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Terrorists strike mall in Kenya

Islamist gunmen hold hostages in Kenya siege, 68 dead  Islamist militants were holding hostages on Sunday at a shopping mall in Nairobi, where at least 68 people were killed in an attack by Somalia's al Shabaab group. The al Qaeda-affiliated movement demanded Kenya pull troops out of its northern neighbor, where they have pushed al Shabaab onto the defensive over the past two years. There was no word of other demands from the dozen or so gunmen - and possibly women - said to be barricaded in a supermarket with an unknown number of captives. One Kenyan TV station said 30 were still being held, nearly 36 hours after Saturday's devastating assault. Brief volleys of gunfire and a blast interrupted a day of stalemate. A Reuters correspondent saw security personnel on the move and, as dusk closed in, two helicopters swooped low over the Westgate shopping center, which has several Israeli-owned outlets and is frequented by prosperous Kenyans and foreigners. (Source (Source (Source


FBI investigates American ties to al Shabab militants 
The United States intelligence community and FBI are aggressively investigating the involvement of Americans recruited by Al Qaeda-linked militant group, al-Shabab, in Nairobi shopping mall massacre on Saturday. President Barack Obama called his counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta to assure full support to bring al-Shabab to justice. The White House confirmed that Kenyans and foreigners, including French, Canadians and Chinese, were among those who succumbed to injuries. Kenyatta's nephew and the nephew's fiancée are also among the dead. (Source

Who are the ‘al Shabab’ militants; connections to al Qaeda and past attack on the U.S Embassy in Nairobi  al Shabab is the main Islamic group in Somalia, in 2011 al Shahbab was driven out of the cities by the Kenyan, United Nation and African Union troops.  Since then they have launched attacks on both Kenya and Somalia.  In 1998 al Shabab was the known to be tied to al Qaeda responsible for the truck bomb attack on the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi which killed 228 people. (Source

T.J. Maxx finally lets its customers shop online. Second time’s a charm? With Ross saying we can't make money online - Wow what a prospective - With two strong LP Teams  “We view it as a strategy in offense. Our retail chains have been extremely successful without e-commerce other than a small website in the UK and in the face of growth in online sales throughout retail.” said TJX's CEO Carol Meyrowitz on a call in August. TJX’s smaller online rival Ross Stores Inc. on the other hand, doesn’t have plans to go online with its lower selling price position. “It’s very hard for an off-price business to make money, particularly at lower price points and at price points that we operate at with the cost of shipping, the cost of marketing, taking returns, etc.,” Ross CEO Michael Balmuth has said. “The economics just don’t add up.” Editors note: How can a retailer afford not to be online? Sounds like the last of the Mohicans. But these two companies really haven't had to worry about sales growth or omni-channeling because the consumer just herded to the off-pricer's, even more so once the recession started. Of interesting note is that the during the recession and even virtually to this day these two companies have been neck and neck in sales increases. Averaging 5% to 7% quarterly increases since the Daily started over 3 years ago. While so many have struggled these two were quietly smiling all the way to the bank. Both of which have extremely strong Loss Prevention programs delivering exceptional shrinkage results and offering a level of security for the LP teams virtually unmatched in the industry as it relates to job stability and stock growth. With Ross Stores looking a little like the Target Stores alumni group and TJX with a very strong ORC team, hiring top level executives even at the Regional level. A feat that's almost impossible to pull of. But they have because of their exceptional leadership team, job stability, and stock growth. And what's even more exceptional is the Ross Stores CEO has twice pointed out to wall street that their exceptional shrinkage performance has been a significant contributor to their profit numbers over the last few years. A comment you rarely see being made to wall street. But leave it to say that these two LP models are excellent examples of well run organizations that deliver the results. (Source

Chase Bank - Fraudulent practices gets them $309M + $20M more in refunds and fines  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered Chase and JPMorgan Chase to refund $309 million in charges to more than 2.1 million people and pay a $20 million fine for illegal credit card practices And yet, that may not change much. Chase charged people for services like “identity theft protection” and “fraud monitoring.” These services — for which customers paid between roughly $8 to $12 a month, sometimes for years — were not always necessary. In some cases, the CFPB says Chase didn’t even perform the service it claimed to be advertising. Some customers found themselves signed up for these services even though they hadn’t given the company permission to enroll them. Sometimes those monthly charges bumped customers over their credit limits, so Chase slapped them with fees for that, too. (Source

