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S. Earl Watson
was named Vice President of Global Security and Loss Prevention for Levi Strauss & Co.  Earl has worked in the retail industry for more than 28 years. He has held a number of loss prevention and administrative positions throughout his career, including Vice President of Loss Prevention and Corporate Security for Gap Inc. and most recently Business Unit Leader for Wal-Mart. Earl holds a Master of Business Administration degree from St. Mary's College of California. Congratulations on your new position, Earl!

Adobe Announces Massive Security Breach - 2.9M exposed customers
Hackers infiltrated the computer system of the software company Adobe, gaining access to credit card information and other personal data from 2.9 million of its customers, the company acknowledged on Thursday. (Source

Research Reveals Mobile Payment Adoption Interest High with America’s Local Merchants  Key findings from the research demonstrate that merchants want to adopt mobile payments but prefer minimal or no point-of-sale (POS) system upgrades and they want the process to be easy. A majority of merchants are on board to adopt mobile payments within the next two to three years, and most respondents indicated they would rely on their technology or payment provider to implement a mobile solution. Additionally, nearly 40 percent of merchants find value-added services very important and most respondents are already using value-added services or have interest in deploying. (Source

Reducing Credit Card Fraud: Three Steps for Successful EMV Implementation - White Paper  A high percentage of consumers own debit and credit cards, making them vulnerable to credit card fraud. However, technology is available to combat this fraud. It's an embedded chip technology called EMV — the Europay, Master Card, Visa standard — and it's coming to the United States soon. MasterCard wants mechants to be EMV compliant by 2013, and by 2015, Visa will require all U.S. point-of-sale transactions to be compliant. This white paper, sponsored by National Service Center, discusses how to succesfully implement EMV, including: How to upgrade consumer-facing POS devices, how to choose the proper software and how to choose a service provider. Registration is required. (Source

Chip and Pin card security drives crooks to dupe card holders themselves as stores and banks reduce card fraud in UK  Some 216.1 million pounds worth of frauds were committed on credit and debit cards in the first six months of this year, showing a 17% rise compared with the first half of 2012 as conmen turn their attentions to duping card holders themselves, according to Financial Fraud Action UK, which prevents crime on behalf of the financial services industry. The industry body said that improvements to card security such as Chip and Pin and better fraud detection by banks such as monitoring unusual spending have prompted a growth in more old-fashioned attempts to trick people into simply handing over their personal details. The shape of things to come in the U.S. (Source

NRF Says ‘Continued Uncertainty’ in Washington Could Affect Holiday Sales

Harris Teeter Shareholders Approve Merger Agreement with Kroger

Wal-Mart to open 200+ Neighborhood Markets over next 18 months

Will Penney's find Magic with 565 Disney store within a stores - coming Oct 4th

Treasury Warns About 'Catastrophic Impact' on Economy
In a six-page report, Treasury said the economy could fall into a recession if Congress fails to reach an agreement on raising the nation’s $16.7 trillion borrowing limit by Oct. 17. (Source

Vermont grocer pays fine for failing to notify consumers of data breach in statutory period  Natural Provisions, Inc., a Vermont health foods grocery chain, agreed to pay $30,000 to settle claims brought by the Vermont attorney general that it failed to notify consumers and the attorney general within the statutory period required by Vermont’s Security Breach Notice Act and Consumer Protection Act. Natural Provisions, Inc. agreed to pay $15,000 in civil penalties, an additional $15,000 in upgrades for its information technology systems, and to take the steps necessary to prevent future data breaches. The settlement resulted from a security data breach due to credit card fraud at one of its stores. Prior to notification, tens of thousands of dollars of credit card fraud took place and some customers had their credit card information stolen a second time after, being unaware that the store was the site of the fraud, they used their replacement cards to make new purchases at the store. (Source

