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ASIS International
63rd Annual Seminar

Sept. 25-28

California ORC Association Annual Training Conference
Sept. 28-29

2017 National Cargo Theft Summit, Atlanta
Oct. 4-5

Cyber Defense Summit
Oct. 10-12

National Association of Bunco Investigators Annual Training Conference
Oct. 11-12

Colorado Organized Retail Crime Alliance Conference
Oct. 17

Jeweler's Security Alliance 40th Annual Security Seminar & Expo
Mar. 13-15, 2018

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Quick Take 16

The Zellman Group
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Brian Peacock promoted to Director, Business Development and Innovation for Sennco Solutions
Brian was previously the Director, Business Software Innovation before earning this promotion. Brian will be responsible for leading sales, strategic initiatives and marketing with industry leading innovative hardware and software products in the US and Global retail market. He was also the Director of Asset Protection, US Operations for Rent-A-Center for over three years, Director of LP, East for over 5 years, and their Divisional LP Manager. Brian has held a variety of managerial and senior leadership positions for retailers including Office Depot as District LP Manager, Footstar as Regional LP Manager, and FootAction USA as Store Manager. Congratulations Brian!

Andrew Beckett promoted to Senior Manager, Logistics Loss Prevention - Amazon Transportation Services for Amazon

Andrew was previously the Regional Loss Prevention Manager for the retailer. He's held a variety of loss prevention, asset protection and security managerial position including District Asset Protection Manager for Weis Markets, Security and LP Manager for Amazon and Sr. Security Specialist for FedEx Express. Andrew earned his Bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences from Shawnee State University, and his Master of Arts in Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching from University of Phoenix. Congratulations Andrew!

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Stratford Center acid attack: Six people injured at London shopping centre
Six have been injured in multiple acid attacks at a busy London shopping centre as police launch a manhunt to find the culprits.

Officers were called just before 8pm on Saturday to Stratford, east London, near to the Olympic Park, to reports of multiple victims having being sprayed with acid at locations around the station and busy shopping centre.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said: "We were called to the area around Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre to reports of a group of males spraying what is believed to be a noxious substance. 

Witnesses at the scene said an argument broke out among a group of people.

Police have arrested one man on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and are searching for others. telegraph.co.uk

FBI UCR: 2016 Crime in the United States Report

Violent Crime Wave in U.S.?
FBI: Violent Crime in U.S. Rises for Second Consecutive Year - Up 8% in Two Yrs.

Violent crime, including homicides, rose for the second consecutive year in 2016, driven by increases in a few urban centers including Baltimore, Chicago and Las Vegas, according to F.B.I. data released Monday.

Violent crimes increased nationally last year by 4.1 percent and homicides rose by 8.6 percent, one year after violence increased by 3.9 percent and homicides jumped by 10.8 percent. A total of 17,250 people were murdered in 2016, the F.B.I. said.

Police officials and criminologists continue to express puzzlement about the upsurge. There is disagreement not only about the reasons for the increases, but also about how law enforcement should respond and whether the figures represent a blip or the start of a long-term trend. The figures come against a backdrop of steady crime reductions nationally during the last 25 years.

This is ominous," said Mark Kleiman, a criminologist at New York University's Marron Institute of Urban Management. "What you worry about is that the trend is broken, and the numbers are going to go back up. A 20 percent increase in homicides over the past two years is not trivial. We've got what looks like a serious problem here."

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have said repeatedly that the nation is in the grip of a crime wave that requires more arrests and harsher penalties, including for nonviolent crimes like drug possession.

He added: "What's going on? No one really knows. And if someone says they do know, you ought to be deeply suspicious. It's too early to tell anything."

Among the reasons cited for the increase are a profusion of handguns, poverty and social isolation, warring gangs involved in the drug trade, and police officers who are questioning fewer people and making fewer arrests for fear of being criticized by superiors and civil rights groups.

"And the only thing that has changed is the distrust between heavily policed communities and local police. It's not a coincidence that cities that have crime increases have also had problems between communities and the police." nytimes.com

Nationwide, there were an estimated 7,919,035 property crimes
The estimated numbers for two of the three property crimes show declines when compared with the previous year's estimates. Burglaries dropped 4.6 percent, larceny-thefts declined 1.5 percent, but motor vehicle thefts rose 7.4 percent. Collectively, victims of property crimes (excluding arson) suffered losses estimated at $15.6 billion in 2016. fbi.gov

FBI 2016 Robberies & Larceny Crime in the United States Report - Just Released
In 2016, there were an estimated 5,638,455 larceny-thefts nationwide. The number of larceny-thefts declined 1.5 percent when compared with the 2015 estimate. The number decreased 8.6 percent when compared with the 2012 estimate, and it declined 14.5 percent when compared with the 2007 estimate.

