and search for open Wi-Fi connections in order to gain access to an individual's computer, network, and even use their IP addresses for illegal activity like identity theft.

"The same goes for businesses," Van Hoy says. "Recently, there was a case in the news about a drone that gained access to a corporate network because the devices on the higher floors of the building were not encrypted." csoonline.com

2016 Insider Threat Report
Malicious and unintentional insider threats are pervasive. So much so that 74% of organizations surveyed feel vulnerable to insider attacks, but only 42% feel that they have the controls in place to prevent them.

If you feel like you're not sure how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of insider threats, download the 2016 Insider Threat Report to learn how over 500 information security experts are rising to the challenge.

This annual report reveals:

- The most popular approaches to threat analysis and monitoring user behavior
- The most frequent barriers to insider threat management
- How often companies feel truly successful at identifying insider attacks

Sponsor: Palerra Registration may be required cso.com
90% of big firms hit by major cyber attacks - Lloyd's survey
Nine in 10 big businesses in Europe have suffered a significant cyber attack in the past five years, a worrying indication that companies and their bosses are becoming more complacent about cyber security.

The survey also found that while 90% of big businesses have been hit by a major cyber attack, less than half are worried about suffering another breach in the future.

Lloyd's CEO Inga Beale said the poll findings show that European businesses are complacent about cyber attacks and are at risk of paying multimillion-pound fines under new EU rules.

Beale told the publication that European firms were less conscious about cyber attacks compared to companies in the US, where tougher penalties are imposed on data mismanagement. insurancebusinessmag.com
Banks gain consumer trust for biometric authentication
Banks have topped a list of the institutions and organisations consumers would trust to offer biometrics authentication as a service to confirm their identity.  essentialretail.com

Report: EMV adoption remains sluggish


exacqVision 8.0 Introduces Suspect Tracking

exacqVision 8.0 also includes new archive bookmarks, IP camera integrations and more

WESTFORD, MA. September 15, 2016 - With the release of exacqVision 8.0 video management system (VMS) software, Tyco Security Products introduces suspect tracking, a new way to follow a person or object of interest through the entire scene. exacqVision version 8.0 video management system (VMS) software also includes new archiving for bookmarked video, activity timeout, and camera inspection in Enterprise System Manager (ESM), a health monitoring program for use with exacqVision Enterprise network video recorders (NVRs).

With the new suspect tracking feature in exacqVision version 8.0, users can track suspects through multiple camera views by drawing a transparent box in a specific area and linking that to other adjacent cameras with CameraLinks. Through exacqVision search tools, users can also create a suspect tracking search. In addition to suspect tracking, operators can access exacqReplay directly from live view with CameraLinks for an instant replay of video and audio.

Bookmarked video can be archived separately from other footage to create a second copy of important video. In retail applications, a corporate security officer can bookmark video of an incident at a specific store and then archive it automatically to the corporate network share overnight during off peak hours. Afterwards, exacqVision users can directly search bookmarks on the archive while not limiting WAN bandwidth.

To further conserve bandwidth, exacqVision will now blank video panels when the client has been inactive for a designated amount of time. exacqVision 8.0 also allows users to configure the color and background of serial data displayed in live view to easily read associated data such as license plates and receipt transactions.

Enterprise System Manager (ESM) offers camera inspection. With the web service deployed, administrators can visually compare camera views to reference images and identify and denote cameras needing adjustment. Additionally, ESM users can generate camera assessment reports to be used by technicians on site to simplify camera inspection services.

Read the full press release here.

For more information on this exacqVision software release and other new updates and offerings, go to www.exacq.com.


Full House at Upcoming RCC Loss Prevention Conference!!
Sept. 29th, Toronto, ON

The Retail Council of Canada Loss Prevention Conference is exceeding registration numbers - so it is going to be a full house for sure.

This year's conference will be covering many traditional areas of the loss prevention program, including some cross over content with other divisions that would appeal to the loss prevention professional who takes on greater responsibility with their organization.

Harassment in the workplace legislation has typically been a solely HR responsibility, in terms of embedding the appropriate policies and procedures. Given the expanded new laws, there is a strong emphasis on the employer to provide a safe environment not only with respect to harassment taking place in the work place, but also for the spillover effect of domestic concerns. The new laws require training, due diligence and response protocol, and they carry with them some very stiff penalties that could morph any of your major cases worked in the blink of an eye if not done right.