Retail hiring goes high-tech as holiday season nears - Big Data is making an impact  As retailers gear up to hire hundreds of thousands of seasonal workers for the holidays, job seekers are likely to notice the application process has gone more high tech. In-store kiosks may electronically blackball some candidates. They may also send a text message to managers about other job hopefuls who might be worth hiring on the spot to start training. "It literally can all happen within one hour." One study of personality tests used in hiring found the employees learned to manipulate their results with ease. "I think the consensus from the research is that faking does happen, but it doesn't really change the predictive role of the test.... They learn to be who they need to be to fit that job." The research does support testing for one skill, though: conscientiousness. If you pay attention to details on the test, you're likely to do the same in your job. (Source

The Surprising Way Marketing Helps You Nab Young Workers
Lately, I've been hearing a lot from CEOs who are concerned about their marketing—not for the purpose of landing more customers, but as a way of attracting employees. Why? Well, think of this scenario: you're a 20- or 30-something job hunter with great skills and experience. You see that XYZ Co. is hiring, so the first thing you do is look for them online. But if that company—successful and progressive though it may be—hasn't been focusing on marketing, it will likely have a dated website, won't show up easily in Google searches and simply won't give a professional impression. You don't want to work for a company that's not "with the times." So you move on to the next job ad, and XYZ loses the chance to add a skilled employee to its team. Editors note: It's time to rethink how you're recruiting your team in this digital age, even from the LP prospective. Developing a marketing plan around that objective might bring you some surprising results. (Source

The emergence of attackers-for-hire is a troubling new trend in cybercrime
There are groups that are certainly connected with nation states, whether loosely or part of their structure, and then there are groups who are in this just to make money - those that are more criminal in intent," he says. "And then there are other people that are profiting by providing services. ...I will write malware but I will pay other people to get it onto machines; it's a pay-per-install model." (Source

Brazil gang in huge tablet robbery at Sao Paulo airport  An armed gang in Brazil has stolen tablets and notebook computers worth an estimated $800,000 from the cargo terminal at Sao Paulo airport. Police say the robbery was carried out by a group of 10 men, who stormed the building after overpowering security guards and taking two of them hostage. The whole operation took just over half an hour. No arrests have been made. Some of the gunmen had fake security guards uniform. Two of the guards were kept hostage in a security booth while the other six were made to load the cargo onto the truck. (Source

ASIS Physical Security Professional (PSP) Certification
The Physical Security Professional (PSP) designation is one of three certification programs that global security organization ASIS administers. The Physical Security Professional (PSP) credential provides demonstrated knowledge and experience in threat assessment and risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; and the appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures. Those who earn the PSP are ASIS board certified in physical security. The exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions covering tasks, knowledge and skills in three broad domains that have been identified by PSPs as the major areas involved in physical security management. All exam questions come from the official reference books. For more information on eligibility requirements, application process, exam preparation requirements and options, testing, and re-certification, click here to listen to a free hour-long webinar led by a panel of board-certified PSPs. (Source





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Canada Security - 2013 Salary Survey - Share your point of view and take the Survey  We want to know what you think about: Compensation, Certifications, Training opportunities, Career mobility and Industry associations. With every completed survey, we gain a better understanding of the Canadian security industry. Please take 10 minutes of your day to let us know what you think. Results will be published in the Nov/Dec issue of Canadian Security magazine. Editors Note: Each year Canada Security magazine conducts a salary survey and as the retail Loss Prevention industry is usually underrepresented in such study's we strongly recommend your taking the time to ensure we have a voice. As our industry has for the most part been very isolated from the rest of the security industry. Consequently most governments around the world don't even include us in their Labor statistics. Which has a significant impact both academically and professionally. If we really want to develop and grow our profession then it's imperative that we're recognized and accounted for, and the solution to that is quite simply, being engaged in study's and collaborating with the various groups and agencies collecting such data. Just a thought. (Source

Cybercrime cost Canadians $3B in past year - more than doubled in one year  Up from $1.4 billion the year before, according to a new report. According to the 2013 Norton Report released by U.S.-based software security maker Symantec Corp., an estimated 7 million people in Canada have been victims of cybercrime in the past 12 months. The average cost of cybercrime per victim is roughly $380. Globally, the cost of cybercrime has risen to US$113 billion, or just under US$300 per victim, according to the report. The rise in cybercrime, which includes everything from unauthorized computer access to identity theft, has been linked to increased use of mobile devices and open Wi-Fi networks. (Source

