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Deadly Police Shooting in Charlotte, NC causes Protests 

From Terrorism to Protests in Two Days
A Nation & Law Enforcement Stressed to the Max
How Does It Impact Loss Prevention?

From Ferguson to San Bernardino to Minnesota to New York City to Charlotte, the nation is stressed like never before.

With lone wolves, terrorists, and mass shootings keeping police and citizens on edge, the nation and its first responders are scrambling for answers and, in the midst of the chaos, a few are making life-changing mistakes that further the story lines that are fueling the anger, the fear, and the blame.

One day a hero and the next a villain, police departments nationwide are under a magnifying glass like never before. Every incident is now being broadcast worldwide and every mistake being instantly recorded and released.

Law Enforcement is now operating at a time when their every action and reaction is being broadcast and scrutinized, and rightfully so given the consequences of their actions. The question is, where are the answers? How can we expect a group of individuals, who have dedicated their lives to protecting society, to not make mistakes? How can we train our way out of this, and how do we stop the cycle in the midst of dealing with all the terror?

These are questions that obviously need answers, but at the end of the day for our industry, we've got to ask ourselves: How does this impact retail Loss Prevention beyond the response to individual incidents? How does it impact our apprehensions, our interviews, and our investigative processes? Will we be required one day to wear body cameras as well when making apprehensions?

That day may come about as a result of a lawsuit or the loss of life and it may not be that far off given the speed of change we're all experiencing.

But the real question is how does it impact our apprehensions? Are we responding accordingly and humanely? And are we doing everything we can do to stop the cycle?

As the retail industry's first responders, we too have an obligation and we too play a role. Regardless of how you define it.

Just a thought - Gus Downing

Gun Is Found After Fatal Police Shooting of Black Man, Charlotte Chief Says
Kerr Putney, the chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina, said Wednesday that officers had found the gun that the police say a black man had brandished before an officer fatally shot him, setting off a night of sometimes-violent protests here.

"He did have a weapon when he exited the vehicle," Chief Putney said. "Officers were giving loud, clear verbal commands. The suspect exited the vehicle with a handgun, threatening officers."

Family members of the man who was shot, Keith L. Scott, 43, have said that he was unarmed, and was holding only a book.

Under a sprinkling of rain on Wednesday morning, a handful of men wearing "stop the violence" T-shirts walked the parking lot of the apartment complex where the shooting occurred. One woman screamed curses at gathered reporters and insisted that Mr. Scott had been unarmed.  nytimes.com

Violent Protests Erupt in Charlotte After Deadly Police Shooting
Several protesters and a dozen police officers have been injured and about five people arrested after violent protests erupted following a deadly police shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday.
Officers in riot gear deployed tear gas into a crowd of protesters after individuals targeted police cruisers, ABC affiliate WSOC-TV Charlotte reported.

Early Tuesday morning the unrest raged on as a group of people blocked traffic on Interstate 85. A live video feed from a WSOC-TV helicopter hovering above the scene appeared to show people removing items from the back of trucks on the highway.

The scene on I-85 appeared to devolve into looting, with people pulling items from tractor-trailers and burning boxes.

A group of people attempted to break in to a Walmart, WSOC-TV reported, and scattered when police arrived at the scene.

At least seven civilians were transported to a local hospital and a handful treated.

The shooting took place Tuesday afternoon after officers arrived at an apartment complex in the city of Charlotte at about 4 p.m., searching for a suspect who had an outstanding warrant, a police statement said.

Police said the man fatally shot, identified as Keith Lamont Scott, was not the suspect officers were searching for, but had exited from a vehicle with a firearm and the officers believed he posed an imminent deadly threat.  yahoo.com

Man Killed by Tulsa Police Posed No Threat, His Family Says
Protesters gathered in Tulsa on Monday and Tuesday, calling for an unbiased investigation. At a prayer vigil Tuesday afternoon, a pastor, Jeremiah Hale, called for prayers for the family. nytimes.com

First annual study analyzes retail industry's unique risk exposure
Retailers to spend $23B in 2016 on costs associated with injuries, cyber, and other insured risks
Roughly half a penny out of every retail dollar goes toward insurance

The 2016 Retail Cost of Risk report, which measures the cost of property and casualty risks faced by retailers. In 2016, the average cost of risk for U.S. retailers is projected to amount to $5.93 per $1,000 of sales. Around 60% of the costs is attributable to the injuries of employees and customers; workers' compensation costs represent around 40% of the overall risk and the cost of customer injuries represent around 20% of the total. Other risks, including property damage, cyber, and miscellaneous liabilities, account for the remaining 40%.

