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2017 National Cargo Theft Summit, Atlanta
Oct. 4-5

Cyber Defense Summit
Oct. 10-12

National Association of Bunco Investigators Annual Training Conference
Oct. 11-12

Colorado Organized Retail Crime Alliance Conference
Oct. 17

NRF Big Show 2018
Jan. 14-16

Jeweler's Security Alliance 40th Annual Security Seminar & Expo
Mar. 13-15, 2018

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LPRC Names Award Winners & Honorees
at 2017 Impact Conference


2017 LPRC Fellow Honorees

At this year's 2017 Precision LP Impact Conference in Gainesville, Florida, the Loss Prevention Research Council named the following LP industry leaders Fellow Honorees for their outstanding leadership and support of the LPRC and its research initiatives. Congratulations to the following honorees!

Brian Bazer
VP, Asset Protection and Safety, Ascena Retail Group
Fred Becker
Director of Loss Prevention,
Kevin Larson
Senior Manager, Loss Prevention Operations, Kroger

Steve Longo
VP, Strategic Initiatives,
CAP Index
Richard Peck
Senior Vice President,
The TJX Companies
John Voytilla
Senior Vice President,
Party City

Working Group/Action Team Award Winners

Each year, the Loss Prevention Research Council also recognizes working groups and their leaders who've demonstrated outstanding performance in the past year. These working groups/action teams displayed strong leadership in planning and running calls and meetings, delivered important group and project deliverable objectives affecting a cross-section of retail formats, and graphically represented their projects via Innovation Chains and other methods. Congratulations to this year's winners!

Product Protection Working Group

   ● Co-Leaders: Brianna Betts, CVS & Adam Hartway, Digital Safety

Retail Fraud Working Group

  ● Leaders: Sean O'Brien, Target & Jim Kendall, Target
   ● Co-Leaders: Graham Twidale, 7 Eleven & Kaitlin Cox, Bloomingdale's

Supply Chain Protection Working Group

  ● Leader: Matt Brightbill, TJX
   ● Co-Leaders: Brad Bullock, The Home Depot & Renee Micek, Avery Dennison

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LPRC in the News
Dr. Read Hayes shows off cutting-edge theft-prevention technology

When it comes to crime, the core mission of the LPRC (Loss Prevention Research Council) is to detect a problem fast, define what's occurring, and decide the best course of action.

This week the LPRC held their annual IMPACT conference at the University of Florida. Learn more about how the Loss Prevention Research Council helps deter criminals in this week's Tech Tuesday. wclb.com

Shoplifting: How to prevent 'blind spots' in the store layout
Though many types of theft deterrent equipment exist, one of the most effective and affordable approaches for preventing retail shoplifting is by avoiding "blind spots" in the store layout.

In this regard, one of the hardest places for supermarket or mass merchandise cashiers to control and easily view has been under the shopping basket, which is usually blocked by a basketful of other items above it. Failing to ring up items under the basket before customers leave the store can be extremely costly to retailers.

To prevent such losses, one nationally recognized mass-market retailer has already installed over 90,000 bottom-of-the basket (BOB) mirrors in an effort to limit this type of shrinkage in their business. The inventive mirrors are comprised of lightweight acrylic and the mirror mounts opposite the standing cashier to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the bottom of the cart without requiring the cashier to move or stoop, which also expedites checkout.

Endless Options
To accommodate a range of needs, many additional mirror and dome options are available as well. This range includes various mirror and dome sizes, shapes, and angles of visibility. Compared to conventional glass mirrors, shatter resistant acrylic mirrors are much more durable, lightweight, and fade-proof with top quality metalizing. - By John Mangiameli, Executive VP at Se-Kure Controls  chainstoreage.com

Detailed Email Lists of Conference Attendees for Sale!
Phishing Scams Hitting the LP Industry
Here's One For the NRF's Shop.org Conference

Fake email lists purporting to have detailed contact information of attendees for large industry events or conferences have become more prevalent in recent years. LP solution providers may be familiar with these "too good to be true" marketing offers. We've even gotten a few of these emails ourselves for the NRF Protect Conference over the past few years. However, as Bob Moraca, VP of Loss Prevention for the National Retail Federation, tells us, they are usually nothing more than phishing scams.

"You would think that is amazing information; however, every association or organization that puts on large events like ours gets hit with the same scam," Moraca says. "I have purchased these 'lists' before and found them to just be lists of names from open source, disorganized spam that is not what is claimed. When you do go to make the purchase, they do want your credit card information, and you can guess where that goes."

In the publicly-owned business sector where Moraca comes from, these type of scams often claim they can sell you shareholder information or your business' future strategy, board reports and other desirable information.

"Same scam, different victims", he says. "Remember the old adage: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

According to Moraca, there are some legitimate "business intelligence" services that go out and sweep open-source lists and sell them specific to different marketplaces for sales forces to utilize.