The rate of estimated larceny-thefts in 2016 was 1,745.0 per 100,000 inhabitants. From 2015 to 2016, the rate of estimated larceny-thefts declined 2.2 percent, and from 2007 to 2016, the rate decreased 20.2 percent. (See Tables 1 and 1A.)

The average value of property taken during larceny-thefts was $999 per offense. When the average value is applied to the estimated number of larceny-thefts, the loss to victims nationally was an estimated $5.6 billion. (Based on Tables 1 and 15.)

Larceny theft is any property or article that is not taken by force and violence or by fraud or threat of force against the victims.

Larceny-theft accounted for 71.2 percent of all property crimes in 2016.

Burglary accounted for 19.1 percent, and motor vehicle theft for 9.7 percent. (Based on Table 1.)

Property crimes in 2016 resulted in losses estimated at $15.6 billion. fbi.gov

Cargo Theft: 147 agencies reported, 692 incidents, valued at $26,933,356, recovered $8,449,949, for 31.4% recovery rate
In 2016, a total of 30 states, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the National Institute of Health submitted cargo theft data.

Top 5 States

Texas = 56 agencies reported 240 incidents, valued at $15,140,787, recovered $5,881,948, for a recovery rate of 38.8%
Tenn. = 16 agencies reported 298 incidents, valued at $4,821,502, recovered $501,156, for a recovery rate of 10.4%
Florida = 10 agencies reported 26 incidents, valued at $3,080,534, recovered $497,070, for a recovery rate of 16.1%
Michigan= 22 agencies reported 45 incidents, valued at $1,005,058, recovered $454,024, for a recovery rate of 45.2%
Virginia = 8 agencies reported 10 incidents, valued at $889,515, recovered $75,000, for a recovery rate of 8.4%

Cargo Theft Property Stolen and Recovered by Type and Value, 2016

Cargo Theft by Location, 2016

Cargo Theft by Victim Type, 2016

Cargo Theft by Offense, 2016

Participation in the FBI's UCR Program is voluntary
Agencies or states may choose not to participate. Of the 18,481 city, county, university and college, state, tribal, and federal agencies eligible to participate in the UCR Program, 16,782 submitted data in 2016, meaning 9.1% of those eligible did not participate. fbi.gov

Kandy Kiss Inc. Sues Former President - Stealing Target Stores Business Worth Tens of Millions
Gave Bribes, Lavish Dinners, Gifts & Illegal Payments To Current Target Employees

In court papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court in late July, Kandy Kiss Inc. alleges that its former president of sales and acquisitions, Mauricio Betancur, stole several top Kandy Kiss employees who dealt with Target and siphoned off business to another firm, called Secret Charm, where Betancur later worked. Kandy Kiss said the tens of millions of dollars it lost in sales made up a substantial portion of its revenues.

In court papers, Kandy Kiss accuses several of its former employees, current Target employees and Betancur of stealing Kandy Kiss's confidential information to divert business to Secret Charm.

The cross complaint also maintains that Betancur bribed several Target workers with lavish dinners and gifts to influence their decision to cancel orders for a range of products, which included the Mossimo and Merona labels and divert them to Secret Charm. "As a result of these bribes and illegal payments, which are in direct contravention of Target's own stated code of conduct, including rules against conflicts of interest, the Target employees aided and abetted Betancur" and other Kandy Kiss employees in their wrongful conduct against Kandy Kiss, the cross complaint said.

"As a result of the bribery, Target ceased its longstanding relationship with Kandy Kiss and is now conducting business with Betancur at Secret Charm," Kandy Kiss said in court documents, adding that the scheme was planned and carried out while Betancur was employed at Kandy Kiss.

In his capacity as head of sales and acquisitions, Kandy Kiss said that Betancur, while employed at Kandy Kiss, built and fostered a solid relationship with Target. He was the go-to guy for Kandy Kiss when dealing with Target for design, marketing, production and sales of apparel and accessories to different Target divisions, including Target Girls, Xhil, Mossimo and Merona.

The Van Nuys garment maker said that Betancur "began making unreasonable and extortionate demands to Kandy Kiss for payment, expressly threatening to ruin the relationship between Kandy Kiss and Target if Kandy Kiss did not acquiesce to his demands," the company said in its court filings.

Kandy Kiss, founded in 1975, was a longtime apparel manufacturer that started out making juniorswear and childrenswear under the labels Zoey, YB Normal, YB Kids and Sammi & Me.

Over the years, it increasingly made private-label goods for retailers such as Kohl's, JCPenney, Walmart and Forever 21apparelnews.com

St Louis, MO: 22 arrested Saturday in Galleria protest, protests move to Clayton then Target in Brentwood
St. Louis County police said that an officer was taken to a hospital with a back injury and that two protesters had minor injuries. Police said about 150 other people followed dispersal warnings and "peacefully left."

