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Rosamaria Sostilio, Sr. VP of AP for Saks 5th Avenue Chairperson NRF Loss Prevention Advisory Council

Rosamaria Sostilio, SVP of Asset Protection for Saks Fifth Avenue, was appointed Chairperson of the NRF Loss Prevention Advisory Council this past June. Rosamaria has close to 30 years of industry experience and is one of the first executives to assume a senior vice president position in Asset Protection. We recently caught up with Rosamaria in New York and had an opportunity to talk.

D&D: Rosamaria, congratulations on your appointment.
RS: Thank you so much. I'm grateful for Gary Johnson’s leadership and I’m honored to succeed him as Chair for the NRF LP Council. The LP council is such a prestigious group and I would also like to thank them for all of their support.

I returned to my office after this year’s conference even more energized than I ever have been in the past and I'm extremely excited about the next two years, as we have a number of exciting initiatives happening at the NRF. The evolution of the retail industry is quite extraordinary, and the rate of change seems to accelerate each and every day. It is indeed an exciting time to be in this industry, especially as many of our companies are evolving to Omni-channel retailers.

D&D: There is so much happening within our industry today as you mentioned. From Omni-Channel, Mobile POS, NRF’s Retail as a Career campaign, etc. etc. You really have your work cut out for you.

RS: I think that’s an understatement, but I view all of the changes not as challenges but rather exciting opportunities; for me personally and for our industry. As loss prevention professionals, we have an important role – more critical than ever before – in supporting this transformation in the industry and at our respective companies. We must serve as true stakeholders and have a seat at the table. Our advice, perspective, and counsel are needed and should be appreciated. Loss prevention in an Omni-channel environment means not only overseeing merchandise that goes in and out of our buildings, but also ensuring the best customer experience while protecting the company’s assets as they flow through the many channels of retail. In this day and age, loss prevention and retail also mean serving as a reliable source of information and a beacon in the community during times of emergency. Truly our role in the retail industry and as loss prevention professionals extends beyond the four walls of our stores.

D&D: What are some of your immediate objectives?
RS: Over the next two years, I hope to inspire and challenge everyone to elevate their role in their companies and to get involved in the industry and in NRF. Our focus as an organization will continue to be on innovation, community and career development as we support the retail evolution, and I believe that there are ample opportunities for each of us to take an active role. Throughout my career in loss prevention, I have seen the NRF grow to meet the ever changing needs of the LP community. And much of that can be attributed to the active participation of our members. In fact, since my initial involvement with the NRF, I’m proud to say that the NRF LP Community now has over 8 committees, with representation from over 9,000 retailers. I want to bolster participation and attendance at this year’s conference in Ft. Lauderdale and exceed the more than 2,000 attendees that came to San Diego this past June.

D&D: One of the pillars in the NRF’s current campaign is innovation. Can you touch upon that?
RS: Our industry is ever evolving. A critical piece of innovation is ongoing education and sharing ideas and best practices, and we are fortunate that the NRF remains the Gold Standard of retail trade organizations in its availability of information and ongoing education. We need to challenge the status quo, look for new and better ways to do things, and embrace new technologies as appropriate. We are at the forefront of innovation.

D&D: Touch upon the commitment to community if you would.
RS: As retail executives we need to think beyond the four walls of our stores. As LP professionals and members of the NRF, we can have a real impact on our local communities that we serve. In fact, one of the most significant accomplishments we’ve had as an organization is our involvement in championing Organized Retail Crime legislation and partnering with the law enforcement community, educating them and keeping the issues top of mind as retail crime continues to rise. Subsequently, more than 40 states have introduced ORC legislation to assist retailers and law enforcement in prosecuting these complex ORC rings in the past decade. We are a powerful force in our communities.