"Take note that the ones like this, with no website, business address, phone number etc., you have to ask yourself, what are they trying to hide or hide from?"

Another Look At Offense Specific Education

By Mark Doyle, Jack L. Hayes International, Inc.

My previous article entitled, "Is It Extortion?", which was published in the Fall 2017 edition of The Hayes Report On Loss Prevention, left the impression that all "restorative justice" programs employed similar processes and would suffer the same fate under the recent court ruling that stopped Corrective Education Company's (CEC) program in the State of California. That impression is inaccurate. In fact, one of the companies listed in my previous article, Turning Point Justice (TPJ), a cloud justice technology company, offers a program called The Crime Accountability Partnership Program (C.A. Partnership Program) that works collaboratively with communities and retailers to offer offense specific education. The C.A. Partnership Program proves that a restorative justice program can successfully reduce recidivism and its associated costs to communities and retailers while operating in a legally responsible manner. Specifically, to date, the C.A. Partnership Program has reduced law enforcement expenses across the country by a staggering $100 million dollars, and it has done so by working with the support of local law enforcement.

The C.A. Partnership Program is a collaboration between local communities, TPJ, and the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP). NASP, a non-profit organization with programs adopted by justice systems in 49 states, has been setting the standard for research-based shoplifter education programs since 1977.

The C.A. Partnership Program is premised, first and foremost, on community involvement and collaboration with local law enforcement. This focus on collaboration is but one of the ways that the C.A. Partnership Program sets itself apart from other operators in the "restorative justice" space. By partnering and working with local law enforcement, the C.A. Partnership Program achieves exactly what both the Court and San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said would be necessary to operate a successful and legal offense specific education program in the State of California; it works under "the aegis of the prosecutorial jurisdiction". In other words, the C.A. Partnership Program works with the support of local law enforcement. As Herrera noted in responding to the court's order finding CEC's program illegal in the State of California, "[i]f this company, or any other company, really wants to partner with law enforcement, they can do so but extortion and false imprisonment is not the way."  (ktvu.com)

With its innovative approach, the C.A. Partnership Program appears to have exceeded the court's "theoretical" mandate by working cooperatively with law enforcement and retailers to achieve individual successes. While I urge you to carefully vet all available programs and providers, I think this new approach has promise to address a long standing challenge for retailers and law enforcement alike.

Starbucks barista says Las Vegas shooter was known
for being mean and 'rude' to his girlfriend

Starbucks workers say they knew Stephen Paddock, the gunman responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, as a cruel customer. Employees from the Virgin River Casino location in Mesquite, Nevada told the Los Angeles Times that Paddock was known for berating his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in public at the shop.

"He would glare down at her and say - with a mean attitude - 'You don't need my casino card for this. I'm paying for your drink, just like I'm paying for you,'" supervisor Esperanza Mendoza told the Times. "Then she would softly say, 'OK' and step back behind him. He was so rude to her in front of us." businessinsider.com

For many hotels, terror risks make tight security routine
Across the globe, risks of extremist attacks and other violence have made tight security at hotels and resorts routine, even in countries where strict gun control laws may help prevent the kind of shooting attack that occurred Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Security varies widely from place to place: in many cities luxury hotels have entrances that open straight into shopping malls. Hotel lobbies often serve as a refuge from noisy, chaotic city streets, and are generally easily accessible.

But increasingly, hotel operators are deploying armed guards, vehicle barricades, x-ray machines and other security devices to reduce risks. canadiansecuritymag.com

Report: Retailers losing 8% of their annual revenue to fraud, on average
As the growth of e-commerce accelerates, fraudsters have increased their focus on exploiting online and mobile channels, while merchants have faced rising losses and fraud management expenses. Overall, it's a frustrating trend: Despite spending more, merchants are losing more to chargebacks.

Many measures make up the total picture of fraud's impact on a retailer's P&L - from false positives to operational investments. In the 2017 annual report, Javelin breaks down the data and examines strategies for managing fraud risk.

A few of the most impactful statistics from the report include:

   ● Merchants are losing, on average, 8% of their annual revenue to fraud.
   ● Year-over-year fraud spend increased - up 42% for digital goods merchants.
   ● Chargebacks are taking a toll - up 60% for digital goods merchants.   industrydive.com

Director of LP for Modell's Sporting Goods job posted - based at NYC corp. office
Leads, supervises, and directs the Loss Prevention team with responsibility for all retail stores, distribution center and office facilities. Recommends new and manages current initiatives to reduce company shrinkage, general liability claims, and the security and safety of our associates and our assets. Conducts store and other field visits with LP Supervisor team on regular basis. Works with VP of Loss Prevention & Operations on company-wide LP initiatives that impact departmental goals and objectives.