Richmond Heights police said in a Facebook post that the Galleria's management had initially allowed the peaceful protest to proceed. But police said management later asked that it be stopped when protesters refused to refrain from blocking shoppers' access to escalators.

"This was not tolerated by mall management, and they wanted all protesters removed from the mall," police said.

Richmond Heights police said they gave three orders to disperse, after which the arrests began. stltoday.com

Huntington Beach, CA: Second video shows fight before Huntington Beach Officer shoots man outside of 7-Eleven
A new video surfaced Saturday that appears to show a man throwing punches at a Huntington Beach police officer during a scuffle before the man was fatally shot outside a convenience store.

The video, which appears to be taken from inside a car in the parking lot, starts with the officer pointing a stun gun at the man and ordering him to sit down. The man seems unaffected when the officer fires the stun gun and quickly rushes toward the officer.

The man can be seen repeatedly punching the officer before the officer appears to get the man in a headlock and they wrestle to the ground. Once they are on the ground, the officer can be heard shouting, "let go of my gun!" though he appears to retain full control of the weapon during the entire encounter. scpr.org

American Society for Industrial Security International
63rd Annual Seminar in Dallas, TX

The Largest Security Association in the World

New Strategic Plan to Guide Direction of the Society
Enterprise Security Risk Management
Cybersecurity - Big Data - Internet of Things Security

The ASIS International Board of Directors initiated a new member-centric process in 2016 aimed at developing a strategic plan for the Society that reflects the changes in the profession and optimizes the association to meet future member and market needs. 

The process included convening volunteer leaders to identify challenges, articulating strategic bets and organizational priorities, and, along every step of the way, soliciting member feedback. 

This is a transformational time, not just for the Society but for the profession. The blurring of operational and cybersecurity, the need for a business-first mentality, and challenges from Big Data to Internet of Things security to ISIS and rogue nation states, remain unabated. 

Meeting the challenges and opportunities ahead requires new organizational strategies and tactics. This is underscored in the commitment ASIS made to infuse enterprise security risk management in all its products and services and in the new strategic plan. asisonline.org

ASIS Message: Onward and Upward
Ask ASIS International CEO Peter J. O'Neil about the future of the organization, and two words continually crop up: Volunteer Leaders.

"We are going to build a future that continues to hinge on the very good work, insights, and leadership of our volunteer leaders," O'Neil tells Show Daily in a recent interview. "This is not something headquarters staff can ever do on its own. Like our past success, our future success hinges on our ability to partner appropriately." asisonline.org

ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Certification Turns 40
The Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation achieved an unprecedented benchmark in the security profession in 2017: its 40th anniversary. Four individuals who have remained CPPs for all four decades will be honored today at the Opening Luncheon: James Calder, CPP; James Carino, CPP; Kenneth Fauth, CPP; and Don Walker, CPP.

Why Become a CPP? Has the CPP Achieved Its Goals? asisonlie.org

Wharton/ASIS Program Prepares Executives for Challenges

Walmart.com - Selling Mini Magnet Eas Tag Remover
Magnetic Bullet Security Tag Detacher $7.80

Hurricane Harvey Q4 Retail Impact
Retail sales in the Houston area are expected to soar during the all-important holiday season as residents make home repairs and replace possessions destroyed by the storm. But the need for essentials, economists say, could dampen spending on the wishlist items that typically drive the end-of-the-year shopping rush.

Using Hurricane Ike as a model, University of Houston economist Bill Gilmer anticipates a $2.3 billion increase in fourth-quarter sales in the metro area. Much of that spending, he said, could come at the expense of traditional holiday shoppinghoustonchronoicle.com

Big Y's Robert McFarlin, ORC Investigator for Big Y Foods - named loss prevention person of year by retailers
SPRINGFIELD -- Robert McFarlin, an organized retail crime investigator with Big y Foods Inc. and a former Springfield police officer, was named loss prevention officer of the year last week at the the 11th annual New England Loss Prevention Expo at the DCU Center in Worcester.

"In his efforts, he continually demonstrates a level of empathy and sincerity when dealing with ORC suspects and their families which not only helps them navigate through what is often a challenging process, but also fosters better investigative results."