To view the complete Retail Cost of Risk, go to www.milliman.com/retail-risk/. prnewswire.com

The Biggest Food Safety Story in Retail History
Every Day is a Safety Drill as Chipotle Woos Customers Back

There isn't much sexy about food safety, and that goes for regular reminders to scrub hands. But for the last year, Chipotle has been forced to focus on little else, after a string of illnesses among diners at the Mexican restaurant chain grew into nationwide alarm. The concern has battered the company's sales, reputation and stock price.

On Wednesday, the company is highlighting several new initiatives as well, including work it is doing to enhance food safety among its suppliers, hoping that pointing to the moves will help regain the public's confidence - and profits.

Some sales have returned, but more slowly than investors expected, and shares have fallen 45 percent in the last year. Even Steve Ells, the company's founder and co-chief executive, said he thought the company would rebound faster.

Chipotle is in "uncharted waters." "No one has ever had this kind of a food safety crisis in the era of social media," Mr. Ells said.

Dr. Marsden put together a plan to cover practically every base - from ensuring that employees are checked every morning for illnesses to frequently checking the temperature of foods - all of which must be logged into "the black book," a daily record of each location's safety procedures.

"We're doing research and are going to publish papers on what we're doing, so people can see for themselves that it works," he said.

All of their extensive and newly designed food safety prep work is overseen by a food safety leader in each restaurant, a new position. The food safety leader must also ask every employee how they feel before they clock in, to make sure they aren't coming to work sick, and keep records when an employee is sent home because of illness.

Robert Gravani, who teaches food safety at Cornell University, said what he had heard about what Chipotle was doing under Dr. Marsden's direction seemed good. The trick, he said, will be training employees to stick with the new programs. Chipotle has tried to address that by pushing some 300 of the company's managers, who oversee five to 12 restaurants, to receive a certification in food safety.

"You can have all the procedures in place, but you have to get the people who work with you and for you to do them," said Mr. Gravani of Cornell. "You have to build a culture of food safety so that employees become unconsciously competent in it." nytimes.com

7-Eleven Japan aims for 20,000 stores in U.S.
Seven-Eleven Japan Co. expects to open thousands of new stores in the U.S., increasing its current tally of 8,500 to 20,000, President Kazuki Furuya said.

The U.S. unit is now prepared to expand its network after introducing Japanese-style product development and services through personnel exchanges with Seven-Eleven Japan, Furuya said. japantimes.com

Vector Security Named 2016 Best Home Security Company
Readers of Coastal Style Magazine have spoken and named Vector Security, the provider of intelligent home automation and mobile security solutions, the best home security company in Sussex County, Delaware for 2016. Coastal Style's fourth annual readers' poll had the largest voter turnout to date and recognizes businesses in the Delaware and Maryland coastal communities. Vector Security, along with winning businesses in other categories, will be showcased in the publication's September/October print edition and online at coastalstylemag.com.

"We are proud to be the home security provider of choice for Sussex County," said Art Miller, Vice President of Marketing for Vector Security. "Our employees work, live and contribute to the communities we serve and we are honored to be recognized by our customers, friends and neighbors in this vibrant coastal community." vectorsecurity.com

Costco Infringement Profit May Reach $6M, Tiffany Tells Jury
An attorney for Tiffany & Co. told a New York federal jury in the damages phase of a trademark infringement case Tuesday that Costco Wholesale Corp. made more than $6 million in profits on ersatz Tiffany engagement rings as it tried to take away from Tiffany "its very own name."

U.S. District Judge Linda Taylor Swain ruled last year that Costco iniringed upon Tiffany's trademark by displaying diamond solitaire engagement rings next to signs that read "Tiffany" without any qualifier, or "Tiffany" on one line and "set" on the next. law360.com

Whole Foods Strikes $3.5M Deal With EPA Over Waste
Whole Foods Market Inc. will pay $3.5 million in penalties as part of a deal with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over improperly handled hazardous waste products at stores in five states, the agency said Tuesday.