Gang exploits both physical and system security during bank robbery
Police arrest eight men in connection with a reported $2-million robbery at Barclays Bank, accomplished by compromising both physical and system security. The Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) arrested eight men, aged between 24 and 27, on Thursday, in connection to a robbery from the Swiss Cottage branch of Barclays Bank in April. According to police statements, the theft resulted in the loss of 1.3 million pounds ($2 million), but the bank managed to recover most of the stolen funds. In an unusual twist, one rarely mentioned or seen when it comes to financially motivated cybercrime, the men allegedly mixed physical penetration and social engineering with system compromise in order to carry out their crimes. When Barclays reported the robbery in April, police investigated the incident, and conducted a search of the Swiss Cottage Barclays branch in North London. During this search, investigators discovered a KVM switch attached to a 3G router hooked up to one of the branch computers. "It was later established that the previous day a male purporting to be an IT engineer had gained access to the branch, falsely stating he was there to fix computers. He had then deployed the KVM device. This enabled the criminal group to remotely transfer monies to predetermined back accounts under the control of the criminal group," a PCeU statement explained. Editors Note: The merger of the two worlds is happening and guess who are the ones making it happen. The criminals. Now it's time for our two worlds, the Loss Prevention community and the IT Security worlds to start merging if they haven't already in your retailer. One can't perform actually without the other and how long have you been chasing online criminals already? Just read today's Thought Challenge and see for yourself what one of your colleagues is already talking about. Just a thought. (Source

Military’s background check system failed to block gunman with a history of arrests  The military’s beleaguered background-check system failed to block Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis from an all-access pass to a half-dozen military installations, despite a history of arrests for shooting episodes and disorderly conduct. The revelations about Alexis’s troubled past — and his ability to pass the government’s security-check system — prompted multiple examinations last Tuesday into how background checks are conducted and how long a security clearance can last without review. The system was already under scrutiny after leaks of classified documents by fugitive National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. (Source

Dude, where’s my security ROI?
There are very specific investments that can be made in security that reduce risk and are also measurable in terms of dollars. Security isn’t always that quantitative. In fact it is downright qualitative and often pushes us to measure things more subjectively in terms of ROSI or return on security investment: risk. This isn’t to say that ROSI or measuring security in qualitative terms isn’t valuable. Of course it is; we want to stop bad things and we want to know that our security solutions are working effectively. But it is worth contrasting these two approaches to better understand how ROSI and ROI can be leveraged when trying to justify budget, align the security budget with business priorities, and do all this while still focusing on risk reduction. (Source

49% plan to launch holiday sales and marketing campaigns before Halloween with six fewer shopping days  Faced with a shorter holiday shopping season, many retailers began prepping their November and December sales strategies this summer. There are only 25 days this year between the day after Thanksgiving or Black Friday (Nov. 29) and Christmas, compared with 31 days in 2012. What’s more, weekends are busy times for customers to shop and, unlike last year, consumers have four, not five, full weekends to shop for gifts. (Source

Olive Garden parent Darden reports 37% profit drop, corporate workforce cuts, COO departure  Darden can't seem to convince more people to sit down for a meal at its Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants. Sales down at its two biggest chains despite ongoing attempts to revamp their menus with lighter, cheaper options. Darden said it would slash costs to prepare for future challenges, in part by reducing its workforce. Darden Restaurants Inc. struggles to keep pace with a shifting industry, with more people heading to chains such as Chipotle that offer food perceived to be higher quality at relatively cheaper prices. To cut spending by about $50 million a year, the company says it's reducing its workforce by between 80 to 85 positions, as well as making program cuts. A representative said the personnel cuts will not be at the restaurant level. (Source

MasterCard Study Reveals the Rapidly Growing Cashless Economies
The study tracks how 33 major economies are progressing from cash-based to cashless societies and identifies new technologies, government programs, and even consumer preferences that are causing this shift in society. The study found that Belgium, France, Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia, and the Netherlands were some of the countries where cashless payments are nearly ubiquitous and they use more modern forms of payment such as EMV chip, mobile and contactless payments. The US is approaching the tipping point to becoming nearly cashless. (Source