McFarlin has worked with law enforcement to help secure prosecutions across state and county borders and has helped secure felony convictions, they also praised his work with offenders and their families. masslive.com

St Paul, MN: Walmart LP agents recognized for Heroism, saving Officer, stopping Shoplifter
"The guy said, 'I'm not going to give up my knife,'" and, 'I'm going to stab you if I have to,'" recalled one of two Walmart Loss Prevention agents honored for saving a St. Paul officer struggling with suspect with a knife. It was a routine day for Walmart security officers Chao Vang and Dan Miller until a man in a winter coat slipped out the door with a pair of pants and some medical supplies. Soon, along with St. Paul police officer Tom Reis, they were embroiled in a life-or-death struggle with the shoplifter. The man was sprawled across the ground flailing his limbs, a 6-inch knife in his right hand. "I was on my knees holding [the man] down," Reis recently recalled. "He would've been in the perfect position to get my neck ... It is a possibility I wouldn't even be here" were it not for Vang and Miller. startribune.com

Director, Asset Protection (Denver Division) Safeway - Centennial, CO
Provide positive/proactive leadership, and instruction in the area of Security/Loss Prevention. Promote workable, realistic Loss Prevention programs that foster a safe shopping and working environment for our customers and associates as well as protecting company assets. This will be accomplished while preventing crime and loss to the company trough policies and procedures, use of technology, strategies and training programs within the scope of Albertson's companies core values, while working closely with Operations and Division level associates. apply2jobs.com

In 2015, Albertsons and Safeway teamed up to create one of the world's largest food and drug retailers, with more than 2,300 stores in 35 states and the District of Columbia. We operate under 18 well-known names including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw's, Acme, Tom Thumb, Randalls, United Supermarkets, Pavilions, Star Market and Carrs.

Long Term Tyco International & Current Chief Legal Officer for ADT Joins Office Depot as Chief Legal Officer

Walmart Building New HQ - Better Suited For Digital Workforce - in Bentonville

Sam's Club to Cut 700 Back-Office Jobs in U.S. Clubs

Salesforce Predicts Black Friday - Busiest Digital Shopping Day in U.S. History - 60% Mobile

Rue21 emerges from bankruptcy with 420 fewer stores

Penney hiring 40k for Christmas & Keeping Puerto Rico stores closed

Walmart testing store-to-fridge grocery delivery service

Quarterly Results
Carmax Q2 comp's up 5.3%, sales up 7%


Last week's #1 article --

McDonald's just got involved in the $5 billion battle for Amazon's headquarters



CAP's crime risk reports provide quick and accurate facility risk assessment data that drive strategic security resource allocation.
Our CRIMECAST®Reports enable security teams to allocate resources in response to the needs of individual or enterprise-wide locations, establish security goals, apply more objective standards to decision making, determine where a property falls in terms of tiering security packages, and audit a property for compliance with established best practices.

ASIS Booth #3422 capindex.comaskcap@capindex.com • 800-227-7475

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Guilty plea entered from eBay seller involved in a multi-million dollar counterfeit case

Tom Larson, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that a Chinese national pleaded guilty in federal court today to his role in an international, multi-million dollar software piracy scheme.

Wen Tao Liu, also known as Orland Liu pleaded guilty before U.S. Chief District Judge Greg Kays to one count of conspiracy and one count of trafficking in counterfeit labels.

Investigators have seized more than $20 million in assets from defendants in several separate but related cases, who are estimated to have sold in excess of $100 million worth of illicit, unauthorized and counterfeit software products to thousands of online customers. Read more here.

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com.

ADT Commercial Business is Back;
The "New" ADT Debuts at ASIS 2017

Powerhouse Combination of ADT and Protection 1 Poised for Accelerated Growth in the Commercial and National Accounts Space with New Solutions, Services and Enhanced Customer Experience

BOCA RATON, Fla., September 25, 2017 - ADT, a leading provider of security and automation solutions for homes and businesses across North America, is debuting a stronger than ever Commercial and National Account business at ASIS 2017 this week in Dallas.

Featuring a theme of "Expanded Capabilities and Endless Possibilities," ADT's exhibit (booth #3533) at ASIS will feature several industry-leading solutions and services, backed by ADT's scale and Protection 1's superior customer service.

The booth will showcase demonstrations and information ranging from Network Managed Services and Remote Video to Cyber Security and eSuite 2.0, the company's innovative customer administration and reporting portal.

"Our people and technology are changing the shape of commercial security," said ADT CEO Tim Whall. "The new norm at ADT are solutions which cement our stellar reputation for great customer service like same-day service with Tech Tracker, dedicated national accounts operations center teams and phone calls answered quickly by live attendants."

These capabilities are already driving success within ADT's Commercial and National Account business. A list of recent "big wins" includes a national jewelry store retailer, a game / wireless services company and an international logistics provider.

"With a laser focus on our customers and a vast background of commercial solutions experience, ADT is now a force to be reckoned with," said Bob Dale, Senior Vice President of National Account Sales. "Over the past year, we have added dozens of new national account customers to our roster and expanded our business with others, often at the expense of competitors."