The grocery retailer hadn't followed standards set out in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act for some hazardous waste items in stories in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma, the EPA said in a statement Tuesday. law360.com

Kate Spade's $1.3M Deal To End OT Claims Approved
A California judge on Tuesday granted final approval to popular women's accessories maker Kate Spade's $1.3 million settlement of over 1,000 retail workers' claims that the company shorted them on overtime and didn't provide rest and meal breaks. law360.com

BevMo! & Torrid remove Director of Loss Prevention postings from web sites
Have they filled their jobs? More to come.

Retailers File Suit to Block Career-Killing New Overtime Rule

Deloitte: Holiday sales to increase 3.6% to 4%

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If you are planning to attend the CLEAR conference from Oct. 24 to 27 in Reno, NV, please make your room reservations at Silver Legacy Resort before the hotel discount expires on Sept. 22 - tomorrow.

The room rate is only $69 - and that includes the airport shuttle, parking, WiFi and hotel spa. Click here for all the details about reserving your room.

For more information about the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR), vist clearusa.org.

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Agilence User Forum Features Customer Case Studies, New Community Portal

Annual Agilence User Forum focuses on best practices to increase margin, reduce costs and drive operational efficiencies that improve the bottom line for top tier retailers and restaurants

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, September 20, 2016 - Agilence, Inc., the leader in cloud-based data analytics for retail and restaurant operations, today announced its annual user forum was held on September 13 - 14, 2016 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Agilence customers, representing a diverse group of mid to large tier retailers and restaurants, came together as a user community to discuss industry trends, network with peers and exchange ideas and best practices in driving margin improvements, expense reduction and improving operational efficiencies through data analytics.

The Agilence User Forum featured user presentations, hands-on workshops, and an Executive Think Tank program. Industry leaders shared successes in not only identifying but recapturing significant bottom line dollars for their companies using 20/20.

Agilence unveiled a brand new online discussion forum, the 20/20 Water Cooler! The Water Cooler is an addition to the Agilence Customer Portal which allows users to securely engage with their peers regarding the use and functionality of 20/20 Data Analytics receive information about updates, and share ideas and experiences about new ways to use the product for maximum benefit.

Agilence's industry leading 20/20 Data Analytics platform enables retailers and restaurateurs to easily gain meaningful, data driven, insights to improve profits and margins, better serve customers, and enhance efficiencies.

Read more here.

Global Breaches Soar by 15% in H1 2016
Retail Accounts for 11% of Global Breaches

Nearly five billion private records have been exposed globally since 2013, with data breaches increasing by 15% in the first half of the year compared to the previous six months, according to Gemalto.

The digital security firm claimed in its latest Breach Level Index that in excess of 4.8 billion records have now been stolen - that's 41 every second - with encryption used in just 4% of cases.

Globally, healthcare was the most breached industry, accounting for 27% of the total breaches and 5% of compromised records. Government, on the other hand, was responsible for the majority (57%) of compromised records but accounted for just 14% of all breaches. Other heavily breached sectors included financial services (12%) and retail (11%) - but these accounted for just 2% and 3% of compromised records respectivelyinfosecurity-magazine.com

Tech Companies Streamline Vendor Vetting Process
One of the biggest problems for companies that work with third-party vendors is trying to assess whether those vendors are properly protecting the information being shared with them.

To help make it easier for companies to get a better handle on their vendors' security practices, a new organization-the Vendor Security Alliance-was formed by a number of technology companies with the goal of creating a standardized checklist to evaluate whether a vendor is doing a good job securing the data in its possession. "The big goal here is to make things safer for everyone."  wsj.com


Royal Canadian Mint employee allegedly smuggled $140,000 worth of gold in his butt
The alleged gold heist was an inside job - in more ways than one.

The theft of about $140,000 worth of gold ($180,000 in Canadian dollars) came from within the Royal Canadian Mint, investigators argued Tuesday. Leston Lawrence, a 35-year-old employee of the government mint in Ottawa, has been accused of foiling the facility's high security through a back-end exploit: Lawrence smuggled out gold nuggets inside his rectum, prosecutors alleged.

After a trial that concluded in Ottawa on Tuesday, Lawrence faced charges of "a number of smuggling-for-cash charges, including theft, laundering the proceeds of crime, possession of stolen property and breach of trust," the Ottawa Citizen reported.