MODELL'S SPORTING GOODS is the nation's largest family-owned sporting goods chain, operating over 150 stores throughout the Northeastern United States, from New England to Northern Virginia. modells.jobs.net

Shopping malls battered by online retailers may be offered to Amazon as HQ2 sites
Amazon will have plenty of options when it picks the site for its second headquarters, and in an ironic twist for a company that helped introduce the world to online retail, a few of those options may be defunct shopping malls.

Real-estate developers from Phoenix to Washington, D.C., are suggesting former temples of American commerce as prime locations for Amazon's next headquarters.

The proposition makes some sense. Shopping malls can be massive, big enough on their own to meet the space requirements Amazon laid out for its second home. They also tend to be located within reach of the highways, population centers and airports that Amazon mentioned in its wish list of characteristics for what it calls HQ2. seattletimes.com

Cities are doing wacky things to host Amazon's second headquarters

Georgia city offers to rename itself Amazon to secure headquarters bid

Amazon flies cargo plane to Puerto Rico, loaded with donated supplies

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Equifax Breach Caused by Lone Employee's Error, Former C.E.O. Says
The Equifax data breach, which exposed the sensitive personal information of nearly 146 million Americans, happened because of a mistake by a single employee, the credit reporting company's former chief executive told members of Congress on Tuesday.

On multiple occasions, Richard Smith, who stepped down last week, referred to an "individual" in Equifax's technology department who had failed to heed security warnings and did not ensure the implementation of software fixes that would have prevented the breach. A company spokesman did not respond to questions about that employee's status with the company.

Angry members of the committee tore into Mr. Smith and pressed him on how a credit bureau of Equifax's size, responsible for safeguarding billions of sensitive records on Americans' financial lives, could have allowed so much data to escape, unnoticed. nytimes.com

White House official: Let's replace Social Security numbers
After the massive data breach at Equifax, it would be fair to ask what your Social Security number is even good for anymore. It's no longer really a secret form of identification, so let's think of something else. White House cybersecurity coordinator Rob Joyce, speaking Tuesday at the Washington Post's Cybersecurity Summit, said that's what the government should do.

"I feel very strongly that the Social Security number has outlived its usefulness," Joyce said.

Major data breaches often spur complaints that the Social Security number was never intended to be a universal form of identification. But it appears Joyce isn't just speculating. He said Tuesday the Trump administration has asked federal government departments and agencies to come up with ideas for a new form of personal identification.

If the idea goes any further, it'll be one more way that the Equifax breach has touched every corner of our financial lives. So far, lawmakers have jumped on the opportunity to introduce bills that would tighten regulations on the companies that hold onto and sell consumer information. What's more, other financial companies will likely consider changes to their practices as Equifax continues to take blows in public for its actions leading up to and after the data breach. cnet.com

Mastercard Delves into Network Data, Dark Web to Fight Fraud
9 min. from Dark Web posting to Fraudulent Transaction

While retailers and issuers have been ever at odds over various matters, fraud prevention is one issue that affects them both. Mastercard launched a tool this week for its issuers that it said will help predict card fraud in a faster and more targeted way.

As we continue to learn about massive hacks like the recent one at Equifax and, just last week, Sonic restaurants, consumers' personal and payment card information is increasingly at risk. In fact, Mastercard research found it can take as little as nine minutes after being posted on the dark web for stolen information to be used in a fraudulent online transaction.

Mastercard said its Early Detection System will leverage the company's visibility into its massive network along with predictive capabilities and other data sources to determine if a particular card is at risk and generate a score to quantify the risk. After being notified of the risk score, issuers can take the action they feel is appropriate, which could range from keeping a closer eye on the transactions the card is involved in, to canceling and reissuing a compromised card. cardnotpresent.com

Yahoo Says All Three Billion Accounts Hacked in 2013 Data Theft
Yahoo on Tuesday said that all 3 billion of its accounts were hacked in a 2013 data theft, tripling its earlier estimate of the size of the largest breach in history, in a disclosure that attorneys said sharply increased the legal exposure of its new owner, Verizon Communications Inc.

The news expands the likely number and claims of class action lawsuits by shareholders and Yahoo account holders, they said. Yahoo, the early face of the internet for many in the world, already faced at least 41 consumer class-action lawsuits in U.S. federal and state courts, according to company securities filing in May. reuters.com

Inside the Russian hack of Yahoo: It all started with one click

Spanish Court OKs Extradition Of Russian Hacker To U.S.

70% of US Employees Lack Security and Privacy Awareness; Down from 88% LY


The Canadian Challenge
Help Us Rename Your Column!

With the U.S. Retailers' Canadian Push over, we certainly feel like this column should more adequately reflect the Canadian Loss Prevention and Asset Protection professionals and efforts.

Let us know what title you think better represents your industry. Help us name your column by sending us your ideas!