In addition to organic growth, ADT is accelerating expansion through acquisitions. A recent addition to its portfolio is Protec, a commercial security integrator located in the Pacific Northwest. Going forward, other strategic acquisitions of industry-leading companies are planned.

Read more here.


Retail cybercrime may spike due to Equifax hack
Consumers and retailers are likely to be dealing with the aftermath of the major hack at credit reporting firm Equifax. Security experts are warning retailers and consumers to keep a close eye on credit card account activity.  retailcustomerexperience.com

Americans Rank Criminal Hacking as Their Number One Threat
Criminal hacking is the greatest threat to Americans' well-being, according to a new survey that found it outranks air pollution, motor vehicle accidents, and artificial intelligence.

"One takeaway for enterprises looking at these results is that criminal hacking as a threat to the general well-being of Americans is right up there in Americans' consciousness. This signals to companies that they need to take security seriously," Cobb warns. darkreading.com


Equifax Breach Abruptly Changes Corporate America's Offerings Nationwide in Light Speed
Companies Offering Identity-Theft Protection

More employees are likely to see a timely new offering when they choose their benefits in a month or so-identity-theft protection. About 35 percent of companies offered it in 2015, global advisory firm Willis Towers Watson has reported, and 70 percent have said it could be on their benefits menu by 2018. 

The huge data breach at Equifax Inc.  is accelerating that timetable. Interest in adding the service as part of a voluntary benefits plan was already on the rise over the past few years, courtesy of the massive Anthem data breach in 2015, among others. But that's nothing compared with this latest credit bureau disaster.

"Over the last two weeks or so-oh my word," said Amy Hollis, national leader-voluntary benefits at Willis Towers Watson. "The entire paradigm of how employers are viewing identity theft has just shifted."

Employers have a strong interest in their workers using the service. Recovering from ID theft can be a huge drain on time-most calls to fix things have to be made during the workday. A 2016 report from the Identity Theft Resource Center, which helps victims of identity theft, found that nearly 56 percent of victims surveyed needed to take time off work to deal with the issue. bloomberg.com

Hackers could use light to burglarize you through your security camera
Researchers at Israel's Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have demonstrated in a new paper how hacked security cameras with night vision capabilities can be used to secretly transmit to and receive data even from networks that are not connected to the internet.

Night vision cameras use infrared (IR) light to see without illuminating the area in a way visible to humans. If they're compromised, hackers can flash that infrared lamp on and off to transmit data to anyone in range without people being able to see that the camera is behaving strangely. The camera's lens can also be used to pick up additional commands from attackers who aim infrared light signals at it.

Imagine that hackers are aiming to hack a network that isn't even linked to the rest of the internet. If they can get malware onto a publicly viewable IR-equipped surveillance camera that's connected to that network, attackers could then essentially use the camera as a kind of modem to connect to the network too: A keyhole through which the pre-installed malware could be controlled, or data could be manipulated or stolen.

"Security cameras are unique in that they have 'one leg' inside the organization, connected to the internal networks for security purposes, and 'the other leg' outside the organization, aimed specifically at a nearby public space, providing very convenient optical access from various directions and angles," said Mordechai Guri, head of the research team, in a statement. fastcompany.com


Coming Sept. 26/27...

How to Be Everywhere:
Tackling Multi-Store Security

Rob Holm, Director, Global Safety & Security, McDonald's
Jon Groussman, President & COO,
CAP Index

Mitigating risk across a large portfolio of stores seems like an insurmountable challenge. There's the measuring, the documenting, the responding to each individual location's crime challenges and security threats. Rob Holm, Director, Global Safety & Security - Global Business Services for McDonald's, tells us about the Restaurant Risk Assessment Management Program (R2AMP) he developed with Jon Groussman, J.D., President, COO and CAP Index, as an industry resource to help retailers manage their security, safety and risk management processes.

Episode Sponsored By:

Quick Take #17

Stuart Levine, CEO for The Zellman Group, joins Joe LaRocca to talk about an important cause that's near and dear to his heart: the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, which honors the over 20,000 men and women who've made the ultimate sacrifice, falling in the line of duty.

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Six Quick Answers on How Humans + Machines Battle E-commerce Fraud
Noam Naveh learned the anti-online-fraud game from the ground up, starting as a guy who manually reviewed suspicious online orders before becoming one of the foremost experts in deploying automated systems to foil digital fraudsters.

Naveh stopped by Signifyd's San Jose headquarters, where he presented "Machine Learning and Human Teaching" as part of a Payment Fraud Meetup for e-commerce fraud protection professionals.

Q2: So, what is the role of machines in fraud prevention?