A suspicious bank teller raised the alarm in 2015. Lawrence sold 18 gold pucks - each a circular 7.4-ounce nugget worth about $6,800 - to an Ottawa Gold Buyers store between Nov. 27, 2014, and March 12, 2015. washingtonpost.com

North America's Busiest Shopping Center in Canada's 'Times Square'
Nordstrom Opens Toronto Eaton Center - Flagship to Huge Crowds

Nordstrom opened its CF Toronto Eaton Centre flagship to huge crowds on the morning of Friday, September 16, and staff were busy throughout the weekend as hordes of shoppers descended on the store to check out its wares. The store is reportedly expected to be one of the company's top performers. 

Shoppers and curious onlookers continued to visit the new Nordstrom store throughout the weekend - adding considerable pedestrian traffic to CF Toronto Eaton Centre, which is already the busiest shopping centre in North America in terms of footfall.

Nordstrom Inc. co-president Pete Nordstrom told WWD that he expects the CF Toronto Eaton Centre Nordstrom to become one of the chain's top five selling stores, joining top performing units in downtown Seattle, Bellevue Square (east of Seattle), Chicago Michigan Avenue and Vancouver BC (CF Pacific Centre, which opened in September of 2015). All but the Bellevue Square store are downtown flagships. A large Manhattan store is expected to become the chain's highest-volume unit when it opens in 2019.

Nordstrom, as well as the entire CF Toronto Eaton Centre, is expected to only become busier after September 30 of this year when Uniqlo opens its first Canadian store at the north end of the centre. Uniqlo will be located next to Nordstrom's north mall entrance, with signage facing Dundas Square - Canada's answer to Times Square in New York City. 

Nordstrom will be opening Yorkdale - its next Toronto store on October 21 of this year. retail-insider.com

Canada Can Do More to Fight Money Laundering, Terror Financing
A review of Canada's efforts to fight money laundering and terrorism financing received good marks from the International Monetary Fund, though it said more improvement is needed in the country's legal framework and implementation of its programs.

"The Canadian authorities have achieved some success in combating money laundering, notably when conducting law enforcement efforts with the support of Fintrac's analysis," the report said. "However, these efforts are not entirely in line with the money-laundering risks that Canada faces, and overall, the recovery of proceeds of crime appears to be relatively low." wsj.com

Expect more cuts at Sobeys as 'sales challenges' continue amid botched Safeway integration
More pain is likely in store for Sobeys owner Empire Co. as the grocery retailer seeks to cut costs and drive up flagging sales in the wake of its botched integration of the Western Canadian Safeway chain.

"Our cost base is too high given our sales challenges across the country, and therefore it is critical that we optimize our cost structure so we can reinvest cost savings to drive the top line," François Vimard, Empire's interim chief executive, told analysts on a conference call Thursday after the retailer reported a 40 per cent drop in quarterly earnings, steeply missing analyst estimates.

"We will need to work over the next few months to identify additional cost reductions aimed at improving our efficiency."

Last year, the retailer announced it would cut about 1,300 jobs in 2016 and 2017 in order to reorganize its distribution centres in Ontario and Alberta. financialpost.com

Canada pushing toward a cashless society with a 70 per cent drop in cash transactions by 2030

Government of Canada Commits to Review Credit Card Market, Including Fee Levels

Walmart expands Visa boycott in Canada to 16 Manitoba stores

Home Hardware goes 'aggressively' after growth

Toronto, ON: Man stabbed repeatedly at Eaton Centre
A man in his 20s was attacked from behind and stabbed repeatedly inside the Eaton Centre as bystanders watched in horror Tuesday afternoon. Amanda Lal, one of the managers at La Senza, said she saw the victim knifed twice.
A security guard was in the store for a separate reason when the violence erupted outside around 2:20 p.m. at the south end of the busy downtown mall. Lal reports she saw one man "swarmed" by two other men, including "one with a knife who got a shot to the abdomen."

"When the knife fell, he picked it up again and was able to get another shot in the gentleman's back," Lal said. "Again, security was able to get him off. Then (the stabber) ran away from the scene."

Toronto Police Const. Jen Sidhu said "the victim was stabbed multiple times" and "collapsed" in front of a crowd of shoppers as the attacker ran off. "Officers responded to the scene and located a suspect outside the mall," Sidhu said, explaining the arrest happened on Queen St. and a weapon was recovered. torontosun.com

Kamloops, BC: Northills Shopping Centre evacuated due to reported bomb threat
Northills Shopping Centre closed on Tuesday afternoon after police responded to what it believed to be a bomb threat.