We'll publish a final list for all of you to vote on and the Retail Team & executive who submits the final name wins a pizza party for the team, paid for by the Daily.

Limitations: Only Canadian LP and AP executives can submit their ideas and the pizza party is limited to immediate team involved. Selection process runs for two weeks and we reserve the right to make the final decision.

Let's Build Canada's LP Industry Pride!

Click here for a chance to win a pizza party for your team


Evolution of the Canadian Retail Sector and the Implications for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers
The rapid expansion of e-commerce is playing a significant role in the evolution of the Canadian retail sector. From 2012 to 2015, e-commerce retail sales in Canada grew by 39.5%. In comparison, in-store retail sales grew by only 14.2% during the same period. While these trends suggest a diminishing role for brick-and-mortar retailers, they do not tell the whole story.

First, while e-commerce retail sales are growing faster than in-store sales, e-commerce retail sales represent a very small portion of overall retail sales - they represented only 2.2% of all retail sales in 2016. Second, many brick-and-mortar retailers are adopting an omni-channel retail strategy, where they are maintaining their physical storefronts and simultaneously establishing their own websites to compete in the world of online shopping. Third, some e-commerce retailers are establishing their own traditional brick-and-mortar stores to complement their online business. stancan.gc.ca

Update: Former Canadian Tire LP employee accused of assault will not be charged: Police
A former Canadian Tire employee accused of committing an assault fuelled by racism will not be charged, the Regina Police Service confirmed today.

An indeginous man who accused a Canadian Tire employee of racism and assault says the decision not to lay charges in the case "looks like a farce." Kamao Cappo said the decision, announced by Regina police Thursday, "smacks of racism."

Ministry of Justice determined there was not a reasonable likelihood of conviction in this case.

Cappo laid the complaint with police after he and a friend went into the east Regina Canadian Tire to buy a chainsaw on July 26. They left without it after Cappo says a store employee accused him of stealing, assaulted him and forced them to leave the store. Cappo had put a can of oil and a chain inside a the tool's case but then left it with customer service as he went back to look for another chainsaw. Cappo believes he was accused because he is Indigenous.

"After examining all of the evidence, including accounts from a number of witnesses, the Crown determined it could not prove the actions of the store employee went beyond an honest defence of store property, something the Criminal Code allows," a statement from the ministry read. "While the store employee may have been mistaken in his assessment of the situation, the Crown would not be able to prove, on the evidence available, that he was dishonest about that assessment or acted unreasonably on the facts available to him."

Cappo broadcast a portion of the interaction in a Facebook live video that has been viewed more than 350,000 times. Police looked at that video as part of the investigation, but no store surveillance video was found.

After the incident in July, an anti-racism protest was held outside the store. leaderpost.com

RBC's CEO - Bitcoin isn't a fraud & We're Looking at Blockchain
AI Helping to Curb Fraud

TORONTO (Reuters) - The chief executive of Canada's biggest lender on Thursday pushed back on a suggestion by JPMorgan Chief Executive Jamie Dimon that bitcoin is a fraud, though he said the cryptocurrency needs monitoring.

At a Reuters Newsmaker event in Toronto, Dave McKay, CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, said: "Has Bitcoin misrepresented what it is? No. "What it's solving is a way to avoid detection in moving money in our society and transferring value from one person to another," McKay said. "I think where Jamie is probably coming from is it's helping evade the supervision of moving money and from that perspective it needs to be monitored.

RBC is experimenting with blockchain to help move payments between its U.S. and Canadian banks.


McKay said the bank is spending over C$10 million ($8 million) a year on artificial intelligence (AI), which can be used to predict customer behavior and help reduce problems like credit card fraud. RBC has set up an AI research center in Toronto with a staff of 35 to conduct pure research with massive data that the bank possesses. metro.us

Shoppers Drug Mart giving self-checkouts a new voice
Social Media Impact - Change the Voice

Just a few months after starting the roll out of self-service checkouts across Canada, plans are in the works to replace the U.S. voice (American Vendor) prompts with a new Canadian voice because so many customers complained about it sounding like a bored teen and had caused a social media backlash.

Customer service scores are up in the stores where the self-service checkouts are installed, people are asking for them in the stores where they aren't.

Self-checkouts remain a hot button topic for both consumers and retailers. With many shoppers still uncomfortable with the process. canadiangrocer.com

Blockbuster Retail Deal in Canada
Metro Inc. to acquire the Jean Coutu Group for $4.5 billion

Metro Inc., the third largest food retailer in Canada, on Monday announced a deal to acquire the Jean Coutu Group, which operates more than 400 pharmacies, for $3.6 billion. The deal creates a combined food and pharmacy retailer with annual sales of $12.8 billion, and an overall network of more than 1,300 stores in Canada, with 677 drug stores.