A: Fraud presents, basically, a competition between intelligent humans, the fraudsters, and other intelligent humans - the humans that have developed and devised algorithms or are using machine learning. Then they see if they can outwit each other.

There are no set rules. The rules are changing all the time and that is specifically where machines fall short. If we can agree on a set of rules and that set of rules is going to stay in effect for a while, then over time, we can devise statistical modeling that can solve problems very, very well. But the rules are constantly changing and the data that is used in order to solve the problems is constantly changing. And the way that the fraudsters approach the problem changes. And there are other changes, in context, for example. Read the full interview here. huffingtonpost.com

2017 Vendor 1000 Database
Internet Retailer's Rankings of the Top Solutions Providers in E‑Commerce

This exclusive research comprehensively ranks every vendor across 30 solutions categories-from affiliate marketing to web site testing/optimization. The database format ranks all 1,807 e-commerce applications and services providers to the Top 1000 e-retailers, while the PDF ranks the top 10 companies in each of the 30 technology categories-for a total of 314 companies when accounting for ties.

● Ranks top vendors across 30 tech categories by clients and sales
● Lists pricing, vendor contact names and key product details
● Detailed profiles with more than two dozen data points per listing
● In-depth analysis on key trends shaping e-retailers' technology strategies Cost: $495.00 for 1 year - from Digital Commerce 360

City of London Police Shuts 28,000 Web Sites Selling Counterfeits

Here's a 1st Ever: Mexican ORC Gang Working with the Russians
Mexican ORC Gang & Russian Hackers - $400K Tucson fraud case

Four Mexican nationals joined forces with Russian hackers to counterfeit thousands of credit cards and make over $400,000 in fraudulent purchases over two years in Tucson and elsewhere in Arizona, federal prosecutors here said.

The conspiracy included about 25 people, court records show. The indictment included four named defendants, all of whom pleaded guilty in federal court in Tucson to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aggravated identity theft, and two whose names were redacted.

The cards were used to buy Apple iPhones, designer clothing, electronics, gift cards and other items that were sold for profit in Mexico. Prosecutors said the conspirators made 5,800 counterfeit credit cards from over 300 financial institutions by the time the fraud was uncovered.

The group used stolen credit-card information sent by email from Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan to Hermosillo, Sonora, and later to Tucson, where it was printed onto counterfeit cards in an apartment on River Road, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Tucson.

Jorge Williams Araiza, 28, was sentenced Sept. 12 to three years in prison. Javier Ramirez Villegas, 36, was sentenced Aug. 23 to four years in prison. Both men were accused of being the "shoppers" who used the counterfeit credit cards at retail stores in Tucson and the Phoenix area, court records show.

Anwar Barragan Flores, who prosecutors believe led the scam, wired money to individuals in Ukraine and Tajikistan to pay for the stolen credit-card information, court records show.

Prosecutors said Barragan "micromanaged" every detail of the scam, such as buying the stolen account information, how many credit cards to make, where to shop, what to buy and the dates of the trips into Arizona.

During the conspiracy, Barragan owned several pawn and loan shops, as well as Victory Rent-A-Car, in Hermosillo and Nogales, Sonora. He frequently arranged for his "shoppers" to drive his company's rental cars into the United States to make purchases, records show. tucson.com

Riviera Beach, FL: UPS Warehouse Supervisor arrested in jewelry package thefts
A United Parcel Service supervisor was arrested Thursday for reportedly stealing jewelry from the Riviera Beach warehouse, city police records state. Neil Snoep, 41, faces grand theft, fraud and stolen property charges. A security director at the warehouse, contacted police last week about jewelry thefts, specifically thefts of jewelry sent from local stores to be repaired elsewhere. The director suspected Snoep, a night supervisor. On Tuesday, the director set up a counterfeit box to look like the boxes used to ship jewelry between stores. He then watched Snoep, take the box from a workstation into an office where he opened it. When the director confronted Snoep, the supervisor couldn't explain why he'd opened the package, police records state. Authorities learned Snoep had pawned jewelry 23 times during his four years working at UPS. Last week the security director asked Snoep about a stolen $2,700 wedding ring. Snoep promised to return the ring, which he did, records state. palmbeachpost.com

Clemson, SC: Burglars hit GameStop for $15,000 in merchandise
Police say on Saturday at approximately 3:44 a.m., two unknown males entered through the Check Into Cash in Clemson by forcing entry through a rear door. Once inside, police say the suspects were not able to crack the safe and another plan was formed. "They knocked a large hole in the wall that separated their original target business from the GameStop... then climbed through and stole two PS4s, a Nintendo 2DS/3DS/Switch, a Playstation, an Xbox One S 500G and Madden NFL 18. All done they gathered their loot, totaling close to $15,000", police said. foxcarolina.com