D&D: You’ve always been recognized for giving to others, getting involved and mentoring others to successful careers within our industry. Why is that?
RS: I’ve always viewed mentoring as a way of giving back and getting involved. A tenant of the NRF is to promote retail as a career. Over the next two years I will be placing a major emphasis on career development and promoting career opportunities. As I and many others can attest to, retail is not just a summer job. It can instead be a very rewarding career filled with opportunities and the potential for longevity. Whether your passions lie in human behavior, physical security, investigations, security management, technology, risk management or ethics, there are career opportunities in abundance and we need to start spreading the word and looking for future leadership. The Advisory Council alone represents a cross section of retailers, and combined we have hundreds of years of experience to offer.

If you are just starting out in retail, you can learn from the experts - attend the Investigator network meetings and join the professional development calls. One of the committees I helped to develop is the Women in LP caucus, which has now evolved into a professional development program, and includes mentoring, quarterly development calls and many networking opportunities.

If you are in management, you can give back by mentoring a junior executive or colleague or join an NRF LP committee. We must take an active role in developing our own careers and those of others.

D&D: Any predictions for the next two years?
RS: From my early beginnings as a member of the NRF and of the past 8 years serving on the LP Advisory Council to the next two years as this organization’s chair, I believe that we have and will continue to make a real impact in the industry and the communities we serve. I encourage everyone to take an active role, take advantage of the available resources and share your feedback with me (

We have much more to accomplish over the next two years, and I’m confident that we can continue to make a difference together.





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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Sanford Siegel was named Loss Prevention Operations Manager for Tuesday Morning. Sanford was previously the Loss Prevention Manager for TGI Friday's, and has also held a number of leadership roles in the industry. He has also been the Director Loss Prevention Operations for GameStop, Senior Consultant for Deloitte & Touche, Audit and Bad Dept Manager for HomePlace, Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Crown Books, National Fraud Manager for Federated Department Stores, District Loss Prevention Manager for Marshalls, and Regional Loss Prevention for Petire Retail. In addition to being certified by Wicklander-Zukawski and the Loss Prevention Federation, Sanford also earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Bradley University. Congratulations Sanford!

Kathleen Smith, Vice President of Loss Prevention at Safeway, Offers Insight at ASIS International Seminar in Chicago  She discussed the retail theft issue at her store. She said the company loses about $80 million a year to ORC, with baby formula being the number one item for thieves. She said a challenge for grocery stores in preventing theft is that they’re supposed to be an open shopping experience, so the measures cannot be too obtrusive. Therefore, the store looks for solutions to slow down theft. For example, Safeway uses a cart containment system right at checkout stands to prevent those who haven’t paid from being able to take carts out of the store. Smith noted that it is often difficult to show return on investment (ROI) with certain technologies, such as video analytics, when using it for loss prevention. However, she says she’ll partner with the marketing department or another department that wants a tool for another reason that is able to demonstrate ROI, such as in figuring out the best spots in the stores for product displays. That way, loss prevention won’t have to bear the financial burden but they’ll be able to take advantage of the technology. (Source

Protection 1 to Host Customer Event with ESPN’s Mike and Mike
Special Guests to Include White Sox General Manager, Kenny Williams; Blackhawks Great, Eddie Olczyk; Blackhawks President and CEO, John McDonough; and the Bears, Tom Waddle. Protection 1, the largest full-service business and home security provider in the nation, today announced it will host a special customer event at the famous Willis Tower during this month’s ASIS security conference in Chicago. The event will be hosted by ESPN’s Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg, “Mike and Mike. Mike and Mike will host a discussion on transformational events that changed sports, in keeping with Protection 1’s conference theme of “Transformational Experience." Protection 1 is differentiated by our transformational customer experience and this event and the discussion will highlight our commitment and dedication to exceptional customer service,” said Bob Dale, Sr. Vice President, Sales, Protection 1. “We want to show our appreciation to our great customers all while honoring the great city of Chicago and its tremendous sports history.” We have enjoyed our interactions with Protection 1 and continue to look at new ways to partner with them,” said Mike Golic. “We choose media partners that we believe in and Protection 1 exemplifies the best of its industry.” (Source