Canada’s retail megamerger boom
In a few short months, this country has seen No. 1 grocer Loblaw stage a friendly takeover of No. 1 pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart; No. 2 food player Sobeys buying western Canadian food stalwart Canada Safeway; and veteran department store chain HBC shoring up on luxury with its purchase of Saks Inc. From a U.S. buyer’s point of view, the Canadian retail market has fewer stores per capita and highly productive shopping malls. Mr. Pike says. “It is not as saturated a market as the U.S. When you look at the most successful malls, nine of the top 15 malls in North America in terms of sales per square foot are located in Canada.” (Source

Ground broken for new Premium Outlets Montreal - 2nd one for Canada
Simon Property Group, SmartCentres and Calloway REIT hosted a ground-breaking ceremony on Wednesday to begin the construction of Premium Outlets Montreal, the second Premium Outlet Center in Canada. (Source

Mobile banking app usage grows in Canada
A survey by BMO Bank of Montreal has found that mobile banking apps are growing in popularity in Canada. BMO said two-thirds of the 1,000 Canadians it surveyed in August have downloaded a mobile banking app in the last year. According to a Google online survey of 1,000 Canadians, 56 percent of Canadian adults were using smartphones in the first quarter of 2013. BMO said Canadians have an average of 14 apps on their smartphones. (Source

'Blacklist' for stolen and lost phones takes effect in Canada
A so-called "blacklist" for phones that are reported as stolen or lost took effect on Monday, preventing those devices from being activated in Canada by someone else. When consumers tell their mobile carrier that their phone has been stolen or lost its unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number will be added to the database. The database does not include phones that were reported as stolen or lost before Monday. Consumers can also use a search tool at the website to check that they're not buying stolen property before completing a purchase of a used phone. (Source

Toronto ORC gang hits GTA retailers for $395,000+ in credit card scam - hitting Home Depot and others  Nao Khou, 51, allegedly scammed financial institutions by inflating credit card accounts by depositing fake cheques, said Detective Ian Nichol of the Financial Crimes Unit. The group of people used fraudulent gift cards, credit cards, debit cards and cheques to purchase items at several area retailers. The group purchased hundreds of appliances, tools and related items from big box retailers, including Home Depot, using payment cards whose values were artificially boosted using forged cheques. These actions were committed over a 30-day period between August and September 2013. The Toronto man is facing four charges after taking more than $395,000 worth of goods from various GTA retailers, police say. Police said it was The Home Depot who initially caught on to the thefts before the Financial Crimes Unit was called in. Police are still looking for one female suspect and possibly others. (Source (Source

What are the Penalties for Credit Card Fraud in Canada?
According to Section 380 of the Criminal Code of Canada, “Everyone who, by deceit, falsehood or fraudulent means, whether or not it is a false pretense within the meaning of this Act, defrauds the public or any person, whether as ascertained or not, of any property, money or valuable security of any service is guilty of an indictable offense and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years." According to the Criminal Code of Canada, the maximum penalties for theft and frauds by means of credit cards are as follows:
• Fraud of $5,000 or less: A fine of $5,000 and a jail sentence of 6 months to 2 years according to section 380(1) b.
• Fraud of over $5,000: A jail sentence of 10 years according to section 380(1) a.
• Theft or forgery of credit card: A fine of $5,000 and a jail sentence of 6 months to 2 years according to section 380(1) b.
• Use or possession of a stolen or forged credit card: A fine of $5,000 and a jail sentence of 6 months to 2 years according to section 342(c).
• Use of revoked or cancelled credit cards: A fine of $5,000 and a jail sentence of 6 months to 2 years according to section 342(d). (Source