Thousands of Bangladesh garment factory workers take to the streets; 200 factories shut down  Authorities in Bangladesh on Saturday ordered temporary shutdown of nearly 300 garment factories as several thousand workers took to the streets demanding higher wages. Officials and reports said the management of garment factories shut production at suburban Gazipur and Savar areas at the outskirts of the capital Dhaka after over 10,000 workers came out of the units and blocked transport movement on Dhaka-Tangail Highway. The workers unions have been demanding the minimum monthly wage of $100 or 8,114 Takas while the factory owners said they could raise the amount to as high as 3,600 Takas or 20 per cent due to gloomy global economic conditions as government panel is currently examining the wage structures. Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest garment exporter with over 4,500 factories which account for nearly 80 per cent of the country’s $27 billion annual exports paying a worker the minimum wage of $38 a month. (Source

Former Macy's Downtown Houston Store Comes Down
The building was brought to a pile of rubbish Sunday morning to make way for a new undisclosed building. Houston Fire Department remarked that everything went according to plan. (Source


Last week's most popular news article --

TJ Maxx employee + husband - ORC duo - hit TJ's for nearly $325,000 
Radnor police arrested and charged a husband and wife team who police say stole nearly $325,000 worth of merchandise form local clothing retail store over the past year. Police identified the suspects as Gretta Chapman, 47, and Maurice Chapman, 50, both of North 57th Street in Philadelphia in connection with the thefts. According to police, Gretta Chapman has been an employee at the TJ Maxx store on East Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, PA, and over the past year and has been removing merchandise from the store. Police said after hiding the merchandise on her she took the items to her car. Police say her husband, Maurice Chapman, would then go to her car and remove the items. Store security employees told police that they had recently become suspicious of her. After being confronted about the thefts, she admitted to the thefts to store officials. Store security employees told police they then reviewed the security footage and that confirmed the thefts. (Source





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Thought Challenge

Does Your Information Technology (IT) Highway and Loss Prevention Highway Intersect?

By Bill Napier, LPC, Board of Directors Loss Prevention Foundation

When was the last time you spent some quality time on strategic planning for your IT connected programs? This could include IP video equipment, video storage, video analytics software, and integrated programs such as burglar alarms, card access or any loss prevention tools that reside on your network. Taking it one step further was your Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the table for the planning?

If you are like me you might have just taken a deep gulp. Here is a short self-audit to determine if you should bring your CIO to the table for your next strategy session.

Do any loss prevention tools reside on the network?
Are you planning to migrate to an IP video solution?
Do you have current analog equipment that you intend to migrate to IP storage?
Do you have a third party integrator that accesses your network?
Do you store images or data on the cloud that is accessed across your network?
Do you need a seat at the IT enterprise platform planning committee?
Is there room for improvement on the equipment lifecycle plan?
Do you see the IT team getting more involved with equipment specifications, buying decisions, systems health monitoring?
Does network security have protocol that must be followed for data storage and retrieval?
Have business partners from other departments asked for data that you have such as video images, video analytics or door access reports?
Do you need to facilitate a meeting with your loss prevention equipment solution providers and the CIO?

Answering yes to any of the self-audit questions should be a call to work on the partnership with your CIO. It is no secret that technology is moving quickly. This means the old analog equipment that ran separately on a DVR or on a desktop in your office could soon reside on the company server as data. As more and more data is housed on the company server it makes sense to partner with the CIO who is in charge of how much storage is used. In addition the CIO is in charge of bandwidth.

If the CIO does not know your requirements for storage and bandwidth in order to forecast needs you could find yourself competing with several other departments for resources at the last minute.

Here are some suggested next steps to get started on the intersection of the loss prevention highway and the information technology highway.

Get your loss prevention leadership team together and hammer out your loss prevention equipment vision for the next five years.
Dive into the details of migration from old technology, equipment lifecycle, storage and bandwidth requirements, as well as who else in your organizations needs the data from your equipment.
Facilitate a meeting with your IT leadership team to share your loss prevention equipment vision.
Bring your loss prevention equipment solution providers together for a summit and share your equipment vision, be sure the CIO attends.
Volunteer to get involved in the IT vision, enterprise IT platform and data storage planning.

Don’t wait for the CIO to find you, find the CIO.