Axis enters access control market
Network camera provider AXIS Communications is now also a provider of network access control. On Sept. 24, the opening day of the ASIS International show here in Chicago, AXIS Communications announced that it is entering the physical access control market with the introduction of the company’s first network door controller. The product, the AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, will be showcased at ASIS International, which is taking place in Chicago this week. Billed as a non-proprietary and open IP-based access controller, the AXIS A1001 platform includes open architecture for integration of video or intrusion detection systems, as well as automatic synchronization and data storage capabilities with units that can be managed from any network computer. (Source

Attention Switches to Investigation of Kenyan Mall Siege - Could it happen in North America?  The massacre plot was hatched weeks or months ago on Somali soil, by an “external operations arm” of the Shabab, a militant Islamist group based there, according to American security officials. A team of English-speaking foreign fighters was carefully selected, along with the target: Westgate, a gleaming upscale mall popular with expatriates and Nairobi’s rising middle class. The picture that is emerging from the American officials suggests careful planning: The building’s blueprints were studied, down to the ventilation ducts. The attack was rehearsed and the team dispatched, slipping undetected through Kenya’s porous borders, often patrolled by underpaid — and deeply corrupt — border guards. A day or two before the attack, powerful belt-fed machine guns were secretly stashed in a shop in the mall with the help of a colluding employee, officials say. At least one militant had even packed a change of clothes so he could slip out with fleeing civilians after the killings. “They had people in there, they had stuff inside there,” said an American security official who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak publicly. “This was all ready to go when the shooters walked in.” (Source

D&B, LexisNexis, Kroll Hacked- by underground cybercrime group selling data?
A report that hackers allegedly trafficking in personally identifiable information have breached the computers of three major data aggregators raises doubts about the use of knowledge-based authentication as a tool to verify an individual's identity. A seven-month investigation by security blogger Brian Krebs reveals that an organization known as SSNDOB compromised the computers of information aggregators Dun & Bradstreet, LexisNexis and Kroll Background America, which maintain records on millions of Americans that can be used to support knowledge-based authentication. SSNDOB for the past two years has marketed itself on underground cybercrime forums as a reliable and affordable service that customers can use to look up Social Security numbers, birthdays and other personal data on any U.S. resident for prices ranging from 50 cents to $2.50 a record and $5 to $15 for credit checks, Krebs reports. (Source

Social media, mobile phones top attack targets - "Social media has become a new playground for attackers"  Social media has become a top target of hackers and mobile devices are expanding that target, IBM reported on Tuesday in its X-Force 2013 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report. Attacks on enterprises are getting increasingly sophisticated, the report said. Some attacks studied by IBM researchers were opportunistic -- exploiting unpatched and untested web applications vulnerable to basic SQL injection or cross-site scripting. Mobile devices are also becoming a hacker magnet. "Although mobile vulnerabilities continue to grow at a rapid pace, we still see them as a small percentage of overall vulnerabilities reported in the year." (Source

Party's Over for Retail Fraudsters, Bloomie's black tags continue to make news

eBay: We don't share customer data with NSA

JC Penney to hire 35K holiday workers

Toys R Us to add 45,000 seasonal hires

VIDEO: New "smart card" technology to reduce credit card fraud

16K Fake Hermes Handbags Seized At Port Of LA worth $200M in retail value
The manufacturer suggested retail price of $210,785,475 had they been genuine, illustrates the potentially high profit margins in such an illegal venture. (Source

Roosevelt Field Mall on Lockdown for four hours after light fixture sales rep kills former colleague and wounds old boss - ongoing manhunt  Sang Ho Kim, 63, of Queens is wanted in the shooting two people in Garden City, L.I. Police have located the vehicle of a Queens man who stormed into a Long Island office building and opened fire Wednesday, killing a former colleague, wounding his old boss, and sparking an ongoing manhunt. “It seems to be over some bad business deal or some issue with a business deal that they were involved in.” Kim is a former vendor for the company, which imports light fixtures, Skrynecki said. The nearby Roosevelt Field Mall and Nassau Community College were put on lockdown for roughly four hours. Kim is considered armed and dangerous. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Bed Bath & Beyond Q2 up 3.7% with net sales up 8.9%
AutoZone Q4 U.S. stores up 1% with revenue up 12%




What if Terrorism Hit a North American Mall?