RCC has also brought in a lawyer to speak to the topic of Corporate Governance. Internal Audit, Loss Prevention, and Operations are tasked with the inspection process to ensure there is no deviation from the standards set forth in your SOPs. However, there are many laws that are slightly ambiguous and take the discipline of legal counsel to interpret their meaning and effect on the business. Partnering with the legal department, the loss prevention professional typically takes on the challenge of simplifying the legal requirement, and then inspecting the expectation of execution. This session will bring a whole new light on some of those laws which are sitting out there waiting to bite you, and getting on the front side is critical; RCC is happy to have Baker Mackenzie present on this one.

Business Continuity, Cyber Security and Data protection, are a few of the standard sessions, but this year we are also bringing in a discussion on counterfeit goods. A few of RCC's member have fallen victim to the scam of purchase authentic branded/ refunded counterfeit. You can just imagine the horror of being confronted by a customer who challenges the integrity of the product you sell, if one of these scams goes undetected and the counterfeit makes it back to the floor! RCC has joined a coalition of partners to fight against counterfeit goods, particularly as it relates to the on lime sales of knock offs.

To see more of what is on the full agenda, please click here to see the full agenda.

If you have not yet registered for the event, head to: www.rcclpconference.ca


The New Face of Fraud: Preventing Loss in a Mobile and Digital Age

David Johnston, Sr. Director, LP & Corp. Security, Dunkin' Brands, and Michael Loox, Director of LP, BLD Brands

The development and adoption of mobile wallets, loyalty/payment apps, and other digital engagement for consumers present new challenges for retail LP professionals. Fraud, data privacy and even the ability to investigate "faceless" criminals in a digital-based environment are all major issues. In this LPNN interview, David Johnston, Sr. Director, LP & Corporate Security, Dunkin' Brands, and Michael Loox, Director of LP, BLD Brands, guide us through the various methods of digital retail crimes and present strategies to help reduce loss while maintaining customer loyalty.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #18

David Johnston and Michael Loox meet up with Joe and Amber to discuss the importance of the RLPSA organization and what excites them about their annual conference.

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Amazon Eats the Department Store
Amazon is expected to triple its share of the U.S. apparel market over the next five years.

Amazon increased the number of apparel and accessory products on its website by 87 percent last year from the year before, as its apparel sales hit $16.3 billion. That's more than the combined online sales of its five largest online clothing competitors -- Macy's, Nordstrom, Kohl's, Gap, and Victoria's Secret parent L Brands.

Amazon's apparel sales still pale in comparison to the $24 billion in U.S. clothing sales at Walmart, America's largest apparel seller.

Collective sales at the six largest U.S. department stores fell $660 million in the second quarter from a year before. A lot of those sales went to Amazon, whose clothing sales rose $1.1 billion in the quarter from a year earlier.

A fifth of U.S. consumers now "frequently" buy clothes on Amazon, according to a Morgan Stanley survey in April. That rises to 35 percent for Amazon Prime members. bloomberg.com

Holiday hiring reflects online emphasis
"While seasonal retail jobs remain flat or shrink, the biggest increase in holiday hiring in recent years has been transportation and warehousing, as more and more holiday shopping is done online," said John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Target specifically reported it will be place 7,500 people in its distribution facilities, which ship online orders and send products to stores, the report said. Out of the 40,000 seasonal workers J.C. Penney plans to hire this year, 38,000 will be positioned in stores and the rest to help handle jcp.com orders, according to an article in The Dallas Morning News.

Meanwhile, Kohl's will be making similar moves and adding positions across its warehouses, e-commerce distribution centers and buy online, ship to store ((BOPUS) operations.

As the industry awaits FedEx's and UPS' holiday hiring announcements as well, observers expect both companies to add at least 150,000 positions collectively - the same amount of hires they made in 2015, the report said.

"We continue to move from brick-and-mortar toward click-and-order," he said. "However, in this Internet era of holiday shopping, brick-and-mortar fulfillment facilities need seasonal workers." chainstoreage.com

Coach abandons Tmall as Alibaba continues battling counterfeit
The company will instead only sell in China via its own branded website and on its WeChat account. businessinsider.com

Parents and millennials will drive online holiday purchases this year

CAL-ORCA's First Annual Conference
'Renewing the Partnership' - Coming Sept. 27

The California Organized Retail Crimes Association (CAL-ORCA), with the support of the Los Angeles Police Department, will host its very first annual Association Conference on Sept. 27 in Pasadena, California. The event is presented by LEAPS-CAL. 

The theme of this year's conference is "Renewing the Partnership," as guest speakers from public and private sectors will share their expertise during the following tentative schedule of breakout sessions: Assembly Bill 2287-Closing the Proposition 47 loophole, Cargo Theft, Financial Aspect of ORC, Open Source Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Combating ORC.