A person who was working in a store in the mall at the time of the threat told KTW the manager of the store confirmed a threat had been made, possible against the TD Canada Trust bank. The person said he had been told two suspicious packages had been found in the shopping centre and that a bomb squad was on its way to Kamloops from Vancouver.

In the end, it was a hoax bomb-threat call, the latest of many that have been made in Kamloops in the past few years. kamloopsthisweek.com

'Armed and dangerous' Grand Prairie mall shooter still on the loose
RCMP are searching for a man wanted on an Alberta-wide warrant in connection to a shooting at a Grande Prairie mall September 15. 23 year-old Liban Musse is wanted on six weapon-related charges, including discharge of a firearm with intent.

Police said Musse fired a single shot during an altercation at the Prairie Mall, resulting in injuries to three people. He is considered armed and dangerous, and police advise the public not to approach him. ctvnews.com

Calgary, AB: Man faces four charges after machete attack that injured policeman at Marlborough Mall
A 24-year-old man faces four charges after a Calgary police officer shot a man during a machete attack at Marlborough Mall over the weekend. The man also had two warrants for his arrest, police said. He was shot after police were called to the Marlborough LRT about 2 p.m. Saturday for reports of a man fighting people and swinging a machete. When police arrived, a man fled into a nearby Sears store, with an officer chasing on foot. Inside, the officer used a Taser, but it had no effect. As the officer drew his gun, the man attacked, slashing him with a 48.3 centimetre machete. The officer is still recovering from the "severe" injuries. cbc.ca

Brampton, ON: Shooting of Domino's Pizza employee linked to 5 robberies
The shooting of a Domino's Pizza employee in Brampton during a robbery in August is linked to five other robberies in the Greater Toronto Area, according Peel Regional Police.

Acting Insp. Donny Ross, officer-in-charge of crimes against property and robbery, said the incident is linked to robberies of a Triple Triple Pizza and Chicken store in Toronto and a Hasty Market store in Brampton as well as three separate robberies of people walking on the street. cbc.ca

Calgary, AB: Police investigating after man with 'serious' stab wounds found at convenience store
Calgary Police are investigating after a man was found outside a convenience store in the city's northeast, suffering from stab wounds. Authorities were called to the scene at the Mac's Convenience Store after a staff member of the store found the man, who was slipping in and out of consciousness.

Police say CCTV footage showed a large white SUV dumped the injured man at the store and fled the scene. Officers are waiting for the victim to become more stable in hospital before trying to obtain additional information about the case. calgaryherald.com

Prince Edward, CN: Toy store loses valuable collectibles in weekend theft

Ottawa, ON: Attempted theft at home improvement store

Robberies and Burglaries

Atikokan, ON: Convenience store robber still at large
Fruitvale, BC: Liquor store robbed at gunpoint
Nanaimo, BC: Woman arrested in attempted gas station robbery
New Brunswick: RCMP looking for help to solve three business burglaries
Niagara Falls, ON: Police ID suspect in Niagara Falls variety store robbery
St. John's, NL: 2 suspects wanted in convenience store robbery
Surrey, BC: Rollerblading bandit caught after string of armed robberies
West Kelowna, BC: Teen in police custody after attemped robbery, assault at gas station
Winnipeg, MB: Police looknig for suspect linked to 12 armed robberies


Eyes Forward:
The Future of LP and
Using Social Media

Chad McIntosh, VP of LP & Risk Management, and Tom Meehan, Director of Technology & Investigations, Bloomingdale's

When Bloomingdale's LP Team started monitoring social media in 2011, they had a plan. Five years later, that program and plan has changed dramatically. Learn the facts and myths about social media monitoring and intelligence gathering, understand the impact of social media on Loss Prevention in retail and hear from Bloomingdale's Chad McIntosh, VP of LP & Risk Management, and Tom Meehan, Director of Technology & Investigations, on how to use big data sources and social media outlets to create your own information stream without becoming overwhelmed by the data.

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LPNN Quick Take #19

Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley sign off from our "Live in Philadelphia" at NRF Protect shoot - with a special word from Gus Downing for our LPNN viewers. You can re-watch any videos you missed here. Thanks to our sponsors who helped make this event possible, and thank YOU for watching!