Days after the terrorist attack that struck a Kenyan mall earlier this week, professionals in the Loss Prevention and Safety industry continue to debate what would happen if a similar attack occurred on American soil. Here are more comments from readers of the D&D Daily:   

"I feel that our malls in North America are fairly vulnerable and would cause a large panic if something were to ever occur. Many think that employing more police within our malls is the answer. While I certainly hold our law enforcement officers in high regards I believe they simply are not trained appropriately to handle such incidents that require a preventative approach." - Jackson Chambers, Safety and Loss Prevention Manager for Lowe's

"I do not think any malls in my area have the ability or capability to react to, or respond to any terrorism situation. Here in NJ, security officers are often contract officers, and have very little training or means to react to any incident - they are also all unarmed. For example, the mall where my family often shops, has a police officer assigned to the mall, working limited hours. This officer is a newly promoted "sergeant" and is assigned to the mall for the period of one year until the department places them on the road to supervise other officers. I do know, several times throughout the year, the department does conduct "Active Shooter" drills and scenarios."
- William Klimczuk, Asset Protection Manager for Home Depot

"Domestic security policy favors a Castle Doctrine approach. This is more of a defensive and custodial posture that is ill-conceived. We should adjust our mall security anti-terrorism strategies and tactics to fit a trip-wire arrangement of inter-connected initiatives. For instance: we know that in planned raids such as Nairobi, sites must be initially surveilled to familiarize the antagonists with pre-attack intel. A series of trip-wire strategies would establish counter-surveillance standards for our nation's malls that would not only be designed to detect such activity but identify, detain, and disrupt would-be terrorists. Our approach would emphasize a unified security system that ties together; stove-piping of critical data would be discouraged. Lastly, the mall management mindset must acknowledge that security funding must favor use of professional experienced personnel and not some guy in a uniform who is poorly trained, motivated, and compensated - the trifecta of poor security."
- Barry Masuda, Director of Special Projects and Investigations for Security Industry Specialists

"I think the trouble is, people don't directly take responsibility for their protection and instead leave it to the mall security or local police. Fact is, they will never be able to respond in time for most actions. First thing people need to to is walk around aware of their surroundings, ignorance is not bliss. ... I think part of the problem with giving 'Mall Security" the means to ward off an attack, is the lawsuit happy environment we all live under here in the U.S. The actual Mall owners would see a well trained and, yes, armed security staff as more of a civil liability." - Gary Koukal, Loss Prevention Manager for Fred Meyer

"What if Terrorism hit a North American Mall? I think we all have a duty to prepare OURSELVES to react and respond to a situation we find ourselves in. We need to protect ourselves, our families, our customers and our property as reasonably as we can with the understanding that we live in AMERICA and going too far is going too far. Be ready with a plan, practice that plan, but we CANNOT allow these cowards to change our way of life to where we lose our FREEDOM!" - Kevin Plante, Director of Loss Prevention Reporting and Analytics for CVS Caremark Corporation



Credit Card Skimming Devices Put on Md. ATMs
Montgomery County Police say credit card skimming devices were placed on ATMs at banks in the Bethesda and Chevy Chase areas. Police say the devices, which recorded account numbers, were put on ATMs several times in August. Officers say the account numbers were later used fraudulently. If they're on banks ATM's and gas stations, they could be elsewhere. (Source