The momentum of this conference is growing immensely and it would be in the best interest of your company or department to seize this chance to obtain additional insight regarding the issues we all face. As always, this is an excellent networking opportunity so bring numerous business cards.

For more more information and to register, click here


Asheville, NC: Police searching for 2 men linked to $12,000 credit card fraud
Police are searching for two white men who they say made nearly $12,000 in fraudulent purchases on stolen credit cards, A vehicle was broken into Sept. 8 at the Asheville Racquet Club and several items were stolen, police say. Surveillance footage obtained from retail stores show two men and the car that they were operating at the time the purchases were made. citizen-times.com

Update: Somerset, PA: Men scammed $10,000 in Gift Cards from Walmart
Three Michigan men scammed the Somerset Wal-Mart out of more than $10,000 Wednesday morning as part of a series of thefts. State police in Somerset charged Brandon Monte Walker, Michael Jonathan Toles and Andre Monteek Edwards-Morgan all of Flint, MI, with the crime. At about 11:20 a.m. Wednesday, Walker, Toles, Edwards-Morgan and a fourth unidentified man allegedly used fraudulent CitiBank cash cards to purchase merchandise including 21 prepaid gift cards, each worth $500, and two ski masks. The total value of the merchandise was more than $10,000. That same afternoon, the four men attempted to commit a similar crime at the Wal-Mart in Altoona. Allegheny Township, Blair County Police took Walker, Toles and Edwards-Morgan into custody, but the fourth man left before police could confront him. tribdem.com

Boardman, OH: JC Penney thief nabbed with $860 following Police chase
Tyrone Thomas first evaded police after he reportedly stole $860.50 in merchandise from the J.C. Penney store at Southern Park Mall on Saturday morning. Police pursued him on foot until he entered a U-Haul truck and later lost officers in a vehicle chase. vindy.com

Humble, TX: Fake ID Thief hit 3 banks in Houston and Dallas for over $60,000

Mount Pleasant, WI: Two Women Charged with Stealing Cartful from Walmart, repeat offender, under ring at self check-out

Muskegon County, MI: Clayton Sparkes, sentenced to 13 months - 5 years for ORC, $648 in court costs/fees

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Death & Shootings

Fruitland Park, FL: Man shot, killed outside Walmart in Lake County
A man was shot to death Monday in the parking lot of a Lake County Walmart, deputies said. The shooting happened about 7:15 p.m. outside the Fruitland Park Walmart on Citrus Boulevard, the Lake County Sheriff's Office said. Deputies said the victim is a middle-aged man. Investigators spent a significant amount of time searching through a car in the parking lot and said they found drugs at the scene. Deputies said the shooting may be drug related. wesh.com

North East, MD: Video shows fatal police-involved shooting at Walmart
Newly released video from Maryland State Police sheds new light on the response of a now-former trooper who shot and killed a man inside his vehicle in a shopping center parking lot in August 2015. Trooper Daryl Brackett shot Charles Hall, 30, on Aug. 21, 2015, while both were in Hall's vehicle in the parking lot of a Walmart in North East. According to an autopsy report, Hall was shot at close range in the neck and under his left arm. Cecil County Deputy State's Attorney Steven Trostle ruled last December that Brackett's shooting was justified. However, state police confirmed that Brackett, who was trying to arrest Hall on an outstanding warrant, retired from the department on May 1. Rescuers were called, but Hall was pronounced dead at the scene. wbaltv.com

Grande Prairie, AB, CN: Warrant issued for Prairie Mall shooting suspect
An Alberta-wide warrant has been issued for a suspect in a shooting a Grande Prairie shopping mall last week. Thursday night, the Prairie Mall was placed under lockdown after a shot was fired during a fight between two groups of men. One man suffered serious injuries, two bystanders sustained minor injuries. 23-year-old Liban Musse is now facing six firearms related charges. RCMP consider him armed and dangerous. inews880.com

Robberies & Thefts

Cincinnati, OH: 'Shirt Mask Bandit' behind 15 Robberies. The "Shirt Mask Bandit" is back, Erlanger police said Monday
They made the connection after the Petco was robbed in Fort Wright. Police believe the same man went on an eight-store robbery spree Aug. 31 is the same man who committed similar crimes during the summer of 2015. Fort Mitchell police linked a Friday robbery at a gas station to the same suspect. That brings the total number of stores robbed to 15. cincinnati.com