Metro's existing pharmacy distribution and franchising activities will be combined with those of the Jean Coutu Group. Jean Coutu will operate as a stand-alone division of Metro with its own management team led by Francois Coutu. chainstoreage.com

Sears Canada Announces 11 Store Closures

Giant Tiger introduces new state-of-the-art DC in Edwardsburgh/Cardinal, Ottawa

Sears Canada to ask court for more time for buyout bid

Canadians lose millions every year from identity theft and online scams;
$40 Million in 2016 alone

Family, friends of four Canadian victims of Las Vegas shooting share their losses

North York, ON: Man killed after shooting at Sheridan Mall
Mall's second deadly shooting in a month

A 33-year-old man is dead after a shooting behind Sheridan Mall in North York, police said Saturday, the second fatal shooting at the shopping plaza in the past month. Police were called to the parking lot behind the mall around 8 p.m. Friday evening. Officers found the victim badly injured, lying on the ground with a bullet wound.

Toronto police homicide detective Christopher Ruhl told CP24 that the victim was with some friends, apparently listening to music, when a second vehicle approached. Three people got out and confronted the victim. A fourth individual remained in the second vehicle, Ruhl said. At some point shortly after the altercation began, the victim was shot. cbc.ca

Calgary, AB: ASIRT investigating officer-involved, 7-Eleven shooting
First responders battle blames after incident

A man is in hospital and Alberta's police watchdog is investigating after an officer-involved shooting at a southwest convenience store Friday night. According to Calgary police, officers were called to the scene shortly after 8 p.m. for reports of a man inside acting erratically.

The man pulled a knife and people inside the store, believing they were in danger, called 911. Witnesses at the scene saw smoke emanating from inside the building. Fire crews and EMS also responded to the scene. Police say officers contained the building, but when the situation escalated, an officer fired his gun at the man. cbc.ca

Ottawa, ON: Two suffer injuries following Billings Bridge mall shooting
Ottawa Police are investigating reports of shots fired at Billings Bridge mall. Police were called to the mall's parking lot late Monday afternoon on reports of an altercation around 3:30 p.m., and were investigating witness reports of gunshots. One person is in custody. Police say two people, both said to be involved in the altercation, arrived at the General Hospital with unspecified, but non-life threatening injuries shortly after the incident.  ctvnews.ca

Vaughan, ON: Reputed mobster charged in contraband tobacco probe
Charged after trafficking almost a million cigarettes

Ontario Provincial Police have charged two men - including a Vaughan man related to an alleged organized crime family - with distributing contraband tobacco. A total of 907,000 contraband cigarettes were seized. If sold, OPP said, the cigarettes would represent a loss of $279,339 in tax revenue.

Giovanni "Johnny" Commisso, 58, of Vaughan was charged with trafficking the contraband goods. He is related to the alleged Commisso crime family and has been implicated in a Diesel theft ring in the early 2000s and a RCMP investigation involving a stock "pump and dump" probe featured in The Toronto Star in 2008. Jing Git Wong, 47, of Toronto, has also been charged with one count of trafficking in contraband tobacco. yorkregion.com

Vaughan, ON: Couple arrested after Ontario 'crime spree'
Charges range from vehicle and gas theft to shoplifting

Prince Albert woman jailed for vigilante attack, liquor store robberies

Brandon, MB: Serial shoplifter sentenced to over a year in jail

Sault Ste. Marie, ON: Police search for Mac's Mart theft and fraud suspect

Edmonton, AB: Man and woman charged in New Brunswick credit card fraud case

Robberies & Burglaries

C-Store - Hamilton, ON - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Windsor, ON - Armed Robbery
Mac's - Calgary, AB - Armed Robbery
Petro Canada - Barrie, ON - Armed Robbery (2x in one day)
Spirit of Halloween - Medicine Hat, AB - Robbery


Top Episode from Live in NYC '16
Organized Retail Crime - The Great Debate #1

Top Episode from Live in NYC '17
Checkpoint High Theft Solutions

Top Episode from
"Live in Philly"

Active Shooter Response:
Are You Ready?

Debbie Maples, VP Global LP & Corp. Security, Gap Inc.

Originally Published 8-18-16

Active shooter events in a retail or restaurant location present unique challenges: customers are present and need to be protected, colleagues and employees may behave differently under stress, or the physical layout of the space could impact your ability to hide or escape. No single answer exists for what to do, but a survival mindset can increase the odds of surviving. Debbie Maples, VP of Global Loss Prevention & Corporate Security, Gap Inc., shares the current thinking and best practices to ensure your organization and store teams are prepared.

Episode Sponsored By:

View all episodes from our "Live in Philly" at NRF Protect 2016 broadcast here.