Robbery crew member federally charged after 9 armed robberies because Subway is an international company  After going on a robbery spree in Northern New Jersey earlier this year one member was charged with nine Hobbs Act robbery charges, federal charges, because one store they robbed was a Subway sandwich shop, an international company. The Hobbs Act charges each carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. The charge of brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence carries a minimum sentence of seven years and a maximum penalty of life in prison. (Source

3 burglaries at 2 jewelry stores tied to 1 suspect in North Charleston, S.C.
North Charleston police have released photos from a recent jewelry store burglary and they say the suspect has been tied to two other thefts, one store was hit twice. Hitting Zales at Tanger Outlet on August 11th and Polly's Jewelry on August 30th. (Source

Melbourne Police arrested a suspect in the dragging of a Police officer attempting to flee Bealls Outlet 
A woman who dragged a Melbourne officer with her car last week was arrested. On Tuesday night, members of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Game Over Task Force arrested Tosha Wilson, 34, in Palm Bay. Wilson was wanted for an incident last Wednesday in which police say she dragged Officer Joe Yorkey with a car. Court records show Wilson was arrested on a warrant for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, petit retail theft, resisting recovery of merchandise and resisting arrest without violence. Yorkey was investigating a retail theft complaint at the Bealls Outlet on Babcock Street when Wilson drove from the scene, dragging him through the parking lot. Yorkey sustained minor injuries. Another woman was in the car when Yorkey was dragged. Detectives still want to question that witness. (Source

Verizon store robbed at gunpoint in Clearlake, California
A man robbed a Clearlake Verizon Wireless store at gunpoint Tuesday afternoon, Clearlake police said. The suspect, a white male approximately 30 to 35 years old, walked into the store on Manzanita Avenue wearing an orange ski mask and brandishing a firearm, according to police. He took an undisclosed amount of money and fled north on foot into a wooded area. A police and K-9 search failed to locate the suspect, who remains at large. (Source

Montgomery police searching for suspect caught on video robbing a Dollar General 
Montgomery police are searching for information on a suspect who robbed a Dollar General store on West Boulevard with a handgun on Aug. 27. An unidentified male wearing a black mask and latex gloves entered the Dollar General at around 6:52 p.m. and pointed his weapon at the cashier and demanded money, Central Alabama Crime Stoppers released. After taking money from the cash register, the suspect pointed his weapon at the cashier and then led the victim to the manager’s office. Then the suspect pointed his weapon at two more employees and forced them to the floor. The suspect, who is considered armed and dangerous, then ran from the business. (Source

Family Dollar store held up in Akron
Akron police are investigating a robbery at Family Dollar Tuesday http:// suspect entered the store at 1750 South Main St. around 4:30 p.m. and handed the cashier a note, according to the employees. The note said the suspect would shoot the cashier if she did not hand over any money. He held his hand inside a pocket as if he had a gun. He left after the cashier handed him an undisclosed amount of money. (Source

Aaron’s and Rent-A-Center burglarized in Beckley, West Virginia
Detectives with Beckley Police said both Aaron's in Beckley Plaza Mall and Rent-A-Center at Beckley crossing were robbed of flat screen TV's on September 21 and September 22. People in Beckley said they are continuously shocked hearing about crimes like these in the area. The store manager of Aaron's said the suspects grabbed a rock from a restaurant and brought it the whole way across the parking lot to smash the window. Police said the robbery at Aaron's happened late Friday night and the Rent-A-Center was hit Saturday night. (Source

Riverhead Police charge three in attempted robbery of CVS Pharmacy this morning 
Riverhead Police have arrested three people in connection with the early-morning armed robbery attempt at CVS Pharmacy today. Police said they have charged Jhmil Dawson, 26, of Coram, Lavon Dawson, 17, of Riverhead and Ishawn Hackson, 16, of Calverton, with attempted robbery in the first degree. Police said they located the suspects in the area of the store after responding to an alarm set off by an employee at the store at about 7 a.m. Both of the employees on duty when the holdup occurred managed to escape from the store after they were approached by Jackson and Lavon Dawson, police said. One of the suspects was in possession of a pistol, police said. Jhmil Dawson entered the store just prior to the robbery attempt to check on the number of people inside. (Source