Humboldt, TN: Police seek to ID men in $4,000 Wal-Mart thefts
On Friday, officers began investigating a theft that occurred at Wal-Mart in Humboldt, according to a release from the Humboldt Police Department. Police determined two men entered the store and left without paying for around $4,200 in merchandise. wbbjtv.com

Fort McCoy, FL: Thieves stole 32 laundry detergent containers valued at $528 from Dollar General

Portland, OR: Do It Yourself Hardware capture $140 saw blade thief on camera

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Shootings & Deaths

Harlem, NY: Deli worker charged with murder after fatally stabbing man who tried to attack him behind counter
The drama began simply enough around 7 a.m. Friday at the A&S Candy Grocery with an argument involving two men and the clerk. The men threatened Ahmad Hafeed, a 22-year-old store employee, and then stormed off. Police said the two men returned to the store around 9 a.m. One of them, had a knife and slashed at Hafeed as he stood behind the counter. Hafeed backed away and grabbed his own knife. He ran from behind the counter to confront the two men. During the struggle, Hafeed, a native of Yemen, stabbed his would-be attacker several times in the midsection before the man broke free and ran from the store. nydailynews.com

Robberies & Thefts

San Antonio, TX: Two Arrested that pulled gun on Target Loss Prevention
Police say they got away at gunpoint a month ago, but now a couple is now facing charges for robbing a southwest side Target. Keelan Jones and Kirsten Aune each face a single charge of Aggravated Robbery from Aug. 21 where they allegedly pulled a gun on Target employees after being confronted about stealing. Police said they were caught on surveillance footage and tips following a Crime Stoppers story led investigators to the pair. ksat.com

Update: Cincinnati, OH: Five indicted in Million-dollar Diamond Robbery
A Federal grand jury has charged five Middletown, OH residents with the strong-armed robbery of a diamond jewelry merchant in Monroeville, Pa. The indictment charges the defendants with one count of conspiring to commit the robbery. The FBI began the investigation after the victim filed a police report with the Monroeville (Pennsylvania) Police Department following the robbery in April 2016. "The government is seeking forfeiture in this case of more than $1 million, which represents the total amount of proceeds the defendants obtained as a result of the offense," U.S. Attorney Benjamin Glassman said in a statement. justice.gov

SOHO, Manhattan, NY: Robbers steal $600,000 worth of jewelry, zip tie employees
Police are looking for two men involved in a jewelry store robbery in Manhattan. On Sept. 15, two men entered Sean's Diamond & Jewelry Inc. on Canal Street, showing their guns, demanding one of the employees open the safe, said police. After receiving the jewelry, the two individuals zip tied the wrists of the three male employees, police said. Police said they fled away with about $600,000 worth of jewelry. pix11.com

Update: Feds arrest two Missouri men accused of stealing guns from southeast Colorado gun store, selling them in St. Louis
Prosecutors allege that on Aug. 10 the pair traveled to Springfield, Colo., intending to buy marijuana to sell in Missouri. "When the marijuana deal fell, through, they decided to steal firearms from a local gun shop," the U.S. attorney's office said. "They stole 19 guns, including five rifles, from Best Way Sales in Springfield. After the burglary, the defendants drove the stolen firearms out of Colorado to St. Louis ... where they sold most of the stolen guns." denverpost.com

Colorado Springs, CO: 2nd bank robbery at King Soopers reported in a week

Santa Clarita, CA: Two Cell Phone store Armed robbers arrested after chase

Springfield, MA: Man admits to 4 convenience store robberies

Visalia, CA: Two suspected of assaulting Kohl's employee arrested in Wal-Mart

Lexington, KY: 1 of 5 arrested for Robbery of a customer at 'Vengeance' store inside Fayette Mall

Kay Jewelers in the Shops at Olive Place, Albemarle, NC reported a Smash & Grab Armed Robbery on 9/24, over 100 pcs valued at over $200,000

Kay Jewelers in Waterford Lakes, Orlando, FL reported a Gran & Run on 9/22, item valued at $2,999

Kay Jewelers in the Manassas Mall, Manassas VA reported a Grab & Run on 9/23, item valued at $8,897

Piercing Pagoda in the South Hill Mall, Puyallup, WA reported a Grab & Run on 9/23, item valued at $599

Credit Card Fraud

Huntington County, IN: Credit card skimmer, 500 fraudulent cards found; 3 arrested
Three Missouri men were arrested in Huntington County this week after Indiana State troopers reportedly caught them with an illegal card skimming device and some 500 swindled credit cards and gift cards. Around 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, Indiana State Police pulled over a Nissan SUV along Interstate 69 for a traffic violation. wane.com

Sentencings & Arrests

Workplace Violence: 2011's Seal Beach "Swank" Salon Mass Shooter Gets 8 Life Sentences
"The gates of hell flew open," the judge told him, "and you emerged as the face of evil"
Sheriff's "Snitch Network Scandal" Hid Info = No Death Sentence

Six years after he carried out the worst mass shooting in Orange County's history, Dekraai was sentenced to life in prison Friday. Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals sentenced Dekraai, 47, to eight consecutive life sentences, one for each dead victim.