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Amazon.com: The Place Where American Dreams Are Stolen By Chinese Counterfeiters
Basically, as part of the process to report a counterfeit product on Amazon, the complaining merchant needs to make a test purchase of the fake item. That's right, they need to buy the counterfeit, giving their own money directly to the people who have violated their IP and are stealing their sales -- with Amazon taking their 15% cut, of course.

While Amazon claims that test buys can be refunded via their A to Z policy, there are limits to how many cases each customer can file, and some merchants fear that their accounts could be jeopardized as a result of making too many claims, and opt to eat the loses rather than risk it.

However, a side effect of these test buys is that the legitimate merchants are often able to see where the counterfeits are coming from, and for Lopreiato and many other wronged entrepreneurs, the broadest flow can be traced back to China, the source of over 60% of the world's knockoffs, according to the OECD. Chinese sellers now make up 25% of the merchants selling on Amazon USA and potentially a quarter of Amazon's global marketplace, according to research by Juozas Kaziukenas of Marketplace Pulse.

While knowingly selling or distributing counterfeits is a federal crime in the U.S., Amazon manages to navigate these waters via a set of legal loopholes, positioning themselves not as a retailer but as a platform and claiming that they do what they can to keep knock-offs at bay.

"Amazon is only liable legally if they received a report of something going on and did nothing about it," explained Chris McCabe, a former Amazonian and current consultant for troubled Amazon merchants. "They have processes in place and they always do the minimum legal obligation, which is, 'We received your report, we made sure the form was complete, we took action on it, we took the listing down, we sent a warning to the seller.'" forbes.com

How to fine tune the fraud filter
Merchants' past investments in online and mobile fraud mitigation solutions and systems have often yielded disappointing results - but Universal Payments company, ACI Worldwide, offers advice on how fraud solutions can both reduce fraud and, crucially, drive up conversion and revenues.

Research from LexisNexis, shows that in 2016 large e-commerce and m-commerce merchants in the US saw an increased volume of successful fraud attempts, and fraud taking more of their annual revenues, despite a higher spend on fraud solutions and automated flagging systems.

"False declines" of genuine customers also increased for US merchants in 2016 as their spending on anti-fraud systems rose. For many that increase could have wiped out any reduction in fraud losses. At least one third of consumers declined by a false positive fraud flag abandon their purchase, and the merchant will lose some of those customers forever.

However, the research also shows that large e-commerce and m-commerce merchants who manage fraud from different threat perspectives, using a multi-layered approach, report lower false positive rates than others and fewer successful fraud attempts. retailrisk.com

FICO Machine Learning Algorithms Improve Card-Not-Present Fraud Detection by 30%

European Commission Orders Online Retail Giant Amazon to Pay 250 Million euros in Back Tax

Jefferson, MO: Four Dillard's shoplifters arrested after multi-county car chase; over $3,000 in merchandise
According to Jefferson City police, the theft was reported around 3:20 p.m. Tuesday. Witnesses gave descriptions of the suspect vehicle which was spotted by officers. The vehicle failed to stop, Jefferson City police called on Holts Summit, Callaway County and the Missouri State Highway Patrol assisted. Officers used spike strips on the car's tires. Four people from East St. Louis. Merchandise taken in the Dillard's theft has been valued at over $3,000. At this time, the suspects are also being investigated for several other thefts with merchandise totaling in excess of an additional $10,000. abc17news.com

Pair suspected of stealing expensive perfume arrested after two-county pursuit
Two people suspected in the recent burglaries of Ulta Beauty stores throughout Northern California were arrested early Tuesday morning following a pursuit that began in North Auburn and ended in Sacramento County. The suspects, identified as 27-year-old George Fred Haro and 24-year-old Amanda Marie Matsuo, both of San Jose, allegedly broke into the North Auburn store shortly before midnight Monday. Although Haro and Matsuo listed San Jose as their city of residence, they are believed to have been traveling and living in the van. Officials at the Auburn Ulta store confirmed that bottles of perfume valued at $5,740 had been taken from their store. Inside the van, detectives also located perfume that had been stolen in other burglaries. sacbee.com

Brooklyn, NY: Ink Thief busted with over $1,000 in merchandise
Police arrested a man on Sept. 29 who stole more than $1,100 worth of ink cartridges from a Shore Parkway store on Sept. 26. The man put the ink in his bag at around 5 pm in the store between 24th Avenue and Bay 37th Street and took off. Police arrested him three days later. brooklyndaily.com


Toledo, OH: An Ohio woman who allegedly worked with three other individuals to try to steal merchandise from a Green Oak Township store has entered a plea
21-year-old Malaja Sharde Isom of Toledo, Ohio, pleaded guilty Monday to one count each of Organized Retail Crime and malicious destruction of property. She also pleaded as a second habitual offender. The charges stem from the September 13th incident that occurred at the Victoria's Secret store at the Green Oak Village Place mall. Following her plea, Isom was bound over for sentencing, which is set for November 9th. She is being held on a $25,000 cash/surety bond and remains lodged in the Livingston County Jail. whmi.com