Entitlement-Minded Workers Can Be a Major Headache for Managers
Those employees who have a sense of unjustified entitlement are more likely to say that their bosses didn't treat them well according to new research from the University of New Hampshire.  The research shows that those employees who have high levels of entitlement were more likely to report higher levels of abuse from their managers. These employees who exhibit "psychological entitlement" have unjustified positive perceptions of themselves and are reluctant to accept criticism that would undermine their high views of themselves explains Paul Harvey, associate professor at the University of New Hampshire. (Source

Is Your Workforce Dysfunctionally Connected? (Infographic)
According to recent research by the Ken Blanchard Companies, more than 80% of leaders fail to listen, and 82% don't give praise, redirect, or give appropriate feedback. As humans, we crave a meaningful connection at work especially with our bosses and other co-workers. Why are we so disconnected? Read this infographic to see the statistics and find out more information. (May have to provide email address to view the full article) (Source



2 armed robbery suspects target Little Caesars, Family Dollar stores in Phoenix, hitting 5 times  Between July 20 and Sept. 15, two young males have robbed 5 Little Caesars and Family Dollar store locations in Phoenix and Tempe, according to Silent Witness Sgt. Darren Burch. (Source

Two in New Orleans arrested using illegal 'skimming devices' to collect credit card info  Woman who worked at a fast food restaurant and a man she knows have been arrested by St. Bernard Parish authorities in connection with a "skimming'' operation that stole information from customers' credit and debit cards at the drive-through window. The pair was booked Friday. Spears was booked with 29 counts of violating a state anti-skimming law, as well as unauthorized use of access cards and identity theft. All those offenses are felonies, the Sheriff's Office said. "It involves numerous victims and thousands of dollars'' taken from bank accounts using the hand-held skimmers. One skimmer was found in Spears' purse after she was arrested; another was found at Tate's home, the Sheriff's Office said.  (Source

Knife-waving suspect arrest in the Rite-Aid pharmacy robbery in Kittery, Maine
Police arrested a Greenland, N.H., man Saturday night after he allegedly demanded oxycodone from a pharmacist at knifepoint and then locked himself in the bathroom, according to Police Chief Theodor G. Short. Police said Robert Pecora, 25, “displayed a knife,” and then passed a note to a pharmacist at the Shapleigh Road Rite-Aid shortly after 7 p.m.. When police arrived, the store manager gave them a description of the robber and said he might still be in the store. Pecora, who had locked himself in the men's bathroom, agreed to unlock the door for police after a short time, according to police. “Pecora indicated that he had ingested several of the pills and was attempting to commit suicide,” according to Short. Short said Kittery police contacted the FBI, and because of the amount of pills taken and the fact the suspect robbed the store at knifepoint, Pecora may face federal charges, too. (Source

Montana shoplifter faces robbery charges after biting and kicking three Walmart Associates while attempting to flee a Walmart  A 33-year-old Billings woman accused of biting, hitting and kicking a Wal-Mart store employee who tried to stop her from shoplifting has been charged with felony robbery. Jennifer Kay Lakel appeared Friday in Yellowstone County District Court and pleaded not guilty to the felony charge and a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. Lakel was allowed to remain free without bond while her case is pending. According to court records, Lakel was arrested Sept. 5 at about 4:30 p.m. after an asset protection employee at Wal-Mart saw her try to leave the store with several unpaid items in a cart. Three Wal-Mart employees approached Lakel, who bit one of the employees in the arm, hit him in the throat and kneed him in the groin, court records state. Lakel is also accused of struggling with a Billings police officer called to the store after she was apprehended. (Source

FBI investigating a bank robbery inside an Oklahoma City Walmart  Oklahoma authorities are investigating the robbery of a bank in northwest Oklahoma City Saturday afternoon. The Oklahoma Federal Bureau of Investigation says the Arvest Bank branch inside a Wal-Mart at 7800 NW Expressway was robbed just after 12 p.m. Saturday. Authorities say the suspect approached the teller counter and gave the teller a note demanding money. The teller provided the suspect an undisclosed amount of money in a tan plastic grocery bag. The man was last seen departing Wal-Mart on foot. No weapon was observed during the robbery. (Source

Beaumont Dollar General stores targeted for cigarette theft 
Beaumont police are seeking burglars connected with a string of dollar store burglaries. The burglars have targeted Dollar General stores, breaking into three this week, according to a Beaumont Police Department report. The store on 11th near Smart Street was hit about 4:42 a.m. Thursday. Less than an hour later, the Dollar General at 5468 College Street was broken into. The third burglary happened overnight at the 2210 Gulf Street location. In each burglary, doors were pried open, the cigarette counter glass shattered and "large quantities" of cigarettes were stolen. (Source

Naples trio arrested for identity theft after high-speed chase
Three Florida residents were arrested Friday on felony identity theft charges when authorities said they found a list of more than 100 names, birthdates, addresses and Social Security numbers after troopers stopped a speeding SUV in Collier County. Jeremy Anthony Clark, 22, of Palmetto Bay; his sister, Victoria Traci Clark, 29, of Homestead; and Robert Calvin Jones III, 24, of Pembroke Pines, were charged with possessing or using another person’s ID without consent. Troopers stopped Jones near the 97 mile marker of Interstate 75 along Alligator Alley after radar showed he was driving 94 mph in a 70-mph zone, according to a Florida Highway Patrol. (Source