Armed gunman steals painkillers from a South Windsor CVS 
Police are looking for the man who robbed a CVS Pharmacy in South Windsor and took an unknown number of pills Wednesday night. The robber, identified as a white male, flashed a handgun as he approached the pharmacy counter at the Buckland Road location. He spoke in a gruff manner and appeared to be about 60 years old. The suspect left with the pills without injuring anyone, according to police. (Source

Federal indictment for 2 accused of a smash and grab of Morgan Jewelers in Ogden 
Almost a year later and on the other side of the country, federal prosecutors have indicted two men accused of robbing an Ogden jewelry store in broad daylight. Investigators say Jerome Clinton Faison, 45, and David Thomas Jr., 49, smashed open display cases at Morgan Jewelers in the Newgate Mall, a few days after Christmas last year and made off with an estimated $100,000 worth of necklaces, bracelets and diamond rings. At the time of the robbery, Ogden police said the "brazen" operation only lasted about three minutes, and the store lost between 60 and 70 pieces of jewelry. Faison and Thomas then reportedly took the jewelry to Philadelphia, according to court documents. Both men face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. (Source

North Charlestown Police arrest armed-robbery suspect of a Food Lion store
A homeless man was arrested after police say he robbed a Food Lion Wednesday night. According to the police report, the suspect walked into the Remount Road grocery store wearing a black mask and brandishing a semi-automatic handgun. A store clerk told police he approached register four and demanded he empty the drawer into a blue duffel bag. She complied and he moved on to another employee and made her take him to the store's safe. There, she said he took $600 before running out of the store. Officers dispatched a K-9 officer and tracked the suspect. The duffel bag and a hoodie the suspect had been wearing was found behind the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), building on Rhett Avenue. The bag contained the stolen money, totaling $750, but police say $473 is still unaccounted for. (Source



7th Annual New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium and Trade Show – DCU Center Worcester, MA, September 19, 2013

Recap by members of the Retailers Association of MA Loss Prevention Committee

By Kevin Plante
Director, Loss Prevention Reporting and Analytics
CVS Caremark

Approximately 300 Loss Prevention, Law Enforcement and political figures came to the DCU Center in Worcester, MA, for the 7th Annual New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium and Trade Show. Twenty-two vendors filled the trade show area showing everything from surveillance equipment to merchandise protection items to radios – access control items to point of sale safeguarding systems.
Hosted by the Retail Associations of the six New England states, the event was planned and coordinated by the Loss Prevention Committee board of the Retailers Association of MA. The board consists of Kevin Plante of CVS (Chair), Brendan Fitzgerald of BJ’s Wholesale Club, Shannon Lenahan of Wegman’s, Jason Adams of Gap, Inc., and Andrea Shea and Ryan Kearney, both of The Retailers Association of MA. Plante also served as Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Joe LaRocca, Founder of RetaiLPartners and loss prevention industry icon opened the session for the 7th consecutive time with a review of some of the stats and facts surrounding ORC. He also talked about some of the trends in retail such as GPS enabling.

Next, John Gold with the National Retail Federation(NRF) talked about their latest survey results and how ORC is a known gateway crime as well as how the propensity of violence as part of the ORC theft is increasing. Gold also told the group about how the NRF assists with legislative actions in various states as well as the support of a number of task forces and collaborative ORCA’s around the Country.