Vancouver police look to return jewelry stolen in ‘blessing’ scam.  Vancouver police displayed more than a quarter-million dollars in stolen cash and jewels Wednesday that had been recovered from a recent “blessing” scam. If the items aren’t claimed within 60 days, the jewelry will be auctioned off and the proceeds, together with the cash, will be put into the province’s civil forfeiture kitty. Five Chinese nationals were nabbed by the Canada Border Services Agency at Vancouver International Airport in July as they attempted to leave the country with the cash and high-end jewelry. That set in motion a cross-country investigation after victims of the so-called “blessing” or “evil spirit” scam began to report cases of stolen jewelry and cash to police. During the blessing, the scammers would switch the bag of money and valuables with a bag of worthless items. The victim would be told not to open the bag or tell anyone. A total of $138,000 in cash was seized when the five suspects tried to leave the country. The 400 pieces of jewelry, some of it top-quality gold, is estimated to be worth about $125,000. (Source

Winnipeg jewelry store owner beaten during armed robbery 
A Winnipeg jewellery store owner was rushed to hospital after being hurt during an armed robbery on Wednesday. It happened just before 10:30 a.m. at Fort Richmond Jewellers in the 2800 block of Pembina Highway. A group of three or four men burst in and one was armed with a gun, said David Flather, the brother of the owner, Dan. They tried to tie up Dan with duct tape but he fought back, Flather said, adding Dan was then hit in the back of the head and cut open. Flather, who arrived when Dan was being taken away in an ambulance, said his brother was conscious but quite scared. The robbers smashed open a case full of diamonds before they fled the store. (Source

Police bust four from Montreal in Windsor, Ontario, hitting stores with counterfeit credit cards  Hitting the Real Canadian Superstore in Windsor trying to purchase $600 gift cards loss prevention officers saw the transaction take place. Officers of the financial crimes unit launched an investigation and say they discovered a credit card theft ring and a clandestine credit card production lab. Police say the group had been using stolen American credit card numbers in order to produce fraudulent credit cards. The group allegedly went to several stores in the Windsor-Essex area and made purchases of items including gift cards. Three men and a woman from Montreal have been arrested and charged with fraud under $5,000. (Source

Armed robbery spree ended with three arrests after 7 stores robbed in Ontario  After stealing $350,000 worth of electronics in seven robberies the two suspects are being charged with 242 charges. Three Toronto residents hits retail stores between December an August of this year. Nakeem Johnson, 23, Patrice Lall, 22, and 28-year-old Mark Harrison hit multiple Rogers Plus stores, and The Source. The standard practice was to enter the store, get the employees into a back room by use of a weapon and then steal product from the stores – generally cellphones and electronics,” says Gatto. (Source

Ottawa Police issue warrant for knife-wielding robbery suspect
39-year-old Ottawa man faces a string of charges in connection with a trio of retail robberies. Ottawa police have issued an arrest warrant for the suspect. On Sept. 23, at about 2:30 a.m., police say a lone suspect went into a Wellington St. convenience store and made a purchase. But when the employee opened the cash register, the suspect pulled a knife and stole money. Shortly after, at about 5 a.m., the same suspect went into another convenience store, this time along Bank St. The suspect again proceeded to make a small purchase but pulled a knife when the register was open. Police say a third incident occurred a short time later, at a Laurier Ave. convenience store, but in this case, no knife was seen. In all of the incidents, the suspect made off with a small amount of cash. No one was injured in the robberies. Police say other matters under investigation may result in additional charges. Chadd Brownrigg is wanted on 12 charges, including robbery and breach of probation. (Source

Inside Toronto's new maximum-security detention center  Take a tour through the new Toronto South Detention Centre, which begins receiving inmates this fall. The facility incorporates a new supervision model, which places correctional officers directly in the inmates' living areas. The facility can house 1650 people, from the lowest to highest level of threat. (Source



Texas Deputy Killed in Convenience Store Shootout
Deputy Sheriff Billy Kennedy was shot and killed after responding to a call at a convenience store in McCamey, at approximately 11:15 pm last night. After he arrived at the scene he encountered a male subject. During the encounter the two exchanged gunfire. Despite being mortally wounded, Deputy Kennedy was able to return fire and wounded the suspect. The 50 year-old suspect is still hospitalized and has been charged with capital murder. (Source

Police have found increase across the U. S. in use of portable skimming devices
Romanian tourists have been traveling the U.S. setting up their portable skimming devices with tiny cameras above the locations in post offices all over the country. Focusing on Automated Postal Centers and attaching their devices to the automated stamp dispensers the ring has been very successful. This week Postal Inspectors arrested two of the Romanian suspects in Portland and it's believed that they're part of a larger ring operating in the U.S.