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong: $250,000 Burglary at the Chanel store
The burglary took place at around 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday, burglars smashed the glass door of a Chanel store in Causeway Bay and ransacked the shop, carting away an estimated HK$2 million worth of handbags, watches and jewelry. ejinsight.com

Jefferson Parish, LA: 2 men arrested in connection with series of Armed Robberies
Two Marrero men face 12 counts each of armed robbery in connection with a series of robberies at businesses in Jefferson Parish, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. Sam J. Williams and Travis L. Davis are also suspected in robberies in Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Charles and St. John the Baptist Parishes. nola.com

Zales in the Northgate Mall, Cincinnati, OH reported a Grab & Run on 9/19, merchandise valued at $9,247

Kay Outlet in the Prime Outlets at Jeffersonville, Jeffersonville, OH reported a Grab & Run on 9/19, merchandise valued at $8,573

Credit Card Fraud/ID Theft

Prosecutors downplay terrorism element in Huntsville fraud investigation
The investigation into what prosecutors are calling a "forgery and fake ID factory" in Huntsville continues, the concern over possible terrorist connections appears to be diminished. Assistant District Attorney Jay Town downplayed the terrorist connection Monday in speaking to reporters following a bond revocation hearing for one of the suspects, Miles Rashod Tibbs.

Madison County District Judge Claude Hundley III upheld a magistrate's order to revoke Tibbs' bond on Monday afternoon. "I don't necessarily believe that there is any reason to think that there's a link to terrorism or anything like that," Town said. "I think the Department of Homeland Security has looked at this matter, the FBI has looked at this matter. I think we might re-engage with those agencies should we find more information on the (seized) computers. But I think the information we're going to find is a wide-ranging, wide-net of fraud and different types of wire transfers that are likely to be unlawful. "We might involve other federal agencies as we go forward but I don't believe at this time there is any way to say truthfully that there is some connection to terrorism. You can absolutely understand why law enforcement saw what they saw and found what they found ... you can understand why their ire was up. But at this moment, I don't believe that's something we need to worry about with these three gentlemen." al.com

Huntsville, AL: Terrorism a concern in bizarre identity fraud investigation
A bizarre case of people squatting in a Huntsville home worth almost a half-million dollars has been connected with possible terrorism, the Madison County sheriff's department said Wednesday. al.com

UK: More than 4 MILLION people cancelled bank cards after falling victim
A survey of more than 2,000 adults in the UK found one in 10 were targeted by scams that meant they had to replace their cards. In 62 % of cases, money was successfully removed from the account, with an average of $620 stolen. This equates to 4.5 million credit or debit cards being cancelled in the previous 12 months, with more than $2.7 Billion stolen in total, according to comparethemarket.com. express.co.uk

Counterfeit Goods

South Africa: The Hawks confiscated counterfeit clothing items worth $550,000 in Butterworth
Items confiscated include fake Adidas, Puma and Nike sneakers and Levis and Daniel Hechter jeans. The bust, which is believed to be the biggest in the Eastern Cape, was as a result of a joint operation between the elite crime-fighting unit, the tactical response team (TRT) and the department of home affairs. Despite the successful operation, which saw the Hawks, TRT and home affairs officials raiding a shop and another location, no arrest was made. dispatchlive.co.za

Skimming Reports

Gas station skimmer found in Sarasota, FL

Elm Grove, WI: Victim spared financial loss in gas pump skimming scam; nearly 200 victims in one day

UK: Romanian conman jailed again after being deported from Britain for using ATM card skimming

AT&T Conway, SC - Armed Robbery
Boost Mobile - Salt Lake City, UT - Robbery
Bruges Waffles and Frites -Salt Lake City, UT - Robbery

Cash Advance - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
CVS - Alexandria, VA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Anderson County, SC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Delco, NC - Armed Robbery
Domino's - Lexington, KY - Robbery
Family Dollar - Lancaster, PA - Armed Robbery

Grab N Go - Richmond, VA - Shooting/ 1 killed
Green Buds - Portland, OR - Armed Robbery
Kmart- Jackson, MI - Burglary
Rana Grocery - Bryan, TX - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
S. Voss Grocery - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
St Luke's Pharmacy - Paramount, CA - Burglary/ suspect killed in police chase
Simply Mac - Cobb County, GA - Armed Robbery
Stripes - Wichita Falls, TX - Armed Robbery
Valero - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery/ Clerk killed
Walgreens - Austin, TX - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Fruitland Park, FL - Shooting / 1 man killed
7-Eleven - Wichita Falls, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Walbridge, OH - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Victoria, TX - Armed Robbery

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