Next, Jeremiah Hart, Sergeant of the Torrance, CA police department riveted the capacity room with a presentation regarding Active Shooting or Active Killing. Hart is the departments training officer and in an expert in the subject. Hart provided participants a snapshot into what it would be like to be in an actual situation and gave us plenty to think about regarding how to plan and respond to such an incident – whether it be at work, while out shopping or at home. Participants in the conference were not only educated by what Mr. Hart told them, but were left to reflect. Some participants were left speechless.

After a delicious lunch, Tony Sheppard, National Manager of ORC at CVS gave the group a synopsis of what CVS’s ORC group is made up of and then educated both retailers and law enforcement alike on some of the tips and tricks he’s learned over his career on how to “sell” an ORC case to law enforcement. Tony recommended being engaged with law enforcement before you need them, during the case and then after through recognition. Great plan and great advice!

Following Tony was an informative presentation from Garth Gasse of Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA). Gasse talked to the group about what RILA does for its members and how it has been involved in helping solve issues regarding ORC – not only from a legislative end, but also the grass roots perspective with committees and research.

Next, National ORC Manager for Gap, Inc – Jason Adams unveiled NEORCA! The New England Organized Retail Crime Alliance (NEORCA) is a group of retailers who partnered with law enforcement aimed at reducing property crimes, keeping shoppers safer and lessening their chances of becoming victims. Jason reviewed the site, its features and functions and invites all to join at!

Next, Tom Field did a presentation on security breaches – primarily with credit card data. Field explained the process people use to steal credit card numbers and then talked through a couple of case studies to give participants a view into the mind of a POS hacker!

Our final speaker was Johnny Custer, Managing Director for LERPnet / Verisk. Johnny spoke about Falcoln, which is the new program that is tied with Lerpnet that provides retailers and law enforcement a national view into ORC incidents. Searching and analysis capabilities are impressive and retailers and LE alike can benefit from this program.

The awards winners will be announced in The Daily tomorrow in a continuation of the New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium and Trade Show recap!

Laurel County, Ky., woman, part of "shoplifting gang" busted hitting Wal-Mart and Dollar General stores  Deputies in southern Kentucky have arrested a woman they say is part of a gang of shoplifters in Laurel County. After numerous tips from the public, police were able to track down Cynthia Mullins, 45, of London. She was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with two felony warrants for theft by unlawful taking. They say Mullins was part of a group of people stealing from WalMart and Dollar General stores in the area. This lady comes in with her two teenage sons and two children. We really think she comes in with the gang because it distracts the employees," says Deputy Gilbert Acciardo. Deputies tell us the gang was stealing large amounts of diapers, baby formula and other items. They believe the items were being re-sold for profit. (Source

4 Houston men face organized crime charges over Dollar Store burglaries
Four Houston-area men have been arrested in Chambers County in connection with break-ins at two Dollar Stores. Jessie Hunter, Joshua Thornton, Dunte Hardy and Tori Ruffins were placed in the Chambers County Jail on $75,000 bail each on charges of burglary and organized crime, according to a news release from Sheriff Brian Hawthorne's office. Investigators reviewed video from the two crime scenes and, with additional evidence, issued warrants for the four men. No information was immediately available on how they were located and arrested. The Texas Rangers are also investigating whether the men might be suspects in other crimes in the area, according to the release. (Source

ORC getaway driver gang member who rammed Delaware State Police car after "shoplifting spree" at Home Depot - captured in PA  With his co-conspirators "begging" to let them out Jeter intentionally rammed the State Police car to disable it after which he fled and escaped until this Monday. His other four gang members were all hospitalized and admitted. The suspects went to the Home Depot in Peoples Plaza at U.S. 40 and Del. 896, loaded shopping carts full of power tools and plumbing supplies, pushed the carts out into the parking lot and loaded the stolen merchandise into a rented U-Haul van, which then fled with all five suspects, police said. A massive hunt for the getaway driver followed the crash. (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community
which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow

Vendor Spotlight

Steve White promoted to Vector Security Corporate role

New position supports the company’s focus on new business development and growth in the managed network services space.