St. Louis smash-and-grab crew busted who hit JC Penney, Macy's, Verizon, AT&T, Goulding's Jeweler Store and two homes  The Daily has been reporting on them for weeks now and yesterday afternoon they apprehended the crew that has been on a spree for months there. Investigators with the Alton Police Department charged four suspects Thursday in connection to a slew of smash and grab burglaries throughout the area. The investigation remains ongoing. (Source

Three members of "Felony Lane Gang" identified in stores using stolen credit cards - now branched out in U.S.  Authorities have released surveillance photos of the three suspects who they say burglarized a vehicle and used stolen credit cards to purchase $1,000 worth of items. Investigators believe the three suspects are part of the Felony Lane Gang, which originated in Florida and has now branched out to other areas in the United States. According to police, the group gets its name because it targets vehicles parked at day cares. The thieves steal purses and wallets. The Felony Lane Gang name derives from a practice of passing through the outside lane at the victim’s bank, and then sending the teller a check to cash with the victim’s ID. (Source

Two Boise Teens Charged with Stealing from Local Stores  A Boise teenager was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing from a number of local stores last month. Ashlee Hough, 19, has been charged with felony grand theft.Police say Hough was involved in stealing over $600 in merchandise from multiple stores on Sept. 3. A second suspect, identified as 19-year-old Amy Andrews, was arrested on Sept. 3 and charged in connection with the thefts. (Source

"Fly Nation" gang robbery crew arrested after robbing 10 locations in Richmond, Va.  Mostly hitting McDonald's stores and a 7-Eleven, the six member robbery crew were all members of the Fly Nation gang and were "operating as a unit." Investigators have not determined why the robbers targeted so many McDonald’s restaurants. After committing the robberies, the participants would split the proceeds of their crimes. Typically, the robbery team involved a “shot caller,” or a person directing the holdup, a driver and “two folks who would go in and do the actual robbery.” (Source

20-year-old male threatened to kill people on Facebook at Rushmore Mall. According to Rapid City Police Department a third party called police to report a post on Facebook in which a 20-year-old male threatened to kill people. The post also indicated he was on his way to Rushmore Mall. Mall security was immediately notified, and they located the man in the mall. Police arrived and talked to the man, who did not have any weapons on him. He told police he didn’t mean what he had written, and agreed to receive some help. He was taken to the Crisis Care Center. (Source

CVS store clerk assaulted in North Tonawanda robbery.
A clerk at a North Tonawanda CVS store was hit in the head and robbed as the business opened Thursday morning. It happened at about 7:50 a.m. at the CVS pharmacy at 955 Payne Ave. Police said the robber hit the clerk with a weapon, which he declined to identify, then took an unspecified amount of cash and fled. The robbery occurred in the front area of the store. As police searched for the robber, nearby schools went into “lock out” mode, meaning nobody could enter the buildings without producing identification. The lock out was lifted at 9:30 a.m. (Source

Fort Worth police need help identifying man who robbed two Zales jewelry stores.  The Fort Worth Police Department is asking for help identifying a Hispanic man, about 25-years-old, who robbed two North Texas Zales jewelry stores. On Sept. 27, he walked into the Zales on 4701 West Freeway around 10:50 a.m., pulled out the handgun and demanded jewelry from the clerks. He is also wanted for an aggravated robbery of a Zales in The Parks at Arlington mall. (Source

A team of bystanders help a Store Manager catch a shoplifter in Macon.  The manager of the EDGE clothing store screamed for help as a shoplifter fled her store. Ten bystanders began to assist in the foot chase across the parking lot. The suspect dropped the merchandise and then was apprehended by the group. The shoplifter was released to her aunt and not prosecuted. (Source