Lufkin, TX: Pharmacy Employee gets probation for stealing pills from work
A judge has sentenced a Lufkin woman to five years probation three months after she pleaded guilty to stealing Hydrocodone pills from the Abeldt's Gaslight Pharmacy and giving them to her boyfriend. ktre.com

Bradenton, FL: First, he was accused of Home Depot ORC theft ring; now it's killing a motorist while drunk
Iosvany Garcia was already facing prison time after Miami-Dade police last year accused him of being part of a massive ring stealing power tools from dozens of Home Depot stores across Florida. His legal problems just got a lot more serious. Prosecutors have charged Garcia after toxicology tests showed he was drunk when he struck and killed a man on a motorcycle on the Palmetto Expressway the night after Hurricane Irma swept across South Florida. At the time of the crash, Garcia was free on bail awaiting trial for the alleged Home Depot thefts. bradenton.com

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Visit the ORC Resource Center


Shootings & Deaths

Tullytown, PA: 2 year old Boy Dies In Crash As Dad Flees From Walmart Theft
A 2-year-old boy was killed in a multi-car accident on Tuesday after police say his father crashed his car while fleeing from a Walmart theft. Authorities say the suspect, Christopher Kuhn, of Hamilton, NJ, fled in a gold Jeep following a theft of $228 worth of merchandise from Walmart. According to investigators, Kuhn ran a red light, t-boned another car, which then crashed into a third vehicle at Levittown Parkway and Bristol Pike. The young boy, who was in the car, was ejected into the roadway.

Kuhn ran away after the crash, police said, pausing to look at his injured son on the roadway before fleeing. Officers ran after Kuhn, catching and arresting him, while others tended to the toddler, the affidavit said.

Kuhn is being charged with third-degree murder, homicide by vehicle, accidents involving death or injury while not properly licensed, retail theft, endangering the welfare of children, recklessly endangering another person, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license and running a red light. cbslocal.com

Orlando, FL: Electronics Store Manager shot refusing demands of an Armed Robber
An electronics store worker was shot late Tuesday when he refused the demands of two would-be robbers. Police said the incident happened just before midnight when two men walked into Samz Electronics with their faces covered and ordered the employee to the ground. The employee refused and instead grabbed a knife. The men responded by shooting him and running to an awaiting car outside. clickorlando.com

Humboldt Park, IL: Bullets Rip Through Family Dollar For 2nd Time In 6 Months
At least five bullets ripped through the Family Dollar on Division Street in Humboldt Park Monday evening while customers were in the store, but no one was injured, according to police. Police responded to calls of shots fired in the 2700 block of West Division Street around 8:30 p.m. Chicago Police said a man opened fire and then ran away, causing criminal damage to property but no injuries. dnainfo.com

Robberies & Thefts

Columbia, SC: Columbiana County Pharmacies targets for thieves
Authorities are pointing to the opioid epidemic for recent burglaries and robberies at small-town drug stores. Three pharmacies in Columbiana County have been targeted in the past week. Two suspects took only opioids during an armed robbery at the Buckeye Pharmacy in St. Clair Township where three employees were left tied up in the bathroom. Then on Sunday, a break-in was reported at the K-Mart Pharmacy in Calcutta. Nothing was taken but police believe opioids was again the motive. wfmj.com

Update: Citrus Heights, CA: Police seek identity of Armed men in $250,000 jewelry store heist
Citrus Heights Police have released surveillance photos of two men sought in connection with an April armed robbery in which approximately $250,000 worth of diamonds were stolen from a jewelry store. The robbery occurred at 8:57 a.m. April 21. Two men in heavy clothing and wearing masks and sunglasses forced their way into Kenny G & Company Fine Jewelers. sacbee.com

McDonough, GA: Awkward Moment When An R&B Singer Is Arrested
For Stealing Headphones from Kohl's

Fallen R&B star Christopher Williams has landed himself in hot water after he forgetfully walked out of a store without purchasing a pair of headphones. According to TMZ, the "I'm Dreamin'" singer was arrested for petty theft after walking out of a Kohl's in McDonough, Georgia with a pair of headphones that roughly cost $100. bet.com

New Zealand: Gov't to spend $1.2M in security upgrades to C-Store Industry
Central North Island businesses could soon be kitted out with ultra-sonic sirens, fog cannons and DNA spray as part of a police crackdown on violent robberies. These businesses, are receiving extra help from police following a spate of dairy robberies that have terrified retail workers and owners in recent months. The high-tech equipment is part of a $1.2M (USD) nationwide funding project geared at protecting vulnerable retail outlets. A number of businesses have been deemed eligible for the co-funded project, and police have been visiting these sites to assess whether they required any of the high-tech solutions. stuff.co.nz