PITTSBURGH, PA, September 24, 2013 – Vector Security announces the promotion of Steve White to Corporate Vice President of Business Development to further their focus on growth in the complete managed infrastructure and business intelligence space.

As a Top 10 integrator of physical security solutions for North American retailers and multi-site businesses, the Company recently announced their acquisition of Industry Retail Group (IRG) to support customers that are seeking to leverage their existing broadband networks for more and more services to provide insight and intelligence into their operations at all levels.

In his new role, Steve will report directly to Pam Petrow, President and CEO of Vector Security. Steve will be responsible for overseeing the operations of Vector Intelligent Solutions, the holding company for IRG. He will manage the alignment of the organization with Vector Security growth initiatives and culture; and cross-functional responsibility for the Vector Security National Account Division new business development.

“Steve’s experience and technology expertise will serve us well as we continue to launch our managed network solutions to customers,” says Petrow. “We will continue to build our platform for true business visibility driven by customer requirements and Steve will help support the bridge between technology and security that so many customers are requiring today.”

In addition to Steve’s responsibilities related to IRG, he will continue to manage the technology strategy for the Company’s video, security, and electronic article surveillance platforms.

Art Miller
Vice President, Marketing


Job Opening




Regional LP Manager
Regional Security Mgr
Regional LP Manager
Fed Ex Office
Sterling Jewelers
Orlando, FL
White Plains, NY
Akron, OH
Fed Ex Office
Sterling Jewelers
Regional LP Manager Forever 21 Towson, MD Forever 21
LP Regional Director Sears West Region Sears
Corporate LP Manager Eddie Bauer Bellevue, WA Eddie Bauer
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


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AP Manager in Training Walmart Morrisville, NC Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart White Plains, NY Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Bedford, TX Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Keene, NH Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Oxford, PA Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Billings, MT Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Mount Airy, MD Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Tuscaloosa, AL Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Santa Ana, CA Wal-Mart
Area AP Manager All facilities Apple Valley, CA Wal-Mart
LP Manager Kmart Wayne, NJ Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Charlotte, NC Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Bellingham, WA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Vienna, WV Lowe's
District LP Leader JC Penney Wayne, NJ JC Penney

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Sanford Siegel was named Loss Prevention Operations Manager for Tuesday Morning.

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8 Ways to Build Trust in the Workplace (Infographic)  Your workplace is so much more than where you spend your day and get a paycheck; it is also where you can build business relationships with your employees and employers. For these relationships to become successful, there needs to be trust. Build trust by following this infographic and thrive in a successful organization. (First there is a connection)

Dealing With Team Members Who Derail Meetings  Do you have that person who manages to get your team meetings off-track? Even if the leader tries to get back on topic, that person just keeps pressing their point, and the whole meeting just goes up in flames. Follow these tips the next time your meeting seems to turn a different direction and make your meeting a success. (Agree on the path first)

How Much Coworker Socializing is Good for Your Career?  It's essential in our careers to build a relationship with our coworkers and colleagues, and that means socializing with them, inside and outside the workplace. Follow these tips from the workplace experts to socialize and find out how and where this socializing should take place. (Don't let socializing cut into your work time)

Are You Ready to Join the Team?
The first thing to realize about team-building is that it isn't about the team, it's about your preparation to be a part of the team. You must look inside yourself and learn self-mastery: full understanding of who you are, an exploration of your truths and discovery of yourself. (If you are ready to do that, you are probably ready to join the team!)

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Selecting the companies you want to work for is harder than you think. It may not be the obvious list when you take into consideration geography, organizational structure and success of the retailer, growth plans and growth opportunities for your own career. Do some research on each company and open your mind to the small companies. They have just as many opportunities as the rest. They're harder to get in and communicate with, but if it's done right, you may be surprised. One executive years ago sent a letter to a company president who didn't have an LP program and made some bold commitments. He went on to build a very successful LP program there. Be aggressive!

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