Dollar General struck with an armed robbery in Guyton.
Two armed men wearing masks robbed the Dollar General store in Guyton about 11 p.m. on Oct. 2. Two male suspects, one armed with a rifle and one with a handgun, forced the store clerk into the rear of the store. The men then stole her car. The car was recovered Thursday in Springfield. This latest armed robbery is the third in recent weeks. (Source

San Antonio Arsonist caught on tape.
The San Antonio Fire Department needs your help to find the suspects involved in an arson case. On September 18th, 2013, authorities say three men in their late teens to early twenties intentionally set fire to the Fiesta Dollar Super Store in the 5100 block of S. Flores. The men were captures on video from the security camera around the store. The fire caused about $250,000.00 in damages. (Source

Cinnabon Employee Admits to Lying about Robbery in Washington state.
A woman from Pasco has pleaded guilty to theft and false reporting after telling police she was robbed leaving Cinnabon at the Columbia Center Mall. 31-year-old Mirella Lorena Garza appeared in Benton County Court last week. Kennewick Police say the former Cinnabon employee initially told officers back in December, that someone carrying a handgun stole her deposit bag in a hallway behind the store, tied her hands with zip ties, and took off. During the investigation, officers say they determined Garza made the whole thing up. Police say Garza admitted to the theft, so officers arrested and booked her for 2nd degree theft. (Source

Suspect Sought in Fresno Cell phone business Break-In; $15,000 in merchandise stolen.  On Tuesday, September 17th at about 6 a.m., an unknown suspect entered the laundry mat where he attempted to break into a bill changer machine after accessing a back room through the ceiling. After several unsuccessful attempts, the suspect then broke into the business next door through a common wall where he stole $15,000 dollars worth of cell phones and accessories from the Future Mobile store. (Source

Tulsa Police seeking man in Walgreens store robbery at gunpoint.  No one was harmed when a man robbed a 24-hour drug store with a gun early Thursday. Police said about 3 a.m., a man entered the Walgreens at 3112 S. Harvard Ave. and pulled out a gun while at the register. The robber was holding a green towel over his face as he demanded money from the clerk. He then left the store with an undisclosed amount of cash in a dark-colored SUV. (Source

Kansas City Police release photos of masked Payless robbery suspect.  Kansas City police investigators are asking for information about a shoe store robbery in northeast Kansas City. Just after 9 p.m. Saturday, a masked suspect entered the Payless Shoe Store at 5908 Wilson Ave. and tried to open the register. When an employee attempted to stop the man, he pointed a gun and demanded money. The robber took the money and fled. (Source

Savannah Rolex thief falls through a ceiling into U.S. Marshall custody.
A Savannah man suspected of stealing Rolex watches from local jewelers over the summer was arrested Tuesday after falling through a ceiling of a home being searched by U.S. marshals and a police K-9. Rashamel Okise Gardner, 20, was wanted by Savannah-Chatham police on two warrants charging him with robbery by sudden snatching for incidents at F.P. Wortley and Levy Jewelers in August when Rolex watches totaling about $42,000 were taken from both stores. Investigating marshals learned Gardner was in a house at 908 Waters Ave., and Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force officers surrounded the home and went inside to look for him. A metro police K-9 was called in to assist in the search. Officers determined Gardner was in the attic. While police tried to coax him out of the attic, Gardner fell through the ceiling into the rear of the home and was taken into custody without incident. (Source

Spokane Valley Police are searching a robbery suspect who hit a Payless Shoe store  The female suspect entered the Payless Shoe store and shopped for several minutes. The door chime went off and the Payless Associate witnessed the suspect carrying a purse which she failed to pay for, along with a bag bulging with stolen shoes. The associate went outside and approached the suspect who was now in her car; the suspect told the associate “I have a gun”. The associate retreated back into the store and called 911, the suspect fled the scene. (Source

Paris luxury watch store hit by a 15-man team during a smash and grab; possibly over a million in merchandise stolen.  Approximately 10 to 15 armed robbers stormed the new Vacheron Constantin boutique on the Rue de la Paix in a dramatic midday smash and grab. Two suspects are believed to be in custody. The suspects working as a team had 6 men outside the showroom armed with smoke grenades to cloak the thieves escape. (Source