Columbus Man Charged With Aggravated Robbery For Kroger Shooting
The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has charged a man with aggravated robbery after he fired his weapon in a store. Kendrick Dickerson II, 19, was arrested near the Kroger at 3353 Cleveland Avenue. Deputies said a store loss prevention officer confronted Dickerson in the Kroger around 7 p.m. He was allegedly trying to shoplift. Authorities said Dickerson pointed a gun at the security officer and then fired one shot into a pharmacy drive-thru widow in an attempt to escape. The window did not break, so Dickerson fled through the front of the store and was arrested a short time later. (Source

Hamilton, Ontario Police investigating 40,000 pounds of meat stolen; believed to be tied to organized crime  Hamilton police are searching for 40,000 pounds of beef that was stolen in Ancaster, Ont. last week. Sometime between Sunday at 5:30 p.m. and Monday at 2:15 p.m., a commercial truck yard was broken into in on Shaver Road in Ancaster. Once inside, suspects stole a tractor-trailer load containing $100,000 worth of beef, police say. The truck itself was also taken. The refrigerated beef had been picked up in Texas and dropped off on Sept. 15. The beef was set to be delivered to a customer at the start of the week. Police don’t yet know how the suspects got into the yard. The investigation is ongoing. This is the second beef-related robbery in Hamilton this month. (Source



In the wake of Middletown, Ohio's big 52 member ORC gang bust, Dayton's Better Business Bureau hosts ORC Seminar  With all the press coverage ORC is now getting nationwide this might be a trend we start seeing. As the new laws and success of the various ORC teams across America start getting more coverage and attention we will see a public response. And it's about time. "Prevent Organized Retail Crime Within Your Business Seminar", Thursday, October 24, 7:30 - 9 a.m., Bob Bowman, chief of the Perry Township Police Department and director of security at The Greene, will be the presenter of this informative seminar. He will share tips to help you identify these criminals and protect your business from them. He’ll also share the role of the IROC (Investigating Retail Organized Crime) taskforce in our community and how you can help. With BBB doing this in Dayton it may be the first of many across the U.S. (Source

A Wolf in Sheep's clothing? "The Lone Granny Gang" ORC Thief & former Department of Justice employee is a financial fraud specialist  A 66-year-old Salem, Ore., woman who retired from the state Department of Justice's financial fraud section hitting Safeway stores on at least 17 occasions and stealing Rogaine, razors and other health and beauty merchandise, and selling it on Amazon's site or under the moniker "eaglecap2" on eBay. Informants made purchases from the sites, and the packages sent to them identified Armstrong as the seller on the shipping labels. In one e-mail communication with a buyer, Armstrong wrote that she buys low and sells high: "It's the American way, thank God," she wrote. Also advertised on her sites were DVDs, toys and children's books, but the best-selling item appeared to be Rogaine. Stores targeted were in Salem, Keizer, Albany, Lebanon and Sweet Home, investigators said. When law enforcement raided her Salem home with a search warrant Thursday, they seized several computers. One was on at the time, and investigators said they discovered a recent Google search on it: "Find my nearest Safeway.'' Armstrong was previously convicted of first-degree theft in Marion County in November 2012. Can you imagine the gifts under her Christmas tree. What a "Lone Granny Gang." (Source

New Jersey's ORC Law - 2009 New Jersey Code
Section 2C:20
2C:20-11.2 - Leader of organized retail theft enterprise
2.A person is a leader of an organized retail theft enterprise if he conspires with others as an organizer, supervisor, financier or manager, to engage for profit in a scheme or course of conduct to effectuate the transfer or sale of shoplifted merchandise. Leader of organized retail theft enterprise is a crime of the second degree. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection a. of N.J.S.2C:43-3, the court may impose a fine not to exceed $250,000 or five times the retail value of the merchandise seized at the time of the arrest, whichever is greater. (Source

Orlando thieves targeting baby formula at Target
Two men are in jail after deputies say they shoplifted at several Central Florida Targets, swiping baby formula to sell on the black market. Timothy Lynn Green, Jr., 32, and Giordano Romanko, 27, are accused of filling storage bins with baby formula, then leaving without paying for it at two stores in Seminole County and one store in Orange County. (Source