Stay tuned for our next LIVE broadcast in January 2017 at the NRF Big Show in New York City.

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Online returns to drive mall traffic 
Can online returns drive foot traffic to the physical mall? That's the goal of a new startup that is adding Return Bars to shopping centers. 

Happy Returns opened its first location in April at Santa Monica Place in California and currently accepts returns for items purchased on Tradesy.com, a consignment marketplace.

Buyers bring the item to Happy Returns' Return Bar and the service takes care of packing, labeling and shipping in the most cost-efficient way possible. The service also verifies the condition and authenticity for the seller.

"We are transforming returns from a painful chore to an efficient and delightful experience that encourages shoppers to increase the scope and frequency of their online purchases," said David Sobie, co-founder and CEO of Happy Returns. The plan is to add locations in other California markets before a bigger national expansion.  fierceretail.com

Amazon pushes customers towards pricier products, report claims
ProPublica investigation found that algorithms placed items in the prominent 'buy box' on the website that weren't always the cheapest. Amazon's algorithms encourage customers pay more than they need to for popular products and appear to give more prominence to items that benefit the retail giant, according to an investigation by ProPublica.  theguardian.com

'Digital ID' Is the Solution for EMV's Online Blind Spot
Counterfeit fraud, card-not-present fraud, fraudulent applications, card-not-received fraud, and lost and stolen fraud have all contributed to the digital payments fraud so many U.S. organizations and consumers are experiencing.

Digital identities are unique and impossible to fake, as they leverage the infinite number of connections users create when they transact online, so they work well to ensure legitimate users are recognized and provided with seamless online experiences. At the same time, digital identities can help accurately detect fraudsters using stolen or spoofed identities before the fraudulent transaction is processed.

In order to facilitate advanced fraud protection and accurately authenticate valid users, organizations need to capture and fully understand the complete digital makeup of each of their individual users. paymentssource.com

Huntington, WV: 3 Arrested after 'Organized Retail Theft operation' is Shut Down; Kroger ORC Team with an Assist
At least three people were arrested and more arrests are expected after police raided two locations in Huntington as a result of a yearlong investigation of a West Huntington gas station officials allege was an "organized retail theft operation." Several passers-by cheered seeing police swarming the area. The multi-agency investigation alleges Basim Tallozi, Samir Tallozi and Latischa Debord, 25, Basim Tallozi's girlfriend and others engaged in an organized criminal enterprise since June 2014 involving benefit fraud by exchanging cash for a fraction of the value of at least $5,000 in government food benefit cards at the Save Way gas station. Beneficiaries of government food benefit cards would be given a list of items to purchase from retail stores and asked to return with the requested items with accompanying receipts. In return, the beneficiaries would be given 50 percent of the value indicated on the receipts. The items would be sold in the Save Way store. Basim Tallozi was recently released from federal prison after being convicted in a large "Smoking Aces" tobacco smuggling operation in Huntington, after admitting to transporting 17,112 cartons of cigarettes into the area. herald-dispatch.com

Waukesha County, WI: Man admits to stealing thousands of dollars worth of bottled fragrances; JC Penney reports $93,000 shortage
40-year-old Markell Baker of Milwaukee faces a criminal charge of felony retail theft for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of bottled fragrances from the JCPenney store in the Village of Menomonee Falls. According to the criminal complaint, an investigator for JCPenney notified police in February in reference to a retail theft. He apparently became aware of a large shortage in the fragrance inventory. It was short approximately $93,000. fox6now.com

Macon, GA: More than $11K worth of Levi's jeans stolen from JCPenney
at Macon Mall

Over 150 pairs of Levi's jeans, totaling over $11,000, were stolen over the course of two days from the JCPenney at the Macon Mall, according to a Bibb Sheriff's Office incident report. It says a deputy responded to a call reporting theft by shoplifting at the store on Friday. When he arrived, the loss prevention officer told him the store had several cases of theft beginning on Sept. 11. He said the thieves were not the same in each instance, but they were stealing items the same way. 13wmaz.com

Salem, MA: Two arrested in Lowe's Chainsaw thefts
Two were arrested Monday after police said they stole chainsaws from a Lowe's Home Improvement store. Joseph St. Laurent was caught by a police K9 late Monday afternoon in Methuen, Mass., after he fled into the woods near the store. Jennifer Tricca was waiting in a car in the store's parking. Police said additional charges are expected. unionleader.com