Livingston,Texas couple charged with Organized Retail theft in connection to Walmart electronics theft  Livingston Police officers arrested a Cleveland couple for organized retail theft Wednesday after they allegedly clothes and two Pioneer car stereos from Walmart and then went back inside a second time in an attempt to steal two flat-screen televisions. Garry Scott, 36, and Destiny Nash Johnson, 20, are still being held in the Polk County Jail, and both were charged with organized retail theft between $500 and $1,500, which is a state-jail felony. Scott was also charged with driving with an invalid license with a previous conviction. When Walmart employees recognized Scott and Johnson and confronted them, the couple dropped the TVs and fled the store. Livingston Police officers pulled the couple over about a half mile from the store. (Source

Two arrested for shoplifting spree with pawn-shop tickets in hand in Sarasota County, Fl.  Michael Rowe, 25, and Anthony Henry, 19, came under investigation Wednesday when a Home Depot representative reported theft of a power tool, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. Detectives say they were able to locate the suspects' vehicle and followed it as Henry drove to various stores in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Rowe would allegedly go inside, select items and flee in Anthony's vehicle. Hitting Home Depot, Walgreens, and two Wal-Mart locations. Rowe allegedly pawned several items at Value Pawn, and both were arrested about 5 p.m. at American Super Pawn. (Source

Bridgeport Woman charged in Radio Shack Robbery Ring.
April Ford, 45, of Bridgeport, is charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery in connection with the January robbery of a Trumbull Radio Shack. Police said Ford sold of the phones reportedly stolen by the ring. In the January robbery, two men and a woman entered the store while the woman waited outside. One man claimed he had a gun and they took an unreleased amount of cash and cell phones valued at several thousand dollars. In all, the ring's suspects stole about 400 cell phones from Radio Shacks and an AT&T store and a Verizon one, in Trumbull, Orange, New Haven, Hamden, Wallingford, Clinton, East Haven and New Britain. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Case of the Month: Shedding the Pounds

By Adam Creamer

An associate, identified by an Analyst from Agilence Professional Services, was found ringing up lunch for another associate at a severely discounted cost. The video log showed the cashier scan in a food product for the other associate for one price. Presumably feeling generous, the cashier is clearly seen voiding the item, then weighing it such that 80% of the product was off the scale, and keying in the reduced price. That sure is one way to lose the weight!

The fraud almost always starts small and light. The trick is catching it before it gets too heavy on the loss.

Tips to Help Prevent this Behavior:

• Ensure proper training is administered for all scales and stress accuracy.
• Discourage associate-to-associate transactions.
• Monitor data for unusually small weight items after voids, as well as for high numbers of associate-to-associate transactions taking place.

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The 10 Best Websites for Your Career
These are the ten most useful sites if you are looking for a job or ways to network in your fields of expertise. If you're looking for a job, use these top ten sites to start making connections and search the job boards. (#1 LinkedIn)

Death to the Resume? How to Go Paperless and Score Jobs Socially  In our technologically advanced world today, it's no wonder that everything is starting to have an online presence. It's important to create such an online presence that employers will finding you. (Make your profile a conversation starter)

10 Ways to Lose Your Best Employees
Keeping your top employees is crucial to success so don't follow these ten mistakes or you will lose those top performers. If you are making them, stop now! Your employees should not be neglected! (Don't hire for the past)

5 Hints You're About to Be Dumped
How can you tell if your current employees are secretly searching for new opportunities? If you are paying attention you can figure out who is ready to jump overboard, and try to fix the problems. Do any of these qualities apply? (Do they share your dream for the company?)

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Interesting how the social dynamics of a small industry mirror, somewhat, the same social dynamics of a family, with the holidays and conferences almost being one in the same, where we're excited to visit with old friends and colleagues, yet cautious about the battle lines business and careers at times necessitate or cause. At the end of the day, it's all about doing what's right for the industry, adding value, helping people and continuing to help evolve the industry. And while each executive has their individual agendas, it's important to remember that we are all part of one industry and we all share one goal - to guide, nurture and evolve it.

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