Allentown, PA: Fourth robber charged in KFC, CVS, Speedway stick-ups; Police say they also tried to burglarize gun store

Ripley, OH: McDonald's offers $1,000 reward in robbery case

Columbia, SC: Woman wanted for theft of $10,000 ring from Zale's

Kay Jewelers in the Galleria I, Oxford, MS reported a Distraction Theft on 10/2, item valued at $4,299



Atlanta, GA: Five plead guilty in $1.7M Airport Credit Card Theft Ring
Five people have pleaded guilty in a case involving an alleged credit card theft ring at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. John Horn, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, announced the last of the five guilty pleas Wednesday. The five people were indicted earlier this year for allegedly running a theft ring that stole credit cards from mail loaded onto planes at the Atlanta airport from December 2015 until April 2017. The defendants allegedly used the credit cards to get cash advances in metro Atlanta and buy "high dollar electronics," according to the U.S. Attorney's office, which says the scheme caused more than $1.7 million fraud-related losses. By exploiting the airport's baggage loading processes, these defendants were able to plunder mail bags and steal new credit cards on their way to customers across the country. myajc.com

Aiken, SC: Dollar General Armed Robber/ Kidnapper has sentenced reduced from 30 to 20 Years
On Monday, Jimmy Ashley's co-defendant Alvin Dominique Howard Jr., 23, was only given 20 years after he pleaded guilty to armed robbery, two counts of kidnapping and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. Ashley's attorney asked Early on Tuesday to reconsider Ashely's sentence and Early decided to change his sentence to match Howard's. aikenstandard.com

Albuquerque, NM: Man connected to Gun store Burglary sentenced to 20 years in prison

Cargo Theft

Sentencing in Chicago theft of over 100 Guns from a Train
A Federal judge is scheduled to sentence a street gang member Tuesday for a heist of 104 newly minted guns that put a focus on lax security at a Norfolk Southern rail yard in an area of Chicago devastated by gun violence. Andrew Shelton and seven others slipped easily into the South Side yard on the night of April 12, 2015, to steal the guns from a train stopped overnight. The weapons were en route from New Hampshire's Sturm, Ruger & Co. weapons maker to Gunarama Wholesale in Spokane. There have been three major gun thefts from the same 69th Street Yard from 2014 to 2016. In a recent sentencing memo asking for an 11.5 years in prison for Shelton, prosecutors connected such stolen weapons to Chicago gun violence, noting more than 480 people have been shot dead in Chicago so far in 2017, mostly on the city's South and West Sides. latimes.com

Denham Springs, LA: Warrants Issued for 3 men in $100,000 Pallet theft

Credit Card Fraud

San Diego, CA: California jeweler scammed U.S. sailors and Marines with threats from imaginary lawyer
For the second time in as many years, a San Diego-area husband and wife are facing legal trouble for hustling military families. On Tuesday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra stood before news cameras and said criminal charges had been filed against Ramil and Melina Abalkhad, proprietors of a chain California jewelry stores. The couple is accused of snaring sailors and Marines into purchasing luxury pieces on bogus payment plans, then squeezing them for money. Tthe couple went so far as to create a fake law firm - the Thomas Parker Collection Agency - and an imaginary lawyer, Thomas Parker, who threatened service members that fell behind on payments. "Parker" would even warn military members they would be reported to their superior officers for unpaid loans. The Abalkhads are charged 14 counts of illegal financing and debt collection. sandiegouniontribune.com

Penn State student faces 100 felony charges: $17,000 in Amtrak Tickets
Amtrak police allege that Guancheng Qiao, a information sciences and technology major, was responsible for at least 165 ticket purchases from December 2016 through May 2017 that were linked to 28 credit cards with 31 billing names and addresses. The total price of the tickets was $17,271, according to Amtrak. pressandjournal.com


Alaska Quick Mart - Binghamton, AK - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Altoona, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Bastrop, LA - Armed Robbery
C- Store - South Cumminsville, OH - Armed Robbery/ employee shot & Wounded
C-Store - Victorville, CA - Armed Robbery
CoGo's - Pittsburgh, PA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Orangeburg County, SC - Burglary
Dollar General - Sherman, TX - Armed Robbery
Hy Vee - Waterloo, IA - Armed Robbery
Love's - Madill, OK - Armed Robbery
Mower Depot - Ormond Beach, FL - Burglary
Puff Super Value - Houtzdale, PA - Burglary
Samz Electronics - Orlando, FL - Armed Robbery/ employee shot & wounded
Verizon - Cedarhurst, NY - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Montville, NJ - Robbery


Daily Totals:
12 robberies
3 burglaries
2 shootings
0 killings



None to report.

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