Belknap County, NH: Grand Jury indicts 2 on ORC Charges
Brandi Robie was indicted for organized retail theft for agreeing with Matthew Robie to shoplift items from Wal-Mart or stealing items herself, and or that Matthew Robie caused the store's cash register to reflect less than the stated price for items and then removed them from the Tilton store. Matthew Robie was also indicted for organized retail crime enterprise. citizen.com

UPDATE: Huntsville, AL: Prosecutors say hundreds of identity theft victims likely in "fraud factory" investigation
Only 10% of the evidence processed so far. Prosecutors overseeing the massive fraud and identity theft ring found in Huntsville say there are likely hundreds of victims in this case. "Neither of us have worked on a case where there will be this many victims," Assistant District Attorney, Jay Town, tells WAAY 31 while sitting with his fellow Assistant District Attorney, Jeff McCluskey. he pair says the shear volume of evidence so far, un-touched in the case is staggering. "It would literally take a single investigator, I'd say, weeks and weeks just doing nothing but working on this case," McCluskey said. Investigators are working around the clock to try and figure out what was going on in the upscale Huntsville home. Authorities say they have only processed about 10% of the evidence so far. waaytv.com

Richmond, CA: 25 Arrested in crime ring bust at Hotel -
guns, drugs, mail, and credit cards

A two-month investigation into activities at several hotel rooms led to the arrest of 25 people, police announced Tuesday. The arrests were related to charges that included gun trafficking, drug sales and mail theft and fraud. Investigators obtained warrants for those rooms and others, and seized a credit card manufacturing machine, stolen mail and credit information, illegal narcotics, four handguns and an assault weapon. eastbaytimes.com

Cranston, RI: Pair wanted for trying to steal 'a large amount of medical supplies' from CVS
The police are seeking the public's help in locating two men suspected of trying to shoplift "a large amount of medical supplies" from a CVS store on Reservoir Avenue at about 5 p.m. Tuesday. The police have warrants to arrest Eric Lemire, 26, and Calvin Freund, 40, both with last known addresses in the Pascoag section of Burrillville. providencejournal.com

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Robberies & Thefts

Seattle, WA: Eight businesses in north Seattle robbed; police hunt for serial bandit
"The police are very concerned about this guy, he's had a weapon in every case, lone female victims in every case except one," said retired Detective Myrle Carner of Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound. "We have eight cases to date. We know he's going to strike again." As threatening as he's reportedly been, no one has been hurt in these cases so far, but investigators say it's only a matter of time. q13fox.com

Jefferson Parish, LA: Armed robbery spree may span 5 parishes
These guys are putting a lot of innocent people at risk," said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand. He was referring to suspects Sam Williams, 38, and Travis Davis, 37, who have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery spree. "So, we began to start connecting the dots and sharing information. We were able to get their identities, and thankfully we were able to get our hands around these guys," Normand said. He said the investigation isn't over yet, and now the suspects are believe to be involved in additional armed robberies in New Orleans, St. Charles and St. John. Both men were booked with 12 counts of armed robbery, and both have lengthy criminal histories. ksla.com

Enid, OK: United Supermarket manager already charged in Robbery, now get hit with charge of embezzlement
A former manager of United Supermarket, already facing charges in connection to the June 26, 2016, robbery of the store, was charged Monday with misdemeanor embezzlement. When asked about being fired from the store for embezzlement, Culbertson said he was taking the money because he had to pay a $140 impound fee for his car after it was towed. United refused to repay Culbertson and he said he was trying to get that money back. enidnews.com

Clifton Park, NY: Shoplifter bites 2 Target employees while attempting to flee
Asia T. Gillard faces a felony robbery count and two misdemeanor assault charges. When Target loss prevention officers tried to detain Gillard for stealing she became violent and bit two employees, State Police said. Target employees reported the Sept. 14 theft and Gillard was arrested six days later. timesunion.com

UK: London: Growing smash and grab problem prompts West End Private Security Patrols
A private security firm has begun mounting motorcycle patrols following 16 thefts on stores around Bond Street this year, with one raid taking $600,000 worth of watches. The Keyholding Company, which has set up The Safer Support Team - a proactive patrol team and intelligence network. The motorcycles are equipped with hi-tech, fisheye cameras which stream real time images to police who are then able to act. Patrols will cover the areas of Oxford Street and Bond Street, organizers say they have already foiled one suspected raid. professionaljeweller.com