“Operation Asset” run by North Port Police makes 38 assets in 4 days
North Port Police have responded with a 10-day sting operation called "Operation Asset." Working with merchants, police made 38 arrests from Sept. 10-14. They also recovered more than $5,000 worth of stolen merchandise from the shopping plazas located near the intersection of Sumter Boulevard and U.S. 41. Twenty-seven arrests were for theft, six for trespassing, two for drug charges and one for an outstanding warrant. Items stolen included plumbing supplies, a saw blade, beer, caulk, cosmetics, a phone charger, a DVD and even a Halloween costume. The alleged suspects range from hardened criminals to teenagers, including two brothers Jayson Arias, 31, and Andres Arias, 33, who police said have outstanding warrants across the Southeast United States for organizing a series of crimes. (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight


With recent news of gypsy ORC crews running rampant in Toronto and spreading into the United States, it is more important than ever for retailers to not only have the manpower to prevent theft, but the proper tools to accomplish their goals. EAS tags working in conjunction with an EAS system is a fine first start, but today's shoplifters are smarter, more organized, and more technologically advanced than they ever have been. The recent Toronto crews utilized EAS jammer devices to block EAS fields from pedestals and other systems, allowing them to stroll through a system worry-free.

WG Security Products, the company that brought you the revolutionary Seal Tag for wardrobing prevention, also provides the highest quality EAS systems in the industry today. Our line of pedestals and concealed systems all feature sophisticated anti-jammer technology. WG systems are designed to detect any disruption of their EAS field, and will alarm in these instances. All of WG's signature systems; Ad Guard, Sky Guard, Door Guard, Premier Guard, and Floor Guard come equipped with this advanced technology. With WG, retailers can stay one step ahead of the shoplifters. Visit for more information on our technologically innovative solutions.

Dennis Jordan
Marketing, WG Security Products


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Regional LP Manager Forever 21 Towson, MD Forever 21
LP Regional Director Sears West Region Sears
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AP Manager in Training Walmart Natchitoches, LA Wal-Mart
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AP Manager in Training Walmart Lawton, OK Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Park Rapids, MN Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Washington, IN Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Portland, TX Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Bonham, TX Wal-Mart
LP Manager Sears Gainesville, FL Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Chicago, IL Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Redmond, WA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Herndon, VA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Greenfield, WI Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Clinton, MD Sears Holdings Corp
AP Manager Advance Auto Parts San Antonio, TX Advance Auto Parts
LP Manager Boar's Head Brooklyn, NY Boar's Head
Area LP Manager Nash Finch Company Bellefontaine, OH Nash Finch Company
District LP Manager Abercrombie & Fitch Los Angeles, CA Abercrombie & Fitch
AP District Manager RiteAid Detroit, MI RiteAid

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5 Ways to Keep Up in Today's Job Market
It's common for things in our world to change every day; things are becoming more digital and jobs can take on other responsibilities that may not have been there before. It's a lot to keep up with it, but it's important to avoid being left on the sidelines as the world moves ahead. Use these tricks to keep up with the changes. (Stay current)

How to Find a Job That Makes You Feel Alive  It's very important to find a job that ignites your passion, makes you feel fulfilled and that you are happy doing every day. In order to find a job that makes you feel satisfied, there are two categories of motivation to consider. (Hygiene and Motivating factors)

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7 of the History's Weirdest, Most Awesome Productivity Tips  These famous people in our history had some very unusual ways of staying productive. If you're looking for a new way to keep your workflow going, or to just unleash your creativity, try some of these interesting techniques from creative geniuses such as Beethoven and Frank Lloyd Wright! (You'll never believe how Ben Franklin spent his mornings!)

5 Bosses that Should Be Fired Now
It's not just the incompetent employees that could hurt your company, you also need to watch out for the incompetent leaders. These bad bosses fall into five types, which, if not taken care of, could destroy the organization! (Are you one of them?)

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As a "service provider" one must always remember the golden rule: that the customer is always right. Now, we all know that isn't the case, but if we approach it that way the barriers or silos tend to disappear. At the end of the day, Loss Prevention is a service and, as such, we have internal and external customers. Those customers deserve best in class service and it's a wise person that always aims at delivering such service that the customers become Raving Fans, which is probably the simplest and most profound business book I've ever read by Ken Blanchard. Pick up a copy. It only takes 2 hours to read and just might change your perspective on creating "Raving Fans." Because those Fans can have an impact on your career long term, I assure you!

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