On an October morning, Scott Dekraai strapped on a bulletproof vest, armed himself with three semiautomatic handguns and stalked into the tiny hair salon where his ex-wife worked, shooting as he walked from station to station.

Enraged over a custody dispute with ex-wife Michelle Fournier, Scott Dekraai entered a side door of the crowded Salon Meritage
just after 1 p.m. on Oct. 12, 2011. Fournier, 48, and Elody, 46, were killed along with salon owner Randy Fannin, 62; Lucia Kondas, 65; Michele Fast, 47; Victoria Buzzo, 54; Christy Wilson, 47; and David Caouette, 64, who was shot outside in his car. A ninth victim, Hattie Stretz, was critically injured but survived.

The sentencing ended a sprawling legal saga that embroiled local law enforcement leaders in a massive scandal which had notoriety for its role in exposing the so-called "snitch scandal."

Evidence in the case led to sweeping allegations that authorities improperly used jailhouse informants to extract confessions from inmates and hid information about the snitch operations. The scandal has resulted in retrials in a number of other high-profile murder cases.

Dekraai pleaded guilty to the salon murders in 2014, but the penalty phase of his trial remained in limbo for years after evidence surfaced that Orange County sheriff's deputies housed a longtime informant near him in the hopes of extracting evidence that could lead to a death sentence.

That discovery set off a chain of events that led Goethals and an appellate court to rule that the Sheriff's Department was running a "sophisticated" jailhouse informant network in order to coax confessions out of people held in the county's jail system. Criticizing county officials for failing to turn over evidence about the informant operations, Goethals barred the Orange County district attorney's office from trying the case and turned over jurisdiction to the California attorney general's office.

Last month, Goethals ruled that Dekraai could not be sentenced to death in the Seal Beach killings. The Sheriff's Department's repeated failure to turn over information about the use of informants, he said, would have prevented Dekraai from receiving a fair trial. latimes.com latimes.com

Calif Gov. Reverses Parole For 1984 Jewelry Store Heist LAPD Cop Murderer

San Bernardino County, CA: Life sentence for man who pleaded guilty to 2014 killing of a Security Guard at a Convenience Store

Los Angeles, CA: California man convicted of gas station attendant's 1978 killing

Greenwich, Conn., Selectman Drew Marzullo charged in shoplifting $600+ in merchandise from two stores

Worcester, MA: Man gets 15-20 years for spate of robberies

Petaluma, CA: Two men arrested in connection with spate of armed robberies

Mansfield, MA: Trio involved in store robbery plead guilty

Arson & Fire

Tipton County, TN: Arson Investigators Are On Scene After Gas Station Explosion

Austin, TX: Fire at Northwest Austin strip mall


AT&T - Norwalk, CT - Burglary
C- Store - Newark, NJ - Armed Robbery
/Shooting - 1 dead
C- Store - South Bend, IN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lafayette, LA - Armed Robbery
C- Store - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
Cash Savers - Huntingdon, TN - Armed Robbery
Check Into Cash - Clemson, SC - Burglary
Chevron - Cocoa, FL- Armed Robbery/Shooting
CVS - Jackson, MS - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Joplin, MO - Armed Robbery
Dunkin Donut - Queens, NY - Robbery
Elations - Marietta, GA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Conemaugh Township, PA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Farmingville, NY - Armed Robbery
Fish and More - Wichita, KS - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Clemson, SC - Burglary
Harris Teeter - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery
King Soopers - Colorado Springs, CO - Armed Robbery (2nd bank robbery)
QuikTrip - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Salvation Army - South Bend, IN - Burglary
Sam's Market - Hudson, NY - Burglary
Sean's Diamond & Jewelry - New York, NY - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Lafayette, LA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
18 robberies
5 burglaries
2 shootings
1 killed



Gerard Fredo
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Paul Smith Jr.
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The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention and Safety Program. The VP will work closely with the other Company teams to ensure company assets including cash, inventory and people are safeguarded...

Regional Asset Protection Manager - Southwest/Western US
Phoenix, AZ

The Regional Asset Protection Manager is responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function to a group of the 1,200 campus stores Follett operates. The RAPM guides the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

Manager, Physical Corporate Security
Jacksonville, FL
The Manager, Corporate Security will oversee all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...

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