Daniel's in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, Los Angeles, CA reported a Grab & Run on 9/18, merchandise valued at nearly $15,000

Daniel's in the Rose, Oxnard, CA reported Smash & Grab on 9/17, one man smashed a showcase with a hammer, removing nearly $48,000 in merchandise

Piercing Pagoda in The Promenade in Temecula, Temecula, CA reported a Grab & Run on 9/20, merchandise valued at $100

Counterfeit Goods

Corinth, MS: Two men busted for selling counterfeit goods; $1.5 Million in merchandise seized
Attorney General Jim Hood said Tuesday David Driver and Russell Haynie were arrested Friday at their Corinth business, Discount Wallet Outlet. Hood says both men face charges of the sale of counterfeit goods, and wire and mail fraud. If convicted of all charges, they each face a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $40,000 fine. wtva.com

Cargo Theft

Lehman Township, PA: Laptops for students stolen from tractor trailer
Pennsylvania State Police are investigating after a thief stole some laptops from a tractor trailer in Pike County. The computers were going to the East Stroudsburg Area School District for the students to use. According to police, the laptops were delivered in August, but not all of the computers were accounted for. The suspect, a 58-year-old man from Milford, was later caught trying pawn one of the four stolen laptops at a pawn shop in East Stroudsburg. The stolen computers amounted to $1,427. wfmz.com

New Falls, PA: Pallets of Toilet Paper and Paper Towels stolen from Storage Trailer
Someone stole several pallets of toilet paper out of a trailer that was parked in the 200 block of Lincoln Highway. Police say the suspect stole a pallet of Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper, a pallet of Charmin Essentials toilet paper and a pallet of Bounty paper towels. trentonian.com

Kenya, Africa: Interpol helping probe graft at Mombasa Port
The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is currently working with some foreign nations and security agencies such as Interpol to investigate corruption allegation at the Port of Mombasa. citizentv.co.ke

Credit Card Fraud/ID Theft

Cary, NC: Man caught with 32 counterfeit credit cards;
Police Officer assaulted during arrest

Edward Williams was arrested Monday after a foot chase from a FedEx store where police said he had been using some of 32 counterfeit credit cards to pay for internet access. After catching Williams and charging him with resisting arrest and punching an officer in the jaw while trying to escape, police said, they found 32 credit cards that had been encoded with stolen information 9most victims were from CA). Those led to charges of possessing counterfeit financial instruments and 12 counts of identity theft for using cards to buy the computer time. newsobserver.com

Skimming Reports

Richmond, KY: Inspectors find credit-card skimmer at BP fuel pump

Advance America - Albemarie, VA - Armed Robbery
CoGo's - Rostraver Township, PA - Shooting
CVS - Waldorf, MD - Armed Robbery/ in custody
CVS - Worchester, MA - Robbery
DeLand Gas - Deland, FL - Robbery
Dollar General - Blytheville, AR - Armed Robbery - 3rd this week
Dollar General - Longview, TX - Robbery
Dollar General - Bakersfield, CA - Robbery
Family Dollar - Houston, TX - Burglary
Kay Jewelers - Cartersville, GA - Armed Robbery
Lukoil - Trenton, NJ - Armed Robbery
Morel Grocery - Newark, NJ - Armed Robbery
Parks Drugs - Albion, MI - Armed Robbery
Posh Boutique - Tucson, AZ - Robbery/ 2nd time
Residence Inn - Tempe, AZ - Robbery
Shell - Las Vegas, NV - Armed Robbery
Square One - Wind Gap, PA - Robbery
Tobacco Plus - Seattle, WA - Armed Robbery
Uncle Willy's - Felton, DE - Armed Robbery/ Assault
Uni-Mart- Washington, PA - Armed Robbery
Valero - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
Verizon - Belmont, SC - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Seattle, WA - Armed Robbery


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The Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms compliance is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their territory. Investigates and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets. Has ownership of all company related shrinkage programs in their assigned stores...


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Responsible for planning, developing and executing a comprehensive Asset Protection Program for a single business unit within HDS tailored to unique business needs. Define success across the unit in theft and fraud / operational loss prevention. Drive a program to protect the assets of the business...